A Conversation With a Friend

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When you’re in a foxhole facing enemy fire, it’s probably sound policy to not badmouth the guy who’s fighting the same enemy alongside you.

The National Motorists Association – which has been fighting for motorists for decades and won the fight to repeal the 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit that made highway driving torturous and expensive for twenty long years, until this Nixon-era edict was finally repealed in the mid-1990s, after a dogged lobbying and public relations campaign led by NMA – recently published an article that some consider soft on EVs.

More precisely, soft on the pushing of them – by not firmly stating this fact and (thereby) conveying the impression that the “transition” – to use the popular term as well as the one used to headline the article – is just another one of those things; i.e., an inevitable, natural change, like the transition from horses and buggies to horseless carriages.

Or like the transition away from EVs to vehicles with engines.

The one that occurred more than 100 years ago. That was a natural, inevitable change arising from the economic and functional superiority of vehicles with engines, which (then as now) were not tethered to a cord, didn’t make you wait all day to go for a drive and cost less, too. It made sense to most people to buy them rather than a battery-powered car and so they did.

It makes the same sense today, but the difference is there are forces determined to countermand what makes sense to most people (as expressed by their willingness to pay for it) and push them into what they don’t want to pay for – because it doesn’t make sense to them.

And for that reason, they’d rather not be forced pay for it.

The NMA piece steers clear of the politics of EVs while addressing the issues with EVs (higher cost, longer waits, shorter range) and this is arguably a big mistake – because it doesn’t challenge the legitimacy of imposing these issues on people. For example, the article states:

It “has often often been said that it takes longer to charge an EV than it does to fill a tank of gas. That may be true but a different way of thinking about fueling an EV is needed.”

Italics added.

“Needed”? By whom?

And why should a person be pushed to “a different way of thinking”? They did just that in Soviet Russia and Mao’s China.

Now they’re doing it here, too.

Why should a person who does not feel the need of – nor see the sense  in – spending “as little as  30 minutes” (per the article) to do less than they are currently able to do in 5 minutes or less? You can fill a gas-engined vehicle to full in that time. You can only partially “fast” charge an EV in that time.

The author says “EVs can be constantly replenished when not driving.” By which he means they can be plugged in. But this means having to wait – and not being able to drive while you do. And maybe this makes sense – for those who do have the time and are willing to wait. If so, then perhaps an EV is a good choice for them.

In italics – because the issue – which the NMA piece avoids dealing with – is that this is a push to make everyone wait, which will necessarily reduce how often (and how far) everyone will be able to drive.

That it is not a natural transition.

More bluntly, that it is an evil – precisely because it is being pushed and because it is based on the kinds of lies used to weaponize hypochondria during the three long years of the “pandemic,” which badly damaged not just the economy but the national psyche. People were badgered with gross exaggerations meant to both scare them and get them to go along with sick rituals such as wearing “masks” and shunning friends and family members who refused to play along. The impression of a mass-die-off event was created by hourly “case” counts – though these “cases” were mostly just people who’d tested positive (on a dodgy test) who not only didn’t die, most never needed more than a box of Kleenex and some rest.

Similarly, the EV push is based on hysteria about a “climate crisis” that isn’t actually happening but that people are assured is coming – if they do not buy an EV and accept all of the EV’s driving limitations. One of the most significant of these being the fact that most people will never be able to afford to drive one.

It is likely that the NMA – like the car industry itself – does not yet fully understand the malice behind this push. That it is not about swapping out one type of car for another car. That it is about dramatically reducing the number of cars in the hands (and garages) of average Americans as well as the amount of driving they do.

In simple terms, that it is an existential threat to everything the NMA stands for.

If this push succeeds, there will be as much need for an organization such as the NMA as there will be for an organization such as the NRA in a future America where the only Americans who are allowed to have guns are Americans who aren’t ordinary Americans.

The EV push is not about “electrification.” It is about stratification. It is meant to reset the order of more than 100 years ago, when the car was a luxury item for the affluent and nine out of ten Americans did not drive (unless they were employed as chauffeurs).

