The Freedom to Hate

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“Conservatives” – whatever that means – are proving they hate freedom of speech as much as the Leftists they pretend they oppose.

“Nikki” Haley, for instance. In air fingers quotation marks to make a point of the fact her real name isn’t that. Nimarata Haley recently lectured Americans that while “there should be freedom of speech,” people have not got the “freedom to hate.”

Well, first of all, who gets to define what constitutes “hate”?

Why, the Left, of course!

It was the Left that first framed disagreeing with the Left as “hate” – in order both to smear such disagreement as morally repugnant and – next – to seek to outlaw any expression of disagreement with the Left.

So what is Nimarata trying to “conserve,” exactly? It’s certainly not the freedom to express disagreement with the Left.

Or the Right.

Nimarata is an ardent Israel-firster, as are many “conservatives.” As are many Leftists. They both agree that Israel – the government of Israel, that is – can do no wrong; probably because they are well-paid to so agree. And because they both know that to disagree is to open oneself up to charges of being  . . . “hateful” toward Israel. This latter is functionally the binary alternative to not being slavishly worshipful of Israel. Or – to be precise – of the interests that make it very clear that anything less than slavish worshipfulness of Israel will result in hatred being directed their way.

Ands the same as regards Keeeeeeeeeeeev. One must “stand” with the endless financing of that failed state (and its odious actor-puppet leader) else be guilty of  . . . “hate.”

On this business of “hate” . . .

Why should any free person be punished for hating whatever he decides he hates? Or – more finely – how can a person be free, if he isn’t free to hate whatever he likes?

And irrespective of whether other people like it?

There are many instances when it is entirely legitimate to hate – as for example liars. And  the people who seek to take away our freedom to speak when they declare our views to be “hateful,” because they question or disagree with theirs.

People like Nimarata Haley, for instance.

It is healthy to express hatred for such people – and their despicable framing of disagreement with them as “hateful.”

What is wrong with hating people who have established by their actions that they hate you? Are we supposed to pretend we don’t hate them? Oe – more finely – that we do not disagree with them?

Yes, exactly.

The demand is we are not allowed to give express our hatred – which serves neatly to protect hateful people. Dr. Fauci, for instance. Recall his taking personally any disagreement with him over the forced-wearing of “masks” – and the forced taking of drugs that were never vaccines (and the little bastard knew it, the whole time). When you question him, he said, you are questioning the “science,” which renders such questioning derogatory; a short skip-and-hop away from being . . . “hateful.”

This hate-filled little bureaucrat – oops! there goes a “hateful” comment! – is responsible, along with a cohort of others like him, for the imposition of years of misery, societal disruption and physical harm upon millions of people. But to say so is to be guilty of “hate” speech, just the same as saying you wish “Bibi” Netanyahu were less corrupt – and that American representatives would represent the interests of Americans first.

This latter business, by the way, is why the Orange Man is hit with implications of “racism” – and “anti-Semitism”- both of them synonymous with being . . . “hateful.” This is interesting in that it accounts for the general hatred of “conservatives” for the Orange Man.

At least, of Inner Party “conservatives” such as Nimarata Haley.

What they hate about the Orange Man is that he isn’t a “conservative.” He is the Orange Man. And he is very, very bad – because, whatever he is, he does not seek to “conserve” what Inner Party “conservatives” such as Nimarata Haley, Race Banyon from Johnny Quest (i.e., Mike Pence), Fatty Arbuckle (i.e., Chris Christie) and most of the rest of them are trying to “conserve.”

Which is the same thing as the Left is – both hoping to “conserve” the same thing. That being their Uniparty Lock on what is most easily described in brief as the system. It is, as the comedian who was much-more-than-just-that George Carlin once noted a “big club – and you’re not in it.”

Of course, it is very “hateful” indeed to note such facts.

And that is why people such as a Nimarata Haley have their panties in a twist over anyone who dares to mention them.

The good news is this tactic has already run its course – even though its fullest application may not yet have manifested. Inner Party members of both parties may well lash out in desperation by trying to criminalize our saying anything they find disagreeable as “hateful.”

But we know it’s simply disagreement.

And we hate them for framing our speech as something it isn’t. And even when it is. Because it is a human right to hate anything you like.

