Goldilocks Vehicles

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An interesting thing about electric vehicles is that they are also Goldilocks Vehicles – in that they need conditions to be just right in order for them to work right.

Or at least, as well as they are able.

If it’s cold out – and especially if it is very cold – EVs shed range faster than any “gas hog” drains its tank. Even when the EV is parked – if it is left unplugged. In the very cold, it is not unusual to lose 10-20 miles of range overnight that way – just from sitting in the cold.

And it takes forever to refill the energy hog’s “tank” – because the colder it is, the longer it takes to recharge its batteries. Especially at home, where the electricity burned keeping the battery warm in the cold eats up the electricity being “pumped” into the battery via the house.

It’s kind of like trying to fill up a sieve.

Word about all of this got out to the general public last winter – which was the first winter during which more than a relative handful of EVs (which even now are only about 6 percent of all new cars sold) were in use in places other than places where it doesn’t get very cold, such as Los Angeles, CA. Most people – having never owned or even driven an EV – did not know about the cold weather-variability of charge (and range) because people were only told about how EVs perform under optimum conditions, in the goldilocks zone.

They now know how the effect of cold weather on EV battery performance – many of them from first-hand experience.

This may be part of the reason why EV sales after last winter took a dive. Inventories of unsold new EVs have been stacking up all summer – and now word is getting out about the effect of warm (and very hot) weather on EV performance.

“Significant declines” in range have been reported – as much as 31 percent when the EV was subjected to 100 degree heat. And that loss is more than it sounds like it is, when it comes to EVs – whether it’s very hot or very cold outside – because most EVs come standard with less than 300 miles of range when driven in goldilocks conditions. Not too cold – and not too hot. 

This includes even high-end luxury EVs such as the ’23 Mercedes EQE recently test-driven by this writer. The base ($79,050) EQE 350 comes standard with just 253 miles of best-case range, under goldilocks conditions.

The loss of 31 percent of that range in less-than-ideal conditions (because the heat is drawing power from the battery to keep it – and you – cool) would leave the owner with only about 175 miles of range, about a quarter of a tank for a typical non-electric car. And that is less than it sounds like it is, because if you run out of range in an EV, you cannot just roll into the nearest gas station to fill ‘er up. You’ll be stuck waiting at a “fast” charger, which you may not have time for.

Assuming you make it there.

So, it’s necessary to always keep enough charge in reserve to make sure you can make it to where you have the time to recharge – whether at home or on the way there. If that means never letting the remaining charge drop below say 10 percent – especially when conditions are less-than-ideal and that 10 percent may get burned through 31 percent faster. Thus, even a putative “300 mile range” is functionally 10 percent less than that – or 270 miles. And that latter might be 31 percent optimistic, in which case you’ve only got about 190 miles of realistic range in less-than-ideal conditions.

This assumes, of course, that you had 300 miles of range under best-case conditions.

Most EVs with MSRPs under $50,000 don’t. They have best-case ranges in the range of 230-280 miles. For example, the ’23 Ford Mustang Mach E – which lists for $42,995 – comes standard with just 247 miles of range (224, if you opt for the available dual-motor set-up and all-wheel-drive). You have to spend $7,000 extra to get the “extended range” battery – which gives you 303 miles of range.

Maybe. If it’s not too cold – or too hot. If you don’t use the AC – or the heat – much. Even the soyest of boys are acknowledging this, while also apologizing for this.

Well, what is 31 percent less than a fully-charged 247 miles? It is 171 miles. Now subtract another 10 percent from that, so you’ll have enough range (hopefully) to make it to a place where you can charge – and have the time to wait. That’s about 154 miles of range – which is not very far when you have places to go and don’t have time to wait.

And if you only started out with 50 percent charge – because you didn’t have time to wait for a full charge – you might only be able to go 85 miles, if you shed 31 percent of the 123 putative, best-case miles you thought you had with a 50 percent charge. Less the 10 percent of that you’d probably want to not burn through and keep in reserve.

Is it any wonder there aren’t people waiting to get EVs?

This column – and even the “mainstream” – media have noted that EV inventories are piling up like boxes of unused Face Diapers. The reason for this – in both cases – is essentially the same. People are cluing in to the fraud – and are no longer buying into what they’ve been lied to about.

What is the point of wearing a “mask” that doesn’t work? Assuming the point isn’t to trick people into believing that it “works”? And what is the point of tryin to trick people into believing that an EV will work just like the vehicles they’re used to . . . ?

Unless of course that is the point.

The good news is more and more people are cluing in to these tricks – and a point arrives after which it becomes much harder to trick them again, for they have shed their trust and now assume they’re being lied to.

This is salutary. It is healthy. When people are more careful, they’re less likely to be taken for a ride.

Or left to walk.

. . .

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    • Same information at Reuters today:

      >Tesla years ago began exaggerating its vehicles’ potential driving distance – by rigging their range-estimating software.

      >Tesla was fined earlier this year by South Korean regulators who found the cars delivered as little as half their advertised range in cold weather. Another recent study found that three Tesla models averaged 26% below their advertised ranges.

      >Advisers would normally run remote diagnostics on customers’ cars and try to call them, the people said. They were trained to tell customers that the EPA-approved range estimates were just a prediction, not an actual measurement, and that batteries degrade over time, which can reduce range. Advisors would offer tips on extending range by changing driving habits.

      >If the remote diagnostics found anything else wrong with the vehicle that was not related to driving range, advisors were instructed not to tell the customer, one of the sources said. Managers told them to close the cases.

      >Tesla also updated its phone app so that any customer who complained about range could no longer book service appointments, one of the sources said.

      “Say anything about it, you’re in trouble with The Man.
      Let the Midnight Special shine its light on me.”

      eLoon, meet Ollie.

      • The tapping of the xylophone or whatever by a Tesla douche to signal a “diversion” while the customer was on mute was a classy touch. Not a real business and E-loon’s an intelligence agency cutout.

      • Meanwhile, back in Gotham City,

        >As e-bikes proliferate, so do deadly fires blamed on exploding lithium-ion batteries

        >These aren’t typical fires, said New York City Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh. The batteries don’t smolder; they explode.

        >With some 65,000 e-bikes zipping through its streets — more than any other place in the U.S. — New York City is the epicenter of battery-related fires. There have been 100 such blazes so far this year, resulting in 13 deaths, already more than double the six fatalities last year.

        >Nationally, there were more than 200 battery-related fires reported to the commission — an obvious undercount — from 39 states over the past two years, including 19 deaths blamed on so-called micromobility devices that include battery-powered scooters, bicycles and hoverboards.

    • ‘This should surprise no one.’ — Funk Doctor Spidock

      EeeVeeGate — it’s here.

      From Eeelon, down to his Big Gov enablers Buttigieg and Regan, all the EeeVee hype has been a scam, a hustle, a shakedown … a pump ‘n dump.

      Now they got caught. But they don’t care: who you gonna believe — me, me, me … or your lyin’ eyes?

