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Groucho Marx said he’d never be a member of a club that would allow him to join. I feel the same way about the Uniparty – which is the only party we’re allowed to join, apparently.

One part of it “stands” with Ukraine – by which is meant you and I must be made to hand over our money (via the taxes we’re forced to pay as the price of being allowed to live) to finance the handing over of war material to a corrupt foreign regime in order to empower that regime to engage in a war we want no part of.

The other part wants the same, of course.

It just “stands” with a different corrupt foreign regime.

This business is of a piece with the way the Uniparty-ites both “stand” for the same thing as regards forcing others to pay for the other things they each think the other ought to be forced to pay for.

The part that “stands” with Ukraine also “stands” with the notion that everyone ought to be forced to buy health insurance; the part that “stands” with Israel thinks everyone ought to be forced to buy the “services” of what is styled “law enforcement,” which it venerates with almost-canine affection. Don’t touch my Social Security – but screw those EBT moochers! More (of other people’s) money for “the schools”! More (of other people’s money) for “defense.”

Neither part of the Uniparty “stands” with the idea of keeping their hands out of other people’s pockets and leaving people alone – either at home or abroad. The busybody-ism is as relentless as it is expensive

Why is that?

Probably because the idea of leaving people alone is one that is almost never brought up. Instead, the argument – it is never a discussion – is always predicated on the assumption that something must be done.

By others, of course.

And, of course, to others.

Thus, the argument centers on the haggling over what should be done rather than whether it should be done. And because that is how the argument starts, the end is foreordained. Something will be done. And to other people – who would very much like to be left out of it.

An interesting aspect of this is the evasion of responsibility for the consequences of all this “standing” with – and for – the doing of things to others, by others.

The average person would never attempt to force his neighbor to “stand” with Ukraine (or Israel) or any other foreign regime, nor attempt to force him to hand over money for anything – whether out of cowardice or reluctance to commit what he knows to be an immoral act of aggressive violence. But let the average person vote for it – and he often will.

The vote confers beer muscles on the poltroon – and enables the average person to pretend they are not committing an immoral act of aggressive violence since they aren’t getting their hands bloody themselves. It is easy to “stand” with Ukraine or Israel or whatever-foreign-regime is today’s object of doggy, socially obligatory devotion when all you have ti do is stand before a voting machine – and behind a curtain, so your “standing” is anonymous.

There is much to be said in favor of ending such “standing.” Perhaps it would be a good thing to oblige people to show their neighbors where they “stand” – as regards making others pay (and do) – by obliging them to stake a stand in public.

Of course, it would be even better to end this “standing” by voting business altogether. No one should be able to shift responsibility for what they do – for what they want done – away from themselves. Let those who “stand” with Ukraine or Israel or whatever else they “stand” for and with do just that – on their own and by themselves. Let them hand over their money, which they have every right to do. But not a cent of anyone else’s money, which they have no right to take. Let them go fight, if that is their wish. But enough of this awful business of egging on wars that others will have to fight, on their behalf.

That’s my stand – and it’s one I’ll stand by.

. . .

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  1. Romley Stewart of Justinian Deception

    @ 31:20 in video…… Jew in the black’s law dictionary means banker….who is the banker?…the vatican is….where does the vatican get the money?….from the slaves…when you are born you are signed up as a slave…..

    @ 36:00 in video…the order of the eastern star…the women’s branch of the freemasons….

    copy and paste whole link…video starts at 5:40💥💥💥World-Exclusive.-💥💥💥Romley-Stewart-of-Justinian-Deception-is-back.-Pt-1-of-his-live-presentation.:d

    • @ 35:00 in video….a citizen….citi.. means…city of london….the financial district…owned by the vatican since 49 bc… zen…. zen….. means going against the scriptures….a citizen becomes a member of the anti christ…which is the vatican….which controls all the corporations….

      @ 50:00 in video…the 3rd world war has started….it started march 2020…it is a silent war….remember the injection?

      • @ 50:00 in video…the 3rd world war has started….it started march 2020…it is a silent war….remember the injection?

        They went this route because they didn’t think a conventional war would work….like in WW1 and WW2……the people wouldn’t kill each other this time….so they had to use other means…they want the slaves gone before they…the slaves…. figure out all the money/debt…1000’s of trillions of dollars…….. is owed to the slaves…..

  2. Awesome spot on rant from the great white north, a great summary of the utter fraud of Israel, Judaism, their history (all fake), the stealing of land Palestine because they claim it from a fraudulent holy text.

    “OK, Lets start off with this murderous campaign by the psychopaths in charge of that shit hole called ‘Israel’ against the very innocent and basically unarmed civilians in that open air concentration camp called the ‘Gaza Strip’…. I for one have not written anything of substance over the last while about this act of 100% GENOCIDE by those psychopaths in that hell hole, as this subject has been beaten to death already by so many other great writers… Therefore basically if I even bothered to write about the daily situation in that bloodbath, I would only be ‘parroting’ what others have written already… Thus I will not pussy foot around this vital subject and instead give everyone the straight goods..

