The Electric Codpiece

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Going really fast is very illegal.

In fact, so is going even a little faster than whatever the speed limit is.

EV people ought to think about this a little.

In many states, anything much over 80 can land you in jail – and your vehicle in the impound lot. Even 1 MPH faster than whatever the posted limit happens to be in every state can result in what is styled a “ticket” – the term used to describe the money you’ll be obliged to hand over for “speeding,” defined as driving even 1 MPH faster than whatever the government says is lawful.

But EV people – many of them – like (and buy) EVs specifically because they are fast. Or rather, because they can accelerate very quickly. This attribute is also usually the first one touted by the company that’s trying to sell the EV. It can get to 60 in 2.9 seconds!

This is very quick, indeed.

But what is the point of this capability, if you can’t use it – or dare not? Is it not like the codpieces worn by Medieval nobility to showcase what they weren’t using?

Are these people aware that accelerating from 0-60 in less than three (or less than 10) seconds is considered “aggressive” by the very same government-corporate nexus that is ardently pushing people into EVs? If you doubt this, ask anyone who drives for a living. Their acceleration (and also braking) is monitored as they drive and if they drive too aggressively, they are likely to get into trouble with their employer.

Who, in turn, will get into trouble with the insurance mafia – with whom he is obliged to deal by the government, which forces him to buy “coverage” under terms and conditions set forth by the mafia. The mafia does not like aggressive acceleration – or braking. It “adjusts” the rates it charges accordingly. Employers now routinely keep track of how their drivers drive for just that reason – and the vehicles they drive can be controlled for the same reason, too.

The same will be applied to the EVs people buy because they are attracted by how quickly they accelerate.

After enough people have bought in, that is.

In fact, they have already bought in. They just don’t know it yet. It’s not just EVs, either. Every 2023 model vehicle has some form of “speed limit assistance technology.” It isn’t optional. It is part of the standard equipment package, so to speak.

People might want to think about this a little.

It is called different things by different manufacturers but it is all the same thing. It is a “technology” that enables the car to know not only what the speed limit is on the road you happen to be driving on but whether you are driving faster than it says you legally may. When you do, it “assists” you by warning you, via an icon that looks just like a speed limit sign that changes color from legal white and black to angry red.

Think about what’s implicit in this.

The car knows you’re “speeding.” How long before you are fined for it? Keeping in mind that it’s not just the car that knows. Potentially, the government-corporate nexus knows it, too. All new cars are “connected.” They send and receive data about all kinds of things. Including – potentially, at least – exactly how fast you’re driving at any given moment.

Monitoring is already happening.

Of your speed. And how aggressively you accelerate (and brake).

Think about how the people behind all of this will define that. And how they will justify restricting it, once a sufficiency of people have been lured into EVs.

Actually, it’s not necessary to speculate because we already know. Once again, ask anyone who drives commercially. They get into trouble if they accelerate the vehicle they’re driving at a rate that’s more aggressive than a Galapagos tortoise leaving the starting line. This is why you have probably had a delivery vehicle ease out in front of you from a side street and proceed to gradually accelerate. Or found yourself stuck behind a pair of tractor-trailers, one in the left (passing) lane, the other in the right – the one in the left lane “passing” the other for the next 15 miles.

Don’t blame the drivers. They don’t want to lose their jobs. Just understand you’re next.

Controlling velocity and acceleration – whether by limiting  or by automatically/electronically fining – is just a matter of the doing. And that is something that can and will be done to you – if you drive something new – essentially anytime they like, the technology having already been embedded in all new vehicles – and thus the ability to do it to you already a fait accompli.

Meanwhile, these EVs – which people are being lured into not objecting to by dangling their ability to speed – and accelerate aggressively – in front of their faces. In order to take their minds off everything the EV doesn’t have the ability to do. Or does poorly.

Eventually, once a sufficiency of people have bought in – it will be discovered that “ludicrous” speed and “aggressive” acceleration are bad for the climate, via causing the “emission” of excess “carbon.” The EV driver will find himself codpiecing along in a ludicrous vehicle that struts but doesn’t do.

It is the equivalent of tricking a dog into eating a pill by stuffing it into a piece of hot dog. The dog doesn’t notice what he’s swallowing because he’s focused on that yummy piece of hot dog. The difference being the pill is probably good for the dog – and the dog’s owner means well, at least.

Unlike your owners.

. . .

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  1. Pie-in-the-sky “Sea Zero” electric cruise ship:
    It also relies on sails. Sails, for crying out loud. This is progress?
    Oh, and “a backup engine for safety reasons.”
    Range is projected to be “300 to 350 nautical miles, meaning that during an 11-day round trip, one liner would have to charge around seven or eight times.” It will be charged “with clean energy, as renewables account for 98% of Norway’s electricity system.”
    What they don’t say is that essentially all of that 98% is from hydroelectric plants, which the Green Cult hates too.
    And there’s another benefit to being cooped up in this ugly box – no doubt at great monetary cost. Passengers will be constantly pestered, er, invited, to atone for their disgraceful consumption:
    “On board, guests will be invited to minimize their own climate impact through an interactive mobile app that monitors their personal water and energy consumption. ‘We want to make them more aware of how much energy they use by spending 10 minutes more in the shower or having air conditioning going full.’”