      Nothin’ to see here, folks. Solid-state Magic Batteries will extend your range to 999 miles … or your money back!

      This way to the egress, my friends —>

  1. Jesus Christ! Nothing like having another “Chicken Little” turning a mole-hill into a 4-Alarm Meltdown Crisis. I had a similar experience yesterday with an “Officer-Chicken Little”. I’m not going into details, but I swear, these people need to get a fucking life and stop irriating the rest of us that actually have one, lol!

    • Hi John,

      This EV thing is elaborating like the COVID thing. Both preceded by hysteria and deliberate suppression of relevant information; as the truth about the threat of COVID and the worthlessness of “masks” and “vaccines” began to leak out, the puissance of the narrative began to wane. I see this happening now with EeeeeeeeeVeeeees. It is necessary to kick them when they’re down – so that they never get back up.

  2. When we “climate deniers” cite good weather in the present, or bad weather in the past, as evidence that there is no climate emergency, we are laughed at for not knowing the difference between weather and climate. But while climate isn’t defined by isolated weather events, neither is it defined by minuscule variations in temperature, is it?
    I recall that when we studied geography in elementary school, one characteristic listed for every country was climate. It always had a very general descriptor: Tropical, Temperate, Continental, Polar. To believe in climate change, you’d have to think that Virginia is going to go from a temperate climate to tropical, polar, or one of the others.
    So we should not concede that, well yes, the climate is always changing. Because it is not, and likely will not for hundreds if not thousands of years. Deserts will be deserts, and the US Midwest will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Anybody citing computer models of tiny differences in temperatures as evidence of “climate change” is a liar.

    • Speaking of ban hammers, I made this exact argument on a weather site, the very appropriately named Weather Underground, comment section a few years ago. There was a rabid nest of self described leftist climate freaks on there. I was banned from commenting there that day after just 2 comments. The hoo ha cheering of the silencing was creepy.

        • Yeah, none of us want to hear about global warming when forty below arrives. Granted, the last seventy below spell we had was February of ’97, and when it warmed up to about forty below, it didn’t feel too bad, -20 below felt great, and zero was quite literally t-shirt weather.

        • Oh so you don’t want to debate me because it’s teaching geometry to cats but you go to enviro site to bug them with your phony nonsense numbers? And you call others troll!

      • Not surprised. I met one of the guys who started WU at a party in a leftist Midwest college town. Those places are filled with his type.

  3. If there IS a “climate crisis” as we’re constantly told, it’s far more likely that it’s from the US government, the military-industrial complex, and the globalist/ technocratic elite than from ordinary people driving gas powered vehicles, eating meat, or running a farm…but nope, we’re to believe that giving these psychopaths MORE money & power, closing down farms, killing cows and pets, eating bugs & frankenfood, driving an EV, living in “15 minute cities”, etc., will “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet”.

    Some things these psychopaths have been doing for a long time that likely has negative environmental impacts….

    Chemtrailing the skies
    Endless wars for 20+ years
    Using glyphosate
    Trying to geoengineer food using CRISPR technology
    Weather modification experiments
    Forest fires that start (be it by lightning strikes, human activity, or something else) and instead of putting them out, bureaucrats “let them burn” by letting them grow and calling them PRESCRIBED BURNS, and to really scare the masses, if those fires get out of control, they claim that CLIMATE CHANGE caused them
    This MASSIVE push for “electric vehicles for all”.
    I’m sure there are others…..

    And now the Biden Thing is ALL IN with Bill Gates’ idea of blocking the sun, which could have all sorts of unintended consequences.

    • In all fairness I just cannot get excited about geoengineering. It’s been going on since at least the 1950s, usually as a psychological weapon. In the short term (less than 100 years) man CANNOT change the climate. Neither by living modern lives, nor deliberately. So dumping some plane loads of nanoparticles you might affect some local weather by increasing or moving precipitation. A day or two later, it will be cleared by nature.

      Which is why I’m a cheerleader for clean, effective, efficient natural fuels like coal, petroleum, and nuclear. As a thought experiment imagine how fouled the local environment would be with billions more horses for mobility, shitting everywhere whenever they need to. Or 7 billion people burning peat, wood, or cheap coal in a small fireplace without enough oxygen?

  4. The headline this morning is that “Dangerous 110-degree heat” is heading toward us here in the Midwest. Yikes! But read a little further and you’ll find: “Afternoon temperatures may feel as high as 110 degrees, especially in the city” (emphasis added). So 110 is the predicted heat index, not air temperature. Then even farther down: “This won’t be record-setting heat. July into August is traditionally the hottest part of the year… Daily record high temperatures for this time of year are well above 100 degrees.” Turns out the actual air temperature is forecast to be 101 Thursday and 102 Friday. The records are 106 and 108, both set in 1930. The last time I recall a string of 110-plus days was in the 1980s.
    To their credit, there is no mention of “climate change” in the story. But the headline has already done the damage. Extreme! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    • Hi Roland,

      That tends to be what corporate media does anymore…..they run a SCARY headline, or one that advances a particular agenda or narrative, and people who’ve bought the fear porn or narratives hook, line, and sinker tend to regurgitate it uncritically on social media and elsewhere. We saw that big time with COVID and the experimental pharma jabs. Will they eventually do what the New York Times recently did with “COVID deaths” and admit that this whole climate change thing was overblown?

      • John, my favorite headline of all time was on a story that described how a small town near us was losing something like $40,000 a year running its new recycling center. The headline? “Mayor Says Recycling Pays.”

        • Roland,

          Here’s another headline you may get a kick out of…..during COVID time, there was one media outlet that ran a story with a headline along the lines of “Large study proves face masks work”, but when one actually read the story or went to the website with the study that the story had the link to, it said NO such thing. But, I’m sure the face diaper zealots regurgitated that headline uncritically.

    • Carbon dioxide causes about 20 percent of Earth’s greenhouse effect; water vapor accounts for about 50 percent; and clouds account for 25 percent. The rest is caused by small particles (aerosols) and minor greenhouse gases like methane.

      The greenhouse effect is believed to keep our planet 33 degrees C. warmer than it would otherwise be. It keeps outdoor plants from freezing every night.

      If CO2 is about +6.5 degrees C. of the total +33 degrees C greenhouse effect That means it is capable of +6.5 degrees C. of global warming. That is a lot of warming considering the average temperature of our planet today is 15 degrees C. These are rough estimates, not measurements, but they are the official government and IPCC consensus.

      It would be a good idea for conservatives to NOT talk about how small the concentration of CO2 is in the atmosphere (currently 0.042%) because the maximum possible effect of CO2 would take perhaps only 0.5% CO2. The small concentrations are not the important fact.

      The much more important fact is that about 2/3 of the total potential global warming effect of CO2 has already happened, and no one was harmed. In fact, much of the CO2 warming is from the first 0.01% of CO2.

