The Other Side of “Woke”

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We hear a lot about “Woke” – which of course means asleep, to the ugly history of communism. The latter being what “Woke” is meant to achieve, by the people using the asleep to get them there without telling them where they’re headed.

Until they get there.

These asleep people are the same kinds of people Lenin called useful idiots, back in his day. Which is to say, people who were asleep to what Lenin was after. They were awakened to this after Lenin got done using them. (The Soviet KGB man, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the U.S. back in the ’70s, tried to wake Americans up but most went back to sleep.)

Now much of America slumbers, though it shuffles – and often riots, too. It is the wakefulness of the walking dead, a TV series that isn’t about the handful of people who flee the herd – just the right word – but about the herd, an animated somnolence forever in search of blood. It moves but there is no life. It is chaos and terror directed – but by whom?

Perhaps by the people – Lenin’s heirs – who do not wish the people to awaken. To what? Well, to that which leads to where they intend.

They believe that we live in what is lately and aggressively styled a “democracy” – in which a private company with the interesting name of Dominion (as in the having) controls the elections by having the power to determine who is selected. It denies that the people have any right to see the workings within the black boxes. They have no right to know and so they don’t know. Many don’t care to know.

They do not mind that the elections are now . . . “proprietary.”

Which is to say, “our democracy” is the private property of Dominion.

The asleep are untroubled because – so far – the selections have gone the way they like. Just the same as the asleep cheered when Lenin concluded peace with Germany, ended a hated war and promised the useful idiots “bread” and “land.”

They ended up getting neither – and more.

Our selections have become what they became in Lenin’s Russia; they may awaken – too late! – to the value of elections not under Dominion.

The asleep are very much opposed to free speech. That is, speech that disturbs their sleep. Lenin made good use of the same perturbations. They are put to sleep by speech that soothes. The speech that tells them what they want to hear, unaware (being asleep) that it is all they are allowed to hear. That those who allow it have to power to keep them from hearing anything that might awaken them – to the fact that they are asleep. And that will be a rude awakening for them.

But it is not only the “Woke” who are asleep.

It is also those who think they are not. Who believe they are opposed to the somnolent herd but are in fact a sleepwalking part of it.

For instance, the people opposed to ending the intergenerational mutual impoverishment regime styled Social Security – who at the same time deride what they regard as “welfare” and “entitlements.” Who say they support the concept of private property yet bristle when someone not asleep says to them that private property is an oxymoron when one must beg leave of the state as regards how it may be used – and when one is obliged to make regular and never-ending payments to the state as the price of being allowed to retain conditional possession of it.

They are the same people who are awake to the danger of what goes on in state-controlled schools yet continue to send their kids to them – and defend the extortion of their neighbors to endlessly pay for them.

They are awake – or so they think – to the dangers of “drunk” drivers, “speeders” and “terrorists.” But oblivious to the danger of the state that “keeps them safe” from these incidental threats.

How many are awake to the danger presented by ceding control of our money to a private banking cartel? Most people are unconscious as regards this pilfering of their pockets and the manipulation of their entire lives – while grumbling about the trivial-in-comparison pilfering performed by the state, in the form of the taxes it collects each April.

They are asleep to the fact that the Constitution was the result of a conspiracy – not a theory, but a fact – of a handful of men who met in secret to conjure it and substitute it for the Articles of Confederation, viewed as “weak” (which it was, on purpose) by the conspirators.

Who wanted something . . . stronger.

Do they know that several of their reverenced “founding fathers” were as uninterested in liberty – for the people – as Lincoln was in government of the people, by the people and for the people? How many have been snapped out of their slumber by reading about the Alien and Sedition Acts, as a for-instance?

Instead, they gaze with glassy eyes at the alabaster image of Lincoln – sitting on his throne like Jupiter Optimus Maximus, both stone hands resting on the bundled fasces . . .  regarding him as the savior of their “democracy.”

Maybe it’s best to have a long nap.

. . .

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  1. the control group on the top needs to have all their money and assets seized and distributed to all the slaves around the world as reparations………..

    the control group genocided all the tribes in europe then they went to the americas and did the same thing….but…the white slaves in the americas are being blamed for the genocide and enslavement of the indigenous and black slaves…and tax money will be stolen from them to pay reparations to the indigenous…..assign the blame to the guilty group….. the control group…not the white slaves……..the white slaves have been slaves longer then anyone….2000 years….where are their reparations?

    Arrogance is the Mother of Ignorance by Dr. Sean Hross Phd.

