Fed Now . . . and What’s Next

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The “Federal” Reserve – in the usual air-finger-quotes, to emphasize the maliciously disingenuous verbiage, the “Fed” being a conglomeration of private banks that controls the federal government and so, practically everything else, via the issuing of money it creates out of nothing that it loans at interest to the federal government – has up to now been a kind of background evil. Few knew about or understood its machinations – its manipulations – because few had any direct dealings with it.

It was just, you know, the “Fed.”

That is about  to change.

Come July, the Fed will involve itself directly in the affairs of Americans, via Fed Now – a chirpily named etiolation of the “Fed’s” manipulation of the nation’s money supply. The object now isn’t manipulation as much as it is habituation.

To “federal” control over what you are allowed to buy and sell with the digital money it controls. FedNow is the Beta version of what is meant to become the Fed’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It is just a matter of getting people used to it. As they got used to wearing Face Diapers. To being fondled as a condition of travel. To election months rather than election day. And so many other such things. All in good time, my pretty, the wicked witch says.

As things have stood since the creation of the “Fed” by the private banks – by the rich men that controlled those banks – using their riches to buy politicians such as Nelson Aldrich (whose daughter married a Rockefeller, who gave birth to politician Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller) the “fed” has controlled the economy via its control of the money used by the economy.

It has used what is styled “inflation” to devalue the buying power of money and so egg-on people to spend it before it buys less. This discourages savings and rewards profligacy, which profits the “Fed” and those close to it via the encouraging of debt-based living, upon which the banks and related institutions feed, via the interest they collect. The end result is a society in which the banks own almost everything that matters, while most people pay interest on debt most of their lives, many of them ending their lives with little to show for it.

But impoverishing people by eroding their wealth and keeping them chained to debt is only a partial solution as there are still people who find a way to live within their means, avoid debt and – worst of all – avoid being controlled. They are the people who aren’t wage slaves, who deal in cash, anonymously – and by dint of that, avoid what are styled “taxes,” the legalized robbery committed by the government that is the tag-team enserfer of the American people, along with “inflation.” If money retained its buying power – if it were not made of paper – and if people weren’t robbed of their money – most people would have money enough to live comfortably and, most of all, they would  be largely immune to much of the bullying so many currently endure at the hands of the government-corporate nexus.

The “Fed” being one of the first mergers of the two when it was created back in 1913 – courtesy of the services rendered by bought-and-paid-for politicians such as Senator Nelson Aldrich. The latter was also instrumental – uncoincidentally – in the passage of the 16th Amendment, which legalized the federal income tax. So as to assure the people would be robbed of their money when they earned it as well as their money robbed of its value when they spent (or tried to save) it.

Now the nexus wants to assure that people who have managed to escape these forms of control will be placed under control – by making it so that every transaction they make is known – or put another way, they will make it impossible for anyone to make any transaction without it being known.

And subject to approval as well as immediate robbery.

The “Fed” – which is to say, the nexus – would know every last detail of your financial life, down to the can of soda you just bought – using their app in lieu of cash. You will pay every cent of what they say you “owe” in taxes. The good news is it will probably no longer be necessary to file taxes every April. The bad news is you’ll be paying taxes – all of them – all year long. No more under-the-table cash transactions, the latter imputed with disreputability – as if it were disreputable to hide one’s money from those who would rob one of it.

But the worst part isn’t the being rendered naked and defenseless before the robbers. It is that the robbers will be able to tell you what you may – and may not – do with whatever they leave you after they rob you.

When they can prevent you from buying, you will only be able to buy with their permission. Which will only be granted if you are obedient. Easy – instantaneously –  when money becomes a digitized app, the app under their control

The main reason the “pandemic” didn’t achieve its ends entirely was that millions were able to ignore it and go about their lives – and their business. Especially those who operated outside of the grasp of the nexus, being self-employed or self-sufficient. They could buy food; they could buy fuel. Thus, they were able to say a stalwart No to face diapers and the drugs pushed by the nexus. They are still able to not buy an EV – and drive an SUV – to and from their single family home, which isn’t an apartment in a 15 Minute City.

It will be much harder to say No – to anything – when the nexus can say No, to them.

Attention, citizen! There is a climate lockdown in effect. Shelter in place. Await instructions.

Or else.

This is what FedNow is all about. Not immediately, of course. But piece-by-piece. Just as the income tax was only paid – at first – by the “rich.” Who of course didn’t pay it, being rich enough to pay politicians to enact exemptions and “write-offs” so as to ameliorate the burden, which was quickly passed on to the middle and working classes, who could not afford to buy politicians.

FedNow is presented as innocuous and even helpful. Instantaneous transfer of money! Avoid those late fees! Pay at the very last second, anytime you like!

FedNow is the Federal Reserve’s new instant payment service that will enable customers at participating banks and credit unions to send and receive money within seconds, 24/7 and every day. You’d be able to complete payments or transfers on weekends, holidays and after banks’ business hours.”

The head of the “Fed” – Jerome Powell – says “What FedNow will do is it will enable all the banks, any bank in the United States — not just the big ones — to offer instantly available funds and real-time payments to their customers.”

