What’s Really “Hateful”

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A cretin named Stuart Seldowitz – who used to work for a cretin named Barack Obama – has been arrested on “hate crimes” charges. The “crime” being “hateful” (in this case, “Islamophobic”) language directed at a food cart vendor in New York City.

Seldowitz and the food cart vendor apparently got into a verbal argument over what’s going on in the Middle East. Insults were exchanged but neither threw a punch or even threatened to.

Such is now criminal in some parts of what used to be America. The latter was – once – a country in which people were free to say what they thought, even if it annoyed or hurt the feelings of others – so long as the utterer did not take it farther. Because it was once understood that while loudmouths and insults aren’t pleasant to hear, it is far worse to criminalize what people are allowed to say.

Because it amounts to criminalizing what people are allowed to think.

What, after all, is the point of thinking something you’re not allowed to say – that you know you’ll be punished for saying, if you do?

Keeping in mind that anything you might think could be styled “hateful” – by those with the power to punish you for saying it. Unfortunately, many people do not see it. Their natural and laudable instincts are used against them. Good people don’t like hearing other people insulted – just as good people don’t approve of people who drive drunk.

And that’s the hook.

Use people’s natural and laudable instinct to oppose something bad in order to get them to accept something worse. Tell them something must be done to prevent people from driving drunk – by treating every driver as a presumptive drunk – and that to oppose this cart-before-the-horse (or sentence first, verdict afterward) approach to things is to support drunk driving.

Tell them it is “hateful” to refuse to think – heaven forbid, to say – that a biological male who dresses and acts like a woman isn’t actually a woman – and you are telling them to think objective reality is “hateful.” If that is successful, then objective reality becomes anything they say it is – and isn’t.

In which case there no longer is such a thing as objective reality. You learn to think it is whatever they say. And whatever they say it isn’t is . .  . hateful.

Especially if you think otherwise.

Orwell explained this hateful nonsense thoroughly in his novel, 1984. Apparently, it’s not read much anymore. (Anecdotal aside: When this writer was in high school, back in the ’80s, the film version of 1984 starring John Hurt as Winston Smith was showed to us kids; today, it is probably considered “hateful” to show the movie to kids. Or to have them read the book, which – cue the irony! – has become like “the book” Orwell wrote about in his book. The reference here is to the underground manifesto of the supposed opposition to the Party, putatively led by a heretic named Goldstein.)

But people – all too many, at any rate – are easily played by manipulative, malicious people who use the good-naturedness and sound instincts of the former against them by getting them to support measures that are only superficially about the things they are told they are about.

It is not about “drunk” driving.

It is about using the pretext of the threat of it to assert control over people (and soon their vehicles).

It is not about “terrorism.” It is about getting the average person used to being terrorized in the name of preventing it.

It is not about encouraging civility in discourse. It is about controlling what you and I are allowed to think by letting us know we might be arrested for giving utterance to anything they think we ought not to be allowed to think.

If you think it will only be “hateful” things, such as ethnic slurs for instance, you have another think coming (as the saying used to go).

Seldowtiz is a cretin. But he isn’t a criminal – for saying what he thought.

In a country called America – some will remember it – the vendor would have told Seldowitz what he thought of him. And that would have been the end of it.

Now it is just the beginning.

. . .

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  1. America is a government-infested, gynocentric shithole, ain’t it? Its like a nation of feebleminded female parasites with a vanity-driven superiority complex and an affinity for authority …Literally Nazis.

  2. DeSantis is firmly in the pro-zionist israel camp.
    Not only is criticism of jews, jewish and zionist practices codified as “hate speech”, Florida schoolchildren are required to visit “holocaust museums” (actually jewish freak shows) under penalty of law.
    Not only has free speech been curtailed and criminalized in Florida, the “separation of church and state” has been eviscerated as well. One could easily argue that “holocaust museums” promote one “religion” over another and as such is illegal for the government to proselytize or promote any religion. Brainwashing vulnerable children in the “holocaust cult” is massively reprehensible.
    Both of these laws were signed by DeSantis while he was in israel.
    One individual has already been prosecuted for “hate speech” for passing out anti-israel flyers. He received a 30-day jail sentence for “littering”.