    The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 4000 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by the Romans…the pharoah kings then moved to the Roman empire…when Rome was defeated they moved to France around 1000 AD……..they built the castles and became kings in europe, the european royalty….they founded switzerland as their home in 1291..they were pushed out of france in 1307…..during the crusades from 1095 to 1291 they went back and removed their treasures from their pyramids…they hide their wealth in their new homeland in switzerland…

    The old pharaoh kings are now…..The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the IBS, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

    switzerland is the base of the old pharoah kings, the nazis, the templars…this is where they hide their wealth…it is always neutral in wars….their safe haven……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money……switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.
    the freemasons are the political wing……. all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK

    @ 1:18:29 the white man has been in slavery longer then any other race…..
    @ 1:22:00 only the white man was stupid enough to remain a slave that long…

    @ 1:37:33 the white slaves on the bottom are now accused of racism..but…….it was the pharaoh blood/elite ruler slave owners on the top that are to blame

    @ 1:39:00 rape and torture in the elite nobility ruler’s castles….pharaoh blood/elite rulers look white on the outside now…… but they are different then the white slaves on the bottom….and they are satanists…….the problem is the white slaves on the bottom are getting blamed for all the world’s problems now….because of the actions of the pharaoh blood/elite ruler satanists……the pharaoh blood/elite rulers hate the white slaves and so do all the other races….the white slaves are the most hated people….

    @ 2:20:43 man is a bred race….the control group is breeding out the warriors…

    @ 2:24:30 getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

    @ 2:53:00 freemason hand signals

    @ 3:00:00 destroy the patriarchy….the men…

    @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

    @ 8:19:10 the new immigrants are the ally to the new world order horizontal rule leaders…the presidents……instead of the old world order vertical rule feudal system kings….. we now have so called democratic voting…but….all the presidental candidates are pharoah descendant control group/freemasons…so nothing changed…the vertical rule feudal system kings had the nationalists as an ally…

    @ 8:30:30 we are now pretty much back too the old vertical rule feudal system….the king at the top and the slaves at the bottom…

    • A Black Queen Cleopatra? Egyptians lash out at Netflix’s depiction

      After the Egyptians left, it became a desert…… later on egypt was taken over by arabs, they don’t like blacks.

      The control group originated from egypt, they were responsible for genociding and enslaving the whites, blacks and indigenous the last 6000 years….netflix is so uneducated they are trying to say that control group was black……

      this means they are saying the blacks were responsible for genociding and enslaving the whites, blacks and indigenous the last 6000 years….lol

      • Hi Anon,

        These imbeciles…. Cleopatra was Greek. A member of the Ptolomaic dynasty that was installed to rule Egypt by Alexander the Great. Who was not black, either.

    • forget about voting…..

      @ 8:19:10…instead of the old world order vertical rule feudal system kings….. we now have so called democratic voting…but….all the presidental candidates are pharoah descendant control group/freemasons…so nothing changed…

      all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK….what about RFK jr…who is running now?……

      @ 8:30:30 we are now pretty much back too the old vertical rule feudal system….the king at the top and the slaves at the bottom…

  2. Stan McDonald about the burden of tax and whether we should pay these impositions if they are not even legal. property tax, 15 min. city/prisons, etc..

    @ 1:30 discussion of property tax…council tax

    @ 8:00 in video 15 min cities legality

    @ 32:30 use the FOI to find out where your tax dollars are being spent by ther city council

    @ 34:40 the clear field doctorine

    @ 36:00 have a referendum on where money is spent…how to stop 15 min city/prisons

    @ 39:00 nobody will stand up….they just lay down…weak gutless slaves

    @ 51:00 getting your car out of the system….registration

  3. Visited a lot of Civil War battlefields over the years and always found them sobering. Always wondered how all those brave soldiers from both the North and South were driven to hate and kill fellow countrymen.

    Now the “woke” mob, ,”antifa”, “blm”, “trans”, and “covidians”, all with reality optional grievances, inventing injustices in order to be outraged. We have an authoritarian, kleptocratic government, sold to the highest corporate bidder and a society that has abandon God, worshiping instead the new god of “science” that demands universal obedience to its dogma. The engines of hate and conflict come again into focus, and they are the same as they’ve always been, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. History repeats itself.

  4. I would strongly disagree that the Constitutional Convention was a “conspiracy.” Everybody who was anybody in the country was there — Franklin, who was basically a celebrity; Washington, a legend in his own time; Madison, etc. Adams and Jefferson were absent only because they were in diplomatic posts in Europe. Everybody knew it was happening.

