What’s Next, Inevitably . . .

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Electric cars are, of course, merely for starters.

Because it follows, inevitably, that if Americans must give up fossil-fueled cars in order to “reduce their carbon footprint,” no matter the cost to Americans – they will be told they may no longer use fossil fuels to power their homes. 

To keep them warm. To heat water. To cook food.

No need to wait, either.

People in California have already been told. Decrees have been issued by the same people decreeing the wearing of the Holy Facial Burqa – and the closing of businesses – that in future (by 2023, the not-far future) building codes will require new construction homes to not use fossil fuels such as natural gas for heat, including hot water.

It is very probable that existing homes that have gas heat – or fireplaces, even – will be the object of “break their will” policies such as punishing taxes on natural gas, propane and bans on the use of wood-burning stoves to heat these homes – the latter already also a decree in parts of California.

And since California now determines national policy, attempts will be made to impose similar measures nationally as the same kinds of people who have their hands on the levers of power in California also have their hands on the levers of power practically everywhere.

Including Texas.

These decrees will increase demand for electricity – to power the heat pumps and electric hot water heaters that will be installed instead of gas-burning furnaces, hot water heaters and stoves.     

Which will increase demand on the electric grid – most of which burns fossil fuels to generate electricity, because excepting nuclear power (de facto outlawed by the same  political class because it would solve the problem) the only way to meet the increased demand for all that electricity is by burning even more oil and coal and natural gas.

Perhaps you can see where this is headed. 

The dominoes are already lined up. Most homes have had “smart” meters installed that can be used to limit the use of electricity, which will become necessary as a practical matter as well a political matter because of the increased demand for electricity triggered by a monomaniacal obsession to require that everything be powered electrically.

There’s simply not enough electricity to meet the politically-decreed increased demand for it.

Welcome to Venezuela.

California has of course also decreed that new homes be built with solar panels – cost no object. But solar power remains insufficient as well as intermittent – as when the sun goes down. There is no getting around the problem of increased demand-by-decree for electricity uber alles and the problem of “green” ways of generating it not being capable of generating enough of it.

Ask people in Texas about this.

Now add electric cars, which require enormous amounts of electricity, necessary to keep 1,000-plus pounds per car of 400-800 volt batteries charged up. These energy hogs will burn up more power than any other electrically powered home appliance and there’s simply not enough power to power electric heat pumps, baseboard heaters, AC units, electrical hot water heaters, refrigerator, microwaves and electric cars, too.

Can you see it now? Is it becoming clear?

When electricity becomes the only allowable way to power things, electricity will be rationed – likely by self-rationing, imposed by making electricity very expensive as well as intermittently available. Better stock up on thermal underwear and Sterno – before they outlaw that, too.

The genius of this politically-imposed energy austerity, the transformation of America into Venezuela – is that most of the victims will blame the “power company” rather than the political apparatchiks such as the creature in Massachusetts who decree scarcity by making it difficult to produce sufficient power and very expensive to use it.

It is the same clever tactic used to impose the wearing of the Holy Face Burqa: Get the “private sector” – i.e., technically privately-owned business that are forced to abide by the decrees of the same apparatchiks as the condition of being allowed to do business  – to impose by “policy” they’re pressured to enforce what the apparatchiks might not be able to impose by law.

Or in the absence of laws.

But making electricity scarce – and expensive – is just for openers.

Single family homes themselves are the next inevitable target, regardless of how they’re powered because no matter what form of energy they use to heat/cool they use more of it than a small apartment would.

Perhaps you can see where that is headed. Watch Dr. Zhivago if not.
The same political apparatchiks who have already succeeded in gaslighting the populace about driving other-than-electric cars for the sake of “climate change” will turn their attention to the “emissions” produced as a result of heating and cooling all the excessive square footage.

About the selfishness  – the anti-socialness – of living in a large home.

You don’t need a three-bedroom, two bath house with a garage, comrade! An 800 square foot communal apartment is more than anyone needs and besides, we all have to make sacrifices for the sake of preventing “climate change.”

I want to “break your will” . . .

We will endure as much of this as we’re willing to tolerate.

