How to Know There is no “Climate Crisis”

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Want to know for sure – and be able to prove – there’s no “climate crisis”? Just point to the EV – the supposed cure for it.

Specifically, point out the problem. Not the range. Nor the time it takes to recharge one of these battery powered devices. Those are limitations – and hassles – bought into by the people who own an EV.

The thing that gives the lie – to the idea that we must all drive an EV because of the supposedly looming “crisis” – is the fact that EVs are excessive.

None of them are designed to minimize the use of electrical energy or resources.

Think on that a moment.

If there is a crisis pending – an emergency! – then everything must be done to address it as aggressively as possible. If a ship is threatened with sinking, you do everything possible right now to prevent it from taking on more water. You don’t have the deckhands polish the brass.

Yet isn’t that essentially what the EVs being pushed onto the market are all about?

Every single one of them is overweight and over-powered. They all brag on how quickly they accelerate and that quickness is consumptive, is it not? Whether you are burning gas or electricity, it burns faster when you use it to get several thousand pounds of vehicle moving quickly. Such capability is certainly appealing. It is fun to get to 60 in 2.9 seconds. But if we are facing a crisis, how can designing a vehicle around an attribute as non-essential and frivolous as being able to launch itself quickly be anything other than a clue you are being lied to about the supposed “crisis”?

In order to deliver this totally unnecessary ability to accelerate quickly, an EV ends up being much heavier than it need otherwise be. Not so much because it needs a massively heavy battery pack to accelerate quickly but because accelerating quickly uses up power.

The massively heavy battery pack is necessary to be able to make use of the quickness capability and still be able to use the car for something else.

An EV could go very quickly – briefly – without the 800-1,000 pound battery pack a typical EV has to lug around. It just wouldn’t go very far, if the owner used the quickness capability – for the same reason a quick gas-engined car would not go very far if it had a very small gas tank.

As a for-instance: The 2023 Mercedes EQE I recently test drove could still get to 60 in 4 seconds with a battery pack half the size (and weight) of the one it comes with. But, if you made use of the capability to get to 60 in 4 seconds, the charge (and so, your range remaining) would deplete rapidly. If you only had half as much energy stored to begin with, you’d have very little range left, after having burned through the energy you had.

So, the EV that is designed to go quickly is designed to house the necessarily huge and hugely heavy battery pack necessary to store enough electricity to enable it to go farther as well as quickly. Just the same as a powerful car needs a large tank to store enough gas to make up for how quickly it burns through it.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t go far enough for even EV people to put up with it.

Of course, if it didn’t need to be quick, it could go farther with less battery – and use fewer resources and less energy.

But most EV people don’t want to be driving a car that makes a Prius look quick. And that is why all modern EVs are quicker than a Prius and that is how you know the whole “climate crisis” is just another lie.

If there truly were a crisis, then energy-and-resource-wasteful quickness would be discouraged, if it was tolerated at all. During WW II, gasoline was rationed – because using it unnecessarily in a crisis was seen as contrary to the effort to end the crisis. If the power goes down and you want to keep the stuff in the ‘fridge from going bad, you try to avoid opening the door.

You conserve and minimize.

As efficient hybrid cars like the Prius do. Here is a car designed to use less energy and fewer resources. EVs do the opposite. Yet the EVs are heralded while the Prius and its kind are targeted.

And that’s how you know the “crisis” is a con.

If it were not so, every EV on the market right now – and especially the EV pick-ups such as the Ford Lightning and the even more egregious Rivian RT1, which weighs almost 8,000 pounds and so uses up the equivalent of twice the raw materials to make it vs. one (or even two) small hybrids like the Prius and uses far more energy – would be forced off the market by government edict.

High-performance luxury EVs would go the way of lawn darts and catalytic converter test pipes. There would be an organized campaign to shame people who bought and drove these conspicuously consumptive vehicles, as there was (and is) with regard to “gas guzzling” SUVs.

That is, if there really were a “crisis.”

Of course, there isn’t. And that is why you see John Kerry boarding his private jet rather than flying coach to reduce his “carbon footprint.” It is why Joe Biden isn’t being pedi-cab’d from the White House to his next TelePrompted appearance. Instead, he is ferried by helicopter or 747 and then via V8-powered “beast.”

Until he and the others insisting there is a “crisis” start to act like there is one, you ought to rest assured there isn’t one.

. . .

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  1. If you want an even easier way to tell whether there’s a “climate crisis” (or any crisis, for that matter), just look around you. If you don’t sense anything that’s even remotely ominous, apart from the constantly blaring “news” klaxon, then there’s no crisis. But to the average dildo, doing so would be like pulling teeth.

