Sexual Narcissism

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It’s a very strange thing to take “pride” in your sexual interests. It is like taking “pride” in the fact that you like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

As if this liking were an achieving of some kind.

It is in fact a very strange form of narcissism to tout what you like as some kind of achievement, something to be “proud” of. A dangerous form of narcissism in that sexual interest is a very different kind of interest than being interested in mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then again, it would also be obnoxious in the extreme to find nothing but mint chocolate chop ice cream in the freezer case at the supermarket – and to be endlessly lectured by “activists” (and TeeVee commercials) about how fabulous mint chocolate chip ice cream is. To be obliged to affirm how fabulous it is at work. And to be fired, maybe, if you dared to say you weren’t interested; that you preferred vanilla. 

What, as Seinfeld used to say, is wrong with these people?

That is easy enough to answer. It is not they are interested in people of the same sex. That is a superficiality. We are all interested in various things and that is our business. Most of us would never think of making it everyone else’s.

It is that they are pathological narcissists.

They are interested in forcing you to be interested in their interests. If you are uninterested, then they style you a “phobe” – characterizing your disinterest and even dislike as fear, implying your disinterest and dislike arises from a lack of understanding – and that it is a kind of moral defect of understanding – when in fact it is they who are the defective ones.

For pathological narcissism is a defect – of the mind, of character.

It not only puts oneself first, it puts oneself above all others, first – and at their expense. Thus, “pride” in one’s interests becomes something others must also take “pride” in. Or at least be made to pretend they do, surrendering their inner selves – their convictions – to a public affirmation of the in-your-face (often literally) pridefulness that defines pathological people. For how else to describe people who do not keep their “pride” to themselves? Who demand acknowledgement? Who scream and shout and march about it?

And – for what? For being interested, sexually, in someone of the same sex?

For normal people, it is enough to take pride in what one has achieved – internally. The knowing that you did an honest day’s work and a good job. That you earned your daily bread. Put your family and kids first. That you dealt fairly with people and stood by your beliefs – and your word. That kind of pride is not the arrogant, entitled, boastful, incessant – insufferable – pridefulness of the “pride” movement.

The one is what holds a society together; the other tears it apart.

And so we have arrived at the reductio ad absurdum end-point of the “pride” movement – where liking something sexually is a thing to be proud of.  But the pride movement is much older than what’s been happening lately. It began many decades ago with the “black pride” movement that some reading this essay will recall. Offered up as a response to racism toward people who happened to be black – for no other reason than their being black – it urged black people to take pride in being black, for no other reason than just because they were. Not because they had achieved anything – as people – but because they were (and are) black people.

Other people were (and are) expected to show respectful deference.

This, in turn, fostered a narcissistically prideful attitude of specialness in nothing-special, for it is not a special achievement to be born a certain color. Or to like something.

Arrogant entitlement almost always rides shotgun. People who hadn’t achieved anything were owed something – which they demanded with militance, having acquired chauvinistic “pride” in who they were.

Black is beautiful, for instance.

And maybe so, to some. Just as other things are beautiful to other people. The world is full of beautiful – and ugly things. A good way to tell the one from the other is whether someone demands you acknowledge the beauty of a thing – and if you do not, characterizes you as a reprobate.

One need not be a Christian – formally – to understand that pride (that is to say, arrogance and entitlement) goes before the fall.

And we have fallen very far, indeed.

. . .

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  1. “For normal people, it is enough to take pride in what one has achieved …”.

    These people are not normal. Why are they being celebrated? It is a sign of a weak and sick mind that one has to be constantly affirmed, no matter what. Sit down. Shut up. And mind your own business.

    • Hi Howard,

      You’re right, of course. People who demand affirmation have issues. Normal people take satisfaction in what they’ve done – and leave it at that. If they are complimented, it’s appreciated. But it’s not expected. And taking “pride” in who you have . . . relations with? That is an entirely private matter. It is like being “proud” of what you did in the bathroom.

    • Meanwhile, Florida’s governor Rhonda Santis released a video painting rival candidate Donald Trump as a trans-friendly perv … while Rhonda will stomp that shit out, she says.

      Twitter is censoring the video to registered users only, but it’s viewable from a frame at the bottom of this link:

      She said you don’t understand what I said
      I said no no no you’re wrong, when I was a boy
      Everything was right, everything was right

      — The Beatles, She Said, She Said

      • Jim,

        That’s quite a bizarre video, how they’re splicing in bodybuilders and Brad Pitt as Achilles in “Troy”. I’m sure they’ll be sued for that.

  2. Ok since this article is about narcissism, can we add some letters to the LGBTQ brew related to people who insist on posting photos of literally every meal they eat? What in the wide wide world of sports is that about!?

    • Hi RS,

      I so agree with you! Social Media is cancerous. It encourages a kind of promiscuity – as regards our personal business. People used to share their family photos and so on with family and a few close friends. Now it’s something everyone can see – and people are practically desperate to make sure everyone does see it.

    • RE: “posting photos of literally every meal they eat”

      I think that’s called, ‘food porn’.

      The people posting the photos would be the equivalent of exhibitionist? Idk.

  3. There are phenotypes of humans that have only one sex gene, they are XO, no Y.

    They are sterile, female secondary characteristics, and have trisomy 13 or 15.

    They have a low IQ, are mentally challenged, and have to have constant care and supervision.

    There are human phenotypes that have more than two sex genes, XXXY adults do exist.

    Crick and Watson solved the DNA double-helix mystery, the amino acids laddering the coiled double helix is a scientific discovery of importance.

    A haploid set of chromosomes, one an X chromosome, from a man’s spermatozoa, and a haploid set of chromosomes in the woman’s ovum, one a Y chromosome, will be fertilized and begin to develop, a fetus forms. It is meiosis, germplasm does the job. You can procreate in this world.

    Mitosis occurs in the somaplasm.

    You then have a diploid set of chromosomes, 46 chromosomes then become a zygote.

    That’s life!

    At full term, there will be a newborn infant.

    Nobody has to explain how it happens, everybody should know by now.

    Don’t tell anybody in the WEF, they don’t need to know and can wither on the vine and die.

    Divine intervention or something.

    • To clarify the muddy logic, a spermatozoa with one sex chromosome can be either an X or a Y.

      The ovum will have an X chromosome, it can be from the father of the woman or the mother, an ovum will have one X chromosome from either parent.

      The haploid set of chromosomes from the woman and the haploid set of chromosomes from the man will determine the sex of the offspring.

      If the spermatozoa has an X chromosome, the newborn will be female.

      If the spermatozoa contains a Y chromosome, the newborn will be male.

      If either a spermatozoa or an ovum is absent a sex chromosome, there will be genetic distortions, the results will be people with needs, they will not be capable of being productive members of society.

      There is only one sex chromosome in a haploid set of chromosomes, either X or Y.

      Sometimes, rarely, the possible mutation can alter the genetic makeup.

