We Will Not Comply Our Way Out Of This

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Complying with “mask” mandates only assured they’d be complied with – for years.

There is a lesson in that somewhere.

The Left figured out that passing laws is a slow, tedious and unreliable process. It is even harder to get around laws already in force – as for example the ones in New Mexico that recognize the right – as per the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and so very much the law in every state – that citizens who aren’t criminals have the lawful right to carry firearms.

How to get around those – and other inconvenient – laws?

The same way that laws prohibiting the wearing of “masks” (which in better times, only criminals wore when entering stores and could be prosecuted for doing it) and the legal right of people who aren’t by law supposed to be in prison to move freely and go about their business, as well as the constitutional right to gather together to peacefully petition the government for redress of grievances and to gather together to worship, etc. were simply waved into functional illegality by declaring an “emergency.”

That tactic is now being expanded – most recently by the Governess of New Mexico, Lujan Grisham. She has declared an “emergency” and on the basis of that decree, has suspended – presto! just like that! – the lawful right of non-criminals to carry their lawfully possessed firearms in public in Albuquerque and Bernalillo counties. She has thus waved into a state of de facto “criminality” tens of thousands of New Mexican gun owners.

And it’s not just those who have the legal right to carry a gun who are in the crosshairs – and it’s not just New Mexicans, either.

This is about using “emergency” powers to render “illegal” anything the Left does not like and decides to make a “crime.”

Such as talking about things the Left doesn’t like us to talk about – like questioning the legitimacy of questionably conducted elections, for instance. Such talk constitutes a “threat to our democracy,” by which the Left means its political hegemony. It is ok for the Left to question elections the results of which aren’t agreeable to the Left. Just as one must never question laws the Left favors, such as the one asserting the right to control one’s own body . . . insofar as getting rid of an inconvenient body growing within it. But when it comes to mandates regarding “masks” or those regarding the injecting of drugs into one’s own body, that’s another thing entirely.

“No person, other than a law enforcement officer or licensed security officer, shall possess a firearm  . . . either openly or concealed, within cities or counties averaging 1,000 or more violent crimes per 100,000 residents per year since 2021.”

Italics added.

Only the essential people – that is, armed government workers – will be allowed to legally carry guns. (Also the actual criminals, of course.) Just as only essential government workers were allowed to go about their business.

And this business of  ” . . .within cities or counties averaging 1,000 or more violent crimes per 100,000 residents per year since 2021.” 

The cases! The cases!

The language used by Lujan echoes the language used during the “pandemic” to justify waving into nullity the former legal right of people who had committed no crime to move about freely and go about their lawful business – and to not wear “masks” in public, as only criminals did in more lawful times:

I realize, it is a pinch, and then some, on responsible gun owners,” Lujan said Friday. “It’s a sacrifice that allows everyone else to get their arms around the growing, significant problem.”

Italics added.

Does it not smack of “we’re all in this together” and “two weeks to stop the spread”?

It should. If you have ears – and brains.

How about this:

“The value of the order is that it gives me three things. One, it says it’s a statewide issue, and it’s a message to everyone to start leveraging your resources and arresting people . . . “

Italics added, again. This order. Exactly.

These people mean to rule by decree.

Lujan says her order is only for 30 days – until she decides whether it will be extended. What do you suppose she will decide?

What will New Mexicans decide?

Some already have – including some you might not have expected.

Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina says he won’t enforce the Decider’s order and Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen said he’s “uneasy” about it because it raises too many questions about constitutional rights.

There are some decent people in what is styled law enforcement (this styling is itself a problem in that it lends legitimacy to something of questionable legitimacy; i.e., the mere fact that something is “the law” does not make it right – and there is no moral right to enforce laws that are wrong).

But we cannot rely on them. We must rely on ourselves.

Jefferson – there is a monument to him in Washington, D.C. – said that rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. He wanted it to be the motto of the United States (it is the motto of his own state, Virginia).

Tyrants must be defied.

Whether in New Mexico or Virginia or any other place in America – which is supposed to be a country in which tyrants have no place.

The way, then, to respond to the tyrant who currently rules by decree in New Mexico is to ignore her decree – and defy her to enforce it. Upon thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of law-abiding, peaceful people who will not abide being treated as “criminals.”

Let her – let them – try to arrest everyone. It won’t work because it cannot work. The tyrants will have to back down.

Yes, it will take a few brave souls willing to risk being arrested on “charges” that have no basis in law. But those few will show it can be done – and give courage to those not quite as brave, who will follow their example and – by doing so – make it impossible to arrest  everyone.

If this would only have been done three years ago with regard to “lock downs” and “mask” mandates, we would not be here, right now.

Perhaps this is how it starts, right now. It is how we put an end to it, right now.

The Left has learned its lesson.

Have we?

. . .

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  1. NM’s SS Hauptsturmführer Michelle Lujan Grisham, yet another socialist America freedoms hating tyrant pushing unconstitutional acts to disarm innocent people while ensuring her criminals and the oath violators [brown shirts colloquially law enforcement] remain armed.

    This sounds like the perfect time for DGU, shooting the brown shirts masquerading as “law enforcement officers” enforcing unconstitutional tyrannical laws





  2. I sure hope New Mexico’s Madame Fuhrer has already had her cunt sewed shut. Next she needs her mouth bricked over, and a lengthy stay in prison.

  3. A slave revolt is needed…

    David Adelman is like an attack dog against the wef gang controllers……..we need a few million more slaves like him……

    Common law and the globalist’s current legal system…maritime law…knowing your rights…

    The People’s Lawyer, David Adelman, is Richard Vobe’s guest in this episode, and they are exploring living in common sense….common law…. as a way to avoid tyranny and state control.

    slaves need permission sovereign’s do not….