    • Hi Anarchyst

      I’ve read this about DeSantis; if true, it’s execrable – and so is he. I have no problem with “Holocaust deniers” because if they’re right, the truth will out and if they’re wrong, the truth will make liars out of them, for all to see. No one ought to fear speech when truth is free to correct it – when and as necessary.

      • The answer lies somewhere in between. What “DeSanctimonious” has done is misuse his elective office to do the bidding of his Zionist masters. If THEY’RE correct on the Holohoax, let the “deniers” talk all they want. Obviously the SAME goes if the Zionists are WRONG. The truth always speaks for itself and cannot inherently be “hate”.

  3. Much the same is happening here where masking is still required at some public events, in schools and where many are voluntarily masking and there’s informal pressure put on others to mask. Folks want to keep themselves and others safe and their wish leads to measures to compel others to fall in line.

    We are, to be sure, extreme. We still live in mortal fear of covid, the more so as we now believe that covid may be invisible and symptomless, the silent enemy among us. What are the maskless hiding?

  4. I know there’s trepidation about Ramaswamy, but he does state (paraphrased) the best measure of a country’s health is whether people are free and comfortable to say in public what they think in private.

  5. Eric,
    You mentioned the 1984 movie being shown to you in HS: apropos of nothing, did they roll it uncensored? That movie has quite a bit of nudity and I would have thought was not appropriate for HSers. I didn’t go to public school so I have no idea, just curious.

      • Interesting. It should be required reading/viewing.
        Although these days we can just look around and see it in real life.
        As an aside, I’m pretty sure I’d remember if I had seen that actress in those nude scenes as a teenager. I didn’t see the movie til I was in my thirties but it was quite memorable.

    • We read Brave New World in just plain ol’ English class. Most of us snickered when our reasonably attractive for a 30 YO woman teacher mentioned the orgies and “feelies,” but she got through it… likely because she put up with that every year. This was in 84 or 85 IIRC.

  6. The NYC police and the arresting officers need to be sued under 42 USC 1983 for violating his right of free speech as recognized and guaranteed under the 1st Amendment:

    42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights

    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress. . .

  7. What’s ironic about this is the fact that that guy used to work in the Obama administration. If he had been in Orange Man or W administration, we’d likely hear nonstop from establishment media about how he used to work for that particular President. We’ve also been told ad nauseum for years that Republicans are RACISTS & that Democrats AREN’T RACISTS. Why, even any criticism of Barack Obama when he was President was instantly smeared as RACIST.

  8. Another thing that has always irritated me about the term hate crime is the typical dumbing down and misuse of a word (hate used as an active verb) by the left to promote a concept. I think it just adds to the feeling this is another ginned up concept pushed on society and used to manipulate people, which is something the left relies on constantly.

  9. When you privilege a minority, eventually everyone will claim to be a minority.

    Show me the WASP hate crime victim.


  10. There once was a thing called “fighting words”. Shoot your mouth off, bully someone, be prepared to defend yourself. The loudmouth arrogant Stuart (who certainly was never in a real fight) needed to be punched out, problem solved the way men would solve a problem.

    Smacking a bully in the mouth was a right of passage for men, no more in our sissified tolerant culture. The West is dead, our technological advantage is fading, we won’t survive a real, nasty, brutal war with the masculine cultures of China, Russia and Islam.

    • Heartily agree, Griff –

      I despise the way men (and boys) have been taught to be (on the one hand) submissive and “tolerant” (on the other) whiny, intolerant tattle-tales who run to “momma” – government – for redress.

      A man ought to be able to call another man out. In egregious circumstances, even to the extent of a duel. Some say this is barbarous. I think it is what holds together a civilized society.

      • Indeed. The punishment of self defense never mind for fighting words has created huge problems. It has made bullying consequence free and institutionally protected. It’s made being an asshole something others must tolerate. Thus society is now filled to the brim with people who behave in these manners.

        I’m so tired of this ‘just let them do it’ society on so many levels. Driving is simply were it is often most evident and where people were first taught it.

  11. I want the old world of my youth back. You talk shit like this guy, you either punch up or punch down, you’re either left standing or on the ground. No police involved, no school marms, no social workers, no hate crimes, it just gets sorted.