Including people like Nimarata Halely.

. . .

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  1. Nikki Haley should go to Israel and volunteer to fight to kill Hamas fighters. Brian Mast, the good soldier that he is, should also report to the front lines.

    I hate cowards and that’s what we’re dealing with, dispatch them all or they can leave on their own. Where they go, that is not my problem. Straight to hell, where they belong.

    • Amen, Drump –

      Kurt Vonnegut could write a great short story about the Necon Brigade, led by someone like the “Colonel” (Lindsay Graham),wearing spectacular jodhpurs and a chrome helmet… air dropped over Gaza to Fight for Democracy.

    • I agree Drumphish.

      Problem is, everyone wants everyone to take sides. I have no beef with either side. I don’t like either side’s tactics. I am actually favorably disposed towards the people on both sides, and less than favorably disposed towards the mafiosi on both sides. Perhaps the lines have just been drawn in all of the wrong places.

      • I don’t care if Israelis kill Gazans, I don’t care if Gazans kill Israelis. Doesn’t matter at this point. You get Gaddifi-ed or Arkancided, about time the Jews deserve both, what difference does it make? None!

        All is fair in love and war, let everybody kill everybody, makes a difference by then.

        Shouldn’t the suggestion be that all religions commit Seppuku and be done with it all?

        Samurai, baby!

        May chaos prevail!


    • On of my greatest fears at this time is the possibility of “blowback” in the form of violent attacks against targets in the U.S. by those seeking revenge for the massacre of innocent non-combatants which is now taking place in Gaza.

      In that eventuality, God forbid, you can bet your ass there will be calls for U.S. citizens to take the side of the *CRIMINAL* “Israeli” government and the mass murderer Netanyahu who heads it. Repressive measures by the Government in Washington against U.S. citizens are an ugly possibility, the scope of which might very well greatly exceed the egregious and unconstitutional actions which followed the 9/11 attacks.

      You can also bet any such acts of violence by persons unknown against U.S. citizens would be seized on by those in power in D.C to wage all out war, to include the possibility of nuclear weapons, against the Islamic Republic of Iran, because that is what the criminal Zionists say they want.

      This is not our fight, people. It is imperative that we not allow ourselves to be taken in, or cynically manipulated and used, by those who would have us fight wars for the benefit of foreign countries. And I emphasize, *ANY* foreign country. Period. Full stop. End of story.

      • ‘And I emphasize, *ANY* foreign country.’ — Adi Heidler

        Mitch McClownell, foreign agent:

        ‘Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader who has been his party’s most vocal advocate for funding the war in Ukraine, has doubled down on his aggressive support for sending U.S. assistance to help the country beat back a Russian invasion.

        ‘On Monday, as House Republicans were finalizing their bill to dispatch security assistance to Israel alone, Mr. McConnell was in Kentucky, hosting Oksana Markarova, the Ukrainian ambassador, at a forum at the University of Louisville, where he excoriated the approach House Speaker Johnson embraced.

        “Some say our support for Ukraine comes at the expense of more important priorities. But as I’ve said every time I get the chance, this is a false choice,” he said, calling for “swift and decisive action.”

        At the standard ten percent rate, over $6 billion in raked-off loot is at stake, unless “Biden’s” requested $62 billion of aid for the Ukies can be whooped through Clowngress. Arrest these traitors …

  2. Why in God’s name can’t anyone criticize a Jew or the Jews? Anyone? Bueller?

    I’m not a Jew, never will be. Leave me alone. Don’t tell me what to do.

    Furthermore, stay away and get out of the way. Go back to where you came from and stop being stupid, it hurts.

    Ham and eggs for breakfast with hashbrowns fills your stomach.

  3. 1. Nimrata Randhawa is her real name: “Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa are the parents of an American diplomat and politician Nikki Haley.”

    2. Nikki is a common stripper stage name. Being a whore, she calls herself Nikki for that reason. In alt-right circles, she is commonly thought of as the whore riding the beast in end times:

    3. Her parents named her “Nimrata” after Nimrod a Jewish ruler who commissioned the construction of the Tower of Babel.

    4. The Orange Buffoon Trump appointed her as one of the many Neocons on his inner staff. She has now turned on him (like all the rest). She was the United States ambassador to the United Nations (2017–2018)

    5. Nikki Haley is an arch Neocon Zionist psychopath calling for the total extermination of all Palestinians – which will surely put her in the top of the Jewish list for Ziowhore presidents. So it is obvious the whore title fits, she slavishly whores herself to Jewish/Zionist power.