      We should all be thankful for our current climate. It does not get much better than now for our planet. An ideal climate is during an interglacial — a warm period during an age ice –and a mild global warming period during that interglacial.

      The GOOD NEWS is we are living in an interglacial period, for the past 12,000 years, and living in a mild warming period that started in the 1690s.

      So we should be celebrating the current climate

      This is the best climate for humans, animals and plants in at least 5,000 years.

      From 5000 to 9000 years ago, the climate was estimated to have been about +1 degree c. warmer than today. That was considered such good news it was named the Holocene Climate Optimum.

      The IPCC is currently predicting the climate will be +1 degree C. warmer in the FUTURE. Howvever, they are not calling that a new Climate Optimum. They are claiming that will be a climate emergency.

      In summary, slightly warmer than today in the PAST was GOOD news but slightly warmer than today in the FUTURE is BAD news.

      The IPCC actually contradicts themselves.

      The IPCC realized teirt contradiction was a problem recently and they are now trying to claim the warm period 5000 to 9000 years ago never happened. … I promise i am not making this up. I have followed climate science since 1997 and am still amazed by the science fraud, which includes “revising” historical climate measurements and estimates to fit the current desired leftist climate narrative.

  5. He’s a troll. I just stepped back and saw the pattern. He’s like the Monty Python character who contradicts everyone and when called on it says “no I don’t”.

    • Greg in LA:

      Exactly. The only engagement I’d have with a shill like urthlubber would be mercilessly mocking and berating. Those types of useless sacks are not here to learn, only here to suck up time and bandwidth. Probably a paid bot who get .10 per comment by some NGO trying to suck th life out of any forum that doesn’t tow the line.

  6. Here’s an idea for an article: Describe the challenges of electric car range as compared to an ICE vehicle.

    Really though, my neighbors with Teslas see certain advantages, even here in Minnesota. Having a home charger and commuting less than 120 miles works even on really cold days. My thought, if I had such a car, would be the telecommuting option when it was really awful. Heck, I do that even with my ICE car.

    There are two other rather transient yet satisfying advantages that make a Tesla interesting to me. First is the maintenance schedule. Second, and more appealing to me, is bypassing the car dealers. Those people have made the experience of purchasing intimidating, confusing, and riddled with deception.

    • In the past few years, I have found three sources of the most interesting facts about electric vehicles:

      Ford engineers designing future EVs (I worked in Ford product development for 27 years and had engineering contacts there until the end of 2022)

      EP’s honest EV auto reviews

      Articles about journalists, or just ordinary folks, who took a long trip in an EV. Always a tedious disaster story that makes my thankful I own an ICE vehicle..

      My conclusion:

      The Ford engineers don’t like EVs they are designing, unless they sold for less than ICE vehicles, rather than more, and are only used for short trips.

      EP doesn’t like EVs

      People who do long drives with an EV and then say “never again”

      No one likes the higher price of EVs

      This would seem to add up to a consensus that completely contradicts the EV cheerleaders.

  7. Reduce the reliability of the electric grid with solar panels and bird shredders.

    Use more electricity with EVs, and other electric appliances.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    If you think about Biden decisions in general (or whoever makes his decisions), you would think he was deliberately trying to ruin everything that works.

    Could this be a devious strategy to destroy capitalism?

    When the US economy is in bad shape, it will be easy to demonize capitalism and promote socialism.

    • This is Brave New World and WEF you will own nothing and be happy and everything will be delivered to you. This has been in play for a long time.

  8. An interesting phenomenon.
    I’m 69, and spent most of my life in construction, on site. Much of that spent working outdoors. I’m seeing something here in Missouri I have never noticed before. 90+ degree days for a month, with cloudy skies. It’s 100 here today, and once again cloudy. Perhaps caused by the Canadian fires, or geoengineering using the smoke cloud for cover. Who knows. I have no proof or evidence other than my experience. Any time it got dangerously hot, we spent a lot of time looking for shade, even crawling under the truck for it when it wasn’t readily available. There is none out there today.

  9. Work from home is ending for many companies as they find there’s a benefit to having everyone back in the office. I think white collar work will slowly move to a more hybrid solution or at least be more accommodating then managment was in the past. There was a time when even asking about working from home a few days a week wasn’t even an option. But now that people worked remotely over the pandemic and made it work (badly) it’s on the table.

    EV car owners will likely abuse the privilege, because their transportation is inherently less reliable than ICE driven vehicles. This will be a problem for both employers and employees. Employers might not consider an EV owner for a promotion because they’re out of sight at home too often. Or indeed that EV may even become a liability for the employee only because there aren’t as many days that are amenable to travel by EV.

    And of course, this will trigger a bunch of new lawsuits for discrimination. Employers can’t force an employee to buy a certain vehicle, only that they must have “reliable transportation.” And it’s pretty much proven that remote workers are at a disadvantage over on site employees as far as having the attention of the boss.

  10. Electric Car Accident Statistics

    “New EV owners are three times more likely to be in a crash partly because drivers aren’t used to instant torque associated with EVs.”

    Then this:

    “The U.S. has one of the highest rates of motor-vehicle deaths in the developed world, with an estimated 46,270 fatalities in 2022.”

    “One-third of EV accidents involve cyclists and pedestrians, about 1.5 times more than ICE crashes. Predominantly this is because EVs are relatively silent than ICE.”

    “Road traffic deaths in 2022 were down 2% from 46,980 in 2021 but up 9% from 42,339 in 2020.”

    2019 had more than 36,000, 2020 had more than 42,000, 2021 had more than 46,000, all the while, EV sales increased.

    Too much drinking and driving or too many EV’s creating more problems than expected?

    Looks like EV’s are causing an upset in the traveling world though not reported, even though the evidence is there.

    One percent of the cars are EV’s out there and seems as though there might be a collateral damage situation being buried deep into the ground.

    The 5000 pound electric gorilla in the room.

    Correlation is not causation, but there is something wrong.

    Could very well be.

    • “New EV owners are three times more likely to be in a crash partly because drivers aren’t used to instant torque associated with EVs.”

      This is the claim.

      As a blog editor who recommends 40 conservative articles every day of the year, my only skill is deciding if the author of an article knows what he or she is talking about. For example, I trust EP auto reviews of EVs and find most others to be EV cheerleading.

      The claim above made my internal BS meter explode (I have a BS degree). I looked up some crash data on Teslas and now believe, with high confidence, that claim about EV drivers crashing much more often is total BS.

      “Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the world’s largest telematics service provider, recently set out to answer some of these questions. According to a widely circulated press release, CMT found that Tesla cars were 50% less likely to have accidents than comparable gas-driven cars.” Apr 5, 2023


  11. You guys are a bunch of grouchy old men! You sound like great grandpa whining about how much better horses were then cars: “you don’t have to pour foul gas into them just lead them to a stream with grass next to it!”

    You all are going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21 century and forced to give up your noisy, loud, stinky, smokey, pollution mobiles in favor of quiet, efficient, clean, earth friendly, Electric cars!