      An ectopic pregnancy has to be aborted.

      • Drumphish,

        Props on the clarification, as your original “chromosome” stanza had me scratching my head.

        …And this concludes this morning’s poetic lesson on sexual biology. 🙂

  4. Somewhat off topic, but since we are, by implication, discussing steaming heaps of feces, and those who are sexually aroused by same, here is one for the ages:

    California’s reparations proposal

    My take is as follows:
    1. California was never a slave state.
    2. I have never lived in a former slave state.
    3. My ancestors migrated to the U.S. from central Europe well *after* slavery was abolished in the U.S., and never lived in a former slave state.
    4. None of my European ancestors were involved in the slave trade.


    The contemptible parasites who are pushing this scam are welcome to KISS MY ASS. If this passes, every blackety black Kneegrow in California who takes any of da gibs should be required to have the word LEECH tattooed on they fo’head, because that is what they will be. Leeches.

    Meanwhile, I suggest they GET A JOB.

    • It shouldn’t make a difference if your great grandpa owned a 1000 slaves and beat them every day. Nothing he did is a mark against you. The justice system is not dispensing justice if it holds one man responsible for acts he had nothing to do with. The whole idea is ridiculously unfair that people should pay today for the actions of a long time ago.

      • Hi Cashy,

        I agree. Mencken wrote about “slavery” and noted (correctly) that before the industrial revolution, the great bulk of humanity lived as de facto 9if not de jure) slaves, irrespective of race and that this condition obtained for much longer than the slavery of blacks in the Americas. My ancestors – and yours and those of most whites – were once chained in conditions of servitude and poverty, too. Serfdom/feudalism was no fun – unless you were one of the lucky few born into the nobility.

      • This is the same tactic that the jews use to promote and perpetuate their phony “holocaust”.
        Whatever happened to “the sins of the father shall not be visited on the sons (or descendants of the father)?”
        “Holocaust reparations” have been ongoing for over 70 years. There is a new “push” to award reparations for descendants of those who are collecting holocaust reparations as (((they))) suffer from “holocaust transference syndrome”. Cha ching! Holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust” extortion payments in perpetuity.
        It’s the same situation with the slave reparations movement. The “sins of the father are being visited upon the descendants (and non-descendants as well). Most people are unaware that the NAACP was founded and wholly-funded by jews until the 1970s when blacks finally “got smart” and wrested control of the organization from the jews.
        There is a saying: “Behind every black, there is a jew”.

        • The ancestors of American blacks were originally captured and enslaved by African blacks from stronger tribes and were then marched to the west coast of Africa where they were then transported by Dutch Jewish ship owners to the Americas, mostly to the Caribbean and Brazil. The history I read said that about 3% ended up in what is now the U.S.

    • Such reparations required for injustices by dead people is a bottomless pit. How far back does one go? There are plenty of such injustices. In fact, given this criteria, ALL of us are “entitled” to reparations.

  5. I find it interesting that pride month is adopted more overtly by corporate america than black history month.

    What math makes it good sense to celebrate 3% of the population more than 13% ?

    At least tomorrow we can be done with this circus display of perverts.

    • It is interesting Dan. Almost as if its driven not by economics, but by an agenda. All the agendas in the world are only possible because of fractional reserve banking. Without which we would have a world engaged in peaceful commerce, civilization building, and food production. As opposed to never ending, no win war.

  6. It’s all the things that are to be ‘celebrated’ these days. Just absolutely tired of it and more tired of getting the bill for it. Everything that is consumptive, destructive, counterproductive, malinvestment, trivial, distracting, etc etc is to be celebrated. What’s maligned? Productivity, work, responsibility, not interfering with others, live and let live, etc etc.

    It’s some sort of communist like arrangement, the what did that Yuri KGB guy call in in the 1980s interview, wasn’t disheartening or discouraging, but something along those lines, to get people to give up. I think that’s where we’re at. Celebrating certain sexual preferences, tendencies, etc is to that end.

    This profound hatred and dehumanization of what makes society and civilization go is engineered and intentional.

  7. Is Disgust a “Conservative” Emotion?

    This sort of junk science is why libtards feel it necessary to push this stuff in “mainstream America’s” face. To them, it’s the equivalent of poking the bear. Oh sure we just ignore them and move on… well that’s not good enough bud, you have to have a visceral reaction to their behavior so they get to feel outraged and superior.

    I remember partying with the graphics arts majors in college. Inevitability at some point in the evening some husky cow would remove her clothing and we were all supposed to pretend to not notice. Then some gay men would start making out in front of everyone. Again, the rest of the partiers had to pretend not to notice. BTW the straight couples would find a dark corner or just leave. Most of the time that was my cue to quietly head out -it helped that the marching band had an 8:00am rehearsal during football season, but I’ll bet someone thought they accomplished some mission to weed out the Republicans or something.

  8. Especially in June, the US surely looks like the Weimar Republic in Germany.

    The inverted fraternity might want to give some thought to what came immediately after Weimar. They might not like it a whole lot.

    Let’s face it: even for “normal” (i.e., heterosexual) Americans, the culture is pretty much in the toilet. Maybe we, too, should be thinking a few years ahead.

    • Look up the Wiemar Republic…
      History DOES repeat itself…
      We are at the same stage as Germany was between the two “World Wars” before the Austrian painter came on the scene.
      Let’s look at today’s society…
      It started with the normalization of deviant behavior starting with homosexuality and has slid down the “slippery slope” where every form of perversion is not only tolerated but is now “protected” by so-called “civil-rights” laws. LGBTQXYZ behavior has not only been “normalized” but is also protected by “civil-rights” laws.
      Tolerance (which homosexuals and others claimed that is all they wanted) has morphed into demands not only for “acceptance” but demands for “in-your-face supremacy” and the legal ability to “groom” young children without parental permission in total defiance of parental control. Public school officials are “grooming” vulnerable young children into the LGBTQXYZ “lifestyle” without parental notification.
      Even pedophilia is being “mainstreamed” by calling pedophiles “minor-attracted adults”. Changing the definition of this perverse, criminal behavior is the first step to tolerance, then acceptance, and outright “protection” of those involved in this vile criminal behavior.
      It is the (((powers that be))) that is responsible for this slide into perversity and decadence–the same (((powers that be))) that were responsible for the decadence of the Wiemar Republic.
      The same (((group))) that destroyed Germany during the Wiemar Republic are doing the same thing in the USA.
      It may take the equivalent of the Austrian painter to put a stop to all the nonsense. We would be much better off.
      Fasten your seat belts.
      It’s going to be one hell of a ride…

  9. I’ve probably stated my take before, that I believe “pride” is about being proud, or at least happy, that one could show their “true colors” without being chased down and crucified. Proud that they fought hard and won that right.

    Someone here said that this version of “pride” is simply the opposite of shame.