    • Trump is an insane Zionist warmonger. Talking to some Jews at the Republican Jewish Coalition Conference Saturday – he went unhinged and said:

      Trump warns US enemies: spill ‘drop of American blood’ and we’ll spill ‘gallon of yours’

      “Every single life that is lost in this conflict is on the shoulders of Hamas and Hamas alone…and I think you have to really add in the word Iran,” Trump told the crowd.

      He also contended, “Let there be no doubt, the killers responsible for this massacre will burn forever in the eternal pit of hell.”





      iSRAEL CREATED AND RUNS HAMAS, THE OCT 7TH ATTACK IS NOW A PROVEN MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) from first person eyewitness testimonies

      ISRAEL DID 911, and that liar Trump says it was Saudis

      Trump can not be trusted, he is a lying Jew whore

    • >Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa
      Based on their names, her parents are evidently Sikhs.

      > All boys are given the last name Singh, and all girls are given the last name Kaur
      >The religion developed and evolved in times of religious persecution, gaining converts from both Hinduism and Islam.[38] Mughal rulers of India tortured and executed two of the Sikh gurus—Guru Arjan (1563–1605) and Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621–1675)—after they refused to convert to Islam.
      >Sikhs largely thus strongly opposed the partition of India
      >When the partition line was formally announced in August 1947, the violence was unprecedented, with Sikhs being one of the most affected religious community both in terms of deaths, as well as property loss, injury, trauma and disruption.[280][275] Sikhs and Muslims were both victims and perpetrators of retaliatory violence against each other. Estimates range between 200,000 and 2 million deaths of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims.

  4. Folks,

    Lest we forget, Nimarata Randhawa (aka Nikki Haley), as governess of SC, was responsible for REMOVING the Confederate battle flag from the SC capitol! She did so in the wake of that church shooting, saying it was “hateful” or some such garbage. She’s the quintessential warmongering, gutless PC RINO that caused me to RENOUNCE my membership in the GOP; not only that, I was FOURTH GENERATION GOP! I just got so disgusted by her antics; those of Ronnie DeSantis with signing the bills banning criticism of Israel; of “Cryin'” Johnny Boehner giving Obama everything he wanted; and so on. I could no longer remain a GOP member. As Eric asks, WTF are they actually conserving?

  5. Hatred is a thought, a frame of mind.

    So we are getting into thought crimes now, apparently.

    I draw the line very differently. I think people are free to think hatefully, and even to speak hatefully (in fact I think that is kind of the same think). As distasteful as those things may be, they are mostly harmless, and can be refuted or ignored.

    I draw the line at actions of hatred. Not because of the hatred, but because those actions are crimes. A motivation of hatred could be considered an aggravating factor during sentencing, but for me that is all.

    Given a choice between Hillary & Haley, I choose secession.

    • Besides that I get the rather strong impression that Ms. Haley pretty much hates the entire rest of the world, and at least half of the United States. I’m not sure who she hates more, us or Muslim people.

  6. From the mouth of the warmonger just a few days ago: “”We have to keep this very selective. We’ve got to keep is concentrated where it is. But if it means that this is going to get bigger, we can’t just say it. We have to mean it,” she said. “And that means we’ve got to be prepared to do whatever Israel asks. Israel is a very prideful country. They’re not going to be quick to say oh, we need American troops. They want to fight this on their own. But when they ask for something, that means Israel really does need it, and [President Joe] Biden can’t hesitate. He’s got to give it right when they ask.””

    So the US MUST give Israel whatever it wants to prosecute Israel’s war? Would Israel like nukes? How about more bombs (that the US is running out of due to giving them away to Ukraine)? When does any of this end?

    This warmonger must not get anywhere close to power. She is dangerous.

