Here’s the New Speaker – Same as the Old Speaker

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If more proof were needed that the GOP is the NPC Party – and part of the same Uniparty as the Democrats they pretend to oppose – then here it is:

“Rockets are raining down on Israeli towns right now. We need to immediately help replenish Israel’s stockpile of Iron Dome missiles to protect more innocent civilians from getting killed. Let’s make sure Congress can unite and assure Israel has what it needs to destroy Hamas.”

So said Jim Jordan, putative Next Speaker of the House.

The old speaker was ousted, in part, for refusing to do anything to halt the flow of our money to perpetuate the show in Ukraine (a country that is literally run by an actor hired to play the part of its leader).

At least until “questions” were “answered.”

As opposed to No for an answer.

As in – no more Americans being taxed to pay for the show in Ukraine. That is what an opposition leader would have said, if there were one. As opposed to an NPC player with a red ribbon neatly bow-tied around its neck, so as to differentiate it from the NPC players with the blue ribbons tied around their necks.

So, not only will the money – our money – continue to be used to finance the show in Ukraine, more of our money will be sent to Israel, which (like Ukraine) is somehow in a position to get us to hand it over to them.

How did these countries maneuver us into this position? It’s a ready question we’re not supposed to ask and if we do, we can expect to be accused of being all sorts of nasty things, such as “anti-Semitic.”

As opposed to being anti-the-bankrolling of other countries’ problems. Especially when they created them. Which they tend to do – with reckless abandon – because they know they can make us pay the price.

Because they own the Uniparty.

If you’ve ever listened to retired Col. Doug MacGregor (or read the little book written by former Marine Brigadier General Smedley Butler) you will know how they came to own it. The answer is simple.

They bought it.

But who are they?

MacGregor styled them the “donor class,” by which he means the interests with pockets deep enough to afford a congressman or senator or president. They are the ones who buy $10,000 a plate reservations at candidate’s fund-raising dinners and much more than just that. They include the corporations the courts have ruled have the same right to “free speech” as any actual human individual and spend millions on it. By promoting the candidate who aligns with their interests. Raytheon, Boeing and other makers of things that blow up or are used to blow people up or blow holes in people are very interested indeed in Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev (and Israel) and any other such place where there is a show going on that can make them a lot of money.

A lot more money than it cost to buy a congressman, senator or president.

The current resident has been very good for business. The interests got a fabulous return on their investment. And the “opposition” with the red ribbons around their necks have done exactly nothing (of any substance) to call a halt to it. Indeed, they amen’d and seconded it.

And they will keep the boodle flowing as the American people keep hemorrhaging – because the bought-and-paid-for Uniparty has no interest whatsoever in representing people who haven’t paid well for the privilege.

Butler was one who understood who he was working for when he was a Marine brigadier general. It wasn’t “the people.” It was United Fruit, which was very interested in certain Central and South American countries – but lacked the necessary tools to further these interests. And so they were bought.

And thus, General Butler was used.

Some 60 years later, Henry Kissinger – a creature so evil it makes one a believer in existential evil – reportedly described such as General Butler  as “stupid animals.” But Butler was smart enough to know what it was he’d been hired to do by the same interests that are currently paying for the show in Ukraine – and Israel, too.

And he regretted having been involved in it. He wrote a book about it.

If that book had been read by most Americans since it was first published, there might be fewer shows going on. Or at least, Americans wouldn’t be paying for them, courtesy of the offices of the Uniparty.

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  1. The bald-headed rat-faced kike Johnathon Goldblatt is fomenting discord, like all shitheads do. Not only that, but he is more or less a double circumcised quisling.

    Shut the hell up! Ya dumb jackass.

    No one should have that kind of soap box, does not blend with the credence needed.

    Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil – Jesus Christ, The Lord’s Prayer

  2. The ‘donor class’ is a euphemism for the European fake jews of course and their gentile sycophants. It’s really hard to know what really went on this weekend, but someone who isn’t happy is another European fake jew Zelensky who just lost the spotlight. Russia, Iran, and to a lesser degree China appear to be the real heroes of the world now. We’re just little minnows in a big ocean but at least a fair number of us think professional sports are gay and question stuff. Thank God for that.

    • I can only assume from your “professional sports are gay” comment that you did not watch the awesome game last night with the Raiders and Packers? 😁

            • Note: Eric won’t show up either. Prefers going to the dentist instead. 😜

              Your loss, I do make an outstanding crab dip.

