Dealing with the Depression of Sickness Psychosis

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It is easy to get down when it seems that almost everyone you see looks sick. When society is ill – and you feel hopeless about it.

This happens to me, regularly. I think it is a sign of mental health to sometimes feel very down about things, given how things are. That is a normal response to a depressing scene. The sight of Freaks everywhere – who do not realize they are Freaks. Who look at you – over the crest of their Face Diapers – their eyes boggled in fear and wonderment that you don’t share their certain delusions.

It is hard to keep one’s equipoise given this. Given its ubiquity. Orwell wrote about it through the character of Winston Smith, in his famous novel 1984. He had Winston musing to himself about sanity not being statistical; i.e., that just because the whole world has gone crazy, it doesn’t mean you are because you haven’t.

The key isn’t so much to not get down – probably unavoidable, if you’re sane  – but rather to not let them keep you from getting back up.

As someone who often gets down I thought it might help others similarly afflicted to relate how I keep from remaining down.

One, fuck them – 

Profanity is vulgar but sometimes necessarily descriptive; no lesser word will convey the sentiment with sufficient gusto. Refuse to be beaten down by these vile people and the sad people the vile people are using as tools to try to keep you down, both literally and psychologically. Take heart in the fact that they have not turned you into one of them. It may have cost you – friends, family, your job. But you have kept your integrity as well as your sanity. Hold fast to it. And burn with resentment toward those who are trying to take it away. Anger can be a very effective muse as well as a restorative palliative.

Two, make your bed –

I instinctively did this, even before Jordan Peterson (very smart, very wise man) articulated it. I knew that by starting each day with order, the day felt less disordered. And so did I. The simple actions – getting up, making your bed, taking a shower and putting on clean clothes – help you to feel purposeful rather than dead in the water. An unmade bed, dirty sheets, clothes strewn all over the floor… makes it easier to just stay in bed or want to get back into bed.

Three, do something productive every day –

Whether it is mowing the grass or finishing  a project you started or need to get started – like my chicken coop! – or just sending out your bills. It doesn’t matter particularly, just so as you’ve done something to make some headway. It is empowering to finish tasks that need to be finished and – important – it is how you avoid things needing to be done accumulating to such a degree that dealing with any of them becomes psychologically overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed by too many things to do, don’t try to do all of them at once. Tackle one of them at a time. Then keep on tackling. The more you do, the less you’ll have to do – and the better you will feel.

Four, exercise regularly –

It isn’t just that exercise is physically healthy. It is psychologically healthy. The better you feel, the better you will feel about yourself. It is hard to be happy when you feel awful about yourself. When you look awful. When your clothes no longer fit – and you have to buy clothes that do. If that is the case, use your not-fitting clothes as an incentive. You fit in them once; you can – you will – fit in them again.

Do not upsize your clothes to fit.

Exercise also serves to structure your life. Routines – regular things you do on certain days at certain times – are another way to help order your life, which will serve to make your life feel less chaotic and depressing. It will give you something to do and something you know you should be doing. When you know you have something to do, something you know you ought to be doing, it is harder to just sit on the sofa and be . . . depressed. Get up! Go for a run – or just a walk. Go to the gym; take a class. Ride a bike. It doesn’t matter exactly or even how much – just so long as you do and that it is regularly done.

Five, eat well –

By this I mean eat good food in reasonable quantities. The eating of bad food – even more so than too much food – is probably one of the etiologies behind the wave of depression  and physical sickness which afflicts so many people. I’ve learned – am learning more, all the time – about what has been done to food (e.g., the corruption of food, as via such things as the pervasive salting of practically all store-bought food with monosodium glutamate, a dangerous toxin; the metabolic effect upon the body of high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, etc.) and of the importance of eating as much healthy (fresh, natural, unmodified) food as possible.

I almost never drink soda or eat “fast” food. I have turned the FDA food pyramid on its apex and eat fewer grains and more meat. Try it yourself and see. You may find you think more clearly – and feel much better. This latter, in turn, will reduce your reliance upon pills – and that will make you feel much better.

There are almost innumerable resources, but as a start, I recommend (of all things) a book called No Eat Not Food. It seems like it’s for kids, but the message is for people of all ages.

Six, disengage –

Stop watching the TeeVee. It is radiating soul poison. No sane person can withstand being assaulted daily with hours of horror, almost all of it exaggerated but no less horrible for being so. The less you watch, the more you will see – of reality. That the world isn’t cracking apart. Death isn’t in the air. It’s nice outside; the sun is up and the weather is fine. Go outside – and turn that thing off. Go see a friend. Not on the screen of your smartphone. Go actually see your friend. Connect with people of like mind. See their faces.

It will affirm that sanity is not statistical – and that you are not alone.

. . .

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  1. Personally a well-timed column. I’ve felt almost overwhelmed today, but did accomplish many of the items referenced. My wife and I were working on erecting our greenhouse. Admittedly, my frame of mind was such that too many curse words and general frustration were par for the course. I’ll endeavor to be Moar focused tomorrow, leaving less room for contemplating the evil that infuses seemingly all that I previously respected, if not cherished. Thank you Eric.

  2. Red,
    Hang in there. Sounds like you guys are at MCAS Kaneohe. The overcast weather on the windward side can also affect your mood. I’m from Hawaii and my wife is a born and raised local. I agree with you, the amount of brainwashing in Hawaii is unbelievable. You are correct about the governor and now the mayor. Hawaii is becoming a like NZ and Australia. Love Hawaii but glad we got off the rock to a red state when we retired. This summer may have been our last visit. Also agree, no way we’re taking any death jabs or clot shots. Hope you make it home soon. Right on Nunzio: “When you see all these things come to pass, look up, for you redemption draws neigh”. Thanks Eric, good article and one of the best comment threads I’ve read.

  3. RG said [Disappearing comments….]:
    **”I don’t expect anybody to improve our lots all I ask them is not to f’
    them up more.”**

    That’s just it, RG. They WILL F it up more, they always do. They may pretend to oppose the current Bozo, and try to cajole the good folks instead of the rabid libtards….but as is always the case, they will end up doing as much or more damage than the guy who blatantly promises to F everything up…so that in the end, there is no difference, other than the words which they use.

    And the ones who woo the good folks tend to get away with more- witness no one batting an eye when Trump promised to use the military to “distribute” the vaccine (Some here even defended it!) or when he baneed bump stocks, yada yada…..

    Republicans today are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Democrats don’t even bother wearing a disguise anymore. (If they did, they’d probably don a condom)

  4. This really hits home to me. I’ve always been good about eating, fitness, etc. I spent four years in the Marine Corps, served in the California Highway Patrol, I’ve run marathons, ultra marathons, backpacked a portion of the Appalachian Trail, among other things I probably forget. I’ve always been good about eating, health, working out, etc. And I’m really one to brush off problems or not realize the magnitude of things. Not realizing how hard they are until I reflect upon them. But I’m really in a hole here. My husband has 19 years in the USMC. We’re in the worst state that nobody mentions in the news (Hawaii) and I’m so done with it all. If you’re read nothing about Hawaii just look up tyrant Gov Ige. I was born (literally) in the woods and raised in Copper Hill. We own the property adjacent to where I was born. I’m not a social person but I don’t think I’ve realized how much this has affected me. I’ve gained 15lbs in the past year and a half, of which I am obviously not proud of. I’ve always drank a lot but I’m disappointed in the turn I’ve taken in this regard. And it is hard. There is nothing to do in Hawaii that interests us [we love camping, 4×4’ing, exploring old mine camps, the desert, the forest, the woods, (you know things that at least give you the feeling of freedom) and there is nothing like that here] and I know I need to do better and I’m disappointed in myself because I know I can do better and I’ve never been like this my whole life. No one talks about Hawaii but I believe it is the worse state in the union. Even in NY or San Francisco you can leave or go somewhere else but, obviously, here there is NO ESCAPE! With the exception of the base they’ve never lifted the mask mandate. Even outside more people outside walking around in the parking lot ,driving in their cars, wear masks. Very few people do not wear masks even outside. I’ve NEVER seen anyone NOT wear a mask inside. NOT ONE TIME and we’ve been here since March. No one talks about Hawaii and how oppressive it is. I’ve been uncharacteristically obsessed with reading the news for the surely to come mandatory “vaccination” for domestic travel because that is when I check out and go home to Virginia and wait for my husband to retire in a year. But of course there is the “mandate” for military and federal personnel of which we both work for. We supposedly have 89ish days to comply but I refuse and we’ll see what my husband does. My husband and I work 60+ hours/week each at two jobs to stockpile money for our retirement but I realize I’m having a hard time. Not because of the hours, it is tiring, but doable. I work because otherwise I’d just be drinking. I know it is a personal choice and I know it is something I have to change within myself but it is hard. I’ve never had this problem before. I want to stop but I guess it is easier to not and while I’m doing it I’m so disappointed in myself but I turn around and do it again the next day. I know better. I know i can not do it. I need to do it. I know what I need to do but I keep not doing it. I need to be stronger. And I guess that is what they want. Whoever they is. And nobody cares. But I will not give in. Otherwise, what is the point? P.S. it take a lot for me to write things in caps. and I enjoy your videos. It gives me a glimpse of home because I know those roads like the back of my hand.

    • Hi RED,

      I feel for you guys. I don’t know a great deal about Hawaii; are there parts of the island where you can go to hike/walk/run or just “be” – and not see the Freaks? If so, I’d try going there, often. How about projects around the house? Anything that needs doing. If you own your place, I’d recommend getting it ready to sell. Maximize your investment and use it to fuel your escape. Back to the Woods, hopefully! In the meanwhile, try to find at least one like-minded friend and spend time with that friend. Read encouraging books and so on. Avoid TV and “social” media. And keep in mind that this isn’t permanent, you are healthy and have each other. Most of all, don’t let them beat you psychologically. You’re better than they are. Don’t forget it!