    Bitch all you want but that’s the future like it or not. You’d be better off realizing it and supporting it then fighting a losing battle against smarter and better people!

      • You will know karma! You are all horrible horrible people for your selfish desires that would destroy the earth if good and decent people hadn’t rose up to stop you. You still don’t see the light. Fortunately you are dying off and will be replaced by much better people!

        • Hello earthluvr –

          I hope your post was in jest. If not, you might want to look into the earth rape involved in making just one 1,000 pound EeeeeeeeVeeeee battery pack. Never mind the nearly 2,000 pound battery pack in EeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee trucks like the Ford Lightning.

        • Just forget that EVs are worse for the environment and use child slave labor to procure the much needed rare earth minerals needed for the battery. You know, the same earth you have a demonic, Satanic, occult like hard-on for? You can believe whatever the hell you want but keep your Satanic shit to yourself. I will not be dragged kicking and screaming. I will fight like hell against insane people like you because the future you envision for the rest of us is nothing short of slavery.

    • Earthluvr –

      I’m not an old man – and even if I were, how would that bear on the facts?

      As far as horses and cars: Read up on history. Cars won because they were better – and the market decided. Today, the government is deciding – and replacing (via mandates and regs) affordable cars that aren’t tethered to a cord (and the grid) with unaffordable EVs that force people to drive less and wait longer.

      And, PS: These energy hogs aren’t efficient or “green,” either.

      If you are at all open-minded this might be of interest:

      • Man made climate change through excessive CO2 must be stopped! There is no argument to that! Scientists have confirmed it and every country on the planet agrees. It is only in america where there are still so many that would continue to rape the earth for their selfish desires. Electric cars powered by solar and wind will be the way forward. You can make all the false arguments you want but that is where we are going because people care about the future and the world we leave our children. You wrote all these hate filled articles to try and convince gullible people otherwise but many more see the truth!

        • Earthluvr writes:

          “Man made climate change through excessive CO2 must be stopped! ”

          Why? There is no data establishing as fact that any materially harmful result has occurred as a result of increasing the 0.04 percent of the earth’s atmosphere that is C02 by a fraction of a percent (that would be man-made “emissions” of C02).

          I bet you didn’t even know what percent of the Earth’s atmosphere is C02. Be honest – did you?

          Does it not bother you at all that literally every assertion made about imminent “climate crisis” over the past 50 years has been proved wrong? Why do you believe the latest assertions are right? The
          “experts” say so? The same “experts” who told you to take “safe and effective” vaccines – and grotesquely exaggerated the threat of “COVID”?

          And if you think 400-800 volt EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees can be powered by wind farms and solar, you’ve clearly not looked into the power requirements.

          ” It is only in america where there are still so many that would continue to rape the earth for their selfish desires.”

          You mean like using child labor to manually claw cobalt out of the Earth in the Congo? How about the fouling of oceans of what had been clean water to leach out lithium from brine?

          What happens to potentially millions of tons of toxic, spent Eeeeeeeeveeeeee batteries that aren’t worth recycling?

          • “Does it not bother you at all that literally every assertion made about imminent “climate crisis” over the past 50 years has been proved wrong?”
            Worse yet, NONE have proven RIGHT.

          • No child’s are digging in Africa, that is fake news. Those are good jobs why would men not want them? You are libertarian should’nt the child work if he wants!

            All the batteries will be recycled. If it pays to recycle junk cars then old batteries will be like gold.

            You all keep saying that the climate predictions are wrong. That is a lie! The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising, there are terrible hot temps across the world. The winters are warm. Tornados hit everywhere! Mother Earth is striking back and still you deny it!!!

            • “The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising”

              Wrong again, says your favorite fact checker.

              Seasonal low (September) sea ice extent in the Arctic had a trough in 2012 and was in an uptrend through 2022. The 2023 data for September are not yet available. Since Arctic ice is floating ice, the melting causes no sea level rise.

              Antarctica is just as cold, and has just as MUCH ICE, as in the 1970s. One important reason is CO2 emissions have no effect on most of Antarctica, because it has a has a permanent temperature inversion that prevents convection. There has been a slight amount of LOCAL ice melting of some Antarctica ice shelves that are located over or near underseas volcanoes. The small amount of melting of some ice shelves is below the margin of error for the Antarctica TOTAL ice mass estimates.

              Antarctica holds 90% of Earth’s ice. The lack of melting of Antarctica ice is the reason why global relative sea level rise, measured with NOAA tide gauges around the world, has not accelerated during the global warming from 1975 to 2014.

              Sea level rise was slightly slower from 1940 to 1975, during a global cooling period, and slightly faster during the global warming period after 1975. But a glance at 19 long term tide gauge charts (link below) shows what appears to be a near constant rise rate since the late 1800s.


              A little climate science knowledge is all that I need to refute your climate scaremongering. You ought to try learning science some day. Science requires data. Scary predictions are not data.

              … About that allegedly “unprecedented” bad weather these days — that’s a fantasy too:



              SINCE THE 1950s.



              • Your data is wrong. Probably from the same internet sources that think there is no covid virus.

                Record-breaking carbon dioxide levels

                Factory releasing emissions.
                Scientists measured more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has been in 800,000 years. (Image credit: Shutterstock)
                This year, scientists measured more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has been for 800,000 years — since before our species evolved.

                Alaska got hotter than NYC in 2019

                This year, for the first time in recorded history, Anchorage, Alaska, reached 90 degrees

                The Arctic permafrost is rapidly disappearing

                This year, we learned that in the Canadian Arctic, layers of permafrost that scientists expected to remain frozen for at least 70 years have already begun thawing.

                More than half of the Greenland ice sheet melted

                A staggering 217 billion tons (197 billion metric tons) of meltwater flowed off Greenland’s ice sheet into the Atlantic Ocean this July. The worst day of melting was July 31, 2019 when 11 billion tons (10 billion metric tons) of melted ice poured into the ocean.

                There are many signs of the coming disaster. You prefer to put your head in the sand and find cherry picked statistics. Then crow that you are some expert!

                • Citations please. I know the you just made it up, but sources are required for any argument. By the the way you are so full of shit it comes out your ears. So ignore my last sentence and bring a grownups argument to this table.

                • I could fact check every claim you make but am not willing to waste that much time. So i will fact check a few false claims.

                  The false claim of rapid ice melting is refuted by tide gauge records from NOAA, which is part of the US government.
                  In a prior comment I provided a link to 19 long tern NOAA tide gauge charts that you apparently did not look at

                  All data I provided were compiled by US federal government agencies and US state governments. They are the official government data.

                  Your claim that half of Greenland’s ice has melted is a lie. The total volume of Greenland’s ice sheet is about 2,900,000 km3. A typical 10 years of ice loss, from 1996 to 2005, was equivalent to 0.05% of that total Greenland ice volume.