              I don’t understand you men. I love the game. I started watching football when I was eight. My parents always had Sunday football on, but they rarely sat down and watched it.
              I remember the first game I watched was the Super Bowl with the Giants playing the Broncos. Phil Simms against John Elway. After that I was hooked.

              Hubby and I enjoy it. The kids have no interest in it though. Only when I yell “nachos” do they show up.

              I don’t know where I went wrong. The youngest one prefers reading (actual paperbacks) in her room. Strange children.

              • Hi RG,

                I played sports – and still run and weight lift regularly. So I’m athletic – and yet have little-to-zero-interest in the doings of athletes. Especially pro athletes. I think this is because I dislike the way pro sports have become a kind of fetish object for many; the way pro athletes are practically deified by many. The way so many men know so much about “the game” but next to nothing about history, philosophy, science and the arts.

                There’s also the recent factor of many pro athletes being Woke jerk-offs; multi-millionaires who complain about “racism.”

                • Putting money on the game makes it interesting. I’d say one of the big reasons football is holding on is fantasy league play.

                  Even NASCAR’s ratings are flat/down:
                  While that is an improvement over more recent TV ratings for NASCAR, it is the lowest audience size in years at Daytona for a Saturday night race. Compared to 2021, the last Saturday night race, viewership was down nearly 17 percent.


                  Of course baseball is on life support until the playoffs, much of the season is to empty stands, excpept for corporate season tickets and bulk sales.

                  Sports marketing over the last 20 years has been about individual players. If there’s a Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong, the sport gets viewers. If not, then it flounders. There will always be the hardcore Ricky Bobby fans, but for the general public, most of us don’t have anything to latch on to unless there’s an outstanding player. Otherwise it’s all just fashonable to wear a team’s jersey.

                • Pro sports in ‘Murica is really a devolution into tribalism. People wear the colors of their tribe, hate those in opponent garb and have various rituals surrounding the events.

                  The opening ceremonies are little more that religious sanctification rights. Field size flags sanctify the dirt for the contest, military jets fly overhead showing the deadly weaponry that stirs our passions. People stand and pledge allegiance to The State and then sing the national fight song/hymn.

                  I admit I still enjoy watching the athleticism in the game I used to play. However, I’ve long since abandoned any sort of “live or die” with the team mentality. I’d much rather be a doer than a viewer.

                • Eric I had a sort of friend who works for Lockheed. Knows sports like a true fanatic. I asked him what he thought about us shredding Libya in the Obama years. he had no idea what i was talking about. What Libya? What about Libya? Yeah the business you work for massacred thousands of civilians. Last time I talked to the dolt.

                  • Indeed, Mark-

                    Pro sports-watching is less a diversion than a soporific; it keeps men’s minds off important things while also making them feel manly.

              • I started watching it at about eight as well, when the goal posts were still on the goal line. My interest waned a bit over the years, and disappeared when all pro sports went all in on the Covid thing.

              • Football and basketball are rigged just like wrestling. The difference is the rigging is harder to spot. They are not games, they are entertainment.

          • Count me out as well. 20 years ago we always had BBQ boys night IN on Mondays for the game. Rain? Pull a tarp out from the eves and BBQ on. A few beers, my Cleveland born and raised buddy raising holy hell over the lame officiating.

            Well, they went woke so count Sparkey as “nope”. Once the kneeling started and the “alternate” national anthem played that was it for me. Wife’s gal pal and my local biker bud over for lunch last week, she had her Seahawks jersey on and they went on and on about this and that NFL related. I just tuned it out – done is done for me.

        • Well-played, sir!

          It has always baffled me… straight men glued to the TeeVee watching men in tight pants pat each other on the ass and wrestle with each over a ball…

          • You realize that straight men are not watching the guys asses, right? I am as straight as a woman can be and even I rarely do.

            Not a fan of rugby either, are you?

            • Hi RG,

              I’m not a fan of any organized sports at the profession level. That said, I like a pick-up game of whatever with friends and going to a high school game to support your kid (or a friend’s kid) is ok by me!

              • Makes sense. I like the game, in general. It can be anything from Little League to Professional.

                I have attended my fair share of high school games.

