Mental Illness Visibility Day

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Today is Easter – the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Apparently, there is some confusion about this. Joe Biden has declared it “Trans Visibility Day” – as if these mentally ill people weren’t all-too-visible, already.

To describe people who actually insist they literally are the opposite sex because they feel they are and because they change the way they look and act to simulate what they aren’t is precisely that.

They are mentally ill.

This is not meant in meanness. It is meant compassionately because diagnostically. Because it is objective the case. If you have an uncle who literally believes he is Napoleon – as per the old Warner Brothers cartoons some may remember – you do not pretend he is Napoleon and address him as emperor. You get help for him. Because it is not good for him to wallow in a delusion.

He is harmed by our pretending it isn’t delusional.

It is far worse to expect others to share his delusion by pretending it isn’t exactly that. It is a kind of soul cancer for a society to be expected to go along with that. It is not a harmless thing to pretend that reality is fungible. Because if you go along with that, the people who insist you pretend can make you go along with anything. If a boy can “transition” into a girl and you must address him as her and pretend to believe he actually is “she,” then you have already agreed – per Orwell – that the chocolate ration has been increased (rather than decreased) and that 2+2=5 when you are told by the reality controllers it is. Put more directly, reality no longer matters.

Except, of course, that it does. Because no matter what one believes about reality, it remains reality. We can all pretend to believe that a person who isn’t a male is a female (and the reverse) because they insist on it – and thereby share in their delusion. But it doesn’t alter reality. All it does is alter our respect for reality – which is perhaps the most dangerous and delusional indulgence of all.

Which brings us to what is probably the real reason for this aggressive shoving-down-our-throats of unreality acceptance. It is to get us to accept as fact whatever they tell us is true. You must accept that males can “transition” into females and if you point out that “she” still has male chromosomes and male equipment (even if only vestigial, the large parts surgically removed or altered) then you are both a “hater” and a “denier.”

Do you see the power of that?

If they can secure general acceptance of the principle that reality is whatever the powerful say it is, then assertions about reality not only no longer matter, they transition into an offense. Orwell made this point in his famous novel, 1984. He called it thoughtcrime – by which meant any thought that did not align with whatever the party said was  true in the moment that the party said it was. This “truth” could (and did) change at any time and when it did, the old “truth” became untruth – and those who said otherwise or even remembered otherwise were thought criminals.

This is where things are headed now. In our reality.

It is the true significance of Trans Visibility Day. Mocking Christianity – by pretending Easter is about the “visibility” of mentally ill people rather than the death and resurrection of the founder of Christianity – is merely the insult covering up the much uglier reality. It is not enough that you are tolerant of mental illness by pretending not to see it. You must affirm – you must celebrate – that it isn’t. Hence the lighting up of major New York landmarks with the colors of this delusion. Hence the proclamation of the crooked old grifter who is the current frontman for those pushing these delusions – in order to establish the principle that they can push (and enforce) any delusion they like and we must accept it as whatever they tell us it is.

If not, we’re “hateful” – and “deniers.”

Once this is accepted, it’s very easy to accept dealing with the people who are those things, according to the people who insist they are those things. Such people – “deniers,” those “hateful people – cannot be allowed to spread their “hate” and “denial”  . . . of whatever the reality-fuckers claim is the new reality. It must be accepted. It must be celebrated.

It cannot be questioned.

In this regard, take note of the language used by the Biden Thing in his proclamation. He “calls upon all Americans” to “work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity.”

Do you understand what that means? If you think it means people ought not to physically attack mentally ill people, think again. It means that saying they are mentally ill is “violence” – and that you’d better not “discriminate” by refusing to pretend he is a she (and she is a he).

Happy Easter, everyone.

. . .

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  1. Ever notice that Netanyahu has a perpetual, permanent “cold sore” on his upper lip?
    This is a direct result of metzitzah b’peh (fellatio) performed on the infant by the dirty “mohel” after the “cutting” which is performed as part of the jewish male genital mutilation ritual, the Bris.
    Netanyahu’s “mohel” gave him “the gift that keeps on giving”, an STD when performing the “procedure”.
    It is also noted that demons have many features that coincide with Netanyahu’s “cold sore”. Just maybe Netanyahu is a demon…

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      I think it’s interesting that male genital mutilation passes almost without comment in the West. It’s just something one does to male babies. Very odd.