  2. I watched an Audi EV going from 0 to 100 mph in 7 seconds. The tester spent 7 minutes on the Autoban reaching speeds of 145mph. If you looked closely he used up 70% of the battery life in those 7 minutes. He likely had just enough juice to maybe get back to a charging station.

    • Indeed, Dan –

      I’ve done similar – and so can vouch for the same. I’ve taken EVs to as fast as they’ll go – and held them there – and the battery’s charge (and so range) dumps like Enron stock. The same is true, of course, for a gas-engined high-performance car. The difference is I can get a full tank of gas in in less than 5 minutes.

  3. This is all 100% accurate, but there’s a better way to know that there’s no climate crisis, and we can tie it into this: the US military operates ~800 bases around the world and is the single largest emitter of carbon. The fact that the US military is not closing a single base or switching a single tank, humvee, F-16, or battleship to EV energy gives lie to the idea that there’s a “climate crisis.”

    • Or, you could simply look out the window. Climate variation is a thing. Whether we were even here or not. The notion of blaming us for it is absurd. It’s not a question of blame. It’s a question of “shit happens”.

      • I can’t wait till the fire departments and ambulance companies go EV. Call to 911: “Hello, get here quick, my house is on fire!!!!!!”
        Dispatch; “We’re sorry sir. All of our vehicles are being charged for the next 3 hours. Wildfires, you know. Can you hold? There are 6 other phone calls ahead of you. Your estimated wait time is 3 hours and 43 minutes. Have a nice day.” Some krappy elevator music plays…..

  4. There’s an even bigger clue what this environmentalism is about. Who is exempt.
    Environmental groups won’t even compel China to do anything with the real pollution never mind CO2. In fact they make excuses for China saying they are lower per-capita on CO2 and other things that are absolute nonsense given their claim of a ‘climate emergency’.

    China is exempt because they have the correct politics. The correct system. The one that these useful idiots and the powers that be want for the west.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that in these articles to scare people about pollution or CO2 they use photographs of cities in China, Indonesia, and so on. Places where there aren’t pollution controls. Yet it’s about how those of us in the west have to do with less and pay more and should be afraid. It’s this conflation and lies that are the basis of the entire thing.

    Also behind every climate emergency claim of the latest ‘bad’ weather there’s always some flim-flam going on. A temperature station moved, a deliberate ignorance of the past, spot light on A but ignoring B. Ever notice that the alarmism is never in the same place for the same season year end and year out like climate would be? Or that opposite weather in the same place are both evidence of climate change?

    It’s beyond a matter of knowing data presentation techniques and understanding how the figures are manipulated now. It’s to the point where simple logic exposes it.
    California dry? well that’s climate change. California wet? well that’s climate change. Huh?

  5. Coalition of Scientists: ‘There is No Climate Emergency’

    CV NEWS FEED // A coalition of more than 1,600 scientists released a declaration this week entitled “There is No Climate Emergency,” denouncing politically-driven narratives about “imminent” climate crises.

    The World Climate Declaration (WCD)—now known as CLINTEL, is a global climate intelligence group dedicated to fostering an approach to climate change grounded in science. For the statement, CLINTEL brought together a diverse group of scientists from all over the world to combat erroneous popular opinions.

    “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming,” the statement reads, “while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

  6. Those Krazy Kommie Kanucks keep burning forest until the kows come home and all there is all day long is heavy haze and the smell of smoke and cinders.

    Knock it off! More than one KKK on the earth, no hiding that fact.

    Kanada has gone Kommie and is filled with Kanucks!

    Klimate Ka-ching-change even up in Kanada, Ka-ching-China is at it too. Even those Yukon Kanucks have gone Kommie. Wait until those Kodiak Kommie Knuckleheads get involved. Katie bar the door!

    Kom’n, man.


  7. i’ve ridden in Teslas. Ok riding and yes oretty quick. But souless. As Eric has commented, like riding in a high speed elevator, It will never be like riding in a manual V8 car. Add in the environmental costs of making these things, yes a dark future,

  8. Thought experiment: pick one ICE vehicle and one EeeVee with exactly equal zero-to-60 times — say, six seconds.

    Now let 25 random subjects drive both of them to 60 mph from a standing start, and offer their subjective impression of which one is ‘faster.’

    Which vehicle gets more votes, and why?

    • I did that several times… they were forklifts,…and they of course didn’t get to 60 m.p.h.
      The electric ones were boring-as-Hell, and nobody wanted to drive them because you could feel the evil electric vibes rumble throughout your body in a bad sorta way.

      I imagine they have all sorts of shielding in EVs to prevent that experience, but I don’t know.

