Open Letter to the Tyrant

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The president of the United States has decreed – no law has been passed – that every American will roll up their sleeves and be Jabbed , else lose their jobs. It will start with companies that employ 100 people or more. It will be expanded to every employer, eventually. The next step will be Proof of Jab to enter – anywhere. This is coming, as sure as the president’s moral authority is receding.

He intends to enforce his decrees using the regulatory apparat of the state, which is telling. America is now an openly lawless country. The Maximum Leader decrees – and the bureaucracy enforces. The trial balloon version of this was floated last year, when “mandates” and “guidelines” supplanted laws.

This is tyranny.

Not the funny, El Presidente of Ecuarico kind.

Some of the people may have voted for Joe Biden. No one voted for mandatory vaccines.  No representative of the people so voted. It was never put up for a vote. It was ordered. That is not America, anymore.

Americans are thus relieved of any obligation to obey.

The time has come to resist. Not with violence. With something more powerful.


We will not submit to this. It is not negotiable. You have neither the authority nor the right to order people to submit to any medical procedure, to take any drug. To force people to submit their children for medical procedures and to take drugs of dubious palliative value that are known to cause harm. We are not livestock, to be ear-tagged and injected at your pleasure.

And America is not a hospital.

The tyrant who now occupies the White House believes he can force his will upon you by threatening to remove your livelihood, using threats of financial ruin applied to employers by his regulatory apparat. He says he will “fine” any employer who continues to employ an Unjabbed Person $14,000 per incident, a sum calculated to bankrupt the refusenik employer, who will be forced to insist his employees submit else lose his business.

But this threat has force only if employees cower before it – and meekly comply, like a cur dog, its tail tucked between its legs.

If employees refuse – to work – then the threat disappears. And a new threat appears, equally motivating, only this time in a different direction.

The tyrant depends on the economy and the taxes it produces – even more so than we, as individuals, depend on our economic activity to provide for ourselves and our families. The tyrant cannot pay his bureaucrats – his swarms of officers – without our labor, which we have the power to withhold, should it become necessary to do so.

And by withholding it, we apply pressure on employers to stop complying. We make it cost them even more than $14,000 per “violation” for being a complicit party to our enserfment.

We shut them down.  

The labor movement understood this – and used the leverage of withholding labor to secure rights for labor. For employees. That power remains there, only dormant.

If a third of the pilots currently employed by the major airlines refused to fly if the Jab becomes a job requirement, then commercial air travel in this country will collapse and – along with it – the commercial airlines. Pilots and crew have skills that cannot be easily or quickly replaced – unlike the “skills” of tyrants and bureaucrats.

The same goes for those who work at power plants, at refineries – anywhere critical to the economy. In the cab of a Fed Ex or semi truck. At the depots, where those trucks are loaded. At the grocery store, where the shelves are stocked. At the schools and hospitals. All of the needful places where productive activity takes place.

As opposed to the destructive activity that takes place in Washington, D.C.

No electricity. No food. No tax revenue.

The machine grinds to a halt. We revoke our sanction. We refuse to be the tool of our own enserfment. Many of us have seen this coming and prepared for it. We can weather not working for a few months – for the sake of our liberty.

How many employers can afford to be offline for months . . . again?

How long will they bleed before they say, enough? Before they refuse to enforce on behalf of the tyrant?

We have the power. If we will only use it.

The tyrant needs a lesson. To be shown that while he holds an office, he is not in charge. He does not posses unlimited authority. He has no lawful authority over our bodies. We control them and we will not surrender that control to him or to anyone else. We will stop working – and paying.

We will say no.

Until this ends.

Which could be tomorrow, if enough of us simply refuse to submit. Will you? Or will you emulate the cur dog, its tail tucked between its legs? What will you tell your children when they ask why you didn’t stand up for them? Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror, if you submit to this?

Americans used to like to consider themselves both brave and free. The latter requires the former. Without it, you are free, all right. To submit. To do as they say.

Will you be brave?

In order to become free, once more?

Just say No.

That’s it. That’s all of it.

. . .

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  1. They can do this forever — they print their own free money, and have stockpiles of food/etc in Arkasas bunkers (caves etc). We peasant-mouse people aren’t going to starve them out or call their bluff. They’re prepared for that.

    I’d like to see the Pirate-dent get a couple jabs on live TV, and the jabs are provided by the peasants so they’re the REAL jabs full of the toxic soup. Lets see if he survives.

    Just last week or so, I heard on a local radio show, a caller reported about a young couple in their 20’s — the guy got the deadly injection at Costco and passed out cold — he might be dead, I didn’t get a follow-up to the news yet. That’s gotta be some concentrated poisons in those things LOL… 5 minutes after getting it you’re dead. And Costco & every other department store is apparently a medical procedure outlet now — no need to go to a hospital which has oxygen & IV magnesium & IV vitamin C & defibrillators etc, NAH, just go to a Costco to get your deadly injections.

    Who needs death camps when the whole country is turned into one big death camp?

    We the peasant-mouse people let these supervillains take over the whole world — this is what we get for thinking we could trust the “representatives” & “legislators”. What did we think would happen? Oh that’s right, we didn’t think about it. We just lived in their crazy world trying to make a buck in their extremely mismanged money system. Now half (?) of the population is so brain-damaged & retarded they actually voluntarily get their lethal injections. Oh Madon!

  2. “If a third of the pilots currently employed by the major airlines refused to fly if the Jab becomes a job requirement, then commercial air travel in this country will collapse and – along with it – the commercial airlines.”

    Crushing the small business sector of the economy was practically a GOAL in 2020.
    Who’s to say that the above isn’t a GOAL this year?

    • Henry, how right you are. Take a look at this 2019 report from “UK FIRES” on eliminating carbon emissions in the UK by 2050.

      Page 6 reflects that it is an open goal in UK to close all commercial airports, other than Heathrow, Glasgow & Belfast by 2029, and then CLOSE ALL AIRPORTS by 2050.

      To think that like goals aren’t in the works for every region, including US, would be wishful. Society as we know it is being carefully dismantled, demolished, and disintegrated. The real money behind industries like the airlines have had plenty of warning to position themselves accordingly.

      • Hi FP,

        What they plan is one thing. Whether these plans succeed, another. FDR had plans to pack the Supreme Court and establish a Mussolini-style National Recovery Act. These plans failed. Hitler planned to crush the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had plans to “bury” the West. I do not dispute there are agendas at work, plans intricate and vile. But I do not share what comes across as your sense of hopelessness and despair; that we’re done for and may as well just accept our chains.

        Fuck that. Fuck it raw, fuck it hard.

        I do not use profanity lightly or often. This is a time for using it.

        Stop awarding them victory before we are defeated! I know it is dark. I realize a storm is coming – that it is here. But the mere fact that I can still type this – and that you can read it – is proof positive it is not over yet. Please stop thinking it is!

        • “Stop awarding them victory before we are defeated!”


          I told someone something similar to that just yesterday, I like the way you framed it better.
          There’s also, Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

        • “Stop awarding them victory before we are defeated! I know it is dark. I realize a storm is coming – that it is here. But the mere fact that I can still type this – and that you can read it – is proof positive it is not over yet. Please stop thinking it is!”

          Damn straight, Eric! Now if only the rest of America had the same mindset…

    • Certainly, Henry –

      But my point is, essentially, that we take our ball and leave the field. We create our own, parallel economy. We do our thing – and forget about them. If they will not leave it at that – if they attempt to do us violence – well, then we will have the right to defend ourselves. I pray it does not come to that, but if it should, our cause will be just.

      • I, too, would like to live in a parallel society amongst sane, like-minded people like us. And as for TPTB, I seriously doubt that they will simply leave us alone. We are talking about a bunch of evil psychopaths, after all. Mark my words, anything that CAN be done, WILL be done (or at least attempted).

  3. There may be a problem with delivering babies in NY….

    If the vaxxed believe they can push people into doing something they don’t want, good luck.

    I just wish we had the opportunity to have dualing economies. If the overseers want to take this to the extreme so be it. We have the vaxxed hospital and the unvaxxed hospital, the vaxxed grocery store and the unvaxxed grocery store, the vaxxed school and the unvaxxed school. In a free market this would be allowable. Instead we have government intervention which will destroy all markets.

    • >A hospital in northern New York will stop delivering babies
      Ah, no worries.
      Amazon Prime should be able to pick up the slack.

      Seriously, my Dad was born at home; so was his older brother. Women did not necessarily go to a hospital to give birth, in those days. Perhaps that will become normal again, at least among some groups. Who knows?

      When I was a boy (1950s) we were told women went to a hospital to have a baby, because they, and their child, might die if they did not. I understand there is some truth to that, and that fewer women today die from complications of childbirth than did in the past. How many? I do not know.

      But in today’s world, there may be some who distrust what may be imposed upon them, or their child, without their will. Forced collection of the child’s DNA, for one thing. Various “vaccines,” for another. We shall see…

      • At some point one must evaluate the risk of going to a hospital in itself. They are after all full of sick people, and the aggressive disinfection kills the weak pathogens, leaving the very most vigorous alive. Home child birth is increasing, in part for the above reasons. That and the highly impersonal care one typically receives in a hospital, where one is turned into a commodity. Not to mention that hospitals routinely in effect kidnap children for “medical reasons”. Like a parent seeking a second opinion.

        • >aggressive disinfection kills the weak pathogens, leaving the very most vigorous alive.
          Yep, such as MRSA, which my best friend contracted due to contact with a “hospital,” a.k.a. House of Doom, IMO.

      • “When I was a boy (1950s) we were told women went to a hospital to have a baby, because they, and their child, might die if they did not. I understand there is some truth to that, and that fewer women today die from complications of childbirth than did in the past. How many? I do not know.”

        Then again there is the theory that the more we try to defeat Darwin at his own game, the more snowflakes we breed, and we lose the gut understanding that life itself is basically unsafe, unfair, and doesn’t give a damn how you feel.

  4. I just finished reading Claire Wolfe’s two part articles, ‘Dealing with our new totalitarian reality’ here’s a brief relevant bit:

    “All we can know is that, after some unknown period and one or more unpredictable triggering event(s) (the classic “Gradually and then suddenly”) our decomposing elite will fall.

    In the meantime we have two jobs to do. Just two: live with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it.

    Live with does not mean tolerate. Outlive doesn’t mean to wait passively until it dies on its own. On the contrary.” …

    A snippet from a comment:

    “The most important thing – which Solzhenitsyn said – is that we must live not by lies. We must not add legitimacy to the system wherever possible by actively supporting, agreeing with, or repeating its lies.”

  5. The difficulty in this is that too many already complied, increasing the pressure on the remaining ones, unless ALL of the remaining refuse to comply. That is simply unrealistic, due to last year’s economic stranglehold on so many, combined with rampant inflation, who now can’t sacrifice their income.

    Secondly, the governments spent DECADES organizing this plot. We are all merely individuals, isolated by the tactics of 2020 even more than before.

    Big companies are all seemingly falling in line, as will our corrupt courts when the outcome is to be decided. This is almost fait accompli. Too many, in lieu of organizing, are just trying to pick themselves up off the floor after being hit in the head with a baseball bat.

    I said in the beginning, that each person who takes the needle sends a message to the government that “you can do this.” This corners the rest of us.

    I have most of the human race on death watch ….

  6. There have been some good discussions on here, some very informative. I have been reading from the very start of this fake pandemic, that it’s a coverup for a financial collapse/theft…and I’m sure control. Just wish I could click ‘like’ or ‘amen’ or something below almost every single one of the comments.
    I think that there are more of ‘us’ than ‘them’. They are just more vocal.

    • Hey Elaine, “I think that there are more of ‘us’ than ‘them’. They are just more vocal.”

      There really are more of us than of them. If we were a minority, they would not have needed to STEAL the election.

  7. Eric, thank you for posting this. It is exactly what people need to hear…and act on.

    Do you remember the anti-war slogan of the Vietnam era–“Hell, no, we won’t go!”? Here’s an updated version which is appropriate now. “Hell, no we won’t, Joe!” Can you imagine the consternation if millions of people suddenly appeared on city sidewalks in mass protest using this slogan or something similar? It would drive the controllers mad.

    Have a great day.

    • >Do you remember the anti-war slogan of the Vietnam era
      Hell, no, we won’t go
      Yes, I do, and very well.
      Also, “One two three four, what are we fighting for?”
      Country Joe asked the crowd for four letters (or maybe it was seven).
      Here are four syllables:
      Nicht mein fuehrer.
      Nicht mein fuehrer.
      Nicht mein fuehrer.

      Had the Nazis won, we’d all be speaking German, right?
      English translation:
      Mr. Asshole:
      You are *NOT* my leader.
      You can kiss my ass.

      I sent a printed copy, anonymously, to:
      The Resident
      The White House
      Washington, DC

      You are welcome to do the same, if the spirit moves you.

          • I think he’s suggesting your document can be traced back to you based on your computer printer. I fail to see how this is possible, though, unless you registered your printer online. And besides, why would the White House go through all that trouble just to track down one single dissenter. They probably receive hundreds of such letters each day.

            • >I fail to see how this is possible
              Neither do I, and, quite frankly, I do not care.
              In fact, I considered inking my thumbprint to it, but didn’t bother. May be prints anyhow, but WGASA?

              >why would the White House go through all that trouble just to track down one single dissenter.

              If not thousands.
              Death threats are another matter, of course.

              But all I did was call the hoser a dirty name, and invite him to kiss my ass. If that is against the law, then molon labe, fokkers.

              • Hey, Turtle Blues,

                In reference to your comment, >Also, “One two three four, what are we fighting for?”

                I wrote the little ditty shown below and posted it on my website, Face of Freedom. Hover on my name and click the link

                Sung to the tune and cadence of the military chant, “Sound Off.”

