Diaper Dissonance

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One of the many galling things about Sickness Kabuki is that – per Leona Helmsley – is that only the little people are expected to perform it.

A particularly egregious example of this was posted by the owner of the Pineapple Hill Grill and Saloon in LA, Angela Marsden, who took video of her closed by decree of Gesundheitsfuhrer Newsome outdoor dining area adjacent to the open-for-business outdoor food service tents erected for the gustatory indulgence of “essential” Hollywood grandees:

“I’m losing everything,” Marsden said. “Everything I own is being taken away from me.” Tearfully, she points to her outdoor patio dining area – where it is “unsafe” to eat. Then she points across the street to the Craft Services Tents and tables erected to feed people involved with a movie production – where it is “safe” to eat.

Gesundheitsfuhrer Newsome exempted people involved with the making of movies from his Gesundheitsbefehls as “essential.”

The livelihood of the owner of the Pineapple Hill Grill – and her employees – are not. At least, in the eyes of the multi-millionaire Gesundheitsfuhrer – who cares as much about their plight as Leona did about the taxes the “little people” are forced to pay.

This is not an isolated “case.”

This is happening all over the country.

It happened in New York, where Gesundheitsfuhrer Cuomo sicced the SicknessPolizei on the owner of a gym who dared to work out. He and a few brave souls heckled the SicknessPolizei out, though not before they plastered his gym’s front door with a massive fine for daring to open its doors and allow people to freely assume the risk (if any) of working out.

Gesundheitsfuhrer Cuomo has access to his own private gym – paid for by the little people who aren’t allowed to work out there.

Marsden is a hero for showing the world not merely the hypocrisy of the Gesundheitsfuhrers but their sociopathic indifference to the harm they are visiting on everyone except themselves – which seems to be precisely what they intend. Destroy, impoverish – in order to rule.

It is not accidental that the profits of Amazon and Wal-Mart are through the roof; that the stock market – which is a barometer of the health of corporate America – crested 30,000 recently. There are huge profits to be made by vampirically sucking the life out of the livelihoods of 330 million people, including the owner of the Pineapple Hill grill.

Who ought to defy the Gesundheitsfuhrers and open her doors. What has she got to lose that they haven’t already taken away? She could at least save her dignity – and perhaps also her business.

This is a point that every business owner ought to consider.

And also: Take off the Holy Rag! It is the symbol of obedience; the religious vestment showing your induction into the Sickness Cult. The wearing of it is the same as the wearing of a T shirt that says, “I love having gay sex” – even though you’re not homosexual.

Don’t let them make it appear that you agree with their cultic rituals by performing them.

Especially when the leaders of the cult don’t perform them, either.

. . .

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  1. That poor restauranteur need to be told about Peggy Hall and The Healthy American dot com. Peggy told us about an Italian restaurant in SoCal with a No Masks Allowed policy and they are thriving. And Peggy has the laws so goons can’t pull your license over some stasi decree that is NOT law.

    • A Chicago alderman’s restaurant was recently caught serving *select* customers indoors. The article even had an employee quote ‘somebody ratted us out’.

      It’s back to the speakeasy era. You have know somebody or know somebody that knows somebody. Know the special knock or password.

      You can buy pot legally but if you want to eat pasta at restaurant that has to be done on the black market. Hmm… ya know, there’s a criminal enterprise there with absolutely no guilt associated with it. People have to eat, it’s not like it’s something self destructive, it’s just food. Virus is going to virus and they choose to take the risk. And being illegal all the barriers to entry from the government are gone. hmm…. too bad my cooking skills are limited in quality for most things and selection for the others.

      • Morning, Brent!

        I give more and more thought to opening a coffee speakeasy; an off the books place where people can come to sit and have a cup without wearing a Diaper or any other such bizarre rituals. Not as a money-maker but a sanity-keeper.

    • Hi LadyLife,

      Indeed; what’s needed above all is more-than-individual resistance. It is one thing to refuse to wear a Holy Rag – aka the Face Diaper – when shopping. It is another to get a bunch of people together, sans the Holy Rag and stand firm with a business and stand down the Gesundheitspolizei – as occurred at the gym in NY. I have been trying to get something like that going in my area but without much success as I’m not much of an organizer; any ideas would be very much appreciated!

  2. While arguing whether the state should or should not regulate activity because of this rather ordinary virus, the major casualty is apparently the ability to make a risk/reward evaluation. Despite such evaluation being a major fundamental aspect of living, we are now encouraged to believe that only the state can make such evaluation. That we should not be allowed to assume ANY risk without state approval. As if the state was only concerned about our welfare. That the state is so moral, ethical, wise and benevolent that it should be trusted over any other authority or one’s own judgement. Of course this is absurd. There is no more dangerous thing on this planet than the state. It inflicts poverty on regions with abundant natural and human resources, summarily imprisons or executes those in disagreement, engages in warfare, and in general promotes policy that is antithetical to human life, while benefiting the state and its agents. For God’s sake, it has nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life on the planet.

    • Indeed, JWK –

      Which gets at the root of this mess: Who gets to decide the risk you are willing to assume? If it’s not you, then someone else’s judgment binds you – in which case, it is arguable you have become in a very real sense their property, since he who controls a thing has functional ownership of that thing.

    • The big S state embodies and constitutes political risk. Something that has increased immeasurably since even a year ago. People are evaluating and dealing with it daily as individuals whether they know it or not.