How to stop tolerating it? By first of all finding the guts to question the “climate change” hysteria, which is fundamentally – psychologically – the same thing as the hysteria over “the virus.” 

A grain of truth used to inflate a monstrous lie.

People have died – as people normally do. But most people are living – as they usually do -even if they catch “the virus.” An overwrought fear of death has been used to destroy life in this country, just as minor variations in average temperatures have been used to scale up a terrifying vision of planetary cataclysm  . . . if “action” isn’t taken.

Against us. By them.

The Big Lie works. The question is whether we’ll fall for it again. 

. . .

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  1. Sounds like a great idea that will never happen. Do you really think TPTB would ever allow anything remotely sensible to occur?

    • Are these people entirely unaware of the Jews/homos/gypsies/retarded/crippled/etc. and WW2?


      Maybe someone will order someone else to set these asshole brownshirts on fire. “Just following orders”.

  2. De Blasio did the same thing in NYC — all new construction cannot have natural gas hookups. Power for the electric-only city will supposedly come from Canada — a FOREIGN country.

    It is no exaggeration to say they want to turn this into Maoist China, circa 1970. Money quote:

    “De Blasio has been criticized for taking a chauffeured SUV 11 miles from his residence at Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Brooklyn to exercise at a YMCA. In August, he urged residents to not buy cars, saying, ‘Cars are the past, the future is going to be mass transit, biking, walking.'”


  3. What’s next? How about some “de-growth”… From https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/19/degrowth-pushing-social-wellbeing-and-climate-over-economic-growth.html

    “Ultimately, this is the core insight of degrowth. Right now, we assume that every sector of the economy must grow, all the time, regardless of whether or not we actually need it. A more rational approach would be to think about what sectors we actually need to grow, like public transportation and renewable energy, and what sectors are clearly too big and should be scaled down: like SUV production, private cars, the arms industry, advertising, and so on,” Hickel said.”

    Soon to be followed by “de-life” one would assume.

  4. A nation that is collectively insane, by definition, not opinion. Delusion is the accepted, encouraged, and enforced mental state the Psychopaths In Charge insist upon. At gunpoint. Facts are white supremacy after all. Just as half the world being in a deep freeze is “proof of global warming”, along with “green energy’s” abject failure being the fault of power companies who were forced into their method of operation by the very same psychopaths who blame them. No need for power systems to be cold proof, because we are warming up. Except we aren’t are we.

  5. I wish we would stop using the word ‘fossil fuel’. It’s pretty obvious to me that oil is abiotic, so we need to come up with a catchy word for it instead of the ingrained ‘fossil fuel’. I’m guessing that most research about abiotic fuel theories have been censored.
    And how in the world will TPTB stop people from using wood burning stoves? In a very rural area I visit a lot, I’m guessing half of the homes in the region heat with wood.
    I could heat a lots of homes with just the dead fall from my little farm. I try to give it away and no one comes to get it, probably cause it’s hard work.

    • Hi Chris,

      I take your point; “fossil” fuels conveys something “old” and the political connotation is obvious. Hydrocarbon fuels – probably too chemistry-sounding… plus it has that word in it. Maybe just gasoline, diesel, natural gas – and so on?

      • I always find it interesting that natural gas gets lumped into fossil fuels. Saturn’s moon Titan has an abundance of methane. Are they trying to claim Titan was *the* habitat for dinosaurs when we can’t even establish if bacteria lives outside the Earth?
        Carbon and hydrogen are common elements and reside naturally hence natural gas. Maybe we should call all of then Natural Carbon Fuels.

        • Hans, I thought of last night, as you have already stated.
          The new word should be Natural Fuels.
          Would help with changing the narrative. From now on I am calling it that.

    • Chris, you are correct. Dr. Thomas Gold published his work about 30 years ago. Yes, the whole “fossil” fuel idea is based on the erroneous notion that dead dinosaurs turned into oil after death. Sinclair stations used a brontosaurus as their logo. It’s lunacy to think that if that were the case we would have long since used up all their carcasses. But, when has actual science been our guiding principle?
      A link to an overview of Gold’s work…

    • “Petroleum” works, unless you’re talking about coal. Then “coal.” Let’s use simple, direct language that doesn’t make us sound like we’re buying into their nonsense. If I say “fossil fuels” I’ve already conceded the high ground to a degree. Same with “hydrocarbons.” This is the enemy’s language; we should refuse to use it.
      And there’s nothing wrong with using “gas” as a catch-all for internal combustion fuels. Everybody knows what “I ran out of gas” means. If you’re telling some kid what to put in the tanks of your road tractor, then you might want to be specific, but I know airline pilots who say “gas” when they’re obviously talking about jet fuel. Nobody thinks they’re stupid.