      • That’s good advice, Eric. Get your house ready to sell. Even if you’re not going to sell it.

        Years ago, I had a 1995 Dakota with a 5.7 V8. Great little truck. I was flying a lot and had my regular spot in the parking garage. One afternoon, coming back to Denver from a trip to LA with my kids, I was backing out and dinged the passenger-side front fender on the concrete pillar.

        It would have been easy to fix at the time, but I didn’t. And since it was on the passenger side, I only saw it occasionally. But every time I saw it, I thought that I should fix it.

        Come time to sell the thing 10 years later, and it cost me more in resale value than it would have to just fix the damn thing the week after I broke it. Plus the years of looking at it, reminding myself to fix it.

        If I would just have made my bed when it got messed, my life would have been that much better.

        • Thanks, Baxter!

          Anyone who owns a vehicle – or a house – is familiar with this story. If you don’t keep things up, things tend to deteriorate. It’s subtle, at first. But then – one day – you look around and realize: Wow. The car needs X, Y and Z. The paint on the house is peeling and there’s wood rot around the windows. All of a sudden, a lot needs to be done and now you’re playing catch-up. I have found that keeping up takes less time, effort – and money, ultimately.

          As regards houses, especially. You never know – especially now – when it might become necessary to sell, right now. When that time comes, if the house isn’t ready to sell, right now, you could lose a lot of money.

  5. Everything is so depressing, it’s old already; depression is a choice.

    Every single US minted gold and silver coin is gone, no longer in circulation, the greatest theft of a treasure the world has ever seen.

    FDR outlawed gold, most of the double-eagles were in banks, most of the quarter-eagles, half eagles, and eagles remained in private hands, only 22 percent were returned to the US Treasury.

    You’ve been had big time. The money is gone, there it was, gone. 95 percent copper pennies are a thing of the past, zinc in the core of the penny is just plain lunacy. They will dissolve when the elements take hold, reduced to dust.

    The real money is no longer there, at one time, every single bank in the US had US minted gold and silver coins in their vaults, all gone.

    And… it’s gone! Therein lies the problem.

    Read F. Tupper Saussy’s book, Miracle on Main Street.

    All your gold to us belong. All your silver to us belong.

    You’ve been robbed blind, of everything.

    That is what is depressing.

  6. Hello Eric and everyone else,

    In Diaper Joe’s announcement of vaccine mandates, according to the Yahoo News article I read on it, he spat out angrily, “What more do you need to see?” as far as evidence of vaccine efficacy and the dangers of Corona. The article (wish I’d thought to bookmark it) went on to say that hospital overcrowding is due to unvaxxed people getting Corona, as they make up almost all the extra hospitalizations, and that endangers everyone who might need medical care. The article also stated that although “breakthrough COVID cases” have occurred, the vaccines are still 99.99 percent effective at preventing infections. It went on to say that the reason Diaper Joe’s pronouncements of “beating the virus” earlier this summer were ruined by too few people getting the vaccine.

    As far as “what more I need to see” is data that isn’t conflated and contradictory (e.g. why is Israel’s “case count” so high if they’re 90 percent vaxxed? Doesn’t sound like 99.99 percent effective to me…) and information on alternative and at-home remedies —that could prevent hospitalization) not be censored by traditional and social media and….that there be no vaxxing-under-duress — when an action has to be pushed with the threat of force, that blows its legitimacy out of the water for me. If it’s so good and I need it so much, why would I decline it?

    If Diaper Joe got in your face and hissed “what more do you need to see?” and blamed you for hospital overcrowding, how would you answer him?

    • It’s a great question, Chris.

      I arrived at the conclusion a long time ago that the real pandemic is one of insanity. That’s what makes this so difficult; a rational person can’t reason with an irrational one. So my answer would be silence and walk away. What did we learn in Sunday School? Don’t cast pearls before swine because they’ll just trample them under their feet then turn and tear you to bits. Religious or not, there’s a lot of sensibility there.

      The million dollar question I’d love answered is, what happened? How did so many people go mad at the same time?

      • Hi Anon,

        In re: “How did so many people go mad at the same time?”

        The predicate is, simply, that they were kept from thinking, a long time ago. The critical faculty, the capacity to reason – the analytical habit of thought, which respects facts and bases arguments on concepts and principles – has been systematically suppressed for generations in government schools. The result? Millions of people who are susceptible to mass hysterias because they feel rather than think. Then condition these people to rote acceptance of authority. Make “safety” a kind of fetish object. Then, douse them with nonstop Terror Porn about how unsafe “x” is.


        Or, rather, baaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Chris,

      Excellent question. My answer follows:

      This is not about data, or science. This is about freedom, choice, and ethics.

      Have you even read Mary Shelley?

      I mean, come on, man!

    • I need to see all of these unmitigated lies exposed publicly. I know that our hospitals here in Az are NOT overwhelmed. Maybe those that are overwhelmed need to be run better. Maybe all drugs should be over the counter, so as to let people decide for themselves how they are treated, and bypass all of the suppression of possibly effective protocols. As Eric has alluded to, maybe a lot of lard asses need to work out and eat properly. Maybe I shouldn’t be punished for NOT sending anyone to the hospital, and I, myself haven’t been there for many years. Maybe Uncle Joe Stalin needs to stop trying to take peoples’ livelihoods, because people with nothing left to lose become very dangerous.

    • Hi Chris,

      In re:

      “If Diaper Joe got in your face and hissed, ‘what more do you need to see?’ and blamed you for hospital overcrowding, how would you answer him?”

      Simply. I am not to blame for any hospital being “overcrowded” as I am not sick. A person who isn’t sick cannot get anyone else sick. I haven’t been sick throughout this whole “pandemic.” Diaper Joe’s fear that I might get sick and might get others sick is simply an open-ended assertion of obligation that I must submit to anything he says on the basis of what might happen. This is a pretty fair definition not only of arbitrary tyranny but of slavery.

      I am am responsible for the harms I cause. I owe no obligation to assuage anyone’s fear about the harms I might cause.

  7. The Doctor is In!
    Wonderful advice, Eric.
    I suppose this is an expansion of “do something productive,” but I would add: learn to do something that you didn’t know how to do yesterday. Or at least learn how something works that you didn’t understand before.
    This time last year I didn’t know how to fly a Boeing 737. Now I’m pretty confident that I could take one from cold & dark to 30,000 feet (landing, uh, not so much). I always thought jet engines had just one common shaft; now I know that modern turbofans have two spools, sometimes three.
    One of the main things that sets us apart from the obedient shitheads is curiosity. We take things apart to see what’s inside. When someone demands action that makes no sense, we ask “Why?”
    Keep disassembling. Keep asking. Keep learning. Disobey as necessary.

      • Yep, X-Plane 11. It is excellent, but as with all things computerized, I spend way too much time dealing with updates.
        It’s cheap, and the Zibo Mod 737-800 is free. You should give it another go.

  8. I’ve been through the shit before and I’ve seen and done some truly horrible things but this mass psychosis has really gotten to me like nothing else.

    The biggest part for me was losing, in just a few weeks in March of 2020, almost everyone. And they weren’t physically dead, just effectively dead. That loss of 90+% of other humans I used to trust and respect to this Covidian cult is what I can’t even still understand. If they had all actually died in nuclear fire or an actual disease I think I could process that eventually. There’s a known process for dealing with physical death even in mass casualty events.

    Now I face loss of all income. Both my wife and myself are refusing the needle rape and are being punished for our transgressions against the cult which has already taken everything else.

    Defiance is wonderful as Eric has eloquently demonstrated over the past 19 months. But soon to be faced with no income, no family or friends and a dark winter ahead I have a feeling the Covidians intend to starve us prior to shooting those who remain.

    I intend to leave an enormous pile of spent brass.

  9. Both my and my husband’s jobs were deemed “essential” in 2020 so that was good for us. I think going to work like normal helped me. I was offered the work at home option just because they wanted to reduce the number of people in the building, even though we weren’t ordered to close. I said no. It was actually kind of nice. The office was quieter and my commute was awesome, just me and the semis on the interstate every afternoon. As appealing as it sounds, I think sitting around the house all day would get old in about a week. I’m kind of introverted but not a monk. I need to go do things.
    My exercise of choice is dance fitness and Zumba. They closed the community center where I do it for about six months, but all the instructors did the routines anyway on Facebook live and it was free. So I ended up doing more workouts than usual and trying new instructors and saving sessions to do at my convenience.
    So I did manage to care for myself best I could. It is all still depressing though. I’ve lost four loved ones since summer 2020, so that plays into it too. But I’m upset about the state of the world and wish I didn’t have to share space with such idiots. They really have succeeded in dividing us. I just wish we would all fight back and stand up together, but I guess a sizeable number is fine with what’s being done to us. And that’s depressing as hell.

    • I thrive alone left to my own devices. Work from home is nice for me. I don’t have much social energy even on a good day and the commute alone burns through a big hunk of it.

      What is depressing is that people want the productive somewhere from enslaved to dead. I’ve suspected a deep seated hatred of the productive for years. Then there was the info graphic on whiteness that was nothing more than saying productive behaviors are white and white is evil. Then the Floyd riots and the rhetoric around them contained in large part a hatred of the productive.

      Now this week and Biden’s attempt at a jab mandate through a power grab. He didn’t go after congress, the courts, the welfare recipients, those on the unemployment rolls, he didn’t make any attempt on anyone that is unproductive. He zeroed in with laser focus on productive members of society alone.

