No Camaros for You!

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In an irony probably lost on General Motors, California has banned until further notice the sale of the Chevy Camaro SS and ZL1 – the high-performance versions of the Camaro – on the basis of “concerns” about the effect on the environment of brake pad emissions.

The fade-resistant high-performance pads used in these models “emit” trace amounts of vaporized/powderized heavy metals such as copper and asbestos during braking and these “emissions” have been illegalized by decree of then-Republican (like margarine in relation to butter) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, effective January 1 of 2021.

Because of the alleged threat posed to fish.

Based on “studies” similar to the ones which predicted 2-3 million deaths from the WuFlu. These “studies” are more political than scientific. Overstated threats to be met with over-the-top measures.

If the fish were Going to Die they would already be long-dead, given that such things as asbestos and copper have been “emitting” from brake pads for the past 100 years.

Never mind.

No Camaros for you, CA!

Well, no SS or ZL1 Camaros. Possibly other GM models with high-performance brakes as well, including the Corvette.

Legislation begins to have consequences, as much as elections – especially when they are stolen.

By 2025 – only four model years from now – CA law will require that all brake pads be zero emissions – which is a really clever regulatory assault on all cars that aren’t electric cars. Such cars rely entirely on brake pads to slow down. And so they wear faster – and “emit” more.

Electric cars have brakes, too – but also rely on engine braking – or rather motor braking – to slow down. The motor that spins to propel can also apply drag to slow – and recover charge in the process, converting the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle into electricity rather than heat (and brake dust).

This is why an EV’s brake pads usually last longer than a not-electric car’s.

It’s a perk, if you don’t count the expense of the electric car itself – which is the way the thing is usually presented. You’ll save so much money on brakes! And oil changes! Which is true. It is also true you’ll pay through the nose for all those savings, as would be the case if you sold your $200k home with single-paned windows and bought a $320k home with triple-paned windows, to save money on utilities.

There’s a more subtle threat on deck, too.

While the focus of the moment is on CA not allowing the sale of a small number of brand-new high-performance cars equipped with high-performance brake pads, the pending 2025 ban on brake pads generally could accelerate the economic obsoleting of all cars in CA that aren’t electric, not just the sale of new ones.      

The parallel here is the ‘90s-era regulatory obsoleting of Freon-based car AC systems, which have become so expensive to keep going that it’s often not worth keeping the car going. The refrigerant was gradually banned – once again, in the supposed name of “environmental” considerations. It is no longer possible to buy it over the counter without special “certification” from the government and even if you have the necessary permission, the cost of the stuff is astounding.

Without working AC, a car isn’t worth much.

So also working brakes.

There are, of course, alternatives to Freon (all cars made since the late ’90s use a different refrigerant) and there will probably also be alternatives to the forbidden materials currently used in brake pads. But the cost of these replacements will function in the manner that costs always do – as a disincentive.

People buy less the more things cost.

Nathan Medina, an attorney representing car dealerships who stand to lose a lot of money on account of these costs, explains:

“Today, it’s only a few types of car . . . but these regulations are only going to get stricter, including that all-out ban in 2025. The U.S. auto industry isn’t doing so hot and these regulations are costing automakers money by being unable to sell them and forcing them to spend more time figuring out ways to make them compliant. So far, it’s two types of high-end cars that need those kinds of brakes. But in the coming years, we could see a lot more types of cars failing to meet those higher and higher standards.”

Which appears to be exactly what’s wanted.

The fish being just the excuse, like the cases! the cases! serves as the excuse to impose the wearing of the Holy Rag and the soon-to-come Holy Jab.

And it won’t be just California, either – as far as no Camaros, et al, for you. What California decrees usually applies everywhere, as far as what’s applied to new cars generally goes. The car companies find it easier to cave to California – and impose the California Way on the rest of the country.

Which brings up the irony mentioned earlier.

GM had opposed California’s attempt to de facto decree national “emissions” standards by dint of imposing them in California – and thus making it necessary for car companies to either build two variants of cars, one for CA and another for the other states  – or build one California car for all the states.

But with the very bad Orange Man on the outs, GM jumped over to hump the leg of the other side – and now supports CA-for-everyone cars. Which means it will have trouble selling cars like the Camaro and all other non-electric cars everywhere.

But that may not be irony at all.

. . .