There is no bargaining with an enemy who is an existential threat. It is a mistake to think a reasonable conversation can be had. This is a one-sided conversation. They tell us what we’re going to be allowed to do – and we’d better believe it. Just the same we were expected to believe granny would die if we din’t “mask.”

“Will it all work out?” asks the author of the NMA  toward the end of the article?

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t.

For NMA’s sake. For our sake.

For all our sakes.

. . .

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  1. Traveling this week. 1500 miles in 32 hours. Filled up 6 times. Two of those times pulled into a parking space and took a two hour nap, but otherwise drove straight through. The Cherokee does about 23 MPG highway, so that 14 gallon tank will max out at 350 miles. I usually don’t go much below a 1/4 tank though so usually add about 10 gallons at a fuel stop.

    I was going to time all the time spent filling the tank, but really after the third stop clocked in at under two minutes from pulling the hose to putting it back I just quit. What’s the point? We all know it takes no time at all to fill up if the pumps are in good working order, and only a little longer if they’re running slow.

    As for the ridiculous notion that every time an EV is parked it will be charging, can you imagine the amount of effort that’s going to require? Every parking space in the United States?

    Chat GPT responds:
    A study by Professor Donald Shoup of UCLA suggested that there could be over 800 million parking spaces in the U.S. This figure includes street parking, parking lots, and residential and commercial garages.

    800 million spaces. Run sufficient power capacity, install pedestals, processing equipment. Generate enough electricity to keep all parked vehicles at least trickle charging. Then once operational, hire an army of technicians to maintain them. Hire another army of security personnel to go after the vandals and thieves. All because they want to prevent what the IPCC says is a highly unlikely scenario. How many tons of copper, steel and plastics will be required?

    I think it would be better to just pay the technicians to dig holes with spoons and the security guards to fill them back in. Certainly less of a carbon footprint.

  2. It seems, ‘they’ are going to take the, “no insurance, for you!” route to outlaw IC vehicles. At least, according to this bit relayed from someone working on the inside – building the programs, now -… seems Europe is first,… then, us? Idk.

    ‘OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY’

    ‘Do you DRIVE A CAR? you won’t like this news!!’


    • Hi helot,

      Then we drive without insurance. When do we say enough is enough? They aren’t going to let up and we are going to be unable to comply with every new law, rule, or regulation. So let’s not obey.

      The elite versus peasant relationship is only fruitful to one side. Allowing them to put shackles on us so we can be allowed to drive five miles, eat the crumbs they throw to us, or pretend we have choices only gives them the illusion that they are in charge.

      Submission is the art of suffering. Everyone one of us should abhor such an idea and pledge not to contribute to it.

      • Amen, RG –

        Most of us are willing to play along – up to the point that playing along no longer has any benefit (to us). Bad enough they force us to buy insurance. But when they use insurance to force us off the road, then the time has come to stop paying it – and drive on. As always, if enough of us would only do this, these “musts” would go away like Prohibition.

        • ‘Ramaswamy: ‘The Woke Regime Is A Hostile Occupying Power’ Like In Vichy France’

          “The United States is in a cold civil war in which “the woke regime is a hostile occupying power not so different than Germany when it occupied France during WWII,” presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says in an interview released today.

          “If we lose this war, we will have full-fledged tyranny,”…


          What a title, eh?

          Caused me to think of a pictogram I saw online years ago showing the chart-flow of the process of making tires in Vichy France… it wasn’t pretty.

          • I would rather live in Vichy France than modern France. But yes he’s making a good point. We are occupied, by the ((tribe)) that Germany supposedly didn’t like. OT – surviving the holohaux gives you eternal life apparently. Are these guys going to be around to 2100?

      • All very well & good, & I agree with the sentiment, howevah; I was reflecting upon how the reaction here by the few is quite similar to the way that fella would present his whole Admiralty Law/sovereign citizen bit here and Eric pointed out, it don’t matter what you think, say that to the cop pulling you over & he’ll say, “Tell it to Da judge”… and then the judge will laugh & throw the book atchya.

        To respond to the insurance mafia shakedown by saying, “Good. I didn’t want it anyway” how’s that different than shouting, “Admiralty Law/sovereign citizen!”?

