Consciously Cognitively Dissonant

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The Left – which was once (ostensibly) the political movement of the poor – made itself rich and, having done so, now seeks to make everyone else poor, using the wealth it now possesses.

Similarly, the Left favored freedom of speech so long as it was useful to the Left – and so long as it was the Left that was complaining about the abuses of political and economic institutions it did not control. Once it acquired control over those institutions, they were useful as mechanism for controlling speech that questioned the Left.

Likewise, wars – particularly those in other countries – which the Left once opposed with gusto, because it served the interests of the Left. The chief one being to undermine public confidence in the government, which – at the time – the Left did not control. Here it is important to make a distinction between the Left and Democrats. A Leftist – pieties about “democracy” aside – is the farthest thing from a Democrat; i.e., a person who thinks government exists to further the lot of the average person. A Leftist uses such persons, of course – who are duped by Leftists into believing these elitists are interested in them, beyond their usefulness as expedients.

Hence Lenin’s term, useful idiots.

Keep in mind that it was not the opponents of Leftism who coined the term but a man who was the truest practitioner of Leftism. The man who understood how useful it was to call his minority political party Bolsheviks – the majority, in Russian – because he knew the psychology of idiots.

Which brings us to the essence of the thing, as regards Leftism – and Leftists. It is that they crave power, for its own sake. Not merely political power – or the financial power that buys it (viz, the “vaccines”) but power, as such. As Orwell explained through his character O’Brien in the novel, 1984, this power manifests as the capacity to make others suffer. It is not enough for a Leftist to hold office or to be materially well-off. It is essential that others do not hold office and are materially impoverished.

This is why – to use some examples to make the point – Leftists want the masses herded into 15 minute cities, where they will live in small apartments and walk or bicycle to wherever they’re allowed to go. It is not enough that they live wherever they wish, often owning several large homes; if you and I have a home – however modest – it bothers them because it does not bother us. Their estate has more land, more bathrooms, a nicer kitchen – and maybe two of them. But our houses also have a piece of land, however small – as well as a private bathroom and a kitchen that’s all our own. And that is what’s intolerable to them.

Just the same as our owning a private car, which was once something that separated the Haves from the Have Nots. Especially if the car was equipped with what were once very exclusive luxuries, such as air conditioning and power windows, etc. A $350,000 Daimler Maybach or a $100,000 EV is certainly exclusive but it is something less – in the eyes of a Leftist – when the guy who cleans the pool drives home in his own car that has power windows and AC that work just as well as they do in the Maybach or the EV. It is why the pool guy does not feel as though he’s suffering – or a serf – because he cleans the rich Leftist’s pool. The rich Leftist merely has more money, an insufficient distinction for the Leftist.

It is only satisfying when the pool guy has to walk – or ride the bus, crammed in with the other cattle the Leftist despises and uses.

It is why the Left used the power it bought to “lock down” the businesses owned by the little people while leaving the big businesses owned by their people open, so as to accelerate the transition to a future in which Leftists own and control everything and will use it to cement their power, as Orwell also explained in his novel.

Everything the Left says is a means toward that end. Everything the Left says it means is a lie, meant to be useful for the management of idiots, who will be discarded once they have been used up. But these useful idiots will never see it until they have been used up and discarded, by which time their usefulness will have come to an end.

Those who are not idiots are of no use to the Left, of course – and this accounts for the rabidity of the Left toward those who even meekly raise a hand to question anything the Left decrees as unquestionable. Including Democrats, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibi, to name a few prominent names.

Leftist is not a political-economic movement. It is a metastasizing cancer that consumes and eventually kills every healthy body – and body politic – infected by it. There is no treatment but cauterization.

And it may come to just that. Franco understood. So did Peron. Neither man was exactly a libertarian. But neither was either something far worse.

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  1. There’s a new idea from our dear leaders every week or so. I gave up paying attention to it.

    I think that old song ‘”sweet dreams are made of these” is referring to lies. The video is a warning to everyone, that we’re blind, that we must go within to find the truth, we must wake up, that we’re cattle, and the TV is programming us. Poignant message even more relavant to today. When will we stop with the dictator worship on this planet?

  2. A bit off topic. I know a lot of the folks who comment here are retired, I am not yet and being self employed may just drop in my tracks while pulling the sledge.

    One thing that really irritates me is the increasing number of folks that put stuff (shit) like (she, her, hers) after their names. (X,Y,Z). Other than the fact that I have no idea what information they are trying to convey. I am tempted to put (Asshole, Prick, Mofo) after my name. I don’t as it would be stupid as in fighting a fire with gasoline.

