It’s Not the Jab – It’s the Precedent

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If you knew someone who chose not to exercise, who ate too much not-good food, would you exult in the news of his having been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer? Most people would not and if any did exult, it would be considered evidence of a mental defect (sadism) by the rest.

Yet people – some people – practically celebrate when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.

There are many good – sound – reasons for objecting to forcing anyone to get “vaccinated” that have nothing to do with sickness, as such, but rather with this business of forcing people to take medicine or submit to medical treatment of any kind whatsoever. It sets a precedent by affirming the principle that it is ok to force people to take medicine and submit to medical treatment. Once that is established, for any medicine or treatment it will naturally become the basis for requiring that people submit to other medical treatments; they will be required to take other medicines – as decreed by the government and enforced by corporations, through “policies” that render it impossible to work or even to socialize without proof you’ve submitted to these decrees.

There are some, perhaps, who wish to live in such a world but most probably do not. Yet they cannot see that they are helping to build such a world by supporting this push to make everyone roll up their sleeves.

Just this once? If you think so, think again. Please.

As always, there are people who cannot see the inevitability. The same people who could not see that mass acceptance of the “masks” – as these psychological training devices are styled – would lead to mass “vaccinations” – as these unsafe and ineffective temporary symptom suppressors are styled. The same people, in mentality, who could not see that giving the federal government the legal power to seize – that is, to “tax” – a portion of the incomes of the very wealthy would inevitably lead to the government seizing a portion of the incomes of everyone.

The proportion ever increasing.

If the government can erect checkpoints on the public right-of-way, at which people who’ve given no reason to suspect them of having committed any crime can be stopped at gunpoint and required to produce “papers” – and also demonstrate to the satisfaction of an armed government worker that they are not “drunk” – then the government already has the power – in principle, established in law by precedent – to erect checkpoints at which people can be required to prove they are “vaccinated” and present “papers” so affirming.

This is why many thoughtful people object in principle to forcing anyone to be injected with anything. The shot itself is an incidental affront. It is what the affront allows – and enables – that matters.

Try to envision what such a world will be like.

Imagine being required to go to the doctor’s office, like a pet taken to the vet.

A doctor perhaps not even selected by you, who wields power over you.

A doctor that can order you to do as he says – to take what he says – and if you do not do as he says and take what he says you must, can see to it that you are punished for it.

Envision it working in the manner the insurance mafia currently coerces you to buy its services, want them or not. If you decline, if you allow your policy to lapse or refuse to renew, the government is immediately informed and your former right to drive – which is now a conditional privilege – is rescinded, making it exceedingly difficult for you to live since most people must drive in order to work and to obtain the necessaries of life. The mafia is well-aware of this power it possesses and uses it to get what it wants, which is your money – and submission.

Now imagine the health insurance/medical-pharmaceutical mafia wielding similar power. It will encompass the entirety of your life – in the name of “public health” and the “common good.” Sickness – including hypothetical sickness – will be used to justify all-encompassing measures, visited upon everyone – enforced by a technocratic social credit regime, as in China – which America increasingly resembles.

Your diet and habits monitored, since you might get diabetes or develop hypertension if you eat too much not-good-for-you foods, the amount and type to be determined for you (for your own good) by a medical technocracy empowered to compel your obedient submission via immediate excommunication from work/social life at the first sign of recalcitrance. You are allowed to eat only what they say and only as much of it as they say you may.

Your activities – including your formerly private sex life – are now also a matter of public “concern,” since various sex acts can be “risky” and that cannot be allowed. At the least, your routines must be monitored.

Not exercising can increase your risk of becoming sick and “we” – meaning, they – cannot have that.

In his bleakly predictive novel, 1984, Orwell described mandatory calisthenics each morning – the physical jerks – led by a Telescreen termagant. Such technology now exists in the form of Telescreens people carry with them everywhere they go; larger versions of the same – the “smart” TV, which can send and receive and which listens and watches – are in almost every home.

Are you ready for Captain Freedom’s workout?

All of this – and worse – will inevitably become regularity once the principle is allowed that the government – or corporations, which are the creatures of government – can force anyone to be injected with this medicine (whatever it actually is). It will no longer be a bulwark against such to claim bodily autonomy, that your corpus belongs to you and thus no one else has the right, morally, to tinker with it.

It will no longer be a defensible (in law or practice) argument to state – factually – that you, as an individual, have no need of this or that medicine or procedure, since you are not sick and the putative sickness which perhaps threatens others doesn’t threaten you much, if at all. The good of the body – as Landru, in the old Star Trek series styled it – will be all that matters.

The collective – as defined and decreed by a handful of technocratic Landru-bureaucrat-politician-doctor-priests, all for our own good, as they see it.

No questions. No disobedience. No independence – of mind or of body. No life, except that which we are allowed – like cattle in a pen. Does this sound good to you? Is it worth easing your fear that someone, somewhere might be “unvaccinated”?

Will your lust to make them suffer be satiated once we all suffer, together – forever?

. . .

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  1. “Yet people – some people – practically celebrate when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.”

    Well, that just goes to show that people still understand the difference between suicide and murder-suicide.

  2. Actually, it IS the jab since the side effects and possible long term effects (LIKE DEATH) have been stated about this jab and people aren’t really interested in putting something like that in their body and possibly being dead within a couple years to allegedly stop them form getting a possible mythical virus that they have a tiny chance from dying from. People like you that try and gaslight like the jab is fine when it isn’t are doing such a huge disservice. There is a very real chance that millions are going to die from this jab over the next few years and to try and act like it is safe makes people like you complicit if that happens.

    As for Germany, the holocaust is a complete hoax. Yes, they wanted to get Jews out of Germany and rounded them up and put them in intern camps during the war (U.S also rounded up Japanese-Americans during the war) and yes, many died there from disease (typhus) but they didn’t gas them. All the actual evidence shows it was a complete fairytale (AGAIN, I am NOT saying no Jews ever died or weren’t put in camps as they were and that was wrong) that was pushed by the very same system (media, psychopathic politicians) as this crap being pushed now is. One thing so many don’t even know is the Nazis early on gave Jews the option to leave Germany and even said they’d pay their way. Hardly the act of these supposed monsters that wanted to kill every single Jewish person alive. Does that mean the Nazis were good people? Heck no….but they weren’t the Jew gassing monsters that history has written them to be.

    To those that say this is crazy or anti-semitic and wish to spout off how 6 million Jews died, note that figure was given right away and since then every single alleged death camp had its figure drop but the 6 million figure never dropped. If you add up the figures they give per camp, it’s far lower than 6 mil but what do you constantly hear when people talk about this? 6 million. Then, every single alleged death camp was in an area communist Russia took over and they refused to let anyone come and investigate the camps. This is the same communist Russia that the U.S went into a cold war with for decades shortly after WW2 and claimed can’t be trusted. Supposed survivors have given stories and details that were shown to be clearly fake. Videos that tried to show “the horror” usually showed corpses that starved (as supply lines were shut off to many of these camps late in the war) or died from disease. Go look at the propaganda video that shows a bulldozer moving corpses into a pit (the bulldozer being driven by the allies) and go look at pictures of people that have typhus. They’re the exact same. The allies also actually bombed one of the concentration camps by mistake and then took a video after trying to claim it was the Germans that killed the people when it was from their bombing. So many propaganda videos after the war were shown to be fake.

    Also, notice how saying the holocaust never happened is illegal in some European countries and brings so much backlash in other places. NO OTHER EVENT IN HUMAN HISTORY has this so why is that? It’s because they want to silence anyone that dares to try and show people it was a myth, just like how people are being silenced today by pointing out the FACTS of this “pandemic” and the jab.

    Quite simply, the holocaust as told never happened and I’ll state I USED to believe it the way it was told but I eventually got into researching and found out it was without a doubt, a complete fabrication. Anyone that truly has an open mind and is willing to research, they will see the gassing thing was a myth. It’s the greatest example currently known of the saying “history is written by the victors” and it’s sad that no matter how much people will try and get people to realize the whole thing never happened, many will simply refuse to listen because they are afraid to be called anti-semitic and they just can’t wrap their head around something they were told throughout their life was a myth. The same will be in the future with this current BS going on now. The data shows so much of the narrative is fake but that doesn’t matter because there aren’t enough people to actually open their minds and accept they have been lied to. Like with the holocaust, people don’t want to be called “anti-science” by the same type of tyrannical monsters.

    • I’m “gaslighting”? Amazing. I’m one of a handful of writers who hasn’t been “gaslighting” anyone who opposes weaponized hypochondria. I’ve written serially in opposition to the Jab and the “masks” and the whole sick kabuki. And now you go after me, ostensibly for doing the one thing I’m least guilty of.

      As regards the Holocaust: You miss the point, entirely.

      And they ask me why I drink…

    • You aren’t winning brownie points, John.

      We all don’t share the same views, but pretty much 99% of us on here our wary of government involvement, and believe in being free faced and unjabbed.

      Eric has never gas lighted anyone. He is one of the few writers out there that allow us free range of our opinions and has been an advocate for liberty since he started the forum over a decade ago.

      I think your critique of him is unjustified.

    • John,

      Did you even read the article, or merely respond to the title?

      “People like you that try and gaslight like the jab is fine when it isn’t are doing such a huge disservice”.

      Please cite anything Eric has written that states or implies that “the jab is fine”.

      It is possible to criticize this particular jab AND be concerned about the precedent being set, kinda the point of the article.


  3. “when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.”

    Sounds like he ‘Fucked around and found out’.

    • Clover,

      Your ugly little comment proves my point; you sickness psychotics are fundamentally sadists who enjoy the suffering of others. I wonder whether you feel the same hate and wish the same hurt and revel in the hurt, when it occurs, toward obese people? To people who eat excessively? I wonder what your weakness is. I am betting you have one; almost all of us do. But instead of acknowledging our common humanity and human failings and having empathy, twisted people such as yourself urge the burning of the witch.

      So long as it’s not you, eh?

  4. If H&I TV sticks to the schedule, the “Return of the Archons” episode of “Star Trek” should air again shortly in the network’s nightly slot for the program at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT.

    What concerns me is that I don’t recall seeing the episode on the schedule in the last few months, since you started referencing it.

    I have seen “Patterns of Force” recently, but that was before it was obvious that Biden is John Gill except without the spark of honor that motivated that character’s final actions in the climax.

    • Patterns of Force was the saturday night star trek on MeTV (parent of H&I) maybe two weeks ago.

      Return of the Archons was on in the saturday night slot a month or so go too.

  5. I came to this website looking for tests of electric vehicles.
    I was surprised to find a politics column here.
    Eben better, a libertarian column (I’ve been one since 1973)

    I’ve been surprised about how few writers have discussed the freedom of choice aspect of mandatory vaccines. On the other hand, rejecting the vaccines does not require that argument. That decision could be based entirely on known risks, unknown risks and mediocre vaccine performance:

    – The worst short term adverse effects of any vaccine in US history.

    – Completely unknown long term adverse side effects.

    – Effectiveness wears off starting just weeks after injections — booster shots required every 6 to 9 months

    – Poor effectiveness against Covid variants (in spite of the fact that coronavirus mutations tend to be small)

    – The possibility of vaccinated people becoming super spreaders because they carry a much larger viral load than un-vaccinated people, without having symptoms of the disease. The latest study claimed a 251x larger viral load than un-vaccinated people:

    • Personally, I think the freedom of choice argument is the only relevant argument. I would compare this with the War on Drugs — people frequently argue that the war on drugs should be stopped because it has been a failure. I would argue that even if it were successful (in fact especially if it were successful), the WoD is a violation of human rights and should be stopped. Making it successful would only mean making it more of a violation. Same with the Vax — even if it were successful and harmless, forcing people to get it violates their person and their rights. That is never acceptable.

      • Excellent, Bruce – exactly!

        Freedom pf choice. Including the right to be free to assume risk – and to be held accountable for any harms to others you cause. But absent the latter, the absolute right to be let alone and free to decide.

  6. Eric,

    Excellent perspective, as always. Our technocratic overlords have stated openly and bluntly that we will own nothing and be happy. Which is exactly what this forced jabbing leads to, except for the being happy part. Happiness will be forbidden.