    • To use some of the enemies’ techniques against them- oil, gas, coal, wood are NATURAL fuels. Just like wind, solar, and hydro. Nuclear even qualifies.

        • As much as I like the idea of “using the enemy’s techniques against them,” words are useless if the person hearing them doesn’t know what you mean. Unless you define your terms every time (which will become tiresome very quickly), most people will think “natural fuels” and “organic fuels” mean pretty much the opposite of what you intend them to mean. They’ll assume you want cars to run on switchgrass and dried cow pies.
          Eric, I like your first idea best. Call them what we have always called them: gas, diesel and coal. Refuse to play their game of obfuscation. Demonstrate our honesty by speaking English, simply and precisely.

  6. The big play here is to artificially create scarcity. People will be easier to control and people will sell out their neighbor for small bits of bread and sausage. (See the Soviet Union)

    Re-reading a negotiation book this week (You can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen) when Cohen was discussing one type of negotiation within a moral cultural context. Point being you could rely upon the other persons moral compass for compassion to perhaps make yourself vulnerable then likable that someone might like to help or collaborate with. Then he cautioned this does not work in a non-judeo christian culture where ruled by Power, Opportunism and Revenge is operating principles. Cohen’s viewpoint was this mostly works in Western cultures (USA).
    Look at our culture today; is it based on a *higher principle* than ourselves, or is it Ideology through power, opportunism and revenge? We are more divided than the Civil War years. Problem is most who voted for the OM don’t see it yet. Does anybody doubt news anchors, Hollywood, Academia, teachers unions or the 80 million who voted for the John Gill Presidency (see Star Trek-Patterns of Force), if they had the chance to push a button to wipe out the 75 million of their countrymen who voted for Orange Man, do you think they wouldn’t do it? They hate our f’cking guts and want their Marxism now and never have to bother with opposition again. We need to peacefully have civil disobedience in our actions.

    • Morning, Hans –

      You’re right. The question I’ve been wrestling with for some time is: How do the people who want to preserve some semblance of the “old America” – not a libertarian society but at least a society in which government isn’t unlimited – do so? The only practical things I can think of are – for the individual – to move to an area where the general point-of-view is still “old America” and – if enough like-minded people can be found – perhaps the kernel of a separatist movement that could lead, in time, to a break-away state analogous roughly to the Quebecois movement or possibly something even more substantive.

      The political – the moral – divide in this country is largely rural vs. urban. In my state (VA) the people who live in Northern Va and who control the state by dint of concentrated numbers are a different people than the majority in the rest of the state. The two groups have almost nothing in common politically, culturally or economically. Why not separate Virginia into Northern and Southern Virginia? We have the example of North and South Carolina. It is arguably politically dangerous as well as unjust on the face of it for two-thirds or more of a large state to be functionally disfranchised by the other third, which is precisely the case. Where I live – in the SW part of the state – voting in statewide elections is a waste of time because the outcome of those elections is a fait accompli. The Leftist will win because Northern Virginia is Leftist.

      Separation, devolution, decentralization… this is how we claw back from the abyss.

      • I’m with you Eric.
        Yea, if the John Gill President and Melican decide to introduce DC and Puerto Rico as states then Virginia should divide North and South, Idaho into threes and Texas into fours. Californication into fours. We’ll pick up 9 to their 2.

        • Idaho could be divided into 2. Ada county where Boise sits literally has nothing in common with anywhere else in the rest of the state.

          I guess you could do 3. Northern Idaho, Southern Idaho and Ada county.