    Any suggestions or comments as to how to handle the wokey working world.
    I do have a few letters and phrases I could put after my name that mean something like BA, BS, MD, JD, PhD. Help me people.

    • Hi Ugg, one of those retired guys here. I know what pronouns after a name would mean to me if I still were an employer: “Don’t hire me; I lack a functioning brain.”

    • Amen, Ugg –

      What’s happened, I think, is that mental illness has been normalized. The obvious example is hypochondria, of course. But that served to egg on other weirdos – such the “they/them” crowd.

  3. The 15 minute city sounds a heck of a lot like those mega-retirement communities in Florida and Arizona, at least if you look at the brochure. Seems timely considering the rapidly aging population in the US and Europe. Problem is that those places require a lot of retirement accounts to keep operating at peak. Checking The Villages webside it looks like a pre-owned doublewide goes for around $200K. And I’m fairly certain there’s a monthy maintenance fee, HOA fee, excess vehicle fee, greens fees, whatever other fee they can tack on. And most retirees’ lives tend to shrink into to whatever they’re used to, so for them, a 15 minute city is probably about right. This is just another land grab. If you’ve moved to the 15 minute city you won’t be looking at that mid-century ranch out in the ‘burbs, and Bill Gates can add it to his portfolio. Because land is about the only thing that seems to have a stable inventory.

    Of course plenty of people aren’t going to be caught dead in God’s waiting rooms. They will be “the problem.”

    • the problem is if there is a source of power, like the politician’s power to make rules, regulations and laws….if you don’t take control of it a tyrant will….

      the tyrants have taken complete control and are now…..

      The leftist/globalists are using a fake science narrative about CO2 to completely re engineer your whole world for the worse and re engineer all the people in it to conform to their concept of how the world should be ….a marxist/globalist nightmare with a one world central government run by them…..they will control everything and everybody….

      They are completely changing your world right now…agenda 2030, 15 min cities, banning cars and land ownership, C40 cities, UNDRIP, CBDC, mandated Digital ID in order to live, complete control of all food sources and energy sources…shutting down all small businesses and restaurants, their complete control of all media….

      At the same time through propaganda/complete control of all media they are re engineering everyone’s mind……so they will think this is normal and a great idea……

      cbdc 15 min city lockdown drones

      The final lockdown….

      @ 18:30 in video drones flying around as the new police, doing policing…. AI and tech will police the 15 min. city…

      digital Id the ticket to the digital prison…

      geofencing limiting moving around in the real world and the metaverse..

      ignoring reality is not a good stategy for survival

      smart city…no more rural living….off to the 15 min city……limited mobility, no cars…weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing gas, heat, electricity…

      control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership… hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply… will be a service delivered daily by the government…with your meds included……..if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

      there will be no more food stores, restaurants or retail stores…everything will be supplied by the government…if you comply…

      All the prisons will be closed…the prisoners will instead be housed with everybody else in the 15 minute city ghettos, they will be your neighbours in your soviet era, closet sized apartment…along with all the mental patients they turned out onto the streets years ago ……where it is easier and cheaper to watch/control them/you….every body will be drugged to make control easier….

      going from a debt slavery system to an identity slavery system

      AI is the beast….@ 59:05 in video….starve the beast…

      Who funded, approved, installed, the smart city surveillance infastructure?

      The longer term agenda for the countries with the 15 minute cities…who governs them?
      A UN government…. The UN managing the land…the government for the indigenous owned land (the country given back to the indigenous)….in the whole country……..the army and police would all be UN soldiers….that was the reason for gun control legislation…UN the only armed force allowed….replacing the existing armed forces….

      in other words everyone in a huge homeless camp….which is the height of the lefist/marxist/woke society….everybody’s future….except the billionaire control group at the top….who will live like the gods they think they are….

  4. So… when I visit this site now, “Cloudflare” makes me check a box next to a “Captcha” to prove I’m a human and not a “malicious bot.” Coupla Cloudflare “502” errors as well when clicking on various links. Is this a new feature others are seeing or have filters gone wild?

  5. Couple thoughts on the Trump thing. One, there’s no amount of bail that Trump cannot pay. Are they also going to detain him without bail?! I mean, maybe but that seems highly unlikely.

    More like they have already sent the invitations to every liberal garbage MSM “news” outlet and will be literally having an after party. Maybe will include sex with children to be on par for their depravity.