    The delegates only “conspired” to not leak the debates to the salacious press, which published slanted “fake news,” gossip, and rumors then just as much as today. But nothing else was “secret”: Madison kept a diary of the debates, all the proposals were sent to state ratifying conventions during which Anti-federalists had plenty of input, and ratification required 3/4 of the states. The Bill of Rights was added in 1791 as part of a deal to allay the fears of the Constitution’s opponents.

    What happened is that the political deals cut during the Convention between the North and South, between the Hamiltonian urbanites and the Jeffersonian agrarians, between slaveowners and non-slaveowners, began to cause political tension almost immediately upon the end of Washington’s presidency. These tensions evolved into the sectional conflict, which produced the Civil War only 72 years after ratification.

    The North rewrote the Constitution (essentially at gunpoint) after it had conquered the South. The 14th Amendment essentially inverted the Constitutional power structure: whereas the First Amendment begins with the words “Congress shall make no law,” the 14th Amendment reads “No state shall make or enforce any law…”

    That made a world of difference.

    • It wasn’t a conspiracy, it was a coup. The Articles of Confederation, the original constitution, did not provide for its own demise. The “Constitutional Convention” had no legal authority to replace the Articles. Except by a criminal violation of those Articles.
      It was NOT a civil war, as the South had no designs on taking over the US government, only a desire to leave the union. A war of secession, just like the American Revolution.
      The first amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights that has its limitation placed on Congress alone. All the rest must therefore be binding on all government, federal and state, even county and city.

  5. RE Voting. Like most everything since FDR’s reign of terror, election day could be called opposite day. Ever since CBS used a Sperry-Rand UNIVAC computer to “predict” the landslide of Eisenhower over Stevenson, on live coast-to-coast TV, that was the end of normal. No one wanted Ike to be president, and so they all called a close election. Stevenson was the guy who was going to keep pushing Fabian Socialism on the US. Ike was no liberatrian, but he kept post-war government in check.

    Well, that wouldn’t stand. So turn elections into sporting events, with brackets, playoffs and The Big Game, with real time results and stats and color commentary. Roll out every more impressive graphics every season. But the last thing Hollywood on the Potomac wants is an upset, because their chicken bones and tea leaves are thought to be infallible. But the old rule of data processing still applies: garbage in, garbage out. Better to control the entire information chain.

    It didn’t have to be this way. Voting shouldn’t be a centralized farce. I feel like the last election that was reasonably honest was Bush V Gore, another upset for the establishment candidate. At least it was still mostly decentralized. For years, Gore opened his speeches claiming to be the winner of the 2000 election, just like Trump. But what’s a laugh line for Gore is treason for Trump.

    But there’s no reason why we have to know the outcome of the elections in real time. And for sure no reason why voting has to be easy and convenient. It should be a chore, like church on Sunday. And like church, you should know who’s in charge of the count and if you don’t like them kick them to the curb or find a precinct you trust. As it is now, the most value you get out of voting is that bananna sticker that you forget about immediately until you pull it out of the lint filter in the drier.

    • Up here, Murkowski got rank choice voting shoved through, thanks to a lot of outside money. Thus, although her opponent Kelly Tshibaka won, Murky still won. Also, it took a good three weeks for them to cheat, as it took that long for us to find out who actually won. The RCV bull sh** allows the losers to cheat, and really, makes voting pointless when the loser can win, and anyone you voted for ends up losing. But, since we have a Uni-Party, in the end, it does not matter who is in control. Both parties are destroying this country, and are trying to destroy the rest of us right along with it.

      • Hey Shadow,

        Its a shame about Murcowski. She’s such a sorry ass POS, it strains credulity that anyone would vote for her. She’s shown her treason multiple times for anyone paying attention. According to my kid-let all the people under 30 he works with were excited to vote for Tshibaka. Its probably good they learn the lesson now, when they first start paying attention. So maybe some good comes out of it.

        Just reiterates the points about voting. TINVOWOOT, Until we return to same day, in verifiable person paper ballots. We used to use paper ballots and it never took weeks to count. Maybe a few days tops. The upshot is, I’m finding more and more young people waking up to whats up. They’ll be the ones to write the history of this sordid period. Don’t believe the MSM about anything. Especially young people. Many more of them are questioning the narrative than falling for it, they just haven’t realized the strength in their numbers yet. The freakish examples the MSM push out are microcosms.