    @ 15:30 in video CO2 lies

    @ 26:30 in video…..The government’s fake authority is based on people’s fear, trepidation and ignorance….

    @ 27:00 in video…David Adelman has a solution for the tyranny in our schools..

    fear is an acronym….. false evidence appearing real


  4. Constitutional clarification:

    We DO NOT have constitutional rights. We have
    unalienable rights. Constitutional rights can be
    taken away. We have constitutionally protected
    unalienable rights.

    The Declaration states, “We hold these Truths to be
    self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that
    they are endowed by their Creator with certain
    unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
    Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

    • Something few Meruhcans actually understand. This is the ONLY country whose Constitution is NOT a permissive document, but rather one that clearly lays out the legal boundaries of our government. We now have GovCo, ruled by autocrats, and Sheeple too ignorant to understand the difference.

  5. The governor did this in reaction to 3 children killed in a couple of months. Definitely a tragedy. But as a comparison 3 children died in one house along with parents in the Maui burnathon. Consider hundreds of houses scorched to the ground. To be sure,,, this was not a bush fire!

    And what has government done? Put eviction notices on houses not crispy crittered,,, not allow ‘property owners’ on their land,,, fence off the entire area,,, give $700 to each surviving family. No news agency is permitted in the area.

    Families in Maui are now without homes and food, as food help is confiscated by FEMA while the FEMA trash are taking $1000 suites in Hawaii’s fancy hotels and eating Filet Mignon.

    IMO- The New Mexico 2nd amendment circumvention and the Burning man flood where no one is allowed to leave said to be guarded by FEMA are simply diversions to the governments burn festival in Maui. The thousands that showed up in Albuquerque carrying was a fine thing. Where are they in Maui?

    All three are very important as they are all the result of the DC cartel tyranny. How many billionaires live in Maui and how much help have they rendered with all their billions? Yes some have ‘pledged’ but no cash yet.

    Okay,,, I’ll leave it alone after this….

    • Q: “The thousands that showed up in Albuquerque carrying was a fine thing. Where are they in Maui?”

      That’s a good question.

      Seems like, it’s up the individuals who live In each State who will determine, what.
      I doubt ‘pledged’ or actual cash will play much of a role in what happens. …It’s all about Power & Control. …And, a dash of submission. …Or, resistance?

      I think it was Patara, among others, who have said ~ “There ain’t no Calvary coming to save the day. We’re on our own.”

      Such is a theme in many of her vids:

      ‘Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara’

      • Eric,
        You mimic one of the greatest statesmen of our time…Nancy Reagan. She has provided our marching orders;
        “Just Say No”

    • https://www.kob.com/new-mexico/sheriff-says-bcso-will-not-enforce-governors-order-banning-guns-in-public/
      BC Sheriff John Allen:
      “Is there a realistic way to enforce this order? No, there is not, because it is unconstitutional.”
      “My oath was to protect the Constitution, and that is what I will do,”

      Governor Michelle Grisham:
      “The state police aren’t bound by those same issues, and are required to enforce any of the public orders or emergency orders that I have the power to execute,”

      Looks to me as if her next stupid move would have to be to establish the New Mexico Sicherheitsdienst, “to bring every single individual within the Reich’s reach under “continuous supervision”.

      GFL, bitch. The Cowboys for Trump crowd ain’t gonna stand for that kind of nonsense.
      What a stupid cow she is.

      • On a brighter note, this year’s Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta promises to be the greenest in history. No need to burn propane, that nasty, evil hydrocarbon, to fill the balloons, as all the hot air can be piped in direct from the Governor’s residence in Santa Fe. Thank you for your service, Michelle.

  6. I found the prescription for the treatment of this disease. Id say so blatantly undermining the constitution is akin to waging war against its people, is acting against this countries constitutional republic is an enemy and the oath she took that she says she doesnt have to follow strictly makes her an enemy, and her acts treason.

    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
    U.S. Code

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

  7. ‘talking about things the Left doesn’t like us to talk about’ — eric

    And then there’s the stuff the Left DOES like to talk about:

    “As a former educator and longtime employee of the Chicago teachers union, what grade would you give the current system and why?”

    ‘That question was put to Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson during his appearance Thursday night at the Economic Club of Chicago.

    “I personally don’t give a lot of attention to grades,” he went on to explain that, instead, “we have to establish a rubric that speaks to the needs as well as the unique dynamics that exist.”

    “The very concept and ideal of public accommodation is deeply tethered to the experience and desire for black liberation. My responsibility is not merely to just grade the system but to fund the system. That’s how I am ultimately going to grade whether our public school system is working — based upon the investments we make to the people who rely on it.”


    Brandon only cares about ‘funding’ [read: paying the salaries of the teachers union], not about quality.

    Quality ain’t his problem. Tying public accommodation in Chicago schools to ‘black liberation’ ought to scare away parents of all races.

    Chicago: another failed DemonRat city. Is there any other kind?

    • Indeed, Jim –

      It astounds me that there are still parents willing to put their kids in government schools; they are your kids, after all. Putting them in government schools is like feeding them a diet of liquid HFC and Cheetos.

    • The mayor is half preacher man and half socialist/Marxist. And of course he is very tribal. He is also complaining that too many of his tribal group are in Cook County jail.