                “Ain’t gonna wear no mask, no more,”
                (Ain’t gonna wear no mask, no more)
                “Ain’t gonna lock down, that’s for sure.”
                (Ain’t gonna lock down, that’s for sure)
                “Ain’t gonna get jabbed, not for me,”
                (Ain’t gonna get jabbed, not for me)
                “Ain’t gonna comply, I am free.”
                (Ain’t gonna comply, I am free)

                “Sound off, one, two.”
                (Sound off, one, two)
                “Sound off, three, four.”
                (Sound off, once more)

                Repeat. Enjoy. Spread. Credit Face of Freedom

                • Great!
                  Keep ’em coming. 🙂

                  How’z about some new verses to “We Shall Overcome?”
                  We will not comply,
                  We will not submit,
                  We will not be jabbed,

      • Your letter will get rejected. The post office will open it since there is no return address and if they can’t find one inside they will send it to the shredder. Biden will be none the wiser to your sentiments.

  8. Interesting you mention Fed Ex truckers, as my dad is one. He’s only been there for a few years and already he has enough clout to basically get any route or schedule he wants (which he never abuses). Probably because they are desperate to please and keep him employed there. I’ve heard some stories from him from other drivers from there and other companies too… yikes. And he is in his early 60s and he will not take the Jab. It’ll be interesting to see if they allow drivers to remain unjabbed.

    Also side note… things that cannot go on forever, won’t. I think this fiat ponzi economy is near its end, and TBTB know it. The bubble of all bubbles is about to pop. Perhaps this false flag rag and jab is to cover up its inevitable demise? THEY shut down the economy because we wouldn’t comply… it definitely wasn’t their preciously flawed Fed Reserve!

    I have no idea. Hunker down everyone. This is going to be an interesting winter.

    • The reason they shut down the economy was to slow the velocity of the “federal reserve” note. Otherwise, we would have cheap gas at $8 per gallon and econo cars at $50,000 per. That is the real reason for the “chip shortage” and empty new car lots, and bare grocery store shelves. Don’t worry, there will not be a food shortage for long. Their plan ( is to drive the US population down to 100 million by 2025. It is likely that the death jab has already killed a few million US residents. Some teenagers (blood clots) but also many seniors in which it is not blamed on the death jab, but the covid-hoax.

  9. Folks,

    The Danish gov’t has lifted ALL COVID restrictions! The Danes have returned to normal life. Why did that happen? Did it have anything to do with the mass protests around the gov’t buildings in the Danish capital, Copenhagen? Anyway, here’s the encouraging story:

    • The MSM is spinning it as being a result of Denmark having a high vaccination rate. But Israel’s and Canada’s vaxx rate is about the same as Denmark’s and look at the tyranny they’re still under.

  10. Eric, you have nailed the down and dirty of this equation. This is strictly a fear based threat made by a political puppet who doesn’t even have a clue as to what he is saying anymore (and likely never has during his 50 year fake political career). The people have always had the power but we are many times disorganized and split is several directions, as the elistists have intended. I am retired, but plan on never submitting to any injection.

    Furthermore, you have to ask yourself (each of us) is why if covid and its pretend variants are so deadly, then why would a government not make it mandatory for its leaders and important workers? Surely, they would want to protect the health of these government authority figures….to lose them to covid would be devastating, right? Makes no logical sense to me.

    But this is typical government…they tell us do as I say even though these mandates and dictates do not apply to them. This also applies the pharma and some others who will not be on any mandate to get an injection. Wouldn’t big pharma want to protect their own employees, the very creators of these wonderful mRNA injections that are going to save the planet?

    The ONLY conclusion I can see is that these are truly death injections in which some die quickly, others live a bit longer, but most will eventually succumb to nano-particle infiltration of their immune systems and either live in terrible pain or die a welcomed death.

    • I seriously doubt mass die-offs are the goal. With everyone dying, who will build the PTB’s infrastructure and keep things running smoothly? To whom will they sell things to, and who will they rule over (enslave)? It’s more likely that the first set of jabs paves the way for everyone getting a technological leash in the form of an embedded vaxx pass or biometric chip. There’s also the hypothesis that graphene-laced “vaccines” can be synched up with 5G to turn individuals into walking communications devices so they can be more easily tracked and controlled. Who knows, but widespread death just doesn’t compute.

      • Jim,

        Intent may not be the same as outcome.

        In general, my opinion is that the vaccine => certain death prediction is probably exaggerated. Might the vaccine appreciably increase the risk of death over the short term (1-3 years)? Sure, it might. It’s plausible. Maybe even likely. There are a lot of weird potential side effects that have showed up already. I don’t trust it. But it’s also possible that most or all of the vaccinated (who haven’t died or suffered serious injury already) will be fine. No one knows the true answer, because they didn’t really test the damned things before pushing them out for public consumption.

        In my view, anyone who takes the vaxx voluntarily at this stage of the game is a fool–although (to a point) I can understand why a lot of people were motivated to take it by a combination of fear of death/covid, and hope for a return to normal.

        There is no return to normal, and zero-covid is not realistically possible. Avoiding covid exposure is also not realistically possible, unless you want to live out your days alone in a cave, and even then maybe not (bats).

        As far as vaccine-dependent ADE and leaky vaccines etc. These are concerns. However, I think that we might be saved from the worst of this for the exact same reason why we can never eradicate the ‘rona, and we can never achieve herd immunity: animals can get it too. They aren’t vaxxed, except for a statistically insignificant few who live in zoos.

  11. The comments here caused me to think of John Steinbeck’s 1942 short novel, ‘The Moon is Down’. Here is most of Claire Wolfe’s intro to it:

    “The Moon is Down is a war story of an unusual kind. It’s set almost entirely in living rooms and drawing rooms, with the violence offstage. It’s about what happens when ordinary, peaceable people are conquered — but not defeated — by an invader. What happens when a top-down organization that prides itself on its superiority and meticulous planning meets that most unknowable of all things … the ordinary individual.”

    A free link to the novel, it’s a very interesting read, imho:

  12. As more time goes by more ways to protect ourselves with our God giving Constitutional Rights will be highlighted. But the out of control criminals that have government giving titles not earned by The People and their votes. Those criminals will say that The People are using “loopholes” in the laws and will make up more anti-constitutional laws and make threats of putting honest and decent Americans in jail/prison. The groundwork is in place. Government calling people “radicals”, excuse me but those people are not “radicals” they are 100% decent red blooded Americans. The point on forcing businesses to fire employees for not volunteering to take the, Protein Spike Bio-weapon. Don’t fire them, lay them off so they can collect paid into and paid for unemployment insurance. Likely government will not process any application for earned through being fully paid for unemployment benefits. At that point all bets are off being the government is making it clear there is no law but the made up laws created out of thin air by them. The States will be free to leave the Union because it will be clear there is no Constitutional Republic left for the States to belong to.

    • The republic is still there, just abandoned to a commercial operation. It is our duty to enforce it. The how will be determined in the next few months. In the mean time, make your boss aware of 26 USC 3401 (c). I paraphrase: employee means an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a State, (not state of the union, a state of the United States, Puerto Rico, for example) the District of Columbia or any instrumentality thereof and an officer of a (federal) corporation. Do you fit into that box? If not, your boss can stand on that definition and challenge any decree from DC. This is how we enforce the constitution. Now, to find an honest judge…

      • This has not been a republic since 1865, when Lincoln killed about 650,000 Americans to dispose of any notion of a sovereign State. Previous to that disaster, States had absolute authority over the federal government, because they could leave it at their pleasure. Such was widely accepted as the right of the States. Since 1865 the fox has been in charge of the hen house. States have only two alternatives, call out the militia, or comply. Since calling out the militia didn’t serve well in 1860-1865, most comply.

    • Good point mark. The tell I’m looking for is the first time the .Guv sends out a round of stimulus that only goes to those who have supplicated themselves to the jab-masters. From there it won’t be long until round ups begin.

      • The round ups. First hand reports that I have seen with my own eyes, young men of military age that are clearly illegals from last January up to now and counting being on flights on commercial airlines. They are in groups of 12, board first and their handler sits behind them. I have a pretty good hunch who will be involved in the round ups.

  13. Autel Robotics Dragonfish:

    Watched a demo of this aircraft on Tuesday. This drone is capable of 2+ hour flight time (and batteries can be swapped out in minutes), nearly silent flight, 14 mile range on the radios. Once on a mission it can identify moving targets -it literally highlights them with little bullseyes on the screen. Pilot or camera operator selects a target and it will begin flying a pattern. At that point the camera operator can zoom in 20X optical, 12X digital, with an incredibly stable gimbaled camera. During the demo the camera operator selected a random vehicle and zoomed in. We could clearly see everything laying on the dashboard of the SUV while aircraft was at about 200 ft AGL. I’m sure I could easily spot an illegal radar detector, for example. System can feed video over Ethernet, so it is a trivial matter to send video back to HQ over a business class cellular modem.

    Coming soon to a police department near you!

    • You got me thinking about those ‘Area Patrolled By Aircraft’ signs I see in northeast Ohio along the highway. They just want to keep EVERYBODY SAFE AND DESTROY YOUR EVIL WEED! Here’s a snippet from a 2013 article from Slate’s website…

      “…every day there’s a new story about how our drones are coming home to roost. People are afraid of shadowy government motives and what snooping drones could mean for the future of privacy, but you never hear anyone complaining about the uniformed police officers that are allegedly already watching from above…

      The Ohio State Highway Patrol, for instance, says on its website that it’s equipped with Forward-Looking Infra-Red and cleared to perform “photo missions,” including searching our private property for marijuana…

      Iowa also still employs aircraft—eight helicopters . (Fun fact: In addition to catching speeders and aggressive drivers, they also monitor illegal hunting.) Lt. Robert Hansen says they can even use their units in response to certain situations, like hearing the revs of crotch rockets getting ready for a street race…

      “We put the signs up because we want you to know and obey the speed limit,” he told me. “We want to keep people safe.”…

      • Well, if it saves just one life…

        I never understood the motivation for using aircraft to catch speeders. Cost per hour of a fixed wing aircraft just for pleasure is about $150. Can’t imagine what a helicopter costs, even before paying a trained pilot and observer. Heck, when I was going to school in downtown Denver the police ‘chopper would sometimes put the spotlight on me on my way home from the library. The way my mind works it felt like I was in a movie, but that instinct to run was always there too. Even though I didn’t do anything but walk home from the library. No amount of gang banging ever justified flying a helicopter around town all night. And very little activity justifies the Dragonfish either, but at least it’s a fraction of the operational cost.

        • Well, a helicopter can’t cost all that much, they use them to spray insecticide on crops in the midwest.
          So, I’m guessing the price is about the same as a single engine prop plane costs to do the same job. It’s probably not much $.
          You may be surprised at how many of both do that job.

  14. I remember 3 years ago my older daughter asked me if there was anything I might go to jail for. It was an odd question: I’ve always worked for my pay, never touched drugs, don’t plan on driving if I plan on drinking et cetera. I told her at the time maybe if the state imposed some type of totalitarian decree against human rights I would go to jail if I had to resisting that unlawful order. I specifically mentioned vaccines. In short I will not comply. My soul is worth more than that even if they have made my life very difficult through this nonsense. Now they want my husband to get the jab as condition of getting a green card and coming to America. Thailand has gone all in on vax passports without calling them that. If we leave Phuket for any reason legally we can’t come back, even though I’ve lived here for 8 years. It’s got me seriously looking into Mexico. When they make legal migration impossible they make the illegal type inevitable. But I sense a pushback. I’d love to see garbage collectors (one of the most underappreciated and vital jobs) walk out en masse…

    • Hi Amy,

      Now is the time to bear up and stand fast for all is on the line. Denmark just lifted all of its ‘Rona performance rituals; there is mass resistance in France and Germany. I sense that about to begin here. All hangs on not giving in – on refusing to comply. Even at the cost of temporary economic inconvenience. For the sake of ending permanent tyranny.

    • It’s amazing how little “garbage” (food trash) you need to dispose of when you keep dogs and livestock. Animals pay for themselves in multiple ways. Now, mineral, fiber, and plastic trash is a completely different discussion. But a lot of that can be burned if need be, damn the regs.

  15. Harry Turtledove’s story, “The Last Article”, explores the limits of peaceful protest. Quite a good, short read.

    One ‘side’ or the other MUST submit, else this question will assuredly be settled ‘in the old-fashioned way’.

    I can see no alternative to this.

  16. The local casino here claims it reached 100% compliance after they instituted a vaccine mandate a month or so ago. It just goes to show how weak-willed the public is. Sad.

    Oh, can’t forget this one: My brother’s employer (a bank) baited its employees into taking The Jab by promising to end the Face Diaper policy. Do you think they held up their end of the bargain? Hell no!

    • Handler, my brothers employer, a tech company in SF also tried to do the same, ie no mask after the Jab. As soon as most people got it, they didnt hold up their side. Thankfully my brother listened to me and hasn’t gotten it yet, but I think its even becoming more obvious to him…

  17. The beauty of the system is that the states don’t need the current government. They can bypass the feds by calling a convention and can either greatly alter or even abolish the federal government. We can fire Daddy Joe without so much as an election. The American experiment has a chance for as long as this system remains. It is, in fact, likely to become the last bastion of the free union.

    When a check abrades against the left, they first smooth it out, and then they eliminate it (at that point it’s a formality because the check is already toothless). The checks on our government at the federal level are in a catastrophic cascading failure. The senate, the federal judiciary, the agreement, and other systems are subject to this. All we will have soon is state sovereignty.

    The central question here is: How much longer until it is mainstream leftism to support abolishing the states? We are already seeing efforts to federalize elections. How long until states can’t nullify, can’t call a convention, etc.? How much longer after wearing the states smooth and toothless will they officially be abolished and restructured into sub-units of the feds? At that point, America is over and I fear that it will happen sooner than we realize.

    We must use it or lose it.

    • Which is why the left, and far too may on the right, worship Lincoln, for killing 650,000 Americans, more than all other wars combined, to dispose of any notion of State sovereignty.

      • Nonsense. Sure an individual state can’t leave anymore, but due to our (currently) federalist system, all you need is a sizeable number of states to gang up on the feds. The federal government can learn very quickly that Lincoln didn’t change shit, if enough states go against them that is.

