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PTSD’d people will put up with anything. They will even demand to put up with it. They will also demand that everyone else be made to put up with it, too.

That is the point of PTSd’ing people.

Ask any cult leader.

Ask the leaders of the Climate Cult.

They have badgered, berated and bullied millions of people – especially children – that there is “crisis” looming that cannot be seen or quantified but that is going to cause disaster. It does not matter whether it never actually comes. Only that it is (supposedly) coming.

Like the End Times. They, too, have been coming for a long time. It does not matter – to the ones who believe it is coming – that it never does.

Hope – and fear – spring eternal.

By the way, good luck getting anyone to specifically define what is meant by the “climate”  in a way that can be objectively weighed and measured so as to determine what exactly is being talked about. This of course is necessary to foment the proper attitude toward the “crisis” that is always predicted to be on the verge of happening. Maybe this year. Maybe in three years . . .

But keep believing – and fearing.

Ideally, with belligerent, End Times certainty. This fever pitch hysteria is necessary in order to get the emotionally wrecked victims of this psychological assault to willingly embrace the necessity of an ever-lesser standard of living, until – inexorably, because logically – almost everyone must be forced to accept and even be happy about living a meager, subsistence-level kind-of-life.

No meat, for the masses – except perhaps occasionally. As it was for the urban poor (and the poor generally) in the days before average people could afford to eat meat almost as often as they liked.

No private homes.

And of course, no cars.

Well, no cars for the average person. It is necessary that everyone except the rich give them up, along with private homes and steaks for supper.

The inversion is incredible.

A century ago, the political Left – socialists and communists – railed against the machinations of the so-called “Robber Barons,” those 19th and early 20th century titans of finance and industry whose “greed” was said to be enserfing the average person. In fact, the Robber Barons elevated the lot of the average person such that most had plenty to eat, owned a car and could own their own home, too.

This became known as the American Way.

The Robber Barons wanted to make money, of course. But in order to make it, it was necessary – in those days – to produce something of value to lots of people willing and able to pay for it. Oil, for instance – as in the case of John D. Rockefeller. And steel (Carnegie). Or transportation – as in the case of the railroad magnates, such as Vanderbilt. “The public be damned,” he once supposedly said. But no matter how he felt about the public, his railroads got them places – because they had to.

If the public didn’t pay – because they couldn’t afford to – he didn’t get rich.

Henry Ford understood this perfectly. He knew there was much more money in selling millions of cars than selling a few cars to millionaires. Ford and the others elevated the average person’s affluence and ease to such a degree of generality that, over time, this affluence and ease got to be taken for granted, as if such ease and affluence had always existed and always would.

The Left – which depends on immiseration – knows that general affluence and ease must be done away with, in order to generate political support for the Left. But how to do this when most people like not being poor? When general affluence is the norm. When nearly everyone has plenty to eat (including meat) likes being able to drive and wants a home of their own?

That’s easy.

Tell them there is a “crisis” afoot and that something must be done right now to stave it off. There is no time to think. It is time to act! Of course, what they mean is that it is time to obey. But it is essential to get people to agree to obey because forcing them to obey engenders resentment and – this is key – it raises questions. Better that they not be asked – and what better way to do that than to make the asking a moral affront?

The person who asks isn’t merely a questioner. He is a denier. The use of that term is no accident. It is done for the same reasons people are told they’re haters if they raise questions about how it’s possible for a person of one sex to transition into the opposite sex.

The point being to impugn the morality of the questioner. To turn their questioning into evidence of cretinhood (and, by flipping this around, to establish the unquestionable sainthood of those outraged by those who raise who dare to ask questions).

This is how it worked in the Dark Ages – when to question anything was by definition dangerous heresy, a manifestation of evil. It is how the Christian Church – the organized, state-colluding Christian Church – was able to get the mass of people to accept their immiseration (and the rulership of church and state) as the “will of God” and not to be questioned.

It is how cult leaders get cult followers to willingly eat poison-laced Jell-O and “shed their containers,” so as to “ascend to the next level.”

It is how millions of people were manipulated into willingly wearing “masks” – and screamed abuse at those who questioned the wearing.

People who have lost their minds have minds that are much easier to control. And once controlled, they can be used to control others. It is why making people feel ashamed and guilty about eating meat, having a home – and a car – is so very necessary, in order to get them to willingly accept giving those things up as their moral duty.

And to insist that others give them up, too.

. . .

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  1. Regarding the indoctrinated children, eventually when they get older, they’ll realize the predictions of bad things never materialized, and then will become unconvinced and skeptical. That’s what happened to those my age; in 1989, at age 12 we heard of horrible things that were supposed to happen by 2000 because of global warming, and none of them did. The ones who used their brains ended up like me, not just rightly skeptical of global warming but all of the government propaganda, especially the absurd recent crap like the covid jabs and male-to-female magic transition nonense

    • As a child I was taught that predictions are almost always wrong and not to get scared by them. I believe that was in response to an old geezer relative who was always making predictions of doom. A great lesson. In 1997 when I began studying climate science, within an hour I realized the coming climate crisis was just a prediction, that had been wrong since 1979. When I read a prediction on any subject, I think I have just read BS, and that rule of thumb works well.

    • Nah, I think we’re already past the point of no return. It doesn’t matter whether said predictions materialize or not. The dildos simply want their “sugar daddy” to take care of them, and they will see to it that we “deniers” do not interfere.

  2. “the Climate Cult”

    ‘Tis true, Greta is the face of the climate cult. Having no science training, she is the voice of the cult, because she believes. Like religious cults, when you believe in unseen things, unproved things, believed as fact. No one dare question the dogma, that increasing CO2 makes warming.

    Greta’s mother says she can see CO2 molecules going out the chimney. She has been deified as the St. Joan of Carbon Extermination. Greta is worried, franctic even, that CO2 is going to leave her with no future. In the meantime Wrathschild is starting WW3, Ukraine has spent it’s ammo and white Christian boys, so on to Poland to do the same, both Russia and Poland are currently streaming armor toward the Belarus border – and Greta, of course, is oblivious to the real threat – world war which leaves everyone dead – she is barking up the wrong tree.

    Greta is the poster child of woke stupid – a pawn in a struggle for dominance, where the elite pit the peons against each other while they carve up the world. The CO2 warming stuff is an obvious political hoax, yet dumb dumb little Greta hasn’t figured that out, and no one in her world wide peer group either. Woke hive mind is dumber than a pile of steaming cow shit.

    Greta says now is the time to break the law to defy big oil. I wonder what that entails? Park your car in the garage, not in the street, unless it is a Tesla, then park it down the street, downwind even, in case it auto combusts.

    • Indeed, Jack –

      And: I think it says a lot about the motives of the people – including Greta’s parents – who are using this emotionally damaged, hysteric child to further their agenda.

      • Correct, Greta is a severely abused child, and if she ever figures out she has been had by the TPTB she’ll be forgotten about immediately, or worse. What is really quite astounding, with the internet and instant messaging, no one has filled her in on the climate hoax.

        • Hi Jack,

          Indeed. It is just despicable to use children this way; granted, she is now a young woman – but an obviously damaged one. And the point remains: She was used because it is very hard for most adults to be “mean” to a child, as by challenging her beliefs.

  3. “Keep Your Old Cars”

    I have a story that makes me ill, seriously my stomach is in knots right now.

    As I have mentioned a time, or two, hubby and I were looking at new cars. Well, we bought one just a little less than two weeks. I was hesitant because I was terrified of the problems within the supply chain. I wanted to wait for the 2024 models to come out hoping that most of the shortages would be fixed. Let’s be honest, most of the auto manufacturers are using underperforming and underrated products due to the shortage of chips. But he was excited, and we haven’t had a new car in nine years, so I gave my blessing. Happy husband = happy life, or however the saying goes.

    Well, coming back from lunch in Maryland on Saturday (driving down a major highway outside of Fredericksburg) toward our home and the brakes go out. Brand new car…no brakes. Hubby is driving, I am in the passenger seat, and both of our kids are in the back. All of a sudden, the system goes haywire. Brakes aren’t working, traction control is gone, and numerous other electronic glitches. Hubby was able to slow the vehicle down and come to a stop on a side road. We are lucky we did not cause an accident.

    Note: New cars don’t come with emergency brakes. Something to think about.

    Well, he turned the car off and restarted it. The check engine light was on, but the brakes were now functioning. Fortunately, we make it home safely. Hubby gets home and contacts the dealership about the issue. He dropped off the truck early this morning. Just got a call from dealership…it needs a new engine. Two-week-old vehicle needs a new engine. Guess what? No engines available. ETA? Don’t know. Loaner car? Nope. None available. It is so bad that they have engineers involved. I just contacted the sales rep and asked them to take it back. Still waiting to hear their response. I have no idea what the hell to do. Guess what I am not doing? Buying another new car. The supply chain is a mess. Is this the new normal?

