“Straight Up Car Bro Culture”

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When you need to find someone who can figure out what’s wrong with your car, what’s the first thing you look for? Obviously, it’s a mechanic who shares your sexual proclivities.

Because who else could you trust?

“Between homophobia, sexism and straight-up car bro culture, it doesn’t feel like there’s a place where I, a queer woman, can get my car fixed while being treated with dignity,” explains Dara Avenius in a pitch letter to me, hoping I will do a piece about “queer-owned mechanic shops.”

I am happy to oblige.

Avenius is a PR flack who runs Fascinate Media and she has apparently been hired to publicize and promote Lesbians Who Wrench. She sent me a link to a TikTok video done by a “queer” automotive writer named Chaya Milchtein about a “lesbian owned mechanic shop” in Ohio, which is an interesting way to put it in that the usual practice is to shop for a mechanic – as opposed to genitalia – when you need someone to fix your car.

Can he (or she) fix it? Ot not?

Of course, it’s the reverse when shopping for “identities.” Which are no longer defined by what you do – in terms of work – but rather by what you do in the bedroom. Or by the color of your skin. Or by some other thing that has as much to do with your competence to do the work as whether being good with a wrench means you’re also good in bed.

But the really interesting thing here is the superficially chirpy and disingenuous touting of what the Left – which is the real identity we’re dealing with here –  otherwise excoriates. And litigates, when it is not to the liking of Leftists.

That being Freedom of Association.

Avenius is giggly (well, she is paid to be giggly) about “queer” car repair shops and “queer” journalists like Milchtein who write about them, which – from a live-and-let-live perspective – is unobjectionable, as such, if a bit silly. Lesbians setting up shop for lesbians and not for anyone who isn’t, if that is their preference, is certainly their right. Most of us would not care a bit about that.

But it only swings that one way – so to speak – for the Left.

We’re all familiar with the infamous case of the Christian bakery that got into legal trouble for declining – politely – to bake a cake for a “queer” wedding party. The “queer” couple could have gone to another bakery, perhaps a “queer” one. But the point wasn’t to get the cake baked.

It was to accost the non-“queer” bakery and make them accommodate the “queers.”

This has yet to operate in reverse. Have you ever heard of a “queer” bakery getting in trouble for refusing to bake a “straight” cake? Probably not. Probably because there aren’t any straight people looking to force “queer” bakeries to bake them a cake.

You can imagine the hue and cry were any business to explicitly (and militantly) tout the heterosexuality of its owners and employees – and so implicitly its hostility to those who aren’t heterosexual.

The EEOC would be all over that.

Everyone knows it.

But we’re supposed to pretend it’s all sit-around-the-campfire singing Kumbaya time. And many who ought to know better do just that because of what you might call Decency Inversion. People have been hectored to consider effusive (however forced) affirmation of other people’s “identity” to be  . . . decent. And not, if you don’t effusively affirm it. This has egged on the pathological narcissism of a society in which your private business must be everyone else’s business. Elementary school teachers insist on telling the kids all about their personal lives, down to icky details no one is interested in (other than the icky).

But these pathological narcissists will be affirmed.

Avenius quotes CarTalk, once upon a time a show about cars, not equipment, which Kumbaya’d for Milchtein and her “queer” car journalism: “By asserting herself – her identity – in a space commonly hostile to such identities, Chaya is is helping make the automotive world a safer and more pleasant one for everyone involved.

Italics added.

This will take a minute.

“Commonly hostile”? To paying customers? Who – presumably – aren’t screaming about their sexual identity when they show up to ask about a brake job? And if they are screaming about their sexual identity, then maybe they have earned the “hostility” they claim to be experiencing.

How about we just discuss what’s wrong with your car – and keep what goes on in your bedroom to yourself? This used to be the decent thing.

“Safer and more pleasant” for “everyone”? What is meant by the former, of course, isn’t physical safety. It is about safe spaces. About certain neurotic (and narcissistic) people only feeling “safe” when surrounded by people whom they regard as of their tribe.

So it’s not really for “everyone,” is it?

People who aren’t narcisssitic neurotics obsessed with what’s between their legs will be more interested in knowing whether the person looking under the hood of their vehicle is competent rather than what he (or she) does in the boudoir.