And many other things besides.

This is poison. Cancer. We will not survive it if it is not excised, then burned and the ashes scattered to the winds. The nexus intends to “launch” FedNow in July. If we do not wish to be controlled – utterly and implacably and forever – this “launch” must be met with resistance. This option is still available to us – in the form of not having anything to do with it. Or the banks that are involved with it.

No is an immensely powerful weapon. If only people would learn to use it.

. . .

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  1. If it’s any consolation, the gov’t of Nigeria has tried rolling out CBDC, and the people have resisted; they’ve not been able to establish a CBDC there.

  2. Chart of the day — credit default swaps on US fedgov debt (Treasury bills, notes and bonds) spiked to 157 basis points today, the highest in US history by a long shot:


    This comes as the “House” passed by 217-215 a bill which would raise the debt ceiling for a year, in exchange for freezing spending at 2022 levels for a decade and rolling back several aspects of “Biden’s” health, climate and tax “laws.”

    But K-Mac’s bill is DOA: even if it somehow made it through the Democrat-cucked Senate, “Biden” has vowed to veto it.

    TreasSec “J-Yel” threatened to cut off oldsters’ Social Security payments if default occurs. Spaced-out, mumbling Granny Yellen is gonna starve your granny, yo.

    Clearly the US clowngov is melting down, comrades. Arm the Congress Clowns, I say. Then bar the doors to the House and Senate chambers; hark to the thumps, cries and explosions within; and then observe whether any walking wounded emerge alive.

    Götterdämmerung, bitches … might as well get it over with, right here and now.

  3. Just too many messengers to shoot.

    Everybody has a Fed Now account now says Lynette Zang.

    She definitely has good information.

    Listen here.

    How much cash is out there strewn across every continent is the question.

    Just make it all no good, problem solved.

    You have what you have in digital dollars, what counts for you.

    Fed Now is kind of smoke and mirrors.

    Fed Res could be between a rock and a hard place, might be big trouble.

    Native Americans have been receiving stipends for 150 years, reparations in progress.

    They have the Reservation, a place to be and live. They don’t need no UBI, been there for many years.

    If any race of humans deserves reparations, it is the Red Man. Give back Delaware to the Delaware. Give back Ohio to the Ohio. It’s only fair. While you’re at it, give back Illinois to the Illinois. And Kansas to the Kansas and Utah to the Utes.

    To hell it’s yours, give it back!

    Sitting Bull was paid 50 dollars per week as a star in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

    That’s five grand these days.

    Copper and silver in minted coin, junk gold for recycling. Not a gold bug.

    Numismatics can be better than gold.

  4. Digital currency can be stopped. Pull the plug, shut down the internet and the electrical grid.


    “Come July, the Fed will involve itself directly in the affairs of Americans”

    Which is why we call it the 4th of Jewlie. We do not have freedom, and thus pretending we do is a big delusion.


    John Maynard Keynes: “By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”


    “It has used what is styled “inflation” to devalue the buying power of money and so egg-on people to spend it before it buys less. This discourages savings and rewards profligacy,”

    Yes, the inflationists want to enslave you to their fiat money. Inflation rots society and makes everyone a pauper. The way they started this was to create a crisis, first they inflate then they withhold credit and create a crash. Then in the crash they say they must use emergency powers to restore the system. This was well known long before the Fed, see Thomas Jefferson quote below.

    The Fed was created in 1913, it immediately started inflating, it got the nation into WW1, by getting the government in debt, the banksters soon control the government, they created the 1920’s boom – by supplying excess credit to a nation that had been on the gold standard, it was party time, the roaring twenties, then the crash of 1929 and the confiscation of gold in 1933 by FDR. Since that nexus in time, our enslavement to fiat has been gradual and now total.

    Gold and freedom are inextricable linked. That is why your gold was stolen. (((They))) knew exactly what they were doing.


    Thomas Jefferson: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    Ludwig von Mises “The most important thing to remember is that inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague. Inflation is a policy.”

    James A. Garfield: “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

    Vladimir Lenin “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

    Ronald Reagan “When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does it, it sends you the bill. And when government does it for 40 years, the bill comes in two ways: higher taxes and inflation. Make no mistake about it, inflation is a tax and not by accident.”


    My take on inflation:

    Inflation is an act of war on the value of your labor. Anyone advocating inflationary policies is literally trying to cut your throat and destroy your value as a human being. You had to work hard to produce so many dollars, then by the magic of inflation they devalue your work. It is an outrage, theft by deception, an act of war on you.

    Inflation must be outlawed, those that try to destroy society with inflation must be hunted down and executed without mercy. Intentional inflation by the state/banks on you gives you permission to war on them. You have a moral right and a duty to destroy them.

    Inflation transfers wealth invisibly from the moral saver to the immoral debtor. Thus, inflation destroys hard work and morals and creates immorality. After a century of inflation, we have a treasonous president who stole the election and we are ruled by spendthrifts, warmongers, gays, trannies. That did not happen by accident, it happened as a result of inflation, inflation since the creation of the Federal Reserve has completely destroyed the moral fabric of the nation.

