Why Can’t You Pay Cash for a Charge?

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If you’ve been following the pushing of battery powered devices (EVs) you have heard and read all about the hassle of living with a vehicle that can’t be used for long periods of time because it’s tethered to a charger.

But there’s also something sinister about these devices that’s not being discussed in the news much.

Probably because it is sinister.

Did you know that you cannot pay cash for a charge? That you must use a credit or debit card and that – in most cases – you can’t use one of those, either, unless you have also downloaded an app? In other words, that you can’t use a  device unless you carry a “smart” phone with you and tether your bank account to the device that charges your device?

Why would the device-pushers do this?

And why isn’t this cashless-pushing being publicized? Probably because the device-pushers don’t want people to know what they’re being pushed into – which isn’t just batter powered devices. These being merely the vehicles for the pushing of something much more sinister.

Cash is freedom; it is harder to control – just like a car that isn’t a device that relies on gas rather than electricity for power.

Cash – like gas – is both anonymous and fungible. Meaning it is easily converted into other things of comparable value. You can use cash to buy gas – and get cash in exchange for gas.

Once you physically possess either, it is hard for the government to exercise any control over either. If you buy a tank of gas with cash, the government does not know you bought it and so does not know you have it. And once you have it, the government can’t easily prevent you from using it.

Electricity, on the other hand . . .

Especially grid-power high voltage electricity. The 400-plus volts, that is, you have to have in order to recharge a device in anything less than several hours’ time. That kind of electricity is only available at what they style “fast” chargers – which are not at home – where it takes about half an hour to acquire the gasoline-energy equivalent of about half a tank.

And these “fast” chargers are all credit-debit-app-only. They are electronic-only, in other words. You – as much as your device – are thus plugged into the Matrix, which has the power to decide – according to its own parameters – whether you’ll be allowed to charge and how much. Right now, you’re allowed to charge as much as you like, assuming you have the app and the debit/credit card. Assuming the electronics are working. Assuming something isn’t glitching. This happens a lot because that’s what electronic things do.

But the truly sinister thing is the implicit thing.

These electronic payment-only totem poles have the power to refuse you charge; they can electronically limit how much and how often you’re allowed to charge. This can be metered – in real time – any time those who control the Matrix so decide and there is no appealing to anyone because there’s no one there to appeal to. There is just the electronic-payment-only totem pole. There was a preview of this meant to be funny in the predictively programming 2006 movie, Idiocracy.

Depicted in this dystopian future is an electronic-payment-only kiosk for Carl’s Jr. burgers. While enduring insipid infomercial lecturing by the kiosk, a woman is denied food while her connected bank account is debited for the food she didn’t get.

This is a glimpse into what’s in store for us.

Why else would the device-pushers be pushing cashless, electronic-payment-only “fast” charger kiosks? What will it be like when there is no more gas available – and the only form of power you’re allowed to buy is that which you’re allowed to buy – when and how much they say you’re allowed?

It bears thinking about.

Remember: There is a “crisis” looming. The “climate” is “changing”  . . . in some apocalyptic but never specifically defined way, the better to keep you both guessing, afraid and obedient. Battery powered devices are presented as the way to prevent the “climate” from “changing” but that will change, too – once the pushers of these devices succeed in pushing enough of us into them (and enough of us out of vehicles that aren’t devices).

Then they will announce that in order to assure the “climate” stops “changing,” it is necessary to limit how often (and how far) you’re allowed to drive your device by limiting how often and how much you’re allowed to charge up your device. It will be easy to do, per the Carl Jr.’s method of electronic-payment-only “fast” charger kiosks. If you can’t charge there, you won’t be driving far or often because it is not possible to charge a device at home in anything less than about seven hours or so because the “fastest” you can charge a device at home is via a 240V “Level II” outlet such as an electric stovetop/dryer outlet.

Assuming you’re allowed to do that.

