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To all those who regard me and other people who have chosen not be injected as “selfish” or “stupid” or “reckless”:

Get therapy.

I am not sick. I have never been sick, this entire time (so much for “highly contagious” sickness) notwithstanding never once “practicing” any of your bizarre sickness-dissipation rituals, such as obsessively washing your hands, obsessively avoiding other people and walking around with your face effaced and looking like the scrotal sack of a European beach Guido. 

At what point do your fears and assertions – that I might get sick, that I might spread sickness – take a back seat to the fact that I am not and have not? What gives you the right to impose on me because you are afraid?

Maybe I am afraid you might be a mugger – if you’re black – and by dint of that, forbid you from entering my store.

Like that much? It’s based on the same derangement; on the same irrational fear, sweepingly applied to individual people who’ve done nothing to cause you the slightest harm.

Do you have sex? I worry you might have – or could possibly spread – a dangerous sexually transmitted disease. You could be a risk to others!

I demand you prove to my satisfaction that you are “safe” – as by getting regularly tested for STDs and producing papers establishing your state of sexual health. But you are healthy and responsible about your sexual activities? How can I be sure? You might be spreading AIDs or herpes or some other sickness.

Does my fear obliged you to accommodate it?

Can you see where hysteria such as this leads? Or rather, how it has no end? Aren’t you sick of it, yet? 

Do you want to live in a society that says whenever others are afraid of something it obliges you to submit to whatever remedy they say is necessary to calm them?

I am “selfish.” How so? I want nothing from you – the person who is demanding I submit myself to your injunctions. The person who demands everything, from me – including that I surrender my body to be experimented upon, so as to make you “feel safe.”

While I defend your right to sovereignty over your own body.

You insist I assume known and serious  actual risks for the sake of your perceived benefit, even in the objective absence of any such. 

And I am the one being “selfish” . . . 

“Stupid”? For assessing the facts and choosing not to take a very real risk to counter a very slight risk? I understand that some people are at higher risk. Some people are also at higher risk of getting prostate cancer. I will not get a prostatectomy because there are elderly men who need them. I do not need one. It would be stupid – it would be mentally deranged – for me to get one “just to be safe.”

“Stupid”? For distrusting clearly/demonstrably untrustworthy people such as the cretinous Dr. Fauci? For questioning people who consider it sinful to question “the science” – which they insist cannot be questioned, even when it changes from week to week?

“Reckless”? For having taken care of my health by eating reasonably and not becoming overweight and thus not “vulnerable” to this sickness? By exercising regularly and vigorously, so as to be healthier than the average person and thus far less likely to get sick or seriously sick if I do get sick than the average person?

You freaks can eat your Diapers – and had better not come at me with your Needles.

Get therapy.

Or just go away.

. . .

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  1. “You freaks can eat your Diapers – and had better not come at me with your Needles.”

    We are coming into a real-deal Mexican standoff. I am confident that the 10-20% that will die on this hill are a much heartier breed than those that wish to continue this death march. Unfortunately, they wield the power of Uncle Satan.

    I have never been religious, but have come to believe that dying with my soul intact and some dignity left is all that matters anymore. Let it not be said we did nothing. Resistance is something, my friends. We can’t let this liberty that we love so much, die. I weep when I think about the last 20 years. We are at the end of that plank that we all knew we were being nudged onto. Evil is on our doorstep.

  2. “What gives you the right to impose on me because you are afraid?”

    Militating against Americans’ rights because of fear of their criminal misuse is a tactic perfected by the OG snowflakes, gun-control activists. We’ve kept that community more or less in check, but we’ve never defanged their weapon. We more probably never will.

    “Wherever there are men, there will be parties… Those of firm health and spirits are unwilling to cede more of their liberty than is necessary to preserve order; those of feeble constitutions will wish to see one strong arm able to protect them from the many. These are the Whigs and Tories of nature… The Tories are for strengthening the Executive and General Government; the Whigs cherish the representative branch and the rights reserved by the States as the bulwark against consolidation.”

  3. One benefit, as I see it, of the great fear mongering of the last few months has been to focus people’s attention on the subjects of virology and vaccination, and the sloppy origins of the latter.

