“A Sense of Responsibility to Society”

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As bad as things are here, they are even worse over there.

In the UK, Toyota ads for the Hilux – which is the export-variant of the Tacoma pick-up and the 4Runner SUV sold here – have been banned because the UK’s  Advertising Standards Authority says that showing trucks and SUVs doing what trucks and SUVs are designed to do demonstrates contempt for a “sense of responsibility to society.”

Whatever that means.

Of course, we do know what it means. If you understand what Leftists mean when they utter such things. It means the Left does not like it – and that means if you do, you are “irresponsible.”

“Society” being the Left.

It is of a piece with the Left’s styling of opposition to Leftism – or even questioning it – as a “threat to our democracy.” Italics added, to emphasize that the Left means their “democracy.” In which you are free to agree with the Left.

The ads that triggered the Left show the Toyotas rooster-tailing through the dirt and fording creeks “in a manner that disregarded their impact on nature and the environment.” It’s a scene straight out of Cannonball Run, an old move that also lacked a “sense of responsibility to society.” In it, a mousy Leftist named Arthur J. Foyt gives a lecture about “the environment” and what he says is our “responsibility.” His talk is interrupted by a concatenation of combustion.

We laughed back then. It’s not as funny now – because “Arthur J. Foyt” is in power. And he and his will not be content to ban just ads.

“These adverts epitomise Toyota’s total disregard for nature and the climate, by featuring enormous, highly polluting vehicles driving at speed through rivers and wild grasslands,” says Veronica Wignall – the female (and real) version of Arthur J. Foyt. She is the spokeperson – gender neutral – for Adfree Cities, which whined to the regulatory apparat (the Advertising Standards Council) to get the Toyota ads banned. Because Free Speech bad. 

It’s a cynical use of nature to promote something incredibly nature-damaging,” she/them says. 

As opposed to, say, acres of toxic lithium leaching fields – for the sake of the battery powered devices that Wignall, et al, no doubt view as “responsible.”

But let’s focus on two of the assertions made by this hysteric. First, that Toyota’s trucks are “enormous.” In fact, the HilLux – which is a Tacoma/4Runner – is a mid-sized vehicle that is much smaller and much lighter than battery powered devices such as the GM Hummer EV, the Ford Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck. Leaving aside the question as to who gives a damn whether some triggered Leftist termagant bemoans the size of our vehicles. But it’s interesting to note that these Leftist termagants are only triggered by the size of our vehicles when they aren’t electric vehicles. If they are, then it’s (apparently) responsible to be as big, as heavy – and as wasteful – as they like.

Second, there is the getting-tiresome lie that any new gas-engined vehicle is “highly polluting.” Or – for that matter – any vehicle with an engine made since at least the early 2000s, by which time meaningful pollution had been reduced to so little it no longer had any meaning, except in an angels-dancing-on-pinheads sense.

But these Leftist assholes – sometimes a profanity is appropriate – continue to present the lie that modern gas-engined vehicles “pollute.” It is akin to what Leftists said – during the “pandemic” – about “asymptomatic spreaders.” And the “cases.” Both were meant to scare and gaslight people – about things that were not true.

And here we go, again.

Of course, the Left must lie about the truth because if it doesn’t, people will not fall for the lies of the Left. In this case, the lie that EVs are “clean” and vehicles that aren’t “pollute.”

If this lie is allowed to stand, it will be the end – not just for ads but for the kinds of vehicles advertised. If it is not “socially responsible” to show a Hilux going off-road or fording a creek, it is even less “socially responsible” to sell them. That ban will be forthcoming – because it follows. Just the same as the evil push to inject the population with God-only-knows-what inevitably followed upon the heels of getting most of the population to put on a “mask.” If the latter is justified, then so is the former. The Left understands this sequence and never stops working it.

The sooner we do, the sooner we end the Left and its reign of terror.

. . .

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  1. They have a good point. As they let mideast/african muslims pure into their country and then later see jihadists running around in Toyota trucks in the UK – would be pretty irresponsible.

  2. I’m reminded of the movie ‘Branded’. I’d recommend everyone watch it at least once, the movie isn’t all that great but the ideas it presents are quite interesting. In the end of the movie they ban all forms of advertising.

  3. “They” just can’t leave s**t alone, can “they”. The engine tech had caught up around 2003-2005 for emissions control yet a great running engine, anything beyond is splitting hairs with little to nothing gained for all the extra engineering and expense.

    It’s maddening. Like was stated, can’t actually solve anything ‘cause then your bureaucracy doesn’t have an ongoing mission, loses funding, oh no!

    The spineless opposition won’t reform big gov so here we go idiocy fully in control.

  4. Eric,

    Always enjoy reading your articles. Just wondering, at least for those unfamiliar with the arguments, if you could expound a little or provide a link to one of your earlier articles that does whenever you make statements such as:

    …continue to present the lie that modern gas-engined vehicles “pollute.” and

    …the lie that EVs are “clean” and vehicles that aren’t “pollute.”

    I think it never gets old to explain these things to readers in one or two sentences.

    Thank you.

      • I think one of the biggest untold stories of the “mainstream media” of the last couple of decades is:

        “We solved the problem with vehicle pollution”.

        Not only that, it probably happened 15-20 years ago. There is no reason for the “earth” that we need to give up our personal vehicles. Our overlords just want us out of our cars.

    • Hi Graves!

      This is almost as pathetic as it is funny. At least when my ’74 Beetle backfired through the carb (air cleaner off) and caught fire, all it took was a shovel and some dirt to put it out…

      • Most Fire Department worldwide are adopting the policy of letting an EV burn in-situ until all fuel is exhausted. Some have resorted to picking up the flaming EV with an industial-sized fork-tractor and dumping it in the nearby river or lake. EVs are an economic AND environmental disaster beyond anything that a century of petrol vehicles has done.