    • Hi RG –

      Holy mackerel! What make/model truck did you guys buy? I’m trying to understand how a brake issue would entail needing a new engine. My suspicion is there’s an electronics issue with the drivetrain (everything’s interconnected) and some “code” has told them the engine needs to be replaced.

      The brakes are still mechanical systems – albeit controlled by electronics. If the ABS/traction control fails, the brakes should still work.

      Regardless, these kinds of problems with a brand-new vehicle are disturbing. Worse, that the dealer isn’t taking care of it properly. You are entitled to a loaner vehicle similar to the one you just paid for. If they don’t find a way to provide one until the vehicle you just bought can be repaired, however long that takes – even if that means renting one for you from Hertz or Avis – you might consider seeking the services of a lawyer.

      • Hi Eric,

        At this point I don’t even want a loaner. I don’t want the truck back just what we paid for it. I have always bought Japanese vehicles. Hubby has bought his fair share of Dodges and Fords over the years, but we have never bought a GM product. After this episode I never will.

        I have a feeling there is going to be a fight trying to get the contract cancelled, but I am not going to assume anything until it reaches that point. The last thing I want is have to do is pursue a lawsuit. I am hoping that they see the amount of time that we have owned it (two weeks) and the amount of issues with it and they just hand us our money and say “go away.”

        I think I will go back to my Japanese made vehicles. My Toyota and Lexuses have been solid cars and have never left me stranded.

        • 4Runner or the Lexus badged equivalent. Hecho en Japan is the key.

          Even with Toyota, you do not want Hecho en Mexico like the current generation Tacoma.

          • Interesting. The car was made in Mexico. Maybe it was dunked in the Rio Grande before arriving to the States. That would explain a lot of the issues.

            • Raider Girl – I would not accept a replacement engine. Who wants a new ride that has already had a heart transplant surgery performed by some incompetent dealership goon? Bummer situation and I hope it turns out for you.

              • Hi Local,

                I don’t want something refurbished, but based on what I have read (in the last few hours) I really can’t do much until the truck hits the 30 day mark at the dealership. Based on my conversation with the service manager there seems to be no availability of a new engine. I will have to deal with the manufacturer, but I need to remain calm for the next 29 days and let the repair shop look like they are trying to make a difference.

        • Amen –

          I would have recommended a Toyota Sequoia – especially one made just before the latest redo. I mean a 2-3 year old one with the superb V8. They are Rolexes – and run forever.

          • Hi BAC,

            Thanks for the URL. As Dan mentioned below I can get them on the Lemon Law. This is going to be an ugly mess, but we should be able to get our money back. How long before they refund it is the question.

            The sad thing is for the 4x we were able to ride in it it was a beautiful vehicle.

            • Hi RG

              The link was to VA’s lemon law. Read the fine print – the warranty falls under the responsibility of the manufacturer not the dealer. The manufacturer can cure by fixing. The lemon law kicks in essentially when the problem repeats and they can’t fix it. I’m pulling for you – but I’m sure they will fight you tooth and nail if you seek a refund. This is some serious bullshit. Good luck!

              • I agree, BAC –

                I am betting the dealer will insist that the vehicle be “fixed” rather than eat the loss. Meanwhile, she will have to deal with serial bullshit rather than a working vehicle. And even if they do fix it, I submit she will have been defrauded in that she paid for a brand-new vehicle and now (presumably) will be expected to accept a defective vehicle that has already had to have its engine replaced. It dos not matter whether the replacement engine is “good.” The bad is that she now holds the keys to a vehicle that has lost value due to the fact that it has a replacement engine. This will make it less attractive to future buyers and reduce its trade-in value.

                Screw the lemon laws.

                I’d demand a full refund – and if they balk, get the most vicious lawyer I could fine and sue the shirts off their backs.

                  • This is just appalling, RG –

                    “Various engine sounds, such as a thumping, knocking or rattling, may be present.”

                    This is a vehicle with a base price around $80,000.

                    GM deserves to be euthanized.

                    • James Wallace said:

                      “Speed, quality, price. Pick two.”

                      He was wrong.

                      Quality is no longer a function of our economic system. Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is going to function. And yet, they (the manufacturers) don’t give a damn.

                      GM is putting people lives at stake.

                    • RG’s disaster reminds me of this bit:

                      ‘Stainless Steal’

                      …”We are now living in a comprehensive illusion of what is quality. I’m starting to wonder if there are any products being produced today that are genuinely superior to those produced 30+ years ago. […]

                      Thank you, Bart, for illuminating how stainless steel is now stainless steal: an ersatz simulation that is pure fraud and theft. Claiming that a product that corrodes within months is actually “stainless steel” is fraud, and given that consumers are paying premium prices for this fraudulent product, it is also blatant theft: the consumer is paying a premium price for a product which is known by its manufacturer and distributor to be defective / not the high-quality material that was promised.” …


                  • Hi RG

                    You are quite correct, many peoples lives are at risk. Not only from faulty cars/trucks but many other vital parts of modern life. Our so called “health care” system is collapsing around our ears. The prices are long past insane, and DIE (Diversity Inclusiveness and Equality) has corrupted and corroded everything it touches. So called “doctors” who should never have graduated from medical school. “engineers” who don’t know basic math and design principles. “Scientists” who care more about their pet ideologies than science. I’ve run into more than my share of such types.
                    The list goes on and on. Hiring people because of their skin color and or their sex (of which there are only two…) instead of their knowledge/skills/experience is how entire systems and processes start to fail. Poor quality goods/services at inflated prices, are surface indications of a terminally corrupted and failing system. Bottom line, too big to fail and too big to jail are too big to exist.

                    • Indeed, BJ –

                      And it’s been under way for decades. I dealt with it during the time I worked for The Washington Times – a “conservative” newspaper. They fired the brilliant writer Sam Francis (and Joe Sobran) and promoted – to editorial page editor – a black woman who had trouble with basic English and whose copy had to be frequently re-written by others because it was unintelligible.

        • Hi RG,
          I bought a brand new 2018 Acura TLX five years ago. I have 69000 miles on it and have not had any problems with it. Nothing but routine maintenance.
          Like you said, stick to Japanese cars!

      • I recommend a second opinion.
        Very hard to believe a new engine is needed.
        Don’t let mechanics replace anything that does not need to be replaced.

        My mother in law once had a Mitsubishi with a check engine warning light that would frequently go on for no apparent reason that mechanics could figure out. The light made Mom nervous, so I finally told her I fixed the problem. I didn’t tell her I put a square of black electrician’s tape over the warning light … and then everything was fine for the life of the car. I think today’s auto electronics are more sophisticated than most auto mechanics.

        I have had electronics problems with Ford vehicles, both times $40,000 Lincoln Continentals in the 1990s, that required me to have a Ford engineer directly contact a dealer mechanic to get the vehicle fixed. These were personal cars my wife used to sell real estate. She was lucky to get a well used ford Taurus loaner, probably helped by the fact I worked for Ford and went berserk. The fixes were not complicated, but diagnosing the electronics problems took a long time. I switched to Toyotas after I retired from Ford.

        • Hi Richard,

          It does need a new engine. Apparently, the #1 and #3 bearings were burnt out on the crankshaft. The car is sitting in the service garage torn apart in pieces. I don’t believe we are the only ones with this issue. it seems like an engineering design flaw. It looks like the car manufacturer replaces it with a hand made refurbished motor. I am going to do some research tonight and see if I can locate any additional information on why this is occurring.

          • Bearing failures are usually due to oil leaks. That happened to my Mother in Law’s old car — the low oil warning light never went on — and by the time she asked me what that noise was, the crankshaft bearings were gone, and I donated her car to charity.

            Unless there was an oil leak you didn’t know about, you got a lemon and may need a lawsuit to get your money back.

            Bad crankshaft bearings in a new vehicle with sufficient oil in the crankcase must be very rare. Like the steering wheel coming off the steering column in a few Teslas!

          • Hi RG,

            Crank bearing failure is catastrophic – and (in a brand-new engine) indicative of shoddy assembly or a defective design. Really bad in either case because the replacement engine is apt to have the same problems. The only non-worrisome source of this problem I can imagine is that for some reason the engine was not filled with oil – or not enough – and the bottom end ran dry. That would not be the engine’s fault.

            • I was surprised to hear about the engine failure. That wasn’t an issue that we had. Our concern was the brakes and the electrical system failing.