    Self ownership is the basis of all property rights. Our means of production are sourced from the time we are allotted on this earth and the body with which to create what we will. We have an inalienable right to that which we spend our time producing with our minds and bodies, whether individually, or in voluntary cooperation with others collectively. That inalienable right no longer exists without self ownership. John Lennon asked us to imagine no possessions. I imagined that, and concluded it would be a collectivist dystopian hell, which is precisely where we are now.

    If we are deprived of choice regarding medical interventions or any other violation of our bodily autonomy, we no longer have self ownership. We are slaves owned by the technocratic overlords. It therefore follows that if we’ve surrendered our right to self ownership, we’ve surrendered all other property rights along with it. Someone will own all of our property, and be renting it back to us. We will have zero choice at that point regarding any aspect of our lives. There will be a program that will require strict adherence just to obtain the rental of basic necessities. If you think the suicide rates are high now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Indeed, Hank – and thanks for the kind words!

      This is our line – and we must hold it at all costs. To cede this ground is to cede everything.

    • The lyrics to Billy Joel’s song, ‘My Life’ could use a bit of tweaking, Hank Ford’s comment reminded me of a bit of it, it’ll likely be in my head all day:

      “I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life
      Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone!”

      The video:

  7. I will NEVER get any of these fake vaccines. Thank goodness I work full time for an employer who will never demand that I do either, so I don’t have to worry about losing my job. And I don’t care what the government demands. It is my body – my choice. I will NEVER submit peacefully to any forced injection or potentially getting hauled off to any Covid interrment camp. I will forcefully defend my right to my freedom and my own body even unto death if it gets to that. My guns are loaded and while I would NEVER want to hurt anyone, if I have to I will forcefully defend my freedom – and I’m sure I’ll die in the process. No matter what my government demands – they can f**k off! Fauci, Biden, Gates, and the rest of the oligarch psychos can kiss my a**. If they push me into a civil war I’ll be fighting as long as I can for liberty and freedom. – signed a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran.

    • “I don’t care what the government demands. It is my body – my choice.”

      Remember when Obamacare said you have to get health insurance or suffer a tax penalty?

      Well what happens when all the mandatory “health insurance” companies require the mRNA shot to remain on the rolls? Then when the IRS refuses to accept any tax return that does not comply with the mandate to have health insurance?

      Now, they’re coming at you for “tax evasion” that is bootstrapped from a series of interlinking mandates. (“That’s how they got Al Capone!”)

      The Government will bootstrap an mRNA requirement into the life of each and every person. Making outlaws of people who, just yesterday, were peaceably minding their own business is precisely the point of this thing. But you will be attacked by the bureaucracy, not by the UN White Helmet Army. Your loaded guns are strictly ornamental. We who refuse to get poisoned will see our bank accounts rapidly drained by penalties and seizures, ostensibly resulting from “tax” and “license” requirements…but all traceable to the shirked mRNA-shot mandate somewhere in our web of passive societal obligations. Your “aw-shucks-just-doing-my-job” local Sheriff will be enforcing some complicated administrative seizure order when he comes to evict you. It won’t be a “civil war.”

      Everyone willing to resist this thing has to accept that they will die after seeing every material possession they have striven for taken away, and that death will not come in a blaze of glory, but will rather be an abject submission to the Boot-on-the-Face.

    • Amen, Fred! Our backs are already against the wall. It’s getting to the point now where we have nothing left to lose- right down to our own bodies and lives. Better to be dead than to live as one of their slaves if it comes to that- let’s just make sure we take as many of those bastards with us as we can when they come for us.

  8. For anybody here who really cares, Mike Reed has three interviews on his site. There is a link to it on Lew’s site today. I have yet to listen to anything more convincing regarding what’s goin on with this hoax.
    The one with the woman who is ex navy is just plain exceptional. Do yourselves all a favor and spent the time to listen to these super smart people. Mike is also a pretty well informed guy.

      • Jeremy
        The site you need to go to is;
        There are three interviews there with three different people. Mike Reed is the interviewer and he does a really good job himself, but he does not interrupt or interject and allows those people to express themselves well.
        I can’t say enough about the content of these articles. There aren’t enough words.
        The fires one is with a man named Reiner Fuellmich. dynamite man.
        The second is with Dr. Lee Merrit. This is just plain WOW!!!!
        The third one is with Dr. Chris Shaw.
        All of these are, well you be the judge, but if you want to know the real stuff we all need to know you won’t be disappointed.
        Sorry this took so long to get back to you.
        If you’d like to converse away from here let me know.

  9. We have the medical establishment run by the disciples of Landru and the Fed passing out Quatloos imported from the planet Gamma II and the gamblers of Triskelion. Once we allow the CDC, FDA and big pharma to inject anybody without question, there is no stopping them as to what they might inject you with. We have a right to informed consent and then the right of refusal if we deem the risks too high and the consequences unacceptable.

    We are the experiment as the WEF elitists plan to zombify the world, or at least anyone who survives the poison mRNA injections. I am 110% convinced these are killer injections which for some people are rather quick acting (a few days to a few weeks) and for the majority will be longer, say 1-3 years. Thus the rush to get everyone injected before the real carnage starts. No disease comes upon you in an instant and it is the same with these monstrous injections as they work to destroy your immune system, blood system, heart and lungs.

    Furthermore, if you are injected with mRNA poisons you must ask yourself why or what the reasons were for making that choice. For 95% of those willing to become test subjects, the only answer can be that they fear covid and all its weaker mutations and that they believe without an injection they will get sick and die. So if you got the injections, don’t worry about me, you are protected..right? Otherwise why get an injection? The fear of death from disease is the mainstay and the foundation for all of big pharma and the medical establishment. This is what they toss in your face knowing that most people are afraid to buck the system.

    As an 110% anti-vaxxer and non-believer in 100% germ theory, after much research I question the “normally” accepted dogma concerning vaccines, drugs and injections. I accept more the terrain theory than the germ theory. All you vaccine lovers cannot produce one single study that proves that those who are vaccinated are any healthier or better protected than those who are not. No such study has ever been done since the vaccination train left the station some 70 years ago. The truth of the answers to those studies would destroy the big pharma vaccination empire. And I don’t give two craps if the CDC or FDA approves anything…they are 2 of the most corrupt agencies on the planet…bar none. They are owned and operated by BIG PHARMA! Get that through you head.

    • ‘Regulatory Capture’ – that seems to be a term you’ll Never hear on the TeeVee.

      Also, when you write, “For 95% of those willing to become test subjects, the only answer can be that they fear covid and all its weaker mutations and that they believe without an injection they will get sick and die.”

      Seems to me it’s a bit more than that. The thoughts of the vaxed I know are so hyper focused on that one subject, the First thing they ask me – for the umpteenth time! – is, “Did you get the vaccine?” followed by, “Have you been sick, are you ok?” I’m convinced, it’s totally a Covid Cult.

      C – ontrol
      O – ppress
      V – ictimize
      I – solate
      D – ivid

      “These heroes then asked the CDC to send them “viable samples” of COVID-19, but the bureaucracy retorted that it had none. So Dr. Knauss et al are suing the agency for fraud!” …

  10. You don’t need an army, not even an air force in Afghanistan when you have a vaccine that is an effective bio-weapon.

    We have to destroy humanity to save humanity. Gots to be done, ya know, hey.

    You’ll save a lot of money on fuels, equipment, troops, everything. No more crippled and maimed Americans returning stateside in need of constant care for years on end. The vaccine can take care of all of that extraneous business.

    Just have to vaccinate them to death. A surreptitious furtive evil foul disgusting despicable deed.

    Another day of dreaded misery. Time to start drinking was five hours ago.

    • ‘JM Greer has a pretty cogent post up on the covid problem.’ — karalan

      Three-sentence summary for Tik-tokkers, Instagrammers and Facebookers:

      1 Herd immunity by vaccination is not possible.
      2 Vaccine-caused Antibody-Dependent Enhancement is stoking the pandemic to a red-hot blaze.
      3 Our lives are gonna suck as the depraved elites double down on shit that don’t work.

      Cope accordingly, comrades.

  11. Most people here likely have already seen this video, but for those who have not:

    Dr, Simone Gold, M.D., J.D.
    Daughter of a medical school professor and a teacher of special needs children.
    Graduated university (CCNY) age 19, graduated Chicago Medical School age 23.
    J.D. Stanford University, age 27.
    Board certified emergency physician with 20 years professional experience practicing her chosen medical specialty.
    Naturally, Wackypedia trashes her, and she has been arrested for defying the U.S. Government.

    By contrast, we have W.H. Gates III
    Son of an attorney and a teacher.
    Dropped out of undergraduate program in mathematics at Harvard University.
    Became extremely wealthy marketing software. Notorious for stealing the ideas of others, and conducting marketing campaigns using the tactics of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Arrested twice for traffic violations (mugshot online). Known cohort of an infamous child sex trafficker

    Who would *you* trust on medical matters?

  12. Citizens! Que up here for your free healthcare. Among these essential and life-saving services, your kind and benevolent overlords shall administer safe and effective vaccines, which only require semi-annual boosters.

    Pay no attention to the aberrant healthcare that the respected folks in Alabama received from The United States Public Health Services over a 40-year period, for which The Honorable and Benevolent President William J, Clinton has apologized:

    Rest assured fine citizens; nothing like this would ever happen again, as there are many safeguards in place. After all, these vaccines are safe and effective. Why, even The United States Public Health Services say so.

    • ‘your kind and benevolent overlords shall administer safe and effective vaccines, which only require semi-annual boosters’ — Mister Liberty

      How’s that workin’ out for our Israeli comrades?

      Errrm, not so great. Almost a month into the world’s most aggressive third jab ‘booster’ program — which has injected a majority of the country’s over-50 population — ‘cases’ are cranking like a mofo. Chart:

      Israel’s daily per capita ‘case’ rate of 844 per million is one of the highest on the planet, even as they carry on vaccinating with an insane vengeance.

      Any epidemiologist with a lick of sense would plead, ‘STOP. Just STOP. Ye know not what ye do!

  13. The walls keep closing in.

    Last week I had to miss the funeral of a dear friend because at the last minute the funeral home posted – in all caps – that FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED.

    Now my wife’s family has told her that I am not welcome unless I get “vaccinated.”

    We’ve been having the Thanksgiving get-together for both sides of our family since we built our house in 1989 on the farm where I grew up. Weather permitting I’d have a hayride through the pastures and cornfields. Good times. Now her side says they’re not coming if I don’t get the frankenshot.

    There is no point in arguing this as they are all “midwits.” No curiosity at all about the now well-known dearth of protection, the “adverse events” reported, or the experimental nature of it, just regurgitation of CDC “guidance.”

    • This is so sad, Roland, that it makes me mad.

      Family and friends – throwing you away – because of what they hear and see on the TeeVee.

      People wonder how the Germans became such willing helpers of Hitler. Now we know how.

      • And it’s not like I’ve been loud about it. I never post on Facebook. I have never brought any of this up with any of them. I mind my own business. Now we know how indeed.

      • If Free_Phi were inclined to Biblical references, he would likely insert something here about wheat-from-chaff; broad-and-narrow-gates; etc…

    • Roland, this is good. These people were never your true friends, fambly or compatriots; they were just your familiars whom you tolerated because neither you nor they had done anything intolerable. Now they are being intolerable -making ridiculous demands of you over matters which are none of their business, while showcasing their own stupidity- and in their eyes, you are doing something intolerable by not submitting to the idiotic propaganda which rules them.

      Who needs people like that? This separating of ways -be it with friends, family, businesses, what-have-you- is good because it makes those among us who did not yet realize that we can not be a part of their crazy world, come to that realization, and separate, and form our own groups and relationships with others who are like-minded, instead of merely tolerating those who merely tolerated us in the past.