    • Wondered when this. If they want to be really ‘green’ they could retrofit the ships to run on auxiliary Galley Slaves. If your social score dropped while on the cruise, for say visiting verboten web sites, you would be forced to row row row for the entire day. It also got me thinking about social scores and credit scores. 91 trillion in debt and THEY have the nerve to assign us a credit score. That system should be burned to the ground tomorrow.

  2. As I used to drive over-the-road, I can appreciate the dynamics of driving to some extent. I quit OTR (freight expediting) about 8 years ago and there was not all this privacy and surveillance intrusion. I don’t think I would like driving now.

    Fast acceleration? Some of these on ramps leave you no choice. Being able to accelerate very quickly is not really practical, but I understand the need for speed by some drivers. In some cases, it might prevent an accident if you are able to get out of the way fast enough.

    I always thought that the 2 semis passing each other in slow motion was done to either demonstrate who really owns the highways or to piss off all the speeders in smaller vehicles.

    In the end it boils down to one thing…the psychotic bugwits running the world want everyone secluded, trapped or locked down with their only means of transportation being either motorbike, bicycle or walking. But no going outside the 15 minute cities.

    • Yeah Tom, between automatic transmissions and being watched every second, where’s the fun in driving these things anymore?
      When I was 21 I drove for an irregular-route carrier (I took the load all the way to its destination), and also sometimes ran LTL between Houston and Los Angeles. If there was going to be any communication at all between my employer and me, I had to initiate it by stopping at a pay phone. It was a pretty cool adventure for a farm boy who had never traveled much.

    • Jim!

      You have a Vista Cruiser? I grew up riding in big Oldsmobiles; the first clear “car” memory I have is of looking at the “Rocket 455” decal on the air cleaner lid of my parent’s massive 98 sedan. Good times. Good memories.

  3. Off-topic but tangentially related… you have absolutely got to see this shit! These wildfires… something is fucken going on. All of the Quebec wildfires… across vast stretches of country… all started simultaneously. All provinces bordering the US… except Manitoba… have fires going on.

    Something is up. Something fishy is going on.

    6/02/2023 — ALL of S. Quebec Canada just erupted into fires – Canada under attack? DEW or people?!

    • In all my life of 66 years, I have never once seen any impact from Canadian fires here in southern lower Michigan.
      It’s like the year with no summer, a perpetual haze over the sun and I go through a box of Kleenex a day, sneezing and coughing and blowing out vast volumes of crud.
      They will blame it on Climate Change but the real point is to make it less feasible to slip across the world’s largest undefended border into the Canadian Wilderness.

  4. You have been hacked if you buy an automobile that basically bit and bridles you, the bit bag is there too. Your blinders on, you’ve been saddled and horseshoed, you only get to do what you are allowed to do. You’ll be reined in with no escape.

    The how of how you are being hacked.

    The work of Yuval Noah Harrari is complete. Thank God Yuval will die one day, not soon enough. God will take care of business, it’ll be the end for the whatever it is there.

    The only important command to obey will be to listen to Yuval’s diktats.

    You should know by now that something is up and you are not included, translation: You no longer count, you’re in the way.

    I quit my job
    Ain’t got no money
    Seems I have to leave this town

    Tell mama and all the folks back home
    Sometimes a man just feels
    He’s got to make it alone
    -Savoy Brown, Tell Mama

    • The top ad on this article is for Lucid Electric Vehicles.
      They are offering an array of incentives, leases and loans in a very aggressive push to get someone to buy one.
      ” When I look back on all the crap I learned in High School/It’s a wonder I can think at all/But my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none/I can read the writing on the wall”…
      Paul Simon/Kodachrome

  5. Owning, and most importantly being seen driving, an EV is just High-Tech Dick-Waving, most by those who have little, or none. I wonder if St Joan wore a codpiece in battle? She certainly had more balls than “Chuck” ever did, or could ever hope for, frankly.

  6. A silent prayer of sorts might be in order today for the crew of the USS Liberty that was attacked back in 1967 by an ally of ours.
    I would also like to note that ALL presidential candidates put that particular ally first.

    • I pray their descendants have better sense than to sit offshore from a country fighting for it’s existence and radio troop movements to the enemy attempting to eradicate them.
      I pray the USA will stop it’s Betrayal of Israel, rein in Iran and stop supporting the Fakestinians in their murder bombing.
      I pray that people like you realize a Prayer from a Jew Hater is repugnant to God, and a very unwise thing to to unless it is a prayer of sincere repentance.

  7. Yesterday I experienced, what might be termed, some “democracy in action” or perhaps “direct action” as well as “civil disobedience”, and it was beautiful.

    I was on the Az 93 (which has gone to complete shit, BTW). I witnessed, however, that eventually everyone on the freeway ignored the 65 MPH road-totem and was going ~80 MPH, which had been spontaneously selected by “We the People” to be “safe and prudent” for that stretch of road. We remained at the speed for some time, only slowing when a road pirate (state trooper) was found to be lurking in the bushes.