    YES, the psychopaths in charge of that ILLEGAL and stolen ‘state’ called “Israel” HAVE ZERO RIGHTS to the very land that they have indeed stolen from the rightful and very much SEMITIC inhabitants of the region, the Palestinian people, in the first place… These illegal invaders, nearly 100% KHAZARIAN ‘Mongolian-Turkish’ imposters of the ‘JEWISH faith’ that base nearly their own entire ‘religion’ on the sick and twisted writings of the vomiting and perverse ‘book’ known as the ‘TALMUD’ have as much right to that land that they have now occupied as the Chinese would have rights to the land in the UK (Yes, I know.. bad example, but hopefully you get the point..)… These interlopers have indeed murdered tens of thousands of the rightful owners of that land, starting at the turn of the last century and reached their plateau of death and destruction back in 1948 when they forced the Palestinian people out of their land and into ‘refugee camps’… And yes, in terms of their path of destruction it was truly a case of ‘ethnic cleansing’ that is absolutely illegal under nearly all aspects of international law… But with the JEWISH control of so many governments around this planet, that even goes as far back as the turn of the last century, the world has turned a ‘blind eye’ to this theft and the genocide of an entire people….

    And yes, there is ZERO real history that in any shape or form has claimed that a ‘god’ has ordained that land on these interlopers and land thieves… Try as they might to claim that their ‘GOD’ (which in many context has been said to be SATAN himself..) had given the land of Palestine to these illegal criminal hoodlums, there is ZERO evidence that shows that their ‘TORAH’ writings have any historical fact…. Many real scholars and true historians have proven that every aspect of that false ‘BIBLE’ are nothing but pure fantasies and actual works of complete fiction…Thus what we have are not only land thieves, but outright LIARS as well…

    Yes, to me, the issue at hand in that stolen land of ISRAEL can all boil down to every aspect of the fraudulence of the ‘religion’ called “JUDAISM” that has always been seen by yours truly as nothing more than a CULT of pure evil and pure sickness and perversions…. The followers of this sickness have always been programmed from their very births with a flat out and never ending HATRED of the rest of humanity and a constant need to claim ‘victimhood’ for their own crimes against the rest of humanity… We have countless instances of where the criminality of these twisted freaks is fully exposed, and yet they scream ‘innocence’ in putting out the false claims that those who expose their crimes are nothing more than ‘antisemites’ and ‘Jew haters’… It all proves the constant claim and statement that the ‘Jew screams in pain as he hits you with a hammer..’. But every notion of ‘innocence’ are always proven to be nothing more than false as it is apparent that the criminals in each case are always trying to claim ‘victimhood’ and try to get away with their crimes..”

    It’s time to wake up and smell the stench of the Jew.

    • ‘Secretary’ Blinken talked to the guy with the gun:

      ‘Blinken met with Netanyahu Friday, where according to fresh reports he pressed the Israeli prime minister to use “smaller bombs”.’

      It’s more humane to pepper somebody with .22 bullets than with big .38 slugs, according to the Blinken Rule. Duly noted.

  3. It’s always about money. In this case its about that horrid, anti-earth thing called ‘fossil’ oil. Apparently there are very large, ‘massive’ gas and oil reserves which have been found under/around Gaza.
    Already Israel (which doesn’t own the rights… yet) has issued rights to six oil giants to drill offshore Gaza. One mentioned is BP. Makes sense since Britain was the nation that stole the Palestine land for Israel. Once the place is destroyed Israel will take possession (like they have done since 1947). By then they hope most Palestinians will be dead and the atrocities forgotten. One can bet the US is involved neck deep. Smedley Butler’s ‘War is a Racket’ proudly on display here….

    • There’s something called horizontal drilling which the Izraleis could certainly invite us to help them with if they were interested. The Gaza strip is about 10 miles wide, isn’t it? Those people in the Izraeli government are not interested in democracy and peace or even oil reserves. They are interested in forcing their “allies” to resolve a 3000 year ethnic and land dispute.

  4. I would estimate that roughly half of the white population in the US harbors a desire to be Rolf Gruber, the Hitler Youth literally “blowing the whistle” on the family making their escape during the climactic moments in “The Sound of Music”. Of course, no one is going to admit to this desire, but I’ve experienced it time and time again in life, particularly on the job.

    • The ones who were tattle-tales when they were children, no doubt. Every year, such behavior is rewarded & praised, more & more, rather than given the scorn such behavior deserves.

      Along the same lines as your comment, Roscoe, I sometimes find myself wondering who & how people in the audience at the movie theater in the late 1970’s early 80’s were cheering on Darth Vader & his Stormtroopers. …Such a thing Never entered my mind then. Couldn’t even conceptualize such thinking… back then.