    They’re gonna have that shit on blast 24/7 for fuck knows how long. I’m so glad I don’t watch TV but, like everything else, somehow TV breaks out of TV and finds us non-TV watcher anyway.

    But! Trump seems to love being a martyr. He couldn’t help himself with his stupid loud mouth and petty arguments. He could have focused on doing the work we needed but he really wanted to focus on how great he is.

    It remains a super bad idea for the idiots to arrest him but that is precisely why they’re going to do it. “Weird flex but ok” as the social media junkies say.

    I also, as other people have said here, think its bait. Like the emperor on Star Wars, they want people to “let the hate, flow through you” and lash out. Maybe do some other stupid shit that they’ll spend the next 2-3 years wailing about and calling it an “insurrection”.

    I can’t muster up the ability to feel sorry for Donald Trump even though arresting him is an astronomically bad idea. Fuck him anyway. Poor billionaire that could have, should have, done so much better when he had the chance. And the very last thing he should have allowed is the covid tyranny which, to a large degree, is why so much of this insanity cannot be stopped anymore.

    Shut up and get out of the way Donald Trump! You were fun while it lasted but then you fucked it up. Fuck all these people and their Karaoke bullshit theater. People are gonna have a hard time living in doors. WW3 is more likely than ever.

    We have bigger things to worry about. I’m sorry to say.

    • The Trump kurfluffel is a distraction from how the 1% and banksters have once again been bailed out, despite the Biden thing insisting it’s not a bailout. That way the 24/7 media focus will be on Trump while the PTB go about looting our savings, sending untold $billions to Keeeeeev, and doing their best to start a war with Russia and/or China. Now would be a great time for an asteroid to land squarely on DC.

  6. I don’t know if you all know who Celia Farber is, but recently on her substack she’s been pretty forthright about putting socialist/communists into proper context with respect to the medical tyranny that’s been put upon us. She called it “viral communism”, meaning virus-centric (not commies gone viral).

    Naturally lots of people pushed back and wailed about how she’s wrong about socialism and communism along with the same old tired bullshit those people always say.

    I pointed out, but got no traction really, that it is incomprehensible for any Christian, religious or spiritual person, to allow themselves to be socialist or communist. I said that precisely because I know there are (especially) “spiritual” people that do align themselves with that bullshit because they somehow cannot understand the plain facts of the matter.

    Talk about useful idiots. Boy are they gonna be in for a shocker when every non-state, non-collective, non-secular belief is banned. Like in China.

  7. ‘Based on an old & fully debunked (by numerous other prosecutors) fairytale [sic], the far & away leading Republican candidate & former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week.’ — Donald J Trump on Truth Social

    So we’ve gone full Peru; full Nigeria; full Argentina. Even non Trump supporters like me are going to explode in rage over this Third World ratfuckery out of Moscow on the Hudson (a/k/a Newwww York).

    Got bananas?

    • ‘Prosecutors said the payments to [Stormy] Daniels and [Karen] McDougal amounted to impermissible, unrecorded gifts to Trump’s election effort.’ — Ape News

      If a political candidate buys a suit and new pair of shoes to hit the hustings, is that a campaign contribution under federal law?

      If I run for county commissioner and get a chin tuck, a teeth whitening and a stylish toupée, is THAT a campaign contribution?

      This is weaponized pettifoggery … but likely with dire real-world clownsequences.

    • Holy shit. That’s such a bad idea, that they just can’t resist doing it. Meanwhile the crime family currently occupy the throne just laughs as evidence of their absolutely treasonous, felonious and murderous behavior is aired in everyone’s faces continually.

      I was just pointing out to the wife yesterday, how Hunter, the white male, crack/meth-head, pedophile, influence peddling, treasonous/seditious, sack of putrid shit is wealthy far above what most of Biden’s supporters can even imagine.

      Equity is it?

      The SVB bailouts being the issue under discussion. You know the “common, everyday, average joe” with more than $250K being bailed out outside of FDIC and/or any legislative process or laws that allow it.

      Oh but, the government that has no money of its own, assures us that taxpayers won’t be the ones footing the bill. Clearly it will be magic unicorns that conscientiously saved their spare lunch money.

      Oh but, “thankfully”, tough-talking Scranton Joe — between beating up Corn Pop and other villains — firmly, toughly, impressively makes it clear that “no investors” will be bailed out.

      “What does that mean?” asks the wife.