  8. Nice article Eric,

    The Eee Vee craze IMO has reached its zenith. I see less and less of them on the road. If I had a guess, mine would be that those who aspire to one have one, and those who have one probably wont buy another, for the most part, YMMV. The ruination of the ICE market with all the technological training wheels and chains might take longer.

    Thanks for the work you have done. Educating people with facts on the shortcomings of EVs is helping grind this ‘movement’ to a halt. Hopefully, one day in the future those who drive EVs will be required to wear a dunce hat, along the lines of those who took the goo, being required to bear some kind of mark, maybe in their hands or foreheads.

    I think most of us here are like my dog as per the buy in. She cant be tricked into her daily pill. Hot dogs, cheese, peanut butter, even putting the pill in the yoke of her favorite treat, an over easy egg, doesn’t work. She still finds the pill and spits it out. I have to pry open her powerful jaws, toss the pill into the back of her gullet and hold her mouth closed with her head up until she swallows it.

    • Norman,

      “…Toss the pill into the back of her gullet and hold her mouth closed with her head up until she swallows it.”

      Precisely what is done with us so often!

      • TPTB are getting smarter, don’t like to dirty their hands. My spidey sense tells me they’ll just put the ‘pill’ in our food supply if they haven’t already.

  9. Speaking of the car “knowing” and recording what you’re doing…

    I had an Audi A6 loaner one day while my Allroad (or A8) was getting serviced. They called me and told me “sorry, not today” (as they often do, fucken lag-hards). So I got to take the loaner home!

    Nice wide open stretches out here in the sticks. Just keep an eye out for boss hog and his crew.

    Anyway, I literally had the cruise control on that A6 set up just past 100mph! 😁😁😁

    And, on those newer models, the fucken thing doesn’t “forget” the last setting when you turn off the cruise control! Everything that I tried I could not clear that orange bar going all the way up past 100mph! 🤣🤣🤣

    That probably raised some eyebrows when I brought it back. But they never said anything.

    • South Dakota is about the only state I’ve driven in where you can do 100 mph and not draw any unwanted attention.

  10. ‘The EV driver will find himself codpiecing along in a ludicrous vehicle.’ — eric

    Spare a thought for the codpieceless EeeVee semi-truck driver:

    ‘Logistics companies are scrambling to meet California’s upcoming Jan. 1, 2024 mandate that all new trucks purchased for servicing ports, rail yards, and distribution centers in the state be zero-emission vehicles.

    ‘“Even if I had the $500,000 to buy a new electric truck, there aren’t any for sale,” John Williams, a trucking professional servicing Oakland ports, told The Epoch Times.

    ‘With 10,000 drayage trucks reportedly replaced on average each year, the new mandate creates demand that manufacturers will be unable to supply. Distributors say only a handful of EV trucks are available at a time.

    ‘Industry experts say the 10,000-pound battery pack in Tesla trucks would lead to less cargo being carried due to laws pertaining to weight limits.

    What a clusterf*ck. Control-freak Californicators clearly are interfering with interstate commerce. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are serving importers nationwide … till California deliberately chokes them to a trickle with its grandiose green mandates.

    Equally clearly, the US fedgov can and should intervene to smack down the Left Coast fruits ‘n nuts malefactors. But will it, with the senile scarecrow F. Joe Biden nominally in charge?

    This is Cali Clown Show: goin’ big, or goin’ home.

    • Stupid ideas have never limited or prevented CA from going ahead with them. One day the Mexicanos are gonna wake up and think about what they’re voted themselves into. Of course, too late now.

      Can’t wait to see a 10K lb lithium inferno. That’ll be quite a scene.

      And maybe, once a lithium school bus barbeques a troop of liberal children, maybe they’ll think twice about the idea.

      Nah… what am I thinking?! Those are the same people that poisoned their children with the murderous gene therapy… for the common good.

      “Yeah, little johnny and suzie got BBQed but the planet is better off! So it’s worth it.”

      • Port of Rocky point or Guaymas would be nice alternatives to the left coast. As for Californias obsession with the EeeVee madness, they should put their $ where their mouth is. They could drain, then strip mine the Salton Sea for lithium. I feel like its one of the largest untapped rare earth resources on the entire planet.

        By doing this Californians could hold on to the moral high ground, reclaiming the type of air quality they enjoyed in the 70s. Like minnows in a chum slick, they could race around proclaiming their virtue. They’d be keeping the planet cool, while gasping for breath in the miasma of their utopian imaginings

        • Yeah, I’ve driven past the Salton Sea many times. They’d be doing everyone a favor to strip mine it! Freaking nasty.

          I grew up not far from there in the Coachella Valley. Graduated from Indio High School, lived in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Bermuda Dunes, Indian Wells, and La Quinta.

          I hear that entire area is not very nice anymore. Was wonderful when it was mostly desert, date groves, and golf courses. Just keep out of North Indio or Thermal, etc. (unless you’re an ese).