                  The current temperature in NYC is 71 degrees F. The current temperature in Anchorage Alaska is 59 degrees F. I bet people living in Alaska would LOVE to be 71 degrees F. right now.

                  Eight and one half million people must enjoy the warm NYC climate, since that many people live in NYC.

                  If you are trying to convince us that warming in Alaska is bad news, you are barking up the wrong tree.

                  Here in SE Michigan we LOVE the warmer winters since the 1970s and much less snow to shovel. Give us more of that. We are concerned, however, that global warming stopped in 2014, per UAH satellite data from US government NASA weather satellites.

                  Something you don’t know about the climate, because you don’t know much, is that ALL warming in the Arctic since 1960 has been during the six coldest months of the year. That’s good news, not bad news.

                  Chart at the link below explaining that correct claim about Arctic warming only in th coder months:


                  • So you say the temperatures are warming! That is the signs of climate change! First you say there is no effect then you agree there is some effect. Your sources think it’s no big deal. Others think it important. So it is a matter of what you believe. Most people believe it is important. We live in a democracy so if more people believe it is important then that is the way it will be treated.
                    There is so much information even the experts disagree. How to know? Err on the side of caution to prevent disaster. This is not being stupid or evil but cautious.

                    • Earthluvr,

                      If it’s warmer than usual or cooler than usual during a given summer or winter, what is the problem? That is weather. It is normal to have hotter than usual summers and colder than usual winters. And then milder than usual winters and summers.

                      “Climate crisis” people hype normal variations in weather as a . . . “crisis.” Just the same as the same people hyped the cases! the cases! to exaggerate the danger of “COVID.”

                      “err on the side of caution to prevent disaster.”

                      Do you not see the danger of that position? An assertion is made that a “disaster” is imminent and that becomes the justification for massive impositions on people. This was done during the “pandemic,” when most of the population – excepting government workers – was “locked down” and ordered to wear Face Diapers – and then massively pressured to submit to being injected with drugs that turned out to be dangerous as well as not “vaccines.” All because some hysterics – and control freaks – insisted a “disaster” was at hand and that it was necessary to “err on the side of caution.”

                      Did you ever read Chicken Little? Or the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

                      Why not park your Bolt and walk? You know, to “err on the side of caution” – so as to avoid the “disaster” that might happen if the battery short circuits and burns you to death…

                      It’s a serious question.

                    • We live in a Republic you dumb ass. The fact that you cannot keep that important detail straight speaks volumes.

                    • Incidentally, Earthluvr –

                      We do not “live in a democracy,” at least not legally. And thank God for that. Would you really want to live in a country where mob rule is the rule? A lynch mob is a perfect example of “democracy” in action.

                      PS: I am going to take my ’76 Trans-Am out for a drive later today. It is far “greener” than your Bolt as it has lasted for nearly 50 years whereas your Bolt will be landfill fodder before 2030 and then you’ll need a new one, with all the attendant Earth Rape and “emissions” involved in manufacturing one.

        • Eagerly following the lemmings off the cliff, and/or the Pied Piper (pick one). Too dense to notice that those promoting this are NOT your friends. They are mostly psychopaths that would prefer you die. And it pleases you to help them kill you. Without Hydrocarbons, we don’t eat. Period.

          • You are dumbass! We live in a democracy! The slavers republic was abolished years ago! It is now the people not old white men that decide.

            Your old gas vehicle has polluted the earth for decades. It will soon be declared illegal, seized from you and crushed for metal to make a car that does not destroy the planet!

            • Earthlvur,

              Where is “democracy” in the Constitution? Please cite. You won’t be able to – because “democracy” appears nowhere in the Consitution. We are a constitutional republic, by law. You may not like this – but that is immaterial as regards the fact.

              The fact that you insist we live in a “democracy” contra the fact is of a piece with your insisting there is a “climate crisis.”

              “Your old gas vehicle has polluted the earth for decades. It will soon be declared illegal, seized from you and crushed for metal to make a car that does not destroy the planet!”

              You realize you’re mentally ill… right?

              • That…and like all Lectists and or Fascists, it’s the POWER, as he THINKS he’s gonna have, that he craves. More than his “Gaia” religion, it’s the ability to FORCE it upon others that he wants.

                Assholes like “Earthluvr” ASSuming he’s not simply a farce, are why 2A.

        • “Scientists have confirmed it and every country on the planet agrees.”

          Scientists have generally predicted a coming global warming crisis since 1979. A prediction, wrong for the past 44 years, is not a confirmation. It seems like climate doom is always coming in ten years. We are currently in the fifth ten-year warning of climate doom since 1979.

          Over seven billion people, of eight billion, live in nations that could not care less about CO2 and Nut Zero.

          I will fact check you until the cows come home, if you keep posting disinformation,

          • Doom porn is great business. Both right and left use it to great effect.

            What history says is most probable will be that most of the poison used presently in the manufacture of EVs will be replaced, and the charging/range issues will be mitigated.

            Most of us have lost the ability to dream in a positive manner. It’s easier to be negative, and a lot less lonely. The few who retain their positivity will do really well for themselves soon enough.

        • Earthluvr writes:

          “You wrote all these hate filled articles …”

          What has “hate” got to do with it? Leftist catcalls don’t work here. I stated facts about EeeeeeeVeeees. If I’m wrong about any of them, please explain how. And – don’t go off on a tangent about some other thing. Call me out on the facts – if I’m wrong about any of them.

        • So all of the bazillion tons of that evil CO2 from wildfires around the world don’t count? How much kool-aid did you drink?

        • “Electric cars powered by solar and wind will be the way forward.”
          earthluvr: how about you do a little experiment? Call a solar company/contractor and ask them to give you and estimate on installing enough of a solar system to charge say a 100 mile range into a typical EV. Let us know what you find out.

      • Hi John,

        I doubt Earthluvr will be back. I’d be willing to bet he – she? – had no idea what percent of the Earth’s atmosphere is C02. This one of my favorite ways to shut up these people. Ask them a question basic to the subject – and show they don’t know the answer. It is devastating. It is like pointing out to someone effusing about the wonderful “vaccines” that the ones being pushed on people didn’t prevent anyone from getting or spreading “COVID.” Ergo, they aren’t vaccines – as the term is commonly understood to mean. At best, they are symptom-palliating drugs. Like aspirin – but with the added issue that they might maim or kill you.

        • The amount of carbon is not the issue, it’s the increase. A small amount of poison can be fatal it does not matter amount. What does 2% or 3% matter if it is too much then that is the problem.

          The vaccines saved millions of lives. It helped people fight off the fatal infections. People only got sick when the vaccine was aimed at earlier versions and they were exposed to the later versions. Like flu the vaccine is not always the right one for that year.

          Masks were an important part of stopping the spread and saved thousands. Go ahead and not wear them the world will be better off without you! All real medical experts agree . You only have fake, phoney, people who only have an agenda. How can you compare the CDC, Mayo Clinic, AMA, to your internet charlatans!