      Would that such would have happened long ago, for then we would be in a far better positiion now. In retrospect, we will look back and not regret the separation, but rather regret that we tolerated these relationships for so long, and let them act as a substitute for the ones we should have sought out and had.

      tl;dr: FUCK ‘EM! (And better to separate now, ’cause when their health and lives deteriorate in the near future from the effects of what they have allowed to be done to their bodies and minds, they will hate us even more simply because we did not fall for the BS and have remained healthy.)

    • Roland, I hope you will continue your Thanksgiving tradition. Make THEM choose not to come. But don’t back away from offering what sounds like a fine family event. You may be surprised who shows up, especially if you don’t allow yourself to be bullied.

    • Hi Roland,

      I am so sorry to hear that. I feel for your wife who is stuck in the middle of their heeing and hawing. I agree with Nunz – do not have people in your life who will bully you. Who are these people to dictate what you should or should not do to make them “feel better?” A part of me says “screw them”, but they are also your wife’s family and aren’t exactly the easiest to get rid of.

      As Anon stated above keep hosting your Thanksgiving Day event. If they don’t show it was a choice made by them, which is a lot more than they are allowing you. Stick by your belief and principles. Their karma will come.

      • RG –

        Ethos and logos over pathos.

        Translation: Roland’s wife should not “feel” that she is “stuck in the middle.”

        This doesn’t mean we should be Spock; to the contrary, when one has ethos and logos with one, then do pathos with pizazz. Said otherwise, given the facts, Roland’s wife should tell her family “F….. OFF.”

        • Hi Mike,

          Easier said than done. I think it is very hard for a child to say “screw you” to their parents and siblings. They (the child, now adult) has to come to that conclusion on their own. I agree the partnership should always come first….before parents, before friends, even before children, but unless the family has a history of abuse I think it is difficult for many families to sever ties.

          • **”Easier said than done. I think it is very hard for a child to say “screw you” to their parents and siblings. “**

            When it’s the other way around though, seems like it’s easy enough for them. The troublemakers and those in the wrong never seem to have any problem walking all over everyone else, and damn the cost….but meanwhile (to our own detriment) we are always the ones who are expected to acquiesce and bite our tongues and go along to get along to accommodate them…..

            • Hi Nunz,

              I am not asking anyone to accommodate someone else. I disagree that it is easier for the other side unless they are just cold hearted (which is possible), but it is a power play. It is manipulation at its finest. I think it would be very difficult for a grandmother to say “I never want to see you again, unless you do x, y, and z.” Does she really want that? Maybe I give people too much credit. As a daughter and mother I would have a hard time pushing my parents or children away, because they did or said something I did not agree with. If they do not want to see me that is their choice. I am not going to alter my principles and bow down to what they wish, but I am also not going to tell my parents or my children to go f’ themselves.

              I think it is a test. Does anyone ever notice when you stand up against a bully the bully usually has a bit more respect for you and the terrorizing usually stops? Intimidators enjoy the power and the submission. They have no idea how to handle someone that has a backbone. So, usually, they will yield. To me, this is different then casting someone out forever.

              • Hi RG,

                Oh, I wasn’t refering to you, nor anyone else here, re “accommodating others”- but rather the way that such has become the ingrained expectation engineered, and now ubiquitous in the minds of the masses as the new definition of politeness, or what is expected as ‘reasonable behavior’ by those whose minds have been warped by the politically-correct propaganda which has invaded every aspect of life these days.

  14. Lust is the correct word! This is an example of the lust to govern. If they (those in a position of authority) can make you do something, that gives them a thrill . It’s like a drug that “they” are addicted to. If they can make you do something absurd and make you say it is true when you know it is a lie , that gives them a rush. It reminds me of a cartoon where a character is shooting a six gun near your feet while yelling at you to dance.

  15. “some people – practically celebrate when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.”

    Well, I practically celebrate when a Karen who demands everybody else be jabbed or get punished dies of the vax. And I’m not ashamed of that one bit.

    • Hi Henry,

      I understand the sentiment and admit I share it. This is our Yin to their Yang – with the difference being we’re actually in the right as opposed to their believing they are. What I mean is, we aren’t threatening them; we want them to be free to make their own choices. We only ask to be let alone. They are threatening us – and refuse to let us alone. Ours is a live – and let live stance. Theirs is an our way or else way.

      • Me too, Eric & Henry!

        Thing is, WE are not pressuring/demanding that they submit to a medical treatment, nor demanding that they don’t. We present facts and reason and logic, and desire that they be free to make their own choices and live with the consequences of those choices- be those consequences good or bad.

        THEY on the other hand, advocate forcing us to comply with what they’ve been deluded into accepting, and are mad because we remain healthy (And if not already apparent, it will be soon, that we will remain much healthier than they).

        They are malicious, because they are wishing evil upon us, even though we have done nothing to garner that evil- whereas we are merely expressing a little I-told-you-so because they haver made a very foolish decision, and because they actually wish harm on us for not doing what they did- and even the more so when it is becoming inescapable that what they did will be to their detriment; and because they do not respect our, nor anyone’s natural right to do as they please with their own body and life.

        Such people are quite loathsome on several levels; They are the problem; No different than the Germans who made Naziism possible- They are enablers and fosterers of tyranny and death. That such people should receive the consequences of their beliefs and actions, is perfectly fitting.

        By contrast, they do not wish that we receive the rewards of our actions and beliefs, but rather wish us to suffer evil simply because we are not of them, and because our continued thriving makes them look bad- so if a random detriment befalls one of us, they rejoice because they imagine it is a sign that our practices have failed and are no better than theirs.

        • Couldn’t help but think of this: “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” (Prov. 26:27)

          • and this: “Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession.” (Prov. 28:10)

            • AHhh! Thank you, Anon! Should’ve made reference to those myself- but with the Mark Of The Beast being the elephant in the room these days….

              “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

              The other side seems to be saying:
              ‘If thou wilt take the magic potion concocted by the scummiest people on the face of the earth, who are the self-proclaimed enemies of God and man, thou mayest attend idiotic spectator events, restaurants and indoctrination camps until thou becomest incapacitated or dead prematurely.’.

      • This dancing on the graves and hoping for the deaths of the unjabbed is disgusting behavior. I hope karma is real.
        I understand where the arguments of mandetory vax people, where they come from and why, although I don’t agree with them. It is a contagious illness and in our culture of absolute safety and the push to make us more collective instead of individualist, of course they think everyone should get the shot.
        However, now we are seeing evidence and even admissions from the vax pushers, that it does nothing to curb any person to person transmission because it doesn’t prevent people from catching it. All it does is make your symptoms less severe.
        So instead of the vax being a “community” issue, it’s now a personal one. My symptoms, severe or not, are my own business and my own issue to deal with. It’s no more the business of the government or my neighbor or boss than if I get a mammogram.

    • Just an FYI…..apparently, Sean Penn does not want the unvaccinated to watch his movies in theatres, but to wait for it to stream at home. LMAO! Hollywood is so delusional, it is also comedic. I think it is cute that they think we actually give a shit what their opinions are. Most of them are high school dropouts who believe with fame comes wisdom and power. The problem is the media feels the need to prop these people up by giving them a soapbox to stand on. Money doesn’t make one intelligent, but they sure like to think it does.

      I can honestly say the last Sean Penn movie I watched was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I couldn’t tell you anything else he has been in since then.

        • Yep, another irrelevant celebrity in this day and age. I am just sorry I dressed up as her for Halloween in 1985. Sigh.

          Does it make me a bad person if I still listen to True Blue and Dress You Up occasionally?

          • Don’t be sorry, Madonna was the hottest thing going for a 12 year old boy in 1985. Don’t ask me where I get my data from. I just know.

            If it sparks joy, listen to it. That advice works just as well for music as it does for an overwhelmed clothes closet. Music is also great in that it can also spark other emotions. But if you don’t feel anything, the “music” is probably junk. Life is too short to be wasted on junk music.

            So, admittedly, I had Dress You Up on a mixed tape I made back in the 80s and I liked the song back then, not so much these days. But if you still like it, keep on listening.

            • Hi J,

              I had to chuckle about your 12 year crush reference. I listen to some pretty unpopular music, but it makes me happy. 😊 I just wish the people making the music weren’t such douches in real life.

      • Sean Penn is irrelevant! What was the last good movie he did, “Carlito’s Way”? And that was good more because Al Pacino was also in it.

        • The opinions of all entertainers are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care what they think any more than I might care about the thoughts of a trained monkey dancing for our amusement. In the final analysis that’s all that they are.

          • Hi Jason,

            I miss entertainers – like Elvis – who kept their political views to themselves. We came to hear you sing, or watch you act. We did not come to hear your views, which you are certainly entitled to as anyone else. But it is bad manners to foist them off on people who are paying to hear you sing or perform and if you do so anyway, the odds are good you will turn off many, who will stop paying to hear you sing or watch you perform.

  16. Eric, others here – a bit off topic but just got back to town and started scanning the news (or official propaganda) which I do at times to see what the plebs are supposed to think…. and one interesting thing stuck out, all of the sudden the Senile one is being blamed for all thats happening in Afghanistan. Which is interesting, because of all his screwups (and no im not a fan) Afghanistan for the most part pre-dates him…. even the withdrawal plan was started by the Orange man. Yet the media who always hid his fuckery – is suddenly happy to pin this all on him…… Ofcoure the sheep and whoever im sure have long forgotten Bush, Obama and others who really started and ran this mess for most of its history….. but all these polls are coming out hat most people think hes crazy…..

    Which gets me wondering – why? Is he about to be 25th ? Is he about to be Rona’d (and they dont want him to be missed)….. Im getting very curious….

    • It’s because this f*up — unlike Hunter’s laptop — is visible to everybody around the globe and cannot be hidden, and so must be met head-on. And a f*up this big can’t be spun.

    • Yes, Nasir, I’ve been puzzled by this as well. Judging only by this interview, I might have mistaken George Stephanopoulos for a real journalist:

      I guess the military-industrial complex has decided it’s time for the first sort-of-female, sort-of-black puppet-in-chief.

      It is entertaining to watch the Trump nuts complain about Biden screwing up the withdrawal, when their Orange Buffoon, who might never have been elected minus his anti-war rants, had four years to do it better but didn’t even try.

    • Because the military industrial complex wields the power in the US. It loves endless wars. This is a shot across his bow (and to all others that follow) not to pull the plug on ANY wars. This is probably the real reason Trump was so vilified. Biden is their darling as long as he tows the line. His indiscretion here was not to reverse course and stop the pullout.

      • I dunno. I think Senile Joe was installed to take this fall for the team. He may or may not survive it politically but I don’t think he’d even really mind (or be sentient enough to notice) being put out to pasture. I get the sense the empire, as Ron Paul and others always predicted, is turning inwards militarily. It could be, as another commenter in here has posited, that the US is in receivership to China or some globalist cabal and has been directed to make this inward turn.

        • Hat, this is what I wass personally thinking. TPTB realised that they were at the end of the line in Afghanistan and just couldn’t continue it…. and decided Joe has to be put out to pasture soon anyways. lets just use him as the fall guy before he goes… and all the blame can be pinned on him, he wouldn’t realise WTF is happening, and well even his son is too much of a junky to really do anything about it…. while all those who actually caused this mess get a free pass and life long positions at think tanks, writers at papers, uni lecturers, etc etc…

        • Are we taking bets yet when Uncle Joe will resign or the 25th amendment will be used?

          Earlier this year I said July, but that has passed.

          Also, who will Kamala pick for her Veep? For some reason I keep seeing Val Demmings. I think we can safely cross off any white guys.

    • So true Nasir, this mess belongs in the lap of Cheney and the Chimp. All the neocons from his administration are crawling out from under their rocks and writing op-eds about how we “abandoned” Shitganistan, yet somehow their “president” managed to get out of Dodge with suitcases full of US taxpayers cash. They’re already trying to gin up a war against Iran, gotta keep AIPAC happy.
      I give sleepy Joe credit for sticking to his guns and finally getting out of that sh*thole. Fre Reed has a great column on LRC giving a reality check.

      • Hi Mike,

        The tragedy here is the wastage – of lives and money and resources. A country murderously stomped – and then, abandoned. American soldiers killed and maimed – who killed and maimed. $2 trillion flushed down the toilet. It is obscene beyond words.

