The Dissonance of the Left

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 Isn’t it interesting that the Left – people on the Left – are most eager to get “vaccinated” given these same Leftists used to be among the most critical of “Big Pharma”?

Of course, the Left is defined by its selectivity – by its cognitive dissonance. Its infinite capacity to entertain rabid support – and rabid opposition to – things that are in principle the same things, depending on the political needs of the moment:

It is why the Left rabidly defends personal ownership of one’s body (even though another body is involved) when it comes to abortion while at the same time rabidly touting political polices such as forced vaccinations that defile personal ownership at the most basic level.

Leftists are mentally ill; fractured, infantile consciousnesses – and that’s giving them the benefit of a kind diagnosis. Many are simply evil, opportunistic thugs who will say – and do – anything, so long as it benefits them in some way.

And for a Leftist, benefit means the transfer to themselves of other people’s property or other people’s sovereignty over themselves. They are very much a disease in need of treatment, such as chlorine in an algae-laden poo.

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  1. The left is completely lost. If the left didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

    My body my choice- murdering unborn, good, deciding to not diaper and not get an experimental drug- bad.

    Kids being forced to watch drag queen story hour against their or their parent’s will- good. Adults being free to change the channel and not watch someone they disagree with – bad

    Antifa attacking the property and people they disagree with – good. Those people defending their property and life – bad

    I still advocate, like i have since about 2001, for an amicable divorce between left and right before things get to the point of no return. I’ve come to the realization that the right would have no issues with that and for the most part just want to be left alone to make their own decisions. The left on the other hand, cannot allow people to make their own decisions because those people may make decisions the left does not agree with, like driving a Ram Truck with Hemi instead of a nissan leaf. So the left wants to use the heavy hand of govt to force their decisions on all of us. The problem for the left is when the people who just want to be left alone are forced to get involved this will get very nasty.

    • “The problem for the left is when the people who just want to be left alone are forced to get involved this will get very nasty.”

      IMO the Right will not do anything , ever. There have been plenty of “line in the sand” moments that should have been the trigger and still nothing happened. The herd has been adequately domesticated, castrated and de-horned. TPTB and their lefty fluffers have nothing to fear.

    • I will advise people i care about from receiving this lab experiment, but everyone else, have at it. This seems like a darwin award on a grand scale.

  2. I vaguely recall an interview of Hillary Clinton after Bill was elected. It was one of those fluff pieces that First Ladies get. But she did mention that she didn’t like the Marines standing guard in the White House, they made her uncomfortable. Then she said she realized that “they’re ‘our’ Marines now,” and that made it OK.

    I have a feeling that if the Pacific North West insurrection continues there will be federal troops deployed. Summer of riots in the Democratic stronghold cities? Who knows what the people hiding behind Biden are capable of. There’s a reason why they keep all those nukes…

  3. The cause is readily apparent. Children “educated” in government run indoctrination centers are discouraged from ever growing up. If reality displeases you, either ignore it or deny it, and create your own reality, however delusional it may be. Those who tell you that you are responsible for your own situation are denying your reality. You get your participation trophy regardless. So those who aren’t educated outside the indoctrination centers, either in addition to, or as a replacement thereof, are forever stuck at 12 years old. And some of them get elected. Ohers get declared “officials”. A common thing in political discussion for several decades is that whatever outrage a bunch barely out of adolescence college students demand is the proper course of action. They do occasionally bring up legitimate topics, like opposition to the Vietnam War, but far more often just flights of fancy. Like just because i have male genitalia doesn’t mean I’m a man, even though that Y chromosome penetrates to the very core of my body.

  4. “And for a Leftist, benefit means the transfer to themselves of other people’s property or other people’s sovereignty over themselves. ”

    the politics of envy

  5. I don’t think leftists were actually ever against big business. They pretended they were, as a pretext to further attack small businesses, perhaps. Just like I don’t think they were ever anti-war. They pretended to be, because they didn’t like Bush, because he had an R after his name. And R still represented in theory less power for them. But yeah, whatever gives them more power at a particular moment in time, that’s where they stand on the issue.

  6. Hilarious Beta male with the typical subservient open mouth smile!

    As far as the jab… addition to their past distrust of Pharma and current buy in, I find it amusing that they are so trusting of something that was fully put in motion and facilitated by their most hated person on the planet and that the Orange Man has also been a huge proponent of getting this experimental cocktail injected into them.

