Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 02/20/2024

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show! We talked about the Golden Golem of Greatness – as well as “leadership,” among other things:

. . .

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  1. Here is a link to the First Republican debate, clips of our Ziowhore candidates obsessed with Israel:

    “Welcome to the republican debate – Tonight’s sole topic will be Israel”

    Note what Nimrata says about US-Israel relationship, the crazy whore says Israel does NOT need the USA, but the USA needs Israel.

    1. First that is an absurd claim. We do not need Israel for any reason, being allied with Israel is like drilling a hole in your head and saying it was necessary.

    2. Israel is dragging USA down. ZOGmerika is having it’s reputation trashed for supporting the genocide of Gaza, a real Holocaust, unlike the Jew Holohoax.

    3. Israel produces nothing we need. When was the last time you bought something “made in Israel”?

    4. Israel costs us trillions, the Gulf Wars that came after 911 cost 6 trillion USDollars.

    5. Israel did the 911 attack, and the USS Liberty attack, Israel is clearly our enemy

    6. Nikki Haley is obvously pandering to the Jewish Lobby because she is a principeless whore.

  2. Concerning the 2024 election and the removal of Biden from office. Trump could also be blocked from running. Political commentator Mike Sledge over at RBN predicts neither Biden or Trump will be on the election day ballot. So what may the 2024 Ziowhore matchup look like? This is my first guess:

    Nikki Haley (R) vs Gavin Newsome (D)

    The choice will always be Zionist WHORE A vs. Zionist WHORE B. All candidates must be unwavering Zionist Israel supporters or they will not be able to run. Just remember Israel killed JFK because he opposed the Israeli nuclear program.

    Eric says in the radio show that they could start a war and suspend the election. A possibility, but I have listened to many podcasts about that exact scenario and the argument is made they will never suspend elections – because elections have a purpose of fooling you into believing that you the public are electing the whore. They want the electorate to believe in the vote in order for them to rule.

    Your vote matters Goyim! Vote harder Goyim! This is a Democracy! The Zionist Deep State has full control of your perception of reality and the candidates – thus no reason to suspend an election – the elections are an elaborate ruse to convince you to accept the criminal authority as legitimate.

    The NFL games are fixed also. Right in front of your eyes in HDTV the games are rigged – like the Superbowl where he-she Taylor Swift and her lover Kelce have to win as part of the 2024 election psyop. TS is going to be like that Judas goat and herd the millenials into the democratic candidate – which many say will be that other he-she Michelle Obama.

    Folks, it is way worse than you can even imagine. Taylor Swift is NOT who you think it is. She is a deep state transactor.

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” ― George W. Bush

    So what is going to happen in the next 9 months? War and a big EXCITING election, the masters of illusion are going to work the populace up into another election voting frenzy and make it appealing and exciting to convince you we have freedums in Amerika!

    Think of elections like NFL football – both are entertainment and very controlled. If Trump actually makes it to the election and wins I will be very surprised.

    • Hi Jack,

      That’s an interesting – and possible scenario. I agree with your reasoning. That said, the NC primary is next week and all indications are Nimrata is going to lose her home state – badly – to Trump. If she remains in the race after that, it will be seen as absurd, even deranged. And if they try to bring this obviously unpopular, obviously unwanted hack back after having removed from contention an obviously popular candidate who has the overwhelming support of his party, it will utterly delegitimize the “election,” obviating the point (from the controllers’ perspective) of going on with the show.

      There will be chaos. Perhaps dissolution of the political authority of the federal government.

      • Yes, I agree, Nikki Haley is a hack and will have to drop out next week when Trump whomps her ass, see the odds: search “john stossel political betting”.

        But remember Nikki Haley was appointed by Trump as UN ambassador. Trump also appointed Pence, Exxon’s Rex Tillerson, CIA Mike Pence, deep state who all are now against him. Who does that? Trump is some kind of crazy maker king. Only Ben Carson remained loyal (of those appointees who are running for POTUS).