  8. Just another day and another Tesla explodes, 16 times:

    Tesla explodes 16 times

    Go to http://www.tesla-fire dot com

    With Elon taking on the ADL, I expect real uptick in exploding Tesla cars this week. How much you wanna bet the Mossad operatives are going to be busy defaming Tesla cars this week as Elon prepares to sue the ADL for 44 billion ad revenue loss?

    In related news, Khazar mob boss Bibi Netanyahu is flying to the USA this week to meet with Elon Musk.

    In related news, Elon’s dad Errol Musk says the US shadow govt wants to assassinate his son.

    Just in case you don’t know, the Anti-Defamation League is Israeli intelligence network assigned to stop Amerikan Goyim from figuring out it’s “the Jews” behind all of the crime and false flags.

  9. FYI Eric, but when I tried to go to the web site tonight I got the following message: “Your connection isn’t private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.ericpetersautos.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).” Sounds like you’re being hacked again–and I hope it’s not an indication the PTBs are about to turn it up to 11.

    • It’s great people have rallied to New Mexico but this battle needs to be won in the courts or it will happen in other places where patriots won’t show up. You gotta think this is a test run before being enacted in bigger states.

      The left has challenged 2A supporters before and almost always lost. Let’s hope it happens again.

  10. Disarming the public in an area of high crime is about the most stupid thing you could do.

    If anything, more non police should carry in high crime areas. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many of them.

    • Hi Rich,

      Yes – but “stupid” from our point of view; from the point of view of anyone who knows that disarming people who aren’t criminals won’t deter criminals. But doing so is very smart – from the point-of-view of those who want to make us vulnerable to criminals as well as make us into “criminals.”

  11. One other thing New Mexico did was hire Pat Allen to some sort of public health bureaucracy in the state. Before Allen was hired by them, he was the director of the Oregon Health Authority, which under his “leadership” had all sorts of nonsensical public health diktats involving COVID, such as face diaper & vaxx mandates, closing down “non essential businesses”, social distancing, etc. They even implored Oregonians to “Stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations” and enacted a PERMANENT indoor mask mandate last year despite massive opposition to that. It has since been rescinded, but whoever is running OHA now is probably just itching to reimplement it. I wonder if Pat Allen might have had something to do with New Mexico’s governor declaring guns a “Public Health Emergency”.

  12. On the eve of nhininillevin too. Fitting, since we’ve been living under the federal emergency since just before the planes hit the towers. High time the states get in on the act too.

    • Three weeks of high drama are teed up in Clowngress:

      ‘Given the rapidly approaching [Sep 30] deadline, leaders of both the House and the Senate agree that a temporary stopgap funding measure will be needed to avert a government shutdown beginning Oct. 1.

      ‘Members of the House’s Freedom Caucus are pledging to oppose even a temporary measure if it does not cut funding substantially or include new border controls and restrictions on prosecuting former President Donald J. Trump.

      ‘Senators of both parties want the stopgap bill to include billions of dollars for Ukraine, a demand that House Republicans are resisting. House Democrats want nothing to do with any of the Republican bills, which have also been loaded with conservative social policy riders that have little chance of enactment.

      “Honestly, it’s a pretty big mess,” Senator Mitch McConnell, R-KY, recently told an audience in his home state.

      ‘Rep. Chip Roy, R-TX, warned last week that “hiding behind impeachment to screw America with status quo massive funding” would “not end well.” He also ridiculed “hand wringing” over the potential consequences of a shutdown and urged Republicans to prepare for a showdown when they returned to Capitol Hill.

      “Saddle up,” Mr. Roy wrote.’ — NYT


      Yee haw … *throws a silver dollar in the air and blasts it with a six-shooter*

      • Hi Jim,

        One other thing Congress SHOULD do is refuse Biden’s request for MORE money to give to Big Pharma for making a “New and improved COVID-19 vaccine”. The original COVID jabs have repeatedly shown NOT to be what they were sold as to the public, but instead of admitting failure or pulling these “vaccines” off the market, the Biden Thing wants to double, triple, or even quadruple down on the same COVID crap that didn’t freaking WORK the first time except to RUIN countless lives.

  13. She’s a crazed wild animal gone wild! har

    Lujan needs a radish-sized dose of some Jimson weed root to tame her uncontrolled useless brain.

    “Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?” – Walter Sobchak

    Two stray cats have made themselves to home in the backyard. The poor things are hungry, can’t let them starve, have a heart.

  14. Personally I would have thought the murdering of hundreds of men, women and children in Maui would have garnered this kind of anger. Two thousand kids are allegedly still missing as well but very little public reaction even on that. But a freshly elected democrat pushing a 30 day ban on gun carry has the entire nations panties in a bunch. Interesting stuff!

  15. Have you all noticed that everyone hates their Governor? How is that if we elected them? How can every state have an elected governor that is loathed by the people?

    It should be obvious by now that your President, Governor, Senator, Congressman, and Police Chief are installed puppets of the real power.

    Elections are a farce to fool you into believing you have a choice. You have no choice, you have owners, they own you –

    George Carlin They Don’t Give a Fu@k About You

    • Absolutely Jack,

      The owners are laughing their ever loving asses off. They’re probably pissing all over themselves realizing 80% of the country still believe ($)elections are real.

    • Here in Texas, the “Repubican” Governor caters to a constituency concerned about a very narrow range of social issues, specifically abortion, and then dares the fiscal conservatives to vote for someone else. When he wins, he cuts deals with the Democrats on tax/spend issues and then lays low during the Presidential election cycle except to appear a couple of times in public to endorse the candidate at the top of his party”s ticket and, maybe, the US Senate candidate.