  7. Well, should have read the RSS feed top to bottom instead of bottom up….


    I’ll add: Why the hell are we looking to politicians for a technical fix? Bureaucracies are never innovative, only able to keep the status quo. Anyone who really has a solution surely isn’t going to be allowed to implement it. If anything, we see time and time again that politicians get out in front of a popular crisis only when the crisis is basically solved anyway.

    The other problem I see is that there’s no one in charge. Back in the day, the owners of the power company had skin in the game. They had a long view. Today’s “owners” are banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and endowments. Most of the shareholders probably don’t even know they own the stock. Instead they allow professional fund managers to call the shots. And when the power company says they need more standby capacity, the fund manger drives the stock into the ground. Because f*** your customers, where else are they going to go?

    So now there’s no excess in Texas, because it wasn’t cold in August.

  8. Tucker Carlson seemed puzzled when AOC said the Texas turbine fiasco is evidence that we need more wind power, not less. Her point obviously was that if governments had started a war on climate change in a timely fashion, this “extreme” weather would not have happened. Temperatures would never deviate from average by more than one degree, tornadoes and hurricanes would have ceased, and Californians would never feel the earth shake again.
    When you’re so arrogant as to believe you can change the climate of the entire planet by passing legislation, there’s probably no limit to your delusions. Talk about tilting at windmills!

  9. So you start to grow food indoors, using the lights in your home, because you can’t enter a building without Bill’s vax or the anointed cloth. Energy rationing now via the smart meter and taxes for using more than your fair share, means your food plants can now only get light from the sun. That explains Bill’s plan to block out the sun to combat, heh, “climate change”. Also explains why he bought much of the farmland. You’ll be getting food from him and his system, if he chooses. This story is getting easier to predict by the day. Evil is predictable. But still, wish I would’ve known sooner. Can you imagine what it must be like to live with such a strong desire to impose misery and suffering on other humans? What a sick existence that must be?

    • Hey Brandon,

      “Can you imagine what it must be like to live with such a strong desire to impose misery and suffering on other humans? What a sick existence that must be?”

      To Gates and his ilk, individual human beings are abstractions (excepting themselves and those close to them). He tells himself that he is protecting “humanity”, a collectivist concept that allows him to believe he is doing good, while perpetrating evil. As I’ve argued before, such people do not consider their actions evil or immoral, they consider them enlightened and beneficent. They are not cartoon villains, they are people who have integrated their personal desire for power and influence with the nebulous concept of the “common good”. Such people are far more dangerous than any straightforward villain, as they will “torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience”.


      • Jeremy, you have a good point. I do however think some of their kind, at the top and the bottom, do know that they are creating suffering and misery, and actually derive pleasure from it. Maybe sexual. They enjoy it for its own sake. Like a sadist torturing their slaves, or a future murder torturing animals.

        • Hi Brandon,

          I’m sure that’s true, probably more at the bottom than the top. Still, the people who’ve convinced themselves that they are doing good are the most dangerous. They are not constrained by conscience or fear of being found out, they do not have to cultivate a mask to hide their inhumanity. Paul Ehrlich, a demon by any measure, is widely respected and, I’m confident, thinks of himself as a good person.


  10. Strike down the grid and we shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    Also, the interrogations about why you NEED this and that should be met with contemptuous hostility.

    “Why do you NEED a 2,000 square foot house?”
    “Why do you NEED a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds?”
    “Why do you NEED a car that does more than 75MPH?”

    None of your fucking business! The fruit of life is having and experiencing things that you don’t necessarily NEED! The proper retort is the converse question:
    “Why do you NEED to control every aspect of my life?!”

    • Re: why do you need a 2000 square foot house.
      Because zoning regulations and building codes prohibit affordable small starter homes. Theres nothing wrong with having a huge house if you want it, but these cretins mandate big inefficient housing causing “high emissions” and “unaffordable housing” and “sprawl” which they conveniently have some highly regulated solution already cooked up “for the common good.”