Keep in mind who controls the power coming out of the outlets in your home. Keep in mind who controls the “smart” (that word, again) meter that controls how much power they allow to enter your home.

Welcome to Carl’s Jr! Enjoy your extra big-ass fries!

. . .

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  1. I find it curious that EV chargers have no provision for paying cash. The vacuum at the car wash allows you to pay cash; so does the self checkout at many stores. WTF can’t such a device not be incorporated into an EV charger?

      • I bet if I wanted to go into the EV charger business, I wouldn’t be able to find any hardware that would allow me to take cash. I bet EVERY system TOS (I am really disliking Terms of Service “contracts”) prohibits cash payments. It would explain why not a since entrepreneur has offered cash payments for EV chargers.

        Of course a real entrepreneur would not invest his or her own capital in such a thing to begin with. Investing in something forced by the government is a risky bet. Just ask anyone that had a solar business in the early 1980’s. They all went out of business about five seconds after Reagan pulled all the government incentives.

  2. Hi Eric,
    Im surprised they didn’t incorporate payment system within the car itself. After all car is the smartphone.

  3. The slaves can’t even have a little VW Golf diesel to drive around town….soon they will be on foot in a 15 min city prison…

    The slave owning control group will still travel around in megayachts and private jets….

    Here is the Azzam…a 590 foot long …. $600 Million Megayacht…. with a $60 million reported figure going into annual maintenance alone.

    it as fast as a Navy frigate – surprisingly so when you consider its length. Two gas turbine engines and two MTU diesel engines delivering a total of 97,000 hp take Azzam to a top speed of well over 31 knots. They also burn 13 tons of fuel per hour at this speed,


  4. An App….If there is seven types of chargers, networks…you need seven different apps…and they are buggy, complicated to use…not user friendly…..you will spend lots of time on the customer support line trying to even get it to work….with your cell phone battery rapidly dying…lol…if it is -35 degrees outside you have a huge problem….this crap is dangerous…

    and…quite often 40% of the chargers don’t even work…or the scrap metal guys chopped off the cable…good luck getting a charge….

    This new high tech is garbage…do not buy an EV…..

    • Jeep, Dodge, Ram dealers have 2022 vehicles still sitting on their lots…their lots are stuffed full of inventory not selling…they are refusing new allocations so the factories are laying off workers….and the 2025’s are coming soon…lol…

      The slaves are too poor to buy these over priced vehicles…


  5. The agenda is to make car ownership so onerous that one gives it up altogether and rides bicycles like the CCP Chinese used to for decades. The irony. Even more ironic is the slave owners will jet everywhere and drive their multi supecar collection on petrol.

        • I will burn gas, diesel, whisky and anything else carbon. No way will I drive and EV or hybrid. I’ll buy clapped out cars and stuff LS3 small block Chevy engines in there like they do on the TV show Roadkill before I drove anything electric. They won’t be able to outfart my farts let me tell you.

      • Racist Elements

        >LA DWP is proposing to convert a natural gas fired power plant to GREEN hydrogen, produced entirely by electrolysis using electricity generated from solar panels. Clean energy, right? But noooo.

        >“Jasmin Vargas, an organizer with Food and Water Watch, described hydrogen as ‘fundamentally racist and inequitable.’ ”

        Who knew? The most abundant element in the universe is “racist!”

        Not the most racist, though. That would obviously be carbon, because the “black” form of carbon (graphite) is valued much less than the “white” form (diamond). Racist, racist, racist!

  6. With cash the banks can’t get their 3% transaction fee on credit cards and their debt card fees on transactions…plus they lease these expensive payment terminals to the businesses….more $$$…

    In the business’s user contract it says they can’t give a discount for cash sales…that would stop the banks stealing 3%….

    Some businesses are adding the 3% on to customer’s bills to recover the loss…..

  7. Promissory notes…the history of money…very interesting…

    These three stages are repeated throughout history….

    Stage one….promissory notes convertible to gold and silver…1945 to 1971….