      • People either vote for their issue or against the other guy. A well-rounded voter, who might actually have more than one thing they care about is the exception.

        It is a result of the constant drumbeat of political news telling everyone that the end of whatever they care about it guaranteed if you vote for the wrong candidate. Why, just look at how abortion is now impossible* in many* states. Or how horrible New Mexico will be now that it’s a gun-free zone! We all know everyone will just hand ’em over without a peep.

        *impossible after a very specific and clearly stated time in the pregnancy, without informing parents or gardians, or having to drive or take the bus to the next state over where anything goes.

      • The Republican Party in Florida had other plans for the Governor’s Mansion in 2018. I’m not sure Adam “Opie” Putnam could have beaten Benny Crump sock puppet and since-proven meth head Andrew Gillum, however,

      • Hi Jay,,, I like his anti Covid mask and shot agenda but seriously dislike his signing bills in Israel against my freedom of speech. If I want to boycott someone it is none of his business.

        To be fair,,, all main candidates on both sides are Israeli firsters and America last. Can’t explain it but it is what it is.

    • Hi Yukon,

      There was a story a few months ago that Oregon’s relatively new Governor, Tina Kotek, is the LEAST popular governor in the whole country. So much for the narrative that Oregonians WANTED 4 more years of Kate Brown by voting for Kotek instead of the (squishy) Republican, Christine Drazan, or the former Democrat State Senator turned Independent Betsy Johnson.

      Former Governor Kate Brown also had the dubious honor of “least popular governor” her final year in office. Some media pundits claim Tina Kotek is unpopular because Oregonians haven’t formed an opinion of her as yet.

      • I live in Oregon and have not heard one peep out of Tiny Kotex.

        The only thing I know she did thus far is make it legal to pump your own gas.

        • Hi Yukon,

          I live in Oregon as well, and I’m glad that that decades long ban on self serve gas is history, leaving New Jersey the only state where it’s still illegal to pump your own gas.

  16. Another family political dynasty, and, I’m guessing unfulfilled Daddy ambition issues driving the Governor.

    The family held three of the NM US House seats at one time IIRC.

    Lest anyone think I’m picking on one party gender about Daddy issues, Texas dodged putting another Bush on the road to the Governor’s mansion in Austin last year, and Matt Gaetz is my best guess about who will succeed DeSantis as the FL Governor. Both men are Republicans driven by Daddy ambition issues, but there are others.

  17. This “emergency” crap has always bugged me, what’s the point of having laws, rules, etc. if some GovCo official can rule by diktat on their own say so. As far as I’m concerned any such “orders” are bogus and I will not comply. Take the masks and jam them up Fauxchi’s ass.

  18. Great article Eric,

    This is the kind of thinking we get when females with the vapors are in charge, writ large. “Oh the cases” indeed. She’s the perfect face for the Dim party. ‘Bitchez be gettin all emotional and sheeeet,’ ought to be their official slogan. The stupid war party is almost as bad. Bunch of money grubbing enablers still waiting on their balls to drop.

    The deaths that have the Guvrenesseeesssess nasty bits in a twist, if I’m not mistaken, are drive by stray bullets or shootings of a few children a month. These shootings involve drug dealers and criminals, in the worst neighborhoods of Albuquerque. Such an easy solution, stop importing (then deport) turd worlders. If not, its time to let the Dimtard cess pool cities burn themselves out or die of thirst.

    The good people in those cities know its coming. Its past time for ya all to put on yer big boy and gurl boots, pull up stakes and get out. Leave it to the recent arrivals from California. Demographics is destiny and these big cities are already lost. Focus on a small place that still has a semblance of the old America. Its not easy, but you can do it. You and your families future depend on it.

    The rest of us are not coming to save you, TINVOWOOT. Time to put some distance between yourselves and the Babylon’s of America. Without the productive/moneyed element, these cities have no future, except a slow descent into vibrant hellholes envisioned by the women and children currently ruling this country.

    If New Mexico mounts a resistance I’d show up. 1000 or more gun owners peacefully open carrying around the demonesses mansion would probably be the spark that ignites the dry kindling littering this country. I never would have envisioned NM as kicking off spicy time, but stranger things have happened these last three years.

    TPTB would probably back down at the last minute, if this was going to kick off for real. Anyone else notice they are all Spittle and Phlegm? If push comes to shove they’re terrified to have us as their enemy. Their fear was on full display two summers ago when they realized they didn’t have the numbers for a mandatory needle rape pogram. If we all (10-20%) stand up to them and push back, I suspect they would fall back supine on the ole’ ‘We’re all Americans, cant we just get along?’ BS. NO is the answer. It was their insistence on our submission that backed us into this current corner, so again, NO.

    I only wish Clammy Kate would try something like that here in AZ. The trash in all these big blue cess pool cities needs taken out, its creating a real vermin problem. The thought of making Bubonic Plague great again probably has Gates of Hell and the WEF foaming at the mouth.

    • Hi Norman,

      They want a true insurrection. J6 was for shits and giggles. The J6 convictions was to illustrate to the American populace “this is what will happen if you get out of line.” The elite have proven to us they have no issue with throwing this country’s Constitution out the window. They will do so under any means necessary. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to make sure that the citizens of this country stay under their thumb. Anyone who believes this is about “safety” is a moron.

      They want us to revolutionize. Why? To enforce lockdowns? I think they look around and see how quickly Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand folded, but we are a country with almost one billion unregistered guns (hell, maybe more). That seems very dangerous to ignite gunpowder possessed by so many.