    The nation is now so completely corrupt, vaccine companies have bought off the politicians to the point, our elected representatives advocate a death jab, genocide by vaccines, and will not even admit that is what is going on. Our government is now so corrupt, that they teach anal sex to first graders, and think nothing of it. Our government is so completely far gone, they send hundreds of billions of dollars to a corrupt regime in Kiev, which is genociding it’s own people.

    Can you imagine what will happen if the utterly morally debauched state gets digital currency? They will literally cancel you if you vote “wrongly”. It will be a field day, a slaughter of any remaining moral people left in the nation. But we may not get to that point, because our immoral nation has picked a fight with a major nuclear power, and is flaunting going over the line again and again – today DU rounds are entering Ukraine. This other nation, which is trying to maintain moral values is fighting for it’s right to exist, is doing nuclear drills as we speak, preparing for nuclear war on a daily basis, not only fielding state of the art nuclear missiles, but launching new secret super weapons. We can only hope that Russia puts the Zionist west out of their misery.

    The Bhagavad Gita story emphasizes that the moral must destroy the immoral for life to exist. Good must triumph over evil. The Zionist Occupied west is pure evil and must be destroyed. Thus you should prepare accordingly.

    • Everything can be stopped. Trouble is, every tyranny thrust upon us in the last 100 years hasn’t been stopped. Still waiting…don’t hold your breath.

      • Hi Nunzio.
        I know that you know better than to listen to the Ministry of Truth (mass and social media). You need to go back to the founding itself as the start of the current tyranny. Look at who was funding the Federalists. The same group that was behind the first bank of the US (lost its charter due to the followers of Jefferson). It was that same group that was behind the second bank of the united states (Jackson played a key role in its down fall). It wasn’t until 1913 that this cabal was able to make it stick. Note to Eric, don’t leave out that bastard Wilson. Without his betrayal it would have been much more difficult to have passed this off.

        Nunz, what we are looking at is an example of a logarithmic decay. Emergent behavior maps rather well to such curves. You can go along for a long, long time. With the curve only showing minor changes. Until it suddenly drops. I’m certain you’ve seen graphs of that. I very much suspect that the last three years have pushed many of the general population much closer to that drop off than is comfortable. Remember the 30/40/30 split? Roughly 30% are cultists. 40% are go along to get along. The last 30% doesn’t believe anything the various aspects of the Establishment says. From my experience, a good part of the 40% are starting to ask uncomfortable questions. Especially, when they lose friends or loved ones to “died suddenly”. “Safe and Effective” is becoming a curse phrase. As the faction war back in Mordor on the Potomac continues to heat up, look for more “leaks”, retirements and “tragic accidents”. I’m just thankful we made it through the winter without anything really dire happening. The way things are going, spring and summer may be rather “interesting”. Especially if the national/global economy collapses. Its the start of a new multi polar world. A good part of the world is done with the Empires antics. It remains to be seen what comes next.

        • Hi Ya BJ!

          Meant to respond to you in some previous threads…but never got around to it- Don’t think I’m ignoring you!

          Hehyepyepyep (As Murray The Cop from the old Odd Couple series used to say)…and do whatever those tyrants do…so few ever even object. Heck, most of ’em cheer for the new tyrannies.

          • Hi Nunz

            I’ll have you know that I’ve been ignored by better people!… (You didn’t think I’d pass up an opening like that, did you?) 🙂

            I know how it is. This time of year is usually busy. Not to mention with all of the trend lines converging, I can usually find something that needs doing. I hope you continue to do well.

      • John,

        And yet, there are some truly brain dead people who’ll say that inflation is a MYTH created by MAGA Republicans and corporations and screech about how high prices on practically everything out there is “Trump’s fault” or the fault of “Corporate greed”.

      • Hi John.

        Inflation is just one aspect of fiat. Couple that with a central bank, and those behind it have almost unlimited power. Until they destroy the system itself. Then they slink back into the shadows and wait for the next King/President/Leader to arise, and then buy them. Rinse repeat.

  5. This will be a hard one to stop. All the big banks will be in, no question. In fact the bigs will love it, as they will not have to set up these things themselves.

    All the so called “conveniences” that will bring in the stupid peons (dragging us all in), could have been set up by the banking system itself decades ago (without big brother), but of course they didn’t. They profited from the delays etc.

    Maybe a few of the small banks will drag their feet, but they will be forced into it as well. All they have to do is threaten their licenses (or more likely their access to the banking system) to operate and they will fold like a cheap suit.

    We will need to learn the art of barter fast. I think the irony is that it will push more of the economy into grey and black markets. That by itself isn’t bad, but it will be loaded with scams which will make it difficult (and bring in more law enforcement).

    This is about to get a lot worse. It will make it easy to set up the social scores that are a thing already in China. It will happen, no question.

    Another sucky thing about it. More fees. Lots and lots of fees. Fees to spend your “own” money. Fees to take in money. Yep, yet another “tax”.

    • “it will push more of the economy into grey and black markets. That by itself isn’t bad, but it will be loaded with scams”
      And the current economy isn’t? Is there a bigger scam than the Fed? Make money out of thin air and loan it out at interest?

  6. ” And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. ” -Revelation 13:17.