    Who knew that, up until 1862, people could get mail order medical degrees from Saint Andrews University, Scotland – including the great con artist himself, Edward Jenner – based on testimonials alone!

    The university of St Andrews has in their online collection, scans of the testimonial letter for Jenner, signed by Dr. Hickes and Dr. Parry. Dr Parry appears to be the writer of the letter, based on the way he writes upper-case M. His brief endorsement of Jenner states that: he is a Fellow of the Royal Society (for that paper on cuckoos) and his professional talents and “general character” make him worthy of the honor that he solicits.

    That same general character is prompting him to solicit an honorary degree.

    The letter is dated June 27, 1792. 11 days later, July 8, the Minutes of the university’s Senatus meeting, record the approval a a medical degree to Mr. Edward “Jennings”, based on the recommendations of the two doctors. Incompetence has been with us forever. Probably a minimum wage clerk was trying to get through the towering stack of applications and transcribed Jenner’s last name incorrectly. Wonder if they got it right on the degree they mailed to him? Even if they didn’t, I have no doubt that he would have gotten out the correction fluid and amended it without a second thought. Then onwards and upwards.

    The Wiki entry for Jenner lists St Andrew’s University under “alma mater”.

  4. Anyone who willingly walks around with a Speedo ballzack on his face is probably a criminal or rapist with genital herpes.

    Bare minimum I’m gonna need to see a negative HIV, hepatitis test. Even though there’s less than a .000666% chance I’ll be raped, and a .00000033% chance I’ll contract a disease. I’m still “at risk.”
    I’ll need to see the receipts or I’m just not “feeling safe.”

  5. Come on y’all, take one for the team. It’s just a little shot. It is so vitally important that your hysterical neighbors, driven mad by media fear porn, feel more secure in their irrational mental prison. The government knows what’s best for you. When have the government elites, your moral and intellectual superiors, ever lied to you.

    Just close your eyes and take the jab, it will all be over before you know it.

  6. Eric, if you have even had the sniffles for 3 days in the last year in a half, you probably already had Covid. My family members that a 3 or 4 day cold (found out later that they got Covid from a a fellow worker) gave it to me , but for me it was a 2 week flu.

  7. Well, my boss, his wife and son are all now COVID statistics. He said he sounds much worse than he feels. Of course he’s not to go anywhere near the office until a medical professional says so. Sucks to be him, but then again, he’s at home on the couch with a chest cold while I’m getting caught up from all the work that my co-workers didn’t do while I was on vacation…

    Vacation was partially spent in Las Vegas at a drone conference. It was a surreal experience, and not because I caught a contact high from all the pot smoke. Nevada requires masks indoors, vaccinated or not. I’d say about 10% of us weren’t compliant. I got yelled at by a security dick in the casino. I pointed out all the people at the slots who were unmasked and asked why it was OK for them. He just gave me the “It’s required by the state, I’m just doin my job” bullshit. The real surprise was all the people who were wearing them outside. Well over half in my estimation on Las Vegas Blvd. I was stunned. Once I got out of the touristy areas no one was masking at all, and no one said anything either.

    Between the lunatics, the closed restaurants and the paid parking, I’d say the strip is doomed. I didn’t go to enjoy LV, I was basically working on the side hustle. I spent most of my free time in my hotel room just because the city is a shell of what I remember even 5 years ago… pre-Trump, pre-COVID, pre-pot and pre-clownworld. Besides, the whole place could use a power wash and respray. Even some of the signs had burned out lightbulbs and broken sections of video panel.

  8. What ever happened to Pedo Joe’s Band Of Merry Door Knockers who were ‘upposed to go door-to-door to push the jab?

    I always thought that was just an empty threat/scare tactic…but if they ever do come, just shoot the bastards. Say ya thought they were JWs…no one will convict ya.

    • > just shoot the bastards
      Waste of ammunition.
      Jasper pushes button @ yard gate, doorbell rings.
      I do not know the peckerwood. Ignore.
      Peckerwood moves on.
      Save your powder, you might need it sometime.
      End of story.

      • I was at Rural King T’other day, picking up some cat litter. Almost wasn’t going to check….but decided to just for fun- and it turned out, they actually had a small smattering of ammo! Ended up getting some 7.62×39 and some 00 buckshot 12 gauge shells…just because I could!