      • I too find that crazy – how the president ran with so much money he couldn’t fit it all in his private plane (or so are the rumours on social media in the region). Im sure it was a lot of sweat and blood….

        Interestingly, just look at his kids – Daughter its a hipster in Brooklyn. Son is a university professor in DC, whos wife is a very senior swamp creature in the democratic party…. its crazy (look it up). I dont suspect they will take any steps to pursue him or recover any of the money he’s looted…

        But yes, whether he realises it or not, sleepy joe does deserve credit for getting the US out of Afghanistan….

  17. Covid is a black swan and is now an existential crisis.

    President Cabbage Head is not the incorrigible culprit.

    The lunatics in charge of the asylum are the perpetrators.

    Spoke with a friend who visited Moscow to be with friends and family. Everybody in Moscow wears a mask everywhere, no exceptions.

    All the while he was removing his mask then placing his mask over his face. When he did speak, he removed his mask so his speech could be heard.

    You can brainwash humans, easy to do.

  18. Just because I am damn skeptical of the vaccine’s actual benefits doesnt mean I am against the damn vaccine…Well dammit,I am against this one!

    I now hear people who are vaccinated are more likely to get sick and die from the variants…I think I will pass on the vaccine!

    Oddly I am not anti vaccines,I always was for them but this is so strange they’re forcing it on people,that’s when I get suspicious! They even said it could help you for 2 weeks to 6 months,seems the vaccine is useless,at least to me!

    I know a guy who wears a mask,got his vaccines and is so scared of Covid..Yet,he rides a motorbike with no helmet,drinks booze everyday and smokes like a chimney and is 80 lbs or more over weight..probably 120 lbs..

    Now,I dont care he does all of those above,but he is deathly afraid of Covid he masks up all the time,even on his helmet-less motorbike..It’s just odd his whole 52 years of life he lived on the edge and now still does but wears a mask and is scared of a virus..Seems his other activities are more of a death threat than Covid…Its not just him its many others like this..He got his vaccine and still masks up,he did wear 2 for a little bit but said he couldnt breathe..He does breathe heavy all the time,evcen 10 years ago!

    • Hi WTF,

      “Anti-vaccine” is Leftist- authoritarian framing. I know of no one who would deny another person their right to make the choice to take a vaccine or undergo a medical procedure, if that is their free choice. The issue at hand is forcing or coercing people to take vaccines – or submit to any medical procedure under duress.

      That is all this is about – force. Not the incidental issue of the vaccine, per se. Just as I don’t have any problem with electric cars, per se – only with them being forced on people.

  19. One of the most offensive things one can do in an office environment is to microwave fish for lunch. So here’s an idea to bitchslap the covidian retards. Protocol is to wear masks in public areas, but can be removed when you’re in your office/cubicle, right? COVID is only transmissible in public areas?

    Take a small microwave into your workspace and microwave fish for lunch. When they bitch about the smell tell them they’re full of shit. Air doesn’t travel between workspaces! The science is settled!

    Others have suggested the personal piss bottle. Here’s another one. Take a five gallon bucket half full of kitty litter in and use it for the big jobs. If they bitch about the smell tell them they’re full of shit. Air doesn’t travel between workspaces! The science is settled!

    As Eric has said previously, the best thing to do is mock and ridicule these people.

    • Take it out on management/EHS/HR, not your coworkers.

      Unless you want to become the office jackass, anyway. But that won’t help your cause at all.

    • Hi Helot,

      God help us if this man is right. The mind reels. If it is so, then there is evil in the world far beyond anything humanity has so far seen. Imagine a third to half of the population of just the United States murdered in this manner. That would be on the order of 80-150 million people. The Holocaust becomes a hiccup in comparison. Cities empty and in ruin; the country reduced to redoubts of fortified homesteads separated by miles of wasteland, corpses rotting in the open air.

      It is unthinkable. But it may well be possible. All I know for certain is that I won’t be a part of it.

      • Eric, I do not think he’s right.

        Unfortunately, I think the reality will be far worse.

        The intent is not to murder the masses outright. The intent is to use the masses, which are considered expendable, to test the Herd’s dosage-tolerances of the biosurveillance nanotech that is being titrated into the population. Each wave of shots will introduce heavier tech into the Herd, which will necessarily (but incidentally) result in a population step-down and phenotypical bottleneck. This is seen as a feature-not-a-bug since the Masters don’t want a bunch of useless eaters around anyway, if they can’t tolerate the biosurveillance apparatus that will be mandatory when the whole of humanity is merged with the Machine in what the Schwabsters call “the Biodigital Convergence”. (I am absolutely NOT making this up! It’s official policy: )

        This incremental population step-down process will also avoid the “anarchy” that Anonymous contemplates above. It will be the opposite of “anarchy”. Each wave of injections will give the government finer and tighter control over the Herd, both because the Herdsters will be rendered bodily ill (and therefore pliant and docile), and because they will be increasingly host to nanotech that links them to the watchful “Eye” of the 5G Spatial Web.

        • Well, Freelance, that is a bleak assessment and quite possibly accurate. However, I take hope in one thing: The fog of war. The unanticipated variable. Things may not go according to plan. This is more often the case than not. Granted, this situation has its own unique variables, including a worldwide, coordinated effort to impose a regime of Sickness Psychosis. Still, there are other variables – many of them difficult if not impossible to fathom before they become operative.

          I am attempting to act with these variables in mind. On the one hand, I continue to assert normalcy and “practice” sanity. I resist their fear and their pressure; I live my life – and fuck these Freaks. On the other, I am making connections with people who may come in handy (reciprocally) in the event things go very badly. I am preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

          Above all, I am not going to give in – ever. This does not necessarily mean I – that we – win. It means they don’t beat us by cowing us and converting us. I’d rather die, should that become necessary.

          And I think that is how we win.

          • RE: “However, I take hope in one thing: The fog of war. The unanticipated variable. Things may not go according to plan. This is more often the case than not.”

            A phrase I sometimes think of, applies:

            “That’s why we still have horse races.”

        • Maybe the CDC was onto something with their Zombie Preparedness checklist.

          I have stopped trying to guess what is in the vaccine. We need to be awake and to realize there are many people who wish us harm. Maybe the vaccine will do nothing and everyone got saline or it may result in death or autoimmune disease later down the road. None of us know. The left could be pushing this propaganda. Untruths and downright lies could be mixed with clinical data and factual studies. The only specifics that we have is what is currently happening. Yes, some people have died due to the jab, but there are others still standing, going to work, eating out, and traveling.

          I think with us (I include myself in this) pushing the “everybody is going to die”, “we have been microchipped”, or “sterilized” agenda we could be falling into the enemy’s hands. If those things do not happen we are going to look like f’in fools. QAnon, anyone? Wasn’t Trump suppose to be reinstated last week? 😉

          The WEF has stated they want a Fourth Industrial Revolution and biometric passports. Klaus and Company has said this out loud for years. If everyone is dead there is no need for the passport.

          We know evil is taking place worldwide only because every country is in lockstep with each other. They want something to happen, but what is the objective?

          The fall of Afghanistan and instability of the Middle East may have been an unintentional outcome of what is going on worldwide or could it be the red herring for us to take our eyes off what is truly happening.

          Everything will play out the way it is meant to. We need to be prepared when it does.

          • Agree that preparation is the key. Re the everybody is going to die, we don’t know. But I know of at least 3 people who have died mysteriously and unexpectedly within just a few weeks or a month of their 2nd jab. I know of many others who have had mysterious chronic illnesses that just happened right around the time of their jab. A couple who are now “testing positive” and hospitalized for convid, who have also been jabbed. Meanwhile, I don’t know anyone who actually died “of co[n]vid.” There is something sinister about all of this. That speaks volumes to me.

            • It may very well be sinister. I think we can all agree that something doesn’t feel right regarding the constant bombardment on the airwaves and the threats being aimed at the unvaxxed. The flu has been around for centuries and kills on average 650k annually worldwide, but the health department never made home visits, schools weren’t closed for a year, and people weren’t terrified of a handshake or hug.

              Just found out my nephew is subject to weekly Covid tests at the university.

              Interesting tidbit though: in my area the urgent care centers are not asking if you have been vaccinated or not when one arrives for the test. How is the media up playing the viral cases of the unvaxxed if one is not asking and collecting that information?

              • I have noticed that about urgent care, too. Never did the convid test, but even for routine urgent care, they didn’t ask nor push the jab, nor ask if I wanted a test when my child was there for a sore throat.

                #1 child is also dealing with the kovid kaos at kollege. They made it sound as if the PCR thingy was required BEFORE coming to campus, but then an email came out saying “if you had your PCR test when you arrived at campus and are waiting for results….” Trying to imply that the financial burden for this nonsense was to be carried by the student/families,yet they wound up doing it at their expense anyway. Too late for us, though. Liars.

                They are also saying “unvaxxed” students must submit to “regular testing.” The term “regular testing” is undefined…but we aren’t gonna pay for it, you betcha. I have a feeling it may be puffing to make the hypochondriacs feel better. The college really doesn’t want the expense at this point. They are making everyone diaper no matter what, anyway.

              • Hi RG,

                The answer that makes most sense to me regarding the push to jab is that they are aware of ADE and are now trying to cover their asses. They know that if a large enough control group of unvaxxed and healthy people exists as a counterpoint to the ADE-sickened Vaxxed, the jig will be up. They need almost everyone to get sick or be vulnerable to sickness for this operation to succeed.

                Ergo – at all costs do not get Jabbed!

                • Hi Eric: I just found out that a neighbor, probably 70ish in age has a case of covid-19. This was related to my husband by her sister this morning when walking the dog. She apparently has it bad, and to top it off – she’s been vaccinated.

                  My circle of friends has shrunk this last year; so my experience may not be relevant. But this is so distressing and disturbing to me – this neighbor is very fit; she walks her dog every day and is very active in taking care of her garden, and in the process, I would think, getting extra vit D. She should have been in pretty good shape. Just anecdotal, I know, but it doesn’t make the “vaccine” look good.

                  • Update: She is doing better but has been re-diagnosed with double pneumonia. What a relief (!) – at least it’s not covid 19 pneumonia. Can’t be possible if one has been ‘vaccinated’. /sarc

                • Hi Eric,

                  Interesting you mention that. Israel is reporting more and more vaxxed are being hospitalized. Israel has one of the highest Covid jab rates in the world (over 70%). Based on the few articles I have read it does look like ADE is starting to occur. The USSA is about 4 to 5 weeks behind Israel in the mapping of cases. Late September/early October could be astonishing.

                  • Fully agree that what we are seeing worldwide is ADE setting in. The data have been coming in for several months now that the disease seems to be more severe in the vaccinated. I guess where I differ in my view of the push is that, while they are well aware of the ADE, there is this persistent belief that we can eliminate the virus and must do so at all costs. There is still a huge contingent who believes the vaccines are effective to this purpose, such that the only way to avoid ADE is to eliminate the virus by vaccinating everyone. It’s a fool’s errand, and going to cause a great deal of suffering before they pull the plug, if they ever do. Sucks that the rest of us are along for the ride.

                    • Hi BAC,

                      What they are trying to achieve makes no sense. Even if we eliminate every possible COVID infection other viruses are created by the hundreds of millions daily. It is only a matter of time until the next virus comes along and then we will have a hundred million people succumb to it since their immune system is now fragmented.

                      There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine. They just mutate so quickly by the time a vaccine is established six new variants have been created.

                      Which brings us back to the question – what is the objective? Every immunologist and virologist had to state to the CDC, WHO, NIH, and FDA what was going to materialize. This is not “new science”.

                      Here is a Bloomberg article from a few days ago:


                      Apparently, scientists don’t know what they don’t know. Great! So let’s tinker round with peoples natural immune systems, experiment on them like they are Guinea Pigs, and pray at the end of the day we haven’t made it worse.

                      Damn these people. There isn’t enough fire in hell to make them pay for what they are doing.

                  • Hey RG, take a look at this extraordinary video where the CDC Imperator Wolensky-or-Whatever basically announces that those who received shots the earliest are basically in far more danger than if they had never taken the shot at all:

                    Of course, the recommendation is “MOAR SHOTZ”!