      This isn’t about the virus or the jab. They hate us for being productive. That cuts to the fiber of my being. It’s all I know how to be. Even my hobbies are things people more proficient at them earn a living from. It’s how I get along in society. I could be of the body, fully absorbed and it would not matter. They will still hate those like me and thus me personally. Being absorbed only gets me to the next expression of this same hatred.

      I thought I could survive the typical communist class revolution. My hands are beaten up in appearance and thus I could pass myself off as someone who works with his hands. I could pass any quiz a commie might have with regards to a wide variety of blue collar work. But this technocratic leftist revolution hates all productive people. Manual labor to brain work. It hates all of us.

      The masses want everyone dumb and helpless, subjects of the ruling class like they are and they empower tyrants to make it that way.

      There’s no way out because it has nothing to do with the jab itself. The jab is a symbol. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to learn it does absolutely nothing beneficial or harmful biologically. It’s simply a symbol for the hearts and minds of people to change society in a fundamental way.

      • “I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to learn it does absolutely nothing beneficial or harmful biologically.”

        I would. There is WAY too much emphasis/threats/coercion/coverup invested in getting people to physically inject themselves with this substance that is known to cause harm up to and including death. There is NO WAY that it does nothing harmful.

        There may be more than one reason for the psychopaths’ trying to force the jab, but one of those reasons is to HARM or KILL us.

      • ‘He zeroed in with laser focus on productive members of society alone.’ — BrentP

        That’s a very perceptive observation.

        Read today about half a dozen nurses shutting down a maternity ward, when they quit because of their hospital’s vax mandate.

        In a stagflationary economy where job openings are difficult to fill, there is just no slack for driving away productive people — even a fraction of them.

        As a lifelong tax feeder, ‘Biden’ has no clue. But when the economy starts halting and seizing up, some influential stakeholders will have ‘The Talk’ with him.

  10. One small, yet important silver lining in all of this is that many people are building up mental toughness. Most generations still alive have lived coddled lives that haven’t required having to fight for anything. As a result, many people have skulls full of tapioca. We’ve seen it play out as those people who know it’s all bullshit, yet complied anyway. They didn’t have the will to take a few shots in order to stand up for what they know, deep down, is right.

    Fargo: You should see the other guy

    This is why it’s been so important for us misfits to take a visible stand against what we know is wrong, even when it costs us. We need to show the tapioca brains how to fight. That taking a shot to the head isn’t the end of the world. That not fighting will end significantly worse than nursing a wound for a few days.

    Some tapioca brains have actually noticed that not fighting has led from two weeks to stop the spread, to get vaccinated so we can return to normal, to masks back on whether vaccinated or not, to get vaccinated or starve to death. They now know that the right time to drop the gloves is as soon as the air raid siren goes off. And they know what that looks like, thanks to those of us who carry battle scars from the good old days when the only enemy we were fighting was Karenistan.

    Strong men make good times.
    Good times make weak men.
    Weak men make bad times.
    Bad times make strong men. <= We are here

    • Agreed. Every interaction needs to be evaluated along these lines. I have a theory that the “They Live” crowd is and has been floating trial balloons of dubious legality online, such as with mandatory jabs, and using sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze the resultant online “chatter” to judge the likelihood of resistance. I also increasingly believe that the “They Live” types are desperately trying to continue to have the people (including businesses via employees) police each other rather than having to do anything in person. Thus it is important to push back strongly with words online and especially in person even if you ultimately have to retreat. Only a very small percentage of people want anything to do with this medical tyranny garbage.

  11. All excellent advice Eric.

    TV OFF MAY be the best advice of all. It’s always easy to spot the TV WATCHERS. They’re all “oh my gawwwwd did you hear what they saaaaid about _______!”

    Meanwhile I’m like: What? Who? Piss on that, who cares?

    Push ups, pull ups, and few minutes on a heavy bag do wonders for pent up frustrations. Gardening, building, staying focused, on positives. Joking around, ridiculing these bunch of corona Chan retards helps too. One can’t forget about reading the latest Eric Peters auto (diaper report)
    I’d also add starting a good book or two. Dusted of Dietrich Bonhoeffers biography after it’s been sitting on the shelf for a year plus. Less time on “muh android slab” can’t be a bad thing.

    If that’s not enough I’ll go out back and confirm the effective range of 308 again and maybe hold a chicken in my lap for a few minutes.

    Living sane in the asylum can be a lot of work, the rewards reap well.

  12. I was in western Kentucky yesterday and today. Very few people (other than wait staff) wore face diapers.

    The other point I’d add to Eric’s list is to surround yourself with like minded people.

  13. Every person who dons that mask or takes the needles, is sending a loud and clear message to the government:


    They’re going further than building our prison. They’re building our death chamber.

    Already a huge number, if not an outright majority, has sent that signal. The steam roller just keeps chugging forward. Companies, which love this form of tyranny, will go along because they get to blame their forced compliance on the government who can fine the into oblivion (just like business mask mandates of last year). Since they will go along, the employees will not want to be martyrs and starve at the same time, so THEY’LL go along due to the perceived inevitability of it all. They’ll just throw in the towel.

    Governors who claim they’ll resist are either putting on an act, or they’ll be mowed down if they really are serious. You must realize communists will stop at nothing.

    This is too far gone to be stopped or reversed.

    As far as I’m concerned, I have the human race on death watch.

    • DC:

      You’ll have pockets, some areas a majority who’ll go along with everything up to the point of digging the ditch that they’ll soon be lying in.

      The federal government isn’t logistically capable of “mowing down” significant, or even moderately low numbers of dissidents. Hence the tough boy posturing from the house plant in chief.

      Sun Tsu 101: When you’re strong appear weak, when weak appear strong. (Paraphrasing Possibly mythical east asian military strategist).

      As far as I’m concerned all this pushing is a sign of the fake elites feeling threatened, the very near future balkanization of the US, partial or total collapse of the Fed Gov and certainly it’s abilities as a military superior in the world

      I’m personally optimistic and having more fun than most in these times. The ride never ends.

      • SS, I’m not talking about the Federal Government mowing down all dissidents; I’m talking about them mowing down the governors who claim they’ll resist.

        We against them, for your Sun Tsu illustration, is not applicable. We are not an opponent, but a punching bag to them. We are divided, conquered, economically deprived, and just trying to get by day to day, while they have unlimited money, are highly organized, and spent decades hatching this atrocity while we slept.

        As far as you’re concerned, this pushing is a sign of elites feeling threatened, but to me it’s a sign of them saying, “we are undefeated and got everything else implemented with barely a whimper of resistance from you, so we’ll slam this down your throat too.” Why wouldn’t they? Everything they do is producing the desired outcome.

        By all means, have your fun, but reality is advancing at breakneck pace despite your denial. It was done slowly, behind the scenes, for decades, with a degree of organization we cannot possibly match if we want to counter this. Now it’s so close to becoming reality for them that the changes are now visible day to day.

        I’m having my fun too, but I also know my life is in the bottom of the 9th inning. I don’t worry about my future any longer, because I no longer have one.

        • DC: So you’re decided defeat is inevitable. Enjoy your permanent vacation in despair town. Nothing is over until it is over.

        • Hi DC,

          Don’t let them make you think it’s hopeless – because it’s not! Tough? Yes. We are suffering and will probably suffer more. But we are used to not suffering – many of us – and that has made this much harder. But it will make us harder. And that will make us harder to beat.

          Hang tough! Our turrets haven’t been taken out of action yet!

        • ‘I don’t worry about my future any longer, because I no longer have one.’ — DC Miami

          Ten thousand invading Persians tried to psy-op 300 Spartan defenders into surrendering without resistance:

          ‘We will darken the sky with our arrows.”

          The Spartans’ reply:

          ‘Great! We like to fight in the shade!’

        • Hi DC,

          Pull yourself together. As Uncle Joe would say, “C’mon man.” 😉

          You actually live in one of the freest states in this country. At least, your governor gives a damn. Imagine if you’re poor Brent in IL or turtle and OL in CA. Think of poor t05 in that crazy country near Antarctica.

          Could things be worse? You better believe it. Yeah, we have a senile old man for President and either Jill or Susan is running the show, but this will not last forever. Actually, in about 18 months Nancy will be having to hand her gavel back. Whenever I am down I look at the positive:

          1. The UK just tossed out vaccine passports…yea!!!
          2. Denmark and Ireland just tossed out vaccine passports….a double yea!!!
          3. American citizens are starting to make tough decisions and leaving their jobs over the mandating of shots (Go nurses in NY!).
          4. Homeschooling has doubled in the last year with 11% of school aged children now being taught at home.
          5. Gun ownership is at an all time high and we still have them!
          6. There are no hurricanes in Florida.
          7. Sex is still legal.
          8. There are still puppies and kitties in the world. I am attaching the video for you below (spend the next 10 minutes and watch it). It will make you feel better. (unless of course, you hate dogs, which nobody hates dogs).

          9. Turn off your phone, make yourself a sandwich, grab a beer, and spend the rest of the afternoon watching John Wayne movies.

          Keep your spirit up. The ride to hell will progress quickly. It will be over before you know it.