          And Fauci is a hero, there will be statues built for him! Biden is best President ever! More votes then anyone else, certainly more the loser maga-man. Biden will win again. If he was younger he could win 10 more elections. He will beat the fat disgusting pervert even more badly next time!

          You should get your electric car before they have to pry the steering wheel of your gas pigs from your cold stupid hands!

          • Fauci a hero? 😆 you must live in Bizarro world. He deserves to swing at the end of a rope, along with Birx and Daszek.

            • You owe your life to Fauci, he has saved more lives then Jesus. You should get on your knees and kiss the ground he walks on!
              This tremendous man cured aids and then covid the two great plagues of our time. He will be remembered greater then Pasteur and Salk!

          • Leftist useful idiot alert about earthluvr

            Do not try to debate with such a rabid leftist

            The live in a fantasy world devoid of facts, data and logic.

            You will never change their deluded leftist minds.

            They spout political talking points that can not be supported by facts and data.

            They infect quite a few conservative websites and remind me why I decided to NOT allow comments on my blogs in 2008.

            I could fact check earthluvr until the cows come home on climate, Covid shots, etc., but the best strategy is to completely ignore leftist trolls like him (her, or it).

            Or ban their comments … although I realize libertarians favor free speech … but that often leads to leftist trolling with data-free fantasy speech.

            • Hi Richard,

              I allow comments because I value the free exchange of ideas. But there does come a point when it becomes serially pointless to engage with some people because (as you say) they are not willing to reason together but only emote. It is like attempting to have a conversation with a hysterical toddler.

              • Wasn’t Greene banned here at one point? Now he’s suggesting the ban hammer. LOL. The troll parade lately does seem less than genuine and quite a bit over the top, though.

                • Hi Funk,

                  Not banned. I almost never do that, except in extreme cases. Richard and I have disagreed vehemently on some things but he’s never done anything to warrant being banned.

                  • Would I get banned if I claimed you were really 4’10’, weighed 295lbs., drove slower than an old man using a walker, speeded up your driving videos to appear to drive at a normal speed, secretly owned a fleet of EVs, and really could only bench press two 12-ounce beer cans?

                    Just wondering.

                    Moderator Bait.

            • Yes ban and ignore are the suggestions of a loser! When your fake numbers don’t convince someone your choice is to cut them off. This blog should be shut down as it opposes the movement to save humankind! That is what should be censored. You people that want to wreck the government and the environment. You are all risks to the planet!

              • Earthluver writes:

                “This blog should be shut down as it opposes the movement to save humankind!”

                You’re not only a neurotic. You’re also a would-be tyrant.

                Yes, let’s “shut down” questioning and discussion, so that religious fanatics can determine what everyone else is permitted to think – and allowed to do. As during the “pandemic.”

                And yes, I use religion deliberately. People such as yourself believe – fanatically – and regard anyone who does not share their odd beliefs (irrespective of facts) as evil and to be destroyed.

              • Getting you hysterical wit facts, data and logic, earthluvr, is almost as thrilling as walking past the monkey cage at the zoo, clanging our steel water cup on the bars, and then running off before the monkeys can shower us with banana peels and digestive waste products. Not that I would ever do that.

        • Even if they knew the CO2 was 0.042%, of the atmosphere, they would have no idea if that was historically high or low. The historical CO2 record is estimated to have ranged from 0.018% to 0.4%

          Most of the warming effect from CO2 is from the first 50ppm or 0.005%, believe it or not. The warming effect weakens logarithmically as the CO concentration increases. Above the current 420ppm (0.042%) CO2 is a weak greenhouse gas, so can not cause a climate emergency.

          Most of the warming effect possible from CO2 in the atmosphere has already happened by the current 420ppm. Below is a chart of CO2’s logarithmic (rapidly declining) effect.

        • He/she will be back. They will not be able to help themselves. They will insist on forcing their beliefs on the rest of us no matter how inaccurate or insane their beliefs may be.
          People like them will go to a modern day FEMA camp to a guillotine self righteously declaring to the end how they are right. Some are just too arrogant and stupid to learn anything when they think they already know it all.

    • Do you own an EV? If not, why not? If so, is it your only motor vehicle? Please enlighten us Luddites by describing how you use and charge it. How long is your commute? Do you charge it only at home? How long does it take? Do you use commercial chargers away from home? How often? How long does that take? Do you ever have to wait in line? How much does it cost? Where does the electricity come from? Do you dispute any of the range numbers that Eric has posited? Do you deny that EVs lose range when it’s very hot or very cold, or when they’re sitting unused? I’m sure we can learn a lot from you, since you obviously spend much of your time watching MSNBC.

      • I have a Chevy Bolt. It’s a good car.250 mile range. I only need 40-50. How could I drive 250 miles per day? Thats over 90,000/year. Who drives like that? I top off every night. Never been close to zero. For longer trips I plan it out. Winter range maybe less but not by much. Connects in garage, cord reaches to driveway. Everyone will adapt, everyone will make due, small sacrifice to see that earth will be healthy for grandkids. You will find out, you will have to, can’t let stubborn people destroy the planet. This is for survival.

        • Just because you only drive so many miles per day does not mean you speak for the rest of us. Your stupid 250 range can immediately be cut in half, because the projected range is BS. It also is inaccurate in sub zero temperatures. “Winter range may be less but not by much”? Please. The range sucks as it is. You may as well park the damned thing once Winter arrives and use a gas guzzler because they are not going to go anywhere in the Winter. Stubborn people like you will destroy the planet and the rest of us long before global warming ever will.

        • Earthluvr,

          “This is for survival.”

          No – it is for hysteria. In order to establish control. Just as the lockdowns and “masking” and “vaccine” push were based on hysteria – in order to establish control – which by now I hope you have come to understand.

          The atmospheric concentration of C02 has gone up over the past roughly 100 years. It has not been a “crisis” – and there is no evidence one is coming on account of it. As with the ‘Rona, if the Fear Organs weren’t promoting hysteria about a supposed “crisis” no one would be hysterical – because there is no crisis.

          Your fears are all based on assertions – that are based on computer models that are based on jiggered-with data, very much of a piece with the cases! the cases!

          How has the “climate crisis” harmed you? Be specific. Back it up with facts. Not assertions. Not generalities about “warming” (or “cooling”) or “change.” Not your fears, either.

          Your Bolt’s advertised range is half that of an otherwise similar non-electric economy car – and it’s also hugely variable, depending on the weather as well as use. I know this for a fact because I have driven pretty much every EV available for sale and have documented the fact during my test drives.

          If you don’t maintain a full charge at all times – which is not easy to do unless you visit “fast” chargers regularly – then you realistically have much less range when you start out. But the point is this all about less – and for more. Your Bolt costs much more than an otherwise similar non-electric compact and it costs you much more in both time and convenience.

          These are not “small sacrifices.” And they are being demanded for the same reason it was demanded that everyone “mask up.”

          I am assuming you were one of the ones demanding that, too.