      • Hi RG,

        After reading your comment, I remembered back to Vegas in the 90s. April 15th always brought protests at the IRS building. Irwin Schiff and the Ron Paul types would all come out, but also plenty of Fed Bois. I remember looking around during one such protest and thinking, half the hundred or so people were probably FBI. So, yes a J6 type thing would suit their purpose to a tee. The Pinkertons have been practicing this agitprop forever.

        The only thing left is mass non-compliance, walking away from the cities, and the overwhelming power of no. I’m 90 miles away from Phoenix and it still smells too close. I do think the fear is palpable in the dark heart of the world improvers. Their ill conceived power grabs are producing diminishing returns. The overreach is causing many to realize, its time to throw respect for authority (legal, not eternal) into the raging dumpster fie created by the Garbage Elites.

        • Kind of like Anti-Semite, or racist, TPTB have over played the terrorist moniker. The power of these words, used against normals, is evaporating like an ice cream cone on an August afternoon.

          I’ve embraced my inner terrorist. The fact that ‘we’re all terrorists now,’ if adopted far and wide, would take away any power that word still holds.

    • So many red pills in V for Vendetta. The fake pandemic, the emergency powers, the surveillance state, the problem, reaction, solution, paradigm, the US as WW3 loser and a leaper colony. I’m surprised it isn’t on the permanent ban list.

      One of my favorite lines from V

      ‘While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversations, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country.’

  19. In addition to immediate impeachment proceedings, that stupid governor should be sued by every gun owner in NM. From Findlaw.com:

    Civil Rights Lawsuits: Text of Section 1983
    Often referred to simply as Section 1983, 42 U.S.C. § 1983 allows a person to sue state and local government officials who have violated their civil rights.

    Section 1983 states:

    “Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law … .”

    To summarize, any person is liable when they act under the color of law in such a way that it deprives a U.S. citizen — or a person within the United States jurisdiction — of the rights, privileges, or immunities guaranteed to them by the Constitution or by federal or state law.

  20. Cam somebody just get that gurl some cheesecake?! She’s obviously low on carbs and cranky.

    NM may be a lost cause. Albuquerque was a hellhole in the mid 90’s I can’t imagine it’s s gotten better.
    Our special boy faggot governer in KY pulled a bunch of “emergency orders” during the covid-con causing the legislative branches to later take away emergency executive powers from the governors office. So the silver lining is, one bitch behind a podium has slightly less power than they would have had 3 years ago. The pendulum can and does swing both ways. The question whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen.
    This order is only as enforceable as people allow it to be. Just like masks, just like speed limits, just like federal Marijuana laws. There aren’t enough enforcers available to get it done. They need fake virtue, word spells, talking points, fear and guilt. They have no actual power. They have influence which is not the same. Unless… compliance is widespread.
    Sure they might make a few arrests amd blast them on the media to make a point they don’t have enough bed space in jail for actual criminals let alone B.S. like this

    • >Albuquerque was a hellhole in the mid 90’s
      Did you live there?
      What *specifically* makes you say “Albuquerque was a hellhole,” and are you speaking from personal experience?

      I consider Albuquerque to be my home town. My parents moved there from Plainsboro, NJ in 1959, when I was 9 years old. It was a great place to be a kid, in those days. The public schools were excellent, in part due to significant infusions of “federal money,” because New Mexico was considered “federally impacted area,” due to large military presence and the nuclear weapons industry. I went to school with quite a few military brats, whose fathers were stationed at Kirtland AFB.

      I graduated Highland High, which at the time was considered one of the top two high schools in ABQ (Valley High being the other), class of 1966. All of my teachers, except one, were excellent, and in a class of ~800, we had many high achieving students, who went on to success at their chosen university educations. I stood high in the class, though not number one, and had many classmates who were high achievers.

      My sister still lives in Albuquerque, in a nice, gated community near Four Hills. The neighborhood where we spent our childhood, East Nob Hill/Ridgecrest, is still considered a very desirable place to live.

      • Adi:

        Been through Albuquerque a couple times known tow people who did told me it was a crappy place to live crime etc. I’ve never lived there

        I’ve also never lived in Vegas but can discern from the three days I spent there away from the tourist areas it was a hellhole, at least by my standards.

        IMO all cities once they reach a certain size qualify as hellholes. I’m not built for city life. I’ve lived in enough of them to know this.

        I’m not sure 1960’s and gated community Albuquerque would be a fair comparison to present day city as a whole. Just like 1960’s Detroit (my birthplace) or Gross Pointe (where the ford mansion is located) is a fair comparison for the rest of the city, which few people deny is a hellhole.
        With the exception of course, those holding onto the nostalgia of what it was 60-80 years ago or have some emotional attachment to the region.
        I don’t get the emotional triggering of some random internet nobody dumping on where you have lived or currently live.

        • The neighborhood where we spent our childhood, East Nob Hill/Ridgecrest, is still considered a very desirable place to live. Not a gated community, just a nice, middle class neighborhood. No bars on the windows.

          If you are looking for the latter, you can certainly find it. Check out the area known officially as the “International District,” which locals call the “War Zone.”

          I do visit my sister from time to time, so I do have a pretty good idea what Albuquerque as a whole is like these days. There are certainly bad areas, as there are in any city of 500,000, but characterizing the entire city as a “hellhole” is a gross distortion of fact, at least in my opinion.

          >IMO all cities once they reach a certain size qualify as hellholes.
          Well, there you go. Since you believe that “city” and “hellhole” are synonyms, why should anyone pay attention when you describe any city thus?

          If you are looking for a *real* hellhole in New Mexico, I suggest you try Gallup on a Friday night. I expect Jim H who posts here can confirm that.