. . .

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  1. Some might say blogs are a thing of the past, and only extremely weird and sad adults would keep a blog (especially one filled with hate.)

    But they’re wrong! Blogs really do have a niche role in society today. Whenever a mass murderer is captured, their manifesto is almost ALWAYS written in a blog!

    Don’t let anyone stop you from sharing your thoughts with all your followers!!! You go girl!!

    • Hello Le Turd,

      I’m trying to parse what you’ve written. . .

      “Filled with hate”? How so? By pointing out facts and drawing parallels? You Leftists have an interesting habit of characterizing any disagreement with Leftists as “hateful.”

      “You go, girl”? I’m not the one confused about my sex.

      And as far as “mass murder”: It’s not people like me who are shooting up schools, is it?

      • All those spurious leftist dog whistle charges leveled at you but they sincerely, definitely don’t want to censor or cancel you. Definitely not that.

  2. imagine if all of the energy you’ve spent being a hateful gross little incel, were instead directed to something that was actually productive and benefitted society?

    this was fun reading your little livejournal and seeing the cute little commenters. what a super special community of very very straight men sharing their feelings together on the internet like its 2003 and they wrote some harry potter fan fic <3 <3 <3 don't let anyone stop you from being you, i hope you keep this little blog running as long as you can!!

    • Hello Le Turd,

      I work for a living, which benefits me – and causes you no harm. That is good for society. As far as “incel” – you might ask my girlfriend about that. As far as “little blog”: I’ve been a working and successful journalist for 30-plus years. I’ve written for a large number of major/national publications.

      And I do okay running this little blog, too!

      PS: I have no problem with gays, as such. My problem is with narcissistic assholes who happen to be gay. No one cares who you sleep with or hang out with or do business with. Our objection is to being expected to laud your sexual habits, forced to accommodate you and then told by people like you that we are “hateful” for asking that you leave us alone and in return we’ll leave you alone.

      I advocate live – and let live. Radical Leftists demand that everyone live as they say, do as they say.

      NO way.

  3. she is grinning because that fat lgbqt witch will be running the planet soon….the lgbqt have teamed up with the control group to take over the planet…..

    getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted..and the warrior men….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

    • Funny thing is, they fail to notice that the Cabal is the ultimate patriarchy. In the past they used nominally ‘Christian’ white males as theiur beards….who, as the front-men were viewed as ‘the patriarchy’; now that they have successfully rid the culture of any vestiges of traditional/Christian sentiments, they can use LGBTQXYZs as their beards….and the deluded masses will rejoice and call their tyranny ‘freedom’ while blissfully unaware that the same old ancient Cabal is still calling the shots, only now has successfully destroyed everything of value; everything uplifting, functional and productive; and the very building blocks of a decent, free, civil society.

  4. Revised Earth Day headline:

    “Straight Up CARB Bro Culture”


    Click the link to read the heartwarming story of “The Road to Zero Emissions.”

    By taping a plastic bag over your head, you too can stop emitting poisonous carbon dioxide. 🙂

  5. Meanwhile, almost every male only club, school and other organizations etc has been destroyed or at least neutered. The boy scouts for pete sake, isn’t only for boys anymore (annoying the girl scouts in the process, which of course isn’t pressured into admitting boys).

    Can’t have it, those old fashioned male only spaces, because we may talk business (leaving the ladies out in the cold or something).

    • Hi Rich,

      Yup. This here river only runs one way, cap’n. Hadn’t you heard? Straight men (and boys) may not congregate exclusively among themselves; that is “hateful” or at least, not “inclusive.” But we must “celebrate” businesses run by gays that cater to gays…

      • getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….and millions of LGBQT alpha women/men…….

        Arrogance is the Mother of Ignorance by Dr. Sean Hross Phd.