  3. ‘… open-for-business outdoor food service tents erected for the gustatory indulgence of “essential” Hollywood grandees’ — EP

    Like all pandemics that have scourged humanity, covid will burn itself out in due course, just as the deadlier 1918 flu did. But now the future of cities is in doubt: not only because of Zoom replacing in-person meetings, but also owing to cities having become cesspools of corrupt government, leftist politics, rising crime, and inflated living costs.

    America’s older cities spent half a century bouncing back from urban riots and ill-conceived ‘urban renewal’ in the late Sixties. But in one fell swoop, they’ve backslid by decades.

    Now a locust plague of fleeing Californians is sweeping eastward — a mirror image of Okies and Arkies escaping the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. But this time round, it’s California that has become a political Dust Bowl of leeching one-party politicians, la-di-da Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites, and grinding social decay for immiserated worker bees.

    Wouldn’t it be better to lance the boil by granting California its independence, in order to prudently limit outward emigration, rather than waiting passively for one of its secession movements finally to succeed?

    • Hi Jim,

      Amen – in re parting ways with CA. The problem, of course, being that CA does not wish to part ways with us. This is generic problem, too. In my area, what was a bastion of traditional, rural American values is being eroded by the influx of people from New Jersey and other such areas, who – like many of those fleeing CA – bring NJ (and CA) with them. I have no problem with emigrants and exiles; I was one myself. But I do have a big problem with people who import their pathologies to areas that were happily free of them until they came.

  4. Amen, Mike. I never understood how the Nazi army was ever to round up so many people, load them into cattle cars, and send them to the gas chambers and then I lived through Covid and it all makes sense. Instead of assisting their fellow Americans against the tyrannical hold of their government, might as well turn them in!

  5. The response from the mayor’s office will be along the lines of “the film company filed a COVID-19 action plan with the city as part of the permitting process.” Well good for them. Same thing for Walmart and big grocery chains; they have enough mouth-breathers on staff to work on nonsense such as that, and enough pull to get reimbursed by Uncle for the increased costs of the pandemic, or at least access to 0% interest money from the FED. So the film crew designates some intern to take everyone’s temperature every morning and log it, and put up the stars in fancy hotel suites, just like the NBA. Then the star’s SO or afternoon lay sneaks into the “clean zone” and infects everyone, killing no one but providing an embarrassing anecdotal tale for the entertainment reporters.

  6. The Staten Island guy gets fined 15k and arrested. But at least he got his 15 mins of fame on teevee. For me, running a small business was a means to an end, $ profits that I turned into food and whatnot, not a political statement. There may be dignity but not a lot of profit in running a public facing retail business at less than 100% capacity, subject to purposely destructive anti-human and anti-business “health edicts” where some portion of your former customer base is chomping at the bit to dime you out for your principled non-compliance. To those customers, my closing up shop, grieving the loss and moving on to the next thing in order to fight another day says “you want communism via medical tyranny?, then you can’t have the nice things you used to buy from me.” Smell ya later.

      • That’s the thing though..most of em don’t even *want* choices, they’re happy consuming their DoorDash and Netflix and then talking about it on their Fakebook while pooping themselves to TikTok videos. They just want to imagine that they relate to everyone else, and can keep up with the Joneses, and “we’re all in this together” has given them exactly that.

      • It can’t be understated the depth of dissonance to drive at will in a nice car to shop from a list kept on your smart phone at a grocery store with produce from around the globe and the unparalleled range of local and imported products that pre-COVID just were there with almost effort on your part. Then to think to yourself “This system is evil.”

  7. Hi Eric,

    Good article, but it isn’t so much the government taking us down as it is our own peers.

    I visited my favorite farmer’s market last week and talked to the local seafood and meat distributors (super nice guys, just trying to make ends meet). I stop in and buy about $200 in meat and seafood every other week, because I want them to succeed, plus they have a great product.

    When I arrived I was the only one there and we started chatting about the face masks. They know I will not wear one and they did not at the beginning either, but the last few months they have had them. Mind you this is an outdoor market (fresh air, sunshine, in the middle of nowhere). As we were talking (maskless, of course) they told me that they would have people (not government, not health inspectors), but their very own customers take pictures of them without the proper PPE in place and send these pics and a write up to the local and state health departments. The health department would come out for a visit. I don’t know if they were fined or their license was threatened or a combination of both, but it is upsetting. I was pretty freaking ticked.

    How can anyone rationally believe they are helping society by starving small and medium sized businesses out of existence? WTH goes through someone’s head to believe they have the right to destroy someone’s livelihood? I abhor these people and I don’t consider myself a hateful person. I don’t wish bad things on people, I don’t want anyone to fall off the face of the Earth. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but this is something I cannot comprehend. Why would anyone want to destroy good people? If people don’t feel safe, go somewhere else. It is not our job to do the oligarchy’s work for them.

    • People say COVID or the pandemic did this to your business. But my favorite dissembling so far has been sorry your business couldn’t survive 2020. I always correct them and say the gov’t did this. Most don’t understand why. Or pretend not to.

    • Hi RG,
      That’s the worst thing about all this BS – how many of our neighbors have become willing agents of the Stasi. Instead of pushing back against the insanity of the PTB they are Lenin’s useful idiots, thinking they will somehow gain favor with the state to improve their own lot. Instead they’ll be the first batch marched off to the gulag. My mantra is like the X-files: trust no one.


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