        • You only answered one of my questions before returning to your CNN talking points. Care to take a crack at the remaining 11? I still suspect you’re just messing with us.

          • S/H/It never responded to the “how much does it cost to charge” questions. Nobody ever does. Charging is free apparently. Electricity comes magically from the outlet in the garage and is generated by sparkles and unicorn farts.

            • Much less the question of how much it will cost when most of the vehicles on the road require charging, and reliable coal- and gas-fired power plants have been replaced with solar panels and bird-choppers.
              But we will have batteries! We will have better batteries! Yes, that’s it! More batteries! Magical batteries!

        • “How could I drive 250 miles per day? Thats [sic] over 90,000/year. Who drives like that?”

          Nobody has ever claimed that the average motorist drives 250 miles per day, every day. Straw, meet man. But the answer to your first question is “Very easily.” It is absurd to assume that most car owners don’t want the capability of making a 125-mile trip and getting home again – without having to wait at a charger, perhaps for many hours if there is a queue. Charging time is the Achilles heel of EVs: a deal-breaker.

          • Indeed, Roland –

            I was going to try to drive the EQE to visit my mom; she’s about 80 miles away (round trip). The problem was the EQE never had more than about 145 miles of indicated range available (as that’s as much as I could get into it in between drives – at home) and 145 indicated miles isn’t much of a margin. It might only have been 90 actual – and then I might not have made it home. Not without wasting a long time waiting at a “fast” charger for 30-45 minutes (or longer) and I just didn’t have all day to make an 80 mile round trip with the thing.

            So I didn’t.

            • Eric, another thing I wonder is what it would be like to be constantly worried about this. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that worrying is bad for one’s physical health. Someone should be preparing to study how many years it takes off your life when you’re nervously checking your miles-remaining readout every minute or two, day after day.

    • Dragged by who Earthbugger? Funny thing about you Marxist NPCs, you all think in violent fever dreams. If your peeps had any real life ability, they would have forcibly needle raped all of us two summers ago. The fact they didn’t tells me you guys should get out of your moms basement more.

      Calm TF down. A week of high temps isn’t the new Covid. You’ll have to wait until they roll out the flying saucers to feel important again.

    • “You guys are a bunch of grouchy old men!”

      I know, earthluvr! They probably yell at little kids to get off their grass, too! 😉

      Just a word of advice: If you are going to debate old men who quote Ludwig Von Mises, strategize military tactics, and read and research more hours a day then you sleep you may want to come back with something better than “fake news”, “you’re wrong”, and left wing propaganda/talking points from the Huffington Post.

      If you actually want to encourage an insightful discussion post studies and research in reference to your views. I believe many of the “old men” have already provided you substantiated information.

      I have no desire to debate climatic variations, climatic change, or climatic temper tantrums, but I will happily keep score.

      Right now it is:

      Old Men – 8
      earthluvr – 0

      • Haha you must be funny one on site! There is no information I could post that would convince these fools. Every expert on the planet, from all nations, all peoples agreed on the coming climate disaster. It is only the fools like here that find obscure “experts” and internet cranks to think otherwise. When the whole world thinks one way and you the other, you are the crazy one. There is no debate on this. It is fact. It is scientists of the world =1 million, climate deniers =0

          • Yes and needed a big boat as will you if the ice keeps on melting. You will be able to save space though as you will not need any monkey as you can fill that spot.

        • Actually, the funny one is Nunz, although there are a few others who have a wicked sense of humor.

          You keep using words such as “every” and “all”. Personal opinions will not win any exchange and this goes against the basic argument structure of any debate.

          Not everyone on this site is close minded. If you can put forth a considerate argument that will collaborate your claims several of us will take it into consideration. We may even agree you have made some valid points. At the same time, I would also suggest you also expand your horizons and keep an open mind. If nothing else you will learn how your adversary thinks and will be able to use their own case against them in the future.

  12. The big thing we have going for us seems to be that the powers that be (more so the left) are super dumb. If they had been “smart” they would of enacted measures eliminating alternatives (ICE vehicles) BEFORE people got clued into the EeeeVeee lie. At least that’s the way I see it.

    • Hi Rob,,,
      “If they had been “smart” they would of enacted measures eliminating alternatives (ICE vehicles) BEFORE people got clued into the EeeeVeee lie.”

      Read the comments from ‘earthluvr’… I don’t think its possible to clue them in.

    • Exactly. If the DIPS (demons in power) are truly serious in pretending to save the earth, they would outlaw gas stations and refuse to allow the registration of gas cars. Made up problem solved with MANDATES. DIPS are so damn dumb they didn’t even learn from the covid “me-too freakout” where they should have REQUIRED Social Security, disability and welfare recipients to take the bioweapon shots before they received their government checks. Now some of those people know the shots are more-than-useless poison and will never take the shots. DIPS are dumb shits, which is why they will never control society like they want to.

  13. Eric – “An interesting thing about electric vehicles is that they are also Goldilocks Vehicles – in that they need conditions to be just right in order for them to work right”

    LOL You are pounding the final nails into the coffin of EV’s, this is choice, Tesla will not charge in cold weather:

    I will make a market prediction – EV sales will continue to dribble, and the bottom line will be eating the guts out of car companies, who live in a bubble of state lies called carbon credits, and slowly but surely as the sun comes up each day, a waking realization that EVs are a big albatross around the neck, and could bankrupt their companies and their precious stock shares options that they sleep on at night.

    Then the panic starts as they (being stupid herd animals like everyone else) for the door. A panic to get the hell out of EVs and cut their losses short.

    EV’s are being driven by a morally bankrupt culture that has lost it’s marbles.

    • Hi Jack,

      I agree with you that EVs are not selling. I was watching CNBC yesterday morning and they made mention of this that they are piling up and it seems that the EV culture has hit their max.

      Today, CNBC is discussing GM’s push toward the manufacturing of 100K new EVs. GM has pretty much destroyed their small cars/trucks. The GM brand is EVs over here and Suburbans/Silverados over there. A huge contrast.

      My conspiracy hat then went on. GM’s V8 engines are having problems. What if it is intentional? Destroy the gas guzzlers by creating engine/transmission issues. People steer away from these purchases leaving tada…EVs to purchase. Is it most people’s first choice? No, but what is the alternative when they no longer manufacturer what the public wants. You take what they have.

      I just cannot comprehend why Chevy, who made a Big Block for 44 years and a Small Block for 48 years, cannot get a V8 motor right. They forgot how?!?!

    • I watched the video. Whoops. And really, 19 degrees is positively tropical after it has been forty below for a few weeks. To think that an EV will not charge even at that temperature is truly pathetic. If anything it just proves they are not made for cold climate states.

  14. It makes me happy to see that even the dimmest of bulbs are catching on to the con. Local news station had an item just the other day pimping that now is a GREAT time to buy an EV, for the reasons you mentioned – they’re piling up on dealer’s lots and said dealers are anxious to get rid of them. Lets make a deal! I’ll take curtain 2. Actually wouldn’t want one of these abominations even if I did get it for free, keeping myself out of the matrix.

