Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 04/25/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the Tucker thing as well as the pending “FedNow” attempt to habituate the populace to “federally” controlled digital money:

. . .

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    Tucker Carlson’s father Richard (Dick) Warner Carlson was head of USIA and Voice of America, making him a premier propagandist.


    Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks

    IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks


    Everything in the MSM is fake. You have an unelected fake president, with a stoned VP. AJ is fake opposition, Tucker talks conservative talk without ever mentioning the elephant in the room (Jews). Patriot Trump – the opposition – is married into the Jewish mob and calls himself the best friend of Israel – when Israel did 911.

    The entire show of state, is a Zionist kabuki theater, all planned out and scripted, including this Tucker personality.

  2. Electronic voting machines are illegal – counties must certify the accuracy of tabulation of votes, and since they can not insure how an electronic voting machine works, or could be hacked, they are blatantly illegal under all county laws nationwide.

    IMO Fox News is in on the free speech takedown. All the US media companies are owned by a cohesive tribal organization. The firings are staged managed theater.

    Tucker Carlson comes from an intelligence family: listen to 1st hour Jeff Rense:

    starts@ 20:00 who really is Tucker Carlson


    Alex Jones (reincarnated Bill Hicks) works for an Israeli company Stratfor:

    His radio show is managed by an Israel Mossad agent, and his first wife was Jewish who now lives in Israel.

    Headline: “Alex Jones concedes that the Sandy Hook attack was ‘100% real'”


    Joe Biden itches his rubber mask:


  3. Why are they so panicked to gain complete control with CBDCs? Because they see they are LOSING control through their old methods. Because anyone with two or more brains cells can see that the old methods don’t work for THEM. They work for the Psychopaths In Charge.


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