    Fed digital currency.
    Smart phones.
    Contact tracing.
    Vaccine passports.
    Smart (electric) meters.

    It’s all coming together……

    • States like Idaho are considering issuing their own currency. Withdraw from the union of trannies and create your own sane society. Any conservative government that wants to stay free markets et. al. must never let even one Jew be inside the state. Not one.

  7. You can get various precious metals all the way down to a single gram. That’s less attractive of an option for silver but works well with gold or platinum. You can buy these 20×20 1-gram grids or just individual 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, etc.

    So, the way to buck the system is to buy as much of those small-to-medium denomination bullion. I can give you a couple 1g gold for some meat that was raised in your pasture. You could probably buy supplies and feed, etc., with it.

    Also, once I have any bullion. The govt. won’t be automatically involved in its future use. No carbon credit or poison gene therapy or EV buying required.

    I got rid of PayPal and really didn’t need it in the first place. I’m not gonna use FedNow or any other “payment processor” for monthly bills. I like writing checks. Fuck ’em.

    • The problem being, there is usually quite a large markup on fractional units. Which leaves a place for silver. As I pointed out to another commenter some time ago, Silver is for bacon and eggs, Gold is for saving and big purchases.

  8. Jerome Powell – says “What FedNow will do is it will enable all the banks, any bank in the United States — not just the big ones — to offer instantly available funds and real-time payments to their c̶u̶s̶t̶o̶m̶e̶r̶s̶
    shareholders.” Fixed…

    Every company wants to either be a bank or a cable company. Preferably both (Apple being the best example). But what about the banks? They look longingly over at insurance companies and governments, who earn their living demanding endless payments for practially nothing other than a promise to deliver at some future date.

    • > to offer instantly available funds and real-time payments

      Yeah, well….
      Banks already offer overnight settlement via online bill payment, so what’s the Big Deal?
      Anyone else notice that the time allowed by large corporations for timely payment of accounts has been shrinking? Years ago, IIRC correctly, 30 days was standard. IOW, your account was current provided you paid before the end of the next monthly billing cycle. These days, that window for timely payment continues to shrink, from 15 days to 12 days, or whatever BigCorp, or GovCo, thinks they can get away with, and the clock starts ticking when they mail the statement of account, not when you receive it.

      Bottom line is that unless you mail your paper check within 24-48 hours of receiving your monthly bill, you risk “late charges,” which are typically exorbitant, and thereby designed to circumvent any laws against “usury.”

      So, I predict that LargeCorp is salivating at the prospect of being able to demand *immediate* payment from their victims, via “instant payments” offered by “banks.” This will, of course, be styled a “discount” for “prompt payment,” rather than a “penalty” for payment in the ordinary course of business.

      Count on it.

      Meanwhile, those of us who have operated small businesses get to have the delightful experience of getting “stiffed’ by medium sized companies for as long as they feel like, just because they can. BTDT, bought many T-shirts, and I am not the Lone Ranger on that trail of tears..

  9. Eric would love to get your take on the Tucker Carlson firing, I think it’s a rubicon moment myself. The real moment when we became a communist dictatorship. Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t think so.

    • Hi Mark

      If you want to see Prog heads explode, look no further than Elon Musk saying that Carlson and he should host a daily show on Twitter. Carlson is one of the seriously Big Names at this time. If he goes to another platform, he will take millions of viewers with him. Fox at this point, has much in common with Bud Lite… 🙂

    • Hi Mark,

      I just sat down and watched Tucker’s 36 minute Heritage speech. It was refreshing to hear truth. I would occasionally watch snip-its from his show on Fox, but I was not a devoted fan. His Heritage speech he said what everyone was thinking out loud. He’s got bigger balls than I gave him credit for.

      On Monday I assumed the Dominion payout may have caused his cancellation, nope, I believe Fox heard this oration and went “oh, shit.”

      I hope he is able to return sometime in the future. The MSM needs objective journalism and the public needs facts, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

      • Tucker for president. Of course they will try to kill him. But maybe it will take a nuke if he has decent security, unlike JFK and RFK, relying on the govco will get you dead in a hurry. Don’t think Trump uses his govco security do you?

        • Tucker’s sarcastic rants were works of art. Fuck Fox News and fuck 90% of the Republican uniparty. We’re all on our own.

          • Hi Mark,

            Tucker told the truth – a grave crime these days. Every intellectually honest person understands this. Look at what was done to people who told the truth about “vaccines” – and all the rest. They were right. It is indisputable. And yet they were grievously wronged. I think Tucker will be ok – more than ok. I expect he will end up with an even larger audience than he had (as for example Joe Rogan has).

            The mistake made by Fox – by all of these Woke censorious tyrants – is that they have lost all credibility. Ergo they must resort to the bluntest of tools – force.

            That only last as long as it can be enforced. We’ll soon see.

  10. Yet another digital shackle. I have long believed that the Digital Age provides unique opportunities for tyranny, between cell phone geofencing, digital satellite imaging, GPS, digitized records of all kinds, digital surveillance cams, license plate readers, etc. And now of course digital “currency,” which we mostly have already anyway — your “money” in the bank is mostly just data in the bank’s computers, and you access and spend most of it with your electronic debit card, the records of which can be stored forever.