  21. ‘Complying with “mask” mandates only assured they’d be complied with – for years.’ — eric

    During the covid years of 2020 and 2021, New Mexico under Lujan Grisham had one of the strictest and longest-lasting statewide mask mandates.

    ‘Compliance,’ in my observation, was high. Even in Navajo country, from Gallup to Cortez Colorado, the usual roadside hitchhikers were all dutifully carrying their masks. So was everybody at the gas station, the convenience store, the fast food restaurant.

    Don’t even get me started on the Navajo rez itself, which actually locked down and closed its borders for months and months, as it pursued a fanatical (but wholly useless) vaccination campaign.

    DemonRats, poverty, endemic crime … New Mexico has perfected this toxic mix.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. Here in VA also. But I hope people – enough people – have finally learned what this is all about (i.e., submission to arbitrary authority) and will not go along with it again. If they try to force “masking” again and a third of the population refuses – and does so in an organized manner – the “masking” will not stand. Not without them resorting to Stalin-levels of violent suppression and if that happens, they will leave us no alternative.

      This business with the guns must also be bet with open and obdurate resistance. It is time. It is enough.

      And I’m not just talking – or typing. I will not abide this. I did not abide it last time and I am still deeply angry that so many did. I will never forget being the only one (or one of maybe two) people in a store who was not wearing that god-damned rag. Because people obeyed a sign on the door. Because they were afraid to tell a teenager – or a manager – NO.

      I came to understand, deeply, what Solzhenitsyn was talking about when he wrote of “burning” … later, in the camps. Cowardly, weak people who are too afraid to stand up like men and do what’s right when it is vital to do it.

      I lost half my friends over this. But I gained new – better – ones.

      • Hi Eric,

        One thing that we saw in 2020 that hopefully doesn’t come back is the mask holes who got downright hysterical and attacked people who refused to wear face diapers everywhere. There’s lots of video out there of people who up and verbally or even physically attacked those who refused to wear face diapers in public. And they claim they’re on “The right side of history”. Nope, they helped the evils that came with COVID hysteria. These people even wanted to severely punish those who refused to be guinea pigs in this mass vaccination experiment that the government and Big Pharma was conducting.

        • Most of that was a few hyped up media blasts. I encountered hundreds of thousands of people in that 2+ year period never wore a mask in any establishment. Had a few glares and stares. My usual response was ” got eye trouble? you ok over there? Or simply look them up and down from head to toe a couple times then shake my head in disappointment and pssshhh… It diffused the situation every single time. People scared of the doorman at Walmart aren’t willing to engage with actual conflict.

          One soy drenched fag hassled me in the parking lot of Kroger and I kindly walked him back to his car. That was literally the only actual engagement I had in two years.

      • Eric,,, That governor had what many consider the strictest lockdowns of any State except perhaps Comiefornia and New York.

        She was re-elected last year. Sorry, but to me they got what they voted for. Even after her Covid tyranny it was a close election but that is the definition of democracy,,, 51% telling 49% “who’s their daddy”.

        • Hi Ken,

          Yes, there is truth in what you say. Those who voted for her (and this) do deserve what they get. But the rest who didn’t, don’t. Their role now is to say NO to those who voted for this. We will NOT comply.

          And let the chips fall where they may.

          • yep,,, or very close.

            I was never that fond of democracy. 51 folks demanding 49 get the shot,,, wear a mask,,, drink poison in their water.

  22. Usually, if some state passes a law requiring a woman seeking an abortion to receive a pamphlet of other options, some left wing lawyer puke will be down at the court house getting an injunction before the ink is dry. For the made up right to murder babies. But this, an actual Constitutional infringement, just a bunch of whining. And some sheriff expressing “reservations.” No meaningful opposition to this wanton destruction of everything sacred exists. So we will get what we deserve.

  23. Oregon had a governor who went all dictator herself during COVID. She assumed massive emergency powers for herself, initially claiming it was only for 30 days, but then she kept unilaterally extending it despite requirements from the Oregon constitution that she consult with the state legislature regarding such extensions. Then Queen Kate Brown decreed indoor AND outdoor face diaper mandates, draconian restrictions on businesses, school closures, etc. During Thanksgiving 2020, she even urged Oregonians to snitch on neighbors who “Had too many people visiting for Thanksgiving”. She also decreed vaxx mandates for employees in certain sectors like health care and schools. It was only during her last few months as queen that she “dropped” her emergency decrees, perhaps because there was a gubernatorial election and they couldn’t risk having a REPUBLICAN or a former Democrat turned Independent becoming Oregon’s new governor.

    Thankfully Kate Brown is no longer governor, but her successor, Tina Kotek, is someone who could well have dictatorial ambitions herself given her history when she was in the Oregon House, plus her declaration in an interview last year that if she became governor she would “Bring back mask mandates if the Science called for it”. And given New Mexico’s “emergency declaration” from its governor regarding guns, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are militant anti-gun groups who want Kotek to make similar “emergency declarations” in Oregon. What next, will these authoritarian bastards also make “emergency declarations” regarding CLIIIIIIIIIMATE CHANGE and ban gas vehicles? Or perhaps even an “Emergency declaration” regarding the dreaded latest COVID variant and BAN people who refuse the “Latest COVID-19 vaccine” from society? The time is NOW for people to shout out not just “NO!”, but “HELL NO!” Otherwise, this crap is just going to continue and progressively get worse.

    • Kate Brown was never elected on her own without the power of incumbency.