    • For the ICE vehicle, the acceleration vs distance curve will have sawtooths. Local maxima will be reached when the engine hits its maximum power sweet spot, typically 4,500 to 7,500 rpm, before upshifting.

      Whereas the constant-torque EeeVee will pull like a jet airplane taking off, giving the impression it’s faster even when it’s not.

  9. I know that Climate Change aka Global Warming is a con why? Because the Politicians say its a crises.

    I knew Covid was a scam why? Because the politicians were pushing it and threatening us.

    I know the Ukronazi war isn’t for democracy why? Bet you can guess!

    Politicians lie. Gov ‘scientists’ lie. Gov agencies lie.

    This is all you need to know.

    • Well, it’s like this. Marxist hate greed, unless they gain from it. They are hunky dory with corporatism, as long as they get a cut.

  10. EV’s destroying the roads…..

    5,390 lbs – Model X Plaid
    5,185 lbs – Model X Long Range
    4,766 lbs – Model S Plaid
    4,561 lbs – Model S Long Range

    A 1995 VW GTI weighs 2300 lb

    The Tesla weighs twice as much as the 1995 VW GTI

    it was calculated that the change in damage to the road surface is proportional to the difference in axle weight to the fourth power

    A two-ton car would therefore do 16 times more damage than a one-ton car.

    2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16

    The 4600 lb Tesla does 16 times more damage to the road then the 2300 lb 1995 VW GTI….but pays nothing to repair the road damage…freeloaders….this should be pointed out to all EV nutcases….

    Study: $231.4 Billion Per Year Needed to Repair, Maintain US Roads

    • EV owners get taxslaves subsidized electricity rates to charge their EV, thousands of taxslaves dollars as a gift/bribe to buy the EV, they pay nothing to maintain the roads, the EV overall wastes more energy and resources, pollutes more the ice cars, their EV’s are very heavy so kill more people…cause more damage…. in accidents….increasing insurance costs, their EV’s are very heavy so the brakes are inadequate, causing longer stopping distances…so they a danger on the road, their EV’s have lithium firebomb batteries which endanger everyone…..etc., etc……

    • A Tesla weighs 3x of a Geo Metro, mine has a curb weight at 1700 lbs. Some EV batteries weigh more than my car. My 30 year old junker, which has 300,000 miles on it, still gets 55 mpg.

      That high fuel economy is the only reason I drive it, but I can not find any non-hybrid that even gets close to that. Most fuel efficient cars only get about half the Metro mpg, and that is a huge difference that adds up.

      • A Tesla weighs 3x of a Geo Metro,

        That means it causes 81 x the road damage..

        road tax should be based on road damage caused by your car….

        If you pay $100 per year….the EV owner should pay $8100 per year…..

    • The latest attack on mobility is tire dust.
      And guess what? The usual suspects are admitting that BEVs are heavy and thus create more tire dust. Tire dust becomes micro plastics, the latest thing we are supposed to fear.

      It’s all different angles of attack to restrict, monitor, and permission people’s travels. Also seeing new vigor is taxing, insurance, and registration of bicycles. hmm….

  11. Early homebuilt EVs used deep cycle lead acid batteries, usually from telecom or golf carts. They were modified compact pickups of the type not permitted in the United States thanks to the Chicken Tax. They worked, at least as long as the highway speed limit was 55 MPH, and you didn’t try to run them for hours on end.

    Seems to me that would be a somewhat practical alternative, running on the best lead acid tech available (maybe with a small lithium pack for boosting off the line), but with the caveat that they aren’t highway vehicles. It’s summer and I see a fair number of Polaris side-by-sides on streets around town. They’re very convenient for quick trips to the liquor store and Dollar General. These could easily be electrified… but then again, they’re already pretty down low on the CO2 emmissions scale, being so light and slow.

    • Jay Leno said the homemade cars are the best cars…..

      DIY electric car runs 200 miles on old lead-acid batteries, which are 100% green…..

      The rise in demand for clean vehicles has not only tempted automakers to rollout next-gen electric vehicles, but has also encouraged several eco-conscious individuals to use their skills to create low-cost electric rides. David Cloud is one such individual who has spent $3000 in converting a 1997 Geo Metro to run on an electric engine fueled by old lead acid batteries.

      The vehicle is powered by 8” ADC motors that are included on each rear wheel and are powered by old 12V lead-acid batteries. The vehicle has a top speed of 72mph and can hit 60mph in 18 seconds, with a range of about 200 miles.

      Lead acid batteries are 100% recycled so are green. Only 5% of lithium batteries are recycled, plus there is a rumored $4500 recycling fee, so lots will get thrown into the woods…..