        The Pharistocracy……..The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

        switzerland is the base of the pharoahs, the nazis, the templars…..the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291….they are satanists

        @ 1:18:29 the white man has been in slavery longer then any other race…..
        @ 1:22:00 only the white man was stupid enough to remain a slave that long…

        @ 1:37:33 the white slaves on the bottom are now accused of racism..but…….it was the pharaoh blood/elite ruler slave owners on the top that are to blame

        @ 1:39:00 rape and torture in the elite nobility ruler’s castles….pharaoh blood/elite rulers look white on the outside now…… but they are different then the white slaves on the bottom….and they are satanists…….the problem is the white slaves on the bottom are getting blamed for all the world’s problems now….because of the actions of the pharaoh blood/elite ruler satanists……the pharaoh blood/elite rulers hate the white slaves and so do all the other races….the white slaves are the most hated people….

        @ 2:20:43 man is a bred race….the control group is breeding out the warriors…

        @ 2:24:30 getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

        @ 2:53:00 freemason hand signals

        @ 3:00:00 destroy the patriarchy….the men…

        @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…


    • When are we going to see:

      The NAAWP? (National Association for the Advancement of White People)
      The White Mayors Conference
      Ivory magazine
      National Organization of Men
      Caucasian Business Association
      Hetero Liberation Front
      Straight Rights National Lobby

      OOoooohhh nooooooo….that would be ‘raciss’ and ‘sexist’………

      • nunzio

        getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

        LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

        • Yep, Anon1.

          The real war is against us Sigmas. Betas are a non-issue, as they are largely women with dicks; Alphas are useful idiots, easily controlled through their desire for admiration and material success- they will follow the rules imposed on them while imposing them on others.

          Sigmas though have already largely been bred out via the schools, media and corporate work culture…and we who remain are a target on whom the wrath of the state will fall because we are uncontrollable -which is the ultimate heresy against the god of state.

          A majority of the state’s efforts have been to control women, which are typically more easily controlled (Hence the modern push for ‘higher education'[indoctrination] of women, and the artificial forcing of them into positions of power- as most men are ultimately controllable by women- while we Sigmas resist even that, just as we resist status/admiration, material wealth, desire for power, etc. Take away those ‘soft controls’ and all the state is left with is brute force and destruction.

  6. If there were more dykes around here, I could open a shop and tell ’em I’m a man trapped in a lesbian’s body…. But alas, (thankfully) there aren’t too many dykes here…coal-burners seem to be more predominate. Hmmm…I could pathologically lie; call all the chicks ‘baby girl’…ask to borrow money from them……

  7. ” can get my car fixed while being treated with dignity”

    what is happening to this lady at the garage?
    I’m sure there are some shops where the staff are jackasses, but I’ve never had the experience where one after the other is treating people badly.

    Maybe the problem is her. Perhaps they wouldn’t let her have a parade in their parking lot while she waited.

  8. Was looking online at an old edition of a horticulture publication from 1942.

    A couple of paragraphs were devoted to a mouse in an office space. The employees baited traps with cheese, no luck. The office workers also noticed that there was a healthy population of cockroaches, some of those filthy things appeared now and then. It was also observed that the cockroach population in the office was somehow losing members of the cockroach clan.

    The ineluctable deduction was the mouse was dining on cockroaches.

    The office workers had a new pet, was an asset, not a liability.

    If you have mice, chances are there are cockroaches. I opened a door into a storage area, took one look and there were thousands of cockroaches in the storage area. You close the door and let them live.

    Also proves that mammals can live on bugs, let the mice eat the cockroaches all day long. Not my job to eat bugs, mice can handle the task.

    Klaus can join them for all I care.

    Not listening to that bug eating creature anymore.

  9. I personally identify as elephant hemi. Except for the days I identify as Thompson submachinegun.

    Dont you dare misgender me!

  10. that fat sheeple in the picture is the reason the sheeple could be doomed…no intelligence….

    The Truth about Pharistocracy (Sean Hross)

    @ 4:00 in video every U.S. president has a british king in his family…the pharaohs became the aristocracy…the aristocracy became freemasons….then through democratatorship…the sheep get to vote for one of multiple pharaohs….

    @ 10:30 king charles the 3rd is a descendant of…… Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia or — as he is better known — Vlad the Impaler… Vlad III Dracula…. (Vlad Tepes), a name he earned for his favorite way of dispensing with his enemies.

    @ 13:22 when will U.S. sheeple push back?