        • Well, there have been petitions circulating all over the state to repeal the rank choice voting, with plenty voting to get this back on the state ballot to get it repealed. We will see it can get back on a state wide ballot for another vote. No one I talked to voted for it, so it makes one wonder how in the hell it got through in the first place. I only voted for one candidate when voting time came around. For the “House” votes, it was ridiculous. Some 20 Republican candidates to replace deceased, Don Young. No wonder Democratic candidate Mary Pelota was a shoe-in. Stupid ass Republicans couldn’t get their act together and stick with one person. No wonder it does not pay to vote. It is just a clown show, and I always did think clowns were creepy.

          • This was kind of disturbing to me. The ridiculousness is now off the charts. Az is suffering a Twunt that no one likes. Even her Lib base is mad she’s not doing anything about homeless, and affordable housing. Two issues that could be easily fixed in an instant if we had Lake as Governor.

            My kid bought some acreage on the Kenai and we were going to build something together down there. Now, not so sure. If a truly independent state materializes, I’m going there. If not then I’m starting to lean towards a second residence in the far south.

            • Norman,

              Hobbes has pissed me right off. The legislature passed a bill legalizing silencers here, and she vetoed it. I would’ve loved to be able to shoot on my land without disturbing my neighbors or their animals.
              She also vetoed a bill allowing people to sell food cooked inside their homes. That one had bipartisan support, because there are plenty of Mexican ladies who want to sell tamales.
              The bitch vetoed both bills citing, you guessed it, “Saaaaaaafety!. I hate their version of “safety”. I’d much rather things be dangerous and people be free. I’ll take my chances with my silencers and tamales, thank you.

              • BaDnOn,

                I didn’t know about the silencer thing. I always thought you just had to pay the ATF fee and apply for one. Knew someone in Vegas who had a very nice one on his little Sig Saur 22 ten shot. The only sound you heard was a wisp, and the slide

                Clammy Kate as I call her spends all her time promoting fringe left wing pinch issues. She’s all in on abusing kids through deviant indoctrination. And I’ll tell you, the roads here are falling apart. I-17 for about 20 miles south of Flag is the piss poorest stretch of Highway I’ve ever been on. One year, two years, three years ago it wasn’t like that. She truly is an incompetent of epic proportions.

                She’s going to be the veto queen by the time its done. I regularly get put in time out on twitter for bullying her account. She is taking AZ to the laughingstock graveyard of states, when we should be competing against Florida for best state.

                I wish we could get Hitler to governor for a month. Eliminate the state income tax… Give the homeless and Illegal Aliens a one way bus ticket to Cali.. We could lock down the border in a month. People with property along the border could do it if they weren’t constrained. Then the ‘affordable housing crisis’ goes away with the illegals. The ones who made a life here without government help, contributors and producers could stay.

                • Norman,

                  Yes, “legalizing” silencers would be a bit like legalizing marijuana. Still federally illegal (if you don’t go through the ATF/sheriff background check and $200-a-pop fee).
                  I don’t know about that stretch of the I17, but the rest of it is shit, too. Lots of work being done toward Phoenix, though. The I40 has also gone to hell. Those pot-holes are blowing tires for some people.

                  • Hope you get your ‘suppressor.’ BaDnOn They’re a real blast.

                    Some one else recently informed me the road west on 40 is FUBAR. I have to go to Laughlin next month. Was going to take my T-bird, now I think Ill rent something.

                    That stretch of road south on 17 did a number on my new (to me) 2002 Ford conversion Van.

                    Wish someone would drag Clamy Kate a mile down that road. Maybe she’d stop playing fag hag to the trannies and do her damn job

  6. Modern day America is nothing like a communist regime. Privately-owned corporations have assumed many functions which serve the state while generating profits for those in the upper echelons of power and/or wealth.
    Fascism is a truer descriptor.

  7. Sorta off topic, but I feel like a rant. Friday night.

    Was at a HS track meet today in Ovid-Elsie, Michigan. Nice meet. Spoke to a lot of people. All are glad to be back from covid.

    I did see one bandit. He knew me and stopped to chat. When it was apparent, I was at a loss as to who he was he pulled the mask down. Voila, I knew him. I said since I did know him and we had been friendly, why are you masking? His response was a non response. Just being safe. Really?. Sad. But only one of call it 700 people. Everyone else was normal.

    We have to remember that the people that really count are not the 1 or less percent. The happy working people are the ones that keep the wheels rolling. They will not just die, at least not in my area. Lots of folks know what is going on. There will come a point, in my opinion not far off when the shit will really hit the fan.

    We buy all our eggs and produce that we don’t grow from neighbors. I specialize in tomatoes we grow and can 100-200 quarts a year. I am going to up it this year. Thinking about chickens, but heck the neighbors do chickens. I can trade tomatoes for eggs. (I do).