      • MGM is a satanic torture ritual, a substitute for child sacrifice. Males are only valued insofar as they provide value to more valued entities, be that satan’s system or women. Those in power benefit in various ways from the ritual, so it remains. Who cares about the life of the slave? The male baby’s life of slavery is initiated with the permanent rape of the body and mind. Female babies are valued and loved just for being as they are, and are instinctively protected by parents, and their bodily rights are protected, codified in law, even within satan’s system.

  2. The weirdosexuals already moved the ball halfway down the field by forcing acceptance of homosexual marriage, in both culture and law, twenty years ago. Two men (or women) are no more husband and wife than a fat man in a dress with chemically enhanced tits is a woman.

    The next target for normalization is pedophilia, followed by an unholy alliance with the abortionists to normalize “snuff”. And then we will have come full circle, back to the point of throwing infants on the fire at the feet of Ba’al.

    The Small Hat Club has truly done it’s work well, we have become Weimar.

  3. ‘It follows that the senile ‘Biden’ did not even know what he was signing.’ — Jim H, Mar 31, 8:15 am (below)

    Just as I suspected:

    ‘When asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday “trans day of visibility,” Biden flat out denied it.

    “I didn’t do that,” Biden reportedly said when asked about the proclamation, RealClear Politics’ Philip Wegmann reports.

    When asked about Speaker Johnson’s claim that he had, Biden replied, “He’s thoroughly uninformed.” — ZeroHedge

    So who DID sign it, or rubber-stamp it? The most likely suspect is “Biden’s” chief of staff, Jeff Zients — who does not celebrate Easter, and may not even have realized that Transgender Day would coincide with it.

    So much for our Christ-forsaken White House.

    • A senile oaf is exactly what they want as POTUS. Here sign this Mr. President, should we use your robopen? Biden is clearly out of it and Komrade Kamala is as dumb as a box of rocks. Coincidence? I don’t think so. the real government works behind the scenes to implement the agenda, they don’t want the puppets to be smart enough to even question anything.

      Ukrainian-Romanian border: 34 draft dodgers were trying to escape mobilization

      the right to your own life doesn’t mean squat when the Jew needs your body for his wars. In the video – Ukraine border guards are abusing their own citizens – to force these draft dodgers to the front lines and certain death. Libertarian principles do not apply in Jewlandia. The stupid police are literally killing off their own while they follow orders of a piano penis playing gay Jew coke snorting lunatic. Fight and die for the gay Jew demon Zelensky. Something to think about, Amerika is owned and run by the same exact Jews and they may need lots of stupid Goy for the upcoming Armageddon battles in Israel as foretold by prophecy.

      Just remember the best way to dodge the Jew draft is to not exist. Second best way is to live somewhere else and change your name. Jews love war – they started both world wars – and they love to kill off gentiles – their holy book command them to.

      • the Bible condemns homosexuality in the harshest of terms – yet these fake eastern european jews – claiming to be descended from Israelites – are sodomites, here is zelensky in 1999 in NC gay pride day

        Ukrainian white christian boys dying for the gay jew demon pig

  4. Well all I can say is our church had standing room only yesterday. And all around was a nice quiet day of people enjoying their families and Easter egg hunts.

  5. Gazans are getting slaughtered and Joe has time to declare a holiday for trans-its. An insult, nobody wants any of it.

    You would think Joe would be fed up with the Jews, had enough. Those crazed fools know how to make everybody happy.

    Ain’t no livin’ in paradise here on earth, even a blind man can see that.

    Every day is filled with the best news ever. Then on a day like Easter Sunday, even more better good-er news.

    If Bruce Jenner had any balls he’d stand up and act like a man, not act like some stupid fake woman. What a wuss.

    Visibly mentally ill.

    Joe is off his rocker.

    You will never hear words from Joe concerning the killing of Gazans and a proper response like: The US military forces will begin bombing Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in less than 36 hours if the IDF does not cease offensive operations in Gaza. The first and final warning, demand and order.

    Call it the Popeye Prinicple.

    Let us pray the Jews do the right thing.