    But the Alphabet People should well be aware that certain factions of theirs have gone too far. It’s a pendulum, and in the past, the puritanical prudes and Christian zealots pushed too far as well, with the iron-fisted persecutions of homosexuals. This continues is many countries, still.

    This ended here, thankfully, and the Alphabet People have been free to be themselves for some time. It’s only more recently that “pride” became more malicious and forceful, with demands to use fabricated pronouns and show “support”, or else.

    This is the pendulum swinging far in the other direction: the zenith of which is using of children as props in bizarre and appalling science-fiction/horror experiments. (If you wish to try and alter your gender as an adult, be my guest!) The surgical and biochemical alterations of kids will not be tolerated, and this, above all else, will be the undoing of the “pride” movement, and the pendulum will swing, perhaps violently, in the other direction, should there not be some internal resistance.

    It is incumbent upon the more reasonable of the Alphabet People to sequester and expel the wholly unreasonable outliers in their ranks. This is the only way they will save what they have won in tolerance and acceptance.

    • Evil doesn’t “do” limits. That’s not in the nature of evil. Evil is like cancer. It grows as fast as it can, until its host is dead.

      Consider the feminists. For a long time, they were the best and most reliable champions of male homosexuals. Next thing you know, the homo movement spawned the tranny movement, and the feminists are crying that real women are being “erased” by trans women, which is to say ugly men in dresses and clown makeup. It’s hard for me to sympathize with the feminists. They’re like stupid people who think they can make pets out of chimpanzees. Comes the day, the chimpanzee acts according to its nature and rips the face off its human “master.” The feminists’ exotic pets have turned on them.

  10. Zelensky should show up on a trans celebration day, the attendance would mushroom. He could play the piano, show the video, you know, that video.

    Sow the wind, reap a whirlwind.

    France has been experiencing a new Reign of Terror the past couple of days. Canada needs to catch up on the fire story, Paris is burning.

    Western Civilization might be crumbling before everyone’s lying eyes.

    From noon today ’til about 2 am Wednesday, July 5th, not much is going to get done.

    Time to drink.

  11. While reading Eric’s excellent blog just now, I can’t help but be reminded of the word “culture”, which is one of my top ten most hated words of all time. Decades ago it actually was used to describe a legitimate part of the population and it actually stood for something, but not now. It’s meaning has, like so many others words, been perverted, corrupted, & distorted by mentally unbalanced humans who now infest today’s society like the Bubonic Plague. This annoying word is so commonly thrown around and comes to mean any group of people who have god knows what kind of perversion or maniacal behavior so as to legitimize those forms of behaviors. Because it’s use is so common we should call it a “pop word”, sort of like “pop art” or “pop music”, and like so many other things about today’s “culture” it makes me want to throw up. It’s one of their favorite go-to words to divert any negative attention away from themselves and to try to convince other fools that they are just normal people. These oddballs, freaks, perverts & lunatics have done a good job at bringing society down to their level.

    Now, will somebody please pass me the Maalox.

    • I forgot to add this little tidbit to the bottom of my comment today — so apropos.

      “It’s time for serious people to come to grips with the fact that at least half of the current population of the United States is rotten to the core and mentally unstable to boot. Trying to “bring everyone together” does not work when you are dealing with malevolent, psychotic criminals. — Robert J. Ringer, Feb 28, 2023

      • Hi Dave,

        The Ringer quote is apt – and frightening. I agree with him. It may not be half. But it is a lot. I include in this “basket of deplorables” the people who are seemingly sane but morally vicious in that they rabidly support the use of force against anyone who disagrees with them about essentially anything, who merely ask to be left out of their “plans” (and not expected to “help” pay for them). A kind of psychosis has been normalized. It is perfectly normal to vote away other people’s rights – and liberty. To cheer tyranny – when it tyrannizes others. The characterizes both the Right and the Left.

        Leaving us caught in the middle.

        • It boils down to people who want to use the Guns of Government to get their way against those who truly want to Live and Let Live. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “do your own thing” Leftist or “Small Government” Rightist. They both love a large Ship of State, so long as it’s THEIR hand on the tiller.

          • “Democracy”: The 51% holding a gun to the head of the 49% and threatening to kill them if they don’t obey.

          • Your right Mark, it doesn’t get any more basic than that. It seems almost everyone today just cant wait to employ govt force to get what they desire. And what frustrates me to no end is those who are the true victims of this ongoing crime – I have deep empathy for them — yet still don’t seem to realize the fix their in, nor do they fully understand why they’re in it.

            The reality is they’re suffering from an incestuous marriage of parasites between people in govt and those worthless & immoral humans who desire something for nothing from the govt. They don’t seem to understand this marriage is not made in heaven and those two thieves are not looking out for their best interests.

            So the great mystery is why aren’t they screaming out loud in protest and rioting in the streets? If you were to stick a gun in their face and demand money, naturally they’d feel assaulted and outraged. Yet essentially the same thing occurs every day under a different circumstance disguised by that infamous “marriage”, yet hardly a squeak is heard. Most baffling. Could it be that fear has such great power over people and most of those victims must be cowering from it? Good question.

  12. A small victory:

    ‘The Supreme Court on Friday sided with a Christian graphic web designer, Lorie Smith, who objected to designing wedding websites for same-sex couples.

    ‘Smith, who owns design company 303 Creative – which has previously served gay customers – only wants to work with heterosexual couples for her wedding website business. She argued that Colorado’s law would force her and other artists to offer customized messages which violate her beliefs and First Amendment rights.

    ‘In its ruling, the Court’s conservative majority ruled that the First Amendment bars Colorado from forcing “an individual to speak in ways that align with its views but defy her conscience about a matter of major significance.” — Zerohedge

    Nice start … but a drop in the bucket, when Pride banners are displayed on US government buildings worldwide.

    The pendulum of sexual narcissism swung to an unprecedented extreme. Now it’s swinging back the other way.

    A decade from now, we’ll look back and marvel at the insanity.

  13. I am personally disgusted by homosexuality and regard it as aberrant, deviant and perverse. However is a free society what you do in your own bedroom on your own private property is your own business. It’s not the government’s business — and it’s not my business. And I don’t you to make it my business.

    What disgusts me almost more than homosexuality itself, to the point where I am simply enraged, is the fact they they INSIST on rubbing my nose in their filth like a sadist rubbing a bad puppy’s nose in shit. They do it because they KNOW it offends us. And they LIKE offending us.

    When did it become the business of the government — the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House — to use my tax dollars celebrate homosexual sodomy?

    And why is it that they must celebrate THIS particular perverse act? There are all sorts of sexual perversions, and heterosexuals engage in them too. Why does the Pentagon not have “Swingers’ Pride Day?” Why does the State Department not fly the “Fellatio Pride” flag at embassies in foreign countries? Why didn’t Biden have a celebration on the White House lawn for chicks who take it in the ass or do threesomes? How about “Bondage Pride Day” at every major corporation and government agency?