          • RG – hate to sound down after your very positive post, but I think the reason the UK has “tossed out” vaccine passport is they’ve looked across the channel to France and realised well the Frog noticed its being boiled, and therefore wanted to slow things down a bit….
            I have no doubt that in a couple months time, when 80+ year old winter flu (sorry covid) patients start filling up the hospitals here, they will blame it on a lack of covid passports and mandatory jabs…. then when a couple relatively healthy 40 years old with a family die with something close enough to “covid”… they can put their pictures on the front page of all the papers and move public sentiment some, and well you know how it goes… Im afraid this is all drama to shift the Overton window a bit and get people to accept mandatory jabs and vax passports…

            • Hi Nasir,

              If the UK noticed how the French people pushed back and then decided to change their tune on their tyrannical reach, I don’t see the negative in that.

              We can sit here all day with various scenarios full of couldas, wouldas, and shouldas. Life can change in a day. They may push this in the future or they may not. We are not going to be able to anticipate every situation. Why waste time coming up with solutions to problems that have been avoided, non existent, or shucked? Our focus needs to be on the here and now and what is in front of us. That the English people pushed back on this and the UK government axed it should be a time for rejoice.

            • **” realised well the Frog noticed its being boiled, “**

              LOL- Good ‘un, Nasir!
              And I agree. The ever-changing narrative/headlines/rules. You can’t rely on anything. They say so many things, at any given time they’re saying what someone wants to hear…but it’s all meaningless because it changes from day to day.

              Tell the “trouble-makers” they’re getting their way today….and when we don’t get our way tomorrow, we must start all over again and regroup after having breathed a sigh of relief and thinking we’d won the fight. It’s a tactic designed to defeat and exhaust and render impotent (Not them, but us!)

          • Apparently my reply didn’t make it, but in short nothing will ever be the same again. Our neighbors have exposed themselves for what they really are.
            The Twilight Zone has two episodes in this regard:
            1) “The Monsters are due on Maple Street”
            2) “The Shelter”

            I think if I were in charge of the schools I would make children watch old science fiction and then make sure they understood it. Stuff like this I believe is a big part of why I was not programmable. I started watching these things at a young age.

            • It looks like all of the replies in the last few hours have been erased. The site was down for a small amount of time. Eric, may have had to restore from earlier today.

              • Thanks for this. I was wondering what happened to a comment I posted and was accepted then gone. BTW, some strange things have been happening to my internet facing devices, online purchases, etc. lately.

                • Hi Hat,

                  Eric’s site went down for about 20 to 30 minutes today. There were about two hours of posts lost. Eric didn’t moderate anybody, they probably just had to restore it to the last saved backup.

            • Ditto, Brent! (Watching such stuff from a young age).

              It’s hard to believe that it was in our lifetime that such stuff could actually be found emanating from network TV!

              I’ve been meaning to dust off my TZ box set… Was The Shelter the ep I’m thinking of which starts off with this guy and his neighbor who work for NASA or some such agency knowing that the earth is going to be invaded or an A-bomb dropped or something, and they bring their families down to where they work, planning to commandeer a rocket to save themselves? (C’mon, don’t make me get the episode guide out!)

              Freaking best series in the history of TV! (Let’s banish Pedo Joe to the Cornfield!) [<–Not one of my favorite eps]

              • Nunz, you’re getting a couple of excellent TZ episodes kind of mixed up.

                “The Shelter” is a 1961 episode written by Rod Serling that is a study in human nature and the very thin veneer of civilization. It concerns a situation where one person in a middle-class neighborhood has built a fallout shelter when news of an atomic attack is reported by Civil Defense. Panic, threats, and violence ensue as the entire neighborhood attempts to get into the shelter which of course can only accommodate the family it was designed for. Civil Defense then announces that the alert was a false alarm.

                The events you are referring to are from “Third From the Sun”, a 1960 episode based on a Richard Matheson story of the same name. (Matheson was well-respected science fiction author of the time.) A scientist working at a military base under a totalitarian regime becomes privy to a devastating atomic war coming soon that is inevitable. He plots with a friend to steal a secretly-developed government spacecraft to escape with their families to another planet while a member of government security dogs their heels. The episode makes use of imaginative camera angles to heighten the tension as the attempt to make their mistake.

                You are correct that we will never see TV programs like this made ever again. Certainly every attempt to revive the TZ has fallen flat on its face.

                Cartoons for kids have also become nonsensical pap, vehicles for propaganda and brainwashing at an early age. Give me Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd any day of the week. Speaking of which, caught one recently where Elmer Fudd was played as an elf helping out an outmoded shoemaker. The cartoon goes on to explain the virtues of mass production and free enterprise making everyone’s lives better. Found a clip, I can guarantee you that you will never see anything like this on any kid’s entertainment today:


                • Oops, the end of that 3rd paragraph should have been:

                  The episode makes use of imaginative camera angles to heighten the tension as they attempt to make their escape.

                  (We really need a short window to go back and correct typos…)

                • Ah, thanks, Jason! Yes…Third From The Sun is the one I was thinking of. For some reason, I’m terrible at remembering the names of TZ eps….even my favorites (Third being one of ’em!)- I always remember A Stop At Willoughby though. (It doesn’t make a political or societal statement- but IMO has always been a reflection of my own hope of somehow returning to a quieter simpler time and place- or just a good place which no longer exists. One way or another, it increasingly seems that people like us may be stepping off the train sooner than we had thought…. 🙂 )

                  And thanks for the Fudd clip! Somehow, I had never seen that before! Elmer’s voice was ‘off’- yet, considering the animation and content, I would still think it to be from the classic period.

                  Yes, I grew up on Bugs Bunny- and it may sound strange to some, but I credit that with helping to instill in me a good part of my love for personal autonomy and free markets.

                  Gilligan’s Island was another one- as it reduced life and personal interaction to the simplest level, and clearly showed the negative effects of coercion and authority (Like that time they elected a sheriff!).

                  The classioc cartoons like Bugs Bunny portrayed a world where anything was possible and the only limitations were a person (or animal’s :D) own limitations. Authority and man-made rules only imposed unnecessary artificial limitations, and were fought! And they were clever, entertaining and endearing- and even educational (My mother would often be in the background as I’d watch, and explain all of the already archaic or unknown-to-me pop culture references). They were made by men, primarily for adults.

                  Modern kids cartoons…pppfffttt! Made by psychologists and social engineers and soy-boys to spread political-correctness, conformity and love for authority and passivity.

                  Hey, remember this classic? Ya watched this as a kid and voila! You understood the absurdity of bureaucracy!

                  Le Petite Parade – Harveytoons:

                  • I’d forgotten about those Harveytoons, Nunz! That one is a gem! And Willoughby is a favorite TZ episode, a real “get me the heck out of here and back to better times” longing that I feel just about every day at this point.

                    In my case I attribute a lifetime of libertarianism and general disrespect for authority, which started at a quite young age, to the subversive influence of Bugs Bunny and friends as well as the libertarian-oriented science fiction of Robert Heinlein and A.E. Van Voght.

                    Unfortunately kids in more recent times have been increasingly shielded from positive influences that encourage independent thought and instead been subjected to a nearly constant barrage of putrid, collectivist conditioning.

                    • You know what’s funny Jason? Not only do I yearn for Willoughby….but I’d even be delirious if I could go back to 1960 when the episode was made/set! (As I know you would too!)

                      I really need to go through the TZ again. I haven’t been watching anything for quite some time….. The longer you’re away from TV, the harder it is to go and just sit passively there…even for great stuff like this.

                      Scariest thing pertaining to the kids is that they are made to do everything in groups now in the government indoctrination camps. The crappy modern cartoons just reinforce the group-thought, and so the individual is being is being bred out of humanity!

                • Hi Jason,
                  Roadrunner vs. Wiley Coyote were my faves, disappeared from the tv when the Karens decided it was too violent for the kiddies. Fortunately I got the full set on DVD’s when they first came out.

                  • Mike, surprisingly the “Me TV” network has been broadcasting the old ‘toons quite a bit on weekday and Saturday mornings, Road Runner included. (You can tell what market they’re aiming for though since the commercials are nearly all for Medicare plans.)

                  • Now, now, Mike! We can’t have dangerously suggestive cartoons like that, or Karen’s little retard might start imitating them, and before you know it, Karen’s credit card would be maxed-out with a bunch of Acme products, and her garage would be filled with giant springs and guided missiles…and how would THAT look, considering how Karen feels about missile control?!

                • The problem with reviving The Twilight Zone is the writing. Nothing of any value can make it on the air. The 1980s revival had one good episode on the nature of time. That’s it. What I caught of the other revivals caused me to avoid spending any further time with them. Usually only previews and bits of episodes.

                  It’s the same with Star Trek. There really isn’t any real life applicable episodes beyond somewhere in the next generation. My guess is that most of those were probably scripts that were collecting dust for 20+ years and then updated.

                  I believe that the big scifi franchises were deliberately destroyed to prevent people from understanding what is going on.

                  • Morning, Brent –

                    I have a slightly different take. I suspect sic fi shows became bland because of the consolidating effect of corporatization. As you probably know, the original Star Trek series was produced by DesiLu studious (as in Lucy and Ricky/Desi Arnez) which was a small operation on a tight budget. But they were able (and motivated) for just that reason to produce offbeat stuff. Today, the entertainment industry is another homogenous conglomerate, owned by a handful of interlocking corporate interests. Which of course are now “woke” on top of everything else…

                • PS. Hey Jason,
                  Speaking of Richard Matheson, I only recently noticed that he wrote the movie (And the short story it was based on) Duel, with Dennis Weaver. Always loved that movie, and only recently bought it on DVD before it disappears.

            • RE: “I think if I were in charge of the schools I would make children watch old science fiction and then make sure they understood it. Stuff like this I believe is a big part of why I was not programmable. I started watching these things at a young age.”

              I second that.

              Well, maybe except for the “make” part, a little. Seems sorta Clock Work Orange-ish.

