One Trucker’s Verdict

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Whatever you think of the Orange Man, no thinking man can say the Orange Man deserves to pay the $355 million in “damages” handed down last week by an egregiously partisan judge in NY named Arthur Engoron, for not damaging anyone.

Engoron was out to get the Orange Man – just as NY Attorney General Letitia James promised would happen. How’s that for “impartial justice”?

Now something else is happening. Something the same “news” outlets – such as CNN – that UPPER CASE letter-covered every last accusation leveled against the former president and smacked lips almost audibly when Engoron’s foreordained punishment was handed down last week are ignoring.

The verdict of an American trucker. With more to follow, hopefully. 

It was handed down in the wake of Ergoron’s abuse of the law by one, a man – a truck driver who styles himself Chicago Ray. After Engoron decreed the amount of the “damages” Trump “owes,” Chicago Ray publicly said he’d be protesting what Engoron and James did by steering clear of New York City –  literally- and encouraging his fellow truckers to do the same.

No soup for you – per Seinfeld.

And maybe nothing else, either – since almost everything that’s in New York City was brought into the city from somewhere else.

Most of it by trucks.

Chicago Ray is just one a guy. One of many. One of millions. He – like millions of others – is disgusted by and angry about the way Trump is being hounded because he is Trump. What he putatively did being incidental. Everyone understands this. Everyone who isn’t a fool also understands that what they are doing to him is a kind of beta test of what they will do to us all, if we passively stand by and let them do it to him. If we are stupid enough to believe it will just be him.

It is the same thing that’s already been done to journalist Mark Steyn, who was recently hit with a million-dollar judgment by a court on behalf of “climate scientist” Michael Mann for comparing his work to that of the notorious pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. “Instead of molesting children,” Steyn wrote, “he has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.”

Of a piece with the multi-million-dollar judgment awarded the woman whose feelings were hurt by Trump when he described her as a “whack job” for accusing him publicly – and without any proof – of sexual assault more than 30 years ago. The court decided she had been defamed. Not Trump – as by her having publicly accused him of sexual assault, an embarrassing claim, absent any proof supporting  her claim.

Chicago Ray has taken down his original post – perhaps under duress – but it doesn’t matter because he showed what even one man can do to worry the Engorons of the country. Their power depends very much on our passivity – and they know it better than many of us do. It is why they react so aggressively to any perceived affront to their authority, very much like the way a run-of-the-mill armed government worker will often go ballistic at the first sign of anything less than total, defeated submissiveness.

It is why Engoron, et al, have reacted they way they have toward the Orange Man. He is a lightning rod of opposition to their authority.

And it is that principle – rather than the man, per se – that must be taught a lesson. Trump is not lying when he says they are not after him but us. And that he just happens to be in the way. If you don’t think it’s so, consider the implications of this verdict alone. Trump “defrauded” no one – as no one was gypped of money or property nor even claimed to have been. No victim was produced by Engoron’s kangaroo court, in other words. Instead, a paperwork affront was concocted. Trump is “guilty” of having placed a higher value on his holdings than the government says they were worth. Ordinarily, people try to place the lowest possible value on their holdings – so as to minimize the taxes they’re forced to pay.

In Trump’s case, the allegation was he overvalued his holdings  to a lender. But the lender didn’t complain. The lender loaned the money it believed Trump could afford to repay. And made money on the transaction. It testified in Trump’s favor. It does not matter.

Because, of course, overstating the value of his holdings was not his crime.

His crime was not going away.

It is a crime he continues to commit, compounding the offense – in the eyes of the ideologue hysterics (Engoron is one) who regard Trump as an existential “threat to democracy,” by which of course they mean a threat to their unquestioned authority. These Leftists have no problem with authority – or authoritarianism – provided it is they who wield it and they who impose it.

They will not, of course, admit it.

But we can see it. And that is why Chicago Ray – who wasn’t famous until he (like Trump) challenged the authority of these Leftists – has become the newest bete noire of the authoritarian Left, just like Trump himself.

That is why “MAGA” is such a bete noire of the authoritarian Left. It is a coalescing consciousness of the power of resistance by individuals, whose power to say NO has always been the thing these authoritarians fear the most. It is why they were so vicious toward those who said NO to “masks” and to being injected with mRNA drugs masquerading as “vaccines.” It was fundamentally a test of obedience as much as intelligence. If the authoritarians had truly believed “masks” (and mRNA drugs) “worked” in the sense the mouthed, they would not have cared if MAGA deplorables said NO to them.

After all, those who said yes would be safe, right?

In fact, a NO showed the people who did say yes that “masks” and mRNA drugs did not “work,” thereby undermining the authority pushing them both. Similarly, Trump said NO to a number of things the authoritarian Left insists we all say yes to, including Green Communism – and thereby undermined the authorities pushing for the imposition of far worse than “masks” (and maybe even mRNA drugs). Even if he has not followed through on many of his promises; even if he has done and said execrable things, he has still said NO to so many of the Left’s authoritarian shibboleths as to seriously alarm the authoritarians that such an attitude will spread and even cement.

That Americans may recover their senses and above all, sense the latent power they have always possessed but which has remained dormant for far too long.