        “That’s exactly where we find ourselves now: caught in the crosshairs of a showdown between the rights of the individual and the so-called “emergency” state.”…


        […Just thinking out loud.]

        • Hi Helot,

          Yes – but there is a difference, I think. It is one thing for an outlier to assert “sovereign citizen” status; that dog won’t hunt. But when a large cohort of previously “law abiding” ordinary/reasonable citizens begins to refuse to abide by laws that are obnoxious in the extreme (and this can be readily seen and understood by lots of people; Prohibition is one example; the 55 MPH NMSL is another) then such laws become much harder to enforce. Eventually, they become impossible to enforce.

          So, it is one thing to have a law requiring every car owner to buy insurance. We grumble – but go along because (a) we want to drive and (b) the cost of the insurance – though not nothing – isn’t everything. So there’s a balance.Or – rather – a cost-benefit that seems tolerable to most.

          But imagine when it becomes intolerable. When the average person is facing having to spend say $5k a year to be permitted to drive a car. This will drive people to extremes.

        • PS: It’s a shame that Anon was (apparently) so affronted by my asking him to stop posting those long and absurd comments about “admiralty law” and “living persons” – chiefly because they’re absurd and just provide ammo for people seeking to make sound unorthodox views seem absurd by association – that he vamoosed himself from the site.

    • Hi RG,

      Well, it’s s start. But only one ball has dropped! Note this language: “They added that, while the goals of the EPA regulations are admirable…”

      How about evil? How about tyrannical?

      • Eric, listening to your recent podcast with Tom Luongo, I don’t know all the specifics but Tom mentions the the Supreme Court may overturn the Chevron Doctrine (from which all these evil and satanic regulatory agencies have assumed powers they don’t legally possess) and as a result CAFE may be scrapped. What are your thoughts on this actually happening?

        I would love to own a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 pick-up with a manual transmission!

        • That would be beautiful. I used to be neutral about CAFE as the goals were attainable. Since the 2007 Energy Conservation Act which delegated all mileage targets to the EPA instead of being set by congressional mandate, I have hardened opposition to all mileage targets. I don’t believe that it will happen given the makeup of the Supreme Coat.

          We will see, though. It may be the reason that they are working so hard to get rid of Clarence Thomas.

          • They destroyed American manufacturing using the Cap & Trade bs which kept decreasing the allowable ‘pollutants’ until the manufacturers had to quit or move offshore.
            California ARB has done the same by measuring what they are now calling “tail pipe pollutants” which of course eliminates EVs.
            Federal regulators are doing the same nationwide. They will eliminate IC engines just like their compatriots above have eliminated manufacturing. That should pretty well finish off any capitalists that are left which is their goal.

            • yup, had a little debate on another forum about ’emissions’, and on all window stickers there are ratings called ‘smog’ and something else, and in small letters:
              “emits xx grams of CO2 per mile, the best are zero (tailpipe), producing and distributing fuel also creates emissions, learn more at fueleconomy.gov”
              They obviously leave out the part about ‘creating electricity creates emissions too………’
              What a joke.
              So I argued that calling CO2 a pollutant is disingenuous, and I get lambasted over it.

              • Mars’ atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide. Not much life on Mars these days, not much oxygen, you need more gravity for oxygen and nitrogen that are captured by gravitational pull to have an atmosphere like the Earth’s.

                If you don’t exhale carbon dioxide with every breath you take, you’ll die.

                Can’t escape gravity,

                You also need a molten core like there is here, heats up the Earth, makes it a livable place, the Sun does it all it can, however, the molten core makes the Earth inhabitable below the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

                Liard Hot Springs in northern British Columbia, Lolo Hot Springs in Montana, Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado.

                Yellowstone has a plethora of hot springs at the Yellowstone National Park. Something to see.

                If I were not so old, I’d beeline it to Colorado or Arizona, people do exist there and they are happy as clams.

                You will get an altitude adjustment.

          • He has a lifetime appointment. That means he’ll quit when he’s good and ready, or when he dies. And not before.