  6. Did ya also know that a company (companies?) in jolly ole England have renamed Easter Eggs into,,, stupid names.

    Interesting take on it – and the insult & injury bit was interesting & re: no LGBQ+negatives being forced into muslim groups – here:

    ‘Katie Hopkin: Good Friday: Easter eggs, English flags, Insult + injury. But we STAND TALL’

  7. Speaking of Mental Illness Visibility Day. Good ol Mike Shedlock has a new hate SS recipients and Medicare article on ZeroHedge today.

    [Transfer receipts are government payments for which no services were performed.

    Transfer receipts include food stamps, subsidized housing, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, child tax credits, and other government assistance. ] My bold.

    He has SS and Medicare included with Welfare and other programs where no premium was collected. Maybe he doesn’t know about the 500 billion of SS money being handed out to the illegals. I’ll bet he does…..

    According to him SS recipients are no different then the illegals infesting this nation. Apparently free medical, housing and about $2200 per month for illegals is no great concern,,, but grannies $1000 a month check will break the bank. And granny has to pay for her medical.

  8. Joe Biden is obviously an animated puppet (and may very well even be an actor in a rubber mask). For a politician to offend 99.99% of the population by calling Easter tranny day indicates that the Ziowhore loser in chief is being told what to do and say. Biden is an ass clown, negative entertainment meant to offend us. Figure it out, ZOG is in your face telling you to go fuck yourself.

    Transgenderism is clearly a severe mental illness that gets the infected to make the appearance of sex change, even to the point males to females get breasts and chop off their dick.

    No healthy male wants his dick chopped off. For the state to raise these sex perverts to the highest levels (like that fat freak tranny Rachel Levine to health czar) means the bankster owners are forcing sex perversion on society as part of a sweeping cultural Marxist Luciferian revolution. Soon child pedophilia will be normalized – even child sacrifice. Who is behind this insanity? Jews. Take a good look at this film reel of a Jewish celebration to Baal in Chicago:

    Jewish Day: 150,000 Jews Celebrate Satanic Child Sacrifice Moloch Ritual In Chicago July 3, 1933

    Russia has taken a stand against this whole tranny agenda and now is the mortal enemy of the deep Jewish state. Jews have zero tolerance of any resistance. Abortion is also a Jewish SACRAMENT so say leading Rabbis and E. Michael Jones in Culture Wars. For a Gentile to become a Jew, the ritual of abortion is required. I have know many Jewish woman and they brag about their abortions.

    The slaughter of tens of thousands of Gazan children is part and parcel part of the Jewish religion – and to be a real Jew you must agree. On social media, many secular modernized Jews are not in agreement with this, and thus are considered turn coats by traditional orthodox jews. No sane person is for genocide, but most Israelis are – because their religion has made them insane. It will end very badly for them.

    Jews not being in full agreement with child sacrifice is like Christians not being in full agreement with Christ’s Resurrection. You can not be a real Jew unless killing Goyim children is AOK – just read the Old Testament.

    Jesus lamblasted the money changers and the Synagogue of Satan. So as the story goes, Jews had him crucified – Jews, of course want to destroy Easter, especially when the Gentiles view Easter as the defeat of Satan. Well who are the real devils on earth? JEWS!

    Note – The Holy Bible is not a good book and it is not even holy, it is disgusting tribal dominance blood cult literature, and not true in any way. The Holy Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time. Abraham never existed so say all leading scholars on Bible history. And without Abraham, there’s no Covenant and no land deal by the Jew devil god Yahweh. But people believe it and that is why Gaza is hell on earth.

    • From Hal Turner website:

      Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) held a town hall meeting for his Constituents recently and during that, he said that Hamas in Gaza and Russia in Ukraine should be dealt with like “Hiroshima and Nagasaki . . . quick.”

      You can hear it yourself in the video below:


      How I read such batshit insane statements by a sitting Congress CLOWN is that the Zionists have lost against Hamas in Gaza, and Russia in Ukraine – and we should expect more stupid ass statements from our AIPAC selected Ziowhores. BTW remember Barry Goldwater and his same kind of statements about nuking north Vietnam?

      China said just a couple of weeks ago that Hamas is 90% still intact, and Russia is making advances everyday and slaughtering hundreds/thousands of white Christian conscripts each week.