The ecotomorphic authoritarian Engoron has done us a service by showing us what the Just Us system is all about. You don’t have to like Trump to hate what they are doing to him.

Because it could (and will) be done to any of us, too.

. . .

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  1. Wasn’t it Cicero who said that a nation cannot survive treason from within? Then again if people are going to stand idly by when the problem is small they are hardly going to do anything when the problem is widespread and terminal.

    • Hi Gil,

      If history is any guide, it seems inertia carries things along for awhile until a point is reached – until a spark triggers a conflagration. Until that happens, no one wants to “start anything” themselves. Not so much on account of cowardice but out of a desire to hope things can be salvaged without resort to violence. They often cannot be, of course.

  2. Trucker’s protest….

    This is why the slave owners want to speed up chipping people…trans humanism…then you will have no freewill ….so no more protests or disobedient slaves….no rogue slaves…

    the next step is herding everybody into 15 min. city/prisons…where they can be watched and dealt with….

    the future there is…

    turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

    they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

    the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.

    Clean, efficient, cheap elimination, sustainable and always environmentally friendly. And it will be at that point, in these cramped box cars, within these hot and stinking quarters during that collective silence where time is suspended between repeating clanks of iron on iron and the hypnotic rhythm of the carriage roll, it is here where “of the people” will ponder upon why they did not wake up, why they did not wise up, and why they did not rise up.

    • “This is why the slave owners want to speed up chipping people…”

      You had me pretty excited there for a bit. Then I realized you weren’t talking about wood-chipping people. Pity, that. I bet slave owners sound delightful going through at super-low speed.

  3. After Donald Trump forks over the 432,100,000 dollars, he’ll be tarred and feathered.

    Lara Logan has an X account.

    Plenty of names everybody knows, people like Hillary, Madonna, Prince Charles, now the king, Tom Hanks, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Kathy Griffin on the Pleasure Island retreat. Even Michelle Obama and Oprah were there! Anthony Weiner, why not, it don’t get no better!

    The defrocked and disgraced yellow journalist Lara Logan just knows too much.

    No good deed will go unpunished. Julian Assange knows it all too well.

    Trump has joined the club, looks like it, anyhow.

  4. Excellent radio show today all about Trump

    National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 2.21.24

    Patrick Slattery is a former political science professor and lifelong peace activist. He is best known for his political and social commentary on radio and in his articles. He maintains the websites and He is dedicated to the struggle for the traditional American population, and indeed all of humanity, to live free from the domination of hostile elites.

  5. If only ppl got this upset over taxes, fake elections, and fake laws that they never get to vote on. But they care about this trump guy who has plenty of money, don’t worry he’ll be fine. They think trump is their leader/savior because they are slave-minded people that worship false idols.

    • Hi Harry,

      I think this has become less about Trump – the man – than what he has aroused. People are angry about what’s being done to him because they understand that it means it could be (and will be) done to us, too. Principles – and precedents – matter. I try to be very clear when I write about him that I don’t trust or like him; I try to mention his many flaws – and egregious actions. But I cannot help denounce what’s being done to him because that isn’t about him.

      Voting for Trump at this point is about doing it to take a big dump on the roof of the elite’s car – so to speak.

      • I totally agree with you Eric. I didn’t mean to untactfully insult the people about this. You are a very good thinker. I always read your replies, and am honored when you reply.

  6. Mark Dice (popular political commentator on Youtube) says Nikki Haley is running as a Democrat:

    Nikki Haley Officially Working for Democrat Party Now
    Mark Dice 1.86M subscribers

    So as you can see Nikki Haley is a put up job by the NeoCohens to stop Trump.

    But the Trump Train has left the station, and you all know it is hard to stop a train. So let us wait a 3 days and see if she drops out of the race come South Carolina primary 24 Feb 2024 which is this coming Saturday. So by midnight EST we should know.

  7. One Prosecutor’s Verdict:

    ‘Prosecutors in Arizona refused to extradite a 26-year-old man accused of killing a woman at a New York City hotel this month, because of what they said was the Manhattan district attorney’s lenient treatment of violent criminals.

    ‘Rachel Mitchell, the Maricopa County attorney in Arizona, said Wednesday that her team would not work with Alvin L. Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney who expected to charge the man.

    ‘The gesture by Ms. Mitchell, a Republican, is an extraordinary breach of criminal justice norms and appears to be an effort to embarrass Mr. Bragg. His office is set to try a criminal case accusing Donald Trump of covering up a hush-money payment to a porn star before the 2016 election.’ — NYT

    I’m lovin’ it.

    New York’s leftist-controlled, Third World ‘justice’ system has resulted in it being shunned by the judicial systems of states that are still part of America.

    I advocate pre-emptive expulsion of New York from the Union … and a total blockade of its borders.

    • Good stuff, Jim – I needed that!

      PS: In re the “hush money”… yet another victimless crime. Trump paid a slattern to shut up and go away. Slattern took the money. Who has been defrauded here?

      • At worst, if a personal expense was improperly deducted as ‘legal expenses,’ it is a civil matter of amending a business tax return. Bragg’s theory to transform it into a criminal case is wildly speculative and unfounded.

        If New York still had a functioning court system, the defense’s motion for summary dismissal would be granted. Bragg’s lawfare case would go ‘poof.’