        Could use some target practice. Maybe some targets’ll show up… 😀

    • All the Dem’s threats to date have been empty: e.g. contact tracers, 100 days of masking, long-dark-winter, unvaxxed will “pay the price,” vaxx surge teams, etc.

      • They operate on the premise that if the TV-watchers can be convinced that something is inevitable, they will just comply- especially if there are perks to be had.

        Saw this during The Shrub’s admin, when RFID tagging of livestock was being proposed and tsted. My neighbor who vocally lamented it, was one of the first to gin up for it when it was totally voluntary, because “It was inevitable”, and because he’d get extra perks on his farm welfare(subsidies).

  9. Had to take a family member for the ridiculous “co[n]vid test” today. He is scheduled for surgery and they are holding the surgery hostage – no test, no cut.

    Long line for this bs. While we were waiting in line, in our cars, for over an hour, a masked employee who was stationed to answer questions(?) struck up what became a lengthy conversation with us, highlights included her question, “are you vaccinated?” Me: “No, I’m waiting until the trials end in 2023.” (actually I’m waiting until Hell freezes over). Then she said “they made me do this, I had to talk myself into it.” Followed by, “kids are getting it and bringing it home” – I said, something to the effect that,”don’t kids usually get snot and sniffles? Our bodies are petri dishes!” She later said, “I had a twitch in my arm for quite some time after the first shot, but the 2nd was fine…you should at least get the first shot, then if it doesn’t work out for you, you don’t have to get the 2nd!” She must not have understood my original response. Then I told her I haven’t been sick in over 18 months, not even a sniffle. I couldn’t help but tell her that I do know of numerous people who have had many illnesses, including lymphoma, after their jabs. Of course, she wanted to know which jab, and I really don’t know, but I don’t think it matters anyway.

    She told us she didn’t want to wear a mask, either, then followed up with “you need to wear a mask when you get up the line” – which we promptly ignored. Not one of the several health personnel said one thing to us after that about diapers, and there were no signs at all.

    It made my head spin how she went from “I was forced to do this – I had to talk myself into it” to trying to talk ME into it.

    • Sounds like she is uncomfortable with her decision and wants reassurance that she did the right thing by others taking the same action

      There is something to that – “If I have to, then you do too” – which is essentially an us vs them offshoot

  10. I kind of wonder why those of The Covid Cult don’t wear flea collars, aren’t they afraid of catching the bubonic plague?

    Count us among your numbers of those who have Not been the least bit sick since this whole Plandemic started,… not even a runny nose, a sore throat, or watery eyes, None of that! Nothing!

    And, we’ve been in crowds elbow to elbow, shook hands with people we met, and even hugged people.

    The Covid Cultist can Kiss My Grits!
    Gullible boot-licking Cowards that they are.

  11. Science says that Los Angeles school district’s mandatory vaccination of adolescents is an abusive medical experiment:

    ‘A team led by Dr Tracy Hoeg at the University of California investigated the rate of cardiac myocarditis – heart inflammation – and chest pain in children aged 12-17 following their second dose of the vaccine.

    ‘Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million. Meanwhile, the risk of a healthy boy needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19 in the next 120 days is 26.7 per million.

    ‘This means the risk they face from heart complications is 6.1 times higher than that of hospitalisation.’


    Time for the four-I program for California school administrators: impeach; indict; incriminate; incarcerate.

      • It does seem especially depressing, when children, who are looking to their elders for protection and backup, are being herded by those very same elders (or perhaps worse, ignored when they try to resist) into walking the plank, so to speak.

        Having made that general observation, I am also aware of some high schoolers who are just free wheeling it – barely (or not even) wearing the ridiculous diaper. So far, so good. Even some of the teachers (e.g., shop teachers) are ignoring the idiocy.

        Teenagers are especially sensitive to looking foolish, and that may work in their favor.