    Stage two….. promissory notes not convertible to gold and silver…suspended promises to pay…1971 to today….

    Aug. 15th 1971 went to stage two…..printing like crazy…….
    then inflation exploded…now houses cost $1 million and cars cost $60,000

    Stage three….gold and silver revalued to account for all promissory notes issued….revaluation…then back to stage one again….there will be a rush to convert to gold and silver…around the end of the 2020’s…


    • In 1970, my parents decided to purchase a gold watch for my mom for an anniversary gift. I remember hearing them say something to the effect that it was a good idea to get it while gold was $35.00 per ounce ($283 in Biden money). The next year, Nixon decoupled gold and it went much higher. They talked about that quite a bit for a while.

    • promissory notes…. not convertible to gold and silver…suspended promises to pay…that is the cash…currency…in circulation today….

      Aug. 15th 1971…..Nixon changed them to …suspended…. promises to pay….

      cash…currency…if you write a promissory note it is the same thing….

      money…is gold and silver only…

      money…is gold and silver…it is the most widely accepted type of payment worldwide…the U.S. dollar is probably second….most currencies outside their country of origin are not accepted or wanted…

      promissory notes convertible to gold and silver…are easier to carry around then real gold or silver….

  8. Walls closing in on the slaves….herd cull…

    Total surveilance/control…have to know what the slave is doing, thinking 24/7….

    Herd them into 15 min city/prisons….

    then CBDC only….control the slave’s money and purchases….

    Cut off the money….food supply…they are all dead in 3 weeks…the end…

  9. I got $5K in cash a while back to go to a swap meet. Ain’t no debit cards there. The cute bank teller asked me why I needed the cash; I just assumed it was small talk. Oh no, she had a form to fill out. Land of the free, eh?

    • Hi Mike,

      I have been waiting for the bank to ask me why I need my own money for and yet they haven’t.

      I even have my excuse ready….betting it all on the horses at Charlestown. 🙂 I just want to see what they say when I am using it to gamble or to buy Maryjane. I think people should have fun with this. I hope no one is actually telling the bank the truth.

      • I used to get asked this about 1/2 the time.

        Got sick of it so take out the max per day at the atm. It hasn’t asked so far.

        • Hi Dan,

          I haven’t had this happen yet. But if it does, maybe the thing to do is ask them: What if I don’t tell you? Of course, that is likely to trigger a “red flag” and a possible Hut! Hut! Hutting!

        • Exactly what I do Dan, take out $500 at a time every couple of days to maintain my stash of cash at home.

    • I would tell her to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and 1-103.6. That would probably shut her up real fast

    • Mike,

      That form was an SAR (Suspicious Activity Report). Details:

      ‘Under 12 CFR 21.11, national banks are required to report known or suspected criminal offenses, at specified thresholds, or transactions over $5,000 that they suspect involve money laundering or violate the Bank Secrecy Act. Similar regulations by other regulators apply to other financial institutions.’


      Rather than use judgment, banks just mechanically file an SAR above a threshold. Used to be $3,000; now it may be $5,000. Banks are not permitted to tell customers they are filing an SAR. So that teller who blabbed to you could be punished severely.

      Nice to be reported as a potential criminal for withdrawing your own funds, huh? FinCEN, which receives these SAR reports, is the same cabal of out-of-control ‘crats running the new U.S. Beneficial Ownership Information Registry to harass small businesses.

      FinCEN was created in 1990 under Republiclown president G. H. W. Bush. It’s turned into a self-perpetuating monster.

      • “FinCEN was created in 1990 under Republiclown president G. H. W. Bush.”

        Gotta love those Republicans and their shouts of “freedom and liberty”! Who thought it was a good idea to put a former DCI as head of the Presidency?

        The abolishment of our freedoms hasn’t just happened in the last two decades. This has been a work in progress.