            BTW, this kind of crap is the exact reason why SCOTUS justices are appointed for life.

      • Yes. The goals might have appeared admirable in 1970. There allegedly was a pollution “problem” back then. I’m not convinced that even the New York air back in the early to mid 1970s when I was growing up was a danger to public health, but sometimes the air was a little brown on high days.

        So, the CAA was adopted and signed, creating the Enviornmental Protection Agency. The initial standards that they set for vehicles were attainable at a price. By 1975, cars with 400 cubic inch V8’s were putting out about 180 hp.

        By 1980, 305’s put out about 140 hp tops.

        It was conditioning to get people to accept that no sacrifice was too much to rid the nation of that ugly pollution.

        By the early 1980’s the problem was largely solved and we went about our business. Cars were 90 percent “cleaner” than the new models were in 1970.

        The education and environmental CIA president took over and signed the Demoncat’s next iteration, which would cost the economy 2.8 trillion versus the 1 trillion the prior act had cost. By 1996, the pollution levels had to be cut in half again. It cost a little. We got OBD2 and the ability to drop off our oil at Autozone. OBD 2 increased the complexity of engines about three fold, but it standardized the coding of engine faults, while simplifying the emissions testing process. All the guy had to do was look to see inf the “check engine light” was on.

        Now, the EPA has summarily classified CO2 as a pollutant and continuted to ratchet down on the “particulates” that come from car exhaust that cause “respiratory issues” to diverse communities. Sure. Let’s ignore the fact that the indoor environment has at least 4-10 times the amount of “particulate” matter that enters the linings of the lung areas.

        Screw all of it. I’m not buying any of their bullshit and dismiss all of it.

        With much lower measured ozone, particulate “pollution” and other matters, we have a generation of people with Athsma, food alergies, endocrine disruptions through pesticides and insecticides and food storage, and a general fattening of the public. Air pollution didn’t cause any of this. Water pollution did. The manipulation of our food supply towards carbohydrate rich diets caused people to get fat.

        The alienating suburban approved architecutre has caused people to stay home rather than venture out.

        Environmentalists and the tyrants that use them as idiots are not interested in any of this.

        I would go back to the way things were in the 1960’s in a minute. Even though it may have been slightly more dangerous to drive a car

    • Seriously? If thats how low the the bar has become in regards to pushback, then America truly is the land of the blind leading the blind

    • First they came for internal combustion engines, but I wasn’t an internal combustion engine, so I couldn’t speak up.

      Then they came for ground beef and pork chops, but I’m not ground beef and not a pork chop, so I couldn’t speak up.

      Then they came for the human animals, but I’m not a human animal, so I didn’t speak up.

      Hey, wait a minute, I am a human animal.

      Must be coming for everybody. Might as well speak up.

      Killer view of an orbiting satellite just minutes ago.

      Civilization still exists out there somewhere.

  3. My major beefs with EVs are technological and economic, not political, except to say that EVs are being pushed for political reasons when they aren’t ready for prime time, and so car manufacturers can keep Uncle Sam off their backs.

    For all the problems with IC vehicles, they have real, tangible benefits over EVs in terms of real
    world functionality, and EVs appeal to a very limited audience.

    And what really grinds my gears is that there are much more workable solutions to the problems of IC vehicles, such as hybrids, especially electric dominant hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, and compressed natural gas vehicles, that aren’t being adopted.

    • I think EVs are fine, as long as they are offered up on the open market and people are free to choose what they want.

      That is not what we are getting.

      TPTB like to act as if it is. They do not like it when it is pointed out that they are sticking their thumb on the scales. But that is indeed what is happening. And that is why it is so important to point that out.

  4. Why, oh why does government not mind their own business?

    I have my Lab on a very good CBD oil for his bone cancer. I found an excellent, high quality one at my local all natural marketplace. The dog loves it and you can tell he is in very little pain…he sleeps really well, too.

    I traveled into town for a new bottle last week…no CBD oil available in the whole shop. Nada. Tried to order it and was told “we can’t get that anymore.” Didn’t think much of it until three shops later. We still could not locate this particular brand of CBD. One of the shop owners then let’s us know that Virginia passed a law effective 7/1/2023 that this particular CBD is “too potent” to be sold in the state. I can buy it out of Colorado all day long, Virginia it is now illegal.