    The Stasi, the NKVD and the Gestapo had to actually go to a steel filing cabinet, open a drawer and get a paper file with your name and picture on it, and then physically send actual goons to go out and see what you were up to. And they were pretty effective. Imagine if they had today’s digital technology!

    Hitler and Stalin would have had multiple orgasms had digital technology been available to them.

    • It didn’t have to be like this. In the early days of the Internet, computers were called “nodes.” A node, usually a mainframe, was not a server, not a client. It was an equal to all the other nodes. Early on there was talk of a mail server in your hall closet, just like you have a mailbox at the end of your driveway. And like that mailbox, your home server was yours and there were protections provided that made it illegal for law enforcement to go snooping around.

      But how do you make money in that environment? It doesn’t scale and is hard. So we got routers and asymmetric connections over last mile networks adapted from other uses. This got things built out quickly but major cost to individual control over information. And of course the legacy media companies (recording industry, later film) were extremely slow to turn and figure it out, so instead of adapting they passed laws like the DMCA. Easily enforced once you force everyone onto remote servers, it paved the way for tracking and monitoring under the guise of “free” content. Now when I watch YouTube I get the same 5 preroll ads, two of them “house” ads for Google services for weeks at at time. And for products I will never buy in a million years (adult diapers? Baby food? Some odd drug that doesn’t actually say what it is “curing” but I should ask my doctor about? Really! You’d think with all the tracking they claim to be doing I’d get ads for something I might be interested in buying at least). Imagine a world were YouTubers were serving up content from their own servers that they had control over. Sure, they’d probably have to shill like Glenn Beck, but so what? They would have the same control over their content as Beck, scaled to their viewer numbers. I subscribe to channels that have <10k followers, there's no way they'd be saturating upstream bandwidth in their neighborhood any more than a few Zoom or Twitch calls. Yet the fast mover network remains.

      And we'd all have nodes instead of fancy terminals.

      • >In the early days of the Internet, computers were called “nodes.” A node, usually a mainframe, was not a server, not a client. It was an equal to all the other nodes.

        In the beginning was the hosts file:
        which was maintained manually.
        But, as ARPANET grew, this became unwieldy, and the need for a better solution led to the Domain Name System:

        You can operate your own internet server, provided you have:
        1. A static IP address
        2. Sufficient bandwidth
        3. Appropriate hardware and software
        4. The knowledge, time, and inclination to administer your server.

        In today’s world, with IT cheap and readily available, I cannot see why any small user would want to do that, except possibly for the exercise. JMO. I pay $10/month for website hosting
        by an intentionally small U.S. based hosting firm, which has always done an excellent job for me. Their website is here:
        and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

      • >Imagine a world were YouTubers were serving up content from their own servers

        I like the James Corbett approach.
        Besides posting his videos to his own website, he uploads them to various video sites, thus insuring redundancy. Even should one or more get taken down, it is likely others will remain. YooToob is not the only game in town, nor is there only one ISP/web hosting company.

  11. Way to strike at the root Eric.

    All the evils in this current world originate with, and flow from the magicians trick of creating money for nothing. Remember that less than 1K people control 7 billion feckless sheeple, and to a lesser degree the 1 billion of us who are now awakening to all these eternal truths.

    • The problem they have is we outnumber them by a lot. They fear us. Even though most people go along to get along. If shit hits the fan that less than 1/10th of 1% will DIE. Their servants (slaves) will eat them.

      • I envision the garbage elites own security guards doing them in. Maybe just stuffing them in the chipper shredder so they become the new king of the castle. Its probably not easy to work for such dicks, no matter the money

    • People will go along to get along, until it’s impossible to get along any more. Fast approaching. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand…………….

  12. OT but pertinent, as a potential fedgov default looms:

    ‘As House Republicans’ $4.8 trillion debt-limit package hangs in the balance, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (RINO-CA) and his top lieutenants made several concessions in order to secure enough votes to pass the Limit, Save, Grow Act.

    ‘After signaling he was resistant to changes of the bill, McCarthy altered provisions pertaining to ethanol tax credits to please midwestern Republicans. Especially the Iowa delegation.’ — ZH

    Et tu, Kevin? RINOs always stab us in the back, as they ‘mend not end’ sleazy socialist schemes.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ ethanol.

    • Damn straight! Ethanol destroys fuel systems and can kill engines not adapted to run on it. Republicans caving to special interests is typical. Ethanol tax credits are a joke.

    • Hi Jim

      Thats just politics as usual. Its not called the uniparty for nothing. At this point they are pretty much done with pretenses. The establishment GOP is just as bad (if not worse) than the Progs and the DNC. Both are coming to the conclusion that “democracy” is a luxury that the Empire can no longer afford. Especially with the rise of MAGA. These “extremists” don’t care about corporate profits or DIE (Diversity Inclusion, Equity) both of which are Sacred to their various corporate masters.
      Now that its been demonstrated that they can steal multiple Selections, why bother with the expense and bother of holding them? Just whip up the fear porn, and then declare an “emergency” and be done with it. Which demonstrates how far out of touch with reality they have become. Hubris naturally leads to nemesis. Which I’d say describes MAGA rather well.