    • >I advocate pre-emptive expulsion of New York from the Union
      As far as I am concerned, Manhattan Island could be towed out into the North Atlantic and sunk, and we would be none the poorer for it.


      • In a West Point class on urban warfare, your professor points out that the island of Manhattan is connected to the rest of the world through 21 bridges and 15 tunnels.

        Assignment: develop a plan to place the island under a cordon sanitaire siege.

      • Amen, Adi –

        And I say that with sadness – because NYC was once a great place for freedom. It was the Big Apple, the place to go if you wanted to find your place and make it in the world. New Yorkers once had a proud tradition of being people who don’t take shit. Now they gobble it up like a toothless infant eats pabulum.

        • I must respectfully disagree that NYC was once a great place for freedom, at least when it comes to self-protection and the protection of others.
          NYC residents have been taking sh!t for a very long time…and apparently liking it.
          Since the Sullivan Laws were enacted, enabling the most extreme and restrictive acquisition and uses of firearms, the Constitutional right to defend one’s self and others has been almost totally obliterated. Once restricted to handguns, the laws have been extended to rifles and shotguns, all of (what were supposed to be “registered”) demanding that they either be confiscated or taken out of NYC. I’ll bet that those people who voluntarily turned in their weapons added to NYC police officers’ gun collections.
          NYC prosecutors relish the thought of prosecuting those who legally defend themselves, even a “rolled up newspaper” is considered to be an illegal “weapon”. The honest citizen is the easiest person to charge and convict.
          If you defend yourself successfully against a criminal without NYC police being involved, you WILL be prosecuted.
          Witness Daniel Penny who is being viciously prosecuted for saving fellow subway passengers from mentally ill Jordan Neely who had been harassing and threatening subway passengers for decades.
          You see, the approximately 36,000 NYC police officers do not want to give up their monopoly on the use of force. They cannot have honest citizens “taking the law into their own hands”.
          On the other hand, observe the “kid glove treatment” given to the jews who were tunneling under the streets under their synagogues. Despite evidence of child abuse and other crimes, blood-stained child-size mattresses, toddler high-chairs and other child-size items being found, the tunnels are discreetly being “filled in”, destroying criminal evidence in the process. If child abuse were not a part of the equation, seeing jews crawling out from under the NYC streets like rats makes for top-notch comedy. In NYC, jews are also a “protected class” and can do no wrong. There will be no investigations…
          Nope, NYC is not for me. I will go around it and avoid it like the plague…

    • Hi ken,

      Not everything is what it seems. Maybe this guy Ray did get a talking to or maybe he was the psych op. Reminds me of another guy named Ray and how helpful he was showing everyone the front doors of the Capitol.

      They are coming for us…all of us. What better way to see who aligns with who then throwing out a decoy and who responds.

      We need to be smart. There are freaking moles everywhere. One needs to quietly destroy their enemy not boast about it in front of millions. The American Revolutionaries didn’t shout it in the middle of Boston or Philadelphia Square that they wanted to secede from England. They made plans behind closed doors among those they trusted.

      Either Trucker Ray has a big mouth or is looking to out his fellow truckers. Don’t watch the little birdie, be suspicious of it.

      • “Reminds me of another guy named Ray and how helpful he was showing everyone the front doors of the Capitol.” -RG

        This was my thought also. How do we know Chicago Ray is not somebody working for the 3-letter agencies to create unrealistic expectations in order to demoralize the liberty movement.

  8. It is obvious that our owners would like to replace Trump with Nikki Haley. Trump does not do what they tell them, and the owners want war, and Nikki Haley is willing sycophant of Jewish power, or should I say psychopig of Zionist war mongers.

    Just say HELL NO to Nikki Haley meme:

    In the conspiracy world in which I live, back when Trump was President, and would not attack Iran as ordered, Bibi Netanyahu ordered “Trump flushed down the toilet” which was told to us by David Goldberg.

    Use Yandex search engine, search for the ‘David Goldberg Notes’.

    Also look up Project Zypher and Project Pogo to get clued in how bad it really is – the Zionists want to round up and kill off the Amerikan patriots – and they are making kill lists – no shit.

    The reason I bring this little known fact up is because you will NOT be able to understand the real politik why Trump was ousted in the last election. Trump did not obey, while Nikki Haley WILL OBEY her masters.

    That is why you must oppose that craxy biatch, because your life depends on it.

    • ‘Just say HELL NO to Nikki Haley’ — Yukon Jack

      If Netanyahu is the Antichrist — as I semi-seriously believe — then Nimarata is the Bride of the Antichrist, his faithful servant and helpmeet.

    • Trump has been dealing with jews all of his life and KNOWS just what they are like.
      Yes, Trump acceded to jewish demands for Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, but being the wheeler-dealer that he is was going to demand that the jews fulfill “their end of the deal” during his second term where he could not be touched.
      The jews did not want Trump to have a second term, just because they were in no position to fulfill “their end of the deal”.
      The “deal” would have been a real resolution to the Palestinian situation involving the removal of illegal jewish “settlements” among other demands.

  9. Regarding Orange Man: I’m not sorry for him in the least.

    Law and Order, motherfucker.