              While in goobermint school, when I was about 3′ or 4′ tall, I do recall being herded into the gymnasium to watch Bambi.
              Looking back, I suppose it’s likely they expected it to have an anti-self-defense impression, and a quasi vegan water melon (green on the outside, Red in the middle) imprint. I imagine it worked that way on many.

              Thank goodness, I was immune.

  14. I apologize for posting this THIRD comment on the same comment thread. I will not submit a fourth. But since there is much talk about the fake-presidential EXECUTIVE ORDER(s), I think it’s important to say what an E.O. actually is, and isn’t.

    The head of the Executive Branch (president, and governor in each state) can issue Orders to employees of their own branch. If they are not unConstitutional, they apply as directives to those employees and NOBODY ELSE.

    Yes, we know, nearly everything they do these days is unConstitutional and they get away with it anyway — because our governments are infested with the enemy. They facilitate and protect each other.

    But just to be clear, here’s an example. A president or governor might issue an E.O. making vaccinations mandatory, but that (illegal) order can only apply to his or her employees and appointees in the Executive Branch. Neither the president nor governor nor their employees have the authority to inflict that mandate on us. I have seen reports of some local lawsuits over these issues instantly won by my correct argument. These reports, of course, are never re-published/re-broadcast by the major enemy media.

    So, fighting these things is not hopeless — unless you have an enemy judge. And yes, I know, the odds are that you would have an enemy judge.

    • JL: by all means, don’t apologize for commenting. This is the goddamn end of the world! Express yourself, and engage your fellows to seek support or guidance, as needed. Online chatter is all we’ve got at this point.

      You say an EO can only apply to Executive Branch employees and officials. That’s right. But OSHA (part of the Executive Branch) already enjoys so-called “regulatory power” which empowers it to execute this type of program, notwithstanding the lack of express legislation. This is technically based on some “open-ended” or “blank check” enabling statute in any given instance. OSHA has broad powers to set standards and levy fines for violations of said standards.

      A challenge to the standards must meet an extraordinarily high burden in Court to show the regulations are “arbitrary and capricious” (that is, with absolutely no arguable rational basis). Such a challenge will require a parade of highly-paid expert witnesses, in this case epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists, and so forth. The only entity that could reasonably mount such a wildly expensive challenge would be the companies.

      But the companies are abstract entities, which are not the ones upon which harm is being visited by these regs. The harms will be borne by the individual human-employees. Therefore, the company has no proper incentive to mount a challenge to the regs. The shareholders might very well revolt if a challenge were planned or mounted, because there’s no justifiable monetary upside. Every incentive is to simply comply.

      The individual humans harmed by this program are utterly powerless to challenge something like this. They cannot fund the army of experts and lawyers that would be required to mount a challenge, and no lawyer would take it on a contingency basis because the odds of winning are minuscule, and the costs that would need to be advanced are astronomical. And believe me, mounting an ineffective challenge is FAR WORSE than mounting no challenge at all, because a failed challenge will set precedent.

      • There are a few obvious outs here. Some might apply to individuals, others to companies. Lots of opportunities for the companies to stand up for their workers, if they choose to (how many of them actually will, though?)

        1) Strike. Can’t make any honey without worker bees, don’t get any taxes without profits. Be sure to blame the .gov in the process.

        2) Don’t comply, make them come after you (and everyone else who doesn’t comply). This is a variation of #1.

        3) Become an independent contractor.

        4) Reorg the company (on paper) to have a lot of subsidiaries, to avoid the regs.

        5) Some form of malicious compliance (or the appearance thereof)–this is straight out of Alinsky, and was also used to some effect in the USSR. Drown them in paperwork & force the system to a standstill.

        6) Related to #5, play one set of regulations against the other. Find one that conflicts, choose the version that works in your favor, and claim that this one trumps the other one.

        7) Tie it up in court with lawsuits, injunctions, etc.

        • 1.) A “strike” is obviously toothless when They’re trying to push you out of work. That’s got the same illogic as foiling your would-be murderer by committing suicide.
          2.) No one needs to “come after you.” Employers will fire those who fail to comply, in order to avoid fines. End of story.
          3.) This is basically no different than Nos. 1 & 2. Yeah, “learn to code.” Ok. Wow how easy!
          4.) Yes, a motivated company can do this. But at some point, the transaction costs of evading the spirit of the mandates will become prohibitive.
          5.) Needs more specificity. Not sure what you’re suggesting here.
          6.) This is actually the same as #7, since you’re saying “challenge the fines” which would have to happen in court.
          7.) It’s a lot easier for the government to tie YOU up in court than vice versa. They have the power to seize assets for failure to pay fines on the front end. A company has zero leverage. Again, the Government can remain tyrannical longer than you can remain solvent. They can easily bankrupt any given company, and still win, since any plaintiff/petitioner will have to meet the sky-high “arbitrary and capricious” standard to get a court to reverse an administrative act by OSHA. Virtually impossible.

          • Exactly, FP. Ultimately, corporations are only concerned with growth and profit, and with compliance to “applicable laws” which allow them to function and stay out of trouble and not have their privilege (corporate protection from liabilities, and permission to do what they do) revoked.

            They couldn’t care less about liberty or morality or the individual apart from them being a commodity to provide labor.

            This is likely why the mandate specifically targets businesses with over 100 employees- to guarantee that all affected businesses will only be corporations of sufficient size to guarantee that they will have no interest nor intent in fighting such a mandate on any moral ground- and thus there will be zero pushback from the employer side- and little from the employee side- as most who work for such institutions are those who have gone along with the conventions of contemporary society and have also are mired in debt, so have no real option other than to keep doing what they are doing….whether for their current employer, or the one nextdoor who will be abiding by the same rules.

            Sad to say, but Americans have become even bigger pussies than the unarmed French!

        • Dear DC Miami, I hope you take a few minutes and read the links I posted from Claire Wolfe & perhaps spend a little time & consider the contents of, The Moon is Down
          by John Steinbeck, 1942

          Also, maybe consider the cautionary tale of Yertle the Turtle? Many say that our overlords may have miscalculated and overplayed their hand.
          It’s turtles, all the way down.

  15. Admirable article, Eric.

    In regard to food, your turning upside-down the deliberately wrong Food Pyramid pushed by our enemies is excellent. I have been spreading the truth I realized, after much research, for more than a decade now:

    Human food is fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit — cooked or not as one desires. Plus eggs, of course, and some dairy. What’s not in my list there is grains (cereals), which are grass seeds. Modern wheat is the worst in its effect of weakening our mucus-membrane cells, all the way from sinuses down and out the bottom. This is where what we call colds and flus “break out.”

    Yes, this means that if we stop, or reduce by maybe 95 percent, our intake of grains (as I have), none of the so-called colds and flu “viruses” bother us. We laugh at the annual “flu” and especially the covid hoax. But nearly none of our fellows will even give it a try because they think they can’t live without their alcohol (from grains), breads, pasta (made from wheat seeds), cakes, breakfast cereals, etc. Sad.

    To be sick every year is not natural. But we all were born into a population already duped into self-poisoning and thinking seasonal sicknesses were natural. Stop the self-poisoning (grains, sugar, and the chemicals mentioned by Eric such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, plus hydrogenated vegetable oil, …). And enjoy your weight returning to what’s appropriate, and the end of your “seasonal” illnesses.

    • I agree. I am a long distance runner and I have found that the only way I can heal properly is with fruits and veggies. I eat meat and eggs because I have to (I would never give up steak). It seems lots of runners are going the ‘vegan’ way, but I never will.

      I had a bad experience in 2017, and started drinking hop-ridden IPA beers a bit too much and then BAM hip bursitis injury at 30 years old. Now, maybe there was more to it than that, but I found it odd.

      The only thing I will say is that I do eat that Ezekiel 4:9 cereal nearly every morning. Very good grains there but I will not eat white bread, ‘white’ pasta, or anything like that.

      Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

  16. Some early, partial detail on how OSHA will dance to the tune of Resident Biden’s vax mandate:

    ‘This rule will take the form of an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), which allows the agency to enact regulations it can enforce immediately if a “grave danger” to worker safety is present.

    ‘It is likely that OSHA will issue the ETS relatively quickly – perhaps in the next several weeks.

    ‘Once issued, the ETS will have immediate effect in the 29 states where federal OSHA has jurisdiction. But in states where the federal government does not have jurisdiction over workplace safety (OSHA-state-plan states such as California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky) these [state] agencies will have to adopt the ETS or “just-as-effective measures” within 15 to 30 days.

    ‘The ETS can remain in place for six months. After that time, it must be replaced by a permanent OSHA standard, which must undergo a formal rulemaking process involving a typical notice-and-comment period.’

    From OSHA’s site:

    The following 22 states or territories have OSHA-approved State Plans that cover both private and state and local government workers [‘R’ donates a Republican governor — JH]:

    Alaska (R)
    Arizona (R)
    Indiana (R)
    Iowa (R)
    Kentucky (D) but gov objects to vax mandate
    Maryland (R) but gov doesn’t object to vax mandate
    New Mexico
    North Carolina
    Puerto Rico
    South Carolina (R)
    Tennessee (R)
    Utah (R)
    Vermont (R) but gov doesn’t object to vax mandate
    Wyoming (R)

    Thus, eight objecting Republican-led states, plus possibly D-led Kentucky, could directly monkey-wrench OSHA’s federal regs by NONCOMPLIANCE of their state OSHA plan. Federal OSHA has no field inspectors in these states, and can’t do jack shit about it.

    Mine is one such state. I will write to the gov and attorney general next week, urging them to have their NONCOMPLIANCE PLAN ready and in effect before federal OSHA can even publish Biden’s tyrannical order.