        • In our area (Indiana outside Chicago) the local departments call on the private BP-Amoco refinery fire department for help with electric cars. So an evil oil company gets stuck putting out Elons fires. (Elon’s Fires sounds like a movie title doesn’t it?)

        • It is the only rational response. Dumping insane amounts of water on a very hot chemical fire is going to do absolutely nothing because the material will simply start oxidizing and burning again. Just let it burn itself out is the smart move.

    • Don’t have to choose- you have to be whacko to be Marxist. Though not every Whacko is. When we rednecks hunt prairie dogs with a 50BMG or enjoy the proper usage of 700 HP, some call us whackos. The difference being we are minding our own business not harming anyone.

  5. Those Toyota ads are a laugh riot!😆 The biggest problem with these busybody termagants is that they have zero sense of humor; it’s what H.L.Mencken said about the Puritans – it drives them nuts that someone, somewhere, may be having fun.

    • I concur, Mike, with all of that!

      Their ad department did an exquisite job with those commercials, and I might actually be persuaded to buy a Hilux, if not simply entertained.

      Why is that, in this country, Toyota has some arrested-development moron as their ad mascot? One of their recent ads has him dressing up as a Tacoma at a comic-con, for reference. Those ads make me actually feel like I shouldn’t be associating with Toyota.

      I can only picture this Veronica Wignall as a bitter and combative shrew modeled after prohibitionist Carrie Nation, happy to maniacally take an axe to our beer, trucks, or anything else that might bring us joy.

  6. Schopenhauer said something about the truth.

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

    You know how they lie all of the time… about everything.

    Enviva is a company that harvests trees on the eastern seaboard in the US, pelletizes the trees to be burned at the Drax facility in Britain.

    Priced at 1.49 USD, down 19.91 USD, not a good day for Enviva.

    Lost my balance, fell to the ground, cement stoop, slammed my face onto the small carpet placed there, prevented a possible serious face injury. Rung the bell, as it were.

    Mother Nature teaches/taught me a lesson at the School of Hard Knocks, that is what it was, still hurts some. Didn’t lose consciousness, a wake up call or something.

    “I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.” – WC Fields

  7. Things get interesting when the left is faced with the problem of beavers.

    A few years ago a property owner near Aspen had a wild beaver dam on a stream that ran across his land. Because it feeds into the Colorado river system, and he had no water rights, it had to go. “Take it up with the beavers” was his reply. But no. The Bureau of Reclamation required him to remove the dam (at his expense of course) which had been on the property longer than he owned it.

    Apparently there’s at least one beaver chewing the beloved cherry trees that run along the Tidal Basin in the Emerald City, as reported last week.


    Oh, that’s just nature being natural. At least until trees start falling over and dying. Then that destructive little rodent will be dispatched with haste. Have to enjoy the lovely cherry blossoms in the springtime, it’s tradition you see.

    A lighting strike touches off a forest fire? OMG! put it out! Spare no expense! Forest service humans set off a “prescribed burn?” Well, that’s just healthy forest management! What’s the difference again?

  8. These deranged Lefties deemed it “Socially responsible” for people to get vaxxed with that experimental COVID jab. Ironically, they’ve also effectively become Big Pharma’s biggest shills when they advocated vaxx mandates and even “vaccine passports”. It’s almost as if their years long skepticism of Big Pharma magically disappeared when Joe Biden got into the White House and the mRNA COVID jabs started being rolled out. New York Governor Kathy Hochul even called these COVID-19 jabs a “Gift from God” in front of a church congregation. However, the fruits of what she and others were saying about the jabs ended up being very rotten.

    Between the intense propaganda & the massive corporate/ government incentives for people to get vaxxed, these people likely overplayed their hand, as over time, when it became increasingly obvious these mRNA jabs were NOT “Safe and Effective” and countless numbers of people kept getting the dreaded ‘Rona or suffered some sort of injury, disability, or even death after getting vaxxed, ordinary people started questioning not just the COVID vaccines but ALL vaccines, including those for children. Now that more and more parents are skipping “CDC recommended childhood vaccinations” for their children, Chelsea Clinton launched a campaign to have ALL children be “Up-to-date on vaccinations”.

  9. The establishment media is just as bad if not worse when it comes to the Modern Left and pumping out absolute bull crap. These people have also come to label literally any opposition to THEM as FAR-RIGHT, TRUMPERS, _____ DENIERS, CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ANTI-VAXXERS, FASCISTS, NAZIS, RACISTS, etc., even if it’s a liberal who’s had an awakening the past few years. The media is even spreading propaganda that people who vote for a 3rd party candidate or someone other than Joe Biden or whoever the establishment approves of for office are “Bad for democracy!”

    What has become blatantly obvious the past few years is that these people are desperate to hold on to any power they have, and to do it they’ll go so far as to DESTROY lots of people or even modern civilization. Unfortunately, as we’ve also seen, governments that are desperate to hold on to power can also be dangerous, hence their obsession with ramming through things like CBDCs and disarming ordinary citizens who own guns but never committed any crimes, which may be (among other reasons like rising crime) why more and more Americans now own a gun and support gun rights per a recent poll….


  10. If one declares themselves the arbiter of truth, and then dedicates their life to finding offensive things, they will most assuredly find an abundance of them. And since they are the arbiter of truth, “something must be done”. I suppose if she happened to step in a pile of dog poop, she would insist they all be done away with. Never mind she would then be faced with mountains of dead dogs. Just as with mountains of dead EVs.


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