Operation American Spring Fails To Restore Republic

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Suppose I said to you “Let’s get 10-30 million people to go down to Washington DC and force Barack Obama out of office!” What would you say? Might sound like a great idea at first, until you realize that I lack the capacity to organize millions of people to travel to the nation’s capitol on a workday. Especially when I predict people will wind up dead and in prison, it’s not exactly the most appealing thing for people to hire babysitters for.

Operation American Spring

Let’s make matters worse. Let’s insert religion into the issue, and try to reclaim America as a “Christian nation”. While we’re trying to create a religious government, let’s pretend this is about a Constitution that specifically forbids such a thing. Let’s pretend that “securing borders” has some historical precedent for increasing freedom.

When that fails to accumulate more than 30k Facebook likes, let’s go ahead and do it anyway, imagining that tens of millions of people are going to travel across the country, when less than 30k would even bother to hit “Like” on Facebook. When a couple hundred of us show up to remove the most powerful man on the planet from office by force, let’s just turn around when a few capitol police tell us we need to be behind a barrier. From behind that barrier, let’s call for blood, and blame this failure on the people who had the good sense to stay home that day… MORE

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  1. In spite of the optimism to be found in ‘The Fourth Turning’, words like DR wrote above resonate, much like these words do:

    ““If the voters knew what is being done to them by the Conspiracy, they would throw out the conspirators at the next election.” No, they wouldn’t…”

    However, and, thankfully (hopefully sooner than later):

    “The only thing that can roll this back is a budget crisis. To think that anything else can roll it back is naïve. Budget cuts can do it; nothing else can. It is going to take the fiscal crisis of the federal government to roll the system back. Nothing else will.”

    “The voters know. The voters have done nothing. It’s old news.”…

    • great article Helot. Also, good work by DR. Though I don’t cotton to Chris Martenson much, nor ascribe to any Peak A,B, & C theories.

      Chris’s right there on the zero hedge link list along with 321gold and Hugo Salinas Price, who I do follow and admire. Though a billionaire, somehow he is also the Ron Paul of Mexico. Go figure.

      Skip to 12:40 in this video and listen to Hugo Salinas Price on returning Mexico and Greece to a simultaneous silver standard to be executed while maintaining the current paper money systems. You gotta like what he’s saying.

  2. The video is hosted on the Right Wing Watch account

    Right Wing Watch is part of Norman Lear’s People For the American Way. Board members include Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner. RWW & PFAW seem to exist to monitor any individuals or movements that are unhappy with the current govt., Especially Conservative Christians.

    Thanks Norman Lear for Archie Bunker the heroic anti-hero. A character who at least attempts to form his own life philosophy and live by it, no matter how far afield his limited intellect takes him, at least attempted to live as a sovereign individual.

    Steaming pile of collectivst turdburglaries aka the Mission of the People For the American Way.

  3. Consider: you have a huge deck that you’re used to walking over, unimpeded most of the time. Periodically, a few nails work themselves up from their bed and you feel them on your delightfully bare feet. If there are one or two, you walk around them. If there are a few more, what do you do? You go to the shed, fetch a hammer, and nail them back down into their “rightful place.”

    This is dissent in this country. We can’t even get a relative handful of “libertarians” to agree what the word means. There will be no “restoration” of anything here by “the people.”


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