          • I’ve been criticizing grown men for supporting professional “sports” for more than a few decades. I never watched that garbage…
            Not only the “National Felon League” and the “National Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly professional skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology. When (((they))) banned the “Stars and Bars” flag, a part of their history, NASCAR sealed its fate, along with the promotion of substandard “affirmative action” black driver “bubba” wallace complaining about “racist” garage door pulls, triggering a full-blown FBI investigation, NASCARs fate was set. To add insult to injury, recently “bubba” wallace’s typical black violent tendencies were on full display.
            Let’s not forget the billions spent by grown male “sports fans” on sports ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), all to benefit the (((owners))) of the criminal, steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.
            “Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…
            It is disgusting to see grown men spout off useless and meaningless sports statistics and the adulation that they give these costumed players (actors) while not giving a damn about the direction this country is taking. It is just sickening to see grown men debase themselves.
            I realize that sports ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down derisively on grown men who sport their favorite sports ball players clothing or other accouterments.
            I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”
            There are much better things for grown men to do than watch sports ball sports.
            Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow men to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media and useless professional sports.
            Message to grown men: Get away from the sports ball. You are much better than that…

            • Well said. Professional sports are a form of faggotry where adult men drool at the sight of negros and 25 year olds runnning around. I’ll pass, thanks.

              • The only thing on network TV more homoerotic than football, is pro wrestling.

                I never caught the bug for either one.

                I do, strangely enough, greatly enjoy musical theater. And plays. And opera. Sometimes I wish I could have been a dramaturge.

  3. Eric,

    As of right now, a new Speaker of the House has not been selected. Jim Jordan is one of the candidates for Speaker, but that’s all. AFAIK, the Speaker Pro Tempore is still serving as Speaker temporarily until a new one is elected.

  4. NYT NPC woke whore reporter: “Jim Jordan, what are your qualifications for Speaker?”

    JJ “I love Israel, more money for Ukraine!”

    NYT reporter “That is good answer, good luck, and I see you are on the short list”

    “Gov. DeSantis, what are your stance on the issues?”

    “I believe we must stop all criticism of Jews and Israel, and I would make a great president who puts a Holocaust Museum in every school in America, because we as Americans, love Jews and Israel, and hate Palestinians.”

    NYT – ” I see, do you support Israel more than President Trump?”

    Gov DeSantis “Yes, I went to Israel and signed a law in Israel making criticizing Israel in my state of Florida a felony!”

    NYT – “Very good, I see you learn fast on how to get elected in the United States”

    GD “Yes, and next week I will be going to the Wailing Wall and meet with top Rabbis, as President I will make sure Israel gets hundreds of billions in military aid, our latest fighter jets, and all the nukes they need to fry those Palestinian cockroaches!”

  5. The justification is that its a win-win-win. The international “community” sees that we’re sticking by our allies thorugh thick and thin. The defense contractors get permission to sell arms (brokered by Congress) to those allies. The banks get to set up “EZ terms” knowing that the US treasury is backing the lend-lease loans. And you poor slobs get good jobs jobs jobs and jobs! Hurrah!

    But wait, there’s more! Now that we’re meddling in two hot wars, it means we can dump more dollars into the system. And, even better, it spooks the market, driving up oil futures even further! Banks make money! Speculators make money! Exxon-Mobile makes money! State DOTs make money!

    Unless the war drags on, and I don’t mean a costume party. Or the opponent proves to be more capable then the think tanks led everyone to believe. When it starts looking like the banks aren’t gonna get paid back, time to double down. Then go all-in and bluff until they call your marker.

    Worked out great that one time, and that one other too. A mixed bag at best.

    • Hi RK,

      Yes, but is Ukraine an ally? Or Israel, for that matter. I mean, of Americans.

      Both are states that use the United States (American taxpayers) to their advantage. But what is the advantage to the U.S. taxpayer? Do we Americans get anything of value from Keeeeeeeeeev (or Israel) in return?

      • You got that right Eric,
        Being an ally is a two way street; what do we get from them other than a constant begging for ever more money, weapons, etc. They are parasites feeding off the average American taxpayer, while benefiting the Pentagram and its contractors.

      • No, the American taxpayer doesn’t get much. But our El Presidente gets a whole load of benefit from Ukraine, at least he did until people starting looking under rocks.

        I suppose one could say that having a few extra votes in the UN is always helpful too. Not that it really matters anyway.