        • “Sure an individual state can’t leave anymore”

          What other constitutional questions do you believe were conclusively decided by the legal argument, “potestas definit rectitudinem?”

  18. This makes me wonder – was Afghanistan an intended distraction for this, and not the other way around? They’re openly taunting now. Provoking an upset population. Why and to what end?

    • Hi BAC,

      I think all of this is a red herring…..COVID, Afghanistan, the vax, etc. I think it has to do with money, but I can’t tell if it is China or the US. It is a power play though.

      In September 2019 the Repo Market crashed. This is the place where banks offer ST loans to each other. On September 16th the interest rates on the Repo Market increased to 10%. Why? The market had run out of cash. Someone (a bank? a country?) needed the money so bad that they were willing to pay extraordinary rates for it. I don’t believe it was the US government and the reason why was because the US Treasury just received the third quarter estimated tax payments for 2019. Could it have been a bank? Yes, but if I was a betting girl my money would be on China. It was a bank or country that held a very high number of US Treasuries. China also has had some horrible growing pains where the money cannot keep up with the expansion. Think the US in the 1980s. Unsustainable growth and greed. The crash in the Repo Market shows there is a bigger crisis on the horizon. The Fed ended up having to add money (about $500 billion dollars) to the Repo Market which is not something they ordinarily do.

      The problem becomes that US Treasuries are not a guaranteed safety net. Very much like what happened in 2008 and the housing market crisis which was caused by consolidated mortgage securities being sold over and over and over again it appears the Repo Market may be suffering the same fate. For every US Treasury sold three people believe they own it. What happens when all want to cash in? A failing banking system.

      • Hi, RG,
        So, what you are saying, if I understand correctly, is that “Covid” is cover for impending collapse of the global financial system. Is that correct?

        I have no knowledge of Repo Market, or any other sophisticated financial instruments, but it sounds to me like you are implying that a) collapse is imminent, b) a few well placed insiders will make out like the bandits they are, and c) the rest of us are in for a financial shitstorm, the likes of which the world has never seen. Is that about right?

        • That pretty much covers it.

          Hammer time is here – naked, unvarnished tyranny. No more velvet glove disguising the iron fist. A sizeable minority within the country is being viciously demonized and ostracized. Now those who have resisted the Holy Jab are faced with complying with forced injections of experimental medication or lose their homes and starve. Of course we are also seeing the deployment and spread of “Your papers, please.” Joey Stalin would be proud.

          A few generations back this never would have flown. There used to be a saying back then: “It can’t happen here.” Well now it is happening and I expect the majority of today’s snowflakes will meekly comply.

        • Hi turtle,

          The financial market is teetering. That it has remained standing this long surprises me, but it is all funny money going from balance sheet to balance sheet.

          The Great Reset is synonymous with the financial markets crashing. They will reset to zero by destroying most currencies and erasing debt on a global scale. There are always two sides to every coin. What becomes of the debt holders? Businesses, banks, countries, individuals who lent money believing that they would be repaid? Someone is going to lose. These people will refuse to participate in the new system that is established since they have been betrayed. At this point anarchy will ensue and it won’t be the good kind. It becomes a very dangerous world, even for the elite. The idiots promoting this not know what they do. They foolishly believe they will have protection. By whom? When the world does not a stabilized form of payment people like mercenaries and security details will not stick around choosing to protect their own.

          To say it is going to be a clusterf….is an understatement.

          • Hi, RG,
            Thanks for response. Wow, just wow.

            I know you are a financial professional of some kind, but although I respect your considered professional opinion, I do not know your exact qualifications. Would you care to state your credentials, for the record?

            >individuals who lent money believing that they would be repaid? Someone is going to lose. These people will refuse to participate in the new system

            As in, no one wants to buy U.S. Treasury securities?
            SHTF x n, where n is a large number, in that case.

            >people like mercenaries and security details will not stick around choosing to protect their own.

            Welcome to Uganda, or maybe Zimbabwe.

            • Hi turtle,

              I am just an accountant. I have no insider information from the global trough. 🙂 I read a lot. I analyze numbers. I look for patterns and inconsistencies, especially historical patterns.

              1. The Repo Market Crash of 2019 can be found in numerous articles from Forbes to the Federal Reserve’s own notes.

              2. The WEF has not been shy in their wish of resetting global standards by instituting such plans as the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Since their partners happen to be multimillionaires and billionaires I can’t overlook the hogwash just because of the amount of money and influence that are involved.

              3. I am privy to an assortment of accounting articles and newsletters that discuss not only potential tax changes (some wishful thinking), but some very serious pushes toward biometric passports and extreme climate adaptions and how they affect the qualify of life.

              4. The numbers that are portrayed by the media and newsletters are inconsistent when you dig further into them. Real numbers for unemployment, GDP, and inflation are being downplayed.

              5. The Stock Market and Housing Market are unsustainable bubbles. Right now the only place an individual or business can make a decent ROI is in stocks. Such areas as CDs, savings accounts, bonds, commercial paper, etc. have been pushed down due to the manufactured low interest rates set by the Fed. The stock valuations hold no water. The balance sheets and income statements of the companies do not correspond to their worth. Somebody will be holding the bag when this corrects itself.

              6. Low interest rates and high inflation. The Fed continuously changes their tune and will not taper quantitative easing or increase interest rates although Americans are looking at inflation cost well over the Fed’s 2% rate. Plywood has increased 250%, food costs have skyrocketed between 13-18% on average, fuel has increased well over 50% and more in some areas. The producer price index has increased 8.3 (does not include fuel or food) in the last 12 months. It has not been this high since it began in November 2010.

              7. The conundrum between higher wages, lower productivity in the work force, and government benefits to the non producers. We all see the hiring signs and feel the labor shortage every time we enter a restaurant or store or need a service delivered. Businesses do not have the needed persons to be able to deliver a product or service in a timely manner. The government has continually funded (with federal benefits only stopping this prior Monday). Why are we spending taxpayer funds when jobs are available? How this is being paid for? By the non stop printing press.

              8. The supply shortage. When people aren’t working, businesses aren’t producing. We see it in the store shelves or when we place an order for materials. There are nearly 40 ships in the LA port that still have not been unloaded. Shipping containers are being sent back to Eastern Asia empty (which means we aren’t manufacturing or selling). This is not going to correct itself anytime soon. The wildfires in CA which is our biggest producer of agricultural goods for our country have destroyed millions of acres of crops used to feed Americans. Where do we supplement our onions, plums, garlic, almonds, wines, kiwis, celery, etc.
              Add this to the water shortage that is occurring in the Western states.

              9. There is also another scenario which has not played out, but seriously concerns me. This will take many months, quite possibly a year to feel the effects of, but with Uncle Joe’s demand of new shots we are going to lose a myriad of older workers. Men and women that were looking at working for another few years will be forced to resign. What will they do? They will apply for Social Security. They will start withdrawing their pensions from the stock market. They will stop producing. They will pay less in taxes. They will take more from the overwrought system then the system can maintain.

              10. Mass migration into the US. They need houses, they need food, they need water. Where is the money coming from?

              I have several more examples, but I didn’t want to use all of Eric’s storage capacity. On a final note though, in 2020 61% of Americans did not pay one dollar in federal income tax. Which means 39% are holding up the whole country. This number will be even higher in 2021.

              • Hi, RG,
                Hoo boy!
                Thank you for your very thoughtful and detailed post. Please continue to speak the truth as it appears you know it to be.

                No one is “just” anything.
                Ben Franklin was “just” a printer.
                Paul Revere was “just” a smith.
                And Jesus of Nazareth was “just” a carpenter.

                You are obviously well qualified, very well read, and very well informed, in your field. It appears you are also afflicted with FBS (Functioning Brain Syndrome) which the “vaccine” of government indoctrination has somehow failed to kill. Must be an “indoctrination resistant” strain of the disease, of which I suspect most of those who post here are at least carriers. 🙂

                >The stock valuations hold no water.
                Absurd P/E ratios.
                No individual investor can make money.
                It is all a high stakes casino, played by aggregators of capital, using machines, likely including so-called “intelligent” machines, to make their play.

                >Americans are looking at inflation cost well over the Fed’s 2% rate.
                Yes, and the Feds will continue to lie about it, in order to escape debt obligations. It appears to me to be their only way out.

              • “Why are we spending taxpayer funds when jobs are available?”
                1. How many small businesses have been destroyed by the lockdowns: those jobs are not there.
                2. How many of the remaining businesses will require the incessant jabs; would any person of understanding apply to work at such places?

                The conditions for being employed are no longer acceptable for free men.

                • Hi teo,

                  1. Those jobs are there to the tune of 10 million of them. The problem is at the height of the pandemic the government (state and federal) was paying on average $921 a week for someone unemployed. This is the equivalent of $23.02 per hour on a 40 hour work week or $47,881/year.

                  When the $600 federal benefit ended in July 2020 the government still supplemented $300, in addition to the average state unemployment amount of $321/per week. The unemployed were still making $15.52/hr for staying home or roughly $32,281 per year. Not bad money for watching TV all day. If I was on Social Security I would be pretty damn jealous. The average Social Security amount annually is $17,168.

                  2. Businesses with over 100 employees have two choices: 1) insist on the jab or weekly testing and lose valuable employees; 2) ignore the mandate (which isn’t a law and will likely be tied up in court for years to come) and take a chance that if you are caught you MAY be dinged with a $14K fine per employee.

                  Before we go down the rabbit hole on this we need to realize that OSHA has not even written this law. So if I am employee I wouldn’t be jumping overboard just yet. Once OSHA actually writes the law employers everywhere will be hiring lawyers to either sue or create a loophole. “Oh, I am sorry OSHA, but we are a private club, not a business.” “You want to see my records OSHA? Unfortunately, I have no employees, only subcontractors.”

                  Not to mention that OSHA is already overextended. They do not have the capability to be able to handle the caseload that this will entail. Can you imagine OSHA trying to go through every employee’s record for validation of a shot or weekly testing at Raytheon? They only have 180K employees. OSHA will be there for six months.

                  Free men do not have to work for someone else. They have the option to if they would like, they also have the recourse to go into business for themselves, or not work at all. All that I ask is don’t use American taxpayer dollars to subside one’s way of life because they do not feel like getting out of bed in the morning.

                  • Very well put, RG.
                    I have heard small business owners locally complain they can’t find employees, because too many people do not want to work.

                    As well, there has been a big controversy in CA as to whether so-called “gig” workers, chiefly drivers for services such as Instacart, etc. should be classified as employees or “independent contractors.”

                    I expect to see more of the same in the near future.

                  • As for the $15:
                    When I started working in 1965, the minimum wage was $1.50; using an inflation calculator and assuming that the actual rate of inflation is what the site is using is true (it is not); the $1.50 in today’s dollars is $14.50. Since my pay at that job was $.25 above the minimum wage, $16.17 would be the value of my then pay today.
                    Pay the current value of that $1.50 and people would be happy to work and the libertarian/cuckservatives need knock off this talk that people are lazy lay-abouts.

                    • Sorry, teo if you are offended, but when there are over 10 million jobs available and people are at home collecting unemployment they are lazy lay abouts.

                      Only 1.6 million people (or a little less than 2% of the workforce) earn minimum wage or below.

                      The majority of these people collecting benefits were averaging $15-35 dollars per hour. How do I know this? I handle their payroll for many of their employers. Why go to work for $20 when you can sit home for $15? The employers could not get them back. The amount of fraud that took place under this program is surreal.

                      I will admit many people may have had a tough time between layoffs in March until September 2020. By that time the businesses that were going to reopen did and jobs were available. To have the federal unemployment benefit to pay out an additional year is absurd.

              • Hey Raider Girl! Yes, in my opinion also, the COVID scare is part of the financial reset. The Sept 2019 repo failure was a signal that the system was breaking. I have kept a folder of various COVID related bookmarks for almost twenty months now. Its folder name is “COVID Fiscal Crisis”. I agree with all your points but would add a side comment re number 10. Yes, the illegal invaders will need houses, etc., but there is a bigger factor. Everyone knows “supply and demand”, but most people only consider the effects of changes in the supply. If you were a psychopath and wanted to buy up the world for pennies on the dollar, it would be tempting to get lower prices by lowering the demand. Kill off half the population (especially the older more expensive part) and what happens to the price of businesses, of homes, of farmland, of oceanfront houses? All those things drop to near zero, and if you have “friends” in the various governments who will bend the rules during a mass die off, you may even be able to take those properties by just paying a year’s taxes.

                Every crisis is the result of NUMEROUS factors aligning toward a common result, but in this case, I think the biggest single factor is the death of the petrodollar and the need to control the people long enough for a new serfdom to be created.

                • Hi True,

                  I am hoping something so evil does not pertain to be true. If such a plan were to transpire than the wealthy’s assets would crash as well. Let’s be honest, most of the wealthy are quite old (Buffett, Pelosi, Soros, McConnell, Schumer). They are not spry individuals although I am sure they have exempted themselves, as they usually do.

                  In your opinion, do you believe the migrants crossing the borders will be the new slave trade? I guess it would be the simplest way of enacting such a plan. Enslave those that don’t fight, but are willing to work.

                  What do you think will happen to those that are not killed off? Not all Americans will be enslaved willingly. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through to buy a few cheap beachfront communities and farmland.

                  • The first thing that comes to mind is that it is clear that the ruling class does not concern itself with taking damage so long as the damage it takes is survivable and their targets are wiped out or unable to recover.

                    The second thing is that they want to own or more so control everything. It does not matter what the value of what an asset is when they have all the assets. In the ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ model all assets have zero value because there are no possible buyers. I suppose members of the club could buy and sell among themselves to create a value, but that would be more or less fictional. Or we could assign a value based on the rental revenues. But effectively the goal is to own it all. The value has no meaning.

                    Lastly and I’ve pointed this out before, the ruling class has no concept that it is economies of scale that make many things possible. Without economies of scale for production what they want doesn’t just become incredibly expensive, it becomes impossible at any price. The ruling class created their models for the world over a century ago. The last major revision was in the 1930s. The entire model assumes a world of a few skilled craftsman being able to provide the wealthy with what they need to maintain their lifestyle. Yes, the lifestyle of 1930. Not 2021.