      You know the guys holding SIVB shares. Or the people with 401Ks that have mutual funds that are forced to hold idiot woke positions so they can claim to be ESG.

      Also know as the group of people who have never ever expected to be bailed out over holding a tanked stock position. Because that’s how the market works. The bag holders get fucked and have a nice day.

      But the superheroes will make sure those “little” people that wouldn’t be covered by FDIC. They will be made whole again. Because that’s the kind of guy that everyday Joe is. Him and Hunter, heck, they’re just like you and me, right?

      Yay equity!!

  8. It sure is moving at breakneck speed now and accelerating. The movement to sexualize and molest kids by de-dicked, ugly and insane men wearing lipstick and fake tits is particularly troubling. Or the apparent sudden discovery of a need to change genders of 7 year olds. This evil incarnate seems to be “the next thing” as the need to stand with Ukraine fades into the rear view. What’s more, is how quickly the useful idiots fall in line and start parroting the talking points du jour.

    It’s one thing after another, each one seemingly more aggressive and ridiculous than the one that came before it. This country needs to be douched, stat.

    • I think I know what’s going on with the useless eater wing of the left. People my age remember that one person in class who, when told about the Nazi or segreationist atrocities, very loudly spoke up and announced that if they were in that situation they would have been on the side of the resistance. No way would they be shouting “Barabbas!” in Pilate’s court. They’d be on the right side of history. Well, a lot of the rhetoric coming from the right, when taken at face value, sounds a whole heck of a lot like the speeches against Jews and blacks. But of course the difference in this case is the trans movement is largely a random selection of people with gender dysphoria, not a race. This creates an oppertunity to put their statement on display. “Look at me! I’m doing the right thing! Just as I said I would!” Never mind that the number of truly trans people in the world is almost 0 and most of them are looked at oddly but not discriminated against in any way (at least in the 1st world). I think when push comes to shove, and people hear about the malpractice being perpetuated on our nation’s youth, they would be outraged. But their straw in the sewer news feed filters that stuff out, so they’re happy to continue ignoring the darker side of the modern progressive movement.

  9. I don’t call them the US Psychopaths In Charge because I think they are sane well meaning folks who just made a mistake.
    They’re insane. By any definition of the term. They revel in the pain of others, so they inflict as much of it as they can, as often as they can. They believe themselves superior (Gods?), and need to do so to boost their insane egos.
    The pitiful part is, there isn’t that much difference between Democrats and Republicans. The latter prefers to drive the handcart to hell we ride on a bit slower. The destination remains the same. And it appears, from the recent bank failures, we have without doubt fallen off the cliff, and it ain’t looking good for how we hit the bottom.
    I would say “buckle up”, but I’m not sure it would help.
    The most serious question is, what will they do in response? Since they are insane, the answer is what they won’t do is a much shorter list. It does not include nuclear war.
    They truly would prefer to turn the planet into a cinder before giving up their position and associated privileges. Just to gain that few minutes, hours or days of the continuation of that privilege.
    By the way, the bank cartel really f–ked up. They let the Gold price break the $2000 per ounce line. They’ve lost control of the narrative.

    • Amen John. In a way, the word “insane” has been watered down similar to “drunk” or “racist”. So it has lost the impact that it should have in cases like this. People think “insane” is like “two wild and crazy kinda guys!” on SNL or whatever other random shit.

      They don’t seem to realize that this is the brand of actual/clinic “insane” that, for example, tortures people to death, kills and eats children, and (as you point out) generally revels in the pain of others.

      But I think, in their twisted minds, they think of themselves are “super beings” that are beyond the traditional idea of god/gods. Look at how they can destroy entire countries, poison/kill millions of people, and get the idiot masses to do their bidding!

      I don’t think buckling up — no matter the degree of the metaphor — is going to help. We can do what we can to hedge our bets but the psychopaths that have wrestled into power have eliminated all checks against unbridled dictatorial power.

      It’s hardly different than living under the monarchies of the medieval period except perhaps the degree of insanity and the ability for the rulers to control.

      It took them a while. A brief period of relative freedom and human rights managed to break free. But they have finally put a stop to all that. And now, they have power and control that even the most tyrannical king of old only dreamed about.

      And yeah. Nuclear war is absolutely in their playbook. They just took a practice run aimed at St. Petersburg the other day. They have no intention of giving up all of this power they worked so hard to put together over all of these years.

      The wife and I are gonna try to get some physical gold, platinum and/or silver. Probably won’t matter in the long run but we gotta try. Do what we can do. I can buy meat or vegetables with some 1g bars. The paper won’t even be good for wiping our butts.