      • I’ve noticed that for all the sustainability pushes in the world that durability and repairability along with items that can be 100% recycled are at the bottom of the priority list.

        It’s as if the entire thing is scam to impoverish people and concentrate wealth and power. The things that would help the environment, reduce resource use, and allow people to be more free are less than not considered but openly worked against.

  12. Very good points, there is no climate crisis because EVs are a hoax. There is another way to tell, and it was first pointed out by David Icke 20 years ago when Al Gore was a climate folk hero, Icke made the salient observation that global warming must be a hoax because the people telling you it is real are pathological liars.

    Indeed, Al Gore is a pathological liar, and at the Davos WEF conference this year, Al Gore claimed the “oceans were boiling”. Well, I do not believe that because if oceans were boiling then all life on land would already be dead, and I noticed that Al Gore was still blowing hot air out of his pie hole. Al Gore at WEF was completely unhinged, and my guess is he was high on coke, probably with a previous night with high end hookers.

    Al Gore never took science, and has zero meteorological training but is considered the expert, as is Greta Thunderborg – the teenager high school droput. Al Gore is also an idiot, and the proof is that his “earth in a lurch” presentation movie has a basic fact wrong, in the movie Al Gore takes a high lift elevator to increasing CO2 on a wall chart, and claims temperature will follow CO2 up and cook us all alive.

    That “fact” was false, CO2 has never led temperatures on earth ever, and every climatologists knows this, yet you never hear about it because the MSM news is completely biased to the political narrative. No real climatologists are ever allowed in front of the TV camera. The fact is that in ice age cycles, ice ages always start with high CO2 and end with low CO2. That fact alone disproves the whole global warming theory.

    But since no one thinks, or cares, that fact is ignored and we press on with carbon credits and net zero as if it matters. We are a race of morons, because only a completely immoral moronic culture would ever listen to Bill Gates, Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, Greta Thunberg, Joe Biden, or that crazy EU biatch Urusula von der Leyen – an arrogant outspoken climate moron – who is single handily wrecking the EU economy based on a political myth –

    Politico – “Ursula von der Leyen (has) decided to pin her legacy on bringing Europe together to halt disastrous climate warming and reinvent its economy, she termed the effort “Europe’s man-on-the-moon moment.””

    Man on the moon moment? We never went to the moon, that also was another hoax like Michelle Obama her children.

    Because of stupid people empowering psychopathic liars like Al Gore, this is the future of cars –

    Eric asked what car should you own. First guess, don’t own any car that has 9 airbags, or is affordable with government rebates, or has a two ton battery, or gets shit for fuel economy, or has an engine crammed into the engine compartment with no room to work on. If you open the hood and can’t see daylight past the engine, why would you want to own it?

    • RE: boiling oceans. Turns out there was a volcano eruption in January that dumped millions of gallons of water into the atmosphere. This is the likely explanation for the extremely wet winter experienced in the western US. Given the multi-year drought that has plagued the west, although it was probably just coincidental, one might entertain the thought of divine intervention…

      But for anyone paying attention, this raises even more questions for the climatologists. One of the fundamental tenants of the “hockey stick” graph was that once CO2 reaches a critical point of no return, the atmosphere will hold more H2O, and that will trigger thermal runaway conditions. Because H2O is a much more “potent” greenhouse gas than CO2. Well, we just saw a major spike in H2O over the winter and what happened? Tempatures were lower in the Pacific rim and lots more precipitation.

      • Yes, water vapor H2O is 96% of the greenhouse gases, and you can NOT over pump water vapor into the air because of the dew point, once saturated, it rains.

        Ever notice in the global warming hysterics they never even mention the primary greenhouse gas water? That alone proves it is a political hoax.

        And since when did any public servant get the right to lie to us. I say anyone who intentionally lies is guilty of treason and should be executed on the spot by a lead injection behind the left ear.

        This is the best presentation I have found on the internets:

        Just look at the first chart

        • RE: “And since when did any public servant get the right to lie to us.”

          I’ll leave off the public servant part & just say, “since the beginning”.

          …That’s how they roll.

          …That’s who they are.

          …But, you knew that.

          • Government started as a theocracy. Before modern government you had the Church. The priest said to the rabble, obedience to the authority is obedience to God.

            It still says that in the New Testament, Romans 13.

            Eventually the theocratic state was replaced by modern government, with a new set of liars, who say they have a right to rule because we the people have voted.

            But they cheat at voting, but no matter, they say it was legit and throw anyone who says otherwise in jail.

        • I forgot how many billions of tons of water that volcano shot up into the air, but it’s not just due point, that water vapor got way up high in the atmosphere and its going to take months or years to work its way out. The change in the weather for it was thus predicted back when it happened. But as usual it got leveraged for the political scarmongering narrative.