      • Hi Jim,
        Yet J.P.Morgan Chase let Jeffrey Epstein take out millions in cash over the years to pay off everyone involved with his pedophile operation and not once filed an SAR. Wall Street on Parade website has lots of info on how deep the rot goes, and as George Carlin so aptly stated “it’s a big club, and you’re not in it.”

    • I do many things in cash and keep just six months bills in the bank. Periodically I perform my own stress tests, usually on a Friday afternoon, going in, demanding 5-20 grand. The things they come up with are ridiculous, like the tactic of, ‘Oh thats really nice, are you getting your kitchen remodeled?’ or, ‘Are you getting a new car?’ ‘Going on vacation?’

      Hookers and blow is in fact the correct answer. If you’re squeamish about that, another good one, depending on your level of frustration is, its None of your Got damned effin business.

      • ‘Hookers and blow is in fact the correct answer.’ — Norman Franklin

        I’d be tempted to try, ‘I’m handing Gov. Katie Hobbs ten thousand dollars in a brown paper bag, and she’s gonna do a little favor for me.’

        • Gross. They don’t call her Clammy Kate Slobs for nothing. She’s got a shot at the title for queen of the Nasty Women

          I’d pay her to leave Arizona.

  10. On EV charging. It kinda makes you wonder why no one offers a prepaid charging card that’s just like a prepaid gas card? Just plug it into the machine and it will sell you just that amount of power. Or you go inside the gas station and tell them you’re at say charger 4 and give them say $50.00 and if it uses less they give you cash back.

    A lot of seniors don’t have smart phones; so what do they do?

  11. One big reason is because if they accepted cash, it would cut into the investor’s payback. Oh, not because hiring people and bringing Loomas around twice a week for a pick up costs too much, but because their venture capital (VC) backers have card processors in their corral of startups and they have seats on the boards of both. So it’s a natural fit for your EV charging startup to use the card processor startup (at favorable terms) the board recommends.

    And why stop there? Instead of bothering to write your own card processing software, why not just use the “micro services architecture” plug-in that the board member (who happens to own the company that makes it) recommends. He’s got 20 years in the industry, right? No way he’d steer you in the wrong direction…

    Don’t get me wrong, a good VC relationship can make a good idea into a fantastic company. But venture capital firms have turned into the Silicon Valley version of record companies or the old film studios. The founders don’t make anything, the majority of the startups fail or are acquired for a big dollar amount that mostly goes to the VC, and everyone is trying to build something that will be a good acquisition target instead of what they want. And the real good founders become VCs themselves.

  12. ‘This is a glimpse into what’s in store for us.’ — eric

    Here’s another:

    ‘According to GAO, Lockheed Martin is running out of parking space for all the completed F-35s that the Pentagon refuses to accept.

    ‘Last summer, the DOD put a complete freeze on accepting the stealth fighters until Lockheed fixed huge hardware and software problems associated with “Technology Refresh-3” (TR-3), a $1.8 billion package intended to expand the planes’ capabilities.

    ‘The worst of the software glitches affects the F-35’s radar and electronic warfare systems, “with some test pilots reporting that they had to reboot their entire radar and electronic warfare systems mid-flight to get them back online,” says GAO.’


    Gee, can’t Lockheed Martin just do an over-the-air update to fix these glitches? /sarc

    Seriously, with the US picking fights with Russia, China, and Iran, it can’t even produce current-generation fighters that work?

    You don’t need 20/20 vision to see that the US empire is dying, as the US clowngov flounders like a beached whale.

    • The antique hardware lacks requisite speed and memory for adequate VR software needed to compete now.

      Just as MIC likes it. Round after round of psychopathy as terrified animals pour their lives into ?

    • Big J…

      Unfortunately….your “Beached Whale” reference is dead nuts accurate.

      Put 2 and 2 together….Easy….Affirmative Action =Incompetence…and it’s now become generational…..It’s Bug Out time folks ……The Amerikant empire is going down the drain fast ….RIP….Meritocracy…

  13. It’s 15 minute cities. ULEZ zones like every capital city require an app and card to park, no quarters either. Your social credit score will determine wether your card works. You will not be allowed to leave the range of the charging apparatus. If you are allowed to charge once a week that gets you to work and back. That’s the plan anyhow. I hate richmond VA, half the people get it and the other half are blue haired living in la-la land.