      I saw a video of some Rabbi bragging how they got all the Jews out of Ukraine conscription – something to think about if they start WW3 and want you to serve – on the front line – in eastern Europe. Many, many conspiracy theorist believe Ziolensky is purposefully depopulating the Ukraine for a new Greater Israel – if you remember that the Khazar empire in the 8th century was in that area.

      Killing off Goyim in world wars is standard procedure for the Zionist bankers. And the whole system will dutifully obeyed their masters even if it destroys our people and nation. So be aware that they despise you just as much as Palestinians.

      I myself am attempting to come up with an affordable escape plan. Zionist Occupied Amerika is heading toward a world of hurt if they keep escalating – which it appears they are. I have spent much time in Hawaii – especially the Big Island – and property there is cheap. And you can live off the land – food is literally on nearly every plant year round. Just one problem, I think Taiwan and Guam will fall to the Chinese soon, and that would put Hawaii on the front line.

      I have a theory they toasted Lahaina because they are planning another Pacific war – and Lahaina is prime real estate for war ships – another Pearl.

      Look on a map of China, Taiwan, Guam – Guam is the USAF pivot for it’s bombers – and Andersen AFB has zero air defenses – it’s ripe for the picking. And don’t forget that Guam was a battle ground as was Ukraine in WW2.

      • Judaism itself is the crime…
        All one has to do is observe the blood lust that jews have for anyone who is not jewish.
        Look at Gaza and the continual dispossession and torture of Palestinians in the West Bank as well. The IOF soldiers openly abuse and torture their enemies (men women children toddlers babies) with impunity and are PROUD of what they do. Hell, they even video their “exploits”.
        Jews are experts at “projection”–blaming others for what they themselves are doing. Chutzpah, indeed…
        Judaism is a death cult belief system. Every jewish “holiday” (holy day) is a celebration of total genocide of their enemies.
        Nothing is to remain alive. Yes this includes not only humans but animals, crops, and even the solitary blade of grass. EVERYTHING must be destroyed.
        If this jewish way of thinking is not mental illness on an industrial basis, I don’t know what is.
        Judaism must be utterly excised from the planet. It is a cancer that has metastasized.

        • I could not agree more, especially that Judaism (which I call Jewish Sadism) must be banned. Normal loving caring gentle human beings need to stop allowing Jews to be Jews. Jews call us gentle people Gentiles as a derogatory slur, like racists calling blacks niggers. They also call us Goy or Goyim meaning cattle – soul less animals to slaughter. The real problem is how the Jewish holy book captured the hearts and minds of non-Jews.

          Jew’s actually claim to be chosen, but it must not be a Creator God that chose them – because why would the creator want to be represented by unrepentant arrogant destroyers of Creation? The God of the Jews must be the anti-god.

          A Jew turned Christian, Marcus Eli Ravage tells us what is really going on with them and us:

          I am not religious, and I am Jew wise, and I can not stand all these self righteous religious bastards who love war. There are 100 million Evangelicals in the Great Satan Amerika who love war, Israel, and Jews.

          People are sick, really really sick. I always say the worst day in peacetime is better than the best day in wartime.

    • You forgot to add that Circumcision is also a Jewish SACRAMENT. I’m surprised that female genital mutilation is also not a Jewish sacrament.

    • Methinks that was just a biblical re-enactment of pagan sacrifice of children to Moloch, not necessarily promoting it.

  9. Happy Easter to Eric and all here.
    The Biden thing gets more pathetic with each passing day; thanks for the gratuitous insult to Christians, Joe. Did Bibi put you up to that or are you that stupid on your own? Joke Biden says “he’ll” pay for clearing up the mess from the Key bridge collapse with no money yet authorized by Clowngress – hey Joe, my driveway needs to be repaved, write me a check too. 😆

  10. “Mocking Christianity – by pretending Easter is about the ‘visibility’ of mentally ill people rather than the death and resurrection of the founder of Christianity…” -EP

    It’s a little bit the way Christianity usurped those holidays celebrated by others. Saturnalia became Christmas and many different spring holidays, celebrated for centuries, all became Easter. Christianity is known for its fairly hostile takeovers, so I have limited sympathy for attacks upon it at times.