                    It is quite clearly stated between the lines that what she’s really saying is that “It takes about 8 months for these bad boys to KICK IN.” The “increased risk of Covid” is just code for “the intended ill effects of the poison.”

                  • Hi RG

                    What they are doing makes no sense because the decision makers aren’t thinking rationally, or perhaps at all. Their initial battle plan (shut down, distance, mask) failed spectacularly, and they had no Plan B apart from a vaccine. (For whatever reason, treatments were never on the table. And – insider intel – they still aren’t). They panicked, doubled down on the failures clinging to hope that if they just do it more and harder it somehow will transmogrify to a success, and can’t (won’t) extract themselves and save face. It’s a dangerous combination of incompetence, politics, and hubris, with a healthy dose of opportunistic evil sprinkled in. Can you imagine what would happen if they suddenly admitted the vaccines not only don’t work but they make you more vulnerable to death?

                    Zero covid, or closely approximate, is the goal. They intend to accomplish this by vaccines (US, Europe, Israel), lockdown (Australia, New Zealand), or hard lockdown (China, Hong Kong). It’s impossible, and all of this just ensures covid will go on for a very long time, creating new and better versions of itself along the way, and potentially killing many more than it would have otherwise. They won’t listen, but the only way out is to let it run its course and infect most of the world quickly, and treat it best we can.

                    • BAC, they’re thinking perfectly rationally- considering that this whole charade has been engineered specifically for the purpose of pushing a worldwide universal [non]vaccine.

                      The masks were the first step in making the masses believe that this whole thing was “real” (As opposed to just something they were being told about on TV).

                      I remember a year and a half ago when this first started, seeing people enter a store for the first time and seeing everyone masked up, and exclaiming “See that? This is REAL!”.

                      They tell people there’s a boogeyman, then when people see others hiding from the supposed boogeyman, they assume that the boogeyman really exists.

                      Brainwashing is very simple when the media participates…and these brainwashers know exactly what they are doing.

                      The Kabuki makes no sense when you know the truth…but how many know the truth?

  20. I mentioned my experience catching covid in a previous article. Well, here’s something scary to anyone with half a brain when it comes to the threat of government. It fits right in with this article.

    I went and checked the mailbox today and found a letter from the county informing me that they were aware of my COVID CRIME and I should stay home and isolate.

    Are you kidding me?

    I find it horrifying that the hospital would violate my privacy in this way and horrifying that our local county government apparently thinks it’s appropriate to keep a list of untermensch citizens. Where’s my due process? Where are my privacy rights?

    Just horrifying that anyone anywhere would think this is appropriate.

    • Wow. I read a portion of your ordeal (I wish I did, but I don’t have enough time to read everything here) If you don’t mind my asking, what state are you in that does that?

      I suppose it doesn’t really matter though, as the insidious octopus of big pharma-banking-technocracy is in every state, hamlet, and nook and cranny.

      • I am in a blue county in Texas.

        One of those counties where the local county government is acting insubordinate to the governor because they think there is political advantage to stoking panic among the sheep.

        • Are you a Dallas fan? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw your name. I won’t lie, I have seen every episode and do own the CD collection. Larry Hagman was a fantastic JR although Bobby was cuter. 🙂

            • I have seen a few episodes of I Dream of Jeannie, but I still love Hagman as JR. You have to give kudos to an actor who portrays a character that should be immensely disliked, but you actually end up rooting for. There are very few actors who can do that.

              I miss good TV.

                • I resent that, Ernie. 😉

                  It was soap operay, but it had a plot, a roster of engaging actors, and was a fun escape for an hour.

                  I agree with you regarding today’s entertainment. I do not watch any shows and I can’t remember one in recent years that I actually anticipated a current day of the week at a current time.

    • Hi JR,

      This does not surprise me in the least. It should not surprise you or anyone else, either. There is no privacy except that which we seize. Assume every “official” interaction – anything electronic – is “public” (i.e., known by the government and corporations, which are become different aspects of the same thing). Tell them nothing you do no wish them to know. Silence is, indeed, golden.

      • Until I was so sick that I could not avoid it, I had never taken a covid test. Then I ended up getting three in two days. (as an aside, was each one a separate scary CASE?!?!?!)

        I didn’t want to do anything to contribute to the overreaction. Anything to contribute to the system.

        I get it.

      • It’s like they used to say on those after school educational programs:

        “Knowledge is power!”

        The surveillance state is proof.

        East Germany, eat your heart out.

    • All vaccine information is/has been shared with the states, and probably across the states, for a long time (I discovered this accidentally a few years ago when getting some malaria pills prior to a trip).

      In addition, all covid test & other data is automatically shared to the public health department, at least in my state and the one next door.

      For a while they were texting me about vaccines etc. I told them to screw off in no uncertain terms, and expressed my lack of consent both for them to have the data, and for them to contact me.

      I have no doubt that they still have the data, probably from my hunting/fishing license, car registration, voter registration, and electronic health records (which are sort of minimal, but they do exist). But I can’t afford to sue and even if I could, I believe I would most likely lose.

  21. I’ve said it before, the COVID response is the left’s equivalent to the right’s response to 9/11. While conservatives were convinced that terrorists were coming to get them and thus were huge supporters of the DHS and militarization of LEOs, I warned they were going to regret it one day. Their horses weren’t going to be in charge forever and the day will come when their beloved police state was going to be weaponized against them.

    Well look where we are.

    The day will come when the left is going to regret weaponizing healthcare.

    “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.” – Stealers Wheel

    • You raise a superb point, Anon – one I have tried to raise myself.

      The right enabled the modern police state, set the precedent for fear-based, presumptive treatment of every American as a “threat.” Now the Left uses the same principle, differently – using health as the “threat.” But the idiot Leftists – the average idiot Leftist (like the average idiot “conservative”) does not appreciate that the same principle can and will be used against them. Just wait until obesity becomes actionable, for instance. As it will. And when their “reproductive rights” become a matter of “public concern.”

      It brings to mind Zinoviev mumbling as he was led to the cellar of the Lubyanka…

      • Eric, anon, this is a point I tried to raise to many of my friends who were on the right before – that most of these things will eventually be turned against the citizens of the west.

        And thats exactly whats happened. If you can see – most of the developments in the military technology over the past 20 years were in “urban warfare” and “cyber warfare”…. i was thinking to myself how do people not realise that this will be used against them. Do they really think people in Afghanistan or Iraq all walk around with smartphones texting, or will be completely lost without say the sat-nav in their cars? Or do they live in modern tower blocks – the kind you see these people training on ??!

        And the next thing I worry about is the walls going up – is it go keep people out, or to keep us from getting away….

  22. The Insaneos are ramping things up a notch?:

    “The state health officer for Mississippi issued a COVID-19 isolation order on Friday, telling people that if they test positive for COVID-19 and refuse to self-isolate, they could face fines or possible jail time.

    In his isolation order, Mississippi State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs said that people have to isolate themselves at home once they become aware that they are infected. People are expected to remain home for 10 days after becoming ill or testing positive for COVID-19, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated.

    “A negative test for COVID-19 is not required to end isolation at the end of 10 days, but you must be fever free for at least 24 hours with improvement of other symptoms,” the order said.

    The order stated that refusal to obey could include several fines or punishments. Someone who refuses to obey the order of a health official could receive a $500 fine, up to six months in jail or both. However, when a life-threatening disease is involved, the refusal to obey the order could include up to $5,000 in fines, five years of jail time or both.”

    • Hi Helot,

      I have been wondering… where the hell are all these “tested positives” coming from? How many people are going in for a test each week? It seems like every other person is being “tested” – every other week? I don’t get it. Can anyone shed light?

      • Hi Eric,

        The line of cars that wrap around a building for testing are over. I believe a lot of the testing is coming from the hospital and urgent care facilities. I would say it is pretty much a given if you visit the ER they will require a test even if you are there for a completely different reason. There is too much money to be made if you are positive not to take advantage of it.

        I have a few siblings….each of them have been tested sometime over the last year to the horror of their eldest sister. They also have had their kids tested. Although nobody is vaxxed (except the BILs) I would not be surprised if they are worn down eventually. My older family members (as well as the family bubble that resides in my home) refuse to be tested or vaxxed, but they remember the polio and Swine Flu vaccines and problems that occurred so that may help being a bit jaded about the whole thing.

        • Thanks, Rg!

          My prescription is to stay away from the health care industry – which is precisely that. Medicine has become mercenary and captive to the worst mercenary forces. I no longer trust anything anyone in a white coat tells me absent objective, third party evidentiary support. I assume everything they say is either false or stilted. I would resort to dealing with one in extremis only and even then, perhaps not.

            • “They will have no problem literally killing you in order to provide their form of “health care.””

              Or more likely and far worse in my opinion: keeping you alive in an irreversible condition of suffering.

        • I have been considering making a living will that explicitly forbids them from doing covid testing or sneaking in a vaccine.

          I don’t know if this can be done, however. I have a lawyer friend who might be able to point me in the right direction, if I can catch him when he’s in the office.

      • Eric- The way I see it the testing is now done primarily at the hospital. So you have all the frictional walk ins, etc. being tested every day. You also have all the people in non-private home settings such as work, school, gov’t who show any sign of any illness either choosing or being directed to get tested at the hospital. In my area, businesses and restaurants are closing when one employee (usually vaxxed btw) gets the sniffles and “tests positive because everyone else was “exposed.” Lunacy.

        Being that there is always some statistical background noise of respiratory illness within a community there will always be some “cases” of respiratory illness and, on a seasonal basis, even more than average to be subjectively labeled one way or another. It’s designed to never end, with the fear, propaganda, and “measures” dialed up and down in concert with typical fluctuations in respiratory illness that are ever present. When people talk of “zero covid” as a goal, what they really mean is zero respiratory illness among humans at any given moment, which is an impossibility and they know it, as the symptoms of covid encompass the symptoms of the common cold and flu as well as anything else under the sun. This is why I believe it is so important to explode the root myth of the isolation of a novel virus distinct from any respiratory illness known in the past. Everything else, including the evil ancillary agendas, flows from it.

      • I got COVID at the end of 2020. The reason I took the test was because it was 2 weeks sick pay if it was positive. I was also curious. Maybe I greedy for 2 weeks paid time off?

        • Hi Anon,

          Yup; that said, I’d avoid engaging with the “health care” system at all unless absolutely necessary. These creeps aim to control us and “health” will be the mechanism used. I expect them to characterize any reluctance to submit to doctors as indicative of mental illness and the excuse to have you declared incompetent and or dangerous.

          • You could not take illegal drugs. You could not engage in terra or choose to eschew air travel so as to not be subject to the security theater. But sickness is now weaponized and quasi-criminalized… it’s still a crap shoot that for some reason, perhaps to preserve your life, you might end up in their web. Never thought I’d come to share the “health care” views of the Christian scientists.

  23. This is just freaking bizarre, “all for our own good, as they see it”. Indeed:

    “defendant Douglas Jensen was found alone, in his garage, using a WiFi-connected iPhone to stream news from Rumble.”…

    a court officer arrived at the defendant’s residence and found him watching the video streaming service on his phone. …

    As a result of the alleged breach of the conditions of Jensen’s release, the government is asking for him to be sent back to jail while he awaits trial. …

    • I’m also fairly certain that any resistance will fizzle our in due course. But we will have reason for optimism if the southern and western states hold the line.

      As for this article, it is on the neocon/Mittens Romney site Reason, so there’s that. But also, NYC is a lost cause – rich, communist, effete, elitist asswipes who love their chains and hate all that’s good in the world (note: dinner for two, with a bottle of wine, at one of these fancy restaurants in Manhattan will easily run $200 to $400 – how many real people can legitimately afford that?). I hope most of those businesses who comply go tits up. Fuck New York, hard.

      • >dinner for two, with a bottle of wine, at one of these fancy restaurants in Manhattan will easily run $200 to $400
        Not in my budget, even if I wished to visit Noo Yawk Shitty, which I do not.
        As far as i am concerned, they could tow Manhattan Island 100 miles out to sea and sink it. The world would be better off, IMO.