        Who appoints staff who are not loyalists? Orange man is an a Vaudeville Clown Wrapped up in a Deep State Mystery Inside a Zionist Enigma. RFK Jr. is immensely popular in Oregon, the Libtards out west love him. If Trump picked him as VP that would surely strip half the Democrat voters into his camp. I see Kennedy 2024 stickers like I used to see Ron Paul in past elections. RFK Jr. is the real alt candidate.

        wikipedia – “Nimarata Nikki Haley (née Randhawa; born January 20, 1972)[1][2][3] is an American politician and diplomat who served as the 116th governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017 and as the 29th United States ambassador to the United Nations from January 2017 to December 2018.[4] A member of the Republican Party, Haley is the first Indian American to serve in a presidential cabinet.[5] She is a candidate in the 2024 Republican Party presidential primaries.”

        Nimrata is the “First Indian” – just like the current PM of Britain Rishi Sunak. Funny, he doesn’t look like a white British person. Isn’t it funny how these total outsiders, but willing Zionist whores, are elevated all the way to the top in the power pyramid. Why is it, that all around the world, the political leaders are not representative of the people of that nation?

        The irony does not escape me either, India was brutally subjugated by the British, and now these power mad Indians are all so happy to do the same to the new subjugated peoples.

        Nikki Haley is an over-the-top Zionist WHORE, in the first republican debate, she makes ludicrous statements in support of Israel. Concerning Gaza she says finish them off and kill them all. Not very nice things for a woman to say about human life, eh? What kind of woman is eager for more genocide?

        The people who own us got rid of Trump because he would not attack Iran, so they installed pedo Biden – who is also dragging his feet in bombing Iran off the map – thus will they bring in Nikki Haley to finish off Iran. She is eager to do so, and says it again and again – because she knows that is what her Jewish masters want. If this Kali goddess of destruction is installed, Vishnu help us all.

        So one way this could unfold – Nikki Haley drops out post NC primary, then this summer both Trump and Biden are canned, then Newsome, Haley, Michelle Obama are all elevated onto the tickets. Find the most pro-Israel candidates and bet your shekels on them.

  3. Eric, Great show with Bryan today as usual.

    One of the things you mentioned was how the aluminum rims on newer vehicles are prone to leaking around the beads.

    I ran into this problem on a late 90’s GM SUV that has been relegated to snowplow duty.

    In discussion with a local service station – that sell a lot of tires – the technician mentioned that a problem on older vehicles with the aluminum rims is that a lot of these rims have a varnish like coating on them that is prone tom cracking and or flaking off as the rims get older. He said that what they do is remove all the “varnish” from the wheel beads and also use a bead sealing product – that has a consistency like heavy syrup – on the rims after they clean the rims and tires.

    They did this on two rims on the a fore mentioned vehicle and it all but stopped the leaking problems I had with said vehicle. Maybe have to air up the tires one or at the most twice a year instead of monthly like I used to have to do.

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for the kind words! On the aluminum wheel issue: I have a good friend who runs his own shop; he is a regular poster here. He says he commonly deals with this problem when customers come to his shop for tire installs because other shops failed to clean off the crud and so the tires leak – and not infrequently, get worn out sooner/damaged as a result.

  4. Mish Shedlock, an Illinois native who bailed out for St George, Utah a couple of years ago, posted this on ZeroHedge:

    Please consider the Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act.

    Establishes a framework for the Legislature, by concurrent resolution, to prohibit the enforcement of a federal directive within the state by government officers if the Legislature determines the federal directive violates the principles of state sovereignty.

    How to Overrule the Federal Government

    CNN reports that ‘Utah’s New ‘Sovereignty Act’ Sets Up a Process to Overrule the Federal Government.’

    The “Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act,” was signed into law by Gov. Spencer Cox on January 31.

    “Balancing power between state and federal sovereignty is an essential part of our constitutional system,” Gov. Cox said in a statement. “This legislation gives us another way to push back on federal overreach and maintain that balance.”

    Could be a fruitful topic for discussion with Bryan Hyde.

  5. Awesome Rense video on EV’s charging usage in kilowatt hours

    The video covers how charging stations power usage are equivalent to thousands of homes! The video also says Elon Musk is not your friend – he’s a deep state actor.

    Just recently Jeff Rense has been pumping out dozens of hard hitting videos. Check out his Rumble channel.


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