          California seems to be stuck on stupid. They’ve had just about zero countervailing (i.e., conservative) influence for decades, except for maybe far North. I also lived up north in Willow Creek for a while. Much nicer place and better people TBH.

          • I’ll bet that area was really nice back in the day. I’m sorry I never saw much of it, was always too busy getting from AZ to San Diego or LA.

            I recently drove from LA to Yuma. Wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to go the 111 off the 10 down to the 8. Gulag maps said it was only 1/2 hour more, I wasn’t in a hurry and wanted to check out Slab City. I hit the Indio/La Quinta area as the sun was going down and it is kind of a scary place now.

            The best part of the whole trip was around Thermal. for about five miles the sweet smell of what seemed like grapefruit blossoms filled the air.

            Really think with the geologic history of how the Salton Sea was formed that theres got to be a huge rare earth deposit there. I’ve been looking for some cheap surface mineral rights, but I think I already missed that boat. It seems by the prices everyone out there thinks they’re sitting on oil or gold

    • Not to mention that the California power grid frequently fails to keep up with air conditioning, and at such times requests it’s citizens NOT charge their EV cars and SUVs. Much less big trucks.

    • This is maybe even more important than the article. I really think as they keep getting away with stuff, they will make the Final Elbow to Freedom in ’24, if we make it that long.
      They are already restoring mothballed planes and shipping them overseas to bases to support war against China and Russia, which they intend to lose.
      Russia keeps shipping oil thru Ukraine and Ukraine/NATO does nothing about it
      Despite real people dying, it’s all just one big stage presentation to facilitate the NWO.

  11. Speaking of CO2 there’s so much smoke from the Canadian wildfires around here that we haven’t seen the sun for days; lots of airports shut down, baseball games postponed (hard to see that little white ball coming at you 😆) etc. There’s probably been more CO2 generated by that than all the cars worldwide over a year. Guess the EPA should fine Mother Nature.

  12. Yup! It’s totally the old “carrot and stick” routine with the “ludicrous” acceleration. I saw this coming a mile away! They lure people in, the carrot is the acceleration, and then they’ll beat you with the stick by updating the software to govern acceleration rate.

    Then, as you say, when enough suckers buy that stupid shit, the carrot just goes away and there’ll be nothing but stick.

    And though I don’t suggest laws to stop people from doing stupid things, I’ve always HIGHLY doubted that the people that want this shit — the same ones that thing gasoline engines are “icky” — do not have the driving skills to handle that much vehicle at that rate of acceleration. NFW

    And the vehicles themselves are very likely not equipped properly to handle the acceleration either. With a gasoline engine, especially one with a manual trans and clutch, you have supreme control over rpm and ability to control your speed without relying 100% on brakes.

    These fucken things, launch you out like the Starship Enterprise and good luck to ya! Better have the “big brakes” package! Keep doing that shit and apart from wearing out those brakes, that shit gets hot!

    And even further, do the “hot shots” driving those things have performance tires? All that weight, all that force, all that braking. Better have some serious meat on those tires.

    Serious high-acceleration cornering with all that weight? Yeah, they’re gonna be some major collisions. What happens when a super-heavy battery bomb on wheels collides with huge acceleration into another one?

    My money is on the “there’s NFW these rainbow fags can handle that shit and they won’t even be properly equipped in the first place, resulting in serious accidents and death.”

  13. Re: 0-60 in 3s.
    In an EV, hoohumm, who cares.
    In a CT4 Blacking, it spits and snarls at you and even does a tiny crackle between shifts sometimes, now that is fun and just plain awesome. Senses and sensations mean something.

  14. Today’s cars are the definition of the proverbial codpiece. Speed limit assist, lane assist, blind spot assist along with the pollution controls and the technology required to meet CAFE requirements have made modern cars undrivable for me. Because of the crap on todays cars, the price of used cars keeps escalating. I will be keeping my cars on the road until I can’t drive anymore, though if one dies, I will replace it with a 2018-2022 Camry.

    • Speaking of codpieces, it’s too bad eLoon didn’t have all that “assistance” technology on his $1.000,000 McLaren, which proved to be more car than he could handle. Just the thing for cruising the surface streets of Mountain View, though, to show off how much money you can spend on an automobile, before you crash it.

    • I like my ’22 Camry, Swamprat, but I think it will be my last new vehicle, with all the horrid safety crap coming out in these new vehicles. The safety junk in the Camry is minimal, and once I turned everything off, I have not had any issues since then. I definitely think it is a bit more squirrely on the roads than my older vehicle, but then again, driving an automatic after always having standards is a trip & a half. Where is that dang clutch pedal anyway?
      Ha ha! What I really find hilarious, is the speed limit sign on the dash often does not appear on any of the side roads, and even on many of the main side roads. Apparently, the GPS does not cover every area in these parts. And hell, if they are going to include “assistance”, the least the manufacturer could do is create an “assistant” in my vehicle that will make a cup of coffee for me on my way to work. Now that would be something worth paying for, because all the other crap certainly is not.

