Taxpayers to Pay $3 Million for AGW’s Hut! Hut! Hut!

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Some readers may recall the case of the elderly Colorado woman with dementia who was violently Hut! Hut! Hutted! by two armed government workers (AGWs) after she got confused during the course of attempting to buy about $14 worth of bottled water at a Wal Mart and wandered off without paying for the items.

AGW Austin Hopp rolled up on the old lady as she was walking home and almost immediately resorted to the old ultra-violence to deal with the “threat” posed by 73-year-old Karen Gardner, who “resisted” by not immediately obeying the AGW’s barked commands. She suffered a dislocated shoulder and sprained wrist, among other injuries.

If you watch the proceedings – it is painful to watch them – you will see that “officer” Hopp was itching to hurt someone and proceeded to do so. It did not matter that the target of his ape-like dominance rituals was a clearly feeble, obviously confused old  lady who had harmed no one and wasn’t capable if harming anyone – let alone the armed and body-armored “hero” who assaulted her.

Within about 20 seconds of exiting his taxpayer-financed AGW mobile, the AGW can be seen hurling Garner to the ground, wrenching her arms behind her back as she cries in agony. “I’m going home,” she screams as the badged and costumed thug smugly informs dispatch she is “detained.” More AGWs arrive – and the manacled manhandling continues, even as it becomes apparent that the old woman has issues.

And is an old woman.

Now the taxpayers of Loveland, CO will pay $3 million to Garner to make things sort-of right.

“This is justice for my mom,” said Garner’s daughter. “There needs to be some change in this department. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else’s family.”

The “hero” AGW has been charged with official misconduct. You can imagine what the charge would be if any non-AGW were to throw old lady violently to the ground, dislocate her shoulder and very possibly cripple or even kill her.

And it would be us – personally – on the hook for the victim’s medical bills and all lawyer bills. But because it’s a government worker who did the dirty, it’s the taxpayers who get to pay.

This is why “defund the police” got as much traction as it got. Decent people are tired of the Hut! Hut! Hutting! – the  rabid pitbull-like snapping of jaws and instant-on violence, when there is no violence to justify it.

Keep in mind, also, that there are plenty more like “officer” Austin Hopp out there – just itching to make you comply with face-effacing and papers-presenting.

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  1. 3 million would be nice.

    Use a third to finance the bounty on the AGW’s head and get his family a nice new flag for the living room and send a message that this will not be tolerated from those we have granted their “powers”.

    Goddamn bully, how dare he manhandle anyone, let alone an old woman with dementia. Charging him with official misconduct won’t do a thing. Start rounding the bad ones up and put them in public stocks. Let them be brutalized and humiliated in public as so many of them do to citizens.

    • Since she was attacked by the cops her health has declined to the point she cannot live on her own and is institutionalized. This also is not the first time Loveland police have had to pay out big money over police abuse of authority. A couple of year earlier they arrested a man, throwing his shoulder out also, when he said he did not witness a motorcycle accident. The bike fell over in a bar parking lot and this guy went out and helped pick it up. The arresting officer did not like his attitude and failure to obey his authoorittty. $500k on that one paid out.

      I have only dealt with the sheriffs department around here and they are courteous and professional.

  2. “She suffered a dislocated shoulder and sprained wrist” Which at 73 she is unlikely to heal from. These injuries will likely plague her for the rest of her life. What are the consequences for “official misconduct”? Far less than the assault and battery charges that should have applied, I imagine.

    • Good morning Mr. Kable,

      Karen Gardner also suffered a broken humerus because of this violent attack. Like you say, these injuries will never properly heal and will likely burden her for the rest of her days.

      Violent AGW Hopp is charged with second degree assault for causing serious bodily injury to an at-risk victim and for attempting to influence a public servant. Both charges are felonies. He also faces one charge of official misconduct, a misdemeanor.

      “government” “workers” who enjoy qualified immunity should be held to a much higher standard. When they abuse the immunity granted by the state there should be very strict penalties. It’s the only way to deter the other psychopaths who are drawn to AGW “work” from harming more innocent people.

      AGW Austin Hopp and his union representatives will probably try the AGW Philip Brailsford plan. Hopp will likely say he has PTSD from this encounter so he can get early retirement/disability and a fat tax cattle funded pension. In a just world anyone who abuses an old lady (elder abuse?) or other frail person in this way while hiding behind his Thin Blue Privilege should be put down like a rabid animal. A simple bullet to the head. He is a threat to society, which is probably why the department hired him in the first place. These AGWs are dangerous psychopaths who have no place in a free society.

      I hope he’s denied the Brailsford treatment.
      I hope his punishment is more harsh than Chauvin’s.

      I truly wouldn’t mind if they have him khashoggied.

    • The mental anguish since the attack was the worst of it, she lost her ability to live alone and was institutionalized not too long after the attack.

      • Hi Ozzy,

        This one hit home for me because my mom suffers from dementia. Toward the end – before she could no longer live on her own – she behaved similarly to the lady in the video; i.e., she would get confused and lose track of things. She would wander around and seem oblivious when spoken to. I cannot get into the headspace of a “man” – or for that matter, a woman – who would hurl an obviously harmless old lady to the ground, merely for not immediately becoming obedient. It boggles. The creature who committed this act deserves a beatdown, at least – so as to experience for himself what it is like. And – in this case – he earned it.

  3. Police really need a version of malpractice insurance (paid by each individual officer and covering that individual). It would get the worst off the street as they wouldn’t be able to get insurance or it would be unaffordable. Most professions have their version of malpractice insurance (when I was a realtor, I had error and omission insurance which I had to pay myself, your company can’t pay even if they wanted to). It would only work if each has to get their own.

  4. I have a feeling this corrupt bunch in the White House and Capitol Hill are itching and will try to “federalize” all police jurisdictions. If you think this incident is bad, think of what will come. An iron-fisted police state comparable to the East German Stasi where the Bill of Rights become null and void and no relief from any court.

    • Indeed, it’s contrary to logic and reason. Law “enforcement” should be held to a HIGHER standard than the common citizen, not lower. As long as the governments that hire these thugs allow themselves to absorb the harm from such litigation there isn’t anything to discourage them. Why on earth would a city accept such a transfer of responsibility? Obviously it’s written into their contract. Probably to buy some union votes. How about you parasites unwrite it? Even if they had to pay a higher wage, a $3 million dollar judgement hanging over their heads would be a quite effective means to discourage such. And would likely save the city some money.

    • City police chiefs are not voted for they are appointed by the city managers here in Loveland who do not get any political ramifications for bad departments. Local voters have almost no control. Democrats spend too much money hiring these thugs and Republican are tough on crime and spend just as much.

      The sheriffs are voted in and it is night and day difference ours here in Loveland, Larimer Cty, refused to enforce all the covid mandates for example.

  5. “You can imagine what the charge would be if any non-AGW were to throw old lady violently to the ground, dislocate her shoulder and very possibly cripple or even kill her.”

    If I did something like that, it is likely that there would simply be a little private justice, with some people rightfully beating me into tomato paste, while others would “see nothing”.

  6. And yet people cringe when they hear ‘Gestapo’ and to a lesser extent ‘Cheka’ or ‘Stasi’. Or do they? Same could be said of ‘Mengele’ vs ‘Fauci’.

    • Mike,

      Perhaps it is easier for people to see the tyranny in hindsight (is this why they are trying to erase our history and replace it with a new version?). Perhaps people are conditioned to cringe, to believe it could never happen here, etc.

      Well, it’s here. Right now. Will enough people wake up to be able to stop it?


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