              For the dealership to come back and tell us the engine is the problem we thought they had the wrong car. Hubby went by yesterday afternoon and the tech walked him through the issues and our engine sitting in a thousand pieces on the floor.

              We did not get any light indication that oil was leaking. How we went from brakes to engine I can’t comprehend.

          • Probably the knock sensor went on the fritz and those bearings were ruined by excessive engine knocking. Considering the wayered-down slop posing as gasoline these days, hardly surprising.

    • Ford lost a lot of throttle bodies on the 2016 Explorers right around 5000 miles. It happened to my wife’s vehicle, leaving her stranded on the side of the road in a bad section of Austin.

      Almost brand new car.

      Unrelated question but still somewhat relevant to cars, etc. — What is the status of the “Fred Ex” I-95 toll lanes on the ground there?

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I am sorry to hear about your wife’s Explorer. That is very little mileage for a very big issue. I am glad that she is okay.

        I rarely take I-95 unless I am heading south (plenty of backroads available until you get to Thornburg). I know they are looking at expanding the toll lanes down to Route 17 at Falmouth. There is a ton of construction going on there now. Every time I have passed over the bridge on Route 3 I-95 N has been bumper to bumper. I believe the new exit is supposed to open next week, but there is no set date for the express lanes.

    • My wife bought a 2018 Escape. About 20K miles in, she gets an erroneous “have vehicle serviced” message. Ford replaced the engine under warranty due to a design flaw. 22K miles later, two weeks after the warranty expired, she gets a surprise: a leaky water pump (over $3K to replace due to labor), and a transmission leak ($5K to replace the transmission). Went with an independent and paid 2/3 of the dealer quote and replaced timing/serpentine belts while we replaced the water pump. The independent suggested just keeping an eye on the transmission. We will attempt to keep the car for another five years, as we do not like the current offerings.

      • Wow those are some horror stories about problems with new cars (ford). I’ve found that you have to be careful when picking out a new vehicle (ford). There are always certain models (ford) you should avoid. It’s a good idea to do your homework and avoid (ford) makes that can be problematic.

        • Hi kristy,

          My first and last GM product. Never again. I tried Mexico made vehicles…the quality control is nil. The engine actually blew up at the dealership. The service tech took the truck out after resetting it and it stranded him three miles from the dealership. The engine stalled. They had to have a truck pick up the driver and vehicle. Hubby went by tonight and the front engine was laying in a thousand pieces in the service bay. What is the likelihood that Humpty Dumpty is going to be put together again…at least, correctly?

          • How would they not provide a loner car after all that?! Dealers have all kinds of extra vehicles sitting around.Used, ex manager cars, parts runners, customer drop offs. For them not to comp you a car is BS. You should go on their website and tear them a new one in the reviews. People read that stuff.

            • I am not too concerned about the loaner, but we do have a text message from the service manager that there are none available. She will notify us if any come in stock. I am sure we are not the only ones with repair issues.

              Fortunately, I have my trusty 170k Toyota to get me back and forth to work. 😜

              • Hi RG,

                I’m not a lawyer, but it strikes me as actionable that you have been deprived of that which you just paid for. It’s more than that, actually – because now you are in the position of needing to pay for a vehicle to replace the one you bought until the latter can be repaired. I submit you’ve been defrauded. The very least the dealer owes you is a loaner vehicle to bridge the gap until this matter can be resolved. That they don’t have one available for you strikes me as a lie. Dealerships almost always have demo vehicles on hand. And even if not, they ought to get you a rental and pay for it.

                Telling you to -basically – just deal with and accept not having use of brand-new vehicle you just paid a lot of money for is despicable.

                • Hi Eric,

                  Could I press the issue regarding the loaner? Yes, but I don’t trust the reliability of Cadillac/GM so I really do not want to drive one of their vehicles. Saturday’s event scared the hell out of me. That my children were in the car as well. I don’t even want to think what could have happened if my husband wasn’t driving.

                  That the dealership doesn’t have one available I can accept. Fortunately, I have a reliable vehicle to get me back and forth to work, no thanks to Cadillac.

                  From my reading this engine issue seems to be rare, but becoming more common.

                  Researching this it seems many car owners with this issue are waiting months for a new engine. I don’t expect any recourse or assistance from the dealership.

                  The truck is a lemon. It is inexcusable for this engine to seize 10 days after purchase. That Cadillac cannot get parts proves this is occurring more than they are telling us. That they diagnosed it so quickly acknowledges that they have a serious issue.

                  The dealership has the money they don’t care if we are inconvenienced.

                  At this point I just want them to take the truck back and refund us our money.

                  • Indeed, RG –

                    And: I doubt they’ll repair the failed engine; that would probably entail machine work and skilled labor the dealer doesn’t want to pay for and may not be equipped to deal with. I expect it’ll be a new replacement engine – and aye, there’s the rub. It will likely have the same failure tendency as it will be the same as the one that came with your vehicle unless GM corrected the problem upstream.

                    Years ago, the Chevy Cavalier had a notorious problem – head gasket failure. Chevy would replace the failed gasket but the designed-in defect was still there, so the new gasket would fail again. And again.

                    Also: Take into account that pulling and replacing an engine entails major disassembly work. Will you be comfortable accepting a “new” vehicle that has been extensively disassembled and maybe not put together “as new,” because that isn’t even possible?

                    I strongly recommend some preemptive action such as consulting with an attorney about what you might do. Also, document everything. I wish I’d known about your husband going to the dealer and seeing the engine all over the floor. I would have urged him to video record this. Going forward, get everything in writing, to the nth detail – so that you have an unimpeachable record of what you’re dealing with.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      I have documented everything from the date of purchase, to the dates and times we drove it, etc.

                      The dealership is big on texting. We have a record of everything.

                      I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

                    • Ditto on the lawyer, you aren’t even 30 days in on this failed rig. Get some professional law advice so you have a solid grounding on how to proceed.

  4. Mask wearers have a mind, a Borg mind, formed by watching the television which tells them what to think is reality. If the tube told them to jump off a cliff some of them might actually do it. They are hopelessly enslaved to the social engineers, these herd sheeple might even have the courage to complain, but most comply, not even having the mind to know to complain. They don’t even know somethings wrong.

    Eric is the rough rider motorcycle guy, independent minded, always maintaining his personal integrity, refusing to wear a mask. The mask wearers see him and fear him, he is not a herd animal baying to be led to the slaughter, they fear he might actually demand they do something besides blindly obey. OMG the free thinker said something – honey cover the children’s ears!

    If Eric rode his dirt bike by their quaint homes, all covered in mud, stoked from the ride, they just look at him like he is from another planet. They would never ride a motorcycle, they fear motorcycles as transportation for ruffians, outlaws, radicals – those free thinker types who have lots of testosterone. The mask people fear everything outside of their climate controlled home. Walking to the street to get their mail is a fearful event, the trauma they must endure that day, and they wear their mask to do so – because they also fear the ‘rona – cause the TV told them it’s real.

    They always want to be led to safety and sure as hell will vote for anyone who promises them that. Vaudeville fraud Orange man knows just what to say to get them flocking to his rallies, but unfortunately they are putting him into prison, ’cause the Jew judge in a Jew district with Jew attorneys don’t like him.

    Over at Lew Rockwell site this morning was another awesome article, similar theme to this one, by Gary Barnett, libertarian writer extraodinaire.

    The Culture War Against Thinking Individuals by the Vast Ideologically-Motivated Insane
    By Gary D. Barnett
    July 24, 2023

    “What is lost here, is the most starkly obvious aspect of this entire situation; and that is that all these conflicts are purposely manufactured by the State players who desire to distract you, so that the extreme tyranny they are practicing will go unnoticed. How better to rule over and control the masses, than to use propaganda and psychological maneuvering to pit all against all to such an extent, as to mask the real terror facing the hate-blinded proletariat? The right versus wrong argument becomes moot, because in this type of cultural battle, there can be no right or wrong. Once that level of insanity is set in place, total immorality, crime, violence, hostile attitudes, loss of compassion for all others, and gross indifference consumes all else. This will always lead to a win for the heinous State apparatus, and a loss for all the rest of us.”


    The State manipulates the fearful sheep and pits them against you – to distract you – to cover up their own massive crimes. Oh I bet ole pedo Joe just hates that his son’s porn laced laptop pics were not on the senate floor by MTG, or that his bribes through shell companies were not discovered, or his looting of the American treasury for his failed Ukrainian war were ineffective. The Russkies weaponry cut through the Bradleys like swiss cheese – don’t report that MSM.