      That was then, this is now.

      • The first “Clerks” movie has the original and, since then, frequently imitated “Jedi Politics” debate regarding how many innocent subcontractor lives were probably lost when Lando and co. blew up the second Death Star.

        “Do you think the average stormtrooper can install a toilet main? All they know is killing and white uniforms.”

        • That goes with the aging GenX’r anti-corporate mentality. We grew up in the shadow of Kennedys and waterGate and nuclear flagWaving obscenities! Gen X sometimes kept this paradigm instead of becoming “wallStreet Money obsessed pseudo-hippies. Now no one seems to care,,,

          • Gen X, of which I am a very early one, in their youth was lazy, apathetic and pleasure seeking. They got treated to the shit music boomers made, (aka Madonna, Cindy Laptop, Paula Abdul, Michelle Jackson, Prince and others) and pretended to love it. The only thing I can say that I like about my generation is that they are the most conservative living generation and were not a bunch of preachy asshats like most boomers. ( Not all, since many reside here and those are the good ones. ) Their civic engagement has grown from zero to trying to up end the existing status quo, quietly.There’s good and bad in any generation. It’s just what predominates. Gen X got screwed by timing and an education system in the beginning stages of failure.

      • You can tell from this post that I am long past my “Sell-by Date” and probably fast approching my “Use-by Date”. I shudder how those “Evil Japs” of my childhood used water torture; how those “Evil Nazis and Commies” used night time, no-knock search warrants and arrests; how “Evil Commies” used show trials with coerced confessions. I sure am glad that ‘mericans don’t act that way here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. (Note: the opinions of the poster are his own and do not reflect the ideas and opinions of DeSantis, Haley, G. Bush, the Elder, G. Bush, the Younger, Donnie, or Ol’ Joe. And as Yul Brynner famously said in The King and I, “etcetera, etcetera, etcetera”.)

        • Jeremy Jurgens… nevah heard of him before.

          ‘Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year?’

          …”Everyone must choose between freedom and enslavement, and the option to choose freedom is rapidly closing.

          The principles of “know your customer” (KYC) will be imposed on everybody for everything, and anything that doesn’t have that will be made illegal under National Security justifications. Essentially, what we’re looking at is a cyber Patriot Act, which will allow for the unfettered surveillance of everyone’s online activities, and the ability to restrict or block access to the internet.”…

  5. “Allahu Akbar, Fu*k Joe Biden!”: Enraged Pro-Palestinian Protesters Gather Outside White House

    The pirate slave masters said…there is only two groups…settlers or indigenous….now they have started a bunch of wars…..intentionaly?

    If all the slaves are fighting each other they won’t kill off the pirate slave masters….cool tactic…..

    A slave rebellion is needed….

    pirate slave masters…stealing slave tax dollars daily…..

    • pirate slave masters…stealing slave tax dollars daily…..

      In the days of the pharaohs…slavery was not hidden….today the slaves are so brain washed they think they are not a slave…tax slave, debt slave with zero rights….

      In the old days the slave owner had to give the slave somewhere to live….

      not today…the slave has to work two or three jobs…after being robbed with taxes, fees, etc., …the slave can’t afford rent let alone food….

      now the slave owners say there is too many slaves…8 billion….want to reduce it to 500,000

  6. The first time I encountered this “Stand with …” meme was on bumper stickers produced by nasty Dem operatives the first time Governor Abbott ran for his current gig here in Texas in 2014 against Wendy Davis, a one issue candidate — abortion — and typical loon which the left runs for the office in this state.

    Stand With Wendy.

    Governor Abbott is in a wheelchair.

    I still see the bumper stickers around on cars in Austin.

  7. It is tragic what is going on in the middle east and in Ukraine and in much of the world. There is so much death and destruction. When and where did US intervention improve anything? And yet the sheeple are now scraping off their Ukraine flag bumper stickers and replacing them with Israel flags. They are so easily manipulated. For those who support Ukraine and Israel, I’m sure both countries will accept your donations. And they may accept you into their armed forces if you are young and fit.

    It’s easy for the middle-aged and obese to stand (or perhaps sit) and yell “I stand with [whatever].” What happens when the US comes for your kids, dresses them in a uniform, and sends them to another meat-grinder war? Will you stand against that?

    • Amen, Howard –

      This incessant clamor for “standing” with warmongers – by people who are too old to go to war and (often) never served themselves is despicable and insufferable. I favor the idea of those urging war to lead the charge – personally. Or shut up.

        • Sure. “Bibi’s” son isn’t in uniform with the IDF, mixing it up with the dreaded Hamas “terrorists”. THAT’s for the “shabbos goyim”, duped into fighting a war for an entity that cares NOTHING for them, that regards them as lower than CATTLE, and wouldn’t afford them the same rights as the ostensible targeted members of the “Jewish” state. In short (too late), Israel will fight to the LAST DROP of GENTILE, AMERICAN blood, but save their own skins.