          Another thing about water vapor is variability. It can reach saturation but there’s a lot of range to cover across the globe.

      • January of 2022.

        Hunga Tonga, cowabunga.

        The molten earthen core adds heat to the mantle.

        Still need the sun for light and heat.

        The carbon dioxide will freeze with no heat from the sun. The oxygen might liquify too. Dry ice and liquid oxygen might not support much life, much too cold.

        The sun has to be there all of the time, night and day.

        Your fault if it doesn’t.

    • Al Gore is definitely the world’s Village Idiot, plus, he has blimpitis.

      Notice that Joe Biden is not a happy person by any means, one look says it all.

      The coyotes are howling at the Super Blue Moon.

  13. Well, no, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no “crisis”, Eric. You’re assigning sensibilities and rationalities that the Powers often do not possess. Most of the time, as many of us are aware, they ARE the crisis.

    When they are largely a cadre of power-crazed psychopaths and sadists, they might just propose counter-productive “solutions” such as these high-performance EVs just to bring the whole shit-house burning to the ground. Then, they could blame whatever horrors emerge on the rest of us, claiming that WE didn’t do enough, and thus must give up what little we have left in penance.

    And, whether or not the climate becomes problematic, these megalomaniacal EVs might just burn down the shit-house by auto-immolation, or by collapsing power grids everywhere.

    To your point, I always say that if you’re worried about anthropogenic CO2, then a much better solution is actually, MORE personal freedom, more self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Much of the cost and loss as a result of inclement weather could be greatly reduced if humanity were DEcentralized, as opposed to centralized in massive cities.

    But self-reliance and decentralization are demonized by these Powers who are so concerned by the “climate crisis”. Rural living appears to be a target for abolition. There seems to be a rush to corral us into large cities. This is just as rational a “solution” as are powerful EVs.

  14. There are some cheaper EV’s so it’s not like there are no cars in that market. There should be a lot but of course there isn’t. I found 3 that you might be able to get for under $30,000 new. That’s not many. But there aren’t many ICE cars you can get under $30,000 either. The Chevy Bolt, the Nissan Leaf, and a Mini Cooper, are the only ones I saw for 2023. You see those pictures of the Chinese throwing away piles of small electric cars and wonder what the heck is going on if going electric is what the government wants? I can understand high end Tesla’s at the beginning if they are trying to get people to buy a few and appeal to people willing to spend a lot of money. But if you want everyone to go electric in a few years you are going to have to make some cheap vehicles for that to happen. Otherwise it’s all BS>

  15. Great analogy Eric. I will use it in my debates. Thank you.
    I have an idea. Since you are a journalist and smart car guy, how about you send basically a ‘white paper’ to all these eco-freak protestor groups? Maybe if they learn the truth they will start attacking luxury EV’s. That would be good.

  16. Eric,

    Those are all good points. If the environment and climate were the goal, then EVs would be designed and built to use less energy and emit less carbon.

  17. EVs are a fad, once enough people try them and get hip to the lies that they are, the fad will go away. The true believers in magic think that Moore’s law is a universal, rather than a special case. Wishing for a revolution in battery tech is not going to make it happen, and the miraculous energy density of natural hydrocarbon fuels will not go away. The ultimate battery is a nuclear pile, the next best is a tank of diesel.

    The rest of the world will not be wasting scarce resources on EVs, only the brainwashed magical thinkers of the west. The US doesn’t exist without natural fuels and in fact is circling the drain. What is concerning is not that the US is collapsing, it is what form of ancient totalitarianism will take over when it’s weak enough. God help us.

  18. Climate change is like a religion. You have the true believers, the brain washed students and liberal/democrats, and you have the clergy, the politicians and social “leaders” that preach the gospel to the congregation. As with any religion it has its rules, beliefs, and irrational conclusions. It is very hard to reason a religious person out of their belief. It is easier to attack the clergy, which are mostly hypocrites and liar’s trying to maintain their position of power and influence. I suggest we start a church of the CO2, the life giving element of all the earths plants, and accuse those “greenies” of trying to kill mother earth and all her children. I humbly offer myself as candidate for pope.

  19. The “climate crisis” has nothing whatsoever to do with energy efficiency. It’s bullshit to justify totalitarian control:

    “…climate deniers, it seems clear, are willfully or invincibly ignorant. These people must not be allowed to prevent the rest of us from addressing a clear, present, extraordinarily well-documented and existential threat to the United States — and to planet Earth.”

    You’d be inclined to think that was just hyperbole and bullshit but he’s serious. This is the kind of guy willing to put you into a camp or have you shot.