    • John, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Instead, they make a mockery of it – some two-bit twits rented a sailboat, knew where and how to dive deep and set military-grade explosives, then make it go boom and sail off into the sunset. Mocking very serious people, who are not Boobus, is unwise. The scary part is that it seems that those very serious people seem to finally be losing patience.

      • Hi BAC,

        We also have a senile, delusional old FOOL as White House resident. If Hersh’s suspicion about Joe Biden thinking that being a “War Time President” will boost his delusional aspiration for a 2nd term, we could be in serious trouble if things get nasty. Martin Armstrong has also been warning that there may not even be a Presidential election next year. Whoever is running this corrupt regime could concoct an excuse that there are just too many crises to have a pesky election, or that replacing Joe Biden with someone else in the middle of these crises would be “dangerous”.

    • Probably a lot of natural gas futures contracts were betting on Russa not having a buyer. Probably a lot of people seeing worthless options in the face of a “mild winter.” In a world where real accountability isn’t a factor lots of options for creating scarcity where none should exist.

      And that’s the real end game. Plenty for all isn’t good for business. Energy too cheap to meter (as my namesake promoted) means there’s no trade to be had. Better to follow the Enron model and restrict supply. Much more profitable to borrow on proven reserves than it is to actually sell product. Well, until the FED overnight rate goes up and you’re stuck with a bunch of 0% debt that just inverted.

  10. ‘Franco understood. So did Peron.’ — eric

    In a country whose largely European immigrant population is about 60% Italian and 40% Spanish by ancestry, Juan Perón was much impressed by Mussolini’s Italian fascism — which contained both leftist and right-wing elements.

    As Wikipedia summarizes: ‘During his first presidential term (1946–1952), Perón’s government invested heavily in public works, expanded social welfare, and forced employers to improve working conditions. Trade unions grew rapidly with his support and women’s suffrage was granted with Eva’s influence. On the other hand, dissidents were fired, exiled, arrested and tortured, and much of the press was closely controlled. Several high-profile war criminals, such as Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann and Ante Pavelić, were given refuge in Argentina during this time.’

    A mixed record, no doubt. But since then, Peronism has devolved into pure Leftism. Its current exemplars, president Alberto Fernández (a lawyer) and the egregiously corrupt vice president (and former president) Cristina Kirchner (also a lawyer) are running the country into the ground with inflation exceeding 100%.

    Examples of their fruitcake Leftist folly, in the world’s only nation which has backslid from rich-country status a century ago to ‘developing country’ today:

    On 4 September 2020, Fernández signed a decree establishing a 1% employment quota for trans and travestite people in the national public sector. On 20 July 2021, Fernández signed another decree mandating the National Registry of Persons to allow a third gender option on all national identity cards and passports, marked as an “X”.

    And so it goes: in a nation where 40% of people work in trabajo en negro [off the books, with no social insurance contributions], the rich-country luxury of championing gender-fluid individuals is imposed, as the legions of poor root in the garbage dump for food.

    Such is the perverse, malefic logic of end-stage Peronism, as it gurgles down the drain flying its rainbow flags. Because he posed for a photo with former conservative president Mauricio Macri, World Cup soccer hero Lionel Messi was threatened with death by Peronist gangsters, should he return to his hometown of Rosario. This is very much a throwback to Mussolini’s core fascism, in which government-affiliated gangs of thugs beat dissenters bloody.

    • ‘Now we are communist.’ — Yukon Jack

      Clownworld prepares to run off the rails, with an engineered ‘J6 times 1,000’ provocation:

      “This is a huge development.” Final preparations [are] being made to arrest Donald Trump next week. Trump will “be fingerprinted and processed like every other defendant.” The Secret Service will make the decision whether to handcuff the former president or not.

      I’m no fan of Trump — never voted for him; never would. But this is an intentional ‘first shot at Fort Sumter,’ explicitly designed to provoke all-out, street-fighting Red-Blue civil war, as House investigators close in on the details of dozens of dirty wire transfers from a Chinese spymaster to the egregiously bent, on-the-take Biden family.

      Got lighter fluid? This town is gonna burn.

      Right or wrong, my song is strong
      You don’t like it, get along
      Say what I want, do what I can
      Death to the message of the Biden clan

      I don’t buy supremacy
      Media chief, you menace me
      Gun owners you say cause all the crime
      Wake up motherfucker and smell the slime

      — Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Power of Equality

    • Hi Jack,
      One of the bullshit sayings of that time was “we have to fight them there so we won’t have to fight them here”. Yeah, right; no need to fight them at all since they’ve taken over by invitation.