    By coming for him, they’re coming for us? They already came for us. There’s a Sword of Damocles over all of us who protest the absurd laws and regulations showered upon us daily. The spider just waits for us to squirm in the web.

    “…Run-of-the-mill armed government worker will often go ballistic at the first sign of anything less than total, defeated submissiveness.”

    You mean the AGWs championed at every turn by Orange Man? Them?

    Reap the Whirlwind, you Orange Bastard.

    • Trump is a mass murderer[Clot shot] and an unabashed tyrant[Believes that any atrocity committed by a president while in office should not be prosecutable]. If those things alone (not to mention the many others) don’t terrify someone, I would say that that is proof that a democratic republic is no better than a monarchy or any form of government.

      Actually, considering the ilk who have been and continue to be elected, I guess that the above point has been proven to be true over and over again.

      Voting for any of these Zionist lackeys is a statement that one loves Big Brother.

      • At very least. two controlled goons are always chosen for us so we can’t win anything substantial. I’ve always said that Trump is a terminator sent to divide and conquer the forces of liberty, whether unwitting or not.

        Best to act locally and win the battles that can be won.

        • I don’t see any path to act locally. America is divided into two political camps: The abortionist LGBTGQFU-loving culture-destroyers who want a heavy-handed left-wing government, and the patriotic anti-abortionist more traditionalists who want a heavy-handed right-wing government.

          On the surface, I prefer to be around the latter, as the conduct of the former is just intolerable. But the latter are pretty scary too once you talk to them or witness their actions.

          Both camps love “the troops” and the cops. Both camps consider it a moral obligation to pay one’s taxes. Both want rulers telling everyone what to do and not do. Both support wars and welfare, Both want “free” education, and both want “free” health care (The left wants it for everyone. The right wants it for oldsters, the disabled, vets, children, the poor, government workers – so basically “only” 99% of the population.

          Both sides will rigorously defend and fight for their side, but neither side is for liberty, which makes those of us who are for liberty the common enemy.

          • Hi Arthur,

            You’re right (again). But (again) what is the choice? We face a situation analogous to the one faced by Spaniards in the ’30s: Franco or the communists. That’s the choice. I don’t want Franco. But I really don’t want communism. bad as the “right” is, it’s not a death-cancer as communism is. Also, we can still do everything possible to avoid both.

            Emphasis on “possible.”

            • Hi Eric,
              Either way, we will get the very same thing, just the faces and the words change. I would like to assume that you well know that the president doesn’t really run the country, and that the words which they utter while campaigning are utterly meaningless.

              The more scary prospect is that the amjority around us approve of one or the other miscreants euphemistically described as “candidates”, and I don’t believe that anything can change for the better until and if those people realize that electing crooks and tyrants is the problem, and are willing to declare their own independence from such.

              I would say that there is little hope of the above happening among the masses if even Libertarians continue to put hope in those crooks and tyrants, as if one can be less evil than the other especially after having demonstrated the opposite.

              God help us no matter who wins.

    • I’m torn here, as he deserves everything coming to him, for locking the country down and for his big beautiful Orange Warpspeed project that has maimed or killed millions. But the weaponization of the justice system, and those who have sanctioned it, must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

      • I fully agree, BAC. But Trump is one of the most litigious people in history, and I have no doubt that if the circumstances were reversed, Trump would have no issue in using the so-called justice system to wreck his enemies and milk ’em for every dime.

      • I’m with BAC here. That said, Biden deserves prison too for mandating the jab, among other things. Both Trump and Biden deserve prison.

  10. I don’t see much of a chance of coming out of this without blood. The bloodletting could probably be minimized if the Supremes [sic] ordered the judge [sic] and everyone else associated with the case [sic] impaled on the steps of the USSC building, but odds of that are slim to none.

    Hope y’all finished your preps. Spicy times ahead.

  11. To be honest, we are overdue for a massive general trucker strike, regardless of if it’s in support of Trump or not. If anything it shouldn’t involve Trump at all. Trucking in itself is in crisis.

    Truckers deserve far more respect (along with a lot of other things as well). It’s a tough job, that has increasingly become even harder due to mostly stupid government policies and regulation, pay that hasn’t increased in decades, and insane fuel prices.

    I think there are still many people (especially urban ones) that don’t believe that if truckers decided to just stop working, almost everything would come to a stop. I think it’s time to show them.

    That’s why it’s probably best if truckers would just boycott major cities like NYC. Just stay out of the city limits to prevent city politicians from being able to do anything to the truckers.

    • Richb,

      The word is here that most American truckers have been replaced by foreigners. Mostly Asians, who’ll do what they’re told. I don’t know how true that is, but it would be a smart move by The Powers to circumvent the type of rebellion you speak of here.

    • I don’t believe it will make much difference anyway, at least as far as NYC is concerned as most of NYC’s wares come in via the ports in NJ and are then distributed via rail and purely local truck drivers (i.e. shaved apes and burrito eaters who are not “truckers” but rather just delivery drivers with a CDL if they have any license at all).

  12. In the old world order there was a king at the top and the slaves/serfs on the bottom…

    In the new world order instead of a king, there is a president or prime minister that has a limited term…there is rotating presidents taking turns being the king…..