    So thank you, Youngkin, and the idiots that passed this legislation. Because, a handful of dumbass parents can’t keep their gummies away from their children people (and dogs) cannot find all natural ways to relieve excruciating pain.

    Sorry, just had to vent. Apparently, I will have to cross state lines and sneak in stronger natural remedies to ease my dog’s cancer. If I had known about this I would have bought all of the rest of the stuff that was on the shelf a few months ago.

    • ‘Why, oh why does government not mind their own business?’ — Raider Girl

      Recently an in-law was passing through Post, Texas, southeast of Lubbock, en route from Colorado to central Texas. He was driving alone in his Tahoe with their dog. Cops, who have become experts in profiling, pulled him over on a b.s. excuse and found cannabis gummies which he was bringing for his elderly, disabled mother.

      Being in a licensed profession, he ended up forking out thousands for a local lawyer to make the necessary deals and payoffs so he wouldn’t get a criminal conviction on his record.

      To top it all off, his dog — housed in the pound while my relative was being ‘processed’ through the ‘justice’ system — was covered with fleas when they picked him up.

      Nice guys, huh?

      • Hi Jim,

        This is the stuff that infuriates me. How is cannabis gummies in “his” car a threat to the rest of the nation? Hours upon hours of paperwork (not to mention taxpayer dollars) for some freaking confectionery gelatin as murderers and looters run free…and they wonder why the rest of us are disgusted with the judicial system.

        Poor dog. I would have taken him back to the police station and let him roll around the carpet at the front desk for a little awhile. Let everyone else take home a little treat, too!

        We live in Bizarro World.

      • “‘Why, oh why does government not mind their own business?’ ”

        Because that is what busybodies in all governments do. They consider everything within their authority,,, their business.

        It will get much, much worse.

      • I always wondered why all the giant ‘better call Saul’ type billboards along the I-40. Fighting a drug war, when they cant secure a border shows some hardcore totalitarian tendencies. To be fair to Texas, at least they make an effort in regards to the border. Every other border state to the west acts like they’re living in a John Lennon song.

        Be thankful the copfu*ks didn’t put the dog down. I suppose it being around thanksgiving time they were taking a break from their normal dog murdering selfs

    • Wow, that’s just over the line stupid. I’m well fed up with both wings of the useless government at this point.

      Find an out of state supplier and have them mail it? I’ve got a growing list of bootleg items here in WA: food grade phosphate for the dishwasher, real TSP for general cleaning and laundry boost, R134A for the vehicle A/Cs. None of course vital for health but not available in state – but available online.

      Give your pooch a hug and I hope you find a solution soon!

        • You can get seeds for strains with high CBD, low THC. Grow your own (legal in Va I think) make into (Ice Hash) concentrate. From there its easy to make oil. We put a little oil in with scrambled eggs, dog wolfs it down.

          We started our black dog on Denamarin two months ago when blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. Most recent test showed levels going back down into acceptable range. Pills are chewable and she loves eating them

    • My Malinois cross Labrador cur would lap up the eyedropper full of dog CBD. God rest his soul, but he didn’t go for the human CBD. A cur is going to be a good dog.

      There is a difference, dogs must know.

      • Hi drumphish,

        I believe the dog CBD oils they add chicken flavor. 🙂 Mine is not too picky on CBD oils. We started him on the dog CBD first, but he was still in a significant amount of pain. When I went to the natural marketplace they recommended a brand that is for humans, but it works really well.

        I think dogs know a lot more than us humans. 🙂

    • Hey Raider Girl,

      CBD doesn’t get you high. Not that it should matter. Let people get high. Life is rough. Why they hell not? Just sounds like more marijuana tribalism. The “liberals” like pot and CBD, so “we” hate it. “Conservatives” often pay lip service to freedom, but when it comes people being able to choose what they can put in their own bodies, they get pretty tyrannical.