    Robots as enforcers, well we will see about robots as hackers can mess with computers seemingly at will we will see how robots can hack it. Could get bloody for a bit, but Teflon jacketed shells should work real well on a machine powered by lithium batteries, even if it is armored.

    There are are other things as well. Our putative masters need to be careful. Once they are outed, they are in real trouble. Not real hard to find them, they live amongst us (on us as parasites, we die they die). The secret is hard to keep. MAKE THEM AFRAID VERY AFRAID.

    • Morning, Ugg!

      This is well-said (as always). Their success depends on them keeping us thinking they’ve won – that they are an unstoppable fait accompli. Most of all, that most people agree with them. Many do, I admit. But many also do not. And – like you – I think more people are realizing something’s very wrong and now it’s a matter of pointing out what, exactly – and who’s responsible.

      I believe many people are still operating on the false assumption that what’s going on is just “bad policy” or “mistakes” – but once they realize it’s deliberate and malignant… well, there will be Hell to pay.

  8. That was a great article. A great summation.

    When you wrote, “It moves but there is no life.”

    I was reminded of how vinyl record sales have surpassed CD sales.
    I saw a sorta comedy vampire flick a long while back, the main character, a vampire who didn’t want to be one, was listening to a vinyl record. When asked why, he said, “because, it seemed alive”.

    Anyway, when you wrote, “They are asleep to the fact that the Constitution was the result of a conspiracy – not a theory, but a fact –” … I thought of the numerous bits Gary North has written about the subject.

    His work was a real eye opener for me. Here’s one:

    ‘The Most Successful Fraud in American History’

    “The most accurate assessment of this incomparably successful fraud was Patrick Henry’s. When asked why he did not attend the Constitutional Convention, he replied: “I smelt a rat in Philadelphia.””

    … Are we surrounded by vampire rats? Living in a vampire rat pyramid?

    I saw a diagram once describing the manufacture of tires under Vichy France… the word, ‘vampire’ was used to describe the system.

    It’s no coincidence.

  9. Wilkes is the maiden name of my mother. My proudest accomplishment in life would he what John Wilkes Booth did. That mfer deserved a more prolonged and agonzing death.

    • Hi Mark,


      It is nothing shy of tragic that the Confederates did not press, pursue and destroy the federal army after first Manassas, shattering Lincoln’s government in the process. Instead, they did the generous but foolish thing and let the army escape to regroup and Lincoln to continue the war.

        • You guy’s comments reminded me of the saying, “All wars, are banker’s wars”

          And, these two tunes:

          The Talking Heads, ‘Once in a Lifetime’ … “Same as it ever was”

          And, the lyrics to, ‘TRUCKIN’ ~ GRATEFUL DEAD’

          Playing People for fools – Mr. Banker & Co. – since… forever.

      • The first battle of Bull Run coud have ended it all just like Dunkirk could have. I think I posted here that Stonewall Jackson begged Jefferson Davis for 20,00o troops to take DC after and was declined. Tragedy. Of course maybe I wouldn’t be here if they did haha

        • Hi Mark,

          Yup –

          I’ve just been reading a 120-year old book, With Lee in Virginia (sent to me by a reader) that details most of the battles, including the first. The Confederates could probably have ended the war by pursuing the federal troops and routing them. Lincoln would have to flee and perhaps been forced to accept peace terms. The Confederacy was led by brilliant gentlemen – who made the error of believing they were fighting gentlemen.

          • When in fact who they were fighting weren’t even sane human beings.
            All the way back to Rome, the Union was the first western military to deliberately attack civilian non-combatants.

          • Lee’s name was just taken off Ft. Lee, Virginia and renamed for two “soldiers of color” — a postal clerk and a supply clerk.

          • Eric,

            I believe that was mentioned as well in DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln”. Sad. I really would like to know how history would’ve changed. How many lives could’ve been spared? How much freer would we be now if FedGov had been handed its ass back in the day?

  10. I would not be surprised if in the not-so-distant future, Social Security implements “buyouts” similar to those implemented by General
    Motors—for the same reasons.

    Uncle Scam would offer you a
    “Take it or leave it” lump sum that looks like a lot, but is a fraction of what you paid in—like an insolvent pension fund. And you get nothing after that.

    A lot of people would go for it, not knowing they’re not getting paid what they put in—if that.

    I’m not saying whether this is good, bad, or indifferent: I’m saying that it’s something that we shouldn’t be surprised about, as it’s the MO of just about every poorly funded and managed pension system.