  13. Instant funds transfer is not necessarily tied to digital currency, though one should always expect the worst from the malevolent US fedgov.

    Even Third World countries in LatAm and Africa have prompt funds transfer platforms, some of them central bank sponsored. Whereas the Fed’s fifty-year-old, obsolete p.o.s. called ACH (Automated Clearing House) can’t guarantee same-day transfer. Some brokers and escrow companies refuse to accept ACH funds for this reason.

    As a brain-dead appendage of Big Gov, the Fed is light years behind other central banks in modernizing its operations. This paved the way for Peter Thiel and Elon Musk to get filthy rich with Paypal, filling in the yawning gap left by the Fed’s nonfeasance. Now Zelle, Venmo, et al have crowded in.

    But late arrival FedNow contains a poison pill: “FedNow will charge fees to its participating institutions, but it’s unclear if banks will pass on FedNow costs to its customers.”

    Translation: rent seekers and gougers such as Visa and Mastercard can continue taxing commerce with their outrageous transaction fees.

    Until the 1970s, banking and finance were considered such a disreputable industry that they weren’t allowed to list on the white-shoe NYSE. Citibank first broke that prohibition around 1968.

    But despite financial firms having gained an ersatz respectability, nothing has changed. They and their Fed cartel remain venal parasites, habitually operating with excessive leverage and periodically melting down at public expense.

    And guess what: it’s happening again. First Republic Bank, ostentatiously handed a $30 billion deposit last month by an eleven-bank coalition headed by JPMorgan, is turning to shit before our very eyes this week. Let it bleed.


    Nothing much left in the bank
    Somehow this thing still drives
    It lost its deposits
    But somehow still survives

    Hey, you’re my wrecking ball
    Won’t you come and knock me down
    Come and knock me down
    Come and knock me down tonight

    — Ryan Adams, My Wrecking Ball

    • Hi Jim,
      Re: Venmo, Zelle, etc. the IRS is attempting to make anyone who uses those apps file 1099 forms because how dare the serfs transfer money without Uncle getting his cut. So with FedNow they can get their pound of flesh instantly. Somehow I think the drug cartels will find workarounds, plus how will govco get their bribes and pay off their overseas warlords? Anyone remember how they sent pallets of $100 dollar bills to Iraq? Just sayin’.
      Eric is correct in that we need to give this a gigantic NO!

  14. What you say is true but no one gives a hoot. Like the Federal Reserve itself voted in on Christmas Eve, like the TSA, the killshots, the masks, like the patriot act, the restrict act, no one REALLY gives a flying ****.

    Oh, they’ll bitch alright,,, but they are cowards and in the end, do whatever their told. The past three years showed that which is why the parasites are going for the gold now.

    If the dumb asses will bend over, allow their children to be felt up, at airports, take killer shots and line their children up for the same, go to election booths even though they know it’s all a sham…

    If they’ll allow the mutilation and murder of their offspring, in the name of ‘freedumb’ then they will do ANYTHING!!!

    • Hi Ken,

      I never wore a “mask.” Not once. There are others who didn’t, too. Don’t be too glum. I think there are more of us out there than you might think. By which I mean people who will not “do anything.” I am by no means an especially brave man. I don’t like fights. It does not mean I won’t fight, if I have to.

      Sursum corda. All is not lost.

      • I’ll have to agree with Ken, unfortunately. The vast, vast majority will do whatever they’re told, and in fact, most of them will probably agree with it and actually believe that it’s for their own good. Sure, there will be a small number of resistors, but how far will they actually go? Were you willing to shoot that Sherriffs deputy in the face of he tried to arrest you for not wearing a mask? Are you ready to kill the building inspector when he comes around to tell you that your chicken coop is illegal and needs to come down? You gonna go to DC fully armed and outfitted to stage a real insurrection, hang the traitor politicians and use whatever violence is necessary to take back the people’s government? Those are the things that need to be done, on a wide scale and ongoing basis. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior and talk tough through the internet, but I seriously doubt that there are too many who are willing to pick up that rifle and actually use it. Unfortunately, the government will never stop stomping on our freedoms until enough of us force them to, at the end of a gun barrel. Ain’t never gonna vote our way out of this mess, but sadly, I don’t believe there are enough who are willing to pick up that gun in real life.

        • It doesn’t work like that. It should have happened step by step over the last 20 years. We could have hit them asymetrically. If we are to win, that’s the way you fight. We haven’t even started. Just a building at a time. Maybe a little here, a little there.

        • I do not see Americans protesting against this digital currency, either. If they were willing to bend over to the TSA the last 20 years, get their COVID shots like good little dogs, and dutifully wear their diapers, I have little faith that they are going to protest against digital currency. Until they figure out that they can be taxed into oblivion without their knowledge or consent, and have no way to “pull money” out of the system to protect themselves. Or have their money shut off at any time. But by then, the time for fighting will have long past, and the Feds will simply cart such person off to the nearest FEMA camp for “re-education”. The only thing that might bite them in the a**, is a good computer hacker being able add numbers to their digital wallet. Hey look, I instantly received more “money”. How about that? You know that will come, because for every prohibition, someone will find a way around it.