                    This doesn’t even account for the fact they are operating through the left and the left hates the productive. It will deliberately murder the people with the skills that can stop the technological slide backwards. The result will be even greater death through exposure, starvation, and so on.

                    • Hi Brent,

                      Then that includes the death of the oligarchy as well, correct?

                      When you kill all of the skilled people then the assets that they (TPTB) own cannot be maintained or improved and therefore will crumble.

                      I mean poor Nancy could fall through her deck since she decided to kill off the carpenters. What becomes of their beach homes when Mother Nature (who let’s be honest is still in charge) shaves the second floor off with her 140 mph winds? Wildfires? Earthquakes? Tornados? Do they plan to halt all of these in their scheme of evil?

                      How about their cars? Who will change the oil or rotate the tires? Better yet, who will manufacture them? Even worse – who will drive them from Point A to Point B?

                      Food? Transportation? Medicine?

                      Personally, I think they need to go back to the drawing board and rethink this plan. If destroying the global economy and killing a bunch of innocent people is their way to control assets then they are obviously not very intelligent and really shouldn’t be in charge.

      • The current inflation situation is all about intentionally devaluing the dollar. Clearly everyone sees that the FED kept interest rates too low for far too long and now every state pension fund is insolvent. They have to get tax revenues up and the only way they know is to inflate the currency. Sales tax, gasoline tax, income tax, property tax. It all has to inflate so that those 10,000 people a day turning 65 and cashing in their chips aren’t going to bankrupt the system. Better they have to live on ramen noodles and cricket flour than drag it all down because Alan “the maestro” Greenspan became a pop culture icon with his free money policies.

      • *DING DING DING* We have a winner!

        I posted somewhere here that this is a cover-up to hide their flawed Fed Reserve policies and let it crash because ‘people won’t get Jabbed’.

      • It’s a failing monetary system. We began the trail of tears in 1913 with the Federal Reserve act, and put the pedal to the metal in 1971(?) when Nixon closed the Gold window and we went all fiat all the time. Fiat currency always fails. Always. For obvious reasons. It can be manipulated, being the primary. The Fed gets up every morning and decides what your money is worth today. How’s that for financial security? Especially when you aren’t on the teem they work for. In January of 2020 200+ CEOs of major corporations retired and cashed out. B Gates among them. The writing was on the wall.

    • I think it simply has to do with control, rather than just money, as Raider has said. The idea “that you own nothing”, meaning someone else owns EVERYTHING. The failing banking systems and markets are deliberate. Since the Game is over, they will simply push the “reset” button on the global Nintendo.

      Really, I think what we are seeing is the realization of the Puppetmasters that they no longer need distractions. They’ve tested how far they could go with many things for the past 18 months, and since there was insufficient resistance, they’re simply moving forward with many nefarious plans without any subterfuge or perfume or lipstick.

      • “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” sound suspiciously like “Reconstruction.” But this time the carpetbaggers are globalists.

          • Not to mention that the South has yet to recover from “reconstruction” after 150 years. Getting closer, but the Southern coastal States are still among the poorest in the nation.

      • Hi Bog,

        that’s certainly what they want us to believe. That “we won’t fight.” Some won’t. I agree. But many will. By refusing. By saying No. And if that’s not sufficient, then by other means. I assure you there are millions who will not give in to this. And that could be enough.

      • Hi bogbeagle,

        People will not fight when they have something to lose….family, a paycheck, assets, a reputation. People will fight when they have lost everything. I think it is John that says fat people don’t fight. He is absolutely right. When one has a roof over their head, food in the fridge, and a few dollars in the bank there is no reason to fight. Why would you want to lose the basic comforts of life? When your home has been destroyed, your belly is empty, and the state has taken everything you own one has nothing to do but fight.

      • Re: we wont fight

        There are many ignorant do-nothings but…
        Never before in history have so many been informed of the corruption and lies.
        Never before have so many had access to vast libraries to learn and reference essential survival skills.
        Never before has a population been so well armed and equipped.
        Never before have individuals been able to disperse and decentralize so easily.
        The great awakening is now. The greatest emancipation is on our doorstep. Where the downtrodden see a hopeless billowing spectre of total enslavement the enlightened see the deflagration of the matrix. Those who enslave must unlock their current prison construct in order to move their subjects to a new paradigm. The time for escape is now and many know it. Millions of new gun owners bought weapons of defense to stand their ground, not to hand them over to pharaoh. You are wrong. You sow seeds of doubt. Humanity has been chafing under increased oppression for too long. Like a spring under a rustbelt car all it takes is the next frost heave to cause a big bang and change of direction.

        • Beautiful and stirring words, but the problem is that all the awakening and enlightenment in the cosmos cannot liberate the human mind from the base needs of the human body, and the scarcity problem, which dogs every being of tender flesh. You say the “time for escape is now.” My question is: to where, and what shall we subsist on there? We are now experiencing the triumph of Kissinger’s dream of “control the food, control the people.”

          RG says, “When your home has been destroyed, your belly is empty, and the state has taken everything you own one has nothing to do but fight.” But this is Hollywood fantasy. In reality, when your home is destroyed and your belly is empty, you will beg the Pharaoh for crumbs and shelter.

          You say, “Millions of new gun owners bought weapons of defense to stand their ground, not to hand them over to pharaoh.” Anyone with a survivalist urge strong enough to lead them to want to protect their home with firearms will be betrayed by that survivalist urge in the end. As soon as deep hunger nags at them, and they see their children wailing in the agony of starvation, they will lay down their arms and submit to the stern mercies of Pharaoh.

          The Great Revealing will come not in the preservation of our hopelessly spoiling flesh, but only in its final surrender. Those who cling to this material illusion (Maya), and who cling to the crude arms they believe they can use to defend their own share of rotten Earth, will not be willing to make that final escape.

          • >As soon as deep hunger nags at them, and they see their children wailing in the agony of starvation, they will lay down their arms
            Not until they run out of ammo.
            In the meantime, there will be abundant supplies of Long Pig.
            Recipes, anyone?

            >My question is: to where,
            Bariloche, here we come,
            In that South American sun.
            [couplet needed]
            Bariloche, here we come!
            (to the tune, obviously, of “California, Here we Come.”)
            Or possibly, upcountry. Does the name Doug Casey ring a bell?

            For those who cannot afford to relocate that far, there is Spanish Pipedream:
            R.I.P., John.

      • Are we not fighting by encouraging each other here? Are we not fighting by refusing to stand silent in the face of lies at every opportunity, as I do daily? If I read a lie, and there’s a comment forum, It refute it. If someone argues I deluge them with indisputable facts. I don’t rest, even when my vision gets blurry from reading so much. It’s a small step from that commitment to answering violence as it should be answered.

    • Headed to the post office right now to mail letters to my state governor and attorney general, both of whom spoke out promptly yesterday to condemn Biden’s illegal decree.

      For those living in the 25 free states, it’s important to THANK public officials who are resisting federal tyranny.

      At the same time, I’m going to whale the shit of our two DemonRat ‘senators,’ who are too chickenshit to utter a peep about Biden’s decree, knowing that their constituents are seething with fury.

    • But this isn’t enforced through the states. It is going directly through the federal OSHA, to the private employers.

      The “states'” protests are pure grandstanding theater. I imagine that if any of them do actually file lawsuits (in halfhearted, cognizantly-futile fashion), the courts will find the states don’t even have standing to challenge this attack.

      • Except that, as you know, CA, at least, has its own OSHA.
        Which will, of course,, genuflect to US OSHA.
        So it comes to the same thing, in this case, which it might not, *IF* we were somehow able to rid ourselves of the Bolsheviks in CA State government.

        GFL*, right?
        *It was not always so. Remember “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards?
        I do.
        Remember John Schmitz, who considered the John Birch Society “too far to the left?”
        I do.
        Ah, the halcyon days of Orange County. But that was then, and this is now.
        That day may come again, who knows?

        Which also does nothing w.r.t. companies which contract to FedGov, of which there are many.

      • If the states choose to ignore OSHA, there’s really not a fucking thing the feds can do about it. I think we’re about to see the feds get a taste of what massive resistance looks like

        • But the fines won’t be handled by the states. They’ll be directly levied by the feds against the private institutions.

          The states have no dog in this fight. None. “Ignore OSHA” is exactly what they’re going to do…and make concerned tsk-ing sounds and shrug their shoulders while employers either fork over fines to Uncle Sam or plug their masses with bug-juice.

    • sorry to say but how many of those will actually stand up to the federal gov ? I mean they have made acting tough statements before against more federal gov over-reach – but seldom do any of them follow up on it…

  19. More loose tyrant talk.

    Senior White House adviser Cedric Richmond (who?????): Biden will ‘run over’ governors standing in way of vaccine mandates.

    “Those governors who stand in the way, I think it was very clear from the president’s tone today, that he will run over them … It’s not for political purposes, it’s to save the lives of American people,” he said. “So we won’t let one or two individuals stand in the way. We will always err on the side of protecting the American people.”

    “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” – Albert Camus

    • Shouldn’t Mr. Richmond be focusing on what is happening in NOLA and the small towns in LA? I believe he is the go to guy to oversee the Hurricane Ida rebuild. If it were me I think he would do better helping the people in his home state, but that would get in the way of the photo ops.

      • Maybe it’s me and I’m overstating the threat, but these folks really seem to be relishing the thought of running people over or whatever euphemism they may use to describe their tyrannical actions or intents. I mean, this guy’s words glibly strike at the very system of gov’t of this country without even a hint of trepidation and firmly embracing the spirit of the Camus quote.

        • Hi Hat,

          I don’t disagree with you. They are relishing in it, which means the power has gone to their head and that makes them very, very dangerous. It also makes them clumsy and lax. When the oligarchy feels that no one can touch them that is usually when things start to crumble.

        • “Biden will ‘run over’ governors standing in way of vaccine mandates.”
          This is a direct threat of violence. Against your governor. Against you. Close to the edge we walk. Both the tyrants and their victims.

  20. Sundance proposes sabotage with a smirk:

    Additionally, if the non-vaccinated minority begin following the COVID rules with extreme compliance, the entire system doesn’t function. Whoops, I cannot enter a federal property because I am not vaccinated {{{shrugs shoulders}}}. Okay, I’ll leave the pizzas on the sidewalk, enjoy.

    The ramifications of extreme compliance are very far-reaching, and we are snarky enough in our skills as non-vaccinated insurgents to know exactly how to best play the role of being as stupid as you say we are. Oh damn, did I forget to tighten that oil filter… sheesh, whoops. If only I was as smart as one of you vaccinated types these mistakes wouldn’t happen.

    Screw them sideways. Break the system.

    • We may be outnumbered, but we are not outsmarted. I am thinking of all of the people that I know who are against these shots. They are intelligent people – builders, engineers, defense/security, business owners, farmers, truckers, etc. These are people that can easily stand on their own two feet and are prepared for a siege.

      I look at the other side and I don’t see the survival instinct. They are people who expect the system to support them. They are the woke mobs more worried about the newest Apple iPhone and what kind of plant based beef Chipotle is using. Many have no idea how to work with their hands, they don’t prep, they can’t shoot a gun straight, and they have been inundated with the media’s propaganda. Would most of them have any idea where to buy a pepper seed much less how to plant and grow one? If their cooking skills are any indication the answer is no.

      • “They are people who expect the system to support them.”

        But they are the majority that craves tyranny. They are the ones that cheer for the enslavement of the productive. They are the ones who dehumanize anyone who produces Never mind they are the consumers of that production. This is why collectivism always ends in poverty, misery and death. It’s based on a hatred of the productive. In order to steal from the productive they must be hated and seen as less than human.

        Look at them cheering since yesterday at how their dear leader intends to treat the productive. They care about power over others and their hate so deeply they are willing to starve or worse just to pursue it.

        • So we should just quit and be just like them? Is that what you believe should happen? We might as well go ahead and kneel now because they are coming for us anyway? We shouldn’t advocate for liberty or freedom or pride in one’s work, because why bother – they are just going to take it from us?

          Only 1/3 of Americans backed the Revolutionary War. Where would we be if Sam Adams, Ethan Allen, Benjamin Franklin, and Paul Revere just said “Fuck it. George III is just going to plummet us anyway. Why bother? They have a better navy, a better army, more weapons, and 2/3 of Brits living in the Americas agree with the tyranny.”

          Brent, if you want to be Switzerland, be Switzerland. No one here is demanding anyone get up and fight. If you want to be England and get the jab every eight months and convert all your currency to digital so King George/Biden can track each and all of your whereabouts that is also an option. If you want to part of the 1/3 of the Revolution we would love to have you, but you don’t get to pee all over the rest of our Wheaties telling us continually “You are wasting your time. You are going to lose. “

          • Historically the great bulk of the 2/3rds largely didn’t care one way or the other. They had been essentially on their own for a long time, generations. Their loyalties were more local than to a far away and distant king. They didn’t crave tyranny over their neighbors. Today people do. The people today aren’t even loyal to the state but the state has them hooked like an addict to power. Power to make others work for them or just the power to make their fears subside. The state is inside of them. If I could make fedgov vanish right this second the real danger remains.

            It has nothing to do with what I want. What I want is irrelevant. It is what is. The people in their hearts and minds want tyranny. They want to be ruled over, taken care of. They want anyone who doesn’t need the state, who is productive, independent, etc dead. They don’t even see the productive as human beings any more.

            I wish it were just fighting a government. Fighting a government is easy. We are fighting an idea, a feeling, anaddiction. People have bitten into a poison fruit. They crave it more and more. The modern state has let all these people taste power over others through state. Not something King George could do.

            • Maybe “we’re fighting” human nature itself, which has now been fully weaponized against the slim minority that is capable of tolerating free will.

              For the masses, since before man shed his fur, free will has been and is a terrible burden. The Machine that is now hacking their minds and turning them into zombie-meat-puppets is giving them a great gift, and fulfilling their deepest, most ancient wish.