  12. Among numerous grounds for a court injunction against Biden’s decree (such as the obvious Amendment XIV equal protection violation), the decree contains a glaring technical error:

    ‘One of the COVID-19 vaccines, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, also known as Comirnaty, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).’ — Sep 9, 2001 executive order

    FLAT-OUT FALSE. In a tricky legal maneuver, on August 23rd the FDA issued separate letters to Pfizer and to BioNTech. The letter to BioNTech approved COMIRNATY. But the letter to Pfizer states:

    ‘FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine‘ [which is treated as legally distinct from COMIRNATY]


    What a lovely, ironic twist — that the FDA’s 13-page, dual-letter exercise in legal chicanery apparently flummoxed lawyer Joe’s own lawyers, along with the entire MSM.

    With its defective factual recitation, Biden’s executive order is easily injunctible and easily voidable.

    Mandating unapproved medical treatment is radically wrong. ‘Biden’ hasn’t a leg to stand on, if an honest judge can be found.

    • The EUA remains in place as a gap-filler for the 16-18 cohort.

      Your argument is without merit.

      The FDA approved this thing for 18 and up, in an obvious and predictable building-block move toward precisely this mandate.

      • ‘The EUA remains in place as a gap-filler for the 16-18 cohort.’ – F-P

        That’s not what the FDA’s two letters say, counselor.

        The FDA’s letter to BioNTech issues U.S. Biologic License no. 2229 for ‘COMIRNATY’ vaccine. It is approved for individuals 16 and over (page 4, PEDIATRIC REQUIREMENTS). The 11-page letter, captioned BLA Approval, is here:


        By contrast, the FDA’s separate 13-page letter to Pfizer (linked above) does NOT issue a Biologic License for ‘Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine.’ Rather, it reissues the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). It stipulates on page 12 that printed matter pertaining to this vaccine must state:

        ‘This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been
        authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus
        Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older.’

        Footnote 8, at the bottom of page 2, clarifies that:

        ‘The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine …The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.’

        Bottom line, contrary to Biden’s executive order which blurs the FDA’s legal distinction between ‘COMIRNATY’ and ‘Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine,’ the latter is NOT approved and remains under an EUA for all ages, 12 and up.

        • The “legally distinct” language is just their awkward way of saying that it is okay to give the EUA sludge to the kids, even though the full “approval” only applies to the 16-and-overs. (I did have the age-ranges wrong. It’s still hard for me to believe 12-year-olds are already getting this. But the principle remains the same. The EUA re-up is for the younger cohort.)

          There’s certainly no grounds for a judge–“honest” or no–to invalidate the (as-yet forthcoming) OSHA regs on the basis of the Call-Me-Nutty or Call-Me-Not-Nutty legal(-istic) distinction.

  13. A buddy of mine and I had this conversation back last December over some cigars, bourbon, and a fire pit. He was under the impression pedo would sit back and try and lay low for this year after stealing the election from OM. I said no way they are going to see how far they can push this up to and including a federal vax mandate. I was litterally 1 month off. I said it would happen in August but I think the disaster that unfolded in Afghanistan pushed pedo’s handlers back 1 month. I also told him it would be an extreme overreach and people would resist hard. Lets see if part 2 comes true. I think it will.

  14. I wonder how much support Biden would have if his dictate was a $14,000 fine for every employee with a Body Mass Index over 30, or perhaps fat percentage over 25? Suddenly, exercise and healthy eating would be mandatory to keep your job, and it would certainly do “public health” a great service.

    Of course, there really is no “public health”, but only healthy or sick individuals. Still, there would be many healthier individuals should they keep fit, even should they get the Kung Flu.

    I imagine that proclamation would be met with all of the fires of Hell, and there would be gnashing of teeth and burning buildings aplenty.

    • The “big is beautiful” brigade would be out in full force and accuse him of [filling the blank] discrimination

      And since the majority seems to be obese, they wouldn’t target them.

      It is always the minority

  15. I seem to be a lone voluntarist in the Bay Area of CA. I brought up this mandate in my social circles as a horrendous overreach – even though I believe that people should voluntarily vaccinate. I think that I’ve finally crossed the line with my friends by taking this position, immediately being accused of wanting people to die, being a Trump supporter, rejecting the science (what?!), and being an anti-vaxxer. When those puny, shriveled liberal minds are challenged and pushed to an area of discomfort, they lash out with anger and name calling. We’re doomed as a society, at least in liberal-weenie-land. I’ve got to get out of here, even though this means my wife and I both sacrificing our successful careers and starting from scratch.