      Anyway, were you able to find any immunotherapies for your dog? Lucky, my brother is being treated with an immunotherapy for his cancer. He’d doing pretty well with it. There don’t seem to be any side-effects.

      I’m wishing you and your pooch all the best.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        All three vets gave us the same choice…amputate his leg and put him on 4 to 6 treatments of chemo. They told us this would give him an additional six months of life. Hubby and I vetoed both ideas. When I brought up the cancer studies for dogs they nixed the idea saying the outcome has had very little benefit and did not extend the dog’s life.

        I went into my book of herbal remedies (and took lots of advice) and threw everything at it…fenbendazole, turmeric, Turkey tail mushrooms, keto diet, etc. Will I cure him? No, but for now he is happy, eats really well, and doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain.

        I am glad to hear the immunotherapy is working for your brother. I hope he makes a full recovery.

        • That sucks that the vets won’t properly help, but I guess it isn’t surprising. I’m hoping the rest of your dog’s life is as enjoyable and painless as possible.

    • “Why, oh why does government not mind their own business?”

      “There are two types of human beings: people who want to interfere in the way other people live their lives, and people who are content to mind their own business.  Which type of people do you think go into politics?” Ed Crane

  5. Klaus is the existential threat.

    You want a Delmonico steak? Can’t have one! Not you, steak for me, not for thee.

    You want a car? No, can’t have one of those either.

    You want nice clothes? You’ll be wearing what we tell you to wear.

    Garlic? Can’t have any! Just some bugs, chump.

    Doesn’t stop and it won’t stop. You don’t deserve a thing.


    Yeah, well, go to hell.

  6. Yesterday I made a thousand-mile drive, stopping four times to refuel. It took from early morning to late evening. In an EeeVee, the trip would have taken hours longer, if feasible at all (little towns in West Texas are spaced about 120 miles apart).

    Hard to avoid noticing how shabby America is becoming. Several fuel stations had the familiar yellow ‘out of service’ bags on multiple gas pumps, causing back-ups. One station had signs saying to pay inside; credit card readers were not working. Setting out on the trip, the bank’s ATM would not accept the deposit of a paper check; something was wrong with the scanning function.

    When equipment breaks down and doesn’t get fixed, you may know that you are living in a Third World country — and in our case, one that’s increasingly totalitarian.

    • “ Hard to avoid noticing how shabby America is becoming “

      Yep. Same drill around here. The good, a local farm co-op with top tier fuel, ethanol free premium, up to date pump islands, well stocked window cleaning stations, clean concrete when you step out, about 6 miles from me. Note, locally owned for decades.

      The bad, the AM/PM corporate station about 2 miles away sold to an immigrant Paki family livin’ the American dream. Their claim to fame the 40’ American flag they fly. Was middle of the road clean and functional as an AM/PM, turned into a literal s**thole in months. Card readers out, one pump island crushed and not repaired for half the year, and the concrete pads all qualify for Superfund designation based on the amount of spilled diesel, gas stains, chewing gum, etc. Same thing at the Chevron (Chinese) in town, so bad I complained to corporate Chevron their solution was for me, the customer, to talk to the owner. If my name was on the sign up top, sure. No answer when I told them “where is your district Chevron rep, why isn’t this managed properly?” Wake up America! Some assimilate but far too many will just do the minimum as a result our traditions of quality and excellence fade away.

  7. The problem with scuttling this transition (and others, like electrifying homes, that will personally affect people’s lives) boils down to how it is fought. Yes, there is more and more discussion of the problems of having and making use of an EV, but there is precious little discussion about personal freedoms (outside this and a handful of other blogs). I don’t know much about the NMA, but it seems they haven’t taken that personal choice angle with regard to EVs.

    IMO those who are fighting these state mandated “transitions” need to take a cue from the pro-abortion lobby. In many cases, this lobby has successfully bypassed scientific fact (unlike human caused climate change, the study of embryology is very well understood and has largely progressed without a political bent) and has been able to get its way by appealing to personal freedom. In other words, by playing on peoples’ emotions, they have won a fair number of legal and political battles.