              • It doesn’t have to be that way. People have the ability to stand together, not behind a man or a flag, but behind the simple truth that no one may initiate violence against others or their property.

                In that way great but unconsolidated power can be brought to bear against miscreants.

                It won’t work forever — nothing does — but why not give it a shot this time around?

                Think of it as free market warfare in which everyone, including any enemies who aren’t actively attacking you, are seen as potential customers for the philosophy stated above.

            • I agree. Our enemy is our nice neighbor. Without the nice blue neighbors and friends there would be no government overreach.
              On the other hand, I think a significant portion of them will admit they never signed up for this. I’m thinking of Naomi Wolf, the lifelong liberal Democrat, who threw Biden under the bus immediately after the election because he said there would be more lockdowns. When our left leaning friends realize they’ve been had, some (many) will join us (while holding their noses).

      • We may be outnumbered, but we are not outsmarted.

        I’m not even sure we’re actually outnumbered, at least not in any way that matters. The MSM claim that over half the population of the U.S. is vaccinated, but given that everything they say is a lie, there’s no reason to believe that this claim is true.

        REAL statistics indicate that AT LEAST one third of the country is still unvaccinated, probably closer to obe half. You can also bet that those same people are having NONE of the current bullshit coming out of the mouth of the Senile Sockpuppet-in-Chief and are ready to resist.

        Remember: only THREE PERCENT of colonial Americans actively supported the (first) Revolution. Only six percent supported the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution. In both cases that was enough for change. With AT LEAST 33 percent of the population on our side, we’re by no means fighting a lost cause!

  21. Most of my life I have not had much I felt like fighting or dying for. I do now. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but these psychopaths may give us no other option.

    Will not comply.

  22. One more thought: It’s very possible, indeed likely, that Biden is bluffing. Look how many draconian threats he has made this year that were never carried out. I think we should avoid getting too worked up over this. These psychopaths seem to feed off our fear, hatred and negative energy. Just ignore him.

    • If someone was standing outside your window day and night threatening to plunge needles in the arms (or worse) of you and your family, would you just ignore them? A one off threat is one thing. Constant and or escalating threats are another. It needs to be made clear that an atmosphere of threats and intimidation regarding unwanted/unwarranted medical treatments is not ok nor is it any kind of legitimate function of gov’t.

      • I would call the police on the man standing outside my window hurling such threats. But let’s face it, we’re not in a position of being able to call the “law” on the psychopaths in charge since law has been suspended.

        I’d also call to your mind the words of Sun Tzu: “Humble words and increased preparations are signs that the enemy is about to advance. Violent language and driving forward as if to the attack are signs that he will retreat.” Biden’s “constant and escalating threats” that you mentioned are a sure sign that the Feds aren’t in a position of strength. If they were, they would have mowed us down into submission already.

        • So you wouldn’t ignore the threateners outside your house. The language used by the Senile One last night was pretty inflammatory. I’ve described such previously as terroristic incitement. Substitute “jews” for “unvaccinated” in several places and you’re transported back to Germany circa mid-30s, obviously with twist. I’m certain some folks back then thought that would blow over as well.

          • As Eric has suggested, the only action we need take at this point is non-compliance. That means ignoring their mandates. The difference between us and Canada, Australia, et al, is that the American people are heavily armed and “they” know it. I’m confident there won’t be any midnight knocking until they figure out how to disarm us.

              • I could sell a LOT of firearms, and still be quite well armed. I’m more likely to sell them to one who sympathizes, at a lesser price than not. May gift some. I’m sick of reading how “nothing can be done”. As long as there is life there’s hope. More die under tyranny than opposing it. One truly has nothing to lose. As Solzhenitsyn clearly stated.

            • Some people are facing real issues with this as of right now. That being said, there’s a lot in between from today to disarmed and knocks in the night. In addition to not complying we also need to, in the same way Eric uses his platform, speak boldly against these cretins and their threats and schemes as applied at any time and in any context by a fellow human being. It may even be more important to do this in person.

              • Sure, I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t speak out. I’m even in the process of writing criminal complaints to my district attorney against certain entities over the mask mandates. It’s just that when it comes to the drug pusher-in chief, there’s not much we can do at this point but ignore him.

        • Nobody mentioned violent reaction/overreaction. Acknowledge the threats. Speak against the threats and, should they attempt to implement them, speak against them directly to those who might attempt to enforce them.

            • violence is justified if violence is imposed. Ideas are not violence. Opinions aren’t violence. Even threats aren’t violence. Someone coming to your door in the company of an armed goon and attempting to inject you with something IS violence, and deserves the proper response. Armed federal goons showing up at your State capitol and walking your governor out in handcuffs is violence, and deserves the proper response.

    • As expected: ‘Biden’ dares not order around Kongress Klowns and hacks in black, for fear of reprisals from these two branches of government.

      But having given that perfunctory, pragmatic nod to the constitutional separation of powers, ‘Biden’ then proceeds to shred the ‘goddamned piece of paper’ by lawlessly decreeing mandatory medical experiments on millions.

      ‘Biden’ should be arraigned before a Nuremberg tribunal on capital charges. Unfortunately, rather than face prosecution, Biden’s mentor Dr Joe Mengele escaped to South America, drowned in the Atlantic in 1979, and was buried under the false name of Wolfgang Gerhard.

      ‘Biden’ might aspire to a modest grave marker identifying him as ‘Wolfgang Blowhard.’

      Nice, anonymous, and less likely to become a stinky public urination nuisance. 🙂

  23. Bottomline is this simple truth: As long as a fiat currency exists (US FED dollar), you will see more like this. That is the root of the problem, issuance/acceptance of fiat currency. I do not claim authorship of this idea. People before me and also some of those around have said this.

    • I was lucky enough to be at the premier screening of Aaron Russo’s From Freedom to Fascism in NYC, where r. Russo did Q&A with the audience afterward. He had it all Down. Pat. back in 2006.

  24. America is now an openly lawless country.‘ — eric

    Arguably, it has been since 1865. But mandatory inoculation with experimental substances is an iconic breach of trust by a US fedgov gone wholly rogue.

    Draft email to Kongress Klowns (comments welcomed):


    I vigorously, adamantly condemn Dictator Biden’s purported vaccine mandate.

    It is an unacceptable, nazi-style medical experiment to force dangerous, unapproved vaccines on unwilling participants.

    It is unacceptable that this order was issued by executive decree, not by a vote of the peoples’ representatives.

    It is unacceptable that Congress and the judiciary are exempted from forcible jabbing, while a hundred million Americans are forced to knuckle under by a lawless OSHA decree.

    I call upon you to: (1) impeach dictator Biden; (2) pass legislation nullifying Biden’s executive order; (3) announce your opposition to vaccine mandates.

    The government which you purport to fund and control has gone rogue. It is now your duty to speak out and stop it.

  25. Practice civil disobedience and STOP FILING INCOME TAX RETURNS. Refile your W4 with 6 deductions. If you are afraid to do this you are bowing at the feet of your government masters.

  26. Nice writing Eric! How ironic; they lambasted Orange Man accusing him of being a dictator, and now Senile Joe is actually acting like a tyrant.

    “We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us.” This is perhaps one of the worst things I’ve heard coming out of a US president. With this statement, he has no moral grounds to go around criticizing Putin and others

    Our puppet president suggested something similar; that all gov employees would have to get the jab or risk being sent home on unpaid leave. He got completely roasted, to the point he had to backtrack.

    I’ve read republican governors saying they’ll sue, but I wouldn’t trust them; after all most of them are politicians. And even if they did, there’s no guarantee courts will strike down this.

    This probably is obvious, but don’t comply with any of this crap, and support small business (as long as they don’t enforce any of this).

    • The congress critters are voicing their objections but showing they expect the individual to stand by himself in the face of the federal government instead of them actually doing the job they were elected to do, to invoke the systems of government to prevent such power grabs.

      Yeah, who’s going to be more effective? A person with a mortgage to pay or a got-damn’d elected member of the house or senate?

      Sure we can quit our jobs. It won’t matter.
      1) Almost all employers are between a rock and hard place. They don’t have the resources to fight the federal government making the loss of employees the less damaging of the two options.
      2) If there is a mass walkout of millions of people they will only double down on the onerous side of what they call “choice”.

      I noticed this happening years ago. “Freedom” was being redefined as doing what one is told or being punished in some manner. John Gill’s er his handlers’ dictate is set up to play into exactly this. People are already saying it is not a mandate because you can choose the onerous option. A year ago or more this was a paranoid conspiracy theory. But now it’s perfectly fine. And it’s not like the onerous option is not going to become more so.

      There’s no freedom left with this precedent. Doesn’t matter what we are talking about. The government from now on will be able to frame anything they demand in these terms.

      • Then one must make a decision.
        “If you aren’t prepared to die for it, remove the word freedom from your vocabulary” -Malcomb X.
        “Give me liberty, or give me death” -Patrick Henry.
        To live in chains, or die casting them off. To live on your knees or die on your feet.
        We are faced with a choice that many have faced. Liberty is a new thing in human experience. Shall we abandon it, or die in the attempt to continue it? I choose the latter if it comes to that, as it looks like it may.

        • Amen, John –

          I have no wish to die; I’ve enjoyed a good life, so far. But I will not live like this – as these creatures expect us to. They cannot take away what I’ve lready had and I will not give them what they want.

          • I’ve got maybe 6-8 good years left, health wise. Already know I wont be financially able to retire, have to work into my 70’s, and for what? To pay bills and debts, slowly sinking year after year due to inflation? Two weeks paid time off?

            Death is a gift. The world they are creating ain’t one worth living in, much longer. Where’s my van, time to take off for a while.

          • You should take Woody Allen’s advice. “It’s not the thought of dying that bothers me. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

            • Hi David,

              I don’t intend to die. Not for a long time. I intend to use every gift and power I have to fight this evil; to mock it, to deconstruct and vivisect it. To make it ridiculous and shameful. Others are similarly committed. Together, we can beat them. To paraphrase Hitler, I have seen the enemy – and they are little worms.

        • Malcolm X is died for his beliefs, what was achieved? The people he was trying to bring to freedom and independence immediately went to the hustlers and fell into ever greater dependence on the government. It could be argued that the slavery is greater now than it was in 1860. Not from a physical labor viewpoint of course but of a mentality.

          Liberty has been gone for a long time. This is just the official end of the experiment in human liberty where the pretending it still exists stops. At some point the pretending has to stop and this is it.

          It’s very clear now that I’m a fungible human resource. A human doing. It doesn’t matter and nobody cares. For two decades I’ve tried to get people to understand. I have failed. It doesn’t matter. People don’t want liberty. They want tyranny. They love it. Nothing I do will change that. I will be absorbed one way or another the choice left to me is be absorbed and preserve what I have or be absorbed after losing everything and living under a expressway. All that the body wants is that I am absorbed, alive, dead, sooner, later. Doesn’t matter.

          It is the will of Landru.

          • ‘At some point the pretending has to stop and this is it.’ — BrentP

            Yes, it is: this is a medical 9/11 attack, with the murderous assailant proudly self-identified.

            Seventeen Republican governors say no:


            Some are RINOs. But all it takes is one — ONE — to nullify Biden’s illegal decree within a sovereign state, and announce to Biden’s fedgov enforcers:

            Molon labe, mutherfvckers.

            • I remember when Texas was going to stand up to the federal government’s gropers at the airport. Fed gov had the Air Force set up to turn Texas into a no fly zone from bases in Oklahoma. Texas caved.

              I hope those states win but either the victories will be muted and localized or they will cave under applied force. Meanwhile the mandates will be enforced as the legal battles are protracted.

              Let’s say its a total victory for liberty and fedgov ultimately loses two years from now. So what? In the meantime it won.

            • Hey Jim H, you say any state can “nullify the illegal decree.”

              I don’t see how any state has standing to challenge it in the courts. If you mean that the states will try to physically expel the OSHA enforcers, such is pure fantasy. Never going to happen. This would require an outright rebellion and declaration by a state government that it is going to defend its citizens to the death, against the US Military. This is particularly implausible given that at least a bare majority of every state’s citizens are already Injected anyway…

  27. “But this threat has force only if employees cower before it – and meekly comply, like a cur dog, its tail tucked between its legs.”

    Eric. Gotta disagree. The threat has force because the curs that balk will be systematically liquidated. This is not a bluff. This is beyond Endgame.

    “If employees refuse – to work – then the threat disappears. And a new threat appears, equally motivating, only this time in a different direction.” Do you mean the threat of starvation? Because that is the threat that will be faced by those who stop working. And it will only motivate them to give in, eventually, get Stabbed, and get back to work.

    “The tyrant depends on the economy and the taxes it produces”

    Not at all. Uncle Sam can print all the money it wants, at will. The income tax was always just a punitive measure on the masses, to make sure that they didn’t benefit from the inflation that was inevitable with the founding of the Federal Reserve System in the same stroke in 1913.

    “even more so than we, as individuals, depend on our economic activity to provide for ourselves and our families.”

    Not true. Uncle Sam can inflate his currency longer than “we” can remain nourished.

    The whole “lockdown” thing was a brazen demonstration of this by the governments of the world. By presumptively prohibiting work, the NWO was announcing that they no longer need the masses for their labor power or their purchasing power. The lockdown said: We would prefer it if you all just curled up in a closet and die. If you don’t, then we will come with lethal injections very soon.

    “The tyrant cannot pay his bureaucrats – his swarms of officers – without our labor,”

    Again, demonstrably untrue. Money Printer is going Brrrrr right now, specifically to build up an enforcement bureaucracy designed to liquidate us.

    “which we have the power to withhold, should it become necessary to do so.”

    It’s not going to be the masses’ choice, though. The government is prohibiting them from working. That means, by necessity, a strike will only harm the strikers.