      • That’s another thing I’ve purveyed here as beneficial but absent: The “tiny homes” idea, except closer to “tiny lots”, to be used in cities as a launching point for young or less fortunate people.
        In essence, small subdivisions of land wherein small but comfortable housing (for singles) can be built and BOUGHT, for less than $20,000/lot (for example). This can be payed off in ~2 years or less, and owners of such properties can then accumulate wealth and eventually buy much larger plots of land elsewhere, and sell the small properties to other less affluent people.
        I think it can be profitable, but of course, not as profitable as a bunch of apartments full of indentured servants who burn all of their cash paying rent and never go anywhere.
        When it is said that “good people do nothing”, that doesn’t just mean picking up a rifle and fighting tyrants. Sometimes it might mean seeing though somewhat less profitable ideas in order to make a difference.

    • Wood works well for heating and cooking and behold, it’s “carbon neutral”! That alone should be a good defense of the wood stove, not that any should be necessary.

      If particulate pollution (smoke) is really a problem, as simple electrostatic scrubber can be used to ameliorate the issue.

      But again, these so-called “liberals” LOVE diversity, right? Except when it comes to diversity of thought, action, abilities and, oh yeah, power generation.

      Also: “Reasonable remediation of health hazards when needed is not socialism.”
      Well, it is when your remedy is socialism.

      “It is not an assault on our freedoms.”
      It is when it’s an assault on our freedoms.

    • The genius author of that article doesnt realize trees store carbon whrn theyre growing and release it when theyre burned – resulting in a net zero in atmospheric carbon content. Libs are so dumb

  11. Part of the problem is that the wind turbines weren’t PREPPED for cold weather! They used the wrong bearing grease, which froze up like concrete; and they didn’t bother to install heated blades to prevent icing-duh. I know it doesn’t get cold in TX very often, but it does get cold at times. Anyone remember when Dallas froze up in recent years? SHAME on them for not being prepared for this!

  12. ‘Most of the victims will blame the “power company” rather than the political apparatchiks …’ — EP

    … unless some high-profile scalps are taken, that is.

    And on the commie-whipped Left Coast, the campaign to recall Dekarbonisierungsführer Newsom is our last, best shot to show the rampant neofeudalists that implementing their campaign of slow starvation means a massive, brutal electoral smackdown.


    Politically, Newsom needs to be publicly and painfully crucified, with his shattered career serving as the cathartic expiation for his manifold wickedness and crimes against the people. Shave off his finely-coiffed, blow-dried silver mane to give him that shiny-pated, Manson-disciple, ex-Governor Moonbeam look of wild-eyed amorphous menace, as he gnaws and slobbers on the bars of his cramped tiger cage.

    Triumphantly deposing the King of the Calicoms will send a bracing message to warmunist termites like Nancy Pestilosi and Kamala yo’ Mamala, as they malevolently chomp away the foundations of our energy security with their thick, spiny brown mandibles and their repulsive, larva-like swollen thoraxes. STOP, PEST!

  13. Brilliant observation, Eric:

    “nuclear power (de facto outlawed by the same political class because it would solve the problem).” This is no different than banning the use of HCQ for the flu-like symptoms the gubmint and pharma cronies have rebranded as the deadly ‘Rona.

  14. Ever see the coal piles in Superior, Wisconsin? Not hard to see why there is coal piled at inland ports, it’s a resource, a commodity, an economic driver, what you use to generate energy, electricity, coal is useless unless you burn it or make coal gas, coal gasification plants.

    You won’t need plumbing and running water, won’t have that, can’t have that. Walk a half a mile to the community well, have a wagon to haul your water back to your sanitized housing unit.

    There’ll be a series of outhouses, an outside latrine, just like the good old days.

    You’ll be so happy, no freedom, no money, no job, no car, no home, no hope, just your 10×16 room in a flop house, it’ll be fun. You’ll have your UBI which will be confiscated slowly but surely, same old same old, just a different day. You’ll pine for the days in Rome as a fed slave. lol

    Life is just a shit sandwich and every day you take another bite.

    David Ismay has plenty of egg on his face today. Another fool in this world and a disgraced one at that. Can’t generate a lot of sympathy for the cad.

    3,000,000 accounts to consume electricity translates to around 15,000,000 people with no electricity.

    There was electricity before wind turbines and solar panels, just go back to what worked then, what is successful.

    Tesla fired up Niagara Falls by putting together a 400,000 horsepower hydro-electric generating plant. It can be done. “Where’s the meter,” JP Morgan asked Nikola.