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  1. Calfornia is on the outs….soon, very soon, the Cascadia Subduction zone and the San Andreas fault will go off and California, Oregon and Washington will be decimated. Any patriots living there…please, move if you can. God’s judgment will absolutely obliterate the left coast…a major source of all ills in the world.

  2. If you live in California, just remove the brakes from your car. Voilà!

    Also, I’m going to build a freon generator. Not for any useful purpose. Just to generate freon and let it go straight to the atmosphere.

  3. Brushed electric motors create a dust too. Also with copper in it.
    What about tire dust?

    They just can’t be up front about it and ban cars for all but the wealthy already.

    • I think that brushless motors are used in most if not all electric cars. Not that it makes this bullshit any less nonsensical. We’re already at the point where you have to either be pretty damn well-heeled to afford a new car or practically take out a long-term mortgage to buy most new cars.

      Orange Guy has huge faults and was a great disappointment in many ways. It is going to be an extremely rough ride though when the hardcore left-wing statists riding in on senile Biden’s coat-tails take power next month. I wouldn’t even call it a conspiracy since they’re pretty open about what they want to do to us.

      • Orange Man is one man against an entire city, indeed, parts of the entire country, himself. He is working not to turn just the Titanic (DC), but the iceberg (US) too. Trump is by far the greatest president we’ve had since Washington, if for no other reason than to upset the entire “rob Americans blind” status quo that has been DC for decades upon decades. Why do you think both Dems and Repubs hate him? Americans are literally some of the most short-sighted and goodhearted people in the world. But also, because of the lack of worldliness in general in the USA, some of the most ignorant and dumbest people on Earth also. After over three decades in US military service around the world, and 15 of those in and around the swamps of DC, I am so tired of trying to illuminate what is wrong to my fellow citizens, and being impugned and insulted over it. I have simply decided to mostly deign to use my remaining energies to prepare for the coming calamities and no longer waste them on an ungrateful and scornful ignoramants.

        • Hi Saxons,

          OM could be great – if he does something before it is too late. It is almost too late. If he permits the election to be stolen then there will be no more elections. The country will be solidly and probably for a very long time under the control of the left, which seized its moment with great skill and determination. OM has so far proved unequal to dealing with them.

          Expecting “the courts” to salvage this is like expecting Mitt Romney to vote to repeal Obamacare.

          • Sadly, Trump’s only option at this point is to invoke the military. The Supreme Court, including Trump’s own picks, basically flipped off the entirety of America with that decision. Even some leftists were outraged.

            • Chuck, I dunno that Trump would pull THAT trigger, and even if he wanted to, it’d likely be a weapon that “misfires”. That is, the military will not likely support the President in an extrajudicial imposition of power or, in effect, declaring himself the winner, no matter how justified his grievances are. And WHAT leftists are “outraged”? Sure, I’ve read that about a THIRD of Democrats believe the election was rigged or stolen, but I’ve read of no “outrage” from any of them.

        • Saxon, really dig the Titanic and Iceberg analogy!

          Yes, Washington has devolved into what G. Gordon Liddy describes as the “District of Criminals”, who all have deluded themselves into believing the party’s not “over”! It’s become akin to how bad the corruption in 19th-century NYC got under the Tammany Hall political machine and William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, who, when confronted with his corruption, just quipped, “well, what are you going to DO about it?” Knowing that he had the police and the courts in his hip pocket, Tweed fairly much ran the Big Apple as his personal fiefdom. It took courageous efforts to finally take him down, though Tammany Hall would endure, including one of it’s most terrible legacies under “Big Tim” Sullivan in 1911…that of New York State’s highly unconstitutional Sullivan Act, passed to legally dis-arm his political opponents. We can expect that the head of the Biden Crime Family will attempt to either stop gun and ammo sales when his illegitimate Presidency starts as a first measure. Which is why I haven’t let the grass grow under my feet.