    These kings see themselves as gods, ruling the earth….they always have…..

    These leaders are all connected to the original royal bloodlines, when you vote you get the choice of 2 different freemasons…the control group’s political wing…….an illusion of choice…it is the same gang….

    This new world order is worse then the old world order….there have been two world wars since it started….and the slaves are losing more of their tiny little freedoms

    The king was a sovereign…above the laws….he made the laws….like king Charles the 3rd….for example he doesn’t need a driver’s licence…he is above the laws….he makes the laws….he is a god….

    These presidents that replace the kings appear to be above the law too… matter how many criminal acts they commit they are immune to any laws…untouchable….including their family….they are gods….they think….

    Laws only apply to slaves….

  13. So a bunch of middle-class truckers are sacrificing income by protesting the financial injustice perpetrated upon a multi-billionaire? Just remember, if the Trump-hating media genuinely wanted to get rid of the Orange Man, all they’d have to do is stop giving him daily coverage and he’d wither away. (They did so with Ron Paul and other anti-establishment types and their election campaigns went nowhere.)

    The NYC trucker protest sounds like the same political theater we’ve been subjected to for the last few years. It has also been pointed out that the boycott is just a right-wing version of the same weaponization of food the left perpetrated on us during the scamdemic (i.e. no jab, no job). Action/reaction/solution = the Hegelian Dialectic, the road to communism.

    The way to kill communism is to stop participating in it and giving it legitimacy with our votes. And that starts with not voting for fake politicians (which all of them are). See “A Call For An Uprising Episode 5! The Trump Trucker Boycott in NYC!” on Spotify, which I think offers the best explanation of the latest Left/Right paradigm psy-op:

  14. Trump’s book of faults would fill the Library of Congress.

    The faults add up, then are redeemed like a full book of S&H Green stamps.

    Trump has almost as many faults as I have, don’t tell anybody.

    Of course, all Democrats have no faults, they’re perfectly perfect people. Really should be worshiped, such kind and gentle souls that they always are.

    Biden deserves a gold star for the day.

    Nancy Pelosi has always been after Trump’s throat, but that’s okay too.

    There can be another way, but it won’t work.

    Lying jiving jackasses acting like blood thirsty hyenas is what you get.

    It’s war on Trump, leave the poor soul alone, doesn’t have it coming to him, however, that is what is happening. Defaming his character, berating and belittling, must be old by now.

    Donald is no saint by any means, another sinner just like the rest of us.

    The Democrats are without sin and are ready and willing to cast the first stone.

    You are next.

    If I were Trump, I’d sue Nancy Pelosi for salacious unkind remarks, slander, frivolous impeachment, what not. Can’t treat people like that.

    “You know that peace can only be won when we’ve
    Blown ’em all to Kingdom Come.” – Country Joe MacDonald, Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag

    • “Ain’t got time to wonder why, Whoopee we’re all gonna die!”
      That song has been going around in my head for the last 2 weeks, I wonder why?

    • Unfortunately, the “them” (that Country Joe mentioned) who must die are hiding behind innocent people in D.C., NYC, Chicago, LA, San Fran, and another 20 cities run by Deep State appointed traitor terrorists. The military probably doesn’t have enough drones left to take them out.
      We need a virus that with the effect forcing any politician, media, or other public figure or speaker to always tell the truth even against their will. Then the problem will be a shortage of tar and feathers.

  15. The bankers MO is to own both sides. My assessment is ALL of this is Theater, slowly and safely testing the public’s limit’s. If we gain too much strength we get Trump again. If we continue to be passive it’s ahead full steam with the program. Two steps forward, one step back. Been watching it play out my whole life.
    Our only real weapon in this war is our use of ‘The Power of No’. Just my 2 cents.

  16. Eric, sir, thou hast spoken a mouthful. Every word of it true.

    It feels to me as if the American Empire is quickly approaching out-and-out collapse. There may be a few opportunities for we peasants to dispense some actual justice, as opposed to JustUs. A few pieces of excavating machinery may be needed to scoop out suitable trenches.

  17. The slave owners want to replace the slaves with AI robots….one of their targets are the truckers.

    Some of the lower level slaves may be losing their jobs soon…..

    Then the slave owner’s huge corporations can use robots that don’t get paid for deliveries.

    Uber Eats is launching robot deliveries in Japan…..

    Plus the Japanese didn’t let in millions of illegals, forcing wages down, so slaves would ride bikes delivering food for Uber….. for very low wages, to survive….

    • An EV is a remotely controlled robot…one day it will lock you in and deliver you to your holding cell, in the 15 min. city/prison…..and they trick the slaves into paying for their EV robot….lol…the dumb slaves thinks it’s great….they get to virtue signal how green they are….while embracing/swallowing the slave owner’s marxist agenda….

      • Correct. The first one to be delivered to jail will be a car thief. This will be broadcast worldwide and the populace will respond with thunderous applause. After all, the bad guy was caught, right. It’ll never occur them that this will be used against them when the time is right.

  18. Life has ironies. There is the start of a myth that bad luck happens to those who do Trump serious wrong. Let’s see if the judge’s vaccinated-health deteriorates, or his wife divorces him over his trans-gender photo shoot hits the internet.