    @ 15:00 the two parasites of society were/are the aristocracy…the rulers…. and the church priests….

    @ 16:30 the aristocracy went underground…out of the sight of the angry sheeple… became freemasons….then through democratatorship…the sheeple were given the right to vote…..the sheep get to vote for one of multiple pharaohs….aristocracy…genetic bloodline to the pharaohs…to get in the big club you have to have it….

    @21:20 the tempars founded ocotogon switzerland in 1291…as safe haven and headquarters for freemasons, nobility, politicians, secret bank accounts for stolen money, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went to school in switzerland he is another one of the nobility….

    @ 26:40 the pharaonic satanist rulers have a long history of torturing the slaves…

    @ 27:20 the U.S. people fought for freedom then lost it again…

    @ 29:20 humanity has to unite to push back…
    @ 29:25 the rulers today still own the slaves..

    @ 31:20 the rulers are scared of the slaves….the slaves might have a tiny chance to get free again…

    @ 38:30 diana spencer knew about the ocotogon swiss control group

    @ 58:50 satanic temples for their rituals…

    @ 59:50 a pharaoh statue in the garden…

    @ 1:00:30 the pharaohs had satanic rituals…@ 1:00:00 the templars had their satanic figure and founded octogon switzerland in the alps…

    @ 1:08:35 sometimes the pharaohs love the slaves…like lady diana and JFK…then they pay for it…

    @ 1:14:00 the control group…dukes and priests….kings and the clergy…

    Pharaoh bloodlines Trump has Genealogy Blood Ties to hillary clinton….who is related to trudeau…


    • Even more ironic, Anonymous, is that many of the jewels that Queen Elizabeth wore were stolen from many of the Romanov’s who fled Russia during the Revolution. Ole Charles may want to keep that in mind the next time he pisses off Russia. Putin may just decide to re-claim all the jewelry that his family stole from them.

  11. 3 years and 15K miles ago, I repaired a customer’s Hyundai ignition system, wires, plugs & coil pack. Today I just did the same repair on their car using another new set of wires & another new coil pack. Why? Well, about 10 months ago another shop did their oil change and claimed they needed a tune-up. The other shop disposed of the new plugs & lifetime-warranty wires I had installed, replacing them all with their own brand. Only they pinched one of the high-voltage plug wires under a cover-mounting screw, causing it to arc and short to the cylinder head from day-1. 10 months later, I get the car back for an oil change and “engine-miss” diagnosis. Now, after 10 months of misfiring, the electronic coil is burnt out. The other shop performed unnecessary work, and damaged the previously new coil pack to boot.

    People bring a lot of this on themselves by price-shopping & garage-hopping for the sake of convenience. COVID lockdowns also have had people all upside-down and backwards, fearful of driving more than 5 miles from their own house. So every disreputable, incompetent garage has been taking advantage of every opportunity to “maximize revenue” on every repair order regardless of actual services needed or requested by the customer.

    I don’t know why seemingly sensible people keep falling for cheap-ass, while-u-wait, drive-thru auto service, unless they just “feel better” with all the instant gratification and attention they are getting there. There are also what I call “social insecurity” reasons I could get into, but I would be typing all day if I got started on that. Even so, I would estimate that 50% of my work is redoing shoddy, incompetent, half-assed service that has occurred elsewhere, mostly for the reasons stated above.

  12. The aristocrats in Greece had wives, mistresses and concubines.

    Then Jesus Christ died on the cross, after that, the Christians implemented corporal punishment for sex outside of marriage and no more mistresses and concubines.

    The wife was for bearing children, the mistress and the concubine were for lustful purposes.

    Along came the Seven Deadly Sins, lust for one. A significant other, married or not, goes the adultery route, it becomes a problem. Serial monogamists out in California and everywhere else just can’t help their affliction. How they pine for the good old days of having a choice between three of their own and not have to share with some other members of the human species.

    Christians know how to spoil everybody’s fun, damn it anyhow.

    Christians corrupted a civilization known for a thousand years. Took all of the fun out of everything. Dot gov does it now.

    Back to the good old days of rock and roll.

    Zombies know what fun is.

    • Whoa, that 1968 video does not appear to have been shot by a lesbian wrencher.