    • If you want a real car, that the government can’t affect and you can learn to repair yourself, you need to go back to the seventies at least, and preferably the sixties.
      If you want something that will ” Run Forever”, get something with a truck six, like a 300 Ford or a 292 Chevy, either of which can be installed in a passenger vehicle.
      Anything pre electronic ignition will not fail you in an EMP event.
      Anything electronic will be a giant paperweight.

  15. Rd: monitoring speed with a ticket
    This is my red line, period.
    I will do whatever it takes to not play this game. As far as making my own car, and even driving without their approval if necessary.

  16. The other way these Marxists will get us to slow down (and EV owners out ludicrous speed) is what they are doing in my blue county…leave the potholes unfixed. Roads are not being maintained but low-income housing sure is a priority for their new voters.

    • Hi Hans,

      I am glad you brought that up – about the potholes. It’s similar in my area. I regularly ride the center hump – the middle of the road – to avoid all the damaged asphalt on either side, which has become so bad it knocks the fillings out of my teefus when I inadvertently drive over one of the many sinkholes, almost, that line either side. And yet, the taxes I must pay to be allowed to occupy the land I bought and paid for 20 years ago continue to go up. . .

      • ‘so bad it knocks the fillings out of my teefs’ — eric

        Presumably the roads leading to the new battery plants will be kept pristine, so their vital cargo can move saaaaafely to the skate assembly plants.

      • Same here, and what really makes me grind my teeth is that my ever rising property taxes are most likely going to pay the salaries and gold-plated pensions of the AGWS and not road repair. Maybe instead of sending $100 billion dollars (and counting) to Ukraine that money could be put to better use here….nah, sorry, that would require sanity from Clowngress.

      • It’s bad here in WA, and riding a motorcycle makes it a safety issue. Our genius road dept. builds freeway bridges with the asphalt road right up to edge of the bridge where there is minimal support underneath. Doesn’t take long for this interface to settle, and ka-wham as you smack the edge of the concrete bridge deck. Years go by, and it’s finally fixed by adding 30 to 40 ft. concrete panel running back into the road bed where there is proper support.

        This state is famous for “pay big, receive little” in highway construction and maintenance.

      • 2,000 years ago the Romans built roads that lasted…2,000 years, in many instances.

        Then we hit the jackpot and got a bunch of “college graduates” with “engineering degrees” and now a road doesn’t even last a year.

        How do we define “progress” again?

        • There are several old roads built in the ‘30s in Western WA that still have original pavement in some areas. ‘Military Road” in King Co. is one, Hwy 169 was another but little of the original remain.

          These were built from concrete segments, that were smooth, and still aligned 80 years on, when I was living over there. No automatic paving machines, no computer/laser alignment system. These perfect roads built from manual labor and analog survey equipment.
          Amazing what skill and smarts can accomplish.

          Recently near me a short segment of I90 had a complete lane replacement, I cheered them on until I drove it for the first time, it was a lumpy mess. They came back later and ground off the high spots most at the joints between the concrete segments. They also over did the grooved segments in a couple corners and had to grind that off after several semis lost control and crashed.

        • On a brighter note, they can build great roads, just not here in WA.

          The best road quality ever (hope it’s still good!) Hwy 385 running south from Custer, SD. On the motorcycle where you’ll feel any lumps and bumps, this road was literally like driving on a concrete billiard table. Drove it several times in the early 2000s leaving the bike rally. Amazed, then PO’d that my home state never could do this level of road quality.

      • TPTB always let the infrastructure go pre takeover. It’s De Rigueur for Totalitarianism.
        They steal the money, and then after the takeover, they can install deliberately utilitarian and depressing brand new infrastructure.
        It will all be new but not very shiny once the NWO takes over.

    • That reminds me, I need to get a shock replaced after my last trip to Denver. I should tell the shop to send the bill to CDOT.

    • Which is the secondary reason I parted with my Miata, the primary being I can’t drive a manual anymore. It isn’t a car designed for rough roads. Like those here in Missouri.

    • Where I live, if there’s a stretch of road that is smooth, they will intentionally make it rough with their damned “rumble strips.”
      They seem to be everywhere: along the sides, in the middle, and several unavoidable patches before every stop sign. Gotta warn people – for saaaaaaaafety!

      • Be happy thats all it is. Around here, from Flagstaff south on the main interstate is a 15 mile stretch of potholes in both lanes. Not just small potholes mind you, but ones that can cause serious damage at 70 MPH. Its like a road in a third world war zone. That was as of 3 weeks ago. All around the green zone of Phoenicia the interstates are smooth as silk.

        A lot of us have been screaming at ADOT, to which the reply is ‘cant you see were working on it?’ All of illegitimate Governess clammy Kates appointees to leadership position in ADOT are political hacks, trannies, and diversity hires. No one with any field management experience fixing roads. Its almost as if they think they can punish us for being mostly conservative away from Maricopa county. Governess Sloobs has little grasp of history, preferring instead herstory. If things turn south, Phoenix and environs can easily be cordoned off. All the things they need for modern life come in from 3 maybe 4 roads tops.