      • It is encouraging that the west is finding that Ukraine is a money pit and is indicating to Z that he needs to figure out how to negotiate a settlement with the Russians. Had he done so from the beginning (rather than believing Boris Johnson that UKR would be provided everything it needs to defeat the Russians), his country wouldn’t have been destroyed along with the hundreds of thousands of war dead and the millions of UKR refugees. This was a predictable outcome to those of us who watched the drama unfold. UKR never had a chance. Wars are won on the ground, the US is a naval and air power but not a ground power, and Russia has a much larger population than UKR and can feed its front with soldiers and ammunition for much longer than UKR, which has no war production capacity, can last. But the warmongers that “stood with Ukraine” have now mostly lost interest and moved onto another more interesting war.

        The entire world is witnessing again how long the US will “stand” with its allies – until it loses interest of course! Is Israel watching this? They’d better figure a way out of their mess before the US loses interest.

    • “What happens when the US comes for your kids, dresses them in a uniform, and sends them to another meat-grinder war? Will you stand against that?”

      They have, time after time. Even cheering those brave boys onward as they boarded the ships and planes.

      • and the women encourage the men to go…fight for freedom….

        in reality just a dispute between pirate slave owners…

        or a meat grinder to get rid of alpha fighting age men…have to get rid of the warriors….

  8. War is definitely a bladder splatter and liver quiver, period.

    It is for the Israelis or whatever they are anymore. Who cares? Nobody, get lost, you no good bums. Then they were gone, good riddance.

    Death to all Muslims or whatever they are anymore. Death to all Jews for being stupid shitheads no matter where they go. Christians can die for forgiving everybody and their dog.

    You can’t have indoctrinated stupid assholes doing the stupid shit they’re doing.

    Just stop it.

    Death to everybody anywhere everywhere!

    Peace trumps war, so there. harumph!

    All humans must die! Death to humanity! The Final Solution or something.

    The Jews have it all figured out! Kill everybody!

    Yeah, right.

    Have a nice day.

    Hang on Sloopy!

    Apostles all, humanity will benefit more than not.

    • “Don’t boil me, I’m still alive!” Peter (Seth MacFarlane) didn’t realize that throwing the lobster into the pot, ALIVE, is precisely how it’s done.

      And even if sea critters (BTW, lobsters are not crustaceans, they’re related to spiders) were “kosher”, and observant Jews ate them, they’d show more consideration for their dinner than any “Shabbos Goyim”, duped into fighting for them.

  9. An old post on this Site. One of the best I have seen anywhere.

    U.S. Independence Ended in 1788 after a Unconstitutional Coup. – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

    The first constitution of the United Colonies was passed by Congress and ratified in 1781. The constitution was unconstitutionally violated by the Five States Rebellion of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

    The initiators of a long standing militaryand financial coup led by Alexander Hamilton and George Washington continued their illegitimate usurpation by imposing the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama of the State of Illinois in 2008. ——- continues.

    Reading it will explain why the “founders” canned it and why I always say “I wish the “founders” were here to enjoy their work”.

      • The old saying applies: All wars are banker wars.

        The manner in which they overthrew the Articles should have everyone wondering what their motives were. Taking out a constitution that respected the sovereignty of the several colonies, installing the monster we know today without a plebiscite can sure make a suspicious person wonder. Their excuse about the tariffs doesn’t fly with me. They could have easily fixed that problem in the old constitution which they lied saying that was exactly what they were going to do. Instead they brought in a new constitution that eliminated individual State sovereignty and brought in a central authority. No longer would every State be required to approve something,,, now only 2/3.
        Step by Step they eliminated freedom. The war of aggression by Washington against the South,,, the elimination of the Militias,,, the Central Bank,,, Blanket taxation and the elimination of State participation in the federal government by making the Senate a popular vote rather than State appointment.
        All done by hook or crook. Not a one that was proven honestly ratified.
        We now enjoy a government that has eviscerated the ten amendments, made half the American population domestic terrorists, and does pretty much whatever it pleases,,, totally out of control.

  10. A country the size and population of New Jersey has so much influence over our government that they’re willing to send $14.5 billion in arms deals. Nine million people. $1600 for every man, woman and child in Israel. If you consider the COVID payout (not including the $600/child breeder bonus) that’s about half of what NJ got in stimulus checks. Of course not everyone was eligible for stimuli, for example, my annual income was too high, so I got to help pay for it. You’re welcome.

    Think they’ll pay us back? I’m assuming this is all done as a lend/lease deal, because that way they’ll start moving money through to the arms dealers. See! It’s a jobs program! And since we dumped all that old NATO spec stuff off on that sucker Zelenskyy, this is all going to be the latest and greatest tech. Some of it with software written in Israel! Double win!