      On the other hand, it does remind me of some sweeties I knew in high school. 🙂

    • The nature of all religions, they don’t cause much of a problem, and in fact are often beneficial, until they get “organized”, and essentially turn into government.

  13. I just love how these assholecates[“advocates”] and consumer-reactivist types make out that a man would never cheat another man (No…that never happens… :D) but would cheat women; that a jig would never screw another jig….that a homo would never cheat another homo… as if dishonest people are somehow loyal to their ‘clan’ as determined by race or nationality or perversion…… And I guess, ergo, a bulldyke-bitch mechanic would never rip-off another dyke- but of course would cheat a straight white male, because we all know that it’s not about morality, integrity, and honesty, but rather just about “identification”.

    But of course if we were to posit such assumptions, we’d be “bigots” and “racists” and a host of other politically-incorrect non-humans- unless of course we only make those assumptions about other straight white males. To suggest that a lezbo black female might be dishonest- whether it just cheats straight white males, or everyone…would be the “height of bigotry”…

    Bunch of stinking hypocrites, scum, and asswipes these whiners are.

    • Many people believe they are being ripped off by service industries, no matter what. The information age has only made them double down, since in theory they could perform the service themselves with help from YouTube and a trip to Harbor Freight. Or maybe they feel helpless, knowing that performing many tasks are easy but yet they pay someone to do it anyway, ignoring the total job. Like changing your own oil. The process is pretty simple. Drain out the old and fill up the new. Install a new filter. But then what? For starters you have to deal with the pan of hazmat sitting in your driveway. Back in the old days it wasn’t a problem, just dump it into the trash. But the EPA put a stop to that, so now you have to haul it somewhere yourself for “proper” disposal, which probably involves dumping down the drain in some third world country.

      Better to leave it to the professionals.

  14. Sometimes a repair job can be a “bitch”, and a lot of it was engineered by some stupid “bastard” who doesn’t have to fix it when it breaks. However, I don’t know of any inanimate object that gives a damn who built it, who owns it, or who repairs it. Shoddy motor vehicle service can be, and is, done by all kinds of talentless idiots. All the rest of this irrelevant crap is just to get attention in spite of anyone’s abilities, or lack thereof, in the workplace.

    • But…but…we all know that women are so easily cheated because “they don’t know anything about cars” [Funny how they don’t get offended nor disavow THAT stereotype, eh?]…but of course, anyone who has a dick knows all about cars and therefore can’t be cheated…. (Never mind that half the men I know can’t even do the brakes on their own vehicles…)

  15. Who cares what sexual orientation, gender, race, nationality someone is? Seriously, it is irrelevant in most of our eyes. Why? Because, we just want the best person to do that job. If you do your job well, are proficient, effective, and affordable (and sometimes affordable really doesn’t matter all that much) then everything else is moot. The only people I find screaming about someone’s physical characteristics are people who can’t perform their assignment well and need an edge over the competition.

    Two shops that I frequent (an expensive dessert shop and a small bakery) are both owned and operated by gay men. I don’t give a frig that they are gay. I care that they make a good product…and they do. They could be purple, with three eyes, and horn in the center of their forehead I would still stop in. My hairdresser is from El Salvador and the best fried chicken in town is made by Ms. Barbara. Their nationality and race don’t play into my consideration at all, because I don’t care. They are the best and that is all that should matter to any of us.

    I have my own business (as many know) and the most insulting phone call I ever received was from another woman who stated to me she wanted a woman accountant, because women needed more assistance than male business owners and she did not want to give her money to a man. I actually told her that is not the way one should shop for someone who is going to assist you in taxes and finances. That she should only be calling me because I perform my job well and my gender has nothing to do with it. She seemed a little surprised when I said this to her. I am a woman, but I have never touted myself as a woman owned business, because honestly, I don’t need to. I am good at what I do and I damn well know it. My vast array of clientele is proof of that.

    • “Who cares what sexual orientation, gender, race, nationality someone is? Seriously, it is irrelevant in most of our eyes. Why? Because, we just want the best person to do that job. If you do your job well, are proficient, effective, and affordable (and sometimes affordable really doesn’t matter all that much) then everything else is moot.”