        But the big deal is getting access to Mossad and washing 5 eyes operations on Americans through them. That’s really useful… Especially when the CIA got hold of the Epstein guest list…

  6. The latest Israelite issue may well become the last. Only the “leaders” in the U.S. and some feckless Europeans give a tinker’s damn about that 20th Century Tower of Babel. God will not be mocked. A bunch of Jews thinking they can take over the Levant and bring the first coming to fruition are playing the same stupid games they did as recounted in the Book of Judges.

    When the planet is forced into picking a side by Bibi and the NeoCons these s.o.b.s will find out that 80% of the planet is sick and tired of their deadly, arrogant, condescending prickishness. The U.S. will probably go down with them.

    OY VEY!!

    • Flights to Tel Aviv have been cancelled!

      The Holy Land is going to hell in a handbasket.

      The Neocons have caused a neo-exodus.

      The Straussians are in big trouble.

      Right here in River City!

      It’s sad, but that’s the way it goes moving west.

      • Henry Kissinger should have been dead long ago. It is the (gentile child-supplied) adrenochrome treatments that are keeping him alive. You see, according to jewish doctrine and beliefs, us “goyim” are akin to cattle, given long lives in which to “serve the jews”. Kissinger’s statement about gentiles being “dumb animals” was consistent with his talmudic beliefs.
        When Kissinger croaks, I’ll bet that he will be given an American state funeral. As a country, the united States of America is dead and is a vassal state of israel.

    • I hope you are right. It is no secret that israel did WTC 911 as its mossad fingerprints are all over that act of war. Even criminal jew bibi netanyahu remarked that 911 WTC “was good for israel”.
      An American general once remarked that “if the true perpetrators of the WTC 911 were exposed, israel would cease to exist and no one in the world would give a damn”.
      One can only hope…

  7. There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.
    -Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

    It was true then. It’s extremely true now. Sure, the ruling class will allow you to argue about commas in the tax code and prefer you talk about whomever Taylor Swift is dating. But talk about the forever wars, national debt, corruption, child mutilation and the floods of illegal, low-IQ third worlders flooding the country and destroying the right of self determination? That’s a bridge too far for them. In fact, that makes you an INSURRECTIONIST/RACIST/SEXIST/BIGOT/HOMOPHOBE/NAZI!

    I just want a federal government that lives within its means. That stops interfering in the affairs of other countries, stops telling manufacturers how to design consumer goods with ridiculous regulations and stops spying on me.

      • All the wars were power struggles between the aristocracy…the ruling elite….

        The aristocracy convince the slaves to go into battle for them…brainwashing them they are fighting for democracy, or some such bs…lol….the elite are wimps they can’t fight anyone….

        Who encourages the men to go and die?….the women…..

        A more accurate reason for war….to eliminate slaves before they figure out they were blocked from their maybe multi million dollar trust account at birth…then robbed at death…the trust account being confiscated by the elite rulers/vatican ….—Romley-Stewart:2

        • The closing of the trust is shown when your legal/corporate/slave name is engraved in uppercase … non english…dog latin…on your gravestone at death…..go check put a graveyard….

        • their maybe multi million dollar trust account at birth…then robbed at death…the trust account being confiscated by the elite rulers/vatican ….

          you would think this would get the atheist crowd pissed off…robbed by a church….but….no response…

          or the average joe….like you inherit a million dollar trust account at birth which is blocked, then stolen….but nobody seams to care….what about their children suffering the same fate?….nobody cares….

      • Would be wonderful if we got Trump as speaker, just for the shear madness of sploddy heads of Dims going splat. The desperation shown by the Garbage Elite is very encouraging. It means they know (subconsciously) that for every battle they win, they’re actually losing the war. I’d rather 4 Moar years of Joey Shitzhizpants than a Neocon RBF like Nicki Haley.

        Islam was right about women
        Eric Peters was right about masks
        And Isreal was right about borders

        • Agreed, Mark –

          Nikki Haley is insufferable. I’ve listened to several interviews with her and concluded she’s another script reader of (at best) average intelligence who does what she gets paid to do.

          • Hi Eric,
            Working in news in the Carolinas when she ran for Governor and serving under Trump(pun intended) the little skank can compare notes with Kamala about getting a head…

          • Of course Trump hired this shreiking witch for our UN ambasador(sp?) along with the entire swamp after she said she would never support him and removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse. We’re screwed no matter what.