  17. Slow acceleration is dangerous. I see it all the time. People attempt to merge on to I70, where the PSL is 75 MPH and most drivers do 80. The ramps are long, at least a 1/4 mile, because we have nothing but space out here. I treat them like runways, often times saying to myself “V1” and then “rotate” when entering the lane, because I’m that much of an airplane nerd.

    No coincidence that limited access highways and airports developed around the same time.

    When people ask “where’s my flying car?” I have an answer: For most people piloting aircraft just isn’t possible. Most people aren’t ever going to have the ability or temperament to pilot an aircraft, even with a lot of automation. Passive drivers cannot get their cars up to highway speed and merge into the traffic pattern. It can be scary, all that acceleration. But getting an airplane into the air requires acceleration on takeoff, proper spacing and paying attention to vehicles around you. Something that is trainable, but only if you fully comprehend the reason why. And if you don’t you wash out pretty quickly (or die).

    Back on land, the passive driver ignores the yield sign (if there is one) and barges in, knowing that other drivers will get out of the way just to avoid an accident. Knowing that that behavior is being rewarded with lower insurance rates terrifies me. Getting on the highway behind one of these drivers is sketchy at best even without traffic, where they do 60 until they merge then ease their way to PSL in the travel lane. Or worse, discover the pedal when you try to pass them and then we’re off to the races.

    The solution is simple: Train drivers how to drive. But unfortunately that’s hard, expensive and not inclusive. If someone doesn’t get their license due to ineptitude, that’s not fair! So instead we have to dumb down society until everyone gets an A, and the Bergerons get a little more frustrated.

    • Hi RK,

      Yup! And – here’s an irony: In the ’70s, the typical V8-powered family sedan needed about as much time to get to 60 as a new Prius. Today, the typical family crossover gets to 60 in about 7-8 seconds, which is nearly as quickly as most V8 performance cars of the ’60s and ’70s.

      But most of the people driving these things rarely if ever use the capability.

      They’d be fine driving something akin to an ’84 Aries K-car. It would also be much more “efficient” for them to so.

    • Down here in SOMD, every good ol boy with a huge truck absolutely positively will plop their fat ass right the fuck in your way, no matter how fast you’re coming (or even with regard to the flow of traffic). It’s the old “fuck you, I’m a truck!” hur hur

      Lots of times, they won’t even attempt to pretend to stop. Apparently those big red stop signs don’t apply to good ol’ boys driving big trucks down here. Neither does common sense.

      I narrowly missed running into a fucken idiot the other day. Wasn’t a truck (for a change), just another idiot. Most people on that road going 75+ mph (me included), and dumb ass in one of those highly-modified and lowered rice burners just plopped his shit right into traffic going about 10mph.

      I thought, OK, well that’s one of those loud rice burners, SURELY, he’ll open the throttle and show off how cool his clapped-out 4-banger really is.


      And meanwhile, another fucken idiot dangling in my blind spot to the left, saw this going down and then did everything humanely possible to make it so that I couldn’t avoid the dumb ass 10mph fucker.

      Both of those fuckers got a little surprise that day. My wife about shit herself though.

    • I usually try to get to a slightly HIGHER speed than the traffic I’m merging with. Brakes are MUCH more effective in adjusting one’s delta v than the throttle is.

    • Ugh, I see that all the time in my neck of the woods, as well, RK. Idiot drivers treating that acceleration lane like it is the Sunday stroll lane…just moseying along with their head in the clouds, with absolutely no clue about anything. The idea of merging with the flow of traffic does not occur to any of them. I usually end up looking behind me to make sure no one is in the right hand lane of the highway I am merging with, and literally punch the gas pedal, zip into the right lane, and go around them while they are meandering-still-in that merge lane going a good, ten miles under the speed limit. And on the one highway, everyone pretty much goes 10-15 over unless there is a state trooper around. I do not care how fast everyone is going, I will speed up and go over the speed limit to merge with the flow, and then slow down as needed. And unlike the mentality of most drivers up here, it is not the job of the person in that right hand lane to “move over ” and “let me in”. As is the arrogance of most drivers up here. It is enough to give one a headache sometimes.

    • But the more that die in crashes, the closer we get to Population Reduction Goal of one billion slaves.
      Every little bit helps, it all adds up!

  18. I have as yet to see eeeeveeees at my local dragstrip, asphalt 1/4 mile, or dirt 1/4 mile track. Those are really the only places the acceleration curves advertised by eeeveee manufacturers matter, IMHO.

    • Hi Mike,

      I can vouch for the quickness of EVs. But it’s a boring kind of quickness, like riding a high speed elevator. You push the accelerator pedal and it accelerates. Quickly, but without any drama. My Trans Am is not Tesla-quick. But it’s much more entertaining.

      • My dad loved roller coasters. When we were kids summertime vacation destinations were often close to an amusement park. Of course Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh was a staple. Roller coasters were fun, especially the old wood ones like the creaky Thunderbolt.

        I imagine EVs accelerate like one of those modern linear induction launchers. Without the anticipation climbing first big hill there’s no thrill.

      • That’s even more reason why I just know that people are going to get into major wrecks with those things. The roaring engine is part of the feedback! It’s a necessary thing. So is the vibration.