    Everyday the phony installed prez desperately seeks a distraction to save his failed presidency he stole from Trump. Amerika is a joke, we live in clown world, the nation is circling the drain and they are starting to expand WW3 to Poland next.
    That will keep the war going – which is what they want – endless war for Lockheed Martin and Boeing and General Dynamics. Stay in fear Goyim and be sure to pay your taxes.

    • To be fair to mask wearers:

      They have been told studies prove masks are effective.
      They believe the government “experts” would not deceive them.

      What they don’t know is no mask studies before Covid in 2020 ever proved masks were effective, and they were studies of N95 masks.

      They also don’t know the mask studies after Covid arrived were suspiciously only slightly statistically significant, which doesn’t mean much, and is easily fudged. Some of the “Covid” mask studies were proven to be complete frauds.

      Propaganda involving doctors/and or scientists can be persuasive, especially for about half of Americans — the leftists — who instinctively trust their government (deep state) leftist bureaucrats.

      Covid propaganda also reached a new crowd in 2020 — many Republicans and conservatives who trusted Donald Trump and his two spokespeople for Covid: Grouchy Fauci and Debby Birx.

      For many people, reality is whatever their governments and mainstream media tell them. Then confirmation bias keeps them from seeking alternate views and alternate news sources.

      • Yes you say that masks don’t work but there’s lots of studies that say they do. Peer reviewed by respected medical researchers. I personally don’t think they do much, but I’m not analyzing exhaled droplets with lasers. It seems to me that personal bias is the deciding factor on this “research”. I don’t know how you can assert that they are worthless based on cherry picked studies. It’s entirely possible there is some benefit. Doctors and the Japanese have used them for a long time. Why is that? NOTE: none of this means you should be forced to wear a mask, that is your personal choice!

        • I read five pre-2020 mask studies in early 2020 after Fauci first said masks don’t work. (He soon reversed his advice) They were studies of N95 masks used by personnel at hospitals — people who knew how to properly tie on an N0 95 mask. Not 50 cent masks with elastic straps.

          The later mask studies mysteriously had slightly positive results, which made no sense.

          The best post-2019 studies were slow motion photography of masked people sneezing and coughing. The spray distance could be up to 20 feet with no mask. Significantly lower when wearing a mask, BUT probably NOT less than the recommended six foot social distancing (which was based on studies of three foot social distancing). So if you were infected with Covid and sneezing or coughing indoors with other people nearby, a mask could be useful. But no more useful than the old school recommendation: If you are sick with a respiratory disease, STAY AWAY from healthy people. You don’t need a mask to do that.

          When there are many decades of mask tests that show no benefit for respiratory diseases, and suddenly that conclusion changes, it is time to be very suspicious.

          Based on personal experience with people we know who masked, and got shots — They Also got Covid or Omicron in 2022 and 2023 MORE than people who did not wear masks or get shots. All were age 60 or older. We believe that was because people who got shots felt safer and they traveled more. Many caught Omicron while on airplanes, and were sick either just after they got to their destination or just after they got home. The only exception was a rich, unvaxxed couple who only flew on private jets starting in 2020.

          The bottom line is that if masks really worked, the Covid pandemic would have lasted just a few months. That did not happen despite a huge percentage of the American people wearing masks through most of 2020.

        • Cashy,

          First, there is no evidence that Face Diapers “work” if you’re not sick – because you can’t get anyone else sick, no matter what you’re wearing. Second, there is no evidence that Face Diapers meaningfully reduce the spread of respiratory viruses. It’s just bullshit. Both my dad and grandfather were practicing MDs and I grew up around them and hospitals. If Face Diapers “worked,” how come no doctors wore them outside of the surgical suite before 2020? And why did they wear them there? It was not to “stop the spread” of respiratory viruses. It was to keep gore out of the surgeon’s mouth and nose.

          Do you really believe that the entire medical community was reckless about not wearing Diapers outside of the surgical suite until just three years ago? That they just recently “discovered” that Face Diapers “work”?

          Stop repeating the lies about “masks” – unless you’re one of those who likes to spread lies.

          • I’m sorry I can’t trust your experience with doctors as I have been told over and over on this site that doctors and nurses were in on the scam to kill people with the jab. As I understand it they are all under the control of Big Pharma.

            Once again you both need to understand there are studies that completely contradict your beliefs on masks. I’m not saying I believe them, how would I know? I didn’t do the studies nor completely understand the science. But you seem to think there is a consensus that masks don’t work because the studies you like support that. I can provide a link to over 40 studies that assert masks are effective.

            It seems the issue is over the fact that you don’t like masks, don’t want to be forced to wear them, and so you believe they don’t provide any benefit.

            • Cashy,

              It’s not “my experience” that’s relevant. It is the fact that doctors – all of them – did not “mask” outside of the operating room until 2020.

              Why not?

              If facts – as opposed to “studies” – had shown that wearing a flimsy, Chinese-made disposable “mask” offered any meaningful benefit insofar as ameliorating infection and transmission of respiratory viruses, then it is absurd to believe that doctors would not have worn them routinely prior to 2020. “Masks” are not new technology. And respiratory viruses aren’t a new thing, either.

              It is an idiocy to believe Face Diapers “work.” No doctors said so before 2020. Any who did would have been laughed at as hysterics. It would have been like insisting that clutching pearls “works.”

              The boxes the fucking things came in specifically said they don’t “work.” (I have one of them, which I have kept for posterity.) You have to be an imbecile to believe otherwise.

              There is only political science that asserts Face Diapers “work.”

              • There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
                “COVID-19 coronavirus”.
                However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
                In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. It was an experimental meningitis “vaccine” which spread the disease. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be proven by careful research.
                A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
                You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
                99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
                Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
                Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
                The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
                Sound familiar?
                Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
                Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
                For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
                In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
                It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
                Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more. The “jabs” are genocidal poisons.
                WAKE UP PEOPLE!

              • That’s a good point! Why don’t doctors wear them when they are doing their rounds or seeing sick patients. If I saw people with flu and colds all day I know I’d wear one if I thought they provided some protection. Yet I never saw a doctor or nurse that did (in the before time-BC).

                • Indeed, Krusty!

                  As I told Cashy, both my dad and grandfather were MDs. Neither ever wore a “mask.” Why not? Were they dumb? Reckless with the well-being of patients? Maybe if it had been just them. But all doctors did the same – until 2020. All of a sudden they all put “masks” on – and demanded others wear them.


                  What changed?

                  Was it medical knowledge? Or politics?

                  Don’t bother answering that question.

            • Hi Cashy

              I have no problem following these studies. I understand how the protocols should be applied, and also how a properly structured methodology should work. I’ve examined many of these studies. To say that most are seriously flawed would be charitable. But saying that science, medicine (among other fields) has been badly compromised by DIE (Diversity Inclusiveness and Equality) would be the understatement of the century. I don’t ask for your trust. I’m just some random person on the Internet. But do your own research and don’t trust “reliable sources”. That applies to google/microsoft and other such “main stream” search engines. Contrary to popular opinion, science and most other fields of human knowledge aren’t that complicated. *IF* you are willing to start from the foundations, and invest the time/thought/effort to understand them. Its an approach that many more people should take. That is how you gain the knowledge/experience so that you aren’t at the mercy of so called “experts”.

  5. I’ve just spent a few weeks traveling around Europe, and being there made it clear to me that something is wrong with Americans, and you may be onto something about PTSD.

    During my traveling, once I got off the plane from the US (where a bunch of people wore face diapers), I saw no more masks on planes, trains, buses, nowhere. The only time I started seeing masks again was at the airport on the US-bound flight. This isn’t climate related, but I think the same kind of all-in delusion is present on climate beliefs as well.

    Europe is far more restrictive on energy usage and forces going “green” far more than the US does, but they’re also more pragmatic about how they approach this stuff. Their solution is to make power much more expensive and let people figure out how to adapt, while the US is so damn proscriptive that things are simply banned. I think Europe will abandon their green push as soon as it becomes too inconvenient, while we will double-down on it here, at the cost of our own prosperity.

    • Most Americans are clueless about the number on their monthly electric bill anymore, either paying the bill with an automatic deduction from the bank or using a credit card. Very few write a monthly check these days or, even rarer, appear at a utility company in person with the cash.

      The upside of proscriptive measures in this environment is that conservation is achieved while most of the population will be oblivious about the true cost of what is perceived to be “free” power to charge the EV in the garage until it is too late to do anything about it.

      I seriously doubt the people paying $1000+ car payments are really hip to that number either.

  6. “Good luck getting anyone to specifically define what is meant by the “climate” in a way that can be objectively weighed and measured so as to determine what exactly is being talked about.”