          • Douglas and Eric, based on my military experience, Service Members(SM) will relish the chance to “perp walk” bureaucrats and
            politicians of ANY party. The more intelligent SM’s realize that the political class is the source of the majority of society’s ailments, and ALL of the financial problems, such our $27 Trillion, and growing, deficit. Fortunately, or not, depending on your perspective, the military is the “last line of defense”, and in this situation of a stolen national presidential election, and since all SM have sworn an oath to “defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”, this is the only option left to resolve this terrible crisis our Nation has been thrust into today. Trump, as President, is the Military Comander in Chief and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the country, and the authority of those positions is no small thing. If you don’t believe me, just look at what Abe Lincoln did during the Civil War to see what Trump could do, if he really wanted. I think Trump’s intent all along was to bring the military in to clean up the mess both Dems and RINO’s have created. The depth and breadth of corruption in our entire electoral process at all levels is beyond breathtaking. It is particularly heinous regarding the issue of foreign influence and money at the national level. Specifically, Chinese funding of the voting machine companies, and all the recent revelations about Chinese influencers, Democrat and Republican elected officials in office right now, as well as bureaucrats in high places within our government right now, by the Chinese themselves. Will Trump pull the trigger of the trap he has created for the Dem and RINO traitors to the US? I sincerely hope so, as they have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. If not, than yes, our Nation will have a new and terrible crisis of biblical proportions coming for our citizens first, but also for the whole world, as China is the ascending power, and they have no qualms about using violent force for political ends, on their own people, and of course, any conquered peoples. The World has seen that already with their Cultural Revolution what happened to the Chinese people, by their own government. What do you think they’ll do to us, once they own our politicians??? We will be “meat on a stick” for them, LOL. Get ready for serious fireworks between now and 20 January is my advice. YMMV….

            • Saxons, perhaps the rank and file and the more junior officers might feel as you do, but all too many of the senior general officers (admirals included) are likewise enmeshed in the bureaucracy and should be likewise considered as Chicom stooges. It would take an uprising by those currently under command, as well as discharged VETERANS whom still take their oath to defend the Constitution and the country it stands for seriously. Nothing would please me more than a REAL “million man march”, all ARMED, on the “District of Criminals”, to arrest the political hacks and throw them OUT, but I ain’t holding my breath.

              • Hi Doug,

                A good friend of mine is convinced it’s not all talk – but I see nothing but failed (so far) procedural attempts to revisit the (s)election,which attempts were/are doomed to fail in my opinion because they depend on facts mattering to institutions such as courts. They do not matter. If they did matter, Americans would not be living under a Diaper Regime (as the facts are clear regarding their inability to prevent healthy people from spreading a sickness they have not got and which 99.8 percent of people don’t die from anyhow).

                If OM and his people are serious, they will have to do something. Not file papers. Not Tweet.

            • Hi Saxons,

              I hope you’re right. I abhor violence and would do almost anything to avoid it – except submit to the grotesque tyranny fulminating all around us. I and many people I know are pinning our last hopes on OM acting. Not Tweeting. Tens of millions would rally to his support.

              Remember Braveheart? When Wallace begs Robert Bruce to do the same?

  4. After most of the CA population willingly accepting the willful destruction of their economic, social, and psychological health, their Psychopaths In Charge are probably convinced they can do what they like to their subjects……er citizens. And they may be right.
    Tyrants do not create tyranny, submission does.

  5. Hi Anon,

    “Is it not odd that the Clinton Foundation contributions fell off the cliff when the hag lost?”

    Hah! You mean maybe they were buying presumed access and not engaging in selfless charity? Please, say it ain’t so.


  6. I would never buy one of Mary Barra’s cars anyway but if one is unfortunate enough to have to live in California, he can still get a Camaro – just buy it in another State, put it in a relative’s name and later, transfer the car to himself. My Mother did this for her Granddaughter when she wanted a Diesel Golf in LA and they were banned in Cali. My Uncle was also able to do this for his Mercedes Diesel.

    • As I recall CA used to put all sorts of registration barriers and taxes and fees for bringing in cars from out of state no matter how it was done. Cars they didn’t allow in CA would never get registered. Did they stop doing that?

      • Why not? Do you think millions upon millions of “Illegals” register THEIR rides, or even have legitimate driver’s licenses, even though likely hundreds of thousands of them voted ANYWAY in this past election in CA?

        What’s good for the “Vato” should be good also for the “Gringo!”

  7. The commonsense solution to this is to hire one of the many out of work movie stunt car guys to do burnouts and stunts in front of the “lawmakers” houses. Of course you would put the cheapest tires on to keep the budget down. Presstitutes invited for the big shew.
    Then run a press conference showing a fun car versus a coaster brake car in a safety demonstration of deceleration. Throw in a hot EV too and then measure the amount of brake dust as compared to a 1970 Buick with drums.