    I’ve had just about enough of this gay shit — no pun intended. I’m at the point where I’ve gone from being fairly tolerant, to where I would absolutely support rounding them all up and putting them in camps.

    Because I am 100% certain that these freaks would do that to me if they could.

    • Hi X,

      You are 100% correct. They would/will do it to us given the opportunity.

      The idea of rounding them up and sending them to camp free dumb is an idea thats time is coming. If we could do it in the spirit of luv, extolling the virtues of a GovCo run utopian world, they might go for it willingly and not have to be dragged across concrete to get there.

      This would be a great benefit for them. Free everything, food, drink, housing, WiFi, tampons. The greatest benefit would be the free healthcare including HRT and reassignment surgery. Since many of them (I suspect) subscribe to the nanny state as God theory, this would be right up their alley. Bonus points for a safe and inclusive space. All the immeasurable hate and intolerance they now fell from Normals would go vanish. They would have their own world where they could do whatever they want and be protected like the little drama queen bitchez they are.

    • Exciting news, boyz and gurlz!
      Henceforth, October will be known as “National Coprophagia Month.”
      Eat s*t! Billions of flies can’t have gotten it wrong.

      [vox Col. Kilgore]
      I *love* the smell of feces on my fingers.
      It smells like…San Francisco! /vox
      (Doubt Robert Duvall will be willing to play the role, though. I hear he is a devout Roman Catholic.)

      • Had to go on Urban Dictionary for that one, SMH.

        Seen dogs and raccoons do that. I don’t want to imagine a world of human beings as fecal freaks.

        It probably started with three monkeys. Sitting in a cage, staring at the sun, waiting to get shot into space, one of the monkeys stole something from the other two. In a desperate attempt to avoid an epic beat down he ate his turd. Even being monkeys, the other two were repulsed by this act of attention seeking behavior. Which is what this LGBTQ+P thing is all about. Attention seeking with a side of mental illness

    • The gov, etc… pushing/paying for this is doing it on purpose to piss off the majority of people.
      It appears they are trying to incite a violent response from their created words like ‘…. extremists, …….. supremacy, etc….’
      If/when the violence happens, they will then say ‘see, we told you so’ and then ‘we must stop this via…………..’ pick whatever you dream up.

    • I’m sick of the lez community too. They make good porn, little else. Beginning sometime in the late 70s, their numbers began to rise to the levels they are today. It is thought that male homosexuals have increased in numbers because of the chemical manipulation of the water, food supply and even childhood vaccinations which increases estrogen and cortisol levels in the body. Now, no one has heard of similar phenomenon in women. It appears that lez is more of a cultural phenomenon. Some of these lez may swing both ways, but, it makes it more difficult for a man to satisfy her lustful urge. In any case, the lez continually gets a wink and a nod and is equally corrosive to getting it on. Throw some chairs at em.

    • “…A celebration on the White House lawn for chicks who take it in the ass or do threesomes?”

      Now you’re talkin’!

      • You can take it in the ear, Mrs. Murphy,
        And it only weighs a quarter of a pound.
        You may think that it has class,
        If you take it in the ass,
        But the ear holds more, I have found.
        (to the tune of “Red River Valley,” of course)
        But, let’s *ROCK* the joint, with Johnny and the Hurricanes, from 1959,
        and “Red River Rock.” Take it away, Johnny!

  14. Margaret Sanger was a loose woman and an escapee from an insane asylum. She also was a eugenicist and a racist, inferior humans needed to be culled. Margaret was a human hater, blacks especially. A sexually promiscuous life style had some consequences for Margaret, she had several abortions while making life miserable for others. She was a bitch from hell, how about that? Margaret Sanger went all Oscar Wilde.

    Greek aristocrats had wives, concubines and mistresses. The Christians rolled into town and corporal punishment ended all of the fun.

    Claudine Dauphin has a publication on the world of sex during the Byzantium.

    Brothels, Baths and Babes Prostitution in the Byzantine Holy Land

    Peasant farmers would sell their daughters to pimps for a few gold coins.

    The first abbey of nuns were former prostitutes who became celibate.

  15. I work at a giant multinational corporation in the automotive field.

    Not only have we replaced our company flag at our office for the month of June with the rainbow flag, but we got this “invitation” at the beginning of the month:

    “Join the PRISM Business Impact Group on Wednesday, June 7th at 4:00 PM ET for a virtual drag show! Join a beloved queen and activist for an exhilarating look at queer history and culture, and share what “a day in the life” looks like. Enjoy two live performances, as well as a Q&A session with the drag queen host(ess).”

    So they are holding a drag queen Q&A during normal business hours? Yes they are.

    Narcissists indeed.

    The west has truly jumped the shark.

    And I have a legitimate question: The rainbow mafia is now LGBTQIA+. The “A” is for “Asexual.”

    Why are asexual people, who by definition never have sex, grouped in with a bunch of narcissists that can’t stop talking about their sex lives?

    • I prefer SGM (sexual and gender minorities) because the amount of letters is getting ridiculous.

      For a while SGM was gaining popularity in academic circles, then it sort of petered out.

      If it was called SGM it would make sense that asexuals would be included, because that is a minority.

  16. I found the essay thought provoking and very good – a new angle to understand what the hell is going on. We all know what is happening is bad, but because we are for freedom, do not understand how to tame it, limit it, make it go away.

    “One need not be a Christian – formally – to understand that pride goes before the fall. And we have fallen very far, indeed.”

    Yes, we have fallen into a deep dark pit, and I joke, if God doesn’t destroy us then he should apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. But Russia may nuke us, because Putin says he is for family values and that is an affront to the ice cream president – who is for gay trannies as official state policy. Russian orthodox Christians are not going for this fudge packing as the preferred lifestyle.

    So the mind begs, how in the hell did we end up in the pit?

    There is another angle to our Biblical level of immorality, at least I think, and it is called central banking – the practice of scientifically managing credit so that we snuff out the business cycle. The Fed, of course, does not fulfill it’s charter, it makes lots of inflation and certain people very rich.

    What the Fed really does is monetize the gargatuan debts and keeps deficit spending going on and on and on, like the pink bunny. No wonder why Congress loves the Fed charter – it literally gives them endless credit to run debt unlike the gold standard.

    The Fed says its job is to provide credit and stop inflation and deflation with full employment. The result of the Fed is non-stop inflation and never ending credit creation – which punishes savers and reward debtors – creating a very wealthy 1% and the middle class being rubbed out.

    Charles Hughes Smith, the online financial writer in Hawaii, shows the disparity in chart form – growing. Inflation benefits the debtors and screws the savers. He says it is intentional. Well, duh, of course it is. It happens because they want it to happen.

    All civilizations start with hard work, sexual morality, heterosexuality, families, sound money, thrift, inventiveness, productivity, etc. Obviously, a growing society must be into reproduction, being fruitful and multiplying like the holy book commands. But after growing like a mighty oak tree from that small acorn, that is when the rot sets in. Nature is into cycles, the tree does not last forever.