    • The ccp and the wef are closely intertwined now, bringing in a one world marxist government, in a combined effort…… when china opened up people thought it would become like the west, instead the west is turning into communist china.

      all the G7 now has ccp/wef controlled governments, later on they will fight because the ccp wants to run the planet, they are using the wef as another useless idiot to attain that outcome….all the G7 leaders are useful idiots controlled by the wef which is being used by the ccp to take over the planet…..

      Later on the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

      The wef and all the G7 leaders controlled by it, are just useless idiots being used by the ccp to bring in a one world ccp government.

      “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,” Byrne went on to say.

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.

      Numerous official sources around the world say the regime is holding more than a million Uyghurs in “re-education” camps. Former detainees who spoke with The Epoch Times revealed that they were being raped, tortured, brainwashed, and savagely abused.

      Anybody not chinese will have the same future as the Uyghurs.

  11. These Lefties have gone INSANE. Their heads exploded if someone who didn’t want the COVID jabs used their term “My body, my choice”. They even CHEERED Joe Biden’s statement at a CNN townhall in 2021 that “first responders” who didn’t comply with local vaxx mandates should be FIRED.

    They also bleated about how evil Big Pharma was for years, but after 2020 effectively became their biggest shills.

    They’ve also resorted to calling people who dissented against “The narratives” (be it COVID,

    They also advocate DISARMING Americans who own guns but never harmed anyone, while at the same time supported sending LOTS of weapons to “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!”

    They’ve also called Trump a “DICTATOR”, “Authoritarian”, etc., but don’t say SQUAT about the current White House resident, who HAS acted like an authoritarian dictator or worse the past 2+ years.

    They also preach to the masses about how THEY need to give up driving cars because of CLIMATE CHANGE, but then continue flying around in private jets or driving some expensive gas guzzler.

    They also bleat about how bad billionaires are and need to “Pay their fair share”, but many of them are billionaires themselves and look for ways to avoid paying THEIR “fair share”. Why, many of them are even getting a bailout from Joe Biden after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week. Where’s the “Occupy Wall Street” types on that, unless THEY’VE become the billionaires they protested against circa 2011.

    • It seems to me this current collapse/narrative flip is probably part of the plan. The current absurdity with wokeness, the clear Big Harma iatrogenocide, the gazillion clear breadcrumbs alongside the Covid lies (vaers being accessible) , etc.

      Ripe to finally pull the plug on the dollar, start a world war (real or otherwise), crush internal enemy combatants (us).

      The Savior presented that will arise from these ashes is likely already chosen and will be from the “Right”.

      Biblical stuff.

      • What is ‘the plan’?

        The more I think about this the less I think these creeps are really ‘in on it’. Yes they have their own personal selfish ends to which they are manipulating the hoards of braindead bipedal vegetables we see all around us, but I wonder if there is some type of conscious intelligence driving all the insanity. Almost as though the energy we generate through hate and fear is being syphoned off…to feed something. Just a thought.

        • Hi Gary, We as humans certainly generate psychic energy, be it for good or for evil. That energy then seems to feed both sides of the equation. As above so below

          Evil is now dominant and gets all the attention. The Terrible and the Benign isn’t just a kids story. As for a ‘plan’, that seems above the pay grade of humanity, I know its above mine. My thought is that yes, there are people of unquenchable appetites, who have tapped into this negative energy. They manipulate it, feed on it, use it to gain power, and to inflict pain and misery on as many people as they can.

          In the greater scheme of things it doesn’t matter much. It’ll all get lost in the sauce. Like minnows in the chum slick, so too are the days of our lives.

        • Demons?
          I have of late suspected there may be metaphysical forces at play.
          Then again, I look at the history of the species, and realize there has always been such evil among us. They just didn’t have nuclear weapons.
          There is at least a bit of a psychopath in all of us. The civilized among us keep it caged.
          Looks like someone(s) left the cage door open.

    • the control group at the top own everyone’s mind…..

      people believe rat poison is a magic cure to make them healthier and prevent disease…lol

      the pest control guy would never eat the rat poison….but….when he puts the rat poison out for mr. rat he tells mr. rat…..this is a nice fresh snack for you…it is safe and effective…it will stop you from dying and you killing grandma….lol

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
      ― George Carlin


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