    What needs to be done is just that with regards to cars and other consumer products. Even some of the slogans might be re-purposed – “keep your laws off of my stove” – my car, my furnace, my lawnmower, etc… “Keep the government out of my garage, house, etc.!”

    Many people, and apparently, many women voters, do respond to these emotional pleas. But why some of these organizations don’t buy ads or come up with campaigns like that I don’t understand…. the same thing with this “kill switch” – appeal to voters and warn them that, if this goes ahead, their car (and the government) will be spying on them!

    I swear, sometimes I feel like the guy at the end of the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” who was running around yelling and screaming to anyone who would listen about what was really going on…. Or the guy in Soylent Green saying “Soylent Green is made of people!” Those movies end there, so did anyone actually listen to those characters, or did people simply continue on in their Marxist dystopian hell?

    But imagine if there were lots of people like that, and not just one person? In real life, lots of people spreading the word about this crushing of personal freedom by our government? And how many businesses are in cahoots with it?

  8. This whole “it takes as little as 30 minutes to recharge” business got me thinking. Let’s assume it is just 30 minutes, right? How about a national day of demonstration where all ICE car drivers tank up their cars and spend 30 minutes with the gas nozzle in their cars before leaving. That would grind things to a halt. It may even prompt some to threaten to tow cars away to break the log jam.

    I hate to beat up the gas stations, but it would demonstrate how unworkable a 30 minute tank up would be.

  9. [It “has often often been said that it takes longer to charge an EV than it does to fill a tank of gas. That may be true but a different way of thinking about fueling an EV is needed.”]- NMA

    “has often been”
    “That may be true”
    “different way of thinking”

    Pure propaganda when broken down. This corporation is NOT a friend of the driver as it claims. Corporations are the children of governments. They will do as they are told.

    Climate Change aka Globull Warming like “the supposed virus” is nothing more than a designed false emergency to get people to do their bidding and if you pay attention… it works.

    600 million injections later they are finding millions of cases of cancer and other diseases. Doctors are baffled. Still people believe the tests and take the boosters in an effort to convince themselves they haven’t been had.

    The EV has so many problems when compared to a gas powered car. Sure you can get a fast charge (if the charger works) in an hour but if you constantly use the fast charge your warranty will be void and all the manuals say fast charging is detrimental to the life of the battery.

    The NMA, like the NRA is getting paid in some way to help with the forced conversion to battery operated toys or they wouldn’t have come out with such a stupid statement. All it would take is a threat of an IRS audit.

    All of what the government does today or at least 99% is contrary to the constitution but the constitution has been turned into a White Supremacist document by the likes of the BLM, and other entities founded and funded by the US government much in the same way Hamas was founded by Israels Mossad now being used as an excuse to genocide Palestinians… and Americans are buying it.

    This is how governments work especially when under a fiat money system where they can just print up whatever needed to bribe someone or some foreign government.

    • Sure you can get a fast charge (if the charger works) in an hour but if you constantly use the fast charge your warranty will be void and all the manuals say fast charging is detrimental to the life of the battery.

      No, you’re wrong – the reality is that you cannot get a fast charge, because fast chargers do not exist.

    • I can assure you that that is not true. The NMA is a small organization with few members which got a lot done. We have some flakes withing the group, whom hopefully will be removed from decision making.

      I have been working within the group for almost 40 years.

    • I can assure you that it is the only friend motorists have. I have been an activist and a member for 38 years. There was no other organization that fought the 55 mph speed limit and beat it.

      If I caught a whiff of anything bad, I would renounce my membership tomorrow. Until that time, I’m in.

      I encourage anyone to join


  10. The NMA to NRA comparison is apt. In the case of firearms/2nd amendment the Gun Owners of America (GOA) is much more action oriented and aggressive. Not sure if there’s an equivalent for the NMA.

    • Exactly….proud 30 + year member I’ve been hoping since the 90’s more firearm owners would realize this. Still have my GOA shirt from back then ……It’s A Right Not A Privledge…..casn’t tell you how many peoples minds that statement blows! lol

    • No it is not. The NMA recieves NO money from car companies or anyone else. It lives on donations and memberships. I can assure you. If it was a lobbying firm like NRA, they would have headquarters in Washington DC or Florida.

