Latest Radio: Liberty Conspiracy w/Gard Goldsmith 11/16/2023

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Here’s the audio – and video! – of last night’s ramble with my amigo Gard Goldsmith, who hosts the Liberty Conspiracy podcast. We talked at length about the machinations that have led to the “kill switch” in vehicles – and what’s already in most new vehicles – as well as related subjects that might be of interest! My segment starts at around the 36:00 mark.

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  1. BTW, I have already recently had 2 new Volvo V-60s (or were they v63s?) wagon/crossover/whatever in here with that crap already integrated and active. people are already CHOOSING to emasculate themselves of their own volition. It was probably no coincidence that both vehicle owners were ‘americanized’ camel-jockeys. People in the U.S. seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that most other people elsewhere in the WORLD find our Individual Autonomy an offensive aberration of a reckless and dangerous society. Yes, that is correct, they don’t want to have individual will or especially the Responsibility that comes with it, not even for themselves. Most other cultures of the world despise anything but the ‘security’ of group-mentality.
    The next time you hear ‘globalization’, just understand it does NOT mean ‘World Peace’ by any stretch of the imagination. By definition, in the dictionary of our very language, it is a homogenization and standardization of what is outside the accepted norm. As far as “global norms’ go, that would be the lack of individual autonomy and accountability. WE succeed by behaving outside the ‘global norm’, and this upsets many cultures, ‘globally’.
    When you begin to understand the cultural submissiveness outside of our borders, you begin to have an inkling of what ‘Globalization’ really means for us, eradication of our lifestyle & conformity to mass subjugation.

  2. people seem to disregard the fact that anything that can can be used to ‘benefit society by immeasurable leaps and bounds’, can also be used to dominate, subjugate, and eradicate the same society in was unimaginable. “With great power comes great responsibility”, so it has been said. When was the last time GovCo took responsibility for, or was even remotely held accountable for ANYTHING?


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