Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show: 4/18/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. Apologies (again) for sounding like a 13-year-old going through puberty; the gunk is almost out of my system!

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  1. Another thing everyone needs to understand, we are in an ice age. This little tidbit of info has escaped 99% of the people because of electronic media brainwashing. I am spending my time to write this, because like Eric, I talk to many people, and they have no idea about any of this.

    Repeat, we are in an ice age, we never left the ice age. Our position in the interglacial has fooled so many thinking that we will in warm times forever. Not true. The ice age cycle grinds on and your human wishful thoughts matter not.

    Most people have had their brains beat into submission by TV propaganda, and public school indoctrination. They have this amorphous cloud of confusion between their ears – and this includes well educated scientists, who also have subjected to the onslaught of nonsense coming from the babbling bobble heads on television.

    I bet if Jay Leno did a Jaywalk questionaire on Hollyweird Blvd, 100% of the people do not know and would be surprised to learn that we are still LOCKED into the ice age, and surely do not understand that the bogeyman CO2 is not going to change a damn thing. Think about it folks, a trace gas is not changing temperatures on the earth – it is the sun and orbital cycles, not some trace gas! That is ridiculous on the face of it, yet the media, has crafted effective propaganda, and beat that idea into your brain!

    Now with all that said, what you ought to want to know is where are we in the interglacial. We are post peak temperatures, the highest temperatures were achieved early on in the interglacial (Holocene) – and that was 7-8,000 years ago. It was warmer during the Minoan Age, and the Roman Age than now. Back in those times people ran around naked, they fought wars naked! I bet you did not know that Yahweh wanted his troops circumcised to tell which ones were his on the battlefield!

    Here are some charts that will change your mind forever, undo the bullshit:

    The current interglacial optimum temps are lower than previous:

    The earth took 50 million years to cool, and is now locked into an ice age:

    Think people think! Do you really think a slight increase in a trace gas is going to undo the ice on this planet?

    I don’t, I expect things to get colder, which is why I am not surprised that this week in southern Oregon is forecast snow. I woke up to snow on my car this morning.

    Global Warming is an utter and total fail.

    • This information is vital for correct understanding of the human condition, we are in the later stages of the interglacial, temperatures have been slowly tapering toward the cool side as we “go over the cliff” back into the depths of glaciations – which are hundreds thousand year long brutal conditions and farming not possible in much of North America. Just 20,000 years ago North America was pummeled by cold dry conditions and endless dust storms. It was not a farm region like now.

      Interglacials are short lived affairs, about 10,000 long:

      Note the purple dust storm epochs during the cold periods:

      Late Holocene Cooling chart:

      (Note: If you understand this, then Bill Gates proposal to spray the upper atmosphere to blot out the sun (to stop global warming) is utter lunacy. The problem coming is lack of insolation, not to much. Of course, Bill Gates has no science training, and like everyone else, is branded by the climate change bs.)

      During the current interglacial there are 2 biggies you must grasp:

      1. Farming only became possible after it warmed and CO2 had increased to allow for crops. CO2 was so low during the glaciation phase that farming was NOT possible. Civilization could NOT happen until after it warmed and CO2 went up (or recovered).

      CO2 is currently at bare recovery levels. The real problem during the current ice age epochs are low CO2. During the last glaciation, CO2 was down to 180 ppm which is the threshold for plant death.

      2. During the integlacial smaller cycles, when it warmed civilization flourished, then when the smaller cycle dropped, civilization collapsed. A good example is the Roman period, that thrived during the warm, until it cooled – then it collapsed into the Dark Age and superstition. So the human condition is directly linked to this temperature cycle. When the current warm period ends, our civilization could easily collapse and go back into a superstitious age.

      So I spent my time to write this out because no one understands any of this except a few specialists – who of course – will never be on the television. The TV caused brain dead society is fighting warming when it is actually cooling. The modern warm period is ending, and we are currently already in the next little ice age. What you are seeing already is irrationalism taking over society.

  2. The best part of the show was when Eric says, why should we listen to you (CO2 alarmists) because you have been wrong on everything.

    Yep, they have been wrong on everything, and the reason why, is that their fundamental assumption of the CO2 driven global warming hypothesis is wrong – CO2 does NOT drive temperature, never has, never will. The sun/orbital cycles is the primary factor, not a trace gas.

    And proof of this is in ice core data, they drilling thousands of feet in ice that is hundreds of thousands of years old, they pull out the core, store and analyze it, and then they draw wonderful charts of earth’s past atmosphere – which is trapped in tiny bubbles in the ice. What they found is that CO2 follows temperature up and down.

    This dunce Al Gore, who says in his movie Earth in the Balance, that CO2 was a driver, but was completely wrong. Al Gore has zero science training, is not a climatologist, and doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. Same for Greta and that DiCaprio actor.

    Gigatons of CO2 (GtC) is dissolved in seawater, when that water increases in temperature, that CO2 comes out (exactly the same as CO2 in your soda on a hot day). Thus, during interglacials, CO2 goes up. Has little to do with us.


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