    • Bryce, I would take an SS buyout right now without thinking twice, regardless of the money offered. Social Security is a welfare scheme–basically legalized theft. We’re not “paying into” it so much as our money is being stolen by the feds to pay off current retirees. Then when we retire, they’ll steal from the younger workers to pay us off. Two wrongs don’t make a right; just because we got robbed for years via SS taxes doesn’t mean we should suffer others to be robbed on our behalf.

      • It’s a dead end. The population of tax victims is declining, rather abruptly, with no end in sight. With fewer new young workers, exactly who are they going to steal it from?

  11. Comparing Woke to Social Security? Seems odd. Back in the 90s Billy Bob Clinton robbed SS so he could pretend he balanced the ‘budget’. They stole the cash and put in Non negotiable bonds. These bonds are used to cover SS each year, SS trades the bonds for cash needed for the year. They estimate it will last until 2030-35. Reason why it will last so long is the hated Boomers paid in many times more than any other generation including the recent ones.

    The question is,,, Should we just let them have the money and stop receiving benefits. That seems the argument to those that have contributed far less. Now I agree,,, if someone doesn’t want to pay then they should be able to avoid the tax and now would be a good time to start as there is enough funds left to pay off most recipients. With one caveat… They will in no way request help from government when they retire,,, not even welfare. They will only use their saved dollars which probably will be worth pennies on the dollar at retirement. I know very few people that won at the Wall Street big casino.

    Medicare? We pay more now for Medicare insurance (if it’s okay to call that insurance) than when I worked at at&t. Today under ‘free’ medicare $350-$400 per month. I do not understand where anyone says it’s all free. I have used no hospital services and will try not as many hospitals now require the kill shot. We will try to die as cheaply as possible 🙂

    For those wondering I worked out how long it will take me to break even. Remember,,, our generations dollar had far more purchasing power so I calculated the inflation. Anyhow, my calculations appear that I will break even at age 84.

      • SS taxes have always been a part of the general fund. Not long after its implementation, the SCOTUS ruled that SS taxes must be included in general revenue. Since then, the SS “fund” is nothing other than a book keeping entry.

    • Hi Ken,

      Speaking just for me: I’ve been “contributing” since the ’80s – and while I would like to have my money back, I know it’s gone. It was stolen long ago. While I (like many) would like to be made whole, I am troubled by the idea of becoming a participant in something I have opposed all my adult life. I do not condemn those who accept benefits; I speak only of my own ambivalence. If I ever collect SS, I plan to use it to pay the taxes I am obliged to pay on my house and so on – thus letting the government steal from itself, as it were.

      • I would love to have my money back too, Eric. Like you, though, I realize hell will freeze over before that happens. I will be paying into the Social Slave system until I die. Just remember, SS was not good enough for members of Congress. As such, I think it would be funny as hell to dump all the money from every last worthless Congress members’ (including the still-living, now retired members) 401-K’s, overseas bank accounts they do not think we know they have, and every last dime they have ripped off at our expense (called a pay check to do nothing), into Social Security. For once in their miserable, pathetic excuse of an existence, Congress might actually get off their a** and do some real work. IF only because it affected them personally.

      • Welfare = 1.215 trillion for all nine programs. Most of those receiving these pay no taxes at all most of their lives.

        Housing assistance
        Pell Grants
        Child Nutrition
        Head Start
        Job Training
        Child Care
        LIHEAP – Phone subsidy,,, total of 13 programs. lol…

        SS OASI DI = 1.201 trillion. These all are forced contributions.

        As I said,,, I agree. If you want out, so be it,,, BUT you must sign an agreement to never ask government for assistance at retirement. I’ll wager their will be many starving as many will just spend the extra money.

  12. As usual, I learned something new in my small ignorant world. I had never heard or seen the word fasces before. So…I looked it up and just hit the high spots about it. Very interesting. When I have more time, will go back and read more.

    Off topic, but was reading an article in Alaska Magazine. For some reason my daddy got it and I would read his old ones. Had some enjoyable articles so I subscribed recently and wish I hadn’t. They have gotten rid of some good regular articles. The editor has been a woman for a long time, but tolerable. Now most of the articles seem to be written by women—so no, don’t care.

    I said all of that to say, I read an article last night by a woman of course in the May 2023 magazine titled, Test Drive to the Artic, Electric vehicle road rally is a hit. The vehicles were “five Teslas of four different models, a Rivian SUV, a Ford F-150 Lighting, and a Hummer all privately owned except the Ford, which belonged to the Fairbanks Ford dealership.”