      Wrong, 100%.

      I used to think that way too but experience has demonstrated otherwise. It may not matter to YOU what a person’s sexual proclivities or sexual identity is, but it matters to THEM. And they are going to act on that 100% of the time. It’s THEIR defining characteristic.

      The argument you made is exactly the argument used by the Pentagon for ending “don’t ask, don’t tell.” As long as they can do the job, a soldier is a soldier is a soldier. But now we have official Gay Pride day at the Pentagon. Why, if they are the same as everyone else? We now have all-gay air crews displaying the Pride flag in the hangar:


      What do you think would happen to an all-Southern crew that displayed a Confederate flag?

      It’s the same thing in private corporations. They’re not just hiring gays equally and randomly to “do the job” — they’re all openly celebrating and promoting homosexuality.

      Homosexuals are, and always have been, deviant and subversive. Mammals evolved to have binary sexual relations in which the male and the female each contribute half their DNA to the next generation. Mammal anuses evolved to excrete feces, not as sexual organs. It’s nature. It’s science.

      Libertarian tolerance for a handful of oddballs (and literally, “queers”) only works in a homogenous society where they keep to themselves and the majority of normal people are not generally affected and agree to leave them alone. That is not what we have. What we have is a totalitarian movement of a small minority that is determined to destroy all mainstream social structures and mores and force everyone to acknowledge their perversion and genuflect before them like peasants before kings. It is fundamentally narcissistic, pathological and evil.

      Why else would there be a NATIONAL MOVEMENT of drag queens subjecting FOUR-YEAR-OLDS to their perversion?

  16. They said I’d blown a seal.
    I said “Fix the damn thing and leave my private life out of it, ok pal?”


    The thing about a “gays only” mechanic is that by discrimating and limiting potential customers to a very small minority of the population they’re going to have an extremely difficult time earning a profit. Or they’ll need to charge a high premium for their services. Either way there’s only one benefit to the customers, they’re amongst their “own kind.” Maybe that’s enough to entice people to use the service. These days in my neck of the woods most of the mechanics are fluent in Spanish. I have to admit I’m a little intimidated by the fact that I don’t understand what they’re saying. But reality is I’d rather get the job done right and at a fair price, even if it means I have to wonder if the mechanics are talking about me behind my back.

    Of course reality is they’re not. In fact I probably barely register on their radar. They’ve got a job to do.

  17. Imagine the amount of these sorts of folks, flush with crooked cash from the renamed flu scam, pushing and probing media and business with this identity political activity every single day. The same sort of psychological framing used during the renamed flu scam with diapers and vaxxes is being used to push the deviance agendas. You either submit to it for “whatever your reason” or get labeled a so-called “anti” or hate criminal. There is no room for simple tolerance or nuance, as artfully elucidated in Eric’s piece. They know that, present company excluded, most people will submit at the slightest societal pressure to get along and go along, in fear of losing a nickel, or at the prospect of gaining one. For those that resist, but wish to retain their station and status, there are already “mandates” in gov’t and large institutions, with laws promulgated in countries like Canada and similar soon to be promulgated here.


    Canadian pastor Arthur Pawloski, who was ruthlessly jailed in Canada for holding church services in “defiance of lockdowns” and whose son is sharing that fate for “praying outside drag indoctrination shows”, has been quoted as saying “you will be ruled by what you tolerate.”

  18. I won’t do business with that shit. I don’t like those people as a whole and guess what? It’s my damned right not to. I kind of wish they would segregate themselves into one place so normal red blooded males won’t have to deal with them. Same with gay dudes, although they don’t pose a threat to me getting pussy. I wonder if you got them all in a group living, working and whatnot together, how many of them would stay that way. Would be an interesting experiment.

  19. A simple fact. Men have a higher mechanical aptitude than women, unless they are of the former man variety. A lot higher on average.
    My son works for a VERY large computer business. There are no women on his crew. So I guess it includes deductive reasoning as well.

  20. I was an aberration in the deep south i.e. a early supporter of gay rights (rights belong to individuals, not groups). But over the decades the more vocal and militant and nasty they and the rest of the alphabet soup have become, the less likely I am to have sympathy. In fact, my sympathy reserve is tapped out.