    The entire “Old Order” has been turned on its head, and none of the old incentives or power dynamics applies anymore. Now, the Herd is being domesticated and gelded, the political tapeworm Israel has inhabited a new host China, and China holds a Bill of Sale for the Herd of American slaves. One of the terms of the Bill of Sale is precisely that China will not be burdened with any troublesome refuseniks who won’t even accept on-demand force-medication. To make good on the transfer, the U.S. Government first has to cull the recalcitrant from its ranks. The starvation has begun, and once the refuseniks are softened up, Ol’ Snakey-Sleeve Joe will roll out the next technique: mass arrests and rolling SWAT-Death-Squads.

    You think Stalin ever worried about the loss of his “tax base” when he was liquidating the Kulaks? Open slave economies don’t work that way.

    • Hi FP,

      You appear to have given up; I have not. You write:

      “Do you mean the threat of starvation? Because that is the threat that will be faced by those who stop working. And it will only motivate them to give in, eventually, get Stabbed, and get back to work.”

      Which is why I and millions of others have been working to establish our own sources of food, such as raising our own animals and vegetables. We won’t be starving. I live in a rural area populated by largely self-sufficient people. Everywhere is not the city – or the suburbs.

      You write:

      “Not at all. Uncle Sam can print all the money it wants, at will. The income tax was always just a punitive measure on the masses, to make sure that they didn’t benefit from the inflation that was inevitable with the founding of the Federal Reserve System in the same stroke in 1913.”

      A point comes when such “money” is no longer of value. Ultimately, we produce the value. Not the government.

      I understand that things will likely get tough. I am certain they will get worse if we just accept defeat, as you appear to have.

      • I certainly agree that you’ll last longer than I, and godspeed to you.

        You seem to have actually done a lot of things right…whereas I am one of the many who did what I was led to believe was right, only to find that it all led to a cell with a one-way door, and a spiked ceiling that is now descending.

        Not really sure what “giving up” would mean though, since I don’t know what goal there might be to work toward. Can’t “give up” on a game one isn’t even playing.

        • The goal is simple. We all die. I prefer to die with my soul intact. As I approach my maximum expiration date, I become more concerned about my soul than my life. Since current events are pushing ALL of us closer to our expiration date, I suggest we all get concerned about our souls. By soul I mean what you believe important to leave behind. In my case, it’s my undying love of liberty. A new thing for the species. Which warrants the ultimate sacrifice. Whether successful or not. I have produced two generations behind me who agree.

        • Be of good cheer, FP –

          There are more of us out there than you may think; and if we stand together, we stand a chance of not losing this thing. Events sometimes have a way of developing their own wayward inertia and it is just possible that enough people have not only had enough but are beginning to see. Don’t give up. It’s not over yet.

          • Hey Eric, I know you are a highly industrious, prolific and busy writer, and your time is at a premium, but I highly recommend that you take the time to dive into the work of Allison McDowell at . She explains the real game that’s going on.

            You say “it’s not over yet.” I agree…but that’s the bad news. Dispossessing the entire middle class and ensnaring them in an endless treadmill of bio-tech injections is only a preliminary step. That’s Square One. Year Zero. Only then does the real Shape of Things to Come begin to emerge.

            If you can bear with the low production values and slow start, watch this one: Once she gets to her slides, it’s revelatory.

            The Masters have extremely specific plans, and a very long vision, for what they are going to do with our captured bodies and hacked brains. The true Game is so grandiose, and so incredible at first blush, that it takes a long time to grasp and internalize. But only by glimpsing it can any of us truly appreciate the stakes involved in avoiding this shot at all costs. Understanding the detail and depth of the vision will, on the other hand, demonstrate the staggeringly momentous energy of this Agenda, and its super-human invincibility.

            Again, I have absolute faith in your conviction that you will shun the Shot. I don’t think that’s at issue. What’s at issue is realistically envisioning outcomes, and defining “victory” accordingly…

            • Defining victory is easy. We all die. Dyeing with our moral foundation and ethical standards intact is victory. It is not super human, it’s super insane. Which makes it hard for the sane to encompass. No plan, however well thought out, and grandiose, and long developed is faultless, and like all others will not survive contact with the enemy. Any time you think you have it all figured out, you’re wrong. No one has it all figured out, nor will they ever. Such is the mystery of life.

    • More or less what I was going to point out.

      If this were going from employer to employer then Eric would be correct. The employers can’t afford to lose many productive employees, but the federal government can destroy them immediately. They will choose to lose their best and most valuable employees and hope to muddle through because the other option is immediate destruction.

      A mass walkout is a possibility for many employers but what can they do? They cannot fight fedgov and fedgov does not care. It will strip mine the savings of any company or individual who decides to tell them where they can go through inflation or just individual attack. They are already setting up new financial monitoring of any bank account with more $600. Yes six hundred dollars. Anyone who is jobless due to not taking the holy jab slowly draining his bank account to pay bills will find himself on the wrong end of a structuring charge or similar.

      Human beings by and large love tyranny and they recreate it, invite it in time and time again.

      • Liberty is a new concept in the human species. It has struggled to survive since its inception. We can help it, or dispose of it. I prefer to die on the altar of the former, if it comes to that. I may not be able to stop tyranny, but I can quite easily oppose it. I believe this is a paraphrase from Frederick Douglass, “What tyranny one will accept is exactly how much one will get.” There are, and always have been an abundance of sociopaths eagerly seeking a means to inflict tyranny for their own personal gain. If one will accept it.

      • “The Lord won’t make you rich, but He won’t let you starve.” – Pastor at a Lutheran church while he sermonized the crux of human existence

        “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.” – Exodus 20:17

        Including the right to decide what is done to your body.

        Joe Biden has zero interest in making you rich, a 14,000 dollar fine is pure extortion, the no good son-of-a-bitch needs to be shit-canned immediately if not 48 years ago.

        He will shed crocodile tears if you happen to starve to death via his Bolshevist diktats, the dumbass.

        It is immoral to issue such nonsense as an order, immoral to comply.

        Walt Whitman’s Caution:

        “TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The
        States, Resist much, obey little;
        Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;
        Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth,
        ever afterward resumes its liberty.”

        Never underestimate the ability and the desire to survive, the will to live.

        Supersedes any diktats out there no matter what the maha reishis say.

        “The didactic assaults the fortress of my mind, but the story goes through the back of my heart.” – Pastor Cy, a Lutheran minister deported back to Canada

        Joe’s dark winter is as black as his black heart.

        There is hope, he just might see the light. Gettin’ dark for the insouciant Joe, seems to be what is really going on.

        Burn the Jolly Biden! lol

        Hearkens back to graffiti during the Reagan years, Burn the Jolly Reagan.

        Railroad car graffiti is modern art at its finest.

    • Those are some soul crushing words there, F_P. Between your thoughts and Mike Adam’s latest “Situation Report” yesterday, in which he claims that vaccinated people are slowly turning into demons, this is just insanity. I can’t live like this – the constant fear porn. I’m going to cling to something everyday that is beautiful or positive so I can survive until I’m not here. I look up at the sky today – it is beautiful, with cottony clouds. No remnants of chemtrails. A butterfly appears out of nowhere and flutters around the garden. My dog wants to play with me – He loves me.

      I’m going to try my hardest not to give up.

      “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” Philippians 4:8

      • Hey ‘Dragon. I hear your words, and I will admit that I do take my only meager solace in this World from wallowing in the morbid depths of the English Language.

        I assure you that my goal is not to dishearten and demoralize, but only to shake people out of the layers of pollyanna, optimistic hypnosis that has fueled the human race to this point in the Great Becoming. I do the shaking with uncompromisingly frank, and graphic, horrification. If anyone is going to survive this storm, they will have to know what’s coming, and how deeply they need to duck…

      • Hi Snap,

        Keep your chin up. There is still beauty in this world. A beautiful sunset, cute puppies, good company. Not everything is doom and gloom. Turn off the fear porn. One can know what is happening in the world and not have the constant drumbeat in the background. Pessimists and optimists have always been mortal enemies. A pessimist sees a pile of shit on the ground and will look no further. The optimist sees the same pile and knows there is a darling pony nearby.

        All of life should not be viewed in a single lens. You have the right idea. Take time and enjoy the sights around you, appreciate what you have, and ignore the devil on your shoulder that says it isn’t enough.

        • Hi RG – thanks and I agree with you about avoiding doom porn and all. I don’t watch any tv news, but sometimes listen to internet podcasts such as Mike Adams. He’s always been a sensationalist, so I never used to read or listen to his editorials. His health articles are often informative, though, so that’s where I touch base with his site. I have to admit that I got seduced into listening to his podcasts – a mistake, I think – I’m weak!

          Anyway, sometimes I marvel at how satisfied and complacent the wildlife is around me. The deer are protected in this county and have proliferated. They just eat, procreate and sit around all oblivious and happy. They stomp their feet at us and approach us if we pass too close to them and their babies while walking the dogs. Likewise, the birds just look for food all day and then sit around and sing away in the trees. They don’t have books, tv and the internet to entertain themselves, yet they seem happy.

          And here I am, tormented in my soul because of all the information I consume on a daily basis. There’s got to be some middle ground, and I struggle to find it.

          I’ve become very suspicious of routine vaccines and am hyper opposed to this injection they’re trying to force on everyone and neither my husband or I have submitted. But I wonder at what point – would I submit? I’m a pretty compliant person 95% of the time, but I have always had a contrarian streak that shows up from time to time. Will it hold if I’m starving and homeless?

          • Hi Snap,

            I think wildlife are the most observant of their surroundings. Human beings seemed to have lost touch with their internal clock and frequently ignore their gut instincts.

            If you are suspicious about routine vaccines there is a reason for that. Your gut tells you something isn’t right. Humans have a tendency to talk themselves into things based on the opinions of the people around them whether via friends, family, or outside influences. We start overriding our own conscious and questioning if we are wrong.

            I think it is next to impossible for us to analyze how we would react if we are starving or homeless. Does one hold onto to their principles when their tummies are growling? A few people can, but many would succumb. As with any animal our bodies go into survival mode and the side of the brain that allows humans to decipher logic and reason are usually overridden by the necessities of life.

            Personally, I don’t see many of us having to make that kind of decision. Our brains are on over drive right now because of the constant media play by play and the fear mongering and shouting around us. When we see other people start panicking we have a tendency to panic as well even when we have no reason to.

            What is occurring in the world today will separate the weak and the strong. The weak fear. They panic. They overanalyze. They create situations in their head that far exceed the issues at hand. They follow the crowd and refuse to listen to their inner voice. The strong prepare. The strong realize it is not possible to compose every scenario that could happen so they focus on the basics. Outside influences do not affect them because they know their own mind and feel comfortable with the decisions that they make.

            We all falter now and then. We are going to have bad days and we will have good days. When we start panicking or feeling tormented the TV, the IPad, the radio, need to be turned off and we need to step outside our back door. Is is calm or chaos? If it is calm we are going to be okay. If it isn’t have the bug out bad ready. 😉

            You are stronger than you realize.

          • Animals by necessity live in their natural habitat, so they don’t face the scarcity problem anywhere nearly as acutely as humans. Humans were long ago lured out of their natural habitat by the baited trap of agricultural society. This makes the Herd of Humanity desperately dependent on a sprawling net of organization-dependent technology and political/bureaucratic distribution networks.

            Now, the wicked Intelligence who lured us out, and domesticated us for generations, has sprung the trap, and has set all the technology and all the political systems against the Herd. The only options are submit or starve.

            • FP,

              Just out of curiosity – who is the trap set by? I would expect the same people who took humans out of their natural habitat about 3000 years ago would all be dead by now.

              Who is the enemy? All governments, George Soros, Bill Gates, the military, big business, everybody? Who is the Wicked intelligence?

                • Are you insinuating that we live in the Matrix? Our minds are controlled by AI? Will the Oracle make an appearance soon and can we all dodge bullets like Neo?

                  If this is the case and Neo looks like Keanu Reeves I would like to volunteer and sign up to play Trinity.

                  • No, I was not insinuating that, but was merely alluding to the proverbial imperative to Give the Devil His Due.

                    That being said, yes I believe the Devil has come to us in the form of an ancient AI that is in the driver’s seat at present, and will very soon assimilate the entire Herd of Humanity that opens itself to bodily penetration by the Injections, and the Internet of Nano-Bio Things that are the Injection’s payload. Matrix ahoy.

                    But did you see how beat Keanu looks in the 2020 “Bill and Ted” reboot/abortion? His face is so surgically butchered he has lost the ability even to smile.

                    • I have never seen Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (the original or the reboot). I am more of a John Wick/Speed/Point Break type of girl.

                      To me he is still pretty hot for an old guy. Since I am an old woman, I can appreciate old guys.

                      Why does the devil feel the need to showcase himself now? Can’t he wait another 100 or 1000 years? My grandparents didn’t have to deal with this. I would prefer that this not happen during my timeline. What kind of strings can you pull?

            • Hi FP: What is our natural habitat – Wandering the earth, living in tents, tending herds of animals, like the ancient Hebrews? Is it foraging and hunting on a daily basis like cavemen? Agriculture’s been around a long time and it didn’t seem so bad until relatively recently with all the mono-cropping going on with these mega-farms. It seems somehow that even with the sprawling net as you say of technology and bureaucracy we somehow still survived and even thrived.

              I ultimately believe God is in control, but it sure looks like he’s not willing to rescue us from the evil grip of these psychopaths currently running the world any time soon. It strains my faith but i still believe. I’m not sure what else I’m to hold on to except my thread of faith and the small little joys that come about each day.

              • ‘Dragon, I believe that even before the agricultural Mesopotamian empires, humanity had already been alienated from its natural habitat in a previous “Great Reset,” orchestrated by the same Intelligence that is now imposing the current transition into another 2,000-year epoch.

                Wandering tribes, like the “Hebrews” were sort of the remnants of the previous “hunter-gatherer” tribes that were capable of sustaining themselves from the so-called “dividends of the Earth.” It would appear that the Jews had a special role as a people capable of comprehending the Intelligence, at least to some degree, unlike the simpleminded goyim of the time, and were therefore granted certain privileges and responsibilities in facilitating the Great Becoming as the mortal emissaries and cult of that monstrous force.