    That said, I’m not sure where Uncle Sniffy gets this “authority”. Is it really the Constitution that allows him to make these designations? The “Laws of the United States” perhaps, as these are myriad and arcane. A President could probably justify any action in such ways.

    The Alphabet People are doubtless quite visible now, and require no illumination by these ephemeral declarations. If it’s any consolation to Christians, it appears that the statement as read only designates March 31, 2024 as this “Day of Visibility”, and not every subsequent March 31st, and even if it was, Easter would only sparsely coincide with this silliness.

  11. I can’t lie that I’m very happy to now be observing this insanity and the sinking ship from 5000 miles away. I’ve gone from boiling murderous rage to simply a contemplative sadness at what once was. The way you would perhaps watch a family member slowly fading away from dementia who was once a robust and strong male patriarch for the entire clan, but is this shriveled little shell remaining, clinging to life.

    The country is long gone. You are living in the North American Global Economic Zone. Nothing more, nothing less. Rootless, untethered, adrift on a sea of governmental tyranny, virulently spreading brown genetics, and mental illness.

    Where I am currently living, they shut down the entire city early on Good Friday. Imagine, say Reston, VA a liberal bughive if ever there was one, completely closing down on friday. A city of 60,000 people. They closed the main road from the town square to city hall so that several miles were available for a procession of the faithful. They carried a life-sized version of Christ on the Cross, Mother Mary, and lots of placards venerating the various saints. A bishop, dozens of priests, even more deacons, a large male choir, a large female choir, and hundreds of others participated in the procession. Thousands left work early and closed their shops to come view it. Imagine again, basically, the entire city of Reston, VA participating in a city encompassing Christian holiday.

    I tell you these things as a messenger of hope. It is –not– like the US everywhere in the world. Not even close actually. It is simply too easy to forget this when you are being bombarded with this demonic and poisonous ideology 24x7x365. They do that on purpose to immiserate you and get you to lose hope. Do NOT!

    And, if by any means you are able, escape to either the hinterlands of the US or, preferably, leave that sinking ship altogether to the lefties so you can watch from a safe distance as they are savaged and eaten by their pets in the next few years.

    • We should just ignore that moron that currently infests the White House.

      If Harry Truman had known what would go on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after he left, he’d have let the White House collapse from rot and structural failure. Figuratively, the Federal Government already has.

      • Harry Truman was “bought off” by the jews. He received a $1,000,000 “gift” for officially recognizing the (illegal) “state” of israel.
        Truman did more to damage the world than just about any other action with that one act…
        We are paying for that one act to this very day…

  12. In a significant blow to patient autonomy, informed consent has been quietly revoked just 77 years after it was codified in the Nuremberg Code.

    just 77 years after Nuremberg, the door has once again opened for state-sanctioned medical experimentation on potentially uninformed and unwilling citizens.

    hesitant will be forced…..

    The control group’s allopathic medicine was founded by a satanist….

  13. The French King in 1307 said the control group were satanists and sodomites…he arrested and burnt a bunch of them at the stake….the control group is filled with LGBQT….

    …..he arrested and burnt a bunch of them at the stake…one of the few times in history the control group got some pushback…

    The royal bloodlines of the control group go back to the Pharaohs who were satanists….

    The Pharaohs circumcised the slaves…. the mark of the slave….the control group still does it today….it is the same monsters ruling….

    Now they don’t just chop off the tip….they chop the whole thing off….trans….. the desecration of God’s creation….

    The control group erects obelisks all over the place….usually in front of government buildings…showing they are still in power today…the obelisk is a phallic symbol, with the top tapered…showing it is circumcised….slaves don’t even know what it is…

    The control group’s allopathic medicine was founded by a satanists….

  14. But the number of Gen z and Millenials that identify as lgbtq is over 20 percent. 30 prrvent of gen z women are gay. Fuck all of this shit.

  15. Happy Easter indeed. What would make a ruling junta so arrogant in their disregard of the majority they would throw this non-sense out on Easter? Would they dare do this to their kosher, or Muslim friends? Answer, no. They are never held accountable. Stolen elections have consequences and the fact that they are so in our face, shouts from the mountaintops that they plan on doing it again.

    Biden will be dragged over the finish line once again, and anyone who questions will be branded an insurrectionist, once again. No matter how many times that stupid bitch pulls the football away at the last second, many still think they can get a decent kick in. The evil geniuses behind this aren’t happy just taking complete power from the Normals. They must rub our faces in it.