    • Then do an interview on the gig to Mary Barra to show what a fool runs GM.
      Ask her how downshifting works to reduce speed without using brakes. Three on the tree forever, even a six speed Tremec.

  8. Since the government has had so much success improving toilets, light bulbs, gas cans, major appliances, HVAC and tools, I can’t wait for what they have in store for brakes…………………………….

    • Nice reference to the Westinghouse air brake (I assume). Back when innovation really meant something. Well, unless you were a career brakeman.

      • Brakemen had a fairly short career anyway. If you didn’t fall off the roof of the boxcar, you probably were maimed by being pinched in between a coupler or other big pieces of cast iron.

  9. It’ll be my PLEASURE to resurrect mine own vintage Mopar (60s or 70s) and make it an snorting, obnoxious, fire-eating street machine. WHY? Because I WANT TO, and I CAN. It’s MY money, and if I want to devote whatever of it, plus my time and efforts, into building this “samisdat” ride, so be it. And if asked what “need” I have, my reply will be, “the ‘need’ to EXPRESS myself, with iron, chrome, glass, gasoline, and electricity!” If where I title this damned thing has vanity plates, mine should read:


    Here’s fifty cents of ‘free advice’ to these would-be “do-gooders” that think to restrict my motoring happiness: never, Never, NEVER fuck with an old white guy and his RIDE!

  10. Perhaps GM really doesn’t care. After all, they seem to be all-in on the transportation as a service model. What do they care which GM Mobility Unit is leased/rented? They will make a killing denying individuals of other options.

  11. ‘GM … now supports CA-for-everyone cars.’ — EP

    Or CACA-for-everyone cars, as the case may be.

    Meanwhile, one lynchpin of the Cali gerontocracy has tottered and fallen. After asking the same question twice in a Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Dianne Feinstein was convinced to step down from her ranking member position. From an article in the New Yorker:

    ‘Many familiar with Feinstein’s situation describe her as seriously struggling, and say it has been evident for several years.

    ‘They say her short-term memory has grown so poor that she often forgets she has been briefed on a topic, accusing her staff of failing to do so just after they have. They describe Feinstein as forgetting what she has said and getting upset when she can’t keep up.

    ‘One aide described what he called a “Kabuki” meeting in which Feinstein’s staff tried to steer her through a proposed piece of legislation that she protested was “just words” which “make no sense.” Feinstein’s staff has said that sometimes she seems herself, and other times unreachable.’

    It’s obscene that this corrupt, senile old dragon lady wants to shove Kalifornia’s egregious misgovernance down the throat of the entire nation, in the form of ‘progressive’ brake pad and EV and CARB emissions rules, not to mention mandatory all-electric houses.

    Evict the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia from the United States … or no Camaros for you!

    • Interesting article, Jim.

      I have always been a proponent of term limits and Feinstein’s condition is a reason why. Not only should we have them for Congress and the Presidency, but the Supreme Court, too. The infamous RBG should have never died on the bench. Whether we want to admit it or not age takes a toll on our faculties. Unfortunately, those whose faculties are diminishing are often aware and unaccepting of this fact.

      We see with Biden (who was never a smart man, but has gotten to the point of incoherency) will drag this country down with him. His evident decline puts our country’s national security in peril, not to mention we will be a laughingstock. Yes, I know Biden will just be the “face” and others are pulling the strings, but if you are China, Iran, or even Germany, how do you associate with a person who doesn’t have their shit together? They will talk to him like he is someone’s crazy uncle (this country’s) and smirk as they leave the conference knowing America is weak and open to attack.

      • RBG was likely already dead for several YEARS before the craven bastards couldn’t hide it anymore. They went ahead and let Trump have his SCOTUS nominee, and did the usual perfunctory posturing about how American “womyn” would once again have to get “back-alley abortions” and so on. In reality, they believed that the “FIX” was ALREADY in, so why maintain the illusion that RBG was alive and well?

      • RG,

        What I can’t figure out is WHY these old fossils die in office! WTF don’t they retire at 65-70, so they can enjoy what’s left of their lives? WTF would anyone, with few exceptions, want to work that long? I remember Joe Paterno, former coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions, was working in to his 80s, but he clearly loved and enjoyed what he was doing; he’d been at Penn State for decades. That said, those rare exceptions prove the rule that most people should retire by 70. Again, WTF are these old fossils doing in Washington for so long? Why can’t they go home to enjoy life?