                Call it as you will–the demiurge, aliens, Annanuki, Yahweh, Ba’al, or the Machine–the Intelligence has been successively breeding and engineering man to a very specific purpose for millennia.

                We are now at a speciation bottleneck, where the only ones who will pass through the threshold into Humanity 2.0 are those who choose the post-human Path of Evil by their own free will, in order to cling to their material bodies, procreative imperative, and worldly comforts.

  28. Gandhi defeated a super power with peaceful disobedience. Gandhi won the war but lost the peace because he had no plan to deal with the muslims. We need a call for a national strike.
    The USA was just defeated by a bunch of 9th century tribes with AK’s and Toyota pickup trucks. It took 20 years and patience but they won. We need patience as well, this will not stand.
    The government is it’s own worse enemy. Bite-me can’t even get the whole government to comply and had to cower to the Post Office. Bite-me is trying to get Afghanistan off the main front page and they are betting this plays to their base and hurts the 75million partisans against him.
    Their narrative is crumbling. Even a left leaning guy like Eric Clapton is now becoming our new spokesperson:

    • Gandhi was in a very different political and financial landscape. It no longer applies. See the Trucker strike in the lockdown states in Australia. The protests and refusals in France. It’s great they are doing these things but in Gandhi’s time governments would have to cave. Now they don’t even care.

      The fedgov did not want to win the war in Afghanistan. It was designed as a permanent war to drain the american tax donkey. Then it was ended badly intentionally as a lesson to never end a war.

      Years ago I arrived at the logical conclusion that unlike the Soviet Union, the US Federal Government would have no problem nuking cities and states domestically rather than let them go or tolerate disobedience. The model from Lincoln alone shows that.

      Looking at this I don’t wonder if the government wants us to disobey just so it can take the next steps. There’s something very different about this.

      • ‘Years ago I arrived at the logical conclusion that unlike the Soviet Union, the US Federal Government would have no problem nuking cities and states domestically rather than let them go or tolerate disobedience. The model from Lincoln alone shows that.’ — BrentP

        I applaud and endorse this comment.

        Might get it tattooed on my freaking forehead … along with one of dictator Lincoln, colorfully bleeding from a fatal head wound.

        Thank you, John Wilkes Booth. You done us a great service. But it was already too late.

      • The “something different” is that the current crop of Sociopaths In Charge are completely bonkers. The ordinary sociopath does not go to this extreme because they realize that their wellbeing is not served, which is their primary goal. These fruit loops are well over that dividing line. They’ve convinced themselves they can live without the people that make things work. After all, they don’t see those who are creating and maintaining the infrastructure needed to keep their cell phones working.

        • True Dat John,
          Ask the people down in Louisiana on their third week without power if some bureaucrats could help them out or would they rather have a bunch of line workers show up. I worked for the local electric company and would toss that question to the bosses who bitched weren’t working fast enough on storm restorations. They were just jealous because we were getting paid overtime and they were salaried so basically putting in their extra hours for free

          • Talk about guys who don’t get enough appreciation! The linemen (and women) arriving and working in Louisiana are awesome! The Cajun Navy, the National Guard, and the many volunteers who are bringing in water and food should be the faces on headline news. They are what makes America great. It is too bad that cable news has ignored what is happening in LA, MS, MD, NJ, and NY and how people can come together and work toward a greater goal.

        • Good. Let them go ahead and try. They can contact no one else whatsoever until they report back in 5-10 years. I’m sure we’d all be interested in seeing how far they get.

  29. by calling this bastard senile, there is an implication that he doesn’t know what he is up to. I am not sure of that. This guy is nothing more than a male prostitute!

    • Joe does what he is told. Always has.
      In the election season I saw a 1970s video of him were he admitted it. He does what he is told in expectation of the rewards for doing so.

  30. Even though I have spent a decade structuring my affairs so that I am not currently in the sights of the employer coercion, I am just waiting for someone, any human being really, to say something to me about getting jabbed in any context. I am actually looking forward to it.

  31. I’ve already said “no,” and so have probably most people reading this site.

    Realistically, though, I think this imposition by government is going to succeed. Most people will comply… most people who have good, high-paying infrastructure jobs, like the airline pilots you mentioned, have already complied.

    We should be VERY worried by Biden’s words:

    “We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

    Everything a president says is very precisely calculated. The president’s speechwriters are intentionally demonizing and threatening a group of people because they think they can get away with it and they think that it will profit them politically.

    This is the talk of Hitler against the Jews. This is the talk of Stalin against the kulaks. This is the talk of the Red Guards against the “bourgeois” enemies of Chairman Mao. This is no joke — Biden is willing to starve people into compliance by threating their employment. And just like National Socialist Germany or Soviet Russia, the vast majority are going to go-along-to-get-along whether they agree with it or not. And the people who stand up to the government are going to be made an example of.

    There is no way that people are going to organize enough resistance and enough mass refusals. People have already been censored from social media for criticizing the vaxx. The media and the medical establishment are basically arms of the government.

    Eric writes: “The time has come to resist. Not with violence. With something more powerful.” The probability of this succeeding is almost zero. The government is not going to back down to people playing Gandhi and Thoreau. And civil disobedience was not George Washington’s answer.

    I am not necessarily advocating violence here, but violence sure as hell worked for the blacks and Antifa last year, didn’t it? They looted and burned entire city blocks, and instead of the government cracking down on them the government is basically kissing their asses and erecting George Floyd memorials. So there’s that to consider.

    Frankly, though, I do not think white people will organize a resistance like the blacks and Antifa did, and even if they did it is certain that the government would be far less solicitous of their concerns. Black looters and arsonists fit the government’s political narrative, taxpaying white anti-vaxxers do not.

    We are at the point where “live free or die” is no longer a cliché… and, logically, one of the two possible outcomes, should we put that proposition to the test, is not freedom but death.

    • Re-watch the videos of the BLM “protest.” It’s mostly woke white youngsters and fat, angry, purple haired girls. The hood rats just came out at night to take advantage of the situation and loot and destroy.

    • Creepy Joe is ideal for this position. If any one takes offense at any thing he says, well, he’s senile, don’t you know?
      Living on your knees in chains, living in a cage, or death? What’s the difference? Having tasted liberty, I simply can’t give it up. I was born in 1954. Became politically aware to some degree in 1963. So I have had a taste of liberty. I’ve seen tyranny from afar, and easily recognized it when it came near my doorstep. I will NOT let it in. Not while I breath.

  32. “What will you tell your children when they ask why you didn’t stand up for them? Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror, if you submit to this?”

    This has been ringing in my head from the very start of this madness. It is why I have not and will never be jabbed, tested, tracked, nor traced, by the grace of God. At the end of my life, I want to be able to say with certainty that I fought, resisted, and did everything I could to preserve and protect my children’s well-being, and led by example.

    March 2020, upon learning that we are being “locked down” (but I never did comply), I put out a message to a group I was involved in: Who will go to the State Capitol with me to protest? Got one response from an older man – “I agree with you, but I can’t go to that extreme.” No one else even replied.

    Well, look at the “extreme” we are in now.

    • My children are my main motivation. I will protect and defend them to my dying breath. There arms will see no needle, and their nose will see no swab. When I kneel before God and give an account of my life, I will say that for all the wrongs I had done, I never stopped keeping vigil over my flock. That I protected and guarded His children, entrusted to me, with everything I had.

      • Every day I consider this, on my desktop: “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Prov. 28:1)

      • Here here, my son and my grandchildren are the prime motivators of all my political activity. I’ve educated them in the blessings of liberty, and pointed out that its never a done deal. That liberty is despised by the wicked. If the wicked come to my door with a needle my progeny will see the cost, if they survive.

  33. If the meanderer in chief’s bluff is called – will he back down or double down?

    I anticipate a series of violent events from fired employees, or those who feel backed into a corner.

    Or will the people finally stand up for themselves and refuse to comply?
    Seems a poorly calculated risk that if people & business refuse, Biden loses face.

    There is no win for him – unless the sheep continue to be shepherded into total slavery.
    Make no mistake, that is where this leads.
    From now on, decrees are the new rule of the day; there is no more law.

  34. I only wish our Alabama GOP had the balls to stand up to the federales. But we have governor meemaw (Kay Ivey) who was _praised_ by illegitimate joe for jumping on the wholly unscientific ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ bandwagon. As for me, I’m one of the poor bastards that fall right into the tyrant’s crosshairs. I have no intention of eating of that poison apple. Guess it’s time to find another vocation.

  35. Excellent article, Eric.

    The Biden Administration has overplayed their hand. The Business Roundtable backed this illegitimate order.

    Here is a list of people that truly run the country. You will notice no medium or small businesses are associated with this “non profit” association.

    I urge not only do we not submit to jabbing (or testing), but to buy locally. We know the Walmarts and Apples will comply. The desperados will be our local, small businesses. Spend your money where you live and only associate with businesses and owners that do not enforce this lunacy. Even if only 20% of the workforce holds firm that will affect the internal operations of plants, factories, stores, services, etc. A drastic cut in revenue to these conspiring conglomerates only sweetens the result.

    • Thanks, RG!

      I pray (and I am not especially religious) that enough Americans understand what is at stake and are willing to do what is necessary to thwart what these tyrants intend to visit upon us all. Especially since all we have to do is . . . say No.

      • It’s a race of sorts, between the shot and the severe adverse events. Which shows its face first? Can they get most of us jabbed before the often quite gruesome adverse events can no longer be ignored, or hidden? One of the most resistant groups is medical workers, who are seeing these adverse events.

        • That’s very much my thought, too, John. They may or may not know what exactly people might face, but they need to make sure there is no control group to use for differentiation.

    • RG,

      This is the way. All the big publicly traded conglomerates will gleefully go along with this farce. Our strength is with the small and medium sized businesses some of which are already saying they will not comply. The next few months are going to be pain. Canned goods, lead, and brass may become very valuable commodities. You may also see some violent push back from the pedo admin when his handlers realize his demands are not being met. We need to prepare ourselves for a very dark winter.

      • Been through dark winters before. Of course I was much younger. The fact is, that with the average credit card debt somewhere around $10k, most of us have been living far beyond our means. Which will soon cease. Which will appear quite dark to those thus forced to live within their means. And our means is quite likely to drastically decline at the same time. It can be done. We can do it. It’s truly remarkable what one is capable of if one has no choice. Once the whining stops.

    • A mass walkout will only decimate the employers fedgov would prefer see go out business.
      It will bailout the bigs.

      It’s over. The 18th century experiment in human liberty is over. Humanity has returned to its historical norm of tyranny. It loves it this way.

      • I disagree, Brett. This will affect the Walmarts and Amazons of world, the defense contractors who need specialized individuals, the large restaurant chains like Chipotle and McDonalds.

        I think you have chosen to quit before the fight has even began. That’s your call, but as Hans stated above the Taliban waited patiently by for 20 years, the North Vietnamese watched has we invaded their lands, Antifafa (that’s what I call them) wreaks havoc and no one blinks a eye. The greatest nation on Earth has an abysmal track record over the last 50 years. Maybe that was always the intended goal….to self destruct.

        The US is no longer the powerhouse that she was. She no longer brings fear to her foes. This country is hanging by a thread financially, physically, and mentally. Being so weak is what has allowed the Squad to invade Congress, a puppet to be our President, and a military so woke that we somehow thought it was relevant to hang a Pride flag over the US embassy in Kabul. Our country has been penetrated by those that hate what she once stood for and whose only goal is to seek the next handout. Our own military and police know the oligarchy do not care for them. Do you believe they will raise arms and protect a government who will throw them in the snake pit with us when they are through? Our nation has shown herself. She is a crippled old lady who is taking her last breath. Her legs are wobbly and the memories of the past is all she has.

        You are fearing a country that is no longer to be feared.

        • Red Dawn is an option for teenagers and 20 somethings. I am not suited for that. If there was a rebellion I could have a place in it from a technical standpoint but there isn’t. Nearly everyone if not everyone around me has been absorbed. Many are willing parts of the body.

          What people get wrong about the empire’s wars of the last 60 years is that they were not meant to be won. They were meant to go on and on. If the empire wanted to win the wars they would have simply nuked them. The wars were designed from BOTH sides to drain the resources of the american tax donkey. Even Red Dawn was a war against occupiers. That’s not what this is.

          I have little doubt that much of the military’s membership will turn its guns on whomever they are told to. Furthermore the wars of the Taliban and Vietcong are wars against occupiers. That’s not the case here. Over half the population is of the body.

          Perhaps the only way now is to be absorbed in order to poison the body.

          • Hi Brent,

            No one is insinuating that you have to grab a musket, but don’t poo poo the whole experiment. Even a little bit of resistance is better than none. Don’t spend your money at large corporations, get better acquainted with small local farms and stores, fight the jab and testing requirements, become HR’s biggest arse. Fighting is not a requirement for everyone, being a nuisance is.

            • I’ve been resisting, subverting, etc since I was about 7 years old. I am tired.

              I don’t spend much money any more. I shop mostly at local independent grocers for food and not much else. The next biggest place I spend money at is Menards which while it is a chain of big box home improvement stores now with a typical universal floor plan I started going there when their stores were much smaller and often crammed into whatever structure they could get making every store unique. They are a family owned regional chain.

              I don’t think the corporate powers or the tyrants care one lick about my spending. My employer is about as safe as I can reasonably expect in this regard. If it were up to them I wouldn’t have an issue.

              • Hon, you are not that much older than myself (mid 40s/late 40s). We have a long way to go. It could be another 35 years before either of us croak. That is a long time to live in hell and to be accepting of a tyrannical government.

                • I live in the people’s republic of Illinois, the land of corrosion and corruption. Fighting these people is daily at best. They ruin every aspect of life because they are everywhere. The last 18 months have been more dehumanizing than ever.

                  I don’t accept a tyrannical government but it is clear that is what so very many people want and crave. It’s so very obvious. I’ve been saying for years there is no reform only collapse, nobody cares. Their hatred of the productive, their neighbors is more important to them than anything else.