  16. All the thing’s proclamation does is further entrench Trump’s support and pushes those on the fence towards him.


    Happy Easter yall. He is Risen!

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

  17. Happy Easter everyone! If the Biden Thing declaring Easter “Transgender Day” isn’t yet MORE proof that the regime is in a war against Christianity, I don’t know what is. The regime is indeed run by a combination of INSANE people such as Climate change zealots, people who think truth is what THEY say it is, technocrats who think THEY’RE God, and Neocons hell bent on starting WWIII.

    People on “The Left” attacked Trump for selling Bibles this past week, but probably cheer the Biden Thing making an absolute mockery of Easter by declaring it “Transgender Day”. These people are indeed demented, but the billionaire class is likely quite happy they buy their bull crap about various things.

  18. “Trans Visibility Day”, the recognition of mental illness as “normal” and applaudable?
    What do you expect from a political system that is psychotic in its very nature?

  19. How Many Adults and Youth Identify as Transgender in the United States?

    Under 1%.

    You are being played. They keep poking the bear hoping for a “terrorist attack.” They want you to react so they can deploy the troops to get revenge for Kent State and the ’68 DNC. They haven’t forgotten. And they have the whole of DHS to get revenge under the guise of domestic terrorism, as defined by the senile old man and whomever he’s referring to when he says he will be “in trouble” if he deviates from the script.

    The Occupy Wall St fools are being played too, by the CCP who saw an opportunity to reach out to the nouveau Communist Millennials. Together with the old fossil Democrats they make up the soft warfare attack force designed to wear down the US and get us fighting against ourselves. Well played. We might see Chinese victory without a single shot fired.

    • This^. These wanton and audacious insults are coming more and more often, they keep hoping to incur a violent reaction. Promoting things which 99% of the people find at best unsavory and usually harmful and disgusting, and persecuting the white 2/3 of the population. When it doesn’t work, they’ll simply lie and make shit up. The blatant election theft, kristallnacht riot by agents provacateur, and political persecution of the January 6th protestors come to mind.

      The USA is pretty well bled out at this point. The country’s external defenses (military) have been stripped bare, the officer corps changed over from mostly white American men to a mix of femmunists, fags, and fops. The enlisted ranks are filled with women looking for a cash cow baby and lots of special treatment, the occasional male-ish freak, and lots of inner city nonwhite criminals. The last bastion of serious warriors, the special forces have been decimated by the injections and having the courage to refuse them.

      The small arms and artillery ammo have all been given away to the Ukies, leaving minimal supplies and the war profiteers licking their chops at the prospect of resupply contracts. We are regaled with all “our” high tech weapons systems, but everything they send into actual battle doesn’t perform, except as a target for folks like the Russians.

      The real economy is a shambles, with monetary lifeblood being continually generated and shuffled immediately to cronies. Small businesses shattered by the hundreds of thousands by the psy op/damn panic. With more waves of misery coming as communist thugs like Newsom jack up “minimum” wages above where a business can operate. Where waves of inflation are being met with threats of price controls.

      On the bright side, there are still hundreds of millions of small arms and many billions of rounds of ammunition where they belong in the hands of the rightful law enforcers and military, that is to say the citizens.

      They keep trying to provoke us, but the problems could all be solved in a week. The main thing in the way are the law n order conservative fools who think the military and the government cops are going to save them. The damn fools still believe there is a system which will correct things- not a collection of communist judges, lawyers, and enforcers.

      But even those are slowly learning, watching the gestapo hunt down good people who went to Washington unarmed to protest a blatantly stolen election. It wasn’t stolen from Trump, it was stolen from the American people.

      There WAS an insurrection, of the servants grabbing power to try to be masters.

      So go ahead, morons- keep pushing. Eventually you will get a reaction. Funny thing about reactions, chemical, nuclear, or human- they often run away, get completely out of control of those who seeded them.

      • Indeed, Nam –

        I have a friend who is paratrooper; multiple combat tours. A very serious guy. He’s still reserve – in his 40s – and tells me about how the standards and the attitudes have slipped. I get the same from my retired Marine officer brother-in-law. The PT standards are now literally pathetic. Easy for a guy my age to ace – but my friend tells me that most of the new 20-something recruits can’t hack it. So they stopped expecting them to.