    I think much of this weirdness in society is being driven by central banking – which has taken upon itself to stop recessions/economic depressions. As a result of central bank intervention in the credit cycle, the credit pump is never turned off, and inflation causes a huge misallocations of capital and morality. Those who save money are punished and those in debt are rewarded. The good are punished at the expense of the carefree. Inflation is the rot of society – and it is our way of life, the immoral spenders are raised to the top, and the moral savers wiped out.

    Moral and sane behavior is to put money aside for a rainy day. But the fiat money system of ever expanding credit destroys the value of the currency, making savings a fool’s strategy. The person who overspends, gets a huge home loan, benefits. After generations of central banking, the top 1% are scumbag criminals – the winners of fiat currency and debt spending and price inflation.

    Today’s politicians could care less how much they spend, or what wars the fund, or what cost to society. Biden is just a symptom of a very sick society propped up by central banking – which monetizes all the debt. In a sane society, a pedo sniffer like Biden would be immediately removed and locked up.

    But in our wicked and monetary degenerate society we punish moral behavior like savings and reward the immoral – so it does not surprise me that this inversion of morality plays itself out in culture with trannies, homos, and perverted public leaders. Our civilization has peaked, heterosexuality is disdained and homosexuality celebrated. We are at peak insanity before the collapse. Amerika is like Weimar Germany before the total ruin by hyperinflation which wipes out the middle class and their savings, and we are in the Hitler pre-phase – desperately seeking the savior, and so far all the white middle class has found is the orange clown.

    • Yukon Jack: Yes, we have fallen into a deep dark pit, and I joke, if God doesn’t destroy us then he should apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

      Truer words were never spoken! Sodom and Gomorrah were pikers compared to the degeneration of our society. It was not too long ago that American’s were “prudish” “repressed” “overly religious”. Geez!

      • Thanks. You are the first person I know that has agreed to that thesis – that fiat money and central banking are the root cause of sexual immorality.

        BTW, I have searched the internet for that idea, because rarely does anyone come up with some original thesis, and can’t find it anywhere. Likewise, Eric’s article today may be original, because I have never seen it anywhere else in print.

        What is needed is a strategy to defeat sexual immorality without religious or state repression. I know how to do it – but no one is on my side – allow a deflation depression to clear out excess credit and make debtors bankrupt. Only by making cash king can we recover to our senses, don’t spend unless you have saved up enough money to afford it, that includes cars, trucks, and houses.

        Also what is needed is to outlaw deficit spending. Usury used to met the death penalty. Sounds good to me. The Fed says it’s current goal is 2% inflation per annum, but that means in 10 years you’ve lost 20% of the value of your money.

        The only moral money is money that maintains it’s value, because it represents your labor, that you saved. Inflation, even a little bit, is highway robbery. Inflation is immoral and I think it is the root cause of sexual degeneracy, and you know what? The father of fiat is John Maynard Keynes – a homosexual.

        He was asked what would happen after credit and inflation built up for decades. How would his system end – he was actually asked that – and you know what he said? we’ll all be dead by then and it won’t be our problem!

        • All this fake money is the mother’s milk of the degeneracy. It funds it. The degeneracy has no value. A free market would punish those who do not create value. Under the current system of kleptocracy, the bad gets rewarded and the good is punished.

          • Hi Mister!

            Indeed. And – speaking of punishment: Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and took note of some prices for staples. A small brick of butter is $5. A dozen eggs the same or more (good to have chickens). A small package of shredded mozzarella cheese almost $7. The same little bag of ground coffee that used to sell for $4.99 is now $2 more. And so on. Result? Two small plastic bags of groceries and you’re $80 lighter. I haven’t worked it out finely yet but I am certain that I am paying 30-40 percent more for groceries now than vs. pre-“pandemic.” It’s daunting and – what’s that word, again? – not sustainable. I suspect there are a lot of people teetering on the edge of not being able to buy food – and pay rent. It is catastrophic. And explosive.

            • I overheard a conversation between a gas station clerk & an older guy, they were discussing the shocking rises of prices.
              When the older guy turned to leave he said, “I’m getting stronger everyday, I can walk down the sidewalk carrying $100 worth of groceries with one arm now”.

      • Hi EPX!!!,

        The “how” is the question of our time, eh? It is much harder to imagine it on a mass scale. I think it will have to begin on a small scale, as by personally de-coupling and opting out to the extent that one can. If you can buy a piece of land in an area that is “out of the way,” where the taxes are lower and the presence of busybodies is less, you can live far more freely – even today – than in or anywhere near a city. Live below your means. Pay cash for everything. It’s start.

  17. Homosexuality used to be “the love that dare not speak it’s name”, now it won’t shut the hell up!

    I guess it’s a waiting game. Gays and mutilated people are not going to reproduce so this craziness will at least die out with them. The future belongs to those who are in it. Have kids and raise them right.

    • I hate to break it to you, but homosexuals don’t reproduce. All the homosexuals that exist have been the product of heterosexual sex.

      So even though two men aren’t having babies there probably will be new homosexuals.

      In fact Gen Z is the gayest generation ever. 20% identify as LGBT, but the overwhelming majority of that huge percentage are people that say they’re bisexual.

      • Hi Will:

        I’m always skeptical of these surveys that they tout. First, they always conflate the 500 (or whatever amount of) people they poll with 330 million Americans. Second, we don’t know what the question was that the pollsters asked. We don’t know whether there was any inherent bias of the polled group. Much like “trust the experts,” these polls are a way to say trust the Americans to give you the illusion of a movement, a majority or a consensus. There’s also a propaganda tool known as a push poll, which is used to promote an issue or belief. From Wikipedia:

        “A push poll is an interactive marketing technique, most commonly employed during political campaigning, in which an individual or organization attempts to manipulate or alter prospective voters’ views under the guise of conducting an opinion poll.”