        • Hi Turtle,

          NYC also has – well, had – innumerable small dives, cafes and bars where one could get really top-drawer food and drink at not unreasonable prices. Also just street food, which was often excellent. But now the streets are dangerous, the small shops are mostly gone and the rest no sane person would want to deal with. It’s tragic. A beautiful, vibrant city ruined by the Left.

      • I like (or rather don’t like) to think that a resistance will continue until the government brings down the big boot. It is easy to join an anti-vaccine protest, and you can teach yourself to ignore mask signs effortlessly with a little time and fortitude (I did after I found this website), you can even choose to lose your job over vaccine requirements and find another one. At some point the government might bring down the hammer, so to speak. Would you continue resisting at gunpoint? Would you be willing to violently resist this if it were to come to it? That is the Great Filter of the movement that will separate the true believers from the all-talk crowd. Unfortunately, I can predict that more than 9/10 will choose to leave the resistance when push comes to shove. Fizzle out in due course indeed.

  24. Hi Eric.

    Nice thought provoking article. You said there are perhaps some who wish to live in such a world, (pharmacopeia). I think this is probably the vast majority 60-70 %, as I see all these people with their effaced snouts buried in their phones. The only time they’re not is when they are stuffing “FOOD” down their blinkered gullets. Reminds me of so many movies and Tee Vee shows from over the years. Almost like life really does imitate art. Good news, even though they are a majority, they are NPCs, pawns that cant move on their own. The actual people responsible are maybe >5%.

    The question you posed at the end, ‘Will your lust to make them suffer be satiated, once we all suffer, together-forever?’ Not an ever-loving chance. The sickness cult is like a bully, the only way to make it stop is stomp it out into a mud-hole. And since this theatre of the absurd has gone on so long, we need to go after ALL the cheerleaders and enablers and stomp them as well.

    • Thanks for the imagery of the maskers going out to restaurants and shoveling food in their face. I want to puke. I actually would love to poison their meal.

      Your comment about going after the cheerleaders is poinigant. How is what I ask? I’m in.

  25. At the Trump rally in Cullman, Alabama yesterday two things yielded boos from the crowd:

    Mo Brooks –who otherwise is a champion in north Alabma– said to put the 2020 fraud behind us
    Trump said to get the vaccine. He quickly added that it’s up to each individual.

    This is my neck of Dixie. People are tired of having the demorat and republitard politicos piss down their back & tell them it’s raining. Trump wisely didn’t mention Governor MeeMaw tho he was greeted by her at the airport.

    For my part, I must eat crow. I was unhappy when Tommy Tuberville won the Senate seat but he certainly said the right words. To that end he may do well.

    • Trump: “And remember, faithful MAGA-ites! Get your experimental invasive unnecessary pseudo-medical intervention in which you and your children assume enormous risks of maiming, infertility, and death, with no recourse to the legal system, for the benefit of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and the medical cartel!”

      MAGA-Nation: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

      Trump: “Alright never mind that’s not important. Vote for me in 2024!”

      MAGA-Nation: “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!”

  26. If you guys could use a laugh, check out this video of a Klaus Schwab impersonator reading a section of his book, Covid-19: The Great Reset:

    If you just listen to him, it’s hilarious. But if you actually read along while he’s talking, it’s disturbing when he answers the rhetorical question of when society will return to normal. His answer: “never”!

  27. For those with considerable patience and a wide-open mind, I would suggest dipping the toes into the singular research of Alison McDowell. In her latest stuff, she has expertly explained that virology was carefully chosen as the pretext for the biosecurity/biosurveillance state precisely because it is the proprietary realm of the Order of the Electron Microscope, meaning that it puts all power to determine whether one is either “healthy” or a “biohazard” in the hands of a tiny group of credentialed technicians with access to wildly expensive and complicated equipment (electron microscopes). The results of electron microscopy are, moreover, highly subject to interpretation, giving “virologists” virtual carte blanche in deeming a subject “healthy” or “biohazard.”

    This arrogation of power by the Order of the Electron Microscope has formed the pretext by which the government has now erected the “Viral Panopticon: Public Health’s Prison Planet.” (This theme is introduced at 20 min. into this presentation: )

    Disclaimer: Ms. McDowell is incomparably brilliant and uniquely accomplished in a research field where she is essentially the lone critical voice. She exhibits all the eccentricities you would expect to go along with that pair of traits. But if you bear with her through some seemingly outlandish predictions, you’ll find that everything she says in terms of the Agenda is drawn from documents and literature circulated by the military and bureaucratic forces behind the grand transformation of mankind that is currently underway.

    • Her slide on the Order of the Electron Microscope is at 32 min.
      The role of the Mormon Transhumanist Society is explored at 56 min.

      Yes. The Mormon Transhumanist Society is a real thing.

    • When you think about it, Freel, that is basically the modus operandi of all government bullshit.

      The province of The electron microscope.
      The province of telescopes and rocket ships which only government possesses.
      The province of protectors who alone can detect ‘terrorists’ whom you’ve never seen halfway around the world, who are supposed to be a threat to you….

      • Without question. And now, the Invisible-Enemy-as-Tool-of-Statecraft has been perfected to such a scientifically granular degree that the Invisible Enemy is now presumed to inhabit the body of every single subject. And the subjects are happy to adopt that presumption. (In fact, they eagerly line up for voluntary Nose-Rape “tests” to find out whether they are, indeed, themselves the Invisible Enemy!)

        This is, by necessity, a genocidal innovation of governance. It is a self-destruct sequence at the scale of the global population. At this point, there is simply no possibility that the Herd will tolerate the ongoing existence of natural humans not “improved” by the transhumanist genetic modification technology.

      • I “used” one, once (someone walked me through a procedure I barely understood at the time, I was in undergrad at the time). I’ve seen a couple other ones. Don’t ask me to prep a sample or image anything, I can’t. I could learn, but I would need to read up & get some time on the instrument. I use an optical microscope sometimes at work, but that’s not my main focus (heh)–it’s just another tool I use.

    • I want patience and I want it NOW!

      A professor of human physiology held his breath to the three minute mark, his heart rate was at 228 bpm when he finally breathed a breath. The instruments were hooked up.

      What can be done and probably is being done is electrophoresis of blood samples before vaccination and after vaccination to compare the results. You’ll be able to see it with your own lying eyes

      Hemoglobin and chlorophyll both have porphyrin rings, iron in hemoglobin, magnesium in chlorophyll. Might be of interest in research for unvaxxing the vaxxed. Can’t be undone, but maybe somehow fixed with chlorophyll molecules. WAG and all of that nonchalant jazz.

      You can chew grass to stay alive if you are living with those feral humans sentenced to The Pale. Juice the grass too, but you can extract the green from the grass blades just by chewing them, the grass, wheat, barley, will have more flavor chewed instead of juiced. Wheatgrass therapy, as they say.

      You can learn a lot from sheep, goats, cattle, deer, elk, the herbivores.

      Unfortunately, neoplasms exist, oncogenes, some become malignant, hence, wheatgrass therapy.

      Escape to southern Arizona, obtain your fresh water from the air, get one of those machines, live a frugal existence, I dunno. Escape to Argentina. grin and bear it.

  28. MPAI: Most People Are Idiots.

    200 years ago of you were weak and/or stupid you were dead. Currently with the amount of tech and wealth in the world literal retards can live reasonably comfortable lives, or even run for pubic office, to rule over an entire region!
    Maybe people always have been this dumb. I doubt it but, I don’t know. I do know that pop culture, TV (programming) along with the share/like/re-tweet culture have turned even semi sentient beings into cultish drones who will never read another book once they’ve been released from their 13 year minimum indoctrination ritual known as public schooling. Even if they did most people don’t pay attention to the patterns that repeat throughout history. Even when they do, many think wrapping something in a different uniform, flag or branding makes it “good.”

    I’m curious to see how many who have screamed for their own, and everyone else’s enslavement will even put two and two together when they get their just deserts. 1-2% maybe?

    • **”200 years ago of you were weak and/or stupid you were dead.”**

      Well, not really. The real Mary Ingalls (Sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House On the Prairie fame) went blind when young…and unlike what was portrayed on the TV series, she lived as a spinster the rest of her life, living with various sisters until her death.

      Difference was though, unlike today, a person’s weakness/disability wasn’t forcibly imposed as an obligation on the rest of society via government- Instead, such things were rightly matters of family and willing philanthropists of the community.

  29. I say this on Lew Rockwell site but a good come back if asked for your vaccination card at a restaurant:

    -Hi, table for two, please.

    -Sure, and your name.


    -Great. And do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?

    -Hmmm well first..Can you tell us who our server will be?

    -Um, looks like Brad will be your server tonight.

    -Great. Can you show us Brad’s vaccination card?


    -And also, can you provide me with proof that Brad is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Same for you and the kitchen staff.


    -Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Brad’s most recent tox screen, that would be great. Matter of fact, imma need to see all of your employees medical history.

    -Um… Let me get the manager for you.

    -That would be great, thanks. Make sure they have their vax card and medical records please.

    • Hanz:

      This is exactly how we wear down the private sector karen-stasi. Heap their ridiculous requests right back on them x10. A majority of hostesses just don’t have the fortitude to handle that sort thing, same with the manager of a restaurant already pushed nearly to the edge with standard food service career stress.

      • That stuff sounds good- but in real life usually doesn’t work.

        Real life:
        Customer: “Can I see Brad’s proof of vaccination and medical records?”
        Staff: “Sir, you have to show us your Mark Of The Beast, or leave right now- and if you don’t we will have to call ‘law enforcement’.
        -The End.

        Logic, reason and fairness don’t work anymore. People just follow orders. They are more concerned with losing their $7/hr job, breaking some ‘law’, and abetting the spread of a non-existent disease than they are about reality and actual humanity.

        Initially, when stuff like this first starts, you can usually get a little traction by just resisting and using some logic, etc. but once the Kabuki becomes normalized and cemented, we lose all traction.

        And this is my own observation- even down here, where there is virtually no government enforcement- it’s mostly just the believers doing what they believe in and what the TV tells them to do.

        • Yeah.

          During peak Coronomania in Texas, I was taking my girlfriend to an Outback the Clear Lake Area. They demanaded that I wear a mask. I told them no and that they were subject to a 10,000 fine for discrimination under the color of law. I cited some bullshit statute to the same.

          They said they didn’t have time to discuss and showed me the table.

          All was going well until they made us wait 1 hr to get food while Thelma and Louise at the bar got theirs in 15 minutes.

          Fuck them. Never returning.

          I looked on with contempt at the un masked cows shoveling their face with food with their masks on the table ready for them to put on to walk 10 feet to the got damned door.

          • I quickly came to the point where I was unwilling to even soil myself by pleading for an ‘exemption’, or to cite their idiotic laws and policies which I will not be bound by. I’d just say “I don’t do that” and sometimes add, if given the opportunity before being chased away: “I am not going to wear an ineffective medical device to ‘prevent the spread’ of disease which I neither have nor fear”.

            Either way, the results are the same, so I might as well be a man and take a stand and speak the truth, right?

      • Heres a better idea.
        Rather than argue with diaper enforcers to eat overpriced and overtaxed foodservice swill, buy some fixins’ for a good cookout and visit a local forest or lake. Hunker down somewhere peaceful with a friend or alone. Take a swig from the flask and cook up something proper. Enjoy the nature and a good read or chat. Squirrels don’t nag for jab papers.

        • Ornery oldster:

          While I’m a huge fan of opting out. There’s no place I’d rather be than at home with family watching the chickens and Ducks forage while eating a home cooked meal. I’ve decided these bunch of busybodies are going to “bake the damn cake” if they’re going to invoke the false author of “the law, and mandates” I’ll make them suffer the way they’ve made others suffer. I’ll not let Wal-Mart or my favorite local diner play authoritarian games. What’s next? “Its we get to pinch your wife’s ass day because you walked in the door and it’s much policy?” TSA. Don’t like it go somewhere else?