  7. Leftists are a CANCER, and they must be dealt with accordingly! Until we’re willing to acknowledge that, we’re screwed. At the end of the day, it’s either them or us.

      • Eric,

        I mean go BEYOND that! What do we do with a cancer? We eradicate it, correct? Same applies to the left. We’re in the same position as a soldier on the battlefield with the enemy trying to kill him: it’s either them or us. It’s just that simple.

  8. They remind me of either The Borg or “the cause-heads” from PCU. Us refuseniks are the meat tossers, to be shrieked at and chased.

  9. ” Many are simply evil, opportunistic thugs who will say – and do – anything, so long as it benefits them in some way.”

    AKA Psychopath/Sociopath.

    They say 1-2% of people are Psychos. Seems much, much higher to me. At least 25% the people I have known have shown a severe to complete lack of empathy and consideration, and would do or say anything to further their goals. Being caught lying is not even a minor embarrassment to them. They think it is perfectly OK to lie to achieve their end. Only they matter.

    Is government a reflection of the people or are the people emulating their leaders?

    • Watching this was just depressing. We have come down so far from the Clark Gables, Gregory Pecks, and Paul Newmans of the world. Nobody in 1950 looked like this. They don’t even fight like men for God’s sake. Throwing milkshakes? Really?

      I think I will go back to admiring my Clive Standen poster in his Viking attire.

      • Hi RG,

        Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion of men crying or showing “emotional sensitivity”, etc.? I’m not an overly emotional guy, but some have told me I need to “release my feelings” to be emotionally healthy. That’s difficult for me because while I certainly feel things, this “open expression” just is not who I am.

        I remember a generation or so ago,”soy boys” were called “SNAGs” — Sensitive New Age Guy. The point was the same — guys trying so hard to be “sensitive” they just came across as weak to the point of obnoxiousness.

        • Hi Chris,

          I won’t lie it makes me feel really uncomfortable when men cry, actually, when men or women cry. I don’t like emotional outbursts. If someone is having a bad day and needs to vent I am okay with that. I can understand anger. I don’t understand tears. My husband would be the first to tell you I can be pretty cold. My view on something is to get it out in the open so everyone knows where everybody stands and then get over it. No grudges. No silent treatments. Say it and move on.

          I judge men to be like my father. In well over 40+ years I have never seen him tear up. My husband is very similar. He had a hard childhood, but he is mentally tough. He has never played the victim and just looks forward. I appreciate that and I admire him for it.

          I like a man’s man. I know that isn’t popular in this day and age but, I like guys physically and mentally strong. The male toxicity movement is utter BS to me. It is a power grab, nothing more.

          • Morning, RG –

            I cried – I could not help crying – when I buried Little Dude, the black stray cat I adopted many years ago, who died earlier this year. That cat was my best little friend and I still miss him every day. Everyone’s mileage varies, I suppose.

            • Hi Eric,

              You are right everyone’s mileage varies. I think it is understandable in mourning, but it still makes me feel awkward. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to react. I have cried and I hate it when I do. My emotions have gotten the best of me and I can’t think clearly. When one gets emotional they lose their sense of logic and reason and things become foggy in perspective.

              • No question, RG –

                I’ve been accused of being too rational (and logical). I take this as a compliment! But when a beloved pet dies, the sadness wells up and I let it wash over me, to cleanse the passing and accept it. Everyone processes differently and for different things.

              • One thing I’ve learned about grief, you don’t need to say anything, just being there for those suffering a loss is enough.

        • Hi Chris,

          I know you asked RG, but I think the subject bears discussion. As I told her, I cried (and have cried) when beloved pets have died. But otherwise, I tend to express my feelings by actions and through words.

      • But didn’t you know that any expression of masculinity is now restricted to “bad ass” women in the film industry? They are far more common than any that portray a man, who might actually be capable of being one, as a “bad ass”.

  10. have really thought about why this is – I suspect because on the front end – the thing (ie the vaccine) is “free” in this case (or ofcourse paid for by someone else) and somehow they feel everyone gets it equally (unless you’re say gates or bezos who get something else in theirs!). Unfortunately thats about the depth of thought for most on the left….


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