  18. There is no such thing as a “homosexual gene”. Homosexuals WISH there was a gene that defined their sexual “preference”. A “gene” would validate their behavior.
    That being said, homosexuality is a result of “grooming” in ALL cases.
    Not only outsiders, but some parents unwittingly groom their children into the homosexual “lifestyle”.
    This is also the case with the current LGBTQXYZ “movement”.
    Some parents, especially those without a real “man in the house” think that it is “cute” to dress their little boys in girls clothing. Some children pick up on this and think that it is OK to ignore their own sexual makeup, setting them up to be more receptive to “grooming” by adult homosexuals. Public school teachers have been doing the same thing, often without parental knowledge or consent..
    Grooming is effective in children as their sexual mores are not yet “set in stone” and as such, manipulation by adult groomers is successful in introducing them to the homosexual and LGBTQXYZ “lifestyles”, ruining them for life.
    Homosexual and LGBTQXYZ “grooming” is actually pedophilia in action and is a crime in all 50 states.
    Ever wonder why homosexual conversion therapy programs have been made “illegal” in certain pro-homosexual states?
    Because they WORK to reorient homosexuals into accepting and embracing their proper sexual role. Conversion therapy programs get rid of the “grooming” and brainwashing that was imposed on them at an early age.
    Former San Francisco “mayor” Harvey Milk bragged about “getting them while they’re young” and was himself a homosexual pedophile. The San Francisco “Gay (homosexual) Men’s Choir” actually produced a song about “getting them while they’re young”. Despicable, to say the least.
    When homosexuals were finally “out” without repercussions, “live and let live” was supposed to be the outcome. “Live and let live” no longer works, as homosexual predation of children is on the increase. Tolerance has morphed into demands for acceptance.
    Homosexuality and LGBTQXYZ behavior should be recriminalized and outlawed. Grooming of children should result in the death penalty being applied.
    Harsh? Yes, but necessary to restore the proper societal “balance”.
    That being said, I wish NO ill will on anyone whatever their “preference” but do recognize that outside of the two predetermined chromosome sequences that do determine a person’s biological sex there is no such thing as LGBTQXYZ status. It’s all mental illness. Mental illness has been “normalized”. Not good.
    It is interesting to note that there is a certain dominant (((“tribe”))) that claims that there are six “genders” in their religious writings. I will leave it to the gentle readers of this tome to investigate and figure it out for themselves.

  19. Well said Eric,
    I never got the whole (fill in the blank) month thing for everyone’s favorite cause, whatever; nor the need for parades and such. Do straight white people organize parades because they’re proud to be normal? Maybe we should, everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame. Serendipitous that the Supremes finally got something right and struck down “affirmative action”, aka discrimination by another name. Just goes back to what our parents taught us – two wrongs don’t make a right.

  20. Its nice we’ve arrived at the end point of degenerate pride month. Still trying to figure out why they are proud of a lifestyle that is unhealthy, unsightly, and unclean. It comes from being unable to cope (IMO) with trauma, loss, and simple adversity. Those with the most pride are clearly damaged goods. As in nature, they are colored brightly, identifying themselves and signaling to the unaware, stay away, danger.

    Even though we’re far down this rabbit hole, it can still be turned around. Everyone needs to get mad as hell. Go all Howard Beelle on these freaks and their fag hag handlers. Make them cry, its very easy to do. They don’t have enough resources and jail space to lock us all up.

    I was always a live and let live type. Don’t care what you do as long as I’m not forced to be subjected to it. Feel like that is beginning to change. The hatred welling up inside me is real. The only upshot is these useful idiots will be the first ones done away with when Screwsum Newsum is installed president, completing the coup began in 2016.

    Always remember the alphabets role in all this, especially CIA,DOJ,FBI,ATF. They have no patriots among their ranks. So Solly, tired of hearing about how they ‘aren’t all bad’ yes they are. They plan to make criminals of us all, for the simple infraction of dissent. All levels of GovCo should be looked at as an occupying force bent on establishing Pure Tyrannical Lawlessness across the continent of our birth

    • Occasionally you hear these stories of a men in their 40s or 50s with 3 kids and a wife that decide they can no longer live a lie, proclaim gayness, break up the family and move in with a gay lover. They’re then applauded for letting sexual degeneracy control their existence henceforth. There’s never any mention about the wake of destruction these guys cause to their families.

      I always find it amazing that these guys can’t just continue on with the family commitment they made 20 years earlier and set aside their silly sexual fantasies. Is it too much to expect them to suppress these desires for the sake of their families? Would that really be such a bad thing? How would this be any different from suppressing a desire to have sex with large-breasted prostitutes for the sake of a family commitment? Are they that weak?

      • It’s the same twisted ideology that applauds women for divorce, single motherhood etc.

        The productive, responsible, decent heterosexual man is dehumanized and made out to be evil one way or another.

        There is only one god, the state, and if we go by who’s decisions support the state and those who’s decisions create independence from it, things begin to make sense.

        • Yes they have co-opted the word “Pride” like they did with gay. They have also stolen the rainbow as it’s use anywhere now is a symbol for “gay”.

      • Luckily that’s becoming less and less common as homosexuality has become more socially acceptable, so those guys just don’t get married to women in the first place.

        • Is your point that these guys were somehow socially forced to marry and have children because homosexuality was less socially acceptable? An apology for the destruction of their families for the sake of sexual degeneracy?

          Clearly they wanted to marry a woman and have children at one point, but then they decided to change their mind, blow up their families to have gay sex. My point is that these people are weak humans. If you make a commitment, but then you realize your gay, tough shit. Sacrifice your sexual urges and stay the course.

          • LOL, ML.

            I think we can clearly concede that the majority of people are weak…gay or straight. Many married heterosexual men (and women) can’t resist their sexual urges, but we are going to force this view on a homosexual man (or woman).

            You won’t find anyone more stringent on the vows of matrimony than me, but I see no reason for two people to suffer for the remainder of their lives.

            Should the wife have to constantly agonize being with a man that no longer loves her or is attracted to her? Should she have to worry if her newly liberated husband decides to bring home an STD because he lost his willpower? Should the children grow up in a household where it is obvious that their parents show no affection or tenderness to each other?

            I see no reason to punish everyone in the family when it is clear that one wants out of the arrangement. It takes two for any partnership to be successful. When one stops trying the other spouse should be able to forage a path of happiness with someone else.

  21. I often wonder how many businesses that incorporated the word “pride” in their names before it took on its current connotation have quietly changed them.

    A local school district’s mascot is the Blue Jay, so there has always been talk about “Blue Jay Pride” in connection with sports. About 20 years ago when they built a new middle school they called the street “Pride Drive.” I suspect a lot of parents now aren’t too comfortable giving Grandma and Grandpa that address when they’re coming to see little Noah play basketball.

  22. The Supreme Court ruled that colleges & universities can’t use affirmative action (i.e., skin color, race) as a consideration in applications from prospective students to determine who gets enrolled, which the Biden Thing & their ilk called RACIST! However, what they don’t seem to grasp (or hate the prospect of losing as a weapon to use against their political enemies) is that affirmative action is in itself a form of RACISM! So who are the REAL RACISTS?

    • Hi John,

      I don’t look at affirmative action as racist, but insulting. It should be offensive to every human being out there that uses it to get ahead. Affirmative action states that we have to give you (a woman, a minority, a gay, etc.) advancement over someone else because, we (TPTB) believe you are too stupid to achieve it yourself.

      As a woman, it states to me, you are obviously incapable of making it on your own so we are going to push this little step stool next to you so you can pretend to be as tall as the guy you beat out because you would have never gotten this on your own without the assistance of another man.