        People are going to smoothly ice skate their tons of shit into solid objects.

        Which are then probably going to ignite a hell fire inferno and incinerate the operator. Maybe it’s a self-remedy situation, huh?

    • “Dragstrip” implies:
      1. Noise, and lots of it
      2. Flames
      3, The smell of nitromethane
      EVs have none of the above.
      Night drag races of EVs?
      Who would pay to experience that?

      I guess the “new” definition of “dragstrip” will involve transvestites removing their clothing, and will have nothing to do with transportation devices, the automobile having been outlawed. (Monty Python once did a skit called “drag racing today,” which was a foot race among transvestites.)

    • I saw one of the EV “Top Fuel Dragsters” once in Appleton, WI. This was probably 10 years ago or so but it was slow as hell and all you could hear were the tires sticking to the pavement lol.

      • Hi Logan,

        Watching an EV drag race is just that. You watch. There is nothing to hear. Well, perhaps a whirr. Or some artificially generated sounds. Without the mechanical concatenations of a supercharged V8 sucking almost solid-state nitro, what have you got? Something as exciting as watching high-speed elevators go up to the 110th floor.

  19. My old Chevy might not be fastest one around but it’s still fun when you floor it and the tires chirp when you change gears. EVs accelerating are as exiting as increasing the speed on your blender.

    Some of that slow acceleration might be due to the other driver texting while driving, it’s amazing what you see while riding a bike.

    It’s not just the speed monitoring that concerns me it’s mainly the location and who is around you (data collection and retention) even more than speed monitoring that concerns me most. I drive old cars and leave my phone off (Faraday bag next?). I like my privacy and am not interested in technology that violates that principle.

    • You need to leave your phone home if you want privacy. Turning it “off” doesn’t prevent government tracking.

  20. Not only do these psychopaths want to be able to track how and where you drive, they also want to be able to track what kind of food you eat and how much “Carbon footprints” it puts in the environment. New York City’s mayor is already floating that insane idea, and I have no doubt that the Biden Thing and other psychopathic “rulers” in this country will WANT to do something like that as well. Hell, in the name of “Fighting climate change”, some countries around the world have already been targeting farmers, John Kerry wants to eliminate American farms, and Ireland is looking at KILLING 200,000 cows.

  21. ‘the dog’s owner means well, at least … unlike YOUR owners.’ — eric, as edited by Mark in BC

    Sadly, internecine warfare has broken out among our putative owners:

    ‘Hard-Right Republicans pressed their mutiny against Speaker Kevin McCarthy into a second day on Wednesday, keeping control of the House floor in a raw display of their power.

    ‘As they haggled privately with members of the House Freedom Caucus to get them to relent, leaders told Republican lawmakers on Wednesday evening that they were scrapping votes for the remainder of the week.

    ‘In a remarkable act of intraparty aggression, about a dozen rebels ground the chamber to a halt on Tuesday by siding with Democrats to defeat a procedural measure needed to allow legislation to move forward. Business cannot resume until they back down and vote with their own party.’ — NYT

    After smearing the dissidents with standard leftist tropes of ‘temper tantrum’ and ‘hard-right bomb throwers,’ the lazy-ass, fake news Slimes fails to identify them. So I’m gonna do it, extracting the R-party names from Tuesday’s recorded procedural vote on H.Res.463, which failed 206-220. Twelve Republicans tactically sided with the Demonrats:

    Andy Biggs, Arizona
    Dan Bishop, North Carolina
    Lauren Boebert, Colorado
    Ken Buck, Colorado
    Tim Burchett, Tennessee
    Eli Crane, Arizona
    Matt Gaetz, Florida
    Bob Good, Virginia
    Ralph Norman, South Carolina
    Matt Rosendale, Montana
    Chip Roy, Texas
    Steve Scalise, Louisiana

    Kudos to my Member, freshman Rep Eli Crane, for joining the Dirty Dozen to punch RINOs, kick ass, and cripple K-Mac the Kalifornicator.

    Next time storm the chamber armed, my friends. A little whiff of grapeshot, and the big spenders will dive under their desks, whimpering like whipped curs. 🙂

    • Hi Jim,

      The New York Times has become so blatant with their propaganda. Hard Right Republicans? It appears that “Right Wing” or “Hard Right” has become a bogeyman of sorts for establishment media. NYT even ran a hit piece against Robert F Kennedy Jr re his recent interview with Elon Musk, accusing Kennedy of “Pushing Right Wing ideas & Misinformation”. If the media’s constant smearing of RFK Jr as being a “Conspiracy theorist” or “Quack Anti-vaxxer” doesn’t turn people off from supporting his presidential run, it appears that the media hopes calling him “Right Wing” will.

      • Considering the entire Kennedy family has been generally known as liberal Democrats, calling one of them “right wing” boggles the mind. I guess it is an indication of how far “left” the distribution of so-called “main stream” (a.k.a. main sewer) political opinion has shifted. I suppose the Noo Yawk Times would regard the Weather Underground, the SLA, and the Black Panthers as “moderates.”

        Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the late John G. Schmitz
        said he joined the John Birch Society to court the “moderate” vote in Orange County, CA. JBS later expelled him for his “extremist” rhetoric.
        >He believed citizens should be able to carry loaded guns in their cars.
        (which is perfectly legal in the State of New Mexico)

        How times do change.

        • Tulsi Gabbard is another one who’s regularly slammed as some sort of right winger. She endorsed Bernie Sanders, is all for single payer health care, and is open to debate UBI.

          But because she wants to close overseas military bases and stop meddling, she’s labeled a nazi.

          “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” – George W Bush, former neocon in chief.

        • Adi,

          In that same NYT hit piece against RFK Jr, they also called Joe Biden a “Moderate President”. Never mind the fact that his regime has been trying to SHOVE all sorts of insane left wing/ globalist ideas down everyone’s throats over the past 2 ½ years.

        • John Schmitz was great. In 1972 after George Wallace bore a debilitating assassination attempt Schmitz was the American party presidential nominee standing on a platform 1 of whose main planks was the prospectively federal income tax repealing liberty amendment. In 1968 he commissioned the stout anti-Reagan book by Kent Steffgen Here’s the Rest of Him during Reagan’s governorship of California when Reagan first had presidential delusions. Here’s the Rest of Him was far from as abusive & excoriating as the significant anti-Reagan part of Myron Fagan’s simultaneously issued 2 long play record set Red Stars over Hollywood but exposure to it at the end of 1980 a month after my twentieth birth day infuzed me with considerably more realism re Reagan than I would have got any other way. Without towering figures such as Schmitz, Steffgen & Fagan, assisted by the patriots of the California Republican Assembly–not just the most conservative but the archest conservative state Republican party organization in California–there never would have been a substantive anti-Reagan arm of the far right. John Schmitz had to have been the greatest Californian state senator since Jack B Tenney of state senate fact finding sub-committee on un-American activities fame. Old right for ever!

          • Hi Bronze,

            I’d not heard of the Schmitz book – which I intend to obtain a copy of. Thank you for making me aware of it. Like you, I once admired Reagan – but I was a kid then, too. I no longer am – and realize Reagan acted his part. As they all do.

      • Meanwhile, what the NYT now calls “hard right” would encompass most, if not all of the Democrat party 60 years ago. That pesky Overton window thing.

        • John,

          Indeed. If John F Kennedy were still alive today, he would likely be called “Hard Right” by NYT and other media outlets.

          • In that regard, you might wan to watch the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debates, which were televised. JFK and RMN basically tried to outdo each other with respect to proving who was the staunchest anti-Communist.

          • John B you’re exactly correct. My mom who was a life long democrat raised in SF Bay area, adored JFK crawled out of bed with stage 4 lung cancer to vote for Trump because the democratic party has gotten so insane. Not that it made, or could have made a bit of difference but the sentiment speaks volumes.

    • Matt Gaetz wants to follow Ron DeSantis from Congress into the Florida Governor’s Mansion.

      Just keep an eye on him. I can’t think of a district in Florida more dependent on Federal spending, particularly military spending, than FL-1, which Gaetz represents.

      • Personal agendas are a fact of life in politics. And that’s certainly true of Matt Gaetz.

        But I find it fly-the-flag-upside-down alarming that special prosecutor Jack Smith apparently intends to indict an ex-president.

        Unintended consequences much?

    • Amazing what a little fluoride in the water can do.

      Out of control military,,, out of control politicians,,, and a sedated fruitcake population dancing to the jackals soothing song while the crashing of this civilization is ongoing.

      Looking around it’s easy to see they have no intention of millions of EVs. The grid cannot handle the load today and they are reducing the present capacity as we speak. Killing cattle to reduce methane which is only 1.7 parts per million… far less than CO2. A major part of natural gas which is why they want to eliminate that. It’s only noted as ‘other gasses’ in charts. Buying up farms to reduce food supply,,, Kids eating insects in schools. Homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, fake epidemics, fake vaccines, euthanasia and the biggie… wars.

      They are waging their war on humanity while we sleep walk in our fluoridated, drugged up, propagandized zombie state.

  22. It may take an act of God to fix this. As in a big solar flare to cancel it all. Unfortunately it would suck for just about everybody, not just the Psychopaths In Charge. But I bet the end result of that “great reset” would be a lot better than the one the psychopaths have in mind, which involves mass murder.

    • Hi John,

      The solar flare/EMP would disable all the electronics for some time. I might just be long enough to end the addiction to the baubles that is destroying humanity’s collective mind. It might just wake up the majority to the scam that is embedded in all those “apps” and gadgets.

      The only problem is I no longer have an ’81 diesel Rabbit to cruise around in powered by used oil.

      • And possibly a good deal of all things electric. If I remember correctly, the one back in the 1800s shut down the telegraph system.

  23. Eric, I hate to edit your writing, it’s superlative. However, I think your last line needs attention.

    It should read, “The difference being the pill is probably good for the dog – and the dog’s owner means well, at least…unlike YOUR owners.”

    Keep up the good work. Just remember, intentional stupidity and evil cannot endure in God’s plan.


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