  20. No experienced politician in his right mind would insult a religion to which the majority of Americans still nominally adhere, including black and hispanic voter cohorts that are vital to his party.

    It follows that the senile ‘Biden’ did not even know what he was signing. He was maneuvered into his own maladroit version of Hillary’s ‘basket of deplorables’ snark, which cost the ghastly harridan the 2016 election.

    Make no mistake: this is a political defenestration. Who engineered it remains to be seen. Expect a ‘double tap’ sequence: “Biden’s” irrecoverable gaffe leads inexorably to the withdrawal of his candidacy, whether via Amendment XXV or resignation.

    ‘Biden’ is toast. See for yourself [jpg image]:

  21. It is a brainwashing. Don’t speak against it => accept it => celebrate it.

    Since it is obvious to so many this is against truth and nature, they will never get the normalization they seek.

    Being gay was normalized, and therefore became boring, which led to something else. In this case it is transgenderism.

    If transgenderism is normalized, what will the next fad be? One option on the table is pedophilia in the from of MAPS, which we can witness being trial ballooned.

    • Yep, Dan. I remember this was predicted by conservatives pushing back against the normalization of gay marriage 15 or so years ago. They said it would be a slippery slope, but nobody really listened.

      On the positive side though, I think the vast majority of people are sick and tired of the twisted things that they’re constantly trying to normalize.

      • I am damned tired of saying this, but once again: “it’s the JEWS”…
        The Talmud, a huge and authoritative compendium of Jewish legal traditions, contains in fact no less than eight gender designations including: 
        1. Zachar, male.
        2. Nekevah, female.
        3. Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
        4. Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
        5. Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
        6. Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
        7. Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
        8. Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.
        This is the source for today’s perversion of the genders…
        It’s the JEWS…it’s ALWAYS the JEWS

  22. Gov Kathy ‘Ho’ Chul of the Peoples State of New York — who notoriously called covid ‘vaccines’ a ‘gift from God’ — chimes in:

    “Governor Kathy Hochul today issued a proclamation declaring March 31, 2024 Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrating the trans community in New York State and across the country.”

    “The Governor also announced that New York State landmarks will be lit light pink, white and light blue tomorrow, March 31, in celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility.”

    “The landmarks that will be lit up include Niagara falls, One World Trade Center, Empire State Plaza, Kosciuszko Bridge, the State Education Building and more.”

    Just as Soviet communists destroyed churches and promoted atheism in its schools, the Demonrat party follows a similar program, but with LGBTQ ideology supplanting atheism as its state religion.

    Marketing consultants told the DemonRat party that the serfs need something positive to believe in, rather than nothing (atheism = no god). Ergo, rainbows everywhere: Soviet communism rebooted with a fetching red-lipstick smile, fake boobs, and a Bud Light to celebrate transgender day.


    • It’s the JEWS, once again…
      Here is a prime example of jewish “lawfare” gone amok…
      I can remember when jewish organizations that touted “separation of church and state” pushed their agenda to the extreme–instituting lawsuits against municipalities who chose to allow Christian-based Christmas displays on public property.
      The lawsuits were numerous, from big-city displays to small towns-public displays of Christianity were outlawed. Jewish groups were aggressive in using “lawfare” to remove Christianity from the public square.
      It’s turned full-circle.
      Christian Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place. Hell, even the White House proudly publicly displayed a large jewish menorah, without a squawk from the “(jewish-run) separation of church and state” crowd.
      Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their hatred of Christianity.
      While we are at it, let’s close down their most repulsive buildings, the American taxpayer-funded “Holocaustianity™ temples” and deport their acolytes who are perpetuating their prayers, damning and blaming all gentiles who did not “just do something”. The “piles of shoes” and “clothing”, “eyeglasses” and other materials mean nothing as they are merely “Hollywood- props” meant to evoke a response from gullible visitors to these “jewish freak shows”.
      You see, “jewish suffering” is unlike any other and as such, must be memorialized by erecting these American taxpayer-funded “jewish freak shows”.
      “Holocaustianity™ temples” have no place anywhere in the world as they are totally based on fraud and deception–two prime jewish traits.
      Taxpayer funding of these “jewish freak shows” adds insult to injury and should be prohibited as their existence constitutes promotion of one religion over another–expressly forbidden by the First Amendment to the Constitution.
      As a further insult, some states are mandating the brainwashing of vulnerable children by mandating public school student visits to these “Holocaustianity™ temples”–“jewish freak shows”. It would appear that requiring schoolchildren to attend “Holocaustianity™ temples” violates the constitutional “separation of church and state”.
      A good example of this treasonous behavior is that of Florida governor DeSantis who signed two bills, one outlawing criticism of israel and the other mandating that school children be required to attend services at “Holocaustianity™ temples” while he was in israel.
      While we are at it, let’s prohibit anyone with “dual citizenship” from holding any American government position, either elected or appointed. Dual citizenship should be recognized as an undesirable trait of one who has dual loyalties and cannot be trusted.
      It is long overdue for ((them)) to be kicked out of country 110…