      Is there an old boys club? Yes. Does sexism, racism, etc. exist? Sure, but why would someone want to work for someone who thinks like that. Yes, they gave you the promotion, but you will never be good enough in their eyes, because they chose you based on your gender, sexual orientation, or race not because they truly believed you are the best of the best. Affirmative action should be looked at as a form of humiliation not something we should applaud.

      • True dat.

        Affirmative action is a tacit admission that women and minorities are inferior (which is wrong)—because you need special help because you can’t make it on your own.

      • Raider Girl –

        Absolutely correct. 100 percent agreed. I actually was okay with the quotas when there was bias at the work place, but that went out in the early 1970s.

        I would find it insulting if I were black. It’s like saying we spotted you 50 points because you are less able, less intelligent, less this or that reason. I would find that terribly insulting.

        When I was a kid, I played a game of chess with my brother. He spotted me several points or moves or whatever in the game. I still lost. I would rather not have had any advantage at all. If you are going to lose, lose fair and square. If you are going to win, it’s fair and square.

        Just my opinion here. Affirmative action is a form of spotting. It doesn’t work and everyone knows.

        God gave everyone different talents and abilities. Hopefully people get to use them for good as they see fit.

      • Affirmative action is IMO about taking people who don’t have the preparation and/or ability and setting them up for failure. Instead of allowing them to succeed, get experience, learn, it’s tosses them into the deep end of the pool where they will fail and if they aren’t to fail they become dependent.

        Many people support affirmative action under the guise of those people don’t have the connections that other people do. But neither do the vast majority of white men, probably practically all. So it’s a stupid way to resolve that problem.

        And then there’s the support because they are disadvantaged… but affirmative action doesn’t fix that. Programs for people to learn and get experience would fix that, then they could compete on merit. And then again people so disadvantaged exist in every form so why use race?

        Affirmative action just seems a self-fulfilling type idea to ‘prove’ eugenics views rather than actually help people.

    • It’s going to be pretty racist to go to and the student population is 50% Asian, 45% rich white people on legacy admission, and the 5% left over are the 25% of the country’s population that is black or latino.

      • Will,

        Per Justice Thomas’ remarks in the wake of those made by the hyphenated “justice” who thinks “colorblindedness” is wrong: You cannot get past racism by enshrining it in law (or practice). Tribalism – the better term for this obsession not only with race but also sex (and sexual interests) is tearing what’s left of this country apart. Such “diversity” is not our “strength.” It is destroying us. It is laying the groundwork for something terrible to come, if not arrested and derailed.

        • >“diversity” is not our “strength.”
          I absolutely agree.
          “Diversity” is not our strength.
          Shared values are.

  23. Pride is not a virtue. Often it is a flaw: arrogance against to knowing the truth about oneself or situation. It masks the inevitable outcomes we all must face. Is being humble the antonym of pride? Can we see the world for what it is when we are humble? As it was said in the movie “The Magnificent Seven” the graveyard is filled with proud young men.

    Pride month is an invitation to death and tyranny.

      • Thank You John for reminding me of that!
        Ok, if we going to celebrate (1) of seven deadly sins for a whole month, let’s celebrate the rest:
        Lust: Let’s celebrate lust in May just ahead of Pride month so they’ll have something to be proud about.
        Gluttony: Let’s celebrate gluttony in November since we are eating ourselves into a heart attack on what use to be Thanksgiving.
        Greed: Let’s celebrate greed in April because taxes are due and who is more greedy than the government.
        Sloth: Let’s celebrate sloth just ahead of taxes in March, why work so head away if greedy government is taxing it away.
        Wrath: Let’s celebrate wrath in August because we like to riot when it is hot. George Floyd day can be declared.
        Envy: Let’s celebrate envy in December because of Christmas and the little agnostic Marxist whelps won’t be getting much for a Christian holiday.
        Pride: June-Thank God it’s over.

  24. All this sexual narcissism is the result of a lethal mutation, at the very least, and species extinction by mental disorder at the worst.
    But then again there are a lot of “VIPs” that are all in favor of a good deal of species extinction. Is this “pride” being promoted a part of their great reset? It’s hard to suspect otherwise, given all the money that’s being spent on promoting it. There is no other money in it. And the Psychopaths In Charge don’t work for free.

  25. They’re not trying to convert the oldsters, they’re programming the young. We certainly can’t achieve our goal of maintaining the population at 500 million if people keep on breeding now can we? At the same time we know the sexual drive is strong. What to do? Same sex couples of course. And it’s working. The next generation is going to have so many flags and dykes you’d never have known it was once taboo. In fact strict heterosexuality will seem barbaric to them. Just wait. It’s not about pride, it’s about less people.

    • Hi BlackFlag,

      You make a very valid point. The Left is not reading in between the lines. The Asses promote DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity) out loud, but secretly the WEF, large corporations, and “socialized” governments despise it. They are destroying the very groups that they are promoting. They will not be able to corrupt generation after generation, because those generations will not be there to corrupt.

      As government continues to push the pride agenda, abortion (mainly in poor and minority neighborhoods), processed food, pharmaceutical and illicit drugs they don’t have to lift a finger. The average human will destroy themselves voluntarily.

      Let’s take a look at history…government after government has gone after gays, races, religions, etc. History is not kind to the minority. Those in power are even less so.

    • The bigger picture is that the mighty and powerful no longer view humans as a resource to be used but a resource drain to be eliminated. The overpopulation myth has always been around but as the boomers delt with their own population cloging up Disneyland they decided it was time to take action. As somone born in the wake of the baby boom I can see how that might have an appeal. But what might have been an amazing time of productive growth for humankind has been distorted into a narcissistic cesspool of degenerate behavior, paid for on the backs of previous innovators like my parents and grandparents, alongside former third world pesants who grabbed the ball and ran with it.

  26. The weaponization of “phobia”. That somehow, because I am opposed to special accommodations for this or that suddenly “protected” class that I’m homophobic, or transphobic. That because I’m opposed to such accommodations I’m “afraid” of them. Well, in one aspect, I am. Afraid of the magnified influence they are gaining over children. Other than that, not so much. Because I don’t want it shoved in my face all the time does not mean I’m “afraid”. It means I’m annoyed.

    • JK: Astute point: “The weaponization of “phobia”. That somehow, because I am opposed to special accommodations for this or that suddenly “protected” class that I’m homophobic, or transphobic.”

      Also, because I don’t like salt and vinegar chips, that doesn’t mean I’m salt-and-vinegar-chip-phobic. And it certainly doesn’t mean my heart is filled with hate over those chips. Nope. Not scared of ’em. Don’t hate ’em. Just don’t like their taste.

  27. ‘It’s a very strange thing to take “pride” in your sexual interests.’ – eric

    But now that ‘pride’ has official government endorsement, practitioners of other kinks demand equal time on Fourteenth Amendment grounds – and may well obtain it.

    Bondage and Domination Week waits in the wings for Gov Hobbs to proclaim. National Spouse Swapping Day is sure to follow. Let us not forget Foot Fetish Friday (that’s today, folks!) and other deserving paraphilias.