  7. It’s perfectly fine to hate people or things. It’s denial of hatred that makes people snap. In fact, it’s denial of people that disagree that is itself hatred. And that’s ok too. Feel free to hate me directly or out of denial. People love that “denial” word so much these days but seem to have developed a sense of understanding it. Or more likely avoiding what it really means.

    We are free to hate anything we want. That’s where Nikarama is wrong but not just there.

    And you what else, there’s an easy way to deal with both Ukraine and Israel. Fuck all those people entirely. IDGAF what they do because all they do is hate and kill each other. And maybe they all deserve that? I dunno and I don’t care.

    I have zero responsibility to be on anyone’s side. Especially that of people that don’t like me in the first place! Show me an individual Arab, Jew, or Ukrainian that doesn’t hate dissenting libertarians. I’ll be their friend… if you can find one.

  8. I have posted before there are no conservatives [in government].

    Haley doesn’t even know why she supports Israel – a country that adopted its name from the Kingdom of Israel, named for the god El.

    But I’m sure she has a book in which the first five chapters were written by the order of King Josiah around 625 BC to tell a certain story.

    • >tell a certain story.
      Including the “land title from God” howler.
      Tell ya what, cretins.
      Take your “claims” to any reputable land title insurance company. If even *ONE* of them is willing to issue you a policy of title insurance based on your “paperwork” and their own database, I will pay attention. Otherwise, take a hike.

  9. Great news: both Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) will vote NO on a $14.5 billion aid package for Israel.

    Less than a third of the 49,000 people who responded to Massie’s poll support more funding for Israel. Only one fifth support more funding for the Uuuuuukies.

    I’ll be sharing this info with my Freedom Caucus R-party representative, who gets a lot of pressure from Christian Zionist flakes who populate these parts.

    “You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible. 1 Samuel 15:3 ‘Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass’,” Netanyahu said.

    Also known as genocide. I have no use for this barbaric shit.

      • Got a reply letter from my Freedom Caucus rep, highlighting all the pro-Israel bills he’s sponsored in the past.

        For some bizarre reason, he thinks ‘a U.S.-Israel partnership helps to protect the American homeland and keeps us safe.’ [???]

        ‘Israeli technology and expertise help protect American airports, cities, cyberspace, and other critical infrastructure from terrorist threats,’ he goes on, neglecting that foreign aid is not necessary to purchase such items from a rich country.

        No matter — keep on pushing.

        • >my Freedom Caucus rep
          Well, isn’t that special.
          According to Wackypedia,
          >The House Freedom Caucus does not disclose the names of its members and membership is by invitation only.[
          It’s just their little thing, you see.

          I have the privilege of being “represented” in Clowngress by Jabba the Hutt:

          >In 1993, two Corona, California, police officers found Calvert with a prostitute in his car. He told the police that he and the woman were “just talking”. The Press-Enterprise later went to court to force the Corona police to release the police report.[35] After the report was released, Calvert admitted to having sex with the woman in his car; the police did not have enough evidence to arrest him, as there was no witness to any exchange of money.

          Jabba recently informed us that:
          >Every single death of a civilian in Gaza is the responsibility of Hamas – not Israel.

          Presumably, that includes the bombing of Christian churches, as well as hospitals.

      • And of course, no mention of lizards would be complete without at least a nod to Admiral Morrison’s son, the Lizard King himself.

        I can tell you
        The things that you know
        Listening for a fistful of silence
        Climbing valleys into the shade.

        Or his perhaps unconscious muse:
        Come in under the shadow of this red rock,
        And I will show you something different from either
        Your shadow at morning striding behind you
        Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
        I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

  10. “You did bad things to our civilians, so we are going to retaliate against your civilians.” – Israel

    I don’t like it when innocent overseas people die. I wish it wouldn’t happen. But… I don’t want money taken from me and sent to help one side or the other in far away countries’ wars.

    I watched a few of the videos circulating with the Palestinian terrorists roaming the streets of neighborhoods, looking for random people to shoot, with no opposition. My first thought was “this would look different if it happened in a small southern rural American town”. From what I have read, it is extremely difficult to obtain permission to own a gun in Israel.