    No luck needed.

    The climate is defined as the global average temperature over at least a 30-year period. Of course there is MUCH more to climate than JUST the temperature. And no one lives in a global average temperature, which is merely a statistic, not an actual measurement.

    Defined in 1979, and modified a few years ago, was a wild guess consensus range of the effect of the CO2 level doubling on the global average temperature. There are many guesses as there are climate scientists.
    The guess is called the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity of CO2, which sounds very scientific, but is still a guess.

    Not mentioned with predictions of climate doom is that a doubling of the CO2 level, from the current 420ppm to 840ppm, at the current rise rate of +2.5ppm a year, would take 168 years.

    Predictions of climate doom 168 years in the future would not scare anyone, which is the purpose of climate scaremongering. So the Global Whiner’s traditionally predict climate doom in the next ten years. We are currently in the fifth ten-year prediction of climate doom since 1979. The full 168 years will allow about 16 ten-year predictions of climate doom. Five down, and 11 to go.

    • I remember seeing a few magazine covers back in 1979 or thereabouts that were scaremongering an imminent ice age 😆. Since that hasn’t worked out now it’s the generic “climate change”, which can’t be denied since the climate is always changing over time. Humans can’t do squat to effect it but it works for the psychos in charge to advance their evil agenda.

      • A small minority of climate scientists predicted a coming global cooling crisis in the early 1970s. They got a huge amount of mass media attention that made other scientists, who predicted global warming (in their science papers the public never saw) jealous. Their climate predictions, since the late 1950s, had been for more CO2 to cause global warming. Yet the global average temperature went down from 1940 to 1975, even as CO2 levels increased.

        Global cooling hysteria peaked in 1974. In 1975, a global warming trend began (that lasted until 2014). A few years later, in 1979, the “global warming” scientists created a “consensus” prediction of a coming global warming crisis. They did not get much media attention until 1988, when the IPCC was formed by the UN to climate scaremonger and blame humans.

        That inconvenient global cooling from 1940 to 1975, as CO2 levels rose, was gradually “revised away” to show almost no cooling in those years. Inconvenient historical temperature data tend to “disappear”, which is science fraud.

        The real science fraud is scientists continuing to make long term climate predictions after a century of 100% wrong long term climate and other environmental predictions. The current prediction of a coming global warming crisis was first defined with guessed numbers in 1979 — so the prediction of climate doom has been wrong for 44 years in a row, so far. Yet many people still believe climate predictions, and irrationally fear the future climate.

        • Thanks for the timeline Richard,
          Just saw a scaremongering headline “This summer’s heatwave would not have been possible without human caused global warming”. What a crock; like you said these idiots have been completely wrong 100% of the time, why does anyone listen to them. Guessing because it fits the narrative of our overlords.

    • Evidently these climate change alarmists aren’t familiar with the “Little Ice Age”, or even the “Year w/o a summer” of 1816, after the eruption of the Volcano Tambora in present-day Indonesia in 1815. The “Latter” had a direct and profound effect on the fortunes of a Vermont farming family, as the resulting crop failures forced them to move (Lake Champlain iced into JUNE), ending up in upstate New York. Among them was an 11 y.o. boy by the name of Joseph Smith, Jr…

      And now…you know, the REST of the story!

  7. >PTSD’d people will put up with anything. They will even demand to put up with it.

    You have no idea what you are talking about.
    I suggest you not bandy about a term of which you have no understanding.

    Other than that, great article, and some terrific reader comments as well.


    Planet Earth Highest Temperature Record
    56.7°C (134°F) July 10,1913
    Furnace Creek , CA, USA
    CO2 301 ppm

    Northern hemisphere Highest Temperature
    56.7°C (134°F) July 10,1913
    Furnace Creek CA, USA
    CO2 301 ppm

    Southern hemisphere Highest Temperature
    125°F (51.7°C) on the 3rd January 1909.
    Bourke, , Australia
    CO2 299 ppm

    Eastern hemisphere Highest Temperature
    55.0°C (131°F) July 7,1931
    Kebili, Tunisia
    CO2 308 ppm

    Western hemisphere Highest Temperature
    56.7°C (134°F) July 10, 1913
    Furnace Creek Ranch, CA, USA
    CO2 301 ppm

    I only said “July”
    I didn’t say July 2023

    Current CO2 level is 420ppm

    Most accurate climate prediction in world history, by me, in 1997. Nobel prize pending:

    “The climate will get warmer,
    unless it gets colder.”

    • Even if all of this is true, what evidence is there that it is caused by cars, cow farts, wood fired pizza ovens, gas generators, incandescent light bulbs, gas stoves, jet engine exhaust, air conditioners, hot water heaters, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, or any other modern convenience we are being told to do without or pay through the ass to use?

      • No proof that greenhouse gases created those maximum temperature records, which was my intended message.

        Those records were set with the CO2 level 100ppm lower than today, which was not much more than pre-industrial CO2 levels.

        Greenhouse gas warming is more effective at night, and mainly results in higher nighttime temperatures.

        The scientific explanation is complicated, and concerns the height of the planetary boundary layer of the atmosphere:

      • Hi BAC, you may have missed Richard’s point, which was to show that its really not hotter now than it was more than 100 years ago when they claim c02 levels were lower.

        Seeing Richard’s posts today, he’s apparently been poking around on It must be starting to rub off on him. I applaud it Richard.

    • I am beginning to question the official CO2 measurements that say that the overall average is 400 ppm when the these numbers are showing 300 ppm. It’s an exercise in polemics. I don’t really give two craps what the CO2 readings are.

      No one will ever be able to prove to me that C02 is causing the climate to warm or anything else other than for trees to grow.

      If you look at a picture of an area that hasn’t been clear cut to accommodate the latest big box menace or suburban housing development, you will see much denser tree growth than the same area in 1960 or so.

      Again, I don’t care. I am not going to give any of my conveniences up in the name of a fake crisis, a fake pandemic or a fake world.

      In the words of a ficticious show:

      “I got my sprinklers going, I’m going to keep them going and to hell with the Arabs.”
      Lee Rondstat, Red Eye Leader, The Battle of Canoga Park – Rockford files aired 9/1977.

      • Yes, they lie about everything. Why wouldn’t they lie about “co2 levels” as well? As has been said many times, co2 is a such a miniscule portion of the atmosphere, it does not make sense that a small change could have a “climate” effect. The entire “climate” argument appears to be nothing but a BS pretext to control the populace. Welcome to the Matrix.

      • CO2 levels measured since 1958 are universally accepted as accurate. Before 1958, Antarctica ice core climate reconstructions are used. The CO2 level bounced between 180ppm and 280ppm for about 800,000 years, due to 100,000 year cycles of planetary geometry.

        The rise of the CO2 level from an estimated 280ppm in 1850, to a measured 420ppm today — up +50% — was caused entirely by manmade CO2 emissions, mainly from burning hydrocarbon fuels.

        Based on laboratory measurements of the effects of CO2, it is almost certain that a +50% increase of CO2 caused some of the +1 degree C. global warming estimated since 1850. There is also evidence of some greenhouse gas global warming using measurements in the atmosphere, but there are too many climate change variables to measure exactly what CO2 has done to the climate.

        The bottom line is CO2 increased +50% and harmed no one. In fact, more CO2 is good news. Our planet is greening from more CO2, because plants love more CO2. And the fact that some cold area now have warmer winter nights, such as Siberia and Northern Canada, is most likely from greenhouse gas warming. (increased solar energy causes global warming that mainly affects daytime high temperatures in the tropics, while greenhouse gas warming mainly affects nighttime low temperatures in colder nations).

        Think of warmer winter nights in Siberia as the “poster child” of greenhouse gas warming. How is that a climate emergency? It’s good news!

        • You won’t be saying that when all the ice at the poles melt and the land is covered with water and your electric car fills with water and kills the battery. Then you’ll have to get around in a sub. And you know how they’re powered? Batteries! Yeah. You’ll like batteries then!

    • Every summer they shout record high temp, well in temp statistics you are always getting record highs and record lows every year. Which is not surprising since the data set is not very many years.

      This year while they scream record high, at the exact same week on planet earth there are all kinds of record lows also, but of course they don’t mention those. It’s propaganda by cherry picking.

  9. It is extremely difficult to put one’s self into peril for strangers. Even harder when the situation’s outcome is far off in the future and extremely uncertain. And downright impossible to sacrifice yourself for a plant or animal. The big problem with the climate crisis is that humans will be just fine. In fact we’ll probably benefit from the warmer temperatures, as will our domesticated species, although there may be a period of migration to northern latitudes to regulate themselves. Much of the ruccus is over the species that will be rendered extinct because they cannot adapt or will alter themselves sufficiently to no longer be that species (evolve). Any direct impact on humans is usually spoken of in terms of highly unlikely “butterfly effect” collapses of the food chain.