    They ended up calling it the Artic Road Rally. It was held on land not open to tourists, oil fields operated by ConocoPhillips. Six temporary chargers were installed along the way. Very sugar-coated article. I tried to access it online to post here but couldn’t. Sure would like you to read and critique it Eric.

    • I would love to see them try and test-drive a Ford lighting at -40 below, while trying to stay warm in the cabin in the dead of Winter. Or, try to lug that stupid thing up north of town to the White Mountains to try and do some hunting in Septembre. While towing a four wheeler either on the back of the truck, or via towing it with a trailer on the back. You would not make it to where you are going, let alone get back. Want to go to Arctic Man in April? Good luck with that, as it is the same story. And forget driving through the Al-Can and through Canada in one of those. There is literally nothing once you get past Tok, and get into Canada. Could you at least make it to Delta Junction? OR, from Delta to Tok? Maybe if you sweat enough blood, and do enough praying, perhaps? ‘Course I have to wonder if those who are saying these are so great, are the ones who are not actually going to be driving them….

  13. So many truths in this article! It would be hard for a normie to swallow it all at once. It takes many years of uncomfortably un-learning the propaganda that’s force fed to ‘Mericans for their first 20 years of life.

    Back to your slumber folks! Let’s all sing it together: “And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. . .” -Lee Greenwood

  14. Between the GovCo “sales” tax and the FedRez “transaction fee” you’re looking at as much as 10%+ stolen from you and your vendor every time you make a credit card purchase. With cash you may get around that extortion, that’s why it’s being eliminated.

    Ol’ Billy had it right, Shylock is real and kill all the lawyers.

  15. “They are awake – or so they think – to the dangers of “drunk” drivers, “speeders” and “terrorists.” But oblivious to the danger of the state that “keeps them safe” from these incidental threats.”
    Indeed! Governments only excel at one thing, and that’s killing people, and they are the very best at doing so. Common criminals are an inconvenient nuisance compared to the state.

  16. My sole source of income is social security. It’s a living wage for me. If any candidate proposed to do away with it, as Ron Paul did, I would most definitely break my boycott against voting and give them my support, as I did Ron Paul. I’d rather freeze and starve to death than inflict this Ponzi scheme upon my neighbors and my progeny. Meanwhile, I’ll keep on doing my best to suck FedGov dry.

    • JK,

      I have a neighbor –a carpetbagger uaw retiree– who says he doesn’t want to talk politics but usually talks politics. Last time I saw him, he was going on about how great social security is. I asked him where in the federal constitution it gave the federales the right to take money someone who earned it & give it to someone who didn’t. “But I paid into it!” was his non-answer answer. Can’t argue with logic like that…

    • Quite noble of you, Mr. Kable.

      You are probably a couple generations ahead of me, but most people my age never were counting on the SS to give us a dime in return for our lifetime of “payments”. So be it.

      I do wish they’d quit using that verbiage, however. We didn’t “pay into it”. It was stolen from us. It is nothing less than strong-arm robbery.

      • Indeed, which inspires me to react occasionally when I hear the word “taxpayer”. There are no tax “payers”, taxes are collected, at gunpoint.

  17. The tyrants use 3 steps to achieve power; they take your freedom, then take your property and eventually take your life. In our case, the communists ruling D.C. are doing steps 1 & 2 at the same time and using their Party street enforcers (antifa/blm) to implement #3 until they outlived their “usefullness”.

  18. That was an exquisite article, Eric! And you are so quite correct about the “mainstream” “conservatives” and their love for things like the SS and building codes.

    Also, I never realized that Lincoln Enthroned was guarding a couple of fasces! Holy shit! I guess I always just passed those off as your standard roman columns.

    Thank you for the continued education, Eric.

    • Ain’t it strange to build a marble memorial to a so called person, for the heroic act of killing more Americans than have died in all other wars combined?

      • Treating him like Zeus, no less! Yes, he preserved the “Union” by putting a whole generation through the meat grinder. Quite memorable, indeed.

    • I used to build houses. Who likes codes? The county building department – they get permit fees. The county tax collector – they get increased property tax revenue. The realtors – they sell a more expensive home. The neighborhood home owners – they want new homes to be to code and not a dump, so that they can sell at maximum profit. The bank – all those extra fees and permits and codes means the bank lends more money – and the bank’s investment is protected. Another party that benefits are the load engineers – the structure has to be certified – and they charge thousands for merely looking at the blue prints – and it is the truss company (using a computer program) that insures they can take the snow load.

      I will tell you something else that few know about – the reason why the county building inspector must sign off on the electrical work – before the power company swings the power to the home – is that if the home burns down the power company is not liable. Same for the bank.