    • ‘I’ve got to get out of here.’ — OppositeLock

      Los Angeles school district’s forcible jabbing of 12 to 17-year-old adolescents who are below the age of legal consent is an especially heinous precedent.

      ‘New poll finds Newsom could easily beat recall thanks to motivated Democrats,’ claims the La La Land Times. But their polls said Hillary would win in a cakewalk, too.

      If Loathsome Newsom remains governor on Sep 15, it would be an easy decision to pull the plug on California’s media-programmed zombies, who literally stare blankly when confronted with non-compliant, unauthorized, heterodox ideas.

    • I recently moved out of the Bay Area for the reason that just about everyone around me was embracing sickness psychosis. I rarely saw unmasked faces even when Emperor Newsom’s decrees were lifted June 15th. I think people there will forever embrace the Rona culture. People hate freedom there because it’s too scary and freedom has become synonymous with being a far right wing idea. People will do anything there to not be accused of being one of those uneducated, anti-science, conspiracy theory believing Republicans.

    • OppositeLock, your comment reminded me of this bit by Becky Ackers today,

      “If you are one of those “roughly 100 million Americans” whom Uncle Joe’s handlers hope to bully into a Jab, rejoice that a woeful shortage of labor plagues the nation, thanks to the Marxist plandemic. You can walk out the door of an employer kowtowing to Leviathan and land another job by day’s end. Some folks may be able to transfer from a firm with over 100 employees to one with fewer, where the Usurper’s “mandate” won’t apply. Others may suffer a reduction in pay—but really, how much is one’s health worth? To say nothing of freedom.”

      With that said, I think perhaps you should consider re-evaluating the thought that you’d both be sacrificing your successful careers and starting from scratch. Do ya expect to work for minimum wage like a 16 yr. old? Live in a dingy 1 bd studio apt. with a mini-fridge? Live in a van down by the river?

      Plenty of times I’ve read about older middle managers getting laid off writing how once they got over the shock it turned out to be The Best Thing that ever happened to them. YMMV, I suppose. …Just words of encouragement, nothing more, nothing less. I hope you find your way.

      • Absolutely. I came out west to retire and prep, then found that our rural neighbors had several skilled service niches (in our skillsets) begging to be filled (like, no internet!). Started several small one-person LLCs to fill them, spent another 15 years doubling our family nest egg with no bosses and no employees. Should have left Paycheck-World a hell of a lot sooner. The leap is scary, but life on the other side is easier than it looks.

  16. Eric, I wish you would abandon your vigorous exercise and other healthy habits as an argument. I’m an old fart with not so many such healthy habits, much because of an inability to do so, and I’m just as opposed to being stabbed against my will as you are, and in fact will resist it to death because it’s against my will. Hell, it may even be the best choice for me to get stabbed, but the force compels me to reject it none the less. I applaud you for your efforts to maintain your health, but that is not the issue in my mind. The application of coercion if not force is. The radical segregation of those for and those against is. A recent quote from Creepy Joe, “We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us.” THAT is the issue. Despite the avalanche of evidence that refutes his statement. Who is ” We”? Why is there a separation? Simple, those who accept tyranny, and those who oppose it. Someone could absolutely convince me it’s in my best interest to be stabbed, and I would still oppose it to the death.

    • You’re quite right, John – no one, regardless of status, ought to be an unwilling lab rat for anyone’s experiment. But it is also relevant to point out that each of us has our own risk profile and that ought to form the basis for our choices. And that our choices are not binding upon others.

      • Biden’s mandate is horribly unconstitutional, and his staffers even posted on Twitter, praising the mandate as a clever workaround around the constitution. It won’t stand. Too much of the US is against this mandate. I think Biden pushed too far, given he lives in that Washington DC ivory tower that’s divorced from reality.

        • I think Biden is far removed from reality without any influence of his handlers. It’s lookin like his handlers are as well though.