    There may be a moral debate to have here (playing devil’s advocate for a minute). Is it right for “man” to take action that will destroy another species if aware of the consequences? What if, as science has discovered, the DNA strand that produces this or that species is only slightly different than another strand? We share 90% of our DNA with all other mammals* after all. The Abrahamic religions answered this question by God putting man in charge of Earth’s domain. By lowering man’s status to just another species, the worshipers of Gaia created a vaccum that demands totalitarianism as policy. And equal treatment of every species no matter the cost. Should the bill of rights be applied to single celled organisms?

    *which lends credence to the great engineer/creator but no that’s not up for discussion

  10. While I agree with the thrust of this article I believe there is a problem with some of the assertions. What is the motivation of the people in charge to decrease the living standards of average people? Just like the robber Barons of old the modern monied interests only profit from economic growth. They invest in the market to make their money. If stocks go down, if people buy less, if industries go under it hits their bottom line too.

    I agree that the modern climate kooks are a cult and their ideas currently get support from an administration that is untethered from reality. That will not continue for ever. They can paper over some losses by printing money for their special pet projects like EV’s but they can’t do it for everybody.

    Biden would get crushed in an election with anyone but the orange man. Even if he is re-elected he is on the clock and the next guy or gal (or whatever) will feel the wrath. Then most of their damage which was done with a pen stroke can be undone in the same manner.

    There will have to be a market correction because the real people that run things will demand it when they see their bottom line going down.

    I think we are just in a unique situation as we have an unhinged group of people that find themselves in power and are speeding full speed ahead to their own demise.

    • Eric has touched on this issue before. His point is that it’s not enough for the psychopaths to simply have more profits. They cannot abide seeing the common man enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The goal is a return to feudalism.

      “Biden would get crushed in an election with anyone but the orange man.” This assumes that elections are not rigged.

      • I doubt there are a number of psychopaths willing to trash their lifestyle to see some people suffer. Self preservation is usually strong with that group.

        You are right that elections are rigged. I think it would be harder to rig against a uniparty candidate. Remember Trump was hated by establishment R’s and D’s alike.

        Absent Trump the election riggers would probably want to toss Joe away as their profits have gone down and instead install an R that would boost the economy and not get in their way too much otherwise.

    • Cashy,

      This is about power – not money. And how does one exert power? By making others suffer. That is what these sick bastards are after. Once you understand this, everything else makes sense.

      • “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”. I don’t believe the enviro-nuts are motivated by malice. Very few people do things to cause suffering on purpose, most rationalize it as some sacrifice for the greater good. They expect that the changes they propose will lead to a world where we will all someday live, a sunny, happy, multi-ethnic paradise, singing and dancing, with pure water and crystal clean air. They’re idiots, not monsters.

        • Hi Cashy,

          It is important to differentiate between the Useful Idiots – people like Greta, people like the Stop Oil Idiots blocking traffic – and the ones behind the narrative. Read Lenin, if you want to understand how this works. Read Orwell, if you want to udnerstand why.

          • Hi Eric

            You have it exactly right, This is, and has always been about power. That is why the psychopaths focus on controlling the means to power. In the modern age that’s the Government (a gang of thieves and murderers writ large) their cronies in the banking cartels and the Ministry of Truth (mass/social media). Their combined power is focused on the agenda of those who own/control them. It spans many generations. The Plandemic demonstrated their control. Think of it as one of the most wide spread, damaging and expensive psych ops/experiments in human history. The consequences continue to pile up. As we enter the next crisis phase matters are going to escalate. How far they can push things before something really major breaks is a matter of some speculation. But once it does, nature will take its course. Be prepared.

            • Thanks, BJ –

              And, I agree. Something is going to break. Something serious. This “electrification” business is going to starve people out – as well as freeze them out. Forget driving – that’s the least our worries. Or will be, soon.

    • “What is the motivation of the people in charge to decrease the living standards of average people?”

      Leftists always want more power and control — rule by leftists “experts” is their goal. FAKE EXPERTS who are not experts on anything useful. The result will be slow or no economic growth. Now is the time to “sell” slow or no economic growth as being NEEDED for a glorious purpose — to prevent climate doom. Of course that’s just BS. The leftists just want power and rule by leftist “experts” will result in slow or no economic growth, They want to convince people that slow or no growth is a good thing. Propaganda like that takes time for an effect.

        • You are just getting used to me. Most people say I’m not as bad as they originally thought. Even the wife said that in 1978. ha ha

          I’m anti-government
          Pro-personal freedom
          since 1973

          The U.S. post-2019 decline towards fascism is invisible to most people and a disaster in progress. If the 2024 election is as dishonest as the 2020 election was, I expect a civil war, and not just a war of words.

    • Nonsense. Biden won because of massive election fraud. At all levels. Everywhere. In every state. Election fraud, that began in its current form in 2017, was intensified in the 2022 elections. We are gaslit to believe differently.

  11. I must take some issues with your glorification of so-called “robber barons”. The united States of America was largely successful due to the (lack of) ethics of most builders of industry, raking in millions in profits for themselves while ignoring the basic needs of those who made their success possible by their hard work. Yes, they provided jobs, but paid their people as little as possible, making it impossible for the average person to truly “get ahead”.
    It was common to see these “captains of industry” do their damnedest to pay their employees as little as possible while raking in massive profits benefiting only themselves.
    These “captains of industry” attempted to redeem themselves by establishing “foundations” (which guarded their wealth, making it tax exempt) and indirectly countering their own beliefs that it was not necessary to pay their employees a “decent wage”.
    They always pleaded poverty to their employees while living grand lives themselves.
    One must not forget the “company town” with the “company store” which was a more advanced form of “slavery”, putting people in bondage by charging artificially inflated prices for goods while their employees wages were “not quite enough” to escape the cycle. Those who attempted to escape the “company town” were threatened with lawsuits and more for “moneys owed” to the company…
    These injustices contributed to the rise of labor unions, which at first, were brutally suppressed.
    There were exceptions, such as Henry Ford, who almost single-handedly created the middle class by paying his employees well above “market wages” of the day. Ford’s $5.00 per day wage was not entirely altruistic as it was also instituted to stem “turnover” as assembly line work was monotonous, but his writings have stated that one of his objectives along with the institution of the 8-hour workday was to make it possible for workers to “enjoy the fruits of their labor”.
    It could be argued that Ford’s higher labor wages helped break the “robber baron” attitude of businesses of the day and also forestalled the imposition of a communistic socialistic “system here in the USA.
    Wall Street (((types))) howled that Ford’s wage rates would destroy the economy. Guess what?? The OPPOSITE happened. One could safely argue that Ford helped establish the middle class (which was finally available to the common man.
    A good example of “robber baron” attitudes that still exist today is the wage rates that Wal-Mart (Sam’s Club) pays its employees. In fact, company help is available to employees who need to fill out welfare benefits forms. Compare that with Costco (which has an identical business model to Sam’s Club) which pays its employees a decent wage.
    The “robber baron” label, being criticized by today’s proponents of “capitalism” and “free markets” have it wrong. We have never had truly “free markets”…
    Please keep in mind that there have not been any real, substantive wage increases (accounting for inflation) since 1970.

    • The Henry Ford Myths

      Henry Ford paid the least amount of wages that could be paid to get the workforce he needed to do the boring, repetitive work on an assembly line.

      Any Ford claim that he was altruistic is self-serving BS.

      The man had all his cars painted black because black paint dried faster in those days, and that saved a few cents.

      He was an engineering and labor productivity expert == those people do not pay more to employees than necessary to get the job done and retain employees. Good leaders never do.

      By repeatedly cost cutting the Model T, Ford gave the model a very long lifespan, but he almost broke the company by still pushing Model T sales after GM had introduced more desirable cars.

      Between 1908 and 1927, Ford would build some 15 million Model T cars. It was the longest production run of any automobile model in history until the Volkswagen Beetle surpassed it in 1972.