          • How does South carolina elect poisonous toads like Haley and Graham? I don’t get it. Southerners are usually reasonable. Maybe being one has clouded my judgement.

      • Maybe finish them with a “babality.”

        Babality is a Finisher introduced in Mortal Kombat II. The move allows players to turn their opponents into an infant version of the character. This infant version is often wearing only a diaper, although sometimes they are wearing either a full outfit or at least some additional lower-torso clothing.

        Brings back memories…

        • I remember well the “babality”, Funk Doctor.

          Also, “friendship”.

          Perhaps the Israelis can roll up to Hamas and pull out flowers and other gifts.

          “Friendship. FRIENDSHIP.”

  8. This latest clusterfuck is the product of Israel treating the Palestinians like non-human pests ever since the UN took the Palestinian’s property and turned it into Israel. They deserve it. They appear to love killing non-Israeli people, as they are constantly bombing targets in foreign lands, most often with little to no provocation. The US is already giving Israel billions of dollars every year. Why should we be offering them any more? I have nothing against Jews, I was married to one for 35 years, but I most definitely have much against Israel. The most bloodthirsty and racially discriminating nation on the planet. With no sign of letting up. I have no idea why the US political sphere is so in love with them ($$$$?), nor do I care. They need to cut it out. They are NOT on the moral high ground. The rest of the middle east are not saints, but Israel is the worst, by far.

    • Hey Mr. Kable,

      “I have no idea why the US political sphere is so in love with them ($$$$?), nor do I care. They need to cut it out.”

      It does beg the question, doesn’t it? Why, indeed? Now, I’m probably a bit more agnostic about the situation than some, but it does appear that it’s pretty difficult to become anyone in said US political sphere while being even tepid in one’s support for Israel. Especially on the “conservative” side.

    • Arabs are Semitic people.
      Using the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “anti-Jewish” denies the existence of all other Semitic people, and Arabs in particular. It is, in fact, denial of reality, which is what the so-called “Israelis” have been doing since their political entity was founded by terrorists and mass murderers back in 1948.

  9. Something stinks about the Israeli situation. Usually Israeli intelligence would know this was coming and would’ve been ready for it but somehow didn’t. Chalk this up to incompetence or the Deep State over there wanting BiBi out. But the Biden Regime is the cause of this by not enforcing sanctions on Iran that Trump had in place. Giving Tehran Billions of dollars (for humanitarian reasons of course). And starting up funding again for Hamas and the PLO that Trump had stopped. Plenty of money to buy plenty of weapons. BTW, remember the $80+ billion in military equipment left in Afghanistan? The Taliban is asking Iran for permission to cross its territory to join in the fight against Israel. All of this, all of it can be laid at Biden’s feet. He is responsible.

      • Ah, a reminder of where this country was just 50 years ago. Wow, time flies. I guess soon we should sit back and wait for the Oil Embargo.

    • We didn’t give Iran anything Jesus Christ. We unfroze money we stole from them. At least get the lies straight. If you support the European fake jew terrorists against the Palestinians you have no soul. You should be watching Fox and Lindsey Graham instead of libertarian sites.

  10. Yawn. This cat and mouse game being played out overseas is getting stale. Real Americans have never had any compelling interest in middle east events. The 1973-74 Arab oil embargo was a fake event designed to make Americans afraid of their own security and to enable the petrodollar.

    Today’s so called event is another staged event, no doubt with casualties of some kind, but the same predictable players. Haaaaamasss, Israaaaael, and the US State department.

    The thing is, since 1990, we have been actively inserting ourselves into these conflicts. I don’t beleive for a minute that even if Sadam Hussein completely took over the middle east that he would have cut off gas and oil to the United states. He was a leader who liked money and girls. He needs to sell oil to get those, and with more territory to manage, he would have kept the US well oiled until we we could frac our own out of the ground again.

    I’m sick of hearing about this bullshit and I think Jim Jordan is a stained shirt. Send him out on the same skateboard they sent McCarthy.

    • ^Ditto.

      Not my circus, not my monkeys. No sanctions, no military support, no nothing, let them fight it out amongst themselves for once.

      There are no “good guys” here, let’s stop pretending there are.