          • I am not so sure about that, Shadow. Money usually brings out the worst side in people. I can imagine what taking someone’s money would do. All of a sudden every drug dealer in this country will be out of business. I don’t see places like Oakland, the Mexico/Texas border, Philadelphia, Miami, etc. taking this sitting down.

            A purely digital currency would raise questions on the elites as well. How are Congressional representatives going to hide their hookers and blow when everything passes through a transparent account that the missus or their constituents could find out about? Then you are looking at cash businesses like hair salons, massage parlors, restaurants, convenience stores, landscapers, etc. We are talking millions of people not having a job the next day. There are 330 million people in this country and the US government and the US believes everyone will be on board? No way in hell.

            Take a look around our nation. How well do strict gun laws work in places such as Compton/Baltimore/Chicago? How well did Prohibition work in the 13 years that it was in play? How about the War on Drugs during the 1980s? Whenever government enacts anything it is always a failure. This will be no different. Never bet against the Black Market. Nothing is ever truly banned.

            • True. You are right when it came to prohibition. If anything, the black market thrived during that time. Maybe we (I) can hope that in implementing digital currency, and way too fast, that the Feds will effectively shoot themselves in the foot, and it fail spectacularly. But yes, you are right: How are the crooked politicians going to hide their own, nefarious dealings? Whether it be drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, child trafficking, etc. Aaah yes, I remember the “Just Say No” campaign. It worked so well (insert sarcasm).

            • They outlawed ownership of gold in ‘33. The big boys, not hair/nail salons mind you, had gold clause contracts that went poof after a brief court fight and a few old school Supremes retired. Don’t kid yourself about the proles rebelling over anything money related. They’ll just put Pokémon characters on the CBDC tokens and the sheeple will clamor for it. Their shenanigans will be secret, your financial dealings will be an open book. We’re already almost there. I broke a $20 on a $10.12 purchase at a local Ace Hardware yesterday and they almost didn’t have enough change for me.

              You shouldn’t be so glib about operating in black markets. Rip offs, set ups, knock downs, under covers, snitches, turf wars with violence, you name it. You will not like what you find.

              • I am not being the least bit glib. I don’t take any of this lightly.

                What is the solution then? Do we just bow down? Or do you have a better idea? If not the Black Market what is the recourse of someone who does not wish to participate, but still needs to survive.

                • My point is that black markets suck. You’ve already been diminished. As a last resort for survival, sure. Roll the dice. Things are real bad at that point, though, especially if we’re talking about legal tender.

                  • Hi Doc

                    Sure black markets suck. But so do “mixed markets”. Look at past history to see which have survived the really bad times. In reality, government is (and has always been) simply the best organized gang. Which of course hates competition.
                    Most of the cartels that currently exist, wouldn’t if not for governments interference in the market. Just one gang, that lords over the others (until it gets its piece of the action).

              • Oh, that’s a bummer. The Eastern Shore is go pretty. I would hate to think that some scummy Congressional representative and his “escort” is getting high at the Kent Manor Inn. Hopefully, they are sticking to seedier places, maybe some donor’s vacation home.

          • I think I may have posted this observation elsewhere in this thread.
            People will go along to get along until they can no longer get along. Which is what we’re looking at. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand……….

        • > I don’t believe there are enough who are willing to pick up that gun in real life.

          My advice? Pick your battle, and insist on concerted action.
          In numbers there is strength.

          At the depths of “mask mania,” I came very close to decapitating a grocery store manager who instructed his clerk not to sell me food because I refused to don the “Holy Vestment” of his religion.

          It took three people to talk me out of it (two online, one in person). The argument which convinced me is that it would have achieved nothing, other than providing me the fleeting gratification of using that miserable SOB’s head for a football.

          Pick your time, and do not act alone.

          • Hi Adi,

            I, too, was ready to go to war over the Face Diaper. And would have – if they tried to force me to wear one. Or take their drugs (or be tracked or herded into a camp of some kind).

            I didn’t – because I didn’t have to. But if I have to, I will.

            Same goes for CBDC.

          • I tend to agree with you, Adi. There are what, 300-400 million guns out there in the U.S. I am not too sure too many of them are going to pick it up and use when the time comes. They make great keyboard warriors and tough guys, but little else in real life.

      • I was in a sour grapes mood this am but my premise still holds. People today are for the most part jerks. I still see masks walking around. The TSA pedos are still fondling children. The USA still requires the clot shots to enter the country,,, well excepting the illegals. They’re still working on digital covid passports. Gun control freaks still want me disarmed. Blacks are wanting trillions in reparations – (See today’s Zero hedge)- and none of us ever enslaved one person. They still pass totally unconstitutional law and laugh at us.

        Fox just fired Tucker Carlson and settled with Dominion. Paul Craig Roberts can’t figure out why,,, well I can. They did not want any court action because it would have proved the election was a sham. So the parasites in the mafia.gov will cover Fox’s losses and proof of the fake election will never see the light of day.