      • I disagree.
        Ford’s own writings did show a certain amount of altruism. He did want those who worked for him to “enjoy the fruits of their labor”.
        Automobiles were reserved for the wealthy until Ford came along. Ford understood the economies of scale, making millions of identical cars, yes as long as they were painted black. So what? Its a formula that worked.
        Before Ford, there was no middle class, unless you were in business for your self. Your statement: “those people do not pay more to employees than necessary to get the job done and retain employees” was the accepted mindset of the day (and is still taught in today’s business schools). Ford “broke that mold”. See my examples in my previous post comparing Costco wages to Sam’s Club wages.
        Yes, Ford was stuck in his ways, promoting and building the Model T beyond
        its lifespan when more up-to-date vehicles were available.
        Ford also recognized that it was those of the (((tribe))) (Wall Street and others) who were responsible for many of the world’s ills. Ford was vilified for exposing and disseminating the TRUTH.

        • Broken circular reasoning

          Ford is proven to be altruistic by quoting what Ford said about himself? That is a
          because he said so” argument that does not work for me.

          Ford was also a strong antisemite who supported Nazis when anyone with sense could see they were evil.

          Ford first voiced his anti-Semitic leanings in 1915, around the time of his “Peace Ship” episode. Eventually, his belief that the “International Jew” was the source of the world’s problems led him to conduct a campaign against them in the pages of his newspaper; The Dearborn Independent. The articles in Ford’s newspaper blamed the Jews for everything from the Bolshevik Revolution and the First World War to bootlegged liquor and cheap movies. They also accused the Jews of conspiring to enslave Christianity and destroy the “Anglo-Saxon” way of life. The articles were later gathered into book form and published under the title: The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.

          This book was translated into 16 languages, and was to have a profound influence upon the growing Nazi movement in Germany.

          Eventually, Ford publicly apologized for the articles in light of a legal suit. However; he continued to express his anti-Semitic beliefs in his private circles. In the 1930’s, he hired many fascist sympathizers, accepted an award from Hitler; and engaged in business ventures in Nazi Germany.

          • Richard,

            Ford was anti-Jewish. But he was also sympathetic to the working class. So also Hitler – whose people’s car was meant to emulate the Model T by making a car accessible to the masses. Not a defense of Hitler (to pre-empt the usual keening wails of outrage). Just a statement regarding the fact.

            By the way, did you know that VW still offers Wolfsburg Editions of its cars? Guess who “wolf” was . . .

            • Ford wanted to make a lot of money. He decided the less affluent Americans would want a cheap car and he filled that need , making a huge profit.

              Was that sympathy or just smart business?

              For many years, Henry Ford took annual camping trips with the “vagabonds” – his wealthy close friends Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs – with an entourage of servants, photographers, friends and family often in tow.

            • Hence why that little fortress in a dank swamp in present-day Poland, very close to the Russian evclave of Kaliningrad, where a one-armed Heer Oberst by the name of Klaus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg nearly got his Fuhrer blown to smithereens with a briefcase bomb, was named “Die Wulfsschanze”, or “Wolf’s Lair, as Herr Hitler preferred the psuedonym “Wolf”.

          • Ford had many business ventures overseas, including Germany, PRIOR to the Nazi regime. Including Russia, which the Bolshevist regime took over, but had to reestablish a partnership with Ford to get production going again, today’s Kamaz (Kama River Auto Zavod).

            Many prominent politicians “supporterd” Hitler prior to WWII. FDR spoke favorably of him and vowed to copy many of Hitler’s initiatives as part of his “New Deal”. Time magazine declared him “Man of thevYear” for 1938.

            There were other American car makers that had subsidiaries in Germany. GM’s Opel division produced about 30 percent of the trucks that the Wehrmacht rolled on, including the fanous “Maultier”. Yet I don’t hear anyone labeling Alfred Sloan as a Nazi sympathizer.

            Any other “whiny Jew” nonsense you care to expectorate. Sir?

    • My nephew works at a Walmart distrubution center. His base pay is $35/hr, 3 12 hour days a week. He has health insurance, overtime, production bonus pay and access to college tuition assistance. All this in a small Pennsylvania town where the most expensive thing is the government.

      Maybe that’s not typical, and for sure it isn’t a job just anyone can do. He works night shift, there’s repetitive lifting which will probably lead to long term injury if he stays there for another 10 years, and he’s probably under pressure to take on more work than he should. But then again, he’s just out of high school and doing this while looking for colleges (and to pay his own way).

    • Being paid chump.wages was generally how things WERE in America in the latec1800s up to WWI, not just by the so-called “robber barons”. You’ve bought into Leftist BULLSHIT, quoting the so-called “muckraker” journalists of the time, that beat that drum. Why? Simple. It SOLD newspapers and magazines.

      You might be familiar with the 1988 movie, “Eight Men Out”, about the 1919 Chicago “Black Sox”. White Sox owner Charles Comiskey has been lambasted as one of Baseball’s all-time “cheapskates”, with supposedly giving his players a case of flat champagne to “celebrate” their winning the 1919 AL pennant, and deducting the cost of laundering their uniforms from their pay. To be fair, Comiskey was not unique for being a tightwad among owners! Also, he, like Connie Mack, was a former Major Leaguer and a self-made man. Both were paid much LESS for their services than their counterparts that they both employed ca 1919! At least these “tightwads” built professional baseball into a more prosperous concern than what they’d known!

      I see no morality in paying a man more than he’s worth. Henry Ford’s raising wages in 1914 was a MARKET decision to deal with the cost of high turnover, not necessarily an act of “generosity”. How, Ford did believe that his workers should be able to buy what they produced, hence not only why the retail price of a “Flivver” dropped below $300, but he set up what became “Ford Credit” to help them finance cars…and the Banksters HATED him for that. BTW, Ford’s ideas for a cheap, mass-market car was studied by Ferdinand Porsche, and, once he came to power, Adolf Hitler, which resulted in what we know as the VW Beetle.

      As the late Paul Harvey would say…”And now you knowm..the REST of the story!”

  12. It’s astounding how those who belieeeeeeeeeeeeve in the climate change narratives don’t say squat about the U.S. military being the biggest polluters in the world, billionaire psychopaths flying around in private jets, the destruction of Nordstream 2 pipeline, the Biden Thing drilling for oil in Alaska, large wildfires that likely create MASSIVE carbon footprints, weather modification experiments being performed by the government, EVs actually being WORSE for the environment than gas vehicles, the idea of spraying chemicals in the sky to block the sun, etc. And one can only imagine how much environmental damage endless wars from the U.S. government & military-industrial complex has caused over the past 20+ years. But nope, we’re to believe that merely existing, driving cars, and eating meat destroys the planet and that eating bugs and frankenfood, driving an EV, and giving globalist organizations such as the WEF & UN MORE MONEY AND POWER will save the planet. It may be time to satirically tell the believers that John Kerry, Klaus Schwab, Al Gore, Bill Gates, etc., thanks them for buying their climate change BS.

  13. Another “cult” born in central Asia is driving this and they’ve captured all the major institutions. Trumpstein certainly won’t do anything about it. All over in this country. Maybe Russia can save themselves.

  14. RE: “The person who asks isn’t merely a questioner. He is a denier. The use of that term is no accident.”

    Reminds me of this other example:

    ‘The Culture of Violence in the American West
    Myth versus Reality’

    …”President Theodore Roosevelt “justified” the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos by calling them “savages, half-breeds, a wild and ignorant people” (qtd. in Powell 2006, 64). Dehumanization of certain groups of “resisters” at the hands of the state’s propaganda apparatus is a prerequisite for the culture of war and violence that has long been the main preoccupation of the U.S. state.”…

  15. Years ago I often wondered how a society could support dictators rise to power like Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini to name a few. Today I take a good look at today’s society here in America and wonder no more. Now the only thing that worries me is when the boot comes crashing down on us.

      • Humans are tribal. They prefer chiefs, kings, to groups of people as leaders. The best form of human government is a wise and benevolent king. Unfortunately they are infrequently wise and benevolent. Democracy/republics are just mob rule and only work a short time with certain peoples.

        • Cashy,

          The best for of government is self-government. As in, each of us governing ourselves. Being governed by a “benevolent” king is a contradiction – for government exercised by kings (or any other person) over others necessitates the threat and use of violence – and that can never be benevolent.

            • Hi Cashy,

              Yes, of course. My own life. And yours. Our lives with our families and friends – all based on self-government. There is also the example of the American republic, while it lasted. The people – in fact, as opposed to rhetoric – were largely left to govern themselves and did so remarkably well. Until government interceded and began governing them, circa 1861.

                • “The libertarian is also eminently realistic because he alone understands fully the nature of the State and its thrust for power. In contrast, it is the seemingly far more realistic conservative believer in “limited government” who is the truly impractical utopian. This conservative keeps repeating the litany that the central government should be severely limited by a constitution…. The idea of a strictly limited constitutional State was a noble experiment that failed, even under the most favorable and propitious circumstances….No, it is the conservative laissez-fairist, the man who puts all the guns and all the decision-making power into the hands of the central government and then says, “Limit yourself”; it is he who is truly the impractical utopian. – Murray Rothbard

                  • What conservative want to put all the guns and all the decision making in the hands of the central government? Not any that I know!