      Similar logic applies to the Ukraine.

  11. ‘Not only will our money continue to be used to finance the show in Ukraine, more of our money will be sent to Israel.’ — eric

    Even rebel Matt Gaetz, who brought down K-Mac, was on TeeVee yesterday, citing the ten-year, $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding with Israel, and assuring worried viewers that the lack of a House Speaker won’t preclude Clowngress from doing EVEN MORE for Israel.

    Israel Orders ‘Complete Siege’ of Gaza

    ‘Israel’s defense minister said “no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel” would be allowed into the long-blockaded Gaza Strip.’ — NYT, this morning

    Collective punishment, anyone? Will Gazans not resist extermination, the same way Jews in the Warsaw ghetto resisted the Final Solution planned for them?

    Commentary from Michael Every of Rabobank, via ZeroHedge:

    ‘If Israel starts a ground war in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon says it will start an assault with its large stock of fighters and missiles. Israel would find itself in a bloody two front war — three, if Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq are activated.

    ‘In turn, this could destabilise flailing Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, the latter with an election in December: its pro-Palestinian population is already seething about high inflation, and two Israeli tourists were shot dead by an Egyptian policeman yesterday. The Suez Canal runs through Egypt, for those who think goods appear at the click of a digital button. Russia, neck-deep in Syria, also would be in the thick of things again.

    ‘The Saudi-Israeli (anti-Iran) peace deal, and Riyadh boosting oil output in 2024 as a sweetener, is history for now. The Wall Street Journal claims ‘Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks’. On this basis one cannot rule out an Israeli attack on Tehran, opening the door to Iranian attacks on both Israel and Saudi Arabia.’

    You, you meant the world to me
    Then you went World War Three
    You, you love so mercilessly
    And left me out to bleed

    So here’s to you, here’s to us
    Here’s to everything we ever were
    And here’s to a new World War

    — Ruth B, World War 3

    • AND they’re off to the races:

      ‘Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a brief statement on Monday that its helicopters are currently striking in Lebanese territory. No further details were provided.

      ‘The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) peacekeepers said in a statement on Monday that it has reported explosions near Al-Boustan in southwest Lebanon.

      ‘There are also reports IDF heavy armor has been seen headed to northern border with Lebanon.’ — ZH

      Now taking bets on the size of the aid package to whooped through unanimously in Clowngress. $16 billion seems like a reasonable guess.

  12. “We need to immediately help replenish Israel’s stockpile of Iron Dome missiles”

    According to the reliable Wikipedia (/s), one Iron Dome interceptor missile costs about $100-$150K per interception, vs a several thousand dollar Hamas rocket. Overwhelm the missile defense with hundreds of cheap rockets and Iron Dome fails to achieve its intended purpose.

    Those cost differences don’t scale. Welcome to the asymmetric warfare realities of the 2020s. Additionally, who’s going to make the needed missiles quickly? There’s no organic manufacturing capability in this country to do this sort of thing.

    Our politicians are great at making sound bites before the cameras, but unless Israel can shoot printed dollar bills out of cannons at the enemy, they are in trouble.

    • Think about poor Zelensky, Howard. With the USSA’s and Europe’s focus back on the Middle East where does this leave him? Out to pasture? In a canoe without a paddle? Shit out of luck? The Mrs. will have to stop shopping in Paris and dropping $100k at the Cartier store.

      Volodymyr better pack quickly. Vladimir has his eye on a new vacation home in Kyiv. And it doesn’t look like anybody will notice when he pulls up.

      • Send money to Israel, yeah if there is any group that is short on cash it’s Jews.

        But I guess it’s better to send money to Israel since they are not so crooked and will at least put it to good use. You can be sure any war there will not draw out too long.

        Anyway they will probably keep fighting both wars. Since the end goal seems to be the destruction of our economy, two wars we can’t afford are better then one.

    • This is the lesson of the 2020s. Forget about ghost guns, how about 3D printed (redacted)? Cast them in cheap aluminum, because you don’t really care where they come down. Make (redacted) on your desktop CNC mill. Or set up a home (redacted) distillery, most people could do that pretty easily given access to the wiki article. The (redacted) are just chips taken from that thing in your pocket.

      Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, as the old saying goes.

      Not saying I would do anything like that. In fact I doubt there’s anything that would ever drive me to take such action. Live and leave alone is my motto.


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