    How can he possibly allow you rubes to deny an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the very PLANET itself? Having you shot would be a small price to pay for saving the planet… wouldn’t it?

    • Hi X,

      Yup. And these are the same people who were prepared to have people attacked for not wearing a “mask.” It’s all the same, superficialities aside. They are our enemy – and the sooner this is understood the sooner it can be dealt with effectively.

      • One could easily imagine his statement being made by Mustache Man:

        “…These people must not be allowed to prevent the rest of us from addressing a clear, present, extraordinarily well-documented and existential threat to the U̶n̶i̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ Reich — and to planet Earth.”

      • I just watched an ad for Chipotle, a mediocre quasi-mexican chain. Every actor in the commercial was masked.

        Not that I ate there before, but for sure I’ll never go back now.

      • Yeah. And the guy writes about pop culture of all things. It’s pretty clear from his vitae that he eschews rigorous intellectual work in favor of trendy bullshit:

        “dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions from 1991-2020”

        “vice president for university relations”

        “He is a regular contributor to The Hill and Psychology Today.”

        Not exactly an academic climatologist, geologist or meteorologist, is he?

        I note that Cornell, an Ivy League elite college, cannot even proofread his biographic summary on his Jewish Studies page:

        “his two-semester survey, Popular Culture in the United States 19900-Present, was one of the most popular courses at Cornell.”

  20. Our current total capacity of the electrical grid (which is not equally distributed by the way) is 1.1MM megawatts with 600,000 miles of distribution which took approximately 120 years to build. In order to shift (just cars) from ICE engine to electrical would require a minimum of doubling the grid. So, if these Marxists dream is an all-electric future by 2030 or 35 then every man-jack in this country needs to quit their current cushy job and either become:
    an electrician, power plant engineer, power plant construction worker, gas turbine plant worker, coal miner, boiler maker, solar panel worker, wind mill technician/installer, HV lineman. Even if put our entire national effort into doubling the gird we cannot. What the Marxist what to create is simple: scarcity. Then they have control over everything.

    One small step for man…

    • Thats a good breakdown of the near impossibility involved in their agenda. Facts, reason, and logic never stopped Marxists in the past, so I don’t suppose it’ll be any different this time.

      So a few possibilities remain. 1) they are colossally stupid or, 2) colossally evil, wanting 1/2-3/4 of us dead. They didn’t care how it comes about, they just need the right people dead, and the right ones spared.

      Hopefully all these brutal demonstrations of pure tyrannical lawlessness will serve to strengthen the resolve of people who want to hold on to modernity a little while longer. And if people need to die to satiate the Garbage Elite, lets hope its the people running around chicken little like, claiming the world is coming to an end because, Russia/summer/flu.

  21. Here’s more proof that the “Climate crisis” is complete bull crap. We’ve also been told that eating meat is baaaaaaaaaaaad for the planet, and that the solution is eating bugs and lab grown meat. I’ve read that creating lab grown meat actually uses MORE energy than traditional methods of raising cattle for eventual meat consumption.

    • Same with nitrogen-based fertilizer. Its production requires hefty amounts of natural gas. There’s global efforts to significantly reduce or ban outright its use. Wanna see the world starve? Wanna go from 300 bushel corn / acre to 40? What about the vaunted ethanol?

        • From the above cited article:
          >With average crop yields remaining at the 1900 level the crop harvest in the year 2000 would have required nearly four times more land and the cultivated area would have claimed nearly half of all ice-free continents, rather than under 15% of the total land area that is required today.[70]

          >Nearly 50% of the nitrogen found in human tissues originated from the Haber–Bosch process.[74] Thus, the Haber process serves as the “detonator of the population explosion”, enabling the global population to increase from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7.7 billion by November 2018.[75]

          Clearly, one “solution” to “global warming” would be to reduce the human population to 1900 level. Question is, who gets to live, and who gets to die?
          “It could easily be accomplished with a computer.”

      • Anhydrous ammonia more or less guarantees seed germination. Canola, corn, wheat, barley are planted with air seeders and tanks of anhydrous are in tow and a distribution of plastic tubing to knives on the seeder injects the anhydrous into the soil, minimum tillage is practiced extensively.

        Round-Up herbicide applied to the top ground after the gmo Round-Up ready corn seed has emerged, a mixture of water and Round-Up is sprayed, the end of most of your noxious plants, weeds. Saves millions of gallons of fuel oils and many hours of cultivating rows of corn and soybeans. Soybeans fix nitrogen into soils, you plant a grain seed the following year. Some farmers still use anhydrous on soybean crops.

        For sugar beets, no more Mexican nationals hoeing row after row of sugar beets. In Olathe, Kansas, pinto beans are hoed there or were.