    Sabotage with a smirk, comrades — we can do it!

    • I live in Kentucky, so I can probably comment reasonably intelligently on your comment. The dictator, er, fuehrer, er, comrade general, er, governor here probably doesn’t personally oppose the federal mandate. My guess is that his hands are tied. Last legislative session, a bill was passed and went into law without comrade general’s signature that essentially keeps the state from mandating the jab. The law says that any mandated immunization must be allowed to be refused for health, religious or philosophical reasons. So the state cannot legally mandate it, well, practically speaking as it can be refused, but employers still can (the idiots in the statehouse didn’t pass that the last session like they should have, so now they have to play catch-up next January). I haven’t heard that he opposes it, but I’m putting out feelers to people more in-the-know than I am.

      • ‘So the state cannot legally mandate it’ — Jim

        That’s great. It gives the state OSHA director and the governor a pre-existing legal rationale for resisting the vax mandate.

        The issue could end up in state court, federal court, or both. And that’s fine. The messier, the better. Make ‘Biden’ and his minions fight in the trenches for every inch of territory.

        Often weak-bullshit blowhards fold fast when challenged. There’s a reason ‘Biden’ was known as our nation’s first invertebrate vice president.

        If you knocked all the empty bluster out of ‘Biden,’ you could bury him in a shoe box.

        • First, you really don’t understand Kentucky politics, do you? The libtard communist we call governor, and any of his political appointees would be only too happy to mandate the jab. And the AG is a McConnell stooge, so he’s no help. Second, do you really think senile old Joe is making these decisions himself? Or is even involved in making the decisions? Nope, he’s doing what he is told, just like a lot of these dictatorial governors. Follow the money. It’s the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, etc. Biden could be removed from office and there would be a hundred others who could be installed as a figurehead. This shit isn’t going to just stop if we win this battle, they’ll come up with more. But for now, we need to concentrate on this battle, and I like Eric’s idea of going on strike. Tell the companies to either resist or go bankrupt. Then we need to figure out what’s next.

    • This is an excellent and precise breakdown of the lay of the federal-bureaucratic land.

      It’s crucial to note that the three biggest grandstanding centers of “objection,” Texas, Florida and South Dakota, are missing from your list, meaning those three states are confirmed to have no dog in the fight, and likely lack standing to mount any legal challenge.

      I guess your right that a hand full of gubernatorial administrations might conceivably block or delay enforcement at their “OSHA-state-plan” level, but that wouldn’t throw a ‘monkey-wrench’ into the roll-out for the overwhelming majority of states, or the companies in them. Plus, since you point out that presumptively the state-plans are supposed to adopt like or more-restrictive measures, I’m not sure what the process would be to defy this one. I suspect it would involve funding-strings having to be severed…making it pretty unlikely.

      • No doubt, if OSHA state plans simply decline to enforce vax mandates on large companies, the Feds would commence with their usual funding withholding threats. Let them.

        After all, some two-thirds of states are defying the listing of cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance in federal law. The rebellion started small, but the feds didn’t quell it, and the rolling stone gathered moss.

        Unlike the Controlled Substances Act, in force for half a century, Biden’s executive order is arbitrary, speculative and cites no statutory support. It’s weak tea, therefore vulnerable to challenge.

        Whether it works or not, taking action beats passivity. It will take several hours to look up the governors and AGs of resisting states, draft individual letters proposing collective resistance by their OSHA state plans, and send them off.

        Like-minded state AGs often collaborate on such efforts. If I can nudge them along, fine. If they ignore me, I’ll find other ways to go after ‘Biden.’

  17. “Take heart in the fact that they have not turned you into one of them. It may have cost you – friends, family, your job.” Yep and yep. My oldest daughter and I don’t see eye to eye on this crap, maybe it’s fortunate that she lives 3 states away. And I mentioned before about the job situation. I won’t work a “normal” job again unless and until BS covid protocols disappear.

    “Do not upsize your clothes to fit.” And don’t upsize yourself to fit into your clothes. Well, at least not if you’re not seriously underweight. In that case, buy new, smaller clothes.

    “Exercise also serves to structure your life. Routines – regular things you do on certain days at certain times – are another way to help order your life, which will serve to make your life feel less chaotic and depressing.” Too true. I felt at my best years ago when I was training for 5K and 10K races. The scamdemic last year broke the progress I was making a year and a half ago (the gym at my apartment complex closed, the 5K I was training for was canceled). I recently decided that what I need to do is to either map out a 5K course of my own or find a course map for a local race, then train and run it for myself carrying a stopwatch (I don’t trust them not to cancel another race on me). Sure, it wouldn’t be an “official” time, and I wouldn’t have all the other joys of a race (the crowd at the start, mile markers, water stops, the clock running at the finish line), but at least it would be something rather than nothing.

    I went grocery shopping for Instacart this morning. I’d say about 1/3 maskholes at the stores. Every time I see these idiots I mutter under my breath, “Take that stupid fucking piece of shit off your face!” (Following your lead on the use of profanity. You’re right, sometimes it’s fitting.) One of these days I may find myself saying it out loud.

  18. Some of us (much like the Amish) have disengaged from mass society a long time ago- so what we are seeing now is really not shocking or disturbing- it is rather, like the other shoe finally dropping, the natural progression of processes which have long been in evidence.

    Now it is just out in the open; blatant. Others who may not have been so aware- who were on the fence- can now see it, and no longer delude themselves that they are free or that their children will be. We are no longer “crazy conspiracy theorists”, as those ‘theories’ have proven to be reality now.

    I think all who have been concerned with liberty have realized how far from the tenets of liberty humanity has been- even before we were born. Even back in the 60’s and 70’s when life here seemed idyllic, the destructiveness was still well evident- People were being drafted into slavery by the government, to fight their wars; people were still going to jail for keeping what was their own and not forking it all over to the tax man, etc. etc. But because of the lack of technology, and at least somewhat of a general consensus among a good part of the population that at least some of the basic tenets of liberty were to be upheld, one could at least still eek-out a great deal of freedom in daily life- even in the big cities- believe it or not!

    Now, all of the pretenses are gone- and one can no longer live in “their world” and manage to eek-out a high degree of liberty. It is now clear that the average person doesn’t give a hot damn about their own liberty- much less the liberty of the next guy. We have long suspected this of most people, as we passed them in the street….now our suspicion is confirmed by the filthy muzzle on their faces.

    I think it more of a relief- to see this out in the open now; to be able to clearly identify the enemy. We’ve long been aware of our enemies in DC, Albany, [Nut]Sacramento , Hollywood, Brussels, etc. but now it is clear who is allied with them on the street; now it is clear that we can no longer just go along as hangers-on, but rather that we must separate and fully disengage.

    We have gotten a little too comfortable in the enemy’s camp. As Libertarians, we know that the world at-large has never been ours- but it was easy enough to just settle because we could still have a good life riding the coat-tails of The Beast. We could not tolerate that forever- and now the time has come where they have made it completely intolerable to us, and where they will not tolerate us! They are essentially forcing us to do what we should have done of our volition long ago- to separate and disengage and deal with others of our own bent. Had we done this sooner, instead of tolerating their world so long, we’d be in a much better position now.

    And for those of us who are Bible-believers: This is actually an amazing time to be alive! We are seeing the fulfillment of prophecy before our very eyes- and it is now so blatant and undeniable, that it will cause many who were on the fence to actually take stock and re-orient their lives. Those prophesies I first read 35 years ago, which seemed like an utter impossibility to come to pass in my lifetime -things which would have incited mass rebellion and revolution had they been imposed quickly on the world at that time….are now coming to pass at breakneck speed- and with the full blessing and cooperation of the better part of the masses!

    We who believe know how this ends, and our faith is strengthened even more now that we see ancient prophesies coming to pass before our very eyes- so it doesn’t matter so muc if we live through this..or die- just as long as we are not taken captive…which, hopefully, everyone who shares this view has put themselves in a position where that will not be an option.

    I bring the preceding up only with the hope of prompting others to consider these things. I can not even imagine how I might feel today if I were of a purely secular-physical orientation, because physically speaking, there is no hope of a better future- much less in our lifetime. I can thus understand those who are depressed. Who wouldn’t be depressed facing such a bleak future?

    But for those who believe…..the future is bright! Man’s/Satan’s rule on this earth is coming to an end. The things which are happening now, which are leading to the end of this corrupt despotic world, are occurring WORLDWIDE- just as foretoid. Thsi has never happened before in the history of the world- and never could have happened before, as it’s concurrent spread and inescapability require the speed, surveillance and instant communications which are only afforded by recent technology…as foretold by those who wrote on papyrus and sheep skin…….

    Take heart, for just as the colossal worldwide evils we are witnessing were inevitable, due to the evil in the hearts of men…so too the destruction of their system, and God’s reign on earth is also inevitable! Modern churchianity has perverted the Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God into the pagan concept of the “immortality of the soul” and floating off to heaven when you croak….but here we are, with worldwide communism being imposed, and a “Space Force” and all of the large empire-nations focused on the Mid-East …..just as foretold to fight against The LORD at His coming. (I hear that in the MSM they are actually now seriously talking about “UFO”s and such- statement from NASA, etc. Not surprising…you now know what that is a pretext for!).

    • “…so it doesn’t matter so muc[h] if we live through this..or die- just as long as we are not taken captive…”

      I’m not a religious person, though I understand where you’re coming from. My own take on this is that there are things worse than death, such as living in slavery. Even from the secular point of view, death is the end of conscious earthly life. Yes, that means the pleasures of life are gone, but so is the pain. So is the suffering, particularly unnecessary suffering like what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are trying to put us through. So even unbelievers should be willing to resist if it’s a life of freedom that they want.