        In case you haven’t heard mafia.gov is harassing the Bundy’s again. Gov didn’t like them speaking out about baby kidnapping in the state of Idaho. They also spoke out against the covid procedure at the hospitals using remdesivir and ventilators on people with the flu as the fake virus has never been proven to exist,,, yet Americans argue where it came from. And lastly they spoke out about the mutilation of children over the tranny BS. Horrible people they are,,, waiting for mafia.gov to Waco them.

        I could fill pages with all the crap but it does no good when you are trying to discuss issues with rocks.

        It is extremely difficult to have a good attitude with a POS government and apparently a majority of brain dead Americans out there singing God Bless America after kicking Him out of schools and now out of churches.

        • >the mutilation of children over the tranny BS

          There is something fundamentally wrong with a society which refers to genital mutilation of children as “gender affirming ‘care’.” Sick, and evil, is the only way I can describe this phenomenon.

          My point of view is that the only “cure” for this disease (of society) is the complete collapse of the entire rotten edifice, which may take awhile (100 years or more, who knows?), but I believe it is inevitable. “Not with a bang, but a whimper,” is my guess.

          >Gun control freaks still want me disarmed.
          and there are other options, as well…

  15. “Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains” CCR, Who’ll Stop the Rain
    Except the chains haven’t been Gold for some time. A digital leash instead. One that can reach you anywhere and anytime. “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake”, except this “Santa” takes instead of gives. You don’t even get the coal, God forbid, and ashes. Well, maybe the ashes, of what used to be your life.
    The Fed deserves a “Nobel Prize”. Fiat currencies don’t historically last this long. Hence the push to dispose of the currency entirely.
    You will own nothing, and be happy, or else.

  16. What are the odds that the Biden Thing & the media will launch a MASSIVE propaganda campaign for FedNow like they did for the COVID jabs? Instead of “Safe and Effective!”, they could say something like “Safe and Convenient!” or “Safe and Secure!” If they do launch such a propaganda campaign, hopefully people won’t fall for it.

    • Turn it into a man/woman thing like the jabs propoganda, where every radio commercial ends with the line “We can do this.”

    • Indeed, Anon –

      I stopped paying for new tags – that is, for “registration” – back in 2019. I toy with saying sayonara to insurance, too. I give myself a raise, as it were. The money I could save by not paying for “coverage” pays for several months’ electricity. Or a month’s worth of food.

      I tire of having to pay for things of no value to me.

      • I’ve toyed with that idea too, but here in FL my “registration” expires every year, and when you renew, you have to put a little sticker on your plate that shows it’s up to date. How do you get around that?

        • Once I heard about this new law I started looking at out of state and temporary tags, just because I never really paid much attention, but I know a girl who kept her registration in South Dakota at her mom’s house because it was much cheaper and SD didn’t care where you lived. Sounds like CO made that illegal despite the interstate commerce clause and whatnot. Turns out that even in my very unscientific study I found several temporay plates from 2020-2022 and lots of old plates from other states. Clearly no one was doing anything about it. And in Colorado the temp plate is just a paper printout in adhesive plastic card, so pretty easy to forge your own with a laserprinter.

          Not that anyone would do such a thing of course…

          The really interesting plates are those from Mexico or Canada. I haven’t seen one for a while, but seems like it would be pretty easy to set up a PO box or some sort of address south of the border and register a car there. Might have to make an “in-person” payment to the local constable once in a while though.


          • In Texas, some jurisdictions run with plate readers. I use OK tags all the time since I own a house there. They can’t do shit with the out of state registration and DL. Fuck them. My registration is $25 and $70 for my Pilot and TL. No inspection.

            • >In Texas, …. I use OK tags.

              Similar story with a neighbor her in SoCal.
              His pickup carries NM tags, legal because he “maintains a residence” there, though he actually lives full time in CA.
              NM DL, CA “ID card.”

        • Here in WA you’ll get a big fine for out of state plates combined with a WA driver’s license, been the “law” here for decades. My dad got pinched for this – got pulled for speeding back in ‘75 and the Stater really nailed him for his Oregon plates but WA driver license. Turns out they really didn’t believe he lived at the Volvo dealership in Beaverton!

          I never renewed the motorcycle license tab for this year, they quit enforcing expired tabs as a primary offense. I’ll take my chances with that but not out of state plates.

      • True enough. If I didn’t have such heavy street exposure, I would drop all of that shit in a second. There are too many cops around

      • Sounds like most are using “temp” tags to get around license plates, rather than a fake plate. That does make sense, as that is easier than trying to “fake” an plate to look real, and its still something that is issued by the “state” (via a car dealer generally). Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, was famous for using temp tags rather than get a plate for his daily driver. California closed some of the loopholes that he used, because he wasn’t actually breaking any laws or regulations at the time.

        The city to the north of me has plate readers on it’s borders (you can’t get in via car without your plate being read) so actual fake plates wouldn’t last long here. There was a car chase recently when a fake plate was seen by the camera. So of course heroes gave chase over a lack of a plate…….

        To be honest, I am surprised temp tags are still the way they are. I doubt they will be much longer, as they are hard to “police”. I am guessing they will be camera readable before too long, at least in some states.


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