    BTW, the other injustice is Trump has to pony up the money in order to appeal. We are living in a banana republic. *Justice for my friends….for everyone else…the law.*

    • *Justice for my friends….for everyone else…the law.* — Hans Gruber

      Or as dress designer Alberto Beddini proclaims in Astaire & Rogers’ Top Hat (1935), “For the woman, the kiss—for the man, the sword!”

      The original, pre-censorship line was, “For the man, the sword—for the woman, the whip!” This is much more congruent with the sadistic tastes of our contemporary satanic overlords.

    • Trump had been a long time member of the New York Elite, playing ball with them and using the power of the state to bulldoze and defraud many average people and businesses. They made him rich and he played ball with them, long before he himself became a politician. Now he’s getting a little of what he did to others. Good for him! Deal with crooks and you will be robbed.

      Trouble is, many spin these things as if what is happening is an assault upon “conservative values”, so those of us who are more aligned with such values take it as an assault upon themselves, and this works to Trump’s favor. But the flaw in that logic is that those under such a delusion are ignorant (perhaps willingly) of Trump’s past and also of the fact that Trump himself is an assaulter of the values that many of us hold, because they can not see past his campaign speeches.

      This is exactly how they play us. Just as the Liberals are likely fuming over any signatory prosecutions of Biddy Biden, and see that as a Republican assault against their “values”. This is how they pit the slaves against each other and keep them from rebelling, and thus keep the two major parties in perpetual office.

  19. Lauren Boebert hasn’t been hit in the pocketbook yet, but the legacy media and political machine is doing everything it can to destroy her. Despite the Payton Place controversy around her personal life and a very well funded campaign she managed to win by a few votes (or at least her opponent conceded the election, something that Trump never did -and why Jan 6 is being played as an attempted coup d’état).

    Have to wonder how it is that the sitting son’s president, a crackhead and generally despicable human, gets a pass as “oh, this is a family matter,” while Republicans get raked over the coals even when they do the right thing? Yes, her son knocked up his prom date. And he’s doing the right thing. I wonder how many abortions creepy Joe had to pay for over the years? (of course in the case of the Biden bloodline, maybe that’s not all bad)

  20. If the outrageous treatment that Trump has been forced to endure isn’t more proof that people who’ve been engaging in it are doing so out of sheer hatred for Orange Man, I don’t know what is. Why, I even watched a clip of someone talking with a Trump critic who couldn’t name even 1 “provable crime” Trump committed when asked to name those “provable crimes”…….

    Now I’ve had my issues with Orange Man, but I still don’t think he deserves the kind of treatment he’s gotten from the DC Blob, the media, deranged Trump Haters, the Democrat Party establishment, and corrupt prosecutors and judges. If this sham judgment against Trump from that New York judge isn’t overturned, the government, deranged Trump Haters, and the establishment will likely be emboldened to go after anyone else they don’t like…e.g. The unvaccinated, farmers, anyone who ever voted for Trump, Christians, anyone who’s ever criticized government policies, Democrats who’ve strayed from the D Party plantation, people who spoke out against literally any sinister agenda pushed by the globalist/ technocratic elite, etc.

    • The purges are coming. And 40% of the population will vote for the man who will roll them out. They’ll keep eliminating people until they get a majority. Or scare enough of their opposition into silence. That’s how democracy works, see.

      “Died suddenly?” Brother, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      • Hi RK,

        One other thing they’ll likely do is grant people here illegally the right to vote. What a way for Democrats to ensure they never lose elections and remain in perpetual power.

    • Hi John,
      That does seem to be the plan, the Demonrats are doing everything they can to not have any primary challenges to the Biden thing…by not having primaries! Meanwhile they are throwing everything they have at Orange Man to keep him off the ballot entirely. Speaks volumes to the fact they know their guy couldn’t win an election for dog catcher, never mind president. If we end up with only one “choice” I might follow the suggestion of a poster here and write in Elmer Fudd, who definitely is more qualified than Sleepy Joe.

      • Hi Mike,

        I was torn between Trump & RFK Jr. Trump & Kennedy are both mixed bags. Trump did some good as President, such as helping expose just how corrupt the U.S. government really is, but he also did some questionable things such as the bumpstock ban, hiring Swamp creatures for certain cabinet positions, and practically bragging about his administration’s COVID response and “Miracle COVID vaccines”. RFK Jr did some good himself by writing his book “The Real Anthony Fauci” and speaking out against COVID tyranny and dropping truth bombs about vaccines and other issues, but he also had questionable views in the past on climate change and guns. Has he had his own awakening the past few years like so many other people have? That remains to be seen.

        Being that I’m a “Never Nikki” type, If it comes down to Nikki Haley vs Joe Biden (or whoever the Democrat Party establishment props up as their nominee), I might either vote for RFK Jr, write in Donald Trump as a protest against the establishment, or just stay home.

        • I look at it like this:

          1) If I make sure that I vote, I make it slightly harder to stuff the ballot box (one of the easiest ways of doing this, is to vote on behalf of all the registered voters who didn’t show up on Election Day). I can’t do much to ensure the integrity of the system but I can do that.