    Their whole system is emploding, what if everyone listened about Agenda21 10 years ago. People get it, and the people who refuse to get it are becoming obtuse. What a time to be alive.

    • Hi Steve,

      In Oregon, those “15 minute cities” being planned are called CLIMATE FRIENDLY EQUITABLE COMMUNITIES, likely to fool those who’ve fallen for the HEAVY propaganda about climate change. During COVID, then Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order to get those rolling.

  14. As I say time and time again:

    EVs are NOT about controlling the climate—they’re about controlling YOU.

    So you can’t pay cash to charge your EV? So you need to download the app? The better to track and control you with, my dear!

  15. Well ep….
    Lew Rockwell has a chilling article by
    Charles Hugh Smith today …
    complimenting this article…. regarding the “Great Reset Matrix “ steadily closing in……

  16. Fitting that you would cite “Idiocracy” since the maintenance of the chargers at many places seems to be as mysterious as who stocked and fixed the Carl’s Jr. kiosks in the movie.

    Bits and pieces of Mike Judge’s “Silicon Valley” are as brilliant as “Idiocracy”, particularly the “blood boy” episode. Still, with the TV series, Judge operated under HBO’s watchful eye so the social commentary couldn’t go too far.

  17. App interfaces on sail phones are carefully crafted dopamine hits designed to hook the user on the experience.

    Model. View. Controller.

    The View is often outsourced to interface expert shops, with the Model, doing the real work, being the place where Patent opportunities exist for the in house developers. Interns or overseas developers craft the Controller.

  18. ‘Did you know that you cannot pay cash for a charge?’ — eric

    Have you tried to pay cash for food in an airport terminal? Wandering around Austin Bergstrom earlier this month, I found not a single restaurant, coffee shop or fast food outlet that accepted cash. A couple had signs up saying, ‘Sorry, we no longer accept cash.’

    Yeah, I get it: card transactions are seamless. No need to cart end-of-day cash through security to the bank; no need to trust employees to make change and count correctly.

    But every card transaction enables the bankster cartel’s rigged transaction fees … and the spook agencies’ monitoring of our whereabouts. Some forms of cryptocurrency can sidestep both of these issues. But the ‘Biden’ regime is — surprise, surprise — viciously anti-crypto.

    Death to the usurers.

    • Surprisingly here in Taxachusetts there’s a law on the books requiring all businesses to accept cash as payment. Most of the sports venues have a workaround in the form of “reverse” ATM’s, you put in cash and get a card to use onsite; probably speeds up service at the concession stands by not having to count out change for lots of transactions. Not sure if you get any unused balance back at the end of the day but I’d guess if it’s only a buck or two and the lines are long most people wouldn’t bother, so a win for the cashless pushers.

    • This past weekend The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. And I went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for “Fast Friday” and Pole and Bump Day qualifying Sunday for the Indianapolis 500.

      IMS is now “cashless”. Credit card, debit card, or Cell Phone Pay (Apple Pay, etc.). I suspect that’s so you don’t notice tickets for practice sessions are $25 now, or qualifying tickets are $35. Or that parking at an IMS lot is $10 for practice and $20 for qualifying (it used to be free). Sunday we parked at the American Legion post across the street from the track and paid $20 cash because damned if I was paying $20 and the associated CC fees to park in an IMS lot again.

      Funny thing though: After waiting to buy paper tickets on site for Friday practice I bought electronic tickets for Sunday qualifying. Put them in my Apple wallet and went to the track. I pulled up my tickets on my phone and the “Yellow Shirt” who scanned my phone could only read one ticket and validate it. 🤦🏻‍♂️ He relented and let the two of us in. Score one for paper tickets.