  11. If anyone wants to know why Amerika stands with Israel, it is because the Jews have completely colonized our government, the USA has been taken over by a parasite, like this wasp which takes over the caterpillar:

    Parasitoid wasps: Like the Alien movies, but real!

    The new Speaker of the House, says the first order of business is Israel. Not our country, a foreign state. How can we be electing such traitors? Our entire Congress is loyal to Israel over it’s own nation. Amerika is politically owned because the minds of Amerikans has been taken over by a memetic virus, the Holy Bible. Christians will follow the Judas goat to their doom, because their minds have been colonized by a literary virus.

    I could care less about Israel, and do you know why? Because I know the Torah (or Old Testament) is plagiarized trash. Abraham of the Bible was lifted from older text. Long before Jews began recording their experience in the Bible, another culture, in India had the same stories.

    Brahma became Abraham

    Saraswati became Sarah.

    Brahma is father of All (RV7.97b), while Abraham is father of many nations (Gen 17:5)

    Brahma’s wife is his sister Sarasvati (SV7.96.2), and she was a great beauty (AV19.17; KenU3), while Abraham’s wife, Sarah, is also his sister (Gen 20:12) and is beautiful (Gen 12:14).

    Saraswati is known for being a goddess of water, the name means something like retains water. The River Saraswati (PraU1.6) has a tributary named Ghaggar, reflective of the name of Sarah’s maidservant, Hagar. Sarah from Hebrew (שרר sharar) means ruler and / or retains water.

    Brahma and Sarasvati lived together for 100 years, then had their first son, while Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 when they had Isaac (Gen 21.5).

    Brahma’s son (or grandson), Daksha, is killed as the offering sacrifice before all the gods, while Abraham almost offers his son Isaac. At the pleading of his father, Brihaspati (born from Brahma’s body, RV3.23.1) Daksha is resurrected with the head of a ram, while Abraham finds a ram caught in a bush to sacrifice in place of his son Isaac (Gen 22:1-13). Brahma’s hidden offering (AV19.42.1-2), relates to Abraham’s offering of a ram caught in a bush.

    Thus, the inescapable conclusion, the God of the Bible promising the land to Abraham is literary fiction – lifted from older text. Abraham never existed, he is only a literary creation. Thus everything that follows in the text is utter bullshit.

    And that my friends means Israel’s claim to the Palestinian land is 100% fraud.

    It is a huge hoax causing an even bigger blood letting. And you shouldn’t even want to believe it anyways, because why would you want to worship some deranged god that tells you to take your oldest son up the mountain and offer him as sacrifice?

    The Offering of Isaac
    1 Some time later God tested Abraham and said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he answered. 2“Take your son,” God said, “your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah. Offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains,…

    Of course no god ever told anyone to do that. That is very sick literature – like a gang initiation – be loyal and kill to be in the gang.

    And now that insane Christian Zionist Speaker of the House says Amerikan boys are going to have to go die in Israel. For what? A literary hoax.

    And it is way worse than you think. Dr. Shlomo Sands (Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University. ) wrote ‘The Invention of the Jewish People” after figuring out the Bible text is imaginary, Israeli archeology proves no King Solomon ever existed. Why? Because the Bible is a literary hoax.

    Wiki – The Invention of the Jewish People (Hebrew: מתי ואיך הומצא העם היהודי?, romanized: Matai ve’ech humtza ha’am hayehudi?, literally When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?) is a study of Jewish historiography by Shlomo Sand, Professor of History at Tel Aviv University. It has generated a heated controversy.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] The book was on the best-seller list in Israel for nineteen weeks.[12]

    Sands also wrote The Invention of the Land of Israel and How I Stopped Being a Jew

  12. Of course no one mentions the dual-citizenship politicians or the “loyalty oaths” to Israel that just about every American politician takes. AIPAC, a foreign lobby, requires American politicians to sign a “loyalty oath” to Israel in order to receive political support (shekels).
    Ilan Omar exposed the “elephant in the room”–the allegiance to a foreign country by our politicians.
    I expect our politicians to put America’s interests FIRST, not Israel’s. Any allegiance to a foreign country is TREASON.
    Recently Congressman Mast wore his IDF uniform to a congressional session. He should have lost his U S citizenship and have been deported immediately.
    Remember the deliberate “act of war” against the USA committed by “our friend and ally” Israel with the attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5) on 8 June, 1967. To this day, this “act of war” has never been formally resolved.

  13. The situation is worse than Eric describes it by an order of magnitude. It’s not simply that they are taking our money and using it. They are also actively disarming us while they arm foreigners. They are actively allowing tens of millions to illegally pour across our border while deploying our military to defend Israel’s border, and giving Ukraine hundreds of billions to defend it’s border.