      The NMA is NOT to be confused with the AAA.

  11. This is what you get when you try to be all things to all people. You can’t. To be honest, I don’t know how you attack the pushing of EV’s except to showcase their disbenefits and to deny climate change, which is the basis of the current subsidy of these appliances. That’s because the climate cult will then turn on EV’s. Better to destroy them now than let them destroy even EVs.

    Can that be done under the banner of the National Motorists Association? In order to attract a sizable number of members, a clear coherent argument is necessary.

    I would urge you all to join this organization asap, as they are the only ones that even pretend to fight for motorists rights. Changes in the organization are being made, and I’m glad that Eric is getting the truth out about electric vehicles and the nonsense behind them.

    To join, http://www.motorists.org/join.

  12. Eric says, “It is likely that the NMA – like the car industry itself – does not yet fully understand the malice behind this push.” – balderdash. If there’s one thing I have learned over the past few years here (& this is solely due to DJT’s presidency) is that these organizations FULLY UNDERSTAND what they are doing. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. It’s like my golfing buddy, who repeatedly says, “Those Democrats are crazy!”. No, crazy is the LAST thing they are. They are fully aware of what they are doing. They are true believers.

    Nothing happens by chance. There are no coincidences in anything political.

    • Hi MDP,

      I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they have been sensible/honest in the past, NMA has certainly been that; I’ve worked with them for many years and know several of the key people on a personal as well as political level. They are good people.

      Now, the car industry is another matter. We are talking about big corporations – often headed by boards and CEOs who care most about quarterly (short term) earnings and how they, personally, are getting paid right now. This did not used to be the case. Or at least, it was less the case.

      My hope is that self-interest will turn this around – or at least, slow it down so that there will be time to turn it around.

      • The car industry as a whole has been on a downhill slide since they tried that high school stunt against Nader. To think that he would enjoy the company of a woman is a huge stretch.

        It became increasingly evident when they start cutting the numbers on their speedometers well in advance of the government FMVSS 127 mandate. Cars began reading 100 mph beginning in the 1975 model year and then cut again to 85 mph in 1977 for many models.

        They have had a terrible pattern of anticipating big brothers next move and complying with their idea rather than fighting anything. It would have cost them a lot less to fight.

  13. Obamacare was not to solve a healthcare problem but a means to and an ending of healthcare and leaving chaos in its wake. Enter the new system of collective healthcare under Marxist control. Same with the *transition* to EV by government fiat. There will be no Milton Freedman free market consumer decisions in the mix. A new law with punishment as the enduement to comply. We will all be outlaws then, but where to go in our ICE vehicles?

    Although there was a reprieve in Mass this week with the Govenor retracking his California pledge to be full EV by 2035. They must have an election on the horizon, and he sees Argentina as the political wind direction weathervane. The margin of cheat is getting larger.

  14. Too bad, so sad.
    The Transition that is seeing crashing sales and massive surplus inventory?
    The Transition that does absolutely nothing to reduce CO2 emissions? Well, other than getting us off the road.
    They are liars. Professional liars. Play their game at your own likely peril.

  15. In addition to the globalist/ technocratic elite pushing “vaccines” and EVs, they’re also pushing consumption of bugs and frankenfood aka lab grown meat, once again claiming that it’s to “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet”. Of course, THEY won’t be eating that stuff….they want US to eat it. I say “HELL NO!” to that. The UN is also pushing reduced consumption of meat. However, there was a group of actual scientists who wrote a paper months ago saying that meat is CRUCIAL to a human diet, not to mention a group of 1600 scientists or so who wrote a paper saying there IS NO “CLIMATE CRISIS”.

  16. Notice how the headline simply asserts as true that there is a transition going on, by the use of the definite article, i.e. “THE transition”. This seems to be a recurring theme among those who wish to make it sound like the outcome of their social engineering project du jour is somehow inevitable, and that resistance is futile.

    I say, don’t fall for it, and as a small gesture of resistance I suggest always replacing the definite article with the indefinite article (i.e. “a transition” instead of “the transition”) in conversations and correspondence on these topics.


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