      Believer or unbeliever should be able to relate to this:

      “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’.
      They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
      They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.
      They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.
      The moment the ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’ are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. . . .
      Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy . . . . but it will fall upon deaf ears.”

    • Ah yes, the power of predictive programming. I recently posted something to the effect that by revealing one’s plans ahead of time, through film and literature, one can render people “unable to discern fiction from reality, so that when the truly unnatural occurs, it is met not with shock and revulsion but rather with a sense of inevitability, closure, relief, and even satisfaction.

      Your comment is a beautiful illustration of this. The quintessential illustration, to be precise. The sinister intelligence behind this global takeover has been whispering to humanity in barely-veiled metaphors through literature and entertainment since the last Great Reset, 2,021 years ago. Most recently it has taken the form of Sci-Fi fiction (The Borg, Body Snatchers, etc.) But it all started with the seminal work of psychological priming: the Book of Revelation. These metaphors have been working their “magic” for two millennia to psychologically prime and prepare the Herd for this Great Assimilation.

      Take a look at this recent animated update of Old John the Revelator’s work of “speculative fiction”:

      • Cartoon from 2018? Dr. Shafty was asking Joe Bauers, soon to be known as Not Sure, “why come no tattoo” in Idiocracy way back in 2006. Who would’ve guessed back then that Mike Judge would be so “on the mark” about healthcare being the route to tyranny.

        • Yeah, ‘Zek, I re-watched Idiocracy quite recently and was intrigued that the “Idiocracy” was also a highly computerized Technocracy. It was easy for the hero to game, but it generally worked pretty effectively for the idiot-masses. The film never addressed who built the electromechanical control grid or who maintained it. It seemed less plausible, from a world-building perspective, than the AI pleasure-ship of WALL-E (2008), where the humans degenerated into helpless blobs because they lived in a machine that provided all their wants without consequence. In Idiocracy, on the other hand, the prologue suggests that the populace “went idiot” as a progressive dysgenic effect of the jocks outbreeding the nerds. So the nerds perfected the technocratic grid immediately before going extinct?

          But to your point, Idiocracy certainly never presented the control grid/tattoo system as the apocalyptic seed of idiotkind’s doom. To the contrary, it seemed to be the only saving grace of their otherwise decrepit society. The cartoon clip above, on the other hand, very much presents “the Mark” as a sinister “Trojan Horse”, designed to usher the masses into the self-less and soulless Hive Mind collective. I don’t deny that it’s a flavor of predictive programming, but the cartoon I linked to just breathes uncanny manipulative intent. (Just as does, to me, the Bible.)

          • It was like our society now. An ever shrinking minority is trying its best to keep things going with fewer and fewer capable people and more and more parasites. This is likely were all the systems were created.

            It was also clear in the film that the automated systems were aging, in disrepair, and generally failing. This would mean the last people capable of their upkeep had likely died not long before, say a decade tops. The last people capable of their creation probably roughly fifty years before that. The evident decay suggests about 50-100 years of things not being properly maintained for the most part with band-aiding and triage. A minority population of technicians, too few to ever keep up were probably responsible for that. They likely aged out shortly (10 years or less) before the ‘hero’ was defrosted.

            • This is quite excellent retro-reconciliation of the on-screen content of the film, despite the lack of exposition. [thumb-up symbol] Well done.

    • Well said, Nunz!

      This is also a time in which we’re seeing the beginnings of the “separation of the wheat from the tares.” It’s admittedly distressing, because the last 18 months have shown us that the tares far outnumber the grains of wheat (Amerika’s useless, Ceasar-idolizing 501C3-bound “churches” have been an unmitigated disgrace. They are apostates and should be avoided at all costs).

      • “the tares far outnumber the grains of wheat”

        Just like in that other Biblical metaphor: The gate that leads to destruction is wide, and the other gate is narrow.

    • Amen, Nunz! It is a wonderful time to be alive! The fact that, as you point out, these revelations were scratched out onto papyrus and sheepskins, yet in great detail foretold the events of the current day, is a feat attributable only to God Himself.

      I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day. This secure knowledge is available to ALL who will simply believe that Jesus Christ is LORD!

  19. So when is OSHA going to actually publish the rule regarding mandatory vaccinations?

    After the election for the Coonman’s successor?

    Any enforcement efforts prior to the election is bound to cause problems in VA, even in the “blue” counties around DC.

    • Uncle Joe should have waited till year end to push the mandate vaccine button. This may cost McAuliffe the election. NOVA is mainly made up of defense contractors and federal employees. They are now required to get a mandated shot or else. We know this isn’t going to sit well with Republicans, but it will also cost them the Independent vote and moderate Democrats.

      I think we can probably say Newsome will not be recalled in CA on Tuesday. That is pretty much a given. So Dems will cluck and squawk for awhile about how they held back Republican candidates and how this is not a referendum on Biden and they won’t lose the 2022 mid terms, but November they may have to eat crow.

      VA may actually be a toss up when you consider the issue with CRT in Loudoun County schools (usually a reliably blue county), the mandating of the vax for state and federal workers, the cost increase in supplies due to inflation, and the economic downturn. A lot can change in 60 days, but Virginians can begin voting on 9/17. I am not voting, because I am done with the lesser of two evils scenario, but it will be an interesting race to watch. I wouldn’t mind seeing Youngkin in office only because with a Republican governor the Democrat House of Delegates and Senate cannot accomplish anything. I prefer stalemates when it comes to government control.

      • I found Psaki’s comment of 75 days to be especially luscious.

        That puts federal employee firings right before Thanksgiving.

        If the OSHA enforcement stands – and based on court history it won’t – private employees would probably be getting the axe around the same time.

        Merry Christmas, every one

      • I am not voting, because I am done with the lesser of two evils scenario

        Haven’t the events of last November through January demonstrated to us, once and for all time, the utter futility of voting? I can’t believe that anyone with any self-respect and an IQ north of freezer temperature who even want to dignify the whole charade by participating in it.

        • I still go in to vote for direct items. Vote down tax increases and state constitutional amendments that would increase taxes. It seems that these votes are either fair or usually so lopsided they can’t be cheated enough to turn the result most times.

          Voting for most elected offices is pointless. But if I am there anyway I’ll vote against the vile ones where an option exists.

  20. ‘Sanity is not statistical’ — eric

    Agreed. But here’s one rare exception that proves the rule: namely, the typical midterm election gains at the expense of the president’s party.

    Linear best-fit equations on midterm results since 1934 slope downward, as a function of the number of Senate and House seats of the president’s party up for election. See first two charts, below the table in this article, for details:

    In 2022, 14 Democrat Senate seats and 220 Democrat House seats are at play. This implies (rounded to the nearest integer) R-party gains of 2 Senate seats and 24 House seats — sufficient, in both chambers, to restore an R-party majority.

    Not that anyone should register as a Repug, mind you. But with R-party governors (and a few D’s) on the warpath against Biden’s vax mandates, they are the best horse to ride in the midst of this constitutional crisis.

    Democrat governors John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, Laura Kelly of Kansas, and Andy Beshear of Kentucky deserve support for joining the vaccine revolt against their party’s president (according to this map, which you won’t find on Gurgle):

    Likewise, turncoat RINO Republican Gov Larry Hogan of Maryland deserves a sound thrashing for his cowardice.

    • Where did you get the idea that Kentucky is joining the fight against the mandates? The link you provided above just has KY in red and a tweet from US Representative Thomas Massey, not the governor. AFAIK, comrade general Beshear would probably be in favor of the mandate, as he’s been pushing that shit down our throats. Do you have a link to other information? Until I see other evidence, I won’t believe it.

      • Massey IMO is going to tweet about it and then do nothing.
        I want to see legislation to stop Biden cold. I don’t care if it won’t pass the house. I want to see Massey, Rand Paul, whomever else actually put it out there. But I am guessing they won’t.
        They’ll just tweet.

  21. Excellent advice! Turning off and getting rid of the Talmudvision will do more to restore one’s sanity than just about any other action. Local “news” and “public service announcements promoting the “jab” are particularly depressing with their “gloom and doom” warnings about COVID and the necessity to take the “jab”. If you have video interests, you can stream what you want off the internet without the pervasive dishonesty of the “mainstream media”.

  22. At this point it is all becoming irrelevant. As I sit here eating my breakfast of horse food with a dollop of refined tree sap I wonder when someone will ask Fauxchi why none of his “recommendations” are working. Of course I know the answer will be “Because people (you know who) aren’t behaving in the recommended fashion!” Followed by constant interruption when a follow up is asked. But no one will ever get close enough to him to ask, thanks to the Bush doctrine.

    Oh, not that Middle East fiasco that promised to whip the sand people into the 20th century and protect the dollar-oil trade carry. No, I’m talking about the policy that Bush’s White House put in place to control the press. His presidency came on the heels of the dot-com explosion, where companies manipulated the press to the point that a simple press release announcing when they were going to announce earnings could pop the stock. Hell, Greenspan’s briefcase once led to a 2 hour marathon discussion over interest rates. PRNewswire was required reading back then, and the Bush press guys knew how to play that game. Don’t let anyone talk to “bad” press. In fact, don’t let anyone talk at all, except through proper channels. CNBC’s story was (and still is) everything is a strong buy, so they get the exclusive. Fox News played the part for the W’s administration. Especially after 9/11. And they did an excellent job too, right from the get go with the disputed 2000 election results and insanity in Florida. OT: There was no reason at all for the antics of the Broward County election committee, but it played well on camera and the Republicans goosed the press into making way too big an issue out of it. Then after 9/11 they got their wartime ratings boost and everyone was on board.