          • SS,
            By all means yank that fire alarm and rain on their parade. Nothing would amuse me more than widespread monkeywrenching the covid cultists. Be the pebble in the shoe. Boycott and badmouth.

    • ‘Do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?’ — Hans Gruber

      Two lab rats are conversing next to the water bottle.

      First rat asks, ‘Hey, have you been vaccinated yet?’

      ‘No,’ replies the other. ‘They’re still testing it experimentally on humans.’

  30. Hi Eric,

    “There are some, perhaps, who wish to live in such a world…”

    There are some, certainly, who wish to rule such a world. Fortunately for them, the cult of Democracy is so thoroughly ingrained in the hearts and minds of most people that it is a simple matter to arrogate to themselves this power. Merely assert a crisis of sufficient magnitude that people clamor to be protected. Instill terror and reinforce it with a non-stop campaign of fear, misinformation and suppression of alternate views. Require that people wear a symbol, expressing both fear and compliance; vilify those who do not as selfish and ignorant. Fear cripples reason and compassion, those who wish to rule the world know this and exploit it. Prod the masses to despise those who have not lost their humanity, who display reason and compassion. Offer conditional benefits to the compliant, isolation, ostracism and scorn to the non-compliant. Then just wait a bit, “democracy” enables all of this; the “will of the people” must be enforced.

    For decades they have been trying to leverage “climate change” to achieve their goals. But this scare was too abstract, too far into the future. Something direct and personal was needed. Enter Covid, the perfect mechanism: invisible, omnipresent and personal.


  31. ‘some, perhaps, wish to live in such a [compulsory] world but most probably do not’ — EP

    Californians have a chance to take a stand against this dystopian world in the Sep 14 recall election. Naturally the Lügenpresse is livid:

    If you’re looking for proof positive that Larry Elder is making progress toward winning California’s recall election, look no further than the La La Land Times.

    The paper published a column on Friday claiming that longtime conservative, Fox News contributor and syndicated talk radio host Larry Elder “is the Black face of white supremacy”.

    Columnist Erika D. Smith wrote: “Like a lot of Black people, though, I’ve learned that it’s often best just to ignore people like Elder. People who are — as my dad used to say — skin folk, but not necessarily kin folk.” — ZH

    Likely young Erika would have blasted Elder as an ‘Uncle Tom,’ but for the fact that her audience, which gets most of its information from Tik-Tok and Facebook, wouldn’t understand the reference. Thanks, MSM!

    • You beat me to posting exactly this. And the Dems’ obsession with painting him as a woman-hating, violent abuser, while they dubbed themselves Como-sexuals and called Clinton’s victims lying pigs, is extra rich.

      Of course many prospective voters don’t know who Uncle Tom is. Now we can see the true objectives of All Child(s) Left Behind and Race to the Bottom coming to full, ugly fruition. The Donkey Party’s California recall campaign to the ‘git all yer news from Twatter/Fuckbook” set is, nearly verbatim, this:

      “Just vote NO on the recall. Don’t think, don’t ask. Just vote NO.”

      Sometimes, it’s accompanied by a whimsical (aka childlike) scribble-drawing of a fat Euro-American man, clad in a shirt that reads WHITES ONLY, standing next to a soon-to-be-verboten pickup truck that sports a banner reading TRUMP ’22 and MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN. Sometimes it’s not. Doesn’t much matter, really—in 99% of cases, they’re merely preaching to the long-ago converted.

    • Did yall see the video showing how the CA cheating has started –the ballot envelop has two punchouts that allow anyone to see who the vote was for. Expect votes for Elder to be File 13d. Can’t remember where I saw it –either LewRockwell, VDARE, or something like that.

  32. Very well-said, Eric! The sad thing is that we live in a world where such things actually need to be said, whereas formerly such basic principles of liberty were the universally recognized tenets of Western civilization which were cherished and upheld by virtually everyone without question as the most basic of human rights- upon which any attack was considered an assault not just on one’s personal liberty; not just an assault upon mankind and all of society, but also an assault upon the very core of civilization, culture and God, from whence those rights sprang.

    Thus, these communist pricks are hacking away at the very foundations of Western civilization- as they have been for a long time now- Now, the effects of their destruction are just becoming more obvious, as they have taken so much ground and so many captives that there is little left as the war is pretty much over, and now it has moved on to full-blown occupation.

    Obozocare was the icing on the tyrannical cake- since it was established in Wickard v. Filburn -1942 that government has the ‘right’ to control that which it subsidizes (Never mind that those subsidies come from money extorted from us!)- so thus there was a long march from the licensing of doctors and the regulation of pharmaceuticals, to Medicare and Medicaid…to Obozocare (And as usual- a march participated in by both parties equally- and no one ever undoing the evil that their predecessors did)- so now healthcare is the province of government, and they have the full medical histories of the hundreds of millions who now participate in Obozocare….and they haven’t wasted any time in playing their newest card, which they dealt to themselves when they established Obozocare with the approval of most of the slaves.

  33. Medical tyranny is already happening to women and always has. See what happens when you’re pregnant and question a doctor’s recommendation. Or the coerced annual exam and cancer tests if you want to use birth control. And when babies aren’t in the cards anymore, they start in with the age indicated tests.
    I am on hormone replacement and went to a new doc to get my prescription reupped. He laid out this laundry list of tests I have to get if I want to use this drug, saying it’s “policy” that you have to be up to date on government recommended tests.
    This has been going on all my life: If I want to take safe, effective quality of life drugs, I have to submit to a litany of cancer screenings, none of which are related to the actual drug I use. HRT does not cause colon cancer, for example.
    Anyway, I found a new doctor who respects my freedom of choice. He nags, but he doesn’t threaten to withhold my medication if I don’t submit.
    I went through this same shit when I wore contact lenses. Does someone in their 20s really need an annual glaucoma test? Yet every year, if I wanted a new prescription, I’d have to submit or they wouldn’t give the approval to order them online, which they hated. Then they got more advanced testing available for other eye issues, so of course, all that is required for a contact lens prescription, too. None of these eye diseases are caused or aggravated by contact lens use, yet they hold the power over you, so they force the tests if you want the rx.
    I think this is probably mostly motivated by money and government incentives. They probably get bonuses or something if they can get all their patients mammogrammed. And bragging rights, of course, about how conscientious and responsible they are as healthcare providers.
    My local hospital put out a press release bragging that every baby born there last year got the hepatitis vaccine before it left. I wonder how they achieved that stat? Surely not by brow beating and intimidating the parents and threatening to not let them take their baby out of the hospital. No way!
    I’ve read about the public education “blob.” Well, there’s a healthcare blob, as well. They all back and support each other, from government research groups setting ever-changing parameters, to doctors blindly following them and insurance companies paying for it. “Just get the colonoscopy. It’s free.”

    • ‘Yet every year, if I wanted a new [contact lens] prescription, I’d have to submit or they wouldn’t give the approval to order them online’ — Amy

      That’s thanks to a bipartisan ‘law’ passed 20 years ago to assure steady cash flow for the optometrist and ophthalmologist cartel.

      At first, I took my old scrip and forged it with a new date each year, even gradually reducing the lens power to improve my vision (worked like a charm). The supplier never called the doc to verify. After awhile, they no longer required a copy of the scrip; the order confirmation simply notes ‘prescription on file.’

      Like REAL-ID, the annual eye doctor visit is another ambitious, intrusive fedgov law that they don’t have to power to enforce. Businesses selling lenses don’t want to waste staff time verifying scrips. And some have found that they don’t need to, as blind old fool Uncle Sam has plenty of more-pressing problems (of his own making) to grapple with.

      • I just order my glasses from (China)- Cheap as dirt, and of such high quality that my eye doc said my $40 glasses were of higher quality than what he sells for $400. (They would have been even cheaper…but there’s an up-charge because I wear Coke-bottles). No Rx needed…just fill out the fields with the appropriate numbers.

        I get my glaucoma poison from Canada (eh?) for c.10% of what it costs here. (Need an Rx for that though…which is going to be a problem, as I haven’t been able to see [pun intended!] my eye doc for a year and a half now, as he has become a Karen to the highest degree of the sickness Kabuki… And I will most likely never see him again- even if this nonsense were to end- as I have lost all respect for him. And to think- he was quite Libertarian- He even knows Rand Paul, personally).

    • Unnecessary procedures that generate billing codes. What’s the harm? And besides, don’t you want to know? Don’t you want to catch it early so it can be treated (just like COVID can be treated early with cheap and readily available drugs… oh wait).

      I’d say it’s a byproduct of the information age, but it’s more nuanced than that. As long as there’s someone who’s job it is to perform tests, someone who catalogs tests, someone to process the tests (often overseas, so high-end Internet access is required), someone to produce reports, and someone to create more tests and reports, there will be a desire for ever more testing. It becomes a perpetual motion machine of revenue. That breast exam you turn down feeds dozens of families, and hundreds of dollars. You don’t want to starve children do you? So just get the damn exam and be happy some kid in India gets a meal tonight. You’re a hero.

      • I worked at an optometrist office for almost a decade… You wouldn’t believe the difference in billing between insured and uninsured people. Cash patients paid very little compared to what insurance companies doled out. Ever wonder why doctors and hospitals hate dealing with uninsured customers who pay cash? You aint their payday! Verifying and billing insurance companies daily made me vow to never do business with these shylocks.

        • Hi Disgruntled,

          You are absolutely right. I caught on to this about four years ago and do not have insurance. I put aside money each month in case of an emergency or for preventive maintenance (dental, eye care, etc.). A few doctors refuse to see us although we are cash and carry. It took a little while to get over the feeling like a second class citizen because people were aghast that “You don’t have insurance! Aren’t you worried about your children? What happens if you get cancer or break your leg?”

          An average health plan in my area for a family of four that includes medical, dental, and eye care runs about $1900 per month. I put aside what I would have paid for the premium and have a little nest egg that I can use to negotiate pricing. I have found I usually am offered a discount anywhere from 25% to 65% off if I pay same day. Of course I do and don’t have to worry about dealing with an insurance company or a surprise bill a month or year later.

          • Same here, RG –

            Like you, I’m self employed and even as a single, healthy man with no medical issues the least expensive policy I could find the last time I looked into it was around $400/month – and that was for shit “coverage.” It is insane to spend $400 – let alone $1,900 – per month on “coverage” when that money will almost certainly cover any actually needed expenses and leave the balance in your pocket. People are so riddled by fear, however, that the thought of not being “covered” terrifies most of them.

            I fear being broke and dependent far more!

            Insurance, as rule, is a terrible deal. This is why it so profitable for the insurance media. Were it not for my car reviewing, I’d stop paying their extortion tomorrow and “run dirty.” I resent the hell out of being mulcted of appx. $1,000 annually to “cover” my vehicles when I’d rather have that money in my pocket. I’d have at least $30,000 in my pocket by now – plenty sufficient to pay for most “accidents,” of which I’ve been the cause of exactly none. I’m so damned tired of being forced to pay for harms I haven’t caused because some neurotic control freak is worried I “might.”

            • Hi Eric,

              I am not as angry about the auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance. I don’t need to carry them since everything is paid for but the cost vs the potential outcome of replacement I consider beneficial so I will pay a few hundred or a thousand a year to cover possible expenses.

              The health insurance industry is a different titan all together. One, there are too many hands in the cookie jar (insurance companies, government, doctors, hospitals, etc.); Two, the cost is unmanageable for the average citizen.

              One’s insurance should not cost more than their home’s monthly expenses. I am flabbergasted that people have put up with it for so long, but most people are supplied their insurance through their employer so they no idea of the true costs and many others fall below the poverty line and are able to pay a significantly reduced rate or no premiums at all.

              Honestly, I am surprised the house of cards is still standing.
              I went to the doctor’s (annual preventive check up) this morning. My total costs was $100 which I paid in cash. No bill or monthly premium. It is nice not to have that noose around my neck.

              The insurance industry has done a wonderful job though. People fear not having insurance.

        • Hi dg. Ever been to a car body shop? First question asked is do you have insurance? I find that the cost of non insurance is at least 100% less than quoting insurance.