      Say, whatever happened to John Kitzhaber, whose resignation early in his final term led to Kate Brown taking the Governor’s mansion. Do those sportcoats look as snazzy with the orange jumpsuit as they do with the bluejeans?

      Just kidding, I know Kitzhaber won’t do any serious time.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I haven’t seen or heard Kitzhaber after he resigned as governor shortly after starting his final term 8 years ago. There was a scandal involving him and his then girlfriend, which the state media tried to COVER UP until it was impossible to do so. I guess they just wanted to make sure that Kitzhaber’s opponent at the time, Dennis Richardson, didn’t win that gubernatorial (s)election.

      • I also find it hard to believe that Oregonians WANTED 4 more years of Kate Brown by voting for Tina Kotek, given that Brown was one of the state governors who imposed COVID tyranny on their own citizens. Kotek didn’t get even 50% of the vote, and yet, somehow, she was MAGICALLY declared the winner by state media outlets.

  24. We are not free. If we were, then this order would not be an option.

    We are run by edicts & regulation. Freedom back under the current system because the huge majority are too weak and scared. Mask compliance proved that.

  25. “The value of the order is it gives me three things.”

    Eric focused on the word “order” I am terrified by the word “me”. No representative of the people should ever use the word “me” or “I”.

    I agree with Eric the only thing any American should do is ignore this mandate. Each individual has a God given and Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, and their possessions. If the oligarchy doesn’t like it, oh well. These people are not our overseers and we need to stop thinking that we have to jump when they say to do so.

  26. When the dictators dictate it matters not about what they dictate; because it’s all about taking away your liberty and making you a slave no matter what they claim. Resist to the extant you are able and if enough people do perhaps things will get better someday. Comply and things will be worse than they are now.

  27. I think this is yet another case where these tyrants know their *orders* are unconstitutional and will be challenged and will *eventually* be overruled but they set the precedent, the burn the clock, they force people to spend the money and time, and they “get away” with it until all the work gets done.

    And, with the “right” people in the judiciary, challenges can be thrown out and denied, which burns more time, money, effort, while still getting their way until it goes up to the SCOTUS. Where we have seen very egregious denial of the constitution over the years.

    This is how the left operates and this is how the right rarely if ever operates. They’re playing different games.

    Lastly, this is a prime example of why the idea of “democracy”, never mind the farce referred to as “our precious democracy” is a bunch of bullshit. These tyrants have zero intention of allowing the will of the people to be followed and they do everything humanly possible to prevent and marginalize any meaningful participation of common people.

    “…a REPUBLIC if you can keep it.”

    Well, Ben, no. We weren’t able to keep it. It’s gone. Maybe we’ll get it back someday. Not looking good TBH.

    • This is a test. How we react or comply will determine if this test is dictated nationwide. A $5k fine and civil penalties is nothing compared to your loss of liberty.

      • Hi RG,

        If I were in New Mexico right now I would ostentatiously carry and dare them to arrest me. Maybe they would. Then I would sue them as this would be clearly illegal. If that didn’t suffice, there are other options.

        • We aren’t going to win in a court of law, but we will win by sheer numbers if we ignore the order. Three hundred and thirty one million Americans. They represent (maybe) 1%.

          We could get this country in shape if we stick together.

          • Absolutely, RG –

            I have a VA concealed carry permit. If NM has reciprocity with VA (have to look) I’d love to go to NM – with a bunch of others – and carry and dare the bastards to arrest us.

            • They do have reciprocity, but we don’t need another O.K. Corral moment. Note: Although history dictates otherwise, the Earp Brothers were in the wrong. This country has a vast history of ignoring Constitutional Rights.

              The position is very simple…don’t abide.

              The South American and Eastern European countries are fully aware that their governments are corrupt. Americans still foolishly think that we aren’t a Banana Republic, that voting still matters, and our “representatives” have our best interests at heart. We are, it doesn’t, and they don’t. We don’t need to advertise, instigate, or agitate. We just need to tell them “No, we will not comply.” They can come after us, but it will be them starting the storm.

              • >We don’t need to advertise, instigate, or agitate.
                Personally, I am in favor of practicing some “Mexican judo.”
                Judo know if I got a knife.
                Judo know if I got a gun.
                Judo know what I got, mon.

            • >I have a VA concealed carry permit. If NM has reciprocity with VA (have to look) I’d love to go to NM – with a bunch of others – and carry

              Concealed? NM is an open carry state. Why conceal your weapon if you wish to challenge authority?

  28. With APD and BCSO declining to enforce dieses Führerinbefehl, that leaves only the New Mexico State Police (die Staatspolizei), who are responsible for patrolling the fifth largest state in the U.S., including public highways, with a complement of ~700 officers.


    >appointment of W. Troy Weisler as the 23rd New Mexico State Police Chief effective Saturday, June 24, 2023.

    >Weisler holds a Master of Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University; Master of Public Administration, Justice Administration Specialization from Wayland Baptist University; and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice from New Mexico State University.

    Don’t know what any of that means, but I doubt NMSP will stand down law enforcement in other areas of NM to go after pistol packers in ABQ & Bernalillo Co. NM is an open carry state, but in my experience it was quite uncommon to see someone packing heat in ABQ, barring a rancher come to town and still wearing his snake gun.

    Unless they have changed the law, NM also regards your automobile as an extension of your domicile, which makes it perfectly legal for any citizen to carry a firearm in the glove box without requiring any kind of permit.

    So, this strikes me as a bit of silly theatrics by Michelle the Magnificent [sarc], who either wants to try out the Charlie Chaplin mustache, or else just wants to see what she can get away with. Do they teach Constitutional Law at UNM Law? Or is that an optional class?