    Civilians in Israel are allowed to own guns, but the process to obtain one is quite strict. Israeli law allows citizens who meet specific criteria to purchase and carry firearms. The criteria include being over 21 years old, having completed compulsory military service or having completed certain volunteer reserve duty, having a valid reason such as self-defense or professional security, passing a mental and physical health evaluation, and undergoing comprehensive firearm training. Even if these conditions are met, the granting of a firearm permit is subject to the discretion of the authorities.

    I can’t imagine living in a place like that, completely vulnerable and unarmed.

  11. “Nikki” The Slut, is what this country deserves; a war-mongering harridan. She will lead us over the cliff of destruction, all the while blaming Others for the national suicide this long dead republic has been aiming for by sipping the poisonous tea of socialism and empire.

  12. South Carolina has already inflicted Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty on America. We don’t need another Neocon making money off of perpetual war.

  13. Got tired of being told who to like and who to hate. like Ukraine,,, hate Russia. Like Tiawan,,, hate China. Like Israel,,, hate anyone or anything against Israel.

    Today I live in a state (‘Free state of Florida’) that by law forbids me from saying anything derogatory about Israel. Illegal to Boycott,,, and in some states (Texas) one has to sign what amounts to a letter of loyalty to Israel to get a Texas state government job. The Florida ‘law’ was first signed IN Israel by Governor DeSantis,,, a person that is running for President whom I am sure will defend my First Amendment? A red flag proponent that will defend my Second Amendment? Yeah, sure.

    Well if “I” cannot speak out about Israel or join in a Boycott against them maybe it’s okay if I repeat what a statesman said about them well over 2000 years ago:

    “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”

    • With DeSantis it gets much much worse.
      While in israel, DeSantis signed bills that criminalize ANY criticism of israel, defining such criticism as “hate crimes” and “anti-semitism” which will be enforced by the newly expanded “hate crime” legislation that he signed into law while in israel. He is already attempting to quash protests by Palestine support groups.
      Vulnerable school children are required to attend services at Hollywood created “holocaustianity temples”, presently known as “holocaust museums”. Such attendance (brainwashing) is mandatory and is codified into Florida state law. Where is the “separation of church and state” crowd on this?
      Let’s not forget that in order to do business with or procure a contract with the state of Florida, one must sign a statement disavowing support for any BDS movement against israel.
      DeSantis may have done good during the covid plandemic, but his kowtowing to and slavish support of israel is problematic.
      Signing bills into law while in a foreign country shows who the real “boss” is. Hint: It ain’t DeSantis.

    • And to think that I was going to vote for DeSantis, seeing how he APPEARED to be the only politician that actually gave a damn about this country. But then I quickly realized that in order to even be ALLOWED to run for PO(TU)S, he would have to take it so far up the ass, that he would actually become the very dick that is screwing him and the rest of us.

  14. Very easy to hate. Palestinians hate Jews, Jews hate Palestinians. Not a problem, hate is the absence of love.

    Isaac was forbidden to play with Ishmael as a child, it’s been hate ever since.

    Abraham is at fault, not anybody else. Now all hell has broken loose.

    Not that cool, here on this earth. Doesn’t look much like heaven, must be hell on earth these days.

  15. Hate globalist politicians….

    The freemason/marxist/globalists give the slaves two choices to vote for…but…they are both part of the gang….lol….

    Is Andrew Bridgen the last honest politician?….maybe not a freemason???

    The Veil Of Silence Over Excess Deaths

    On October 20th, a 30-minute adjourned debate (20 rejections later) on excess deaths in the UK House of Commons was finally secured by Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire and member of the Reclaim Party.

    Bridgen began his speech to the sound of erupting cheers from the full, upper public gallery, in stark contrast to the almost empty chamber below.

    Where were the hundreds of MPs who would normally sit shoulder to shoulder in the chamber? They all walked out….they are personally liable for the cull…so now they can tell their supporters….we didn’t hear anything…

  16. From Donald Jeffries Substack

    Hijackers, Hamas and Dual Citizens

    Few Americans probably know this, but an extraordinary number of our elected “representatives” hold dual Israeli citizenship. Before Diane Feinstein’s recent death, there were thirteen U.S. Senators who also are Israeli citizens. This includes Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer. Past dual Senators include former Saturday Night Live writer Al Franken. In the House, there are nearly thirty dual citizens. Among them are the infamous “Russia! Russia! Russia!” proponent Adam Schiff, and corrupt former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who helped to rig the primaries against her fellow dual-citizen Bernie Sanders. If that seems like a lot of Israelis in our Congress, again, you’re probably an anti-Semite. I’m wondering why there are no dual Russian-American citizens in Congress, extolling the virtues of Vladimir Putin.