    On the far fringes of leftism, some are now agitating to dissolve the last taboo on behalf of MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons). One can easily imagine Katie Hobbs, in her squeaky 15-year-old valley girl voice, cheerfully affirming the merits of decriminalizing child rape, incest, and indecent exposure. Let it all hang out! :-0

  28. ‘It not only puts oneself first, it puts oneself above all others, first – and at their expense.’ — eric

    A specific example from this week:

    ‘Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs signed executive orders Tuesday that, she says, will protect the health rights of LGBTQ+ Arizonans. The first order mandates that state employee healthcare plans cover gender-affirming surgery.

    ‘The order guarantees employees access to gender-affirming care such as services, supplies, and prescriptions like hormone therapy. It also prohibits state agencies from assisting with other state investigations relating to gender-affirming healthcare.

    “Transgender and gender non-conforming state employees are dedicated public servants and deserve equal coverage, just like everyone else,” said Hobbs. “It is unacceptable that they should ever be excluded from receiving medically-necessary care just because of who they are.”

    Earth to Katie: there is no such thing as ‘gender affirming care,’ a euphemistic oxymoron which means sexual mutilation to make men resemble women and vice versa. Nor is it remotely medically necessary.

    Your executive order coddles and enables mentally ill state employees to indulge in bizarre body modification fantasies at taxpayers’ expense.

    No matter how awful one imagines a radical leftist DemonRat governor to be, the reality inevitably is far, far worse than one’s darkest apprehensions.

    I’m steeling myself to face Sam Brinton — or some freak like him — next time I visit the DMV. Let’s hope enough funds will be left over, after paying for Sam’s orchiectomy and breast enhancement, to supply free barf bags to intact males like me.

    • >gender affirming care

      There is something fundamentally SICK about a society which refers to the sexual mutilation of children as “care.”

      For a long time, I have regarded the U.S. as a decadent (i.e. decaying) society, but I now regard it as a dying one. In which case, a critical question is, “What will grow from the rotted corpse of the old order?” Something will; the question is what.

      • Mutilation = care. Everything is inverted by the regime propaganda. The central theme is destruction of religion, the traditional procreating family, independence, and masculinity (a very powerful form of independence). This “gender affirming care” ticks all the boxes. It sends the message that God fucked up and assigned the wrong sex, destroys families and prevents that individual from procreation, makes a slave for life to the industrial medical complex and concedes that one can’t exist independently without radical, unnatural intervention. It also completely twists minds, like 2+2=5 would do. You end up with either a feminized man (female usually poorly masquerading as a male) or an emasculated man (male masquerading as a female, with sometimes with impressive deception due to facial makeup and prosthetic breasts). Neither result in genuine masculinity though.

        • > sends the message that God fucked up and assigned the wrong sex

          Worse than that, Mister Liberty.
          It attempts to peddle the lie that “gender” (a meaningless term, in this context) is “assigned at birth” by a Doctor God, whereas, in reality, the *sex* of an organism is biologically determined at conception.

          When I went to school, long ago, we were taught that “gender” was a property of parts of speech, such as nouns. English does not have strongly “gendered” nouns which use different definite articles, but the common western European languages do. In Spanish, for example, we have “el niño” (male gender noun, which denotes male sex baby) and “la niña” (female gender noun which denotes female sex baby), etc., etc. “La papa (female gender) means “the potato” whereas “el Papa” (male gender) means “the Pope” (in Rome). Similar constructs occur in other western European languages.

          Considering the prevalent licentiousness of sexual behavior, I am baffled by the (fake?) prudery of language expression. Shades of Victorian England, where, or so I have read, tables were said to have “limbs,” rather than legs. Weird, and baffling, to me.

  29. In one area where there is the good kind of pride are cruise-ins and car shows. The owners work hard to customize and restore classics. Many are happy to show how they accomplished the work and are more than happy to give pointers when asked. Most are accomplished in raising families and are passionate about working hard. They have much to be proud of but are not boastful about it unlike the carnival freak shows of unaccomplished losers who have nothing but something that needs to kept to themselves.

  30. The slave owner’s narrative is divide and conquer …..

    All the ideoligies were created by the control group to get the slaves fighting each other….. liberal, conservative, left vs right, black vs white vs bipoc…fake racism, woke, LGBQT, all pushed 24/7/365 by the globalist owned msm…if the slaves co operated with each other they could boot out the globalists…

    The WEF who are they? where did they come from? what are they?…satanist monsters…slave owners…

    the control group on the top needs to have all their money and assets seized and distributed to all the slaves around the world as reparations………..

    The old pharaoh kings are new aristocracy…..The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the IBS, the IMF, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….china is part of it too…
    Sswitzerland is the base of the old pharoah kings, the nazis, the templars…this is where they hide their wealth…it is always neutral in wars….their safe haven……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money……switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.

    The freemasons are the political wing……. all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK

    @ 2:20:43 man is a bred race….the control group is breeding out the warriors…

    @ 2:24:30 getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

    @ 3:00:00 destroy the patriarchy….the men…

    @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…
    LBGQT etc. is working with the control group..they are traitors to the other slaves..the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

    @ 8:19:10 the new immigrants are the ally to the new world order order horizontal rule leaders..pawns in the divide and conquer stategy

    @ 8:30:30 we are now pretty much back too the old vertical rule feudal system….the king at the top and the slaves at the bottom…

    …the slaves were given the right to vote…..the slaves get to vote for one of multiple pharaohs….aristocracy…genetic bloodline to the pharaohs…the new dictators…

    The slaves should start their own narrative…..which would be…..
    don’t listen to or co operate with the slave owners, the new aristocracy…
    penalize any slave that co operates with the slave owners or spreads their narrative….

  31. I want EVERYBODY to go back into the closet. Keep what you do in the bedroom private. I don’t want to know.

    Many decades ago gay parades were entertaining to watch, as in San Francisco. Now they are obscene.

    People should take pride in their accomplishments and how much time and money they donate to charity. I take pride in the fact that I saved a friend from drowning when we were teenagers. Nothing else could top that.

    • Not sure you should take pride in saving your friend, and instead perhaps be grateful you were able to. Not being judgmental, just offering an alternative view.

      • I was not even a good swimmer, but tere was no lifeguard and he was 12 feet down in a swimming pool, under the diving board. I had to do something. I got him up and out of the pool, and then held him upside down with another friend to drain the water out of his lungs. We were the only three people in the pool that day because the water was cold. It worked. … We both moved to different states after college. He located me 40 years later in Michigan and sent an eMail to thank me again. Getting promotions at work was nothing compared to that afternoon.

        Helping people who need help, or at least trying to help, is something to be proud of. … I wish I could have stopped several high school friends from drinking and driving too fast before they killed themselves. I tried.

    • >I take pride in the fact that I saved a friend from drowning when we were teenagers.
      Props to you, Richard.


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