    • Hi Mike,

      Amen. As a libertarian and live and let-live guy, I don’t care who Joe or Jane sleeps with, so long as it’s another adult and so long as it’s consensual. It’s none of my business. But the militants insist on making it my business – by shoving it in my face – and by insulting my intelligence as well. You want a “queer” shop, run by “queers” – and only for “queers”? BY all means, go ahead. But fuck off when it comes to my or anyone else’s shop. How about that?

  21. I suspect they can throw this up against the wall as often as they like, and it still won’t stick. Unless goons with guns get involved and force people to let it stick. As they have done with at least one baker. A distinct possibility, given the current psychosis of the state.
    Women and minority owned businesses have been given enormous advantage gaining government contracts for a decade or two. At least in the construction industry with which I’m formerly familiar. And haven’t been familiar with for 25 years, so yeah, decades.

  22. Why not just open an entire dealership? Trans Motors or something.

    The lesbians at the dealership could form a union. The Orgy Butter Gang has a good ring to it.

    I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t want a lesbian mechanic doing any sort of work on a car I own.

    Can’t trust lesbians, they can be militant too. Aileen Wuornos is one for the books.

    How about Cabaret Motors, that could be the ticket.

    “A buck, a yen, a mark, a pound, it makes the world go ’round.”

    Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money…

    A local yokel who owned a food truck, is married with three children and a wife, now wants to have a new name, Claire. The trans ideology spreads like crazy.

  23. These are freaking nuts. Bunch of “can’t get right” lunatics. If *anyone’s* sexuality comes up in the course of getting my car repaired, it is much LESS enjoyable of an experience. I don’t care of which persuasion. For that matter, I really don’t want to know anything about the personal lives of the people servicing my car. We’re not friends. It’s not a social call.

    And safer? I’m not worried about safety period. I’ve been to some ghetto-ass shops down in sunny ghetto Southern California. They’ve got some straight hoodlum fuckers, probably on parole, probably gun not too far away, definitely not “nice” or friendly people, turning wrenches.

    And I still don’t care. Fix the car. Be all you can be. Fuck if I care. Don’t tell me about your genitals and don’t fuck it up.

  24. “Probably because there aren’t any straight people looking to force “queer” bakeries to bake them a cake.” -EP

    This is a good example of the asymmetry of the culture war that that’s going on. These people are simply narcissists. It used to be that narcissists only affected a small group of people around them, but since the creation of social media they now have this outsized voice requiring all non-narcissists have to endure their psychosis.

    What’s to be done to overcome this asymmetry? Become monsters as well and make unreasonable demands on them? I don’t really want to do this, but enough is enough already!

  25. Lesbian owned mechanic shop? What is this country coming to? I suppose next, we’ll hear about transgender owned mechanic shops too.

    • There is a trans mechanic in Florida that works for the guy on the Curious Cars youtube channel. Bill, the narrator, mentions it from time to time, in a funny way. His channel is actually quite good.

  26. anyone who focuses on race, gender, sex, ethnicity as their primary focus or impetus for writing about anything is, by definition, a bigot. Or just using the buzzwords to make some cash. Or whatever, I dont care anymore. if some supposed lesbian mechanic only wants lesbian customers, good luck with that. I hear they are only 8% of the population.
    On a personal note, anytime i see one of those ‘woman owned” signs, I just dont go in. I dont do business with bigots.

    • Not directly, but your taxes sure do. Women and minorities have been given “special” consideration in government contracts for decades.

  27. I guess I’ve lived a sheltered life that I did not consider this was a problem. It looks like an uphill search to me to find a mechanic who can diagnose and repair a vehicle who’s technology is literally now more advanced than a stealth fighter with complex data buses also that marinates in salt for half the year and hot humid air the rest of the year and is lgbtquxyz+++++.

    Good luck with that one.

  28. ‘She has apparently been hired to publicize and promote Lesbians Who Wrench.’ — eric

    Lesbians who wrench … using Snap-On Tools, no doubt.

    Hey Dara, is that a USB snake in your pants … or are you just happy to see me?


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