    But that was the peak of broadcast television. The tech filtered down. With the right amount of light my cell phone produces a still picture as good as anything in a newspaper web site, heck, radio reporters are using iPhones with USB microphones, not stand-alone recorders. I’m sure many news photos are coming from phones as well. The only real reason to work for a news outlet is to build a reputation and receive a steady paycheck. But there’s still access to power that comes with a Times ID badge, even though I imagine Eric gets at least as many hits as The NY Times auto reviews. All one big mutual admiration society, and no one is actually producing anything of value, except that everyone gets to eat tonight.

    Which brings us back to Fauxchi, advertising and knowing where you get your dinner. Media won’t question anything because they’ve become selfish. Self-censorship abounds. No kind words for the $4 Indian COVID treatment because it’s only $4. Even doubling it to $8 and using that money to promote the treatment isn’t going to cover the ad spend CNN and Fox expect from Pharma in Q4. And everyone knows no one is watching. Just read something the other day about Nielsen Ratings getting dumped for “inaccuracy.” Bull! No one (outside of politics) under 70 is watching news. Full stop. Maybe a clip here and there, maybe local news, but no. Done. You had your day, now move on. But Pharma and processed food keeps them in business because it suits them to keep everyone quiet about the massive malpractice inflicted on the US. Most “journalists” probably know what’s going on but won’t say anything because they’re just like the rest of the people, in debt up to their eyeballs, attracted to power and enamored with the idea of being in the popular girls and cool guys club.

  23. Very timely article. Thank you, and I’m glad you wrote this and I agree with everything. Regarding your first piece of advice, Martin Luther recommends that “The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn.” And St. Thomas More writes, “The devil…that proud spirit…cannot endure to be mocked.” Regardless of your religious beliefs, TBTB, Satan, psychopaths, etc. cannot stand to be mocked.

    And your fifth piece, I also recommend Joel Salatin’s books as well. Such as ‘Folks, This Ain’t Normal’ and ‘Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal’.

    And I also recommend listening to good music. GOOD music. I love Tom Petty’s simple yet timeless I Won’t Back Down but whatever floats your boat.

    Again thanks for this article, Eric 🙂

    • And speaking of Martin Luther, rather late in life he realized the reality of a particular race and published his much-suppressed book “On the Jews and Their Lies.” You can do a search and find it in pdf form for free, most likely on and JRBooksOnline.

      That was 1543, as I recall. The Truth has been known — and suppressed — for a LONG time.

      More men who knew and said so include Henry Ford (most famous book: The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem, also available free on the above mentioned sites), Gerald LK Smith (who watched a jew assassinate Huey Long who was running for president against jew FDR), and Gen. George Patton (in Germany right after WW2, he wrote his realizations to his wife, some fellow officers, and in his diary, and was murdered right there in Germany right before he was to return home and go “on the attack,” as he had written.

      • Yeah, he was old and bitter when he wrote that stuff. He was a head strong personality and a “sinner” just like the rest of us. He thought his reforms were so obvious that everyone would see the light and latch on to his insights. I think he was pretty disappointed that he didn’t see more people come over to his way of thinking in his lifetime. With respect to his attitudes on Jews, he wrote just the opposite earlier on in his life. He was very respectful of them, and believed that they would convert to Christianity when it was presented in a more pure form. They didn’t, obviously, so I believe that angered him, thus his diatribe. He was a brilliant theologian, but flawed, like all of us. A human being, proud, wanting recognition, that is all. He was very stupid to write such crap, but there it is. But it’s not what you want it to be.

      • I just got the Martin Luther quote from online. I believe I read it on the inside cover of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I’m not a Lutheran nor do I follow any religion, respectively. I am spiritual, and do believe in Good vs Evil. And I will not label any group or religion as being ‘the reason we are in this position’.

        I do look at the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad as the source of many of our problems, however. False gods, false Jews (and Christians-like the ‘Catholic’ Pelosi and Biden), if you want to take the Bible at its word.

        Anywhooo….. These types hate to be mocked. So mock them.

  24. Sage advice Eric,

    What can be done should be done. Any of the things you outlined done by themselves or all together makes a huge difference. For me the most important is disconnecting from time to time. Read a book, go for a walk in the desert or the forest, watch a sunset. If I’m in a particularly dark place sitting in a chair facing east as the sun rises, eyes closed while focusing on breathing deeply helps put me back in a better place.

    I think half of the reason the kabukians are winning is that so many well meaning people get so caught up in this day to day demo-rino shit-show. Its all a distraction from the true truth, which is also the root of all evil, not money but the love of such. And this evil is nowhere more in evidence than the banking elites pulling the strings of the puppets who fill people with unreasonable fears of something as common as a cold.

    I sometimes wonder how people worth untold billions can be so broken as to devote all their time and energy to acquiring moar and moar. It is psychopathic, as these people show their true colors it would be a giant leap forward for humankind if they can be curb stomped with extreme prejudice.

  25. Eric,
    Thanks for mentioning Jordan Peterson. I’ve watching his videos for almost a year and he is a very impressive and intelligent, articulate man. I got interested in the Gulag Archipelago via prof Peterson.

    I’ve read some other posts on this site and I see some on our team are getting cynical about our situation concerning the Tyrant Bite-me and sheeple of our country. There is a lot to be concerned about. I think Bite-me’s narrative is crumbing; the jab doesn’t work and actually causes covid, it a mere 7-months they’ve destroyed this county morally and physically. We 75-million see it no matter how much they try to suppress it. We need to be patient and steadfast.

  26. I think its important not to run from depression but be ok with feeling that way. Things DO suck and there are good reasoins to feel down. So feel depressed. The idea of being happy all the time or that chasing after “happiness” is the ultimate goal in life is new age (nwo?) bullshit. Creating utopias on earth is at the heart of the communist satanic agenda and ends horribly.

    All the stuff Eric said is important of course and wise counsel but you’re still going to feel depressed anyway. Oh well. Let it rain.

  27. ‘One, fuck them’ – eric

    Damned straight. Every day I will take concrete actions to undermine the tyrant ‘Biden.’

    This day happens to be Covid-9/11 again. Twenty years ago, Version 1.0 provoked a fascistic crackdown that dragooned banks, telcos, ISPs, web portals, etc into Stasi-style spying on Americans, and still does.

    Version 2.0, effective this week, forcibly administers experimental medication on some Americans. This creates a two-tiered apartheid society of privileged poobahs (such as Members of Congress and federal judges) who retain control of their own health choices, even as they oversee the medical enslavement of 100 million forcibly-injected serfs.

    Conflict of interest much? The legislative and judicial branches have no skin in this dirty, dangerous game. Never mind that civics textbook fairy tale about ‘equal protection under the law’ — they didn’t mean us, silly!

    Vaccine apartheid destroys liberty and the constitution at a single stroke. State vaccine databases will be amalgamated into a federal one, making the vaccine pass a parallel internal passport (the sine qua non of communist regimes) needed for shopping, recreation and travel.

    9/11 Version 1.0 was a coup d’etat. Version 2.0 is the coup de grace, so they imagine. I say HELL NO.

    Got down
    Not the first time you know
    Got down
    Got up to go

    If you feel like china breaking
    If you feel like laughing
    Break china laughing
    Break china laughing, laughing, laughing

    — Jefferson Airplane, If You Feel

    • “They didn’t mean us silly” which is in fact exactly what Biden said, “We’ve been patient”, which means if you refuse vaccination you are NOT part of “we”, you are the other, and so can be abused at will or even disposed of.

  28. I have found all this is good advice and I practice much of the same.

    I do have an addition – eliminate your debt.
    I have no debt and since paying off the house & truck, you can’t imagine how freeing it is.

    And because I am likely to lose my current job. I’m not stressing.
    I will pick up another, possibly losing $40k/year but I will be just fine.

    I might embark on a career change to something more fulfilling.

    But if anyone is having problems, never be afraid to seek counselling.
    It can refocus how you approach and deal with things, turning the daunting quite manageable.

    • Daisy Luther has written some pretty good articles about paying down debt. As I recall, one of her approaches is to put the largest chunks of money you can towards the debt with the lowest balance, which enables you to pay it off faster, then target the next lowest balance. Seems like sound advice and it’s a quick uplift when those smaller balances get eliminated – and – I imagine it helps mountainous debt seem less insurmountable.

      She also writes about when to avoid paying off debt and why. Something to ponder.

      An idea which always guides me that I picked up from is that Investment Must Always Equal Savings. I = S.

      Or, as Frank Shostak might say, “Savings are the amount of consumer goods produced in excess of the consumption of these goods. For instance, if a baker produces ten loaves of bread and consumes two loaves his savings are eight loaves of bread.” …

      • That’s what I did when I was young and dumb with access to easy credit. Pay off the small balances first, then roll that payment into the next until they’re all paid off. Financial advisors love to get you stressing about the APR, but if you’re aggressively paying down the “principal” of the credit card the APR really doesn’t matter.

        These days I have one credit card that has a very low limit and an untapped small HELOC just in case I have an expense that exceeds my savings. I’ve never paid a cent in interest on the card, and actually get 2% cash back. I could probably do better than that, but why?

    • I haven’t had any debt for well over 20 years. It’s hard for me to imagine having any. I do recall after paying my debt off how remarkably much money I had lying around. Having become accustomed to doing with less, I wasn’t spending any more than when I had debt. Aside from the financial aspect, debt is an obligation, which one may want to minimize in the approach of crisis. If they’re going to come and take your stuff, let it be for a more noble reason.


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