    And who, exactly, are “they”? First, Biden, who literally took bribes from Ukraine through the conduit of his drug-addict son — and bragged openly about getting Ukrainian prosecutors off the case. And while I know that Eric does not want every discussion to devolve into the JQ, the fact remains that the people controlling our policy are disproportionately Tribe– Schumer, Blinken, Mayorkas, Yellen. Blinken actually went to Israel and stood with Bibi and said “I come here not just as an American, but as Jew.” Yellen actually said “we” can afford to fund Ukraine and Israel simultaneously.

    Talk about a conflict of interest! How can a people like that possibly represent us — the American people — in a neutral and professional fashion?

    If Ilhan Omar were Secretary of State and she went to meet Hamas or the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and said “I come here not only as an American but as a Muslim” and then gave them billions and sent two naval battle groups and a squadron of F-15s to assist them, people would absolutely flip out.

    • “And while I know that Eric does not want every discussion to devolve into the JQ”

      This is an odd sentiment to me. When you cannot even -name- a problem for fear of utter memory holing, cancellation, financial annihilation that speaks volumes doesn’t it? The silence is deafening, as they say. Let us ignore the similarity in the “Stands with” completely and just stand around pretending we cannot notice similarities & patterns.

      I sort of get the hesitation because its not a monolithic problem. There are plenty of other non-tribals on the take and in on it. But the enormously outsized impact of this small minority is not a coincidence, much as they would like it to be. You can be critical of the people in charge without leveling charges against the people -as a whole-. Just like you can be critical of Hamas and still support the Palestinians. They apparently, see it differently, hence the immediate shutdown should you question anything and -that- is the difference. Anyone else can be criticized, not them.

      • It’s the Elephant in the room. You can’t ignore that he crushes everything in his path and shits everywhere, no matter how benevolent his intent; it’s his NATURE.

    • Good point. My bet is she would better represent her constituents than your scenario supposes, she seems to have a conscience, lacking in many of the members of the house.

      • PS: The she I refereed to is Ilhan Omar. Long post. She seems to have principals and not been bought or blackmailed (put on video in a compromising situation.) Principals and a conscience sina qua non.

  14. I said it before, I’ll say it again. The bureaucrats use OUR money to arm other nations while simultaneously attempting to disarm US. Where are OUR 2A bought and paid for arms and ammunition? Being given/sold/traded to everyone else, including the $80 billion worth left to the terrorists in Afghanistan. WE are paying for all of it. So I am not turning in, registering, surrendering, etc. any firearms whatsoever. As for ammunition, they can have every spent round they can catch with their bare hands.

  15. Might W’s statement of “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists” after his declaration of a “War on terror” when he was President have been precedent for this current campaign of “I stand with ______” and those who say something contrary to government approved narratives are deemed “Puppets of ______”? Since 2022, people who spoke out against government approved narratives on Ukraine were called “Puppets of Putin” or worse.

    And with the MASSIVE COVID vaccination push just before government distracted the masses with war, I’m surprised there wasn’t a campaign of “I stand with the vaccinated” or “I stand with SCIENCE” (Tony Fauci or Pfizer).

  16. Another reason to never vote was lately provided by Israel vs. Palestine. One of the first things out of the mouths of the warmongers was, “Well, the innocent civilians of Palestine deserved to get attacked by Israel because, after all, they voted for Hamas!” Never give your enemies a reason to justify their illicit actions against you.

    • Hi Jason,

      There are those in this country who likely feel that violence against people who voted for Orange Man is justified because to them, Trump is some dangerous Monster who can’t be allowed to be President again. The ironic thing is, the senile old man they put into office ended up being the monster they claimed Trump was. And before someone calls me something like a “Trump Bootlicker”, I’ve had my issues with Trump when he was President, not the least of which is the COVID tyranny that started during his final year as President.

      • The left vilifies their opponent by pointing out all the things they might do, proving that they’ve thought about doing all those things themself.

    • >civilians of Palestine deserved to get attacked by Israel because, after all, they voted for Hamas!
      Especially the six month old Arab babies!
      My God, they are such *evil* babies…

      • According to the jewish talmud, us gentiles are all “animals with souls, to be used (and abused) for the benefit of the jews”. “God created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts.
        The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” -Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L
        It’s all written down and is reinforced from birth.
        You see, jews are supremacists of the highest order whose teachings would make a “white supremacist” blush.
        There is a “duality” to the jewish psyche that serves them quite well.
        Jews are taught that they are “victims”, hated by gentiles “for no reason at all”, just because they are jews. According to jews themselves, their sordid criminal behavior should be payed no attention by “the outside world”.
        At the same time jews are taught that they are the “supreme beings” on earth, on a higher spiritual and moral plane than us mere gentiles.
        Their social insularity and cultural “separateness” serves them well. They openly flout the very civil-rights laws that they helped impose on “the rest of us”. There are entire jewish communities (Kiryas Joel, NY) where a gentile may not purchase property, rent property or send their children to the “jews only” public schools. They get away with this while they raise hell if anyone else (gentiles) attempt to do the same. These same jewish supremacists have no qualms about receiving (gentile-supplied) public assistance above and beyond their numbers.
        Let’s not forget the “separation of church and state” that jewish lawfare uses to rid the USA of Christian displays. Of course jewish menorahs on public property are OK. Even the White House sports a giant menorah during their “holiday season”. Double standard indeed.
        Jews have a prayer (Kol Nidre) that is recited that absolves them of all promises, vows and sins committed previously and is done to get rid of their “guilt” for screwing over the goyim”.