        It’s not just DiFi, either; there’s a slew of old fossils from both parties. Chuck Grassley is 78, as is Sen. Majority Leader Mitch “Marble Mouth” McConnell, both Republicans. McConnell will be 84 when his present term expires! You have Nancy Pelosi who’s 80 and in obvious decline. And who can forget Auntie Maxine Waters, who’s also 80? There’s a slew of these people.

        • You’ve answered your own questions. Politicians get into that line of work precisely b/c they crave the POWER that their positions bring. And the GRAFT. Look, most of these folks, being attorneys, other professionals, and business owners have a lot more going for them that the relatively paltry salary (the retirement bennies and health care are great, much better than for run-of-the-mill Federal employees). So WHY do they run for office? Ans. WEALTH and power, and many were already well off before they got into it. In some cases, like DiFi, they look out for their spouse’s or extended families financial interests. Just look at the Clintons..”‘c’mon, Man”, do you really think that the “Hildebeast” made their incredible wealth by trading cattle futures? If that were so, she should have founded her own commodities brokerage and gotten rich as Croesus! Instead, she and Bill got as wealthy as the old Greek king of yore by their “Clinton Foundation”, which is an ill-disguised graft and bribery machine.

          And so many are narcissistic in that they crave the limelight and the adulation. Especially the Clintons and the Obamas. Even Trump, whom otherwise I well support, likes the attention of his base. A fundamental reward of being a celebrity, even a political one.

        • Thats too easy man. They love what they do- they are evil and value only power over their betters.
          One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
          One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
          In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

        • You’re trying to use a model of a normal person but they’ve built a whole mini empire of power and corruption. This IS their life’s mission. They have no “other” life, real passions or bucket list of things to do. For them they are doing what they’re supposed to do – be sociopaths. And just like any other habitual criminal the only things that stop them are incarceration or death.

          • The fix is to prevent diabolical narcissists from being in politics. Which profession attracts diabolical narcissists like stink on feeecis (Marvin Zindler pronunciation)? Well, that would be attorneys and their fellow-travellers, government majors. Ban them from office, watch the caterwauling. Oh, and is it not a “conflict of interest” for ones making the rules and/or enforcing them to benefit from the rules, thus the morass of US Code volumes we currently suffer under.

            Nah, never happen. Roaches and politicians never stop messing up their kitchens!

        • Hi Guys,

          I would agree with most here that people who remain in power indefinitely are doing it for control and not the goodness of their own heart, but we are talking about people who are no longer able to put on their own pants much less make a reasoned decision.

          Who is the puppet holding Feinstein’s strings? Do any of us believe that RBG was actually writing her own opinions? Do we think Soros is trying to control the universe? His money is, but he isn’t. A few people age well and are able to make informed enlightened judgements well into their 80s or 90s, but they are pretty rare.

          Something much more sinister is occurring and these people are nothing more than a figurehead.

        • I have it on pretty good authority that Paterno was nothing more than a marketing figurehead. The alumni wanted him around, so the university kept him around. Day to day, recruiting, all that was pretty much handled by staff. If a recruit was on the fence he’d make a phone call or something, so practiced that it would sound sincere but he probably had no idea who the recruit was or anything about him. Even the press conferences were less and less about Joe as time went on, even though the reporters would practically blow him in the Q&A.

          But when it came to the alumni fund, he was the man who could move the needle.

    • I don’t know what it is with all these old senile politicians. That power hungry, that you can’t give it up? So many, many examples, McCain, RBG, Biden, H Clinton, even Trump is hardly a spring chicken either.

      Normal people count the days until they can retire. That probably says something about what kind of people become politicians. Of course some of the blame can be sent to the voters of California who keep sending this old bat back to DC.

      • RichB,

        You’re right, of course. Most people count the days to retire; not only that, they retire EARLY if at all possible! The only exceptions are those who were clearly born for what they do, such as former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who coached in to his early 80s. That said, such cases prove the rule of what you’re saying; they’re the exception that proves the rule.

      • When one is a senator, particularly a six-termer like DiFi, you’re practically “royalty”. Aw, c’mon, “man”, you have a STAFF that does all the “heavy lifting”. The “old bat” is there to protect her nice little empire, like any DUCHESS would.

        Look at how long good Queen “Lizzie” has reigned over across the pond…why, the first PM that called upon her was Winston Churchill !


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