  17. We, as in the royal we, have only ourselves to blame. WE accepted the Federal Reserve and Income Tax, WE accepted the military conscription, WE accepted forced Old Age Retirement Insurance, WE accepted forced public schooling, WE accepted the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act, WE accepted the War on Drugs, WE accepted the War on Terror, WE accepted TARP bailouts, WE accepted so much, why would our Masters think WE would object to injections? Only took 3 generations from Income Tax (slavery) and denying permission to live free to today’s demand to hand over our very bodies to the central government.

    The only thing we learn from history, is that no one learns from history. “He who controls the present controls the past” is not a prediction from Orwell’s 1984, it is a truism. A law of human behavior. I am ready to serve my governor if he calls up militia to defend the republic. In my opinion, Biden has only one power to use to remove governors; the same one the traitor Lincoln used. If I were a governor of any state, I would call up for defenders of the republic, and ask the legislature for a vote of no confidence in the federal government, and withdraw from the Union, since it no longer exists.

  18. The masses have been conditioned to abide by this bullshit [Being expected to alter ones actions to assuage the fears of others- Which is bad enough, but even more reprehensible when those fears are irrational and or based on lies. In the latter scenario, those fears become a tool used to weaponize those who possess them, and convert them into drones who parrot the tyrants wishes and actively work to destroy the liberties of the sane who don’t possess irrational fears nor believe the lies.]

    But the conditioning has been long established in many aspects of life in which everyone routinely participates- and that conditioning has become so well accepted that it is not even questioned by the vast majority. Tke speed limits for example: Where is the outrage of the average person at the realization that merely exceeding an arbitrarily determined number on a sign by such a small margin that a machine is needed to detect that one is doing so, is enough to warrant a pursuit by a heavily-armed gang member who will cause you to be relieved of money and dignity, and possibly much more?

    There is no outrage….because “You MAY hurt someone if you exceed the speed [limit]”- Repeated without thought [That you may be on an open road with no one around; no intersections, or otherwise in a situation where x-number of miles per hour over the arbitrary limit will not affect anyone else because you are using reasonable judgement and skill…..much less the fact that you haven’t hurt anyone…oh no…just because it has been repeated ad nauseum that “speed kills”, and is thus accepted en mass by those who are too lazy to think for themselves, and who have been BSed into disregarding what they can see and experience with their own senses, and instead religiously/emotionally believe whatever they are told by those who pretend to be “experts”. -And of course, no concern is given by the possessors of the irrational/false fear that it is far more likely that YOU will actually be harmed by the person to whom they have delegated all responsibility, who is “keeping them safe”.

    Ditto the mass vaccination of children and pets- which is actually keeping many diseases alive in labs which likely would have naturally died-out a long time ago or at the very least, become extremely rare- but the cooki monster who lives in your house (Under your bed) and who never sets foot on natural ground nor has contact with other wild cookie monsters, has to be vaccinated for rabies and heartworm- and regardless of the fact that animals/people routinely get the very diseases they are vaccinated for (See: COVID vaccines!)– Like my neighbor who vaccinates his cows for black leg…and his cows got black leg- and thus his cows were a REAL threat to the cows I had at the time, who never had a vaccine nor a disease.

    The only bright spot in all of this, is that a society that would not only allow but actually foster what we now see occurring, deserves to perish…and perish it shall. It’s death certificate shall read: Cause of death: Lack of maintaining truth and freedom”. RIP humanity; we hardly knew ye. 🙂 (But the enviro-nazis will be haapier than pigs in feces, because the planet will then be safe for rocks- which we all know can not tolerate a 1*C temperature shift caused by the collective farting of humanity)

  19. Taking responsibility for yourself and minding your own business IS NOT selfish. Making demands on others and disrupting their lives IS.

    This festering boil is getting lanced soon, come hell or high water.

  20. Every single thing we have been told to this point has turned out to be a lie.

    Imperial college death model
    Wasn’t created in a lab
    Wasn’t funded by government
    Death on the streets
    PCR tests/case counts
    Millions of ventilators
    Masks work
    6 ft
    Clean & sanitize
    Vaccines are safe
    Vaccines are effective
    Hospitals overrun & out of beds
    X times deadlier than the flu
    Spread by kids & at school
    Vitamins, diet, exercise, sunlight, other therapeutics don’t work

    Since you failed to believe the lies – we will force you to join the cult


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