    Of what was James Cole (12 Monkeys) accused? Repeated violations of the “permanent emergency code.” Permanent because of “the virus,” naturlich.

      • As I said, I don’t know what any of that means, but I am reasonably certain the people of the great State of New Mexico are not dealing with the re-incarnation of Reinhard Heydrich, even if he does have a German last name. 🙂
        GFL, Michelle.
        She is going to have to learn to raise that right hand a *whole* lot higher than is shown in the photograph if she wants to get peoples’ attention. Maybe watch Dr. Strangelove a few times for inspiration. 🙂

        Aside from that, I expect this will be the sound of one hand clapping.

    • Adi wrote, “Justice Administration Specialization from Wayland Baptist University”.

      This is why so many despise Christianity. Understand that the Bible, a book with which WBU seems unfamiliar, teaches that earthly GovCo is of Satan, 1 Sam 8. For them to embrace the Devil’s creation is the reason why Christianity is failing the West which sprang from its bosom.

      Unless, of course, the Justice Administration Specialization degree teaches how God deals with heretics and that humans are not God.

  29. I would not be surprised to see people in New Mexico voting with their feet and leaving for more free states like AZ, NV, TX, OK, WY.

    But how bad do things have to get for a real exodus?

    • Real bad.

      People talk about moving but they usually don’t. It’s tough. They have their jobs. There’s family in the area and friends that they have made over a lifetime. They have their doctors, their stores, their favorite restaurants. They like their homes. They tolerate the weather. I finally left a blue state that had no hope of ever turning red again. I was slowly and methodically being made a criminal with all the laws being passed. It cost a lot of money to move. I left family and friends.

      NM is a lost cause. It is one of the poorest states in the country. It is crime-ridden. Race relations (gringos, hispanic, native American) are terrible. Burglaries are common. Even in the nice areas of ABQ there are bars on the windows and doors. The whole state is running out of water. The Rio Grande often runs practically dry through ABQ. But people stay. They can’t move north – Colorado is a lost cause. Wyoming has extremely severe winters. Arizona and Nevada are tipping blue and on the wrong trajectory.

      • >Race relations (gringos, hispanic, native American) are terrible.
        Not in my experience, but I haven’t lived there in a long time. We were taught in school of what were called the “Three Cultures,” namely Native American,
        Spanish, and Anglo. Of course, there are many distinct Native American cultures, but for seventh graders things were simplified.

        Everybody pretty much respected each other, and there was no “grievance” culture. The word “Chicano” did not exist, and the Spanish-Americans most assuredly did not regard themselves as “exploited,” or “victims” in any way.
        Don’t call them “Mexicans,” or “Mexican-Americans,” by the way. Thems just about fightin’ words, to most of these people, who trace their ancestry to the early Spanish explorers. They are not wetbacks, and implying they are is an insult.

        >Even in the nice areas of ABQ there are bars on the windows and doors.
        The neighborhood where I spent my childhood, Nob Hill/Ridgecrest, does not have that “feature,” and is considered a quite desirable place to live, though not really “rich.”

        >It is one of the poorest states in the country.
        One notch above Mississippi, IIRC.
        Paradoxically, NM has the highest number of PhDs per capita of any state, due primarily to the nuclear weapons labs (Los Alamos and Sandia).

      • All good points.

        There is also the fact that, with the craziness of the housing market, selling one’s existing home and buying a new one, or finding a new rental property, is a supreme royal pain. If you have a mortgage locked in at 3-4 percent, you’ll lose that.

  30. This NM tyrant (she was one of the worst COVIDian governors) should be told by the sheriffs that if she and her armed bodyguards show up in their counties, she and her bodyguards will be arrested and jailed for issuing and trying to enforce edicts that violate the Constitution. Sheriffs are elected positions and she has no authority over them. Now it’s her move.

  31. “When the criminal element realizes their victims are unarmed, by law, they will have the liberty of attacking them at will.” John Kable

    Miscreants attack “gun free zones” or those that are easy targets. Notice how gun shops are rarely, if ever, the victims of armed robbery. How many times have we seen security video of an armed thug fleeing at the sight of a shotgun wielding store owner?

    Criminals may not be very smart on the whole but, they’re not stupid. They don’t want to get shot, period. As was said long ago, a fully armed society is a polite society.

    But, this isn’t about logic, reason or the protection of the citizenry. It’s about raw, authoritarian power. It’s about the relationship of a master to a slave. Too bad those that claim slavery in their recent familial past do not realize who are the real slavers.

    It reminds me of the work of Doug Bandow and Jeffery Hummel from the 20th Century… https://fee.org/articles/emancipating-slaves-enslaving-free-men-a-history-of-the-american-civil-war/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0vWnBhC6ARIsAJpJM6crTc4U8tuMEZigP_dbHKjDoMuwyfJZS1VBslNQL9nn2ZqZEquVJEIaAlblEALw_wcB

  32. She is terribly distraught over the number of people being shot.
    Her solution? Make damn sure anyone about to be shot has no means to defend themselves. This is what passes for a “solution” among the Psychopaths In Charge. It most assuredly is a solution, just not of the problem indicated. It’s a solution to the armed citizen “problem”.
    Personally, I’d rather risk being shot than be compelled to stand, or kneel, and take that shot with no recourse. This may be the light we need shown on this stupidity/evil. When the criminal element realizes their victims are unarmed, by law, they will have the liberty of attacking them at will. It’s a relatively small population, and the stats won’t be easily hidden.


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