        Every crop out there doesn’t look so bad and there will be a decent harvest.

        Don’t worry about that. If you do a search for populations of cattle in various states, there will be millions. 13 million in Texas alone.

        Burger King and MacDonald’s are booming businesses.

        Bugs are not on the menu selection. Supply and Demand rules.

        Bumble bees are out there this time of year along with monarchs.

        Hey, Klaus, leave those bugs alone.

  22. ‘Every single [EeeVee] is overweight and over-powered.’ — eric

    A heavy battery in an EeeVee is first and foremost for range. For instance, the F150 Lightning Extended Range battery hikes claimed range from 230 to 300 miles at a cost of $10,000.

    That it’s called an Extended Range (ER), not a Ludicrous Acceleration (LA) battery, indicates its engineering rationale and also its marketing pitch to the customer.

    In an EeeVee, fast acceleration is an almost-free byproduct of the constant torque characteristic of electric motors, which no ICE engine can duplicate.

    Multiple motors are offered as an option in some EeeVees, to provide all-wheel-drive traction. In the same duty cycle (e.g., the fedgov’s fuel economy test), a multiple-motor EeeVee probably will achieve modestly shorter range than its single-motor counterpart — as is also the case with AWD vs FWD in ICE vehicles. This is the price paid for better rain/snow/mud traction. Faster acceleration may be an incidental by-product.

    Bottom line, while I deplore EeeVees, I don’t regard their quick acceleration as an effective argument against them. The little electric slot cars we ran as kids were pretty fast, too … nature of the beast.

    • Hi Jim,

      The point I was trying to make in the article is that use of the motor’s potential for rapid acceleration rapidly depletes the charge – and thus, the range. The compensatory solution to this problem is to fit a larger-capacity battery so that there is enough power to be able to use the quickness without losing so much range that the vehicle is effectively useless.

      As an example: The Benz EQE I had a few weeks back would still be capable of getting to 60 in 4 seconds or less with a battery half the size and weight. It would be even quicker, in fact – being lighter. But if one used the quickness, with half the battery capacity, you’d have a car with a real-world range of 100 miles or less.

      I’ve driven most of the EVs currently on the market. If you drive them at all “aggressively,” their charge/range plummets faster than in any “gas guzzler” I have ever driven. So what’s the point of having all this performance capability? Especially if there’s a “crisis”…

      • The EQE350 Mercedes EV features a 90.6-kWh battery pack that’s expected to provide a driving range of more than 300 miles.

        Re test: the test driver took the new EQE on the autobahn, which has a 400 mile range, and recorded how much the range dropped….. at top speed on a de-restricted section the range is only about 100 miles.
        You better just use for short trips around town, EV’s range drops a lot on the highway.

        the EQE EV used around 90 Kwh in 100 miles at top speed on the highway. @ $0.14 to $0.27 per kwh it will cost $12.60 to $24.30 for the electricity to go 100 miles.

        Plus the cost of the battery, which is huge, you have to store the electricity in the very, very expensive battery, that is the killer for EV’s right there, the expensive, rapidly wearing out battery.
        the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. this works out to $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery.

        Total cost to go 100 miles, $12.60 to $24.30 for the electricity plus $22.00 for the battery (battery cost per 100 miles) = $34.60 to $46.30 to go 100 miles.

        travelling 100 miles in a 50 mpg diesel powered car uses 2 gallons of fuel @ $4.00/gal. = $8.00
        One difference is the diesel powered car doesn’t need a $22,000 battery for storage, it just has a $200 gas tank for energy storage that lasts longer then the car.

        EV’s have to be driven very slowly or they waste even more energy, a tesla was driven at a race track at 10 tenths it used 80 miles range up in 8 miles. (so an 84 mile range becomes 8 mile range?)

        They quote range based on total battery capacity, but………you can only use 60% of the battery’s capacity, between 20% and 80%. under 20% you have a lot less power and can damage the battery, over 80% takes far too long to charge, has to be slow charged or battery will be damaged.

        • Keep in mind road taxes and other taxes not related to motoring for which motorists are burdened with through fuel purchases are still not applied to BEV usage. When they are every cost figure for BEVs will get remarkably worse.

          The fuel economy drop for driving fast has IME been very small. Maybe I don’t do it long enough so it gets lost in all the city driving. My best estimate is that it lowers highway fuel economy but never lower than my city/hwy average. Because it has never been noticeable and on my one car that reports an average mpg it’s usually a case of the number not increasing or not increasing as much after an interstate drive at a higher speed.

    • “In an EeeVee, fast acceleration is an almost-free byproduct”
      Only if you put enough motor in one to do so. Which they do. So climate change is not the focus.