                    Anyway he’s full of it. America at it’s founding was close to a “limited government”, but there has never been an anarcho-capitalist/libertarian government-ever.

                    • You missed a lot of the point but you keep on believing in the fairy tale of “limited gov’t” and that “conservatives” conserve or conserved anything, ever.

                    • Comes close:

                      …”the Hanseatic League, for example, which was non-territorial, had no system of centralized hierarchy, and was based on a defense-for-members model that led to a high degree of prosperity and economic success for its members. Conflict between members were not decided by any state that enjoyed a monopoly on coercion, but on negotiation and arbitration.”…


        • Covered in the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon. If you wanted to be ruled by a King, then youre counting on gim being just and righteous. Else, if he’s cruel, unjust, and EVIL, he’ll cause a LOT of problems.

          OTOH, many monarchs and despots who “got shit done” did so could do so bc they didnt pay attention to “polls”.

          Luke Skywalker: Ive helped destroy the Second Death Star, and the evil Emperor Palpatine is dead!”

          Befuddled former Empire Officer: But Palpatine built bridges, roads, libraries, and schools! To is, he was “Palpatine…the ‘Consensus Builder’ !”

  16. I’m reminded also of one of my favorite articles:

    ‘The Not So Wild, Wild West’

    …”We propose to examine property-rights formulation and protection under voluntary organizations […] we believe that government as a legitimate agency of coercion was absent for a long enough period to provide insights into the operation and viability of property rights in the absence of a formal state. […]

    In conclusion, it appears in the absence of formal government, that the Western frontier was not as wild as legend would have us believe.”…

    • That’s what Detective John Spartan, former LAPD, now San Angeles PD, advised Lt. Huxley in “Demolition Man”.

    • Oh man, it was pretty terrible at daybreak this morning here in Iowa, less than 1/4 mile of visibility, like a thick fog.

      The weathermen didn’t mention either fog or smoke in their weather reports. Had to go here to see it was ‘Moderate’ smoke (moderate, my ass):

    • If anything, the Air Quality in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Regina is a lot WORSE. But in the case of Alberta, you may as well be discussing UTAH. “Fidelito” doesnt give a shit about the Western provines, save for a few Vancouver wokesters.

    • Nice link, helot. This would have been a great scholarly article to direct Cashy to rebutting his argument that collectivist authoritarianism is necessary for dealing with pollution. He does always yearn for a credentialed authority.

      • That’s not a very good article. I think it was a term paper to “Take the Free Market approach to pollution control”. It proved too difficult for the author. Probably got a “C”.

        Look I am all for free market solutions when available and practical. The environmental free market solutions are neither available or practical.

        Firstly the article is just a critical view of the government solution and virtually nothing about a non government solution. The non-government solution is basically: torts.

        He talks about the difficulty the government has in determining actual damage and quantifying it in fines and regulation standards. Ah but that would be the same for a court system. And it would be a jury trying to sift through reams of data not environmental engineers, that at least understand the issues.

        As much as I like the jury system in principle, in practice it has become a mess with either uniformed or biased jurors and manipulative and greedy lawyers. Do we really want the ambulance chasers setting our environmental standards?

        Anyway as I have mentioned before most of the worst polluters have long since gone out of business and there would be no way to parse mega disasters like Lake Erie or LA smog.

        • Cashy: Look, I love the free market and the jury system as much as the next guy, but trust me, we really really need collectivist authoritarianism. Let’s just trust the experts here guys.

          Cashy assumes there does not exist any uniformed, biased, manipulative or greedy politicians or bureaucrats. Haa haa haa. Haa haa haa. . . Always an apologist for the state.

          • Some “collectivist authoritarian” government has always been present in human societies. The least possible of it has turned out to be the best.

            You will always have uninformed, biased, greedy, people. That’s why you need the authoritarian part. Even in a completely free and governmentless society.

            • We’ve always had collectivist authoritarian government and collectivist authoritarian government -Cashy

              We’ve always been at war with Eastasia. -George Orwell, 1984

              “You will always have uninformed, biased, greedy, people. That’s why you need the authoritarian part.” -Cashy

              Once again, the Somalia argument.

        • A term paper? A C grade? You’re still choosing to be willfully ignorant.

          The author is a professor of economics at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

          And I’m sure you read all the URL’s in the article. Psft.

          Like this one:

          ‘When Pollution Is a Violation of Property Rights’

          …”The government is supposed to resolve conflicts, not create them. Perhaps it is time to reconsider how we make laws and protect property rights.”…

          • Yes I like the idea mentioned in the article of Compensatory Law. That’s not a bad idea. I’m sympathetic to the idea of justice through the court system but it seems impractical today. Remember Rothbard lived and wrote in an era when most Americans were sane and rational. If he were alive today he would probably run screaming to the woods when he saw the amount of craziness that passes for normal.

            • Cashy,

              I’d be happy if – as regards government regs – the government were obliged to do a facts-based cost-benefit analysis that established the actual costs of the proposed reg were less than the provable benefits. In other words, no more regs based on asserted benefits – at whatever cost.

              Also: No more regs, period, that regulate personal cost-benefit decisions, such as those pertaining to “safety.” This being none of the government’s legitimate business.

  17. The Crisis deepens on the European front, comrades:

    ‘The eurozone’s downturn deepened as the region’s composite Purchasing Managers Index decreased by 1.0 to 48.9 on the back of a broad-based decline across sectors, with weakening demand triggered the steepest decline in manufacturing orders since 2009.

    ‘Germany’s PMI decreased by 2.3 to 48.3, below consensus expectations. Its decline was broad-based across sectors, led by the manufacturing output index as it fell to a 38-month low.’ — ZH

    Cut off cheap gas from the evil Roooooooskies, and whut happens? Industry nosedives! Who coulda node?

    Sheesh … shoulda left them Ukies alone. 🙁

    • The Eurozone has been confirmed as entering a ‘technical recession’ after the region shrank by 0.1% in Q1 2023, marking two consecutive quarters of contracting GDP. The slowdown comes after higher energy prices contributed to curbing demand in Europe’s largest economy and surging inflation.

      Seems to be getting worse.

  18. But there is a “crisis” afoot. It’s called government, and its corporate creations. It is by far the most dangerous entity on the planet, and getting more dangerous by the hour. At this very moment they are holding the threat of nuclear war over our heads. Wow! Talk about climate change! First an abundance of “global warming”, followed shortly thereafter by an abundance of cooling, as in nuclear winter. But first they want us all moved into 15 minute cities to make us easy targets. The 15 minute part and the no cars part to make sure you can’t get away. So much for Civil Defense. They are as concerned for our welfare as they are with the temperature at the South pole. There only concern for us is how much they can suck out of us before they kill at least half of us, and make the rest destitute. Back on the plantation is exactly where they want us.

    • Hi John,

      That’s something else these climate change belieeeeeeeeeeeevers don’t seem too concerned about…..the prospect of nuclear war, or even World War III. Have they been conditioned to believe that war is GOOD if Joe Biden does it because “Putin Baaaaaaaaaaaad!”?

        • Hi Liberty,

          If these people have also been conditioned to believe “Putin Baaaaaaaaaaaad”, they’ll call those bombs glorious if they come from “Joe Biden”, but if they come from Russia, they’ll screech about “Putin Baaaaaaaaaaaad destroying the planet”. These people have so many inconsistencies in their arguments and thinking it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

  19. ‘The “crisis” must be feared and regarded as imminent – with belligerent, End Times certainty.’ — eric

    Permanent crisis — the premature death crisis; the Ukraine crisis; the climate crisis — is so normal as to have become a novelistic device. From London Fields by Martin Amis:

    ‘Sometimes I wonder whether I can keep the world situation out of the novel: the crisis, now sometimes called the Crisis (they can’t be serious). Maybe it’s like the weather. Maybe you can’t keep it out.

    ‘Will it reach the conclusion it appears to crave — will the Crisis reach the Conclusion? Is it just the nature of the beast? We’ll see. I certainly hope not. I would lose many potential readers, and all my work would have been in vain. And that would be a real bitch.’

    Amis never defines the Crisis, but frequently refers to ‘dead clouds’ and a ‘low sun’ that hangs just above the horizon all day. Owl Gore is familiar with that ominous low sun, from his frequent carbon-spewing, arctic jet rides on the Great Circle route. How does the owl go? Hoo, hoo, hoo!


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