    • Wait for the 90 month loans to appear. During the last Christmas season before the pandemic circus, that was how the big local Chevy dealer moved the Silverado pickups with the turbo charged 4-cylinder engines which tended to have real short lives paired with the 10 speed transmissions — another ridiculous concept attempting to satisfy Uncle.

  15. You’d think the automotive industry would put a stop to the hemorrhaging of money in pursuit of stupidity. I expect they’ll double down on it. The taxpayers will be on the hook for yet another bailout.

    Then again, the engineers and scientists I work with never questioned the dubious nature of fear masks and sure as hell didn’t question the ‘safe and effective’ charade.

  16. There is nothing good about EVs, except they can go very fast very quickly, for a little while. Few can afford one, (and that’s the point), and even fewer want one, because they simply aren’t practical to fill their needs. If I were given one, I would sell it as quickly as I could, given the apparent collapse in any demand for them.

  17. You are so right, Pug. They are too damned expensive for too little benefit. Quite frankly, I like to get my money’s worth, especially with items that cost a lot. And, not too many can afford EV’s up here, either. The saying is, you cannot afford to live here, but cannot afford to move. Buying an EV? Puhleeze. And, as I have reiterated many times here, an EV up here in the dead of Winter could very well get someone stranded and killed if you over estimate the range, especially when you are mostly likely to be in the middle of BFE when it decides to die on you. There is no way in hell anyone up here is going to freeze their asses off in their cabin when driving around to save range drive time. And will using the headlight suck EV juice, as well? Not having your headlights on is not an option in the Winter when it is dark all the time. Thanks to Joe and Hoe, our gasoline has doubled in price. Even still, we will pay it, because in the end, the full tank of gas that was in my car when I went to bed at night (giving me 420 or so miles of range), will still be full in the morning, and will still give me the same 420 or so miles of range without question. That is more than I can say for a stupid, worthless EV. Well hey, they might be worth something. When SHTF, one could set it on fire, and we could keep warm by it for days on end if it is cold outside, seeing is how you can never put the damned things out once they DO catch fire. So, I guess they COULD be worth something. Eventually…

    • “When SHTF, one could set it on fire, and we could keep warm by it for days on end if it is cold outside, seeing is how you can never put the damned things out once they DO catch fire.”

      Only problem is that the fumes from Li-ion battery fires are highly toxic. But yeah, I know what you mean. lol

    • Drive em straight into the heart of the green zone (Phoenicia) before setting them alight. It could be a yearly sacrificial right to the green goddess.

  18. ‘People were only told about how EVs perform under optimum conditions, in the Goldilocks zone.’ — eric

    All but the soyest of boys call this the ‘Buttigieg zone.’ Located in the intergluteal cleft, it’s a whiffy midden to get stuck in. But lo, it’s where we are.

    Pete’s wingman, Michael Regan at EPA, heads an agency that conspired with Eeeeelon back in 2010 to give 100-plus ‘mpg equivalent’ ratings to the Tesla Roadster and its EeeVee progeny, totally airbrushing out the 35% efficiency (and the ’emissions’) of thermal power plants which supply the juice.

    Like the ‘100 mpg carburetor’ of our misspent youf, the 100 mpg EeeVee is a myth.

    But you won’t learn this in the complicit Lügenpresse. After embarrassing conversations among Fauci and his henchmen leaked, in which some admitted that of course Covid Classic was an engineered virus, today the New York Slimes headlines with charming faux naivete, The Continuing Mystery of Covid’s Origin.

    Like O.J. doggedly searching for the real killer, the ink-stained wretches of the Slimes know that the answer lurks somewhere out there, amidst the deep weeds surrounding the Castle of Science.

    But wait, Mike Regan’s productive you know
    He produces the finest of sound
    Putting drumsticks on either side of his nose
    Snorting the best butts in town [sniff-sniff, sniff-sniff!]
    But that’s all over …

    — Jefferson Airplane, Lather

  19. It’s the price. EVs are too damned expensive for what you get. Where I live in rural upstate New York, I am guessing most people cannot afford to spend $60,000+ for a new EV. Regardless of what the ‘Ho (Governor Hochul) edicts, new EV sales in New York state will not be 35% in 2026.

    Never going to happen. The ‘Ho is going to have to kick that EV can down the road.

    Us poor folk in rural upstate New York work minimum wage jobs, are on disability/social security, or don’t work at all. That is reality. I see more and more old beater cars on the road. A few days ago I saw a Ford Tempo driving in front of me that looked to be from the middle 80’s. *That* is where we are going in rural upstate New York.

    EVs are too damn expensive, regardless of the benefits or pitfalls. I can’t afford one, and neither can 90% of my neighbors. The ‘Ho will never change THAT fact regardless of how many edicts she spews out of her forked tongue mouth.

    Here is a little cartoon I did showing EV reality for us poor folk:

    • Right, EVs, solar and windmills. Too expensive, needs to be subsidized and ain’t never gonna work on a widespread basis. Just another way to get rid of us.

    • “new EV sales in New York state will not be 35% in 2026.”
      They very well could be, but only because little else is available, and the new car market has tanked by 80-90%.

      • Yep: Loudon, Fairfax, counties (VA) and Montgomery County (MD), three of the richest counties in Americal Loudon is THE RICHEST. So, you take a GS14 ($150+k/yr) government employee, carrying all the benefits, and a 1099 consultant ($500k/yr, no bennies: max cash) and you are instantly in the top 1%. All for a Masters Degree in Public Policy or some such from State U, and pushing paper 9-5 (plus work from home). Pretty good gig.

        • FWIW, my “daily” commute to the “orfice” is 8.4 miles, each way. I go 4X weekly, so that’d be about 67 miles each week, or, allowing for leave, about 3K miles per year.

          But that’s not ALL my main ride, a 2020 Ford Fusion, is for. There’s going to my son’s…9.9 miles from my home. Sometimes I go there straight from the office (8.9 miles), but there’s errands, shopping, the gym, e.g. a LIFE. MY LIFE, and I PAY for it…the ride itself, the licensing, insurance (mafia), upkeep (not too much for now), FUEL, which has the TAXES to pay for roads and streets included, and where applicable, my EZ Pass for bridge tolls and HOV lanes.

          So I’ll drive what I Gott-damn please, thank you very much.

          It’s not up to self-appointed “know-it-all” shitheads like urself, “Earthluvr”, to PRESUME to judge what I drive or to threaten to interfere with it. We ‘Muricans already know how to deal with the likes of you. So just try that in a “small town”, even mine of Metro Sacramento, but have your funerary arrangements already set!

          • Oh ho internet tough guy! I tell you what. You are already told what to drive. The car you have ( junk by the way) is regulated. When it is time you will drive an electric car or you will walk. Make all the threats you want. But that is the way it will be so shut up about it!


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