      Think about the bank, they will not lend on a non-code home, so to insure the home is up to code and the bank’s money is protected – they have the county certify each building step – when it is actually the lenders job to insure the home is built to spec.

      It is all a big money raking scam from top to bottom – and it makes homes expensive.

      • Yukon Jack,

        Precisely why we’re off-grid now, and all of that poppycock is irrelevant. You speak of a mutant offspring of laziness, convenience, ignorance, and most of all, vampirism.

        Of course, it’s only convenient for the lazy and ignorant, who know no other way, and the vampires just FEAST upon THAT.

        This is no room for any of that out here, but all the room in world for everything else. Of course, there is the perennial threat of the code enforcer: some insufferable prick, that will come and condemn all that you have built with your blood, sweat, ingenuity and grit, and order that it is destroyed or they will fine you infinity-gajillion dollars per day.

        Well, we’ve decided that fuck ’em. Free men don’t ask for permission to build things on their property.

        Thanks for the inside knowledge, Jack.

        • Back some decades ago, I remember Idaho has 5 counties that did not require codes, just a site permit – meaning your well and septic tank had to meet distance and setback requirements.

          They want grid homes so that you can be controlled and taxed.

          Vampire feast is well said.

      • If one wants a code certification before they buy, that should be their prerogative. There is no reason for the state to be the certifier. What is remarkable is that many of the county building codes here in Missouri have no enforcement power, by court decree. The lending institutions enforce it. If you have or can secure financing otherwise, you can ignore them, without legal repercussions.

        • That’s really the way it should be, Mr. Kable. I understand banks and insurance companies might want everything to be permitted, and that’s fine, but I have no need of their services, here.

  19. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, American gods carved into Mount Rushmore.

    It’s like they didn’t have moms and dads, all of sudden, they’re there. Amazing stuff.

    The place has a good steady flow of tourists during the months of May through October. Rapid City is a booming place. Began when gold miners were going bust, didn’t work out for them in the Black Hills.

    Investors got involved with Deadwood and ruined the Old West feeling, not anything like it once was. The same for Mt. Rushmore, just a bunch of rocks.

    One important fact: You have to have transportation to get there.

    The Crazy Horse Monument dwarfs Mt. Rushmore.

    If you have a dollar bill with Jury The Clown artfully colored in to make George look like a clown, it is worth 600 dollars and some as high as 1899 USD.

    Might as well start coloring in George to look like a clown on every dollar bill there is.

    Clown bux is right. Sell one, then go buy 600 more and do it all over again. You can lower the price, a new cottage industry.

    You’ll have a valuable commodity. Can’t hurt none.

  20. Lincoln is considered a “great” President by MSM historians. Everything is inverted in their world. What “they” want is total authority and control over you, thus they have been working non-stop to invert everything and fool you into accepting slavery as freedom. They tell you our Constitutional Republic is a Democracy, which means a state ruled by them. They took away your gold and silver and substituted inflatable fiat currency, and they called it liberation from tyranny.

    They know exactly what they are doing and now they are killing us off, calling it your duty to get vaxxed to stop the spread – or going to their next war – to save freedom.

    They are wiping us out but we dare not say who they are.

    • Brion Mclanahan, in one of his podcasts, said:

      lincoln gave us the imperial presidency
      wilson gave us the federal reserve, the 17th amendment, made us the world’s police
      roosevelt gave us the end of the gold standard, the welfare state,
      lbj gave us the expanded welfare state
      gwb gave us the police state

      The imperial presidency gets increasingly worse. True republicanism / federalism is the only hope. I doubt it’ll happen in my lifetime.

      • “True republicanism / federalism is the only hope”
        It matters little what kind of government you you have, or who its leadership is, each and every one is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. That authority does not attract sane people. Jefferson tried, and failed. The longer any government is around, the worse it gets, as it rakes in ever more socio/psychopaths who will decide whether you are allowed to live or not.

      • Yep, Mike. And the people just keep voting for more! Voting is just giving your consent and indicating which candidate you wish to have maintain and expand all of the above. And they never disappoint when it comes to THAT.

  21. ‘they gaze with glassy eyes at the alabaster image of Lincoln’ — eric

    Despite making dozens of visits to DeeCee, I have never ventured anywhere near that awful thing.

    My mind’s eye instantly translates the gaunt, syphilitic visage of Ape Lincoln into a horned and grinning statue of Baphomet, spattered with the blood of sacrificed goats.

    Take the red pill and you’ll see it too — the satanic face behind the mask of the US fedgov.


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