        • If I were the Jews, I’d be praying like hell.

          You have to pray for the sorry lost soulless useless animals that nobody wants around anymore. To hell with them.

          I do hope and pray that the grotesque filthy swine do find redemption, they deserve some mercy, being the animals that they are and slaughter innocents for no good reason.

          May they all burn in hell… forever.

          Charles Manson probably had some guilt-ridden remorse.

          Still have to forgive the Jews for being dumb enough to be smart enough.

          Forgive them, for they know what they do.
          Intelligent behavior doesn’t act like that.

          Problem solving and completion are intelligent behaviors.

          Bombing everything into submission is as damned dumb as it can get.

          Can’t tell the Jews to go to hell, they’re there already.

          Beer drinking time!

          • Jews always overreach. THAT is the reason for their expulsions, presently 109 times.
            They don’t know when to quit.
            Their “tikkun olam” (save the world for themselves) is merely jewish supremacy in action.
            They poison every society that they (are allowed to) dominate in.
            The old canard that they poison the wells of their perceived enemies is actually true. On a grander scale, they poison societies.
            Even Netanyahu remarked that when they finish parasitizing the USA, they will move on to another “host”.
            Instead of embracing the many freedoms and opportunities they have in the USA, they look forward to its eventual destruction.
            Not good.

            • There is no way in hell can the Jews prevail. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

              I read all the replies.

              I can forgive the Jews, for they know not what they do.

              Killing is not that cool.

              Christmas this year won’t be that merry, thanks to the vile evil ruthless worthless Jews and their skullduggery.

              Still have to forgive and pray for their worthless sorry useless condemned to hell no good hides, nobody cares if they live or die.

              Too bad, so sad. Read it and weep, ya dumbass less than animals stupid snake like Jews. Go to hell and don’t go anywhere else.


              Still have to pray that Jews go straight to hell.

              No better place for them. Israel is close enough these days.

              I do fervently pray that the Jews will all burn in hell forever. Hell is where they belong, just the way it is.


    • And the Israelis have elected Benjamin Netanyahu for the 3rd time, and this latest false flag Hamas attack, is an all or nothing exercise.

      The entire Arab world now wants to invade Israel.

      Good move Bibi, just keep doubling down until the missile reign in.

      When the whole world wants you dead, where their is a will their is a way.

      Buh Bye Israel.

    • We needn’t give a shit about Gaza, “Palestine”, nor Hamas, either. It’s not a question of who’s “right” versus who’s “wrong”, as in many conflicts, it’ll be settled by who PREVAILS by force of arms. The question for US(A) is: why the HELL should we CARE? Where is ANY involvement, in whatever side, in the foreign policy interests of the United States? I’ve yet to hear one cogent argument justifying it.

  17. I stand with Lindsey Graham!

    Said no one ever.

    Lot of tough talking politicians will turn into cowards in a hurry after a great big bomb shattering the cushy lives they live explodes.

    Can’t trust any of them, they want you to do all of the dirty work while they benefit.

    Libya got bombed in 1980, the Beirut bombing in October of 1983 took the lives of 250 US Marines. Iraq I and II, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Palestine, the wars never stop.

    “The Marines are going to get attacked.” Words said by me in early October of 1983, drinking in the bar while standing around looking dumb, like always. “You called it,” said one friend way back when.

    Might want to re-evaluate the priorities.

    Time to stand up and tell politicians in Warshington to go home and stay there.

    Nobody wants war, so quit.

    • “Lot of tough talking politicians will turn into cowards in a hurry after a great big bomb shattering the cushy lives they live explodes.”

      And That is exactly what Thomas Jefferson intended when he said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
      To paraphrase Patton,
      “No patriot ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making the traitors and tyrants die and give up their wealth and power.”
      D.C. is utterly corrupt and can’t be reformed. NIFO

    • Like me, Senator Graham is too old and fat to be of much military utility. But are his SONS “over there”? His GRANDSONS, if they’re of military age? I don’t see too many children and grandchildren of the self-appointed elites doing the fighting!

  18. The reason for the popularity of funding the Ukraine in DC is that it’s the biggest money laundering operation going. A percentage will evidently get back to back pockets of the scumbag politicians and their families as well as boosting the profits of the weapons manufacturers who “lobby” these unscrupulous office holders. We the taxpayers get the bill. I’m guessing there is a run on the money before the dollar collapses.