                  The tyrannical government is nothing but the outcome of a tyrannical people. The manipulators, the donors, the ruling class has made a tyrannical public to get the government they wanted. So let’s say the tyrannical government is stopped for now, the tyrannical people are still there and they’ll keep pushing and pushing.

                  That’s why empire’s wars overseas don’t apply. Now that I think of it, the empire is using the enemy’s tactics domestically. The Taliban doesn’t get control without lots of people thinking along the same lines. The tyrannical government at home works the same way. People want it and they want it badly.

                  • Okay, I understand your mind set now… is because you live in Illinois.

                    You are an eagle surrounded by pigeons. It is time to pack up and go. It is the same reason that I do not travel into NOVA….it is freaking depressing. When I cross the Prince William County line I feel my soul has left my body. Trying to explain freedom to them is like teaching a German Shepherd to unicycle. Near impossible and absolutely pointless.

                    May I suggest SC, AZ, FL, OK? Even for a vacay. I was pretty down in the dumps back in April and I visited FL in May and it was like a whole new world. There were no masks, people outside on their boats, eating inside of restaurants, bands playing, everybody laughing. It was Disneyland for adults.

                    • Come to Florida any time, Raider Girl. In my little corner of Tampa, it is easy to be normal. Although there are still plenty of mask notices on business doors, you can walk right past them with dignity. Enjoy bare-faced eye contact with your neighbors. Meet the rare mask challenge with a smiling, “I’m exempt.”

                    • Hi David,

                      Thanks for the offer. 🙂 I am visiting again next month. We are house hunting. Right now I am looking at the east coast between Amelia Island and Palm Coast. I am thoroughly searching the St Augustine area on this next trip down.

                      Although I may just end up buying a small orange orchard in Polk County and live out my days there.

                      Beautiful area outside of Tampa. We haven’t ruled out Dunedin or Clearwater yet, but I am nervous with the amount of hurricanes that seem to hit the west coast lately. They seem to love those warm Gulf waters.

                    • He doesn’t have to go that far. Just cross the river and don’t stop in St Louis. Hell, the county I live in barely has law enforcement. Mostly on a “call for service” basis.

        • No doubt it has clearly demonstrated it has no idea how to combat guerilla operations. The military is still fighting WWII, and the police are mercenaries.

      • There is a way to continue liberty. It’s rather simple once one understands that the cost of liberty carries the same price as tyranny. One can die for liberty, or die in chains. Pick one.

          • As a bar room brawler who was several years older than me at the time once told me, “no one is any more of a badass than you let them be.” If you let it, tyranny wins.

            • Who let it win?
              It has won. It has the hearts and minds of so very many people. Some people now live vicariously through the sociopaths who rule.

              So what does dying achieve now except removing another seed of liberty that might sprout when tyranny least expects it?

              • Hey Brent, it hasn’t won anything but what was surrendered, by weak mewling sub humans. As long as we never give up, the battle will rage. It is in our DNA to fight, and to win.

                Some days all the doom really gets to me as well. I think RG is right, get outside in the sun. Pack up your stuff and leave that god forsaken shithole. Even Ohio or Kentucky are vast improvements and only a short distance away.

                • I’ve learned too much history. People love tyranny. They love it. They are seduced by its promises of ever lasting childhood and feeling like they have power. Yesterday’s announcement by John Gill has had so many showing their evil in public now. I knew it was bad but not this bad.

                  Outside is where the petty tyrants are. If I go for a bike ride someone is going to show me that I don’t belong on their road. Just driving now I have to be an asshole simply not to be pushed around. The prionics are everywhere too. The aggressive slowness. They aggressively get in front of me to go slow. Someone driving a Tesla yesterday, a Corvette today. In a parking lot. She hurried up cutting sideways through the parking lot to make me brake as I went down the aisle then asked me what made me so important? I did what I usually do with people like her, maintained course and speed as long as I could to discourage them. That of course upset her. It’s not like these things haven’t been happening for decades, it’s just every day now and I no longer have the energy for it.

                  • You may need a counselor at this point Brent. It sounds like you are giving up. Or else you like being a victim and whining about it. Get some help soon.

                    • Don’t psychologize, Denny. That’s a dirty trick and is, ultimately, a lazy self-defensive cop-out (frequently employed by optimists bested in logical and empirical argument).

                      The fact is, pessimists are the way they are precisely because they more accurately and realistically apprise and weigh data than optimists. Optimists always have a crime-stop default fall-back position of “hope for the best” and “buck up” when they are cornered by inescapable evidence of unfavorable contingencies.

                      Even worse is when they project emotional imbalance on an argumentative adversary when cornered. That’s both logically fallacious and reeking of sniffy bad sportsmanship.

                      You seriously want to send Brent to a “counselor” who will dope him with Prozac and convince him how many mRNA injections he needs to “do his part”?

                    • Hi FP,

                      I agree with you; I’m a cynic as well. But I am also a avid student of history and of psychology. People have endured and will endure much, without much resistance. Up to a point. That point often arrives when the cost of putting up with it is no longer worth putting up with it. Most of us have paid the taxes we’re told we “owe.” Fill out the forms, get the permissions. Operate our businesses in accordance with “the law.” And so on. Why? Is it poltroonery? Or is it that, on balance, it’s worth doing – much as it still sucks having to do it? We don’t like any of it, but we still have – had – a not-bad life. A home of our own, a business we enjoy running that pays our bills and leaves enough after government’s bills to allow us some discretionary enjoyment. We can – we could – travel. Raise our kids in a reasonably decent society. Etc. What now? Is it still worth it?

                      More and more people are becoming aware that if they do not push back – at least by saying No – then they will have nothing left that’s worth making the submission sacrifice for. In other words, that they haven’t got anything to lose. And when people realize that, they can be like a force of nature – with a kinetic energy that sweeps all before it, like a tsunami. This happened in 1989 in Romania.

                      It can happen again, here.

                      Above all, we must not concede defeat before we’re defeated. That is the enemy’s most powerful weapon. Raise up your countenance, don’t despair. Even if we do lose, let us do so as men – and women! – who stood tall and not as worms who didn’t even try.

                    • Hi Denny,

                      Don’t be too hard on Brent. I (per the Lord Humungous) understand his pain. I feel it also. Depression is a legitimate response to a depressing situation. It does not require counseling or drugs so much as bearing up to it. I say this as a man who wrestles with depression myself. It is easy to get down. Getting up takes an act of will. Everyone’s situation varies, of course. But among the things I do to shake off the blues: Make my bed every morning (per Jordan Peterson, a smart man). Make myself do something worthwhile every day, no exceptions. Exercise on a regular schedule, which I adhere to even when I don’t feel like it. I cannot recommend this strongly enough. Exercise is restorative. Fix things, if you are a “fix it” kind of person. Engage with friends. Will yourself to not isolate and retreat into yourself. Eat well. By which I mean, eat real/good food. And – most of all- do not let the bastards keep you down.

                      This is a topic worth more keystrokes.

                    • “We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us.” Patience is a virtue Joe, but you and your ilk are devoid of any virtue. I as a patriotic American, (and I mean patriotic American as someone who believes in the founding principles of this nation, not patriotic as in loyalty to the leviathan beast) have had an enormous amount of patience with the bullying, diktats, extortion, regulation, petty bureaucracy, and brutal enforcement. As long as I understand that I am being goaded into reflexive rash behavior I will continue to be patient. My patience however, has its limits.

                      You, JoeBama and your handlers, have crossed the line in the sand that many of us have drawn, and the truth is that our patience is also wearing thin. My hope is that the response to your tyrannical oppression will not be reflexive nor rash, but calculated, moral, determined and steadfast. The leviathan beast has proven time and again that it is no match for a calculated, moral, determined and steadfast enemy, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that leviathan will rue the day that it made enemies out of us. Many of us are quickly approaching the point where we have little or nothing left to lose.

                      Reading the comments of this article I recognize that there are many on our side who have already thrown in the towel, been defeated and given up just as the fight is beginning to get interesting. I hope those guys will not be needed in this game, because clearly they are unreliable. I also hope that when the need arises they will somehow find the guts to rise to the occasion, though I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

                      I’ve heard many people say on numerous occasions that this is not the hill that I want to die on. I couldn’t argue with their logic, until now. This is the hill that I will die on. I understand that the end goal of this agenda is to strip everyone except a small handful of elites of their private property and turn us all into transhuman cyborgs. That being understood, we fight now when we have a chance and possibly lose everything, or we wait and certainly lose everything.

              • Did the Kulaks love tyranny? Did the God knows how many Chinese Mao killed love tyranny? The plain simple fact is that far more have died under tyranny than have fighting it. There really is nothing to lose. You can’t go along to get along when dealing with sociopaths who won’t let you get along regardless how complacent you are.

  36. Are employers really going to lay down for this? Can they or the economy withstand even 10-15% of workers suddenly kicked to the curb? Domestic manufacturing and supply lines are already strained, imports are down, ships aren’t being unloaded, trucking is down, and retail shelves are looking slightly Soviet in some areas. Now this? Is there anyone, anyone at all, with a functioning brain in this corporatocracy hellhole in which we find ourselves?

    Oh, but don’t worry, the republican limp dick brigade is going to sue the administration. That’ll show em!

    • Hi BAC,

      Yes they will. Americans made it so easy for them during the lockdown. Only big businesses were allowed to operate and our peers would don the mask willingly to get their high priced Chinese junk.

      Eric was correct early on. When we obliged by wearing the mask we made it simple for the oligarchy to see who would comply. They could walk down a street, get on a train, or peer into a storefront and see how many would submit. That provided them the ammo that they needed to be more tyrannical and emboldened. We are where we are, because we feared instead of fought.

      • I disagree RG. We are where we are because those who love liberty also despise conflict, and try with all their might to avoid it. Tyrants and sociopaths of other breed do not. But I think they may have yanked on the chain of the lovers of liberty a bit too hard. We may avoid conflict, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of participating in it. One of us, the tyrants or me, are reaching the wrong conclusion. I’ll die to prove I’m right. After all, they are insane.

    • The economy is going to get a lot worse irrespective since the sugar high of the top up bennies and other shimmies/transfers have ended. As others have mentioned, this is likely a smokescreen and an attempt to focus the proles on fighting one another over purposely contradictory obvious bullshit so as to not notice what the gov’t and its cronies have done to them and the destruction of society as a whole.

      • The economic destruction has been going on for decades. My first experience of it was late 70s just a few years after the Gold window closed.. Unemployment, inflation, and interest rates all in double digits. Ever since it’s been founded on debt. Witness the ever expanding national debt, and the 2% inflation considered desirable. I agree with you in part. The “great reset” is intended to “reset” the economy to zero and erase all that debt, at our expense. The Plague is a major part of that.

    • Companies know that those who require the jab are going to have the most difficult time employee wise so Biden, the coward he is, is having OSHA cut off the ability to simply go elsewhere. If the unvaxxed were the low skill morons the media likes to make it appear they wouldn’t do it this way. The low-no-skill low education people are largely recent immigrants, on the welfare rolls, unemployment, and so on. None of which does the edict apply to. The edict is aimed directly at those leftists hate the most, the productive.

      • I agree. The purpose in the mandates and the fines is to give cover to employers who want to require vaccines but are afraid employees will leave and go to a more unvaccinated-friendly company. Now, any employee who quits will find all other doors closed to him unless he complies.

        Perhaps this will spark a new rise in independent entrepreneurs.

      • There are a lot of dynamics missing. OSHA is just going to just magically appear at these businesses? Are they going to demand a roster of employees and see vaccine cards and the most recent weekly tests? Does this mean they will stop manning construction sites and work related injuries?

        OSHA consists of 2400 inspectors and a $500 million budget, but they are going to oversee this entire shit show?!?!

        There are over 170k businesses that have more than 100 employees. OSHA is already stressed trying to keep up with their current workload, just tack on another 100k businesses to oversee….what could go wrong?

        • Is that the same OSHA that ignored its own rules regarding masks and oxygen depravation in the workplace for the last two years? Once again a poorly thought out overly emotional response by .guv.

          I predict this will fail as people awake from their stupor. Next the vaxx nerds will be enlisted to rat out those of us who refuse. Maybe a free concert ticket, movie pass, two scoops or a doughnut. Either way the powers that shouldn’t be will get what they want, Americans fighting each other over this most un American of fatwahs issued by one of the weakest dicktasters in human history

        • I was thinking similar things. While my biz is well under 100, we all know the goal post will be lowered and lowered. I will not play my hand on the internet though.

          • Hi Chris,

            No doubt the number will delve lower as the months continue on, but that just means there will be more and more businesses to oversee. There are 12 million businesses in this country with 1 to 4 employees.

            Good luck Uncle Joe. To quote Stinger from Top Gun “Son, you ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.”

        • Oh no, it will not be OSHA alone that magically appears to demand papieren, bitte of employers. It will be the IRS, the EPA, the FBI…Xho BaiDen can mobilize them all to enforce this Stasi-level befel. It makes me sick when I consider the Karens and Karls that have been screeching for this enslavement, causing us all to lose our God-given rights. This day has been coming for 60, 70, 100 years, but to live to see the Marxist end-game play out here, in the USA, is sickening, enraging. I think I understand a wee bit better what those original patriots went through mentally, the weighing of risk and reward they must have gone through. The mental agony in deciding on a path of pain and struggle, with no surety of anything except the gallows if they failed.

          You raise another very valid point. This whole Mao-level game being played out by the Marxists in the USA is intended to polarize, intended to isolate and separate. Isolated, we are Winston Smith and Julia. If we stick together, and aid each other in this, we are Sam Adams and company. You know which Zho BaiDen and company prefer, because they have told us in last night’s TelePromTer reading exercise.

          I hope you are right, Raider Girl. I hope there remains enough of a remnant to awaken.

        • The Government Make-Work is a feature, not a bug.

          The bigger the enforcement bureaucracy, the more entrenched the agenda.

          OSHA will see this as their “coming out party.” Now, they’re playing with the big boys like DHS and DoD.


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