    While we are at it, now would be a good time to bring back dueling. That would certainly solve our political problems. Opportunities will abound during and after the collapse. Hard times-creating Strong men and all. An armed society being a polite society, these are things we should demand.

    • “While we are at it, now would be a good time to bring back dueling. ”

      Beat me to it, Norman. Absolutely. Even Hamilton – cretin that he was – was man enough to face Burr. Whom he had to face – else lose face. There is a lot to be said for this.

      • Much less likely to spew insults and other male bovine excrement if you might get killed for it.
        And Hamilton supplied the pistols, but failed to mention to Burr, that pushing the trigger forward set the trigger at a much lighter pull, improving accuracy. In other words, he cheated.
        “An armed society is a polite society” . You don’t call a man’s wife a bitch, slut, or whore if he’s wearing a Redhawk.

      • I love the musical “Hamilton”. I am sure Al is churning his grave due to a negro starring as Alexander Hamilton. He lost the dual, thank you Aaron and now is portrayed as a negro. Isn’t America great!

    • In a time when honor was a thing, this was a good check on decorum.

      Today, very little honor, so no one would care if you refuse a challenge.

      However, some kind of private settling of accounts should be permitted by consenting people.

  12. Seldowitz shouldn’t be silenced, the video of his words and actions should be consumed daily to remind us of what kind of scum he and his fellow travelers are.

  13. Today the hate speech is pretty much reserved for the J’s. How and why this group is so important to Americans, even to the detriment of themselves, God only knows. I do know the evangelists believe if they hurry up the end days they’ll get raptured to heaven. Apparently they think God would never suspect they are trying to scam Him.
    It’s a little hard to keep up with the propaganda where the Palestinian children murdered are grounds to try Netanyahu in the ICC court when 576,000 Iraqi children died and Madeleine Albright said those deaths were “worth it”. The hypocrisy is so loud its deafening. NO children should die in wars. But looking back there is Dresden,,, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Nanjing and the list is endless. Millions of children have died over adult disagreements or greed. Today is no different. A canal to the Red Sea and tons of oil offshore Gaza.
    Always the same,,, Maybe a little self reflection might be in order.

  14. You have to wonder why Seldowitz was being so ‘in your face’ to the food vendor. What good does it do? Not much. Can’t arrest him for speaking his mind, even if he is rude and abusive. The food vendor could take action and punch like an Egyptian. Just what Seldowitz is hoping the Egyptian would do, me thinks.

    Seldowitz was egging him on to more or less force him to possibly react violently, seems as though that was what is happening.

    Have Mike Tyson throw a knockout punch and that’ll be the end of it. Mike would take care of business.

    A high school classmate was giving me grief. It was all I could stands and couldn’t stands no more, went all Popeye and swung a roundhouse full fist at his head. The classmate ducked and I missed the punch he deserved.

    After the swing, it was over.

    People don’t always see eye-to-eye.

    • It is jews who pushed the whole concept of “hate crimes” and “hate speech” and successfully got such un-American concepts codified into law.
      In our jew-run country, it seems that jews are immune from prosecution from their own criminal acts. Jews have a “get out of jail free” card by escaping to israel. From child molesters and pedophiles to criminal financial scams, all a jew has to do is get on a plane to israel where he will be “protected” from prosecution by U S authorities.
      Although I disagree with the whole concept of “hate crimes” and “hate speech” being codified into law, I for one, am glad that Seldowitz is being charged. Since these “crimes” were codified into law by jews, it is only fitting that jews should be charged under the same laws that (((they))) impose on “the rest of us”.

      • I also do not agree with the concept of “hate crimes” and “hate speech,” and was brought up with the saying, “sticks and stones may break your bones,” but it appears this dimwit is being charged with harassment, and possibly “stalking” of the food cart vendor. I am skeptical of the “stalking ” allegation, which seems pretty vague, to me. Harassment, however, seems to me a legitimate charge, if proven, and fully compatible with libertarian ideals. I guess harassment would include attempting to prevent the man from making a living, in which there is real harm.

        No doubt, Seldom Wits will attempt to present himself as the “victim,” since he was arrested. GFL with that.