  19. I stand with my middle fingers in the air. I really wish all of these arm chair warriors would go stand in Gaza, or go stand in the Donbas. Go see what your money and weapons, and votes, have wrought. See the blood stained ruins. See the despair. See the tears. God damn these people.

    • Your words captured in a four-panel graphic:

      In January 2015, then-Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McClownell invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Clowngress — without even notifying the White House, a gross breach of protocol. Netanyahu was given rapturous standing ovations.

      America’s shame is that all but a handful of the 535 Congress Clowns would cheer him even more rapturously today for sending over a million refugees fleeing, and then shelling their homes to rubble.

      Israel is our misfortune.

      • It’s already happening…
        Zionist jews are abandoning the middle east and are gravitating to their new European “homeland”. Ukraine.
        The Ukraine is being “cleansed” of ethnic Russians and non-jewish Ukrainians as well.
        The “war” is designed to “encourage” non-jews to “go elsewhere”.
        This was the case in post-war Germany where Germans who fled the war lost their real estate and other property to jews without compensation. In fact, the “allies” forcibly removed Germans from their homes after the summation of WW2 and gave them to jews. History does indeed repeat itself.
        You see, most European jews HATE the climate and cultural demographic of the middle east and desire a European base of operation in which to conduct their sordid, criminal activities. Plus, their criminal “customer base” is much closer as well.
        israel 2.0, the Ukraine is being “prepped” for jewish occupation as we speak.
        It is interesting to note that in Ukraine, Christian churches have been shuttered while not one synagogue was touched-shades of the bolshevik revolution of Russia which also closed and “repurposed” Christian church property while making it a capital offense to criticize jews…
        History does indeed repeat itself…
        We are witnessing the birth of a new jewish bolshevik communist state…Ukraine israel 2.0

        • Why not? The people that many Ashkenazi Jews are at least partly descended from, the Khazars, lived on the Steppes north and east of the Black Sea.

  20. I know few people who want their tax dollars to go to either country for their war. The stand with Ukraine popular support seemed to end after a few months later when when it became clear this was to be an endless war. Now with Israel Ever since the mail in ballot process was forced on us I have been reluctant to vote. The whole process stank to high heaven to me after that started and i witnessing the 2020 election debacle. So predictable that even tho covid long since ended they will never go back to in person voting. It has become so obvious the process is rigged I can barely believe what Im seeing anymore, i just shake my head in disbelief when Biden speaks. Covid was just a means to an end for the ptb. We complain and these monsters just chug right along, oblivious and uncaring. Just received a mailer from the elections office wanting to confirm my current address so they can mail me my ballot.

    • Which is why I don’t vote. I will not lend support to a candidate from either party. I will not lend support to me and my neighbors being robbed at gunpoint to pay for what I don’t want. Which would be practically anything the government does. After all, they are psychopaths.

      • Hi John. I’m with you. I don’t vote. Never have, never will. What right do I have to choose someone to rule over you? I also believe that government should exist only by the consent of the people. Voting, participating in their game, implies that I consent to their system, and I don’t.

      • “Given that, the voter can only express a non-influential moral opinion; more often, he votes for the same reason that he applauds at a sports game, that is, not to change the level of noise but to entertain himself.” Unknown

      • “Which is why I don’t vote. I will not lend support to a candidate from either party.”

        But how can you sit by and not choose the lesser of two evils (like I have for years)? Last two votes I remember casting were for Ron Paul in the primaries of 2008 and 2012. Would not have darkened the door to the polling place except to express my respect for Dr. Paul.

          • Hi John,

            One of the most appalling aspects of that – Ron Paul’s candidacy – was the way many “conservatives” mocked RP. These people are only enamored of “tough leaders,” who beat their chest and wave the flag and promise to “make America strong.” By which is meant the government, of course.

            • With most conservatives, it’s simply a counter-argument of how BIG Government, meaning our “Favorite Uncle”, should be deployed. Any that embrace Libertarian thought want Uncle cut down to a “manageable” size, and put within the constraints that the Constitution set for the Federal Government. That is, be the SERVANT of the several SOVEREIGN states, and the PEOPLE. That was utterly crushed in April 1865, effectively signed by the surrender of the CSA’s Army of Northern Virginia, under command of General Robert E. Lee, at Appomattox Court House, which, I believe, Eric, is less than 100 miles from where you live. Methinks every April 9th there should be a day of mourning and black flags laid at that historical site, commemorating the DEATH of the once-great Republic.

              Of course, it’s why we Libertarians figure prominently on either Democrat or Republican list of “enemies”, to be harasses by the ATF, FBI, IRS, etc. etc. etc.

              • “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that proceeded it.” Gen. Robert E. Lee

                He knew what would happen.


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