          2) I think that voting third party where appropriate is a better protest than not voting, because it tells the people who count the votes and the winner several things: I don’t like you, I care enough to show up and vote about it—which means if you throw me a bone once in a while maybe I’ll think about voting for you, and this is roughly the direction in which I would like to see changes.

          3) it’s like a multiple-choice test. It does not say to choose the correct answer. It says to choose the best answer. So I look over who actually got themselves on the ballot and make a decision.

      • Mike and John B,
        Ask yourself one hard question…
        If your vote, or even voting itself, in the current (((system))) really mattered…
        Do you think (((they))) would let you do it???
        Then, you will have the answer…

    • New York has gone full-on Communism. One official has gone so far as to threaten to seize Trump’s buildings and businesses if he does not pay this exhorbant fine. Whether one likes Trump or not, I find it interesting that other companies and businesses in NYC are sitting up and taking notice. The message is clear: Do, think, and act the way we tell you or we will destroy you.

      • Hi Shadow,
        Ha! That is the way it has long been everywhere, and how it would be for you and I. If we get sued and lose and don’t pay, they come and take our stuff. And yes, New York is full-on communist and has been for a long, long time.

  21. “Instead of molesting children,” Steyn wrote, “he has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.” — quoted by eric

    I’m envious: I wish I could have written a single sentence so boundlessly malicious and incendiary that it berserked a ‘climate scientist’ into phoning his attorney.

    ‘The pen is mightier than the sword,’ said playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton. In our mimeographed, underground high school newspaper, we ran the second and third words together. (Boys will be boys.)

    Now, in a culture where the grossest homosexual perversion is not only tolerated but openly flaunted, pedophilia is left as the only taboo.

    So monstrous are our depraved overlords that calling the ‘president’ Pedo Joe (a charge documented in writing by his own daughter) is actually a form of understatement. I suspect our leaders are organ harvesters, blood drinkers and baby eaters as well … and will say so, if I damned well please.

      • Nonsense. “Minor-attracted” is the new protected, victim class.

        No matter gay, straight, or bi’, lesbian, transgender, [pedo] life
        I’m on the right track, baby, I was born to survive
        No matter Black, white or beige, chola, or Orient’ made
        I’m on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave

        Ooh, there ain’t no other way, baby, I was born this way
        Baby, I was born this way (born this way)
        Ooh, there ain’t no other way, baby, I was born this way
        I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way

        -Born This Way, Lady Gaga

          • We look at this as a sickness (which it is)….a truly disgusting one. The problem is the indoctrination of the next generation. I visited clients all day yesterday and ended up working late. I stopped to pick up takeout to bring home to feed the family.

            The burger joint had two TVs on. The first one had on the NCAA college basketball game the second had on Nickelodeon. I haven’t turned on Nick for well over a decade, but I was appalled at what I saw. Both of the kids (teenagers) were “gender fluid”. Seriously, I think one was a boy…the other…no freaking idea. The parents consisted of a dumb bubbly mom with no clue on what was going on around her and a woke dad in a rainbow sweater who was just as dense as mom.

            This is what kids are watching. Add this to what they are being taught in the public indoctrination camps and god knows what is being spewed online. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what is being turned out. No amount of therapy is going to save us. The elite is pushing this toxicity to our youth as they implement the Communist Manifesto under our noses.

            • Regarding Nickelodeon, that is very depressing. However, I remember watching the Three Stooges when I was young. I never felt the desire to hit anybody over the head with a frying pan or poke their eyes out. When I was a kid I saw it for what it was. Hopefully kids watching this disgusting propaganda on Nickelodeon will be able to do the same. Maybe it disgusts them as much as us.

      • Hi Adi,

        Well, some are seeking to change that. The new, sanitized term for a pedophile is Minor Attracted Person, MAP. Do a search, it’s really disturbing.


    • He clearly stated that Mann *didn’t* molest children. The rest was an opinion about his data analysis methodology. What’s defamatory about that?

      There must be more pedophiles in the system than I thought.

    • Ever wonder where the concept of “gender fluidity” originated?
      It’s the JEWS once again…
      The Talmud, a huge and authoritative compendium of Jewish legal traditions, contains in fact no less than eight gender designations including: 
      1. Zachar, male.
      2. Nekevah, female.
      3. Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
      4. Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
      5. Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
      6. Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
      7. Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
      8. Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.
      Jewish mental illness has a long history. By promoting homosexuality and its variants, they have done more to damage civil society than just about any other group.
      Judaism is a cult that deserves to be thrown on the dustbin of history…

  22. Few if any of our more than 1000 owner operators will take loads into California, and most won’t drive into the northeast, either. Many company drivers are reluctant to go near New York city, we used to pay extra to drive into Jersey City and NYC.

    No doubt there will be many riots this summer. The I-40 bridge was blocked once this year already by pro-Gaza protestors, for most of a day. Look for shipping delays as drivers refuse to enter major cities during times of civil unrest.
    Perhaps in a free country truckers ought to be allowed to carry weapons for self-defense?

    Wish we lived in one.

    • Hats off to the truckers. Justin Castro up in Canada sure feared them.

      The dumb masses may suffer but Engoron, James, and their ilk will send their lemmings to ensure they have a steady supply of geritol, just for men, and depends whilst the lemmings suffer.