  17. Never mind that “Nikki” Haley is one of, if not the most hate filled politicians in the world. She’s just fine with exterminating the entirety of Muslims, or Russians, or Chinese, or all of the above. She doesn’t have a moral or ethical bone in her body. Never has had. We’re lucky we got through her term at the UN as well as we did. A lot of people didn’t. I think there is too much hate floating around, but silencing speaking of it does not make it go away. Once knew a black former AGW from Alabama. He left there to go to LA. Said he preferred Alabama, because he always knew where he stood with the people there, because they would tell him. Unlike LA, where they wouldn’t. And he quit.

    • Slaughtering innocents from a distance is not warfare. Evidently this is the definition of “Jewish courage,” namely the massacre of defenseless innocents at no risk to the perpetrators.

      Rest assured, “brave Jewish warriors,” you will go down in (Jewish) history as the “Heroes of the Gaza War.” The Gentiles may have a different opinion, but, as you know, they are all “anti-Semites” who “hate Jews for no reason.” Be secure in the knowledge that Jews are Yahweh’s Chosen Ones, and therefore mercifully and forever free of blame or sin, regardless of their behavior.

      • “The jew cries out in pain as he is striking (bombing) you”.
        No truer words were ever spoken.
        In fact, jews blame their opponents for actions that they themselves are taking.
        I would trust a muslim over a jew.

  18. Nikki Haley’s statement that there ought not be “Freedom to hate” sounds almost like that statement from the CEO of X (Formerly Twitter) who talked about “Freedom of speech, not Freedom of reach” on that platform.

    I read elsewhere that Haley is one of those graduates from Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” school, which has graduates in numerous governments and large corporations around the world.

  19. I think there’s a lot more afoot than morons who flunked civics class going after government jobs. There’s a faction, maybe a majority, of the DC elites who are jealous of the CCP’s “progress” over the last 30 years and want to roll out “communism with American characteristics,” in the same way the CCP implemented “capitalism with Chinese characteristics.” But to do that you have to have a cultural revolution to purge out the gun nuts and rednecks. And they’re getting assistance, either covertly (Blackrock) or overtly (Hunter Biden) from China’s sovereign wealth fund.

    • “maybe a majority, of the DC elites who are jealous of the CCP’s “progress”
      I agree RK. Otherwise why would they so vociferously oppose China, while trying to emulate them domestically?

  20. Might as well use her entire maiden name to show her background:
    Nimarata Nikki Randhawa.
    How much financial support would Randhawa be getting as a candidate for president ?

    I disagree with you, Eric, on one issue, i.e., that ‘conservatives’ must support Israel.
    imo, there aren’t enough actual ‘conservative’ politicians to make such a judgement.
    Many claim to be ‘conservative’, but they are Conservative In Claim Only.
    The killing radiation from the LBJ’s nuclear bomb explosion campaign ad against Goldwater has meant the end of actual conservatives in D.C.
    D.C. is beyond reform. It must be excised to save individual liberty.

  21. I have been noticing this trend too. The Conservatives are starting to act exactly like their Liberal counterparts, with accusations of hate speech and the cancelling of dissident opinions.

    They are not our allies. They are not libertarians. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this.

    • If they were libertarians, they would not affiliate themselves with either party. Other than as a vehicle to gain office, as Ron Paul did.

  22. “Nikki” sat on the Boeing board of directors for about a year. Even though she resigned within a year, the ties to the company most likely remained strong. As SC Governor “Nikki” helpled bring 787 production to the state as well as help fight unionization at the plant, which may yet become Boeing’s most important location as the company looks to continue exiting WA State and other high cost and/or union-friendly states.

    Boeing recently decided that Chicago was now too expensive for their HQ and announced that they intend to move to the Virginia suburbs, outside DC.

  23. Well said Eric,
    The PTB are trying to criminalize “hate speech”, but is still free speech and they can’t stand it.


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