    • The massive acceleration is indeed a factor of the battery as much as the electric motor. Lithium cells can push out oodles of current all at once, at least when compared to other battery tech. Compare to lead acid, where the current draw is only good for a few seconds before you destroy the battery. Big high capacity lead batteries are OK for constant slow draw like in computer room backups, and even there the expecation is that it will only be a short time before they’re back trickle charging again.

      This is the primary reason why F1 has gone hybrid. They don’t care about extending the range since they’re going to pit often enough just to change tires, they like the throttle response. Those angry pixies travel through the wires at near-light speed, and in comparison the gasoline takes ages to get through the fuel line. But they have to get through the battery first, and that’s where Li tech shines.

      However there’s the practical matter of what happens to range when you dump your stored energy all at once. So ludicrous speed only gets unlocked with the big battery, otherwise every new owner would be hitchhiking back to the dealer to get their gas car back.

      • Some of the old F1 cars are quicker then the 2023 F1 cars on some circuits….

        Current lap records ……..

        Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 1:31.447 Pedro de la Rosa McLaren 3 April 2005

        Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza 1:21.046 Rubens Barichello Ferrari 12 September 2004

        Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park Circuit 1:24.770 Juan Pablo Montoya McLaren 21 August 2005

        Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit 1:32.238 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 26 September 2004

      • Apparently I didn’t make my point clear enough. Of course modern batteries can deliver enormous energy very quickly. My point being one does not have to, and if resource conservation is the goal, one would not want to. Hence lesser motors if that is the goal. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it has to be used.

        • Gasoline can produce rapid acceleration too. Launch a car a quarter mile down a track in less than 10 seconds. We don’t typically drive those to the grocery store.

  23. After reading this article and the Hornet one. It is obvious that the Big three CEOSs are idiots or they are fellow travelers, I am talking about you Typhoid Mary of GM. They could use ALL of the Gov regulations and the Unions to save themselves…Let me explain, Dodge/Ford/GM should just continue build the HEMI/V8 equipped cars and pay the fines and plainly put the added costs or loss of features on the window sticker (people will notice and call their congress person and bitch…people quickly notice when there are only 6 eggs in what is advertised as a carton/dozen) and they could keep the companies solvent by selling their better cars in the export market where they have no concerns about CAFE standards. This same tactic worked with the Gas range ban and it it would work with cars. But their ace in the hole is the Unions, the Big State needs them to keep getting elected, so just put out a press release stating that due to the current regulatory environment they are shutting down/stopping most production and firing/laying off all the autoworkers. Within a week the regulations will be modified or relaxed…bet on it.

      • That’s the ticket. We need to develop a parallel economy that exists on the state level. Owned by people and funded by private money. Need to have state laws written that allow for a separate vehicle classification that will be permitted to operate on highways in case the feds decide to outright ban the ICE engine. The separate class of vehicle would not be subject to saaaaaafety and eeeeeeemissions laws. I dare some state to do this. The first that does, possibly Oklahoma, would own the new car industry.

  24. I remember the last time that electric cars were being seriously considered in the 1970s, and numerous prototypes were being built. All of them, without exception, were small cars. All of them, without exception, were slow cars. All of them, without exception, were cheap cars. In fact, they were even smaller and slower than cars like the Gremlin, Pacer, Beetle, Chevette, and Fiesta—which were “the cars of the future” because, you know, energy crisis (which really wasn’t a crisis). And they were actually less expensive to buy and drive. But they went away when the “crisis” did.

    At least the big shots walked the walk during the last energy crisis…like wearing a sweater and putting solar panels on the White House’s roof. This time, though, the elites and wannabe elites could care less. ‘Cause they know, just like last time, that there really wasn’t a crisis. But this time, they’re not acting like it.

    I’ll believe there’s a real crisis when we see the return of the electric AMC Pacer.

    • My favorite 1970s BEV proposal was something I saw in 1970s publication I found in the college library. It was an electric car that towed a trailer with a generator.

      I find myself explaining to misled youngsters online about 1980s lightweights that are now illegal to offer for sale new. Again if we had an actual “climate crisis” then crash safety isn’t that big of an issue and could be dialed back. And if more people die in crashes then well isn’t that what they are aiming for to solve the “crisis”, reduce population? But I digress. Engineering is a balance and if there was a crisis the regulations that make vehicles heavy should be the first things removed. Every newly designed vehicle would get further on less energy.

  25. Not that I ever had doubt, but these “ludicrous” EVs are much more than just “ludicrous” speed. They are ludicrous resource consumers as well. It’s well beyond obvious that “climate change” is nothing more nor less than a weapon created to abuse humanity.


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