      I just assumed anything up in new yuck has to be hauled in using union / teamster affiliated labor.

      • “sure feared them”

        The slave owners biggest fear is fighting capable men, that oppose the slave owners….they are very dangerous……

  23. One advantage of not delivering goods to NYC is it allows you to protest without being beaten or killed by police. You probably will make money on a different run and have the satisfaction of sticking to your principles.

    As for Glen Becks “killer” question; I listened to Tucker say in a post President Putin interview that “all” leaders have people killed. It comes with the job. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin had conferences. Nixon and Mao had conferences. Did the press ask any of them about talking to “Killers”, somehow I doubt it.

    At least President Putin is a statesman. Our leaders? I have serious doubts.

  24. Eric, all your arguments will fall on willfully deaf ears on the Left. They don’t care about facts, reason or logic. It’s just one emotional rant after another and any lie will gain traction with them if it fits their preconceived notions and hatreds.

    They view Putin the same way. When a leftist friend of mine stated Putin was head of the KGB I pointed out that wasn’t true. He was an officer but, not anywhere near the head of the outfit. His response was, “well, OK, but he’s still an evil person”. When I pointed out that if one falsehood is used to demonize someone then everything else being said by that accuser should be suspect, he and other Leftists went nuts. Their rants boiled down to, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.”

    It’s sad that so many seemingly intelligent people can be so ignorant when pressed. I guess they’ve been educated beyond reason.

    • Indeed, Mark –

      And it’s not just the Left. I was listening to the odious hack/peddler Glenn Beck yesterday; he was going to be interviewing Tucker and one of the things he said he was going to ask him was “how it felt to sit down with a killer.” As if Biden didn’t have the blood of thousands on his hands. As if The Chimp didn’t have the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. Of course, Putin may have actually done the wet work himself rather than ordered it be done by others, as the poltroonish leadership of this country regularly does.

      • You are correct, Sir. The most troubling thing is that hatred for Putin in The West is across all political factions. The “Conservatives” also throw in China as Public Enemy #1.

        I feel like we’re watching the last 10 laps at Daytona and Western politicians are running their hatreds 3-wide at 180mph. I’m just waitin’ for the crash.

        • Except that China has been playing political and economic war games with us for 4 decades.

          The Bushes stole trillions from the American public to enable China to build all of the cheap shit we use, including the laptop, servers and routers used to put this on this website.

          The Chinese play a long game, and the Repukes have just feigned awareness of it.

          If this country would have been smart enough to elect Pat Buchanan as president in 92, we wouldn’t be facing the crap we are facing.

          I am still smarting from the bullshit that neocons such as Beck, Bush and others flung when I was trying to explain this in the early 1990s. I got sick of it, and since then, I have essentially shut up. The lefties are more interested in letting people play with each others genitals in public and the righties are more about restating the obvious followed by a like and a share.

          Lather rinse repeat.

          • Glen Beck was a creation of Clear Channel out of Tampa in the wake of 9/11. He spent the 90s as a bottom feeder and probably would have remained such if not for that fateful event.

            • Indeed, Roscoe –

              Beck’s cloying, wheedling manipulation of “conservatives” and especially Christian conservatives has always made my teeth ache. He’s the radio commentator analog of Ernest Angley or Joel Osteen.

      • Had I ever had he privilege of meeting President Carter, the one question I would most like to have asked him would be “How did it feel to shake the hand of a known terrorist and mass murderer?”
        Meaning, of course, Menachem Begin.
        >Begin ordered an attack on the British military and administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel following a request from the Haganah, although the Haganah’s permission was later rescinded. The King David Hotel bombing resulted in the destruction of the building’s southern wing, and 91 people….were killed.

    • Good one Mark. Re: facts.
      Been having some debates with friends, etc… Re: Putin.
      When I/we bring up facts they just dismiss it. So I then say to my allies “too much fact is hard to believe”. Everyone understands that.
      Had a one on one with a good friend Re: Putin, and I gave up by saying “I’m done debating you over this until you go read his own words/speeches on his own website from 2-3 yrs ago when the Uke war started” Because we are good friends, he was upset over this. We then debated debating…. haha…. Sorry, not doing it anymore with you until……………

  25. If this political crime against Trump isn’t overturned, this will be the green light for the communist/democrat party to take down every other “enemy of the state” it sees fit. They will wield their power to take away your rights, your property and then your life and in that order. They are diabolical enough to throw you out of your homes to give to the illegal invaders and put you/me into a reeducation camp. I fear that I’m not overreacting either. I’m being logical about this and history has proven the patterns of dictators around the world. Now the people in power see this moment as their time to strike.

    • ‘This will be the green light for the communist/democrat party to take down every other “enemy of the state” it sees fit.’ — Allen

      Indeed. Let us not forget that the pendulum swings. If the Trump precedent stands, vindictive RINOs such as Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham and the Nimarata skank will ritually ruin Democrats in kangaroo courts, when their turn comes.

      Here is where I stand:

      • It’s already occurring in Michigan…
        Lesbian Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel is prosecuting the leaders of the group who formed a political group to “Open Up Michigan” during the covid plandemic excesses.
        It is interesting to note that Nessel’s favorite “gay bar” was allowed to remain open while all other small businesses were forced to close.


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