  23. ‘Biden’ proclaiming a transgender day to coincide with Easter is no coincidence. Gay worship is one component of Satanism. Now ‘Biden’ makes explicit that it is to replace and erase traditional religion — at least some flavors of it.

    For sure and for certain, ‘Biden’ would not proclaim transgender day to coincide with Passover. Some important people would be upset by that. Whereas Christianity is simply a convenient mask that ‘Biden’ wears to conceal his true faith.

    ‘Biden’ celebrated his Satanist faith last week by shipping 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs, 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, and 25 F-35A fighter jets and engines worth roughly $2.5 billion to Israel. Behold Beelzebub Biden’s blood sacrifice of tens of thousands — and tremble, wretch!

    • Spot on, Jim H. “Transgenderism” is the ultimate anti-God position. The underlying premise is that man can ultimately control what is otherwise God’s choice. They must destroy any belief in or allegiance to God.

      There are many reasons for this. The latest one appears to be to eviscerate the concept of natural rights (i.e. God-given, inalienable rights, such as the right of self defense, speech, etc.). Once they do that, they can claim that all rights are granted (and can be taken away) by government.

        • I might get into trouble her, but at this stage of life, I DON’T CARE…
          It is Protestantism that grafted judaism on to the root of Christianity. Both Darby and Scofield did a bang up job on imposing judaism on to Christianity.
          The Catholic Church resisted until the “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” subordinated true Catholicism, grafting both Protestantism judaism on to the same original Christian (Catholic) root.
          Catholics do not subscribe to the Bible as being the “inspired word of God” (sola scriptura) nor do Catholics subscribe to much of the Old Testament.
          I have never seen a Catholic sect preach the “prosperity gospel” declaring that “God will make you successful if you just believe” (and contribute shekels), but I have seen many Protestant sects adopt such teachings. Protestants (like jews) see failure to be successful in business as a moral failing.
          Another aspect of Catholicism is the exhortation to do “good works”, albeit without expectation of renumeration. Your first hospitals and education facilities were started by the Catholic Church.
          I have never seen Catholics take one small part of the Bible and concentrate their beliefs on that one small portion.
          Nope, traditional Catholicism was the great bulwark against the judaizing of Christianity…
          Talmudic judaism is the polar opposite of Christianity…and its mortal enemy.
          Unfortunately too many Christians and some Catholics are unaware that JEWS hate Christianity and especially Catholicism with a passion…

          • Pope Pius X’s statement regarding the founding of Israel:

            “We cannot give approval to this movement. We cannot prevent the Jews from going to Jerusalem – but we could never sanction it. The soil of Jerusalem, if it was not always sacred, has been sanctified by the life of Jesus Christ. As the head of the Church I cannot tell you anything different. The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people. And so, if you come to Palestine and settle your people there, we shall have churches and priests ready to baptize all of you.”

            The conversion of ALL people to Christianity is what God wants. The saving of ALL souls. Some Protestant sects teach that the Jews must occupy Jerusalem in order for the rapture to happen. That is not the teaching of Jesus.

  24. Has there ever been a more loathsome “president” than the current White House pretender? It’s almost as if he’s in a competition with himself to be the most vile and obnoxious cretin the country has ever seen.

    Putting that unpleasantry aside, Happy Easter to Eric and everyone!


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