      I suspect the push to cashless is 1) it’s “easier” for cashiers to swipe a card but 2) cash makes you really look at the price of things because if you don’t have a credit card and spend all your cash you can’t buy more. Folks just swipe and pay the bare minimum each month.

      The “cashless” thing is going to be fun come race day this Sunday as even with the extra cell phone towers sprouting up around IMS in the past few years people are complaining CC transactions at trackside stands are bog s-l-o-w. Who knew 300-500K people clustered in a small geographical spot suck up huge amounts of data and bandwidth?

      If, as the Mrs. and I fear they go to “no more coolers on site” and force us to “Grab and Go” and pay a King’s Ransom for a ham and cheese sandwich and a can of Miller Light 😖 we’ll stay home and catch the race on the radio, or stream it.

      Chargers ain’t the only thing that ain’t workin’ without cashola.

      • Or it could be most kids graduating today can’t count money. Hubby went to the grocery store about a month ago and the young lady running the check out counter could not count his change out. I don’t remember what he bought, but it was like $18.35. He hands her a $20. She (I kid you not) starts crying because she has no idea how to count out $1.65 in change. My husband had to tell her what coins to give him. My husband walks through the door later and states to me “this country is doomed.”

        We had a similar scenario at last week’s Farmer’s Market. I ordered ground beef totaling $14.70, hand the gentleman a $20 and he hands me $13 back. I shook my head and said “no, that is too much.” He tried again and handed me back $11. Finally the woman (who owned the stand) saw what was going on and corrected the matter.

        Any country whose citizens understand basic math will take us over in a nanosecond.

        • Owch! Yep, it’s done. My credit union, BECU, has had online check scan/deposit for over a decade. Fours days ago it stopped working the window says “not available at this time”. Still not working I get ahold of online chat, they have no ECD to fix this.

          We’re now into the dark ages where those who knew how to keep it all functioning are retiring or dead. Of course mentoring to preserve the fix it knowledge might cost a buck or two can’t have that!

          My daughter is responsible for the monthly financial reports at the place she runs. Quicken and the bank now don’t function together and the bank can’t figure it out so it’s back to manually sorting out this stuff she is really p/o’d. She’s busy and now swamped due to this failure.

        • Oh my, RG, you are right: We are doomed! If you had not been so honest, you could have ripped that guy off, and given him a short till at the end of his shift. He should only be so lucky you were honest.

        • Except most people who work at IMS (“Yellow Shirts” aka Track Security, stand workers, etc.) have been there for (no exaggeration) decades and come from an era when counting cash and making change in your head was expected.

          And at least the teenagers who work at the local car wash chain can make change for cash. So there’s hope. 👍

        • Hi, RG,
          In the Before Time, the correct procedure was for the clerk to announce,
          “That’s $14.70 out of $20, then proceed to count out the change, as in,
          “Fourteen seventy, fourteen seventy five (hands customer a nickel), fifteen (hands customer a quarter, and five (hands customer a five dollar bill) makes twenty.

          Today, the clerks depend on the electronic cash register to tell them the amount, count out the change from the cash drawer (*maybe* correctly), and shove the pile of coins and bills at the customer, along with the receipt.
          That is known as “progress.” Good luck with that.

          In some cases, the “clerks” are unable to correctly scan the bar codes. I’ve been burned a few times by not paying attention, and ass-u-ming the merchandise was properly scanned, then discovered when I got home that I had been charged for more than I had bought. Intentional, or merely incompetent? I have no idea.

        • ‘Or it could be most kids graduating today can’t count money.’ — RG

          A herpetologist friend went to the pet store to buy some food for his snakes. It went down like this:

          Peter M: I’d like three dozen lizards, please.

          Clerk: How many is that? I’m not very good at math.

        • Don’t worry Raider Girl the cashier will be getting a job soon in one those new computer chip plants their building. So no need to worry…..

        • I wonder what it would take to be rid of paper/digital cash and use real money? That thought leaves me depressed.