      • Got one deer so far, venison is on the menu now.

        I hate hate crime, no need for it.

        What do you think is happening in the current Reign of Terror by you know who?

        All hate crime.

        Stop worrying, you have to learn to love hate crime as well as the bomb.

      • “Hate” crimes are literally Orwell’s Animal Farm that “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” That they were accepted in the first place shows how deep the rot is in this country.

        • Hi Mark,

          This “hate crimes” stuff is very dirty pool. It is a tool by which a person who has not done anything can be treated as a a criminal. And by which an actual crime becomes worse somehow on account of the victimizer’s dislike of his victim. The implication here being that rape, say, is less heinous if the rapist liked the woman.

  15. A crime is a violation of rights. The supposed reason for doing so does not make the crime any worse in effect.

    If a man were punched, is he any more injured because being so was based on his race?

    If a man were robbed, is he any less robbed because the robber was going to donate the takings to charity?

    We are monitored and controlled in so many ways we don’t even realize. This is why anyone who wants to be left alone is labeled a “right wing extremist”, “white nationalist”, or the like.

  16. What’s really hateful is silencing such rude and hateful speech, thus preventing us from knowing how rude and hateful such so called person is. Such is the case against all censorship. It drives the hateful into hiding their hatred, and so hiding it from all of us. I applaud this racist openly expressing it. Now we know exactly who and what he is.

    • Behold the man.
      If Seldom {Useshis} Wits is representative of Noo Yawkers, it would be an excellent reason to avoid the place, IMO. Then again, I had a good friend in college (HTBJ) who grew up in Manhattan, and was the exact opposite of this dimwit. So, for the self respect of decent, upstanding New Yorkers, we can hope he is atypical. But, you never know…

      • I’ve been to New York City and will never go back…
        As an ordinary citizen, if you defend yourself or come to the defense of others, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED–NO EXCEPTIONS.
        Despite Supreme Court rulings, New York City refuses to abide by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
        All firearms are required to be “registered”, filling out an intrusive form is required to apply to even purchase a firearm. Quite often, these applications are purposely “lost” or “misplaced” by city officials, further thwarting the acquisition of legal firearms by honest citizens.
        Observe the treatment the subway defender Daniel Penny, the bodega owner Jose Alba, and “subway vigilante” Bernie Goetz received at the hands of the New York City “justice system”.
        It was only after outrage from the general public that charges were dropped against the bodega owner who defended himself.
        The “authorities” KNEW that they could not convict Goetz so the prosecuted him on a firearms possession charge. If Goetz had kept his mouth shut he would have gotten away with it…
        That being said, I will NEVER enter New York City although I do have relatives living there. New Jersey is off my list as well…

        • It’s the same in Chicago, anarchyst. If you dare to defend yourself, you get reclassified as a criminal. I refuse to live any place where self defense is prohibited behaviour. Firearms and the Second Amendment have got nothing to do with it. The right of self defense is a basic human right, and predates the U.S. Constitution by many centuries. It is one of those truths which Tom Jefferson regarded as “self evident,” at least IMO.

      • Hi Adi,

        As others here have already said (and I agree) the proper response to people such as this person is a punch in the mouth. But such normal, reasonable actions have been criminalized. It is a measure of the criminality of our times.

        • Hi, Eric,
          When I was a boy, I was the target of what today would be called “hate speech” by ignorant classmates (children) who called me a “Nazi” based on me having a recognizably German last name, and the easy rhyme of my first name with that ethnicity. They conflated, IOW, German with “Nazi.”

          My ancestors came to the U.S. in the 19th century, and no known relatives, either American or German ,were ever associated with the NSDAP, so I regarded these taunts as “fighting words” (defending my family’s, and my own personal, honor). However, the intention of these ignorant children was to “get a rise” out of me, and my parents wisely counseled ignoring them, as they would likely grow out of their ignorance. Fortunately, this turned out to be true in my case.

          Others have not been so fortunate. God help any adult who would dare to insult me in this way. Retract the insult, scumbag, or we be goin’ out back and settle things, even at my advanced age.

          And I *don’t* want to hear any racist nonsense about the “German national character.” Now, if you will excuse me, the “babies on bayonets” need basting. 🙂


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