    You won’t have any argument if you do what works. Another no-brainer.

  15. So, if all this is coming down the pike, that would mean that home owners who heat with wood furnaces and wood stoves will be shot on site?

    • I was thinking along the same lines, because if one lives on a piece of property with plenty of trees to use as firewood, it would be impossible to tax or otherwise make such wood scarce, unlike what could be done with gas, kerosene, natural gas, etc. The only way to stop such burning of wood would be by physical force.

      I don’t even have a wood stove or fireplace, but I have a piece of property big enough to easily burn wood in a fire pit, or briquettes in a charcoal grill.

      • Hi Dood,

        Same here; I can see a time coming when they will sic the AGWs on property owners who dare to burn their own wood – which they’ll know about because of the smoke. Hut! Hut! Hut!

        • I wouldn’t put it past them to require a permit for cutting down your own trees if they can’t ban the grandfathered wood stoves.

        • Those who prefer burning wood to freezing to death won’t be shot on sight, just at the first hint of resistance. A thing we are ALL subjected to if any resistance is encountered by the Goons with guns in the act of enforcing any imaginary “law”. After all, it is the foundational premise of ALL governments. Without the threat of summary execution, government is just a collection of psychopaths over there who can harm no one but themselves. Curious that our beloved Psychopaths In Charge carry on with the “green new deal” while half the world is in a deep freeze. At least it would be curious if one were stupid enough to believe what a gang of pathological liars says is the truth. Ask nearly anyone if they trust politicians and you are likely to get a resounding NO!! And then turn right around and kneel before them and pray for their “help”.

  16. In Texas, both the politicians and the power companies are dumping blame for this week on ERCOT, the quasi-public entity that runs the state power grid and serves as the clearing house for payments between power generators, distributors, and retail utilities.

    The people who work at ERCOT have none of the protection of working in the public sector, and they don’t have the performance incentives of the private sector.

    Last night, the ERCOT spokesdroid gave an interview to the local Fox station. The entity finally has the bugs worked out of the system to fairly distribute the rolling blackouts so no one sees more than 30-60 minutes at a time. Huzzah!

    • “dumping blame for this week on ERCOT”, but who exactly is responsible for putting ERCOT in that position? Did they just appear one day and usurp it, or did the gang of Psychopaths In Charge in Texas give it to them, or at the very least create the opportunity.? There lies the appropriate blame. In a free market, businesses aren’t in the habit of killing their customers. Only at the direction of Psychopaths In Charge will they do so.

  17. I think we need to see how this whole Texas debacle plays out. I’m guessing there are many millions of Texans that blame not just the power companies but the ptb that made deals to turn over 25% of the state’s energy generation to “green” sources. If this plays out where new sources of traditional power generation are demanded and put in place in the state than it will difficult to force the commiefornia decrees onto most of the rest of the country. However if you listen to he leftists in resident joe’s administration and other committed leftists the fault lies with oil, coal and gas and not with solar and wind. Nope, solar and wind did not fail, even though they literally failed, it was the oil, gas and coal that failed. Anyone who doubts this go watch the circle back talking head’s press conference yesterday and look up resident congressman “genius” alexandra odummyo cortez’s tweet from yesterday for reference.

    • The only blame the power companies bear is cooperating with government edicts, which they must do to stay in business. A thing the COVID hysteria has proven beyond doubt.

  18. In all the stories of the Texas energy debacle in the MSM no mention of the windmills that are now frozen and non-functional. Which leads to the question, “if a windmill fails and no one reports it, did it stop?”

    Also, Bill Gates was on 60 Minutes and said to Anderson Cooper that he’s got plans for nuclear power generation. Of course HIS is the bestest nuke EVER! He admits there may be some pushback (ya think?) so it will come down to this, Will the Marxist who have made him into a god on vaccines, accept this “new normal” from Billy?

      • Which begs the question as to how you can have “multiple” vaccines? Are there multiple smallpox vaccines other than “generations”? Right now there are about a half dozen “vaccines”, all of them with different characteristics. In other words, they’ve testing various chemical compounds to see which one, if any, works.

        Sorry, I’m not your guinea pig. I’ll give my dose to Gates or Fauci so long as they take it as a suppository.


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