  34. Hi John,

    Yes, properly understood, rights cannot conflict. In any seeming conflict, one or both of the asserted “rights” is a claim of privilege. Unfortunately, most people have been conditioned to believe that rights are granted. From this perspective, “rights” do conflict, and are fought for through politics. Yet another reason why Churchill had it half right, Democracy guarantees a state of perpetual conflict, different factions become supplicants of the State, pleading for privileges for themselves, at the expense of others. The State, of course, obliges, doling out conditional privileges and insisting that these are “rights”.


  35. The gang already has your electronic medical records thanks to Romneycare. Manipulating you into buying sick insurance and getting your yearly physical with their Mengeles is the nudge down the road to “treatments” to weaken and eventually kill your ass.
    On the rare occasion that I’ve seen a Mengele professional they belittle and do their best to convince that something MUST be wrong that they can treat. If it feels exactly the same as a quick lube salesmen pushing for the fuel system flush because thats what it is. They’re selling a service for many illnesses that you never knew you had (prediabetes, high blood pressure) and they have an extended warranty for you to buy. Fuck these over indoctrinated scum. May their medical tyranny rest heavily upon them.
    I’ll go full feral before I submit to forced doctoring.

    • Ditto, Trash –

      And I say so as a guy who grew up around doctors – and that’s perhaps why I view the medical profession with skepticism. In particular, I saw how it became a business – and while there is nothing wrong with business, per se, it becomes something else when it is something you have to buy (as in insurance) and then focused on cost-cutting and profit-maximizing. In a free market, which would be one without coercion of any kind, medicine, like any other service, would have to compete on the merits for our business – for our money – which we could simply withhold (along with our consent) when what was on offer seemed overpriced or over-sold.

      • Hey Eric,
        Medicine long ago turned from a service run by doctor to an industry run by accountants. Which is why hospitals can’t seem to keep enough staffing for any increased demand, hence them being “overwhelmed”. As far as who pays and how much, most of its cash flow comes from the government, which insists Pharma get a BIG cut.

    • Degradation of the “patient” is part of the game, or should I say, “protocol.”
      Reminds me of Steve McQueen in the movie “Papillon.”

  36. Once again, the truth is being trampled by TPTB and their minions:

    No need for a “vaccine” when a cheap, readily available, and well-tolerated “treatment” already exists. The FDA and NIH will continue to block and withhold approval of ivermectin, and the brainwashed will not be able to think for themselves because the gubmint didn’t say it was ok.

    Ivermectin worked fine for our family.

    • ‘Ivermectin worked fine for our family.’ — Anon

      The fix is in: NYT says this morning that Pfizer’s vax will receive full approval (upgraded from Emergency Use Authorization) on Monday — just as the effectiveness of the Pfizer jab is eroding, and may even be contributing to more rapid viral mutation.

      This is so putridly corrupt, it makes Haiti look like Sweden in comparison to the USSA.

      Meanwhile — for those interested in non-mRNA prophylaxis and prompt treatment — the FLCCC (Front-Line Covid Critical Care alliance) updated its I-MASK+ protocol ten days ago, increasing the recommended ivermectin dosage.

      Unlike the tainted, politically-driven approval of the Pfizer vaccine, ivermectin has been safety used for decades. Recommended dosage is far below the level at which any adverse effects would be expected.

      • Just had a quick convo with one of our virtuous maskers this morning at church. Although she and her husband no longer wear a mask in church (except for a couple of weeks ago when one person in the congregation “tested positive” and was hospitalized – not sure if the “test” and hospitalization are connected), she was sure to make it known that they had had “their shots” back in April.

        Today, she told me that she knows of a few young people whom she has advised NOT to have the shot – in her words, “they probably don’t need it, and it’s not clear how it will affect them…we’re not sure how it will affect us.”

        Sounds like buyer’s remorse, but at least she was humble enough to admit it.

        I was surprised that we agreed that everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether or not to receive medical treatment/intervention. Again, I quote her: “That is freedom.”

      • It’s a bogus, politically-motivated “full approval” whose intent is probably to provide a weapon to use against those who resist these “vaccines” on the basis of their experimental nature. Now the drug cartel will have one that is allegedly not experimental any more. No doubt the rest will receive accelerated “full approval” in the near future as well.

        Give me a frelling break. I have no love of the FDA or any other alphabet-soup gunvermin agency, but full testing and approval of a new medication normally takes at least several years. Even then long-term negative side effects are missed. This so-called “approval” doesn’t pass the smell test.

  37. Perhaps as dangerous, or possibly more so, than the assumption of power is who is assuming it. Executive branches of government, mayors and governors, the POTUS, and their “swarms of officers sent forth to harass our people and eat out their substance”, and their corporate bedfellows of course. Issuing mandates, aka dictates, as in dictator. And the judicial branch refusing to restrain them. Such is not allowed in a republic, which means this no longer is one. The legislative branch, local, State, and national, function at the pleasure of the executive branch. Largely so they can take the blame for that which the executive doesn’t want on its hands.

  38. I’m not as healthy as I should be. I am aware of this fact and reminded every morning when I get on the scale and take my vitals. I wear an Apple Watch and actually pay attention to the health data it collects. But for me to truly get in shape I need to get rid of the biggest stressor in my life, my job. I should be able to do so, I have a fairly large nest egg, but because it cannot be accessed until 62 I have to continue to work for another 10 years. The alternative is to watch Uncle tax my investment away, greatly reducing my odds of achieving my financial goals. And either way, the specter of inflation (or worse) is always looming.

    Oh I can probably land another job at another, less toxic workplace, but I would need to move. For sure there would be a rather large pay cut. And then there’s the problem of every workplace has become the same. Same “workforce automation,” same HR policies, same good on paper but lousy in practice benefits package, same incompetent upper management.

    And what if I just leave? Opt out? Well, Uncle won’t stand for that! There’s taxes, fees, monthly charges, “rate adjustments” and all sorts of other variables that are never-ending and subject to the whims of the tax and bill collectors. That service that costs $20/month? Well, now it’s $24/month. Go ahead and shop around, we don’t care. You’ll find that the cost of switching will be as much and probably more of a hassle so just deal with it. Your house is worth more now? Well, great news! Your property taxes are more too! (still no money for schools though…) Did you get a raise because your house is worth more? No? Well, you still owe more property tax, better ask the boss for a raise or put the wife and kids to work so they can chip in.

    Oh, and if you quit you can’t get unemployment, even though you’ve been paying for it all these years. And because you’re competent and in a job that’s actually necessary you never get laid off.

    So yea, I’m not as healthy as I’d like to be.

    • RK,

      Could be worse. I’m staring down the barrel of 30 more years of corporate BS. Which will, more than likely, involve becoming management (get blamed for everything, but not allowed to change anything. Whoopee.). Probably within the next 5-10 years, based on the ages of the current management, plus the lack of experienced qualified people lined up to take their place. Everyone else keeps quitting for a slightly more appealing flavor of shit. I have tried unsuccessfully to get out a few times myself, but right now I don’t really want to if only because I can’t find anything that is substantively better, and at least I can commute in from a red state. If something opens up in TN I would consider it…the taxes would be less…

      • I’m not necessarily looking to go off the reservation per se, but just take an extended break and get my shit back together again. Do a little traveling. Maybe go back to school and finish up my degree. Be a gym rat and run like I’m training for a marathon. Sew some wild oats. Be a degenerate gambler and/or drunk. Celebrate my blue period.

        • Hi RK,

          I am not being a smart ass, but why don’t you go on an extended wellness vacation or even quit if necessary? Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us and although one should always be prepared and have money and supplies tucked aside, risking your health and sanity for another ten years while miserable is absurd.

          There comes a time in life when coulda, shoulda, woulda is too late. You have worked hard, you have saved, now get your body and mind as one and live for you.

          • I was forced by illness to take a break, and recommend it heartily. Cheers to everything in your comment too, RG.

            • Thanks, NY.

              There comes a time where our health and lucidity trumps all else going on around us. People should not feel guilty for taking time for themselves. In our current era we could be put on lockdown or a civil war could break out at any moment. If one is able to take a little body and mind time to think and do what would make you happy, for God’s sake, please do so. There may come a time where we won’t have that choice.

          • Up until last year I was on a five year plan (how Soviet) to extricate myself from my current life. Unfortunately with the troubles and now the inflation I’m not so sure where that might go. The nice thing is that it might be fairly easy to move into any job but it also seems like the employers are still treating employees like garbage.

            I’ll know more in a few weeks.

            • Please forgive my intrusion; please take it for what it’s worth.

              Look up Tom Woods . com and/or his Happy Earner program. You might be very glad you did. You might actually be able to accelerate your independence without penalizing you and your family financially.

              I hope you do. No one should have to die to please Nameless Faces and Bottom Lines.

        • I’ve taken “walkabouts” myself and as others are saying, they’re good for you. If and when you do return to work, you have a new, healthier perspective. It’s remarkable how toxic peoples’ perspectives get when trapped on a squirrel cage for an extended period of time.

  39. When the Obamacare insurance mandate went to the Supreme Court, Scalia rhetorically asked: “If the government can force us to buy insurance for our own good, can it force us to eat broccoli for our own good, too?” People got a good laugh out of that. But the answer, ultimately, was “yes” — the swine Roberts upheld the mandate, not by addressing the question directly, but through the legal sophism that the taxation clause could be used to legitimize it.

    Of course, what constituted “for your own good” is entirely subjective, and depends not on logic but on the whims of the leftist elite. They’d love to define guns as a “public health crisis” and ban then “for your own good” at the same time they are promoting anal sex, which spreads AIDS. They want to ban evil tobacco at the same time they are legalizing the smoking of marijuana.

    They don’t use logic, they use sophistry to cloak the fact that they are simply on a raw power trip.

    • X,
      this was the foundation.
      those in favor hailed it as some kind of charity or good work to make sure the poor & sick had insurance.

      many of us saw it as the stone that future control of minute aspects of our lives would be built on.

      if govt could succeed in forcing medications upon you, that would cement the master/slave relationship.

    • Just imagine, not just broccoli: government issued broccoli.

      Actually, I like broccoli. But, it was a funny thought. And, that’s no excuse for forcing it on anyone.

  40. “Just get the damn shot.”
    “Just put on the damn mask.”
    “Just blow in the damn tube.”
    “Just get in the damn boxcar.”

    If you start the sentence with “Just,” and include the word “damn,” you win the debate, apparently.

      • RK,
        that sets up the conflict

        two side see their freedoms as being encroached
        only one of them is correct, but that doesnt matter to those who believe they have a right to be free from mother nature.

        when two parties believe they have a right to the opposite right of the other, there is no path left but to fight

        if people are not careful, that is what they will get

        • Which could be why the order of 1A and 2A.
          1A: “let’s talk about it”. “OK”.
          2A: “I disagree with you. Go away and leave me alone. NOW!”

        • When in reality, there is no such thing as an opposite right.
          My rights do not require any action on your part, as yours require none from me.

          • ‘Zactly, John. This is why when someone says that they should have *the right* to healthcare regardless of ability to pay, or the *right* to housing, just by fact of their existence on this earth, I always sway “So, you advocate slavery?”.

            Of course they argue….and then I remind them that there can be no such thing as a *right* that obligates someone else to pay, or provide goods and or services, because then that *right* is only a right for the person receiving the benefit, while in fact requiring the suspension of the true rights of those who are made to rpovide the free product or service.

            Unfortunately, such logic usually doesn’t work on those who advocate such slavery, as they have already accepted the premise that the man-made god [government] has the right to the product of everyone’s labor, and thus their only concern becomes that of how the loot is distributed…….

          • @John Kable

            So many people have no ability to even define what a right is. Hence the (housing, living wage, healthcare is a right crowd) blathering about how they are being violated somehow because they haven’t been given _____.

            I think Mark Passio summed it up as well as anyone. “A right is anything that is not a wrong.”
            We then fall into the trap of subjectivity and solipsism so prevalent in this world, which is why there is very little conversation to be had amongst those with opposing views.

      • What a simple-minded shithead. Somebody needs to tell Ahnold that when you turn off the stoplights, people start paying attention and are much less likely to kill somebody.


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