    • What? No cash at the ABIA Barbara Jordan Air Terminal?

      I’m shocked. Shocked!

      Metro Austin/Travis County is chock full or people deep into the agenda. The entire I35 corridor from Round Rock down to San Antonio is California Lite.

      The *only* reason restaurants in Austin didn’t go for vaccine passports is that the state threatened to refuse renewal of the liquor license for any restaurant enforcing a card check.

    • “Don’t fight it son. Confess quickly! If you hold out too long you could jeopardize your credit rating.”

  19. ‘you can’t use a device unless you carry a “smart” phone with you’ — eric

    Tech bros, who need their phones even to breathe and urinate, have answers:

    ‘Robin Davis loves her electric vehicle, but sometimes it’s challenging to find a public charger, and she’s cut it way too close. “Last night, I’m going to work. The closest one from my house was all full. Then you go to another one then they’re down, so you get to the other one and you’re out of a charge. Then you have to call for a tow truck to pick you up and take you to a charger,” Davis said. That’s happened to her twice. “I didn’t completely run out. I was smart enough to pull over in a plaza where there was food to sit and wait,” she said. “Four hours the first time. Five hours the second time.”

    Now, she has more charging choices because she’s using a new app called Buzze. The company says it’s like Airbnb for EV chargers, connecting EV drivers with charging hosts. To use Buzze, an EV driver opens the app, searches the map for a Buzze host nearby, requests an appointment, then drives there to plug in. “We expect people will be dropping off a car,” Lieberman said. “We’ve seen it in our beta testing. A lot of people come by at night. They plug in. They pick it up in the morning. Their car is ready to go.”


    Yeah, right — deal with the hassle of opening your garage to libtard strangers on nights you’re not charging, then seeing them off to work the next morning. Same comment applies to itinerant renters, searching for available chargers in nearby subdivisions. How do they get back to their apartment? By Uber? Folding bike? Ride a unicorn?

    The collective insanity is summed up by Ms Robin Davis, who considers herself ‘smart’ to have twice been obliged to call a tow truck to pull her EeeVee to a charger, after waiting 4 or 5 hours. She wins an honorary PhD in Applied Mathematics, with her brilliant thesis ‘Submitting to Serfdom (Yank My Pigtails)’.

    • FTFA: “We should be the cheapest out-of-home charging for EV drivers because we’re just paying the host what they pay, a little bit more, should be about 25 cents per kilowatt,”

      LOL. Until the peak time kicks in and the homeowner decides to lock out the charger until the rates come back down. Oh, didn’t think about that when building the app? Or maybe there’s a premium in having a charger in a prime location, say within walking distance of an apartment building. Heck why not buy a piece of land next to one, install a few facade houses that are just chargers (and vending machines, coin-op games, maybe a laundry… and a few hourly rate beds…) and just use the app?

      These “sharing” apps are all the same, sold to the public as an easy side hustle, but then gamed by people who skirt the established zoning and regulations. I’m fine with that but call it what it is, a way to circumvent the establishment. If you’re setting up an EV charging network you better be ready to play along or become the next New York taxi company.

      • ‘why not buy a piece of land next to one, install a few facade houses that are just chargers (and vending machines, coin-op games, maybe a laundry… and a few hourly rate beds…) and just use the app?’ — ReadyKilowatt

        Everybody’s got an angle, in the digital hustle economy. Now the neighborhood kid who mows your lawn can be engaged on TaskRabbit to pick up your EeeVee, charge it at somebody’s house overnight via Buzze, then fetch it back to you first thing in the morning.

        Nobody questions why this absurd charade should be necessary in the first place. It merits a chapter in my forthcoming book, ‘EeeVees as Ritual Humiliation: Digital Hair Shirts and Virtual Beds of Nails.’

        But I’ll drive on and I’ll run strong
        ‘Cause EeeVees ain’t my cross to bear

        — Allman Brothers, It’s Not My Cross To Bear


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