Why Cars Are Important

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Many people aren’t especially interested in cars but ought to be be – for essentially the same reason that people ought to be more interested in government, per Lenin’s dictum about government being interested in you.

People like Lenin are very interested in cars. More finely, they understand that so long as the average person is both free and able to own a car and free and able to drive it pretty much whenever he likes wherever he likes, the average person will be a free person. The freedom to drive one’s own vehicle spoils all the plans of the people who want to control people – for it is very hard to control people when you do not control their freedom of movement.

Understand this and you will understand everything that’s happening with regard to cars – which seems otherwise inexplicable because it is otherwise nonsensical.

Understand what they know – and hope you’ve forgotten.

Try to think of all the things all-too-many of us have come to take for granted – such as the freedom to live a considerable distance from work, so as to live in a nicer (and probably more affordable) home. The freedom to put distance between yourself and the undesirable – such as (for many of us) too many neighbors too close to us. The car made it possible for average people to get out of cities and crowded towns to raise their families in what they considered to be nicer places. The car made long trips – a for vacations, as to visit family or friends in another part of the country – easy as well as inexpensive.

Think about the flexibility of just going somewhere, maybe for no particular reason at all – beyond just wanting to go somewhere, spur-of-the-moment.

But – most of all – think about how owning a car has freed you from being on anyone else’s timetable.

And so from government.

One of the reasons the government’s “lock down” during the staged-and scripted event overwroughtly referred to as “the pandemic” (silly as well as sinister given “the pandemic” presented almost no meaningful threat to approximately 99.8 percent of the otherwise healthy/not-very-elderly population) didn’t “lock down” much of the population was because they were still free to come and go as they pleased. They could not, perhaps, go to work – or into the non-Big Box stores that were force-closed to funnel everyone’s spending money into the Big Box stores’ corporate coffers. But they could go out. By car. They were not “locked down” in their homes – because this was not technically feasible at the time.

Imagine a time when it is no longer feasible. Imagine what it was like – in China – during the “lockdowns.” People over there actually were – literally – “locked down.” In the cities. In their apartments. All movement – other than bipedally – was easily controlled because people were under control. You stayed put because not-staying-put was no longer a feasible option.

Understand that the government – the people who have use of the power of government – is not interested in making (that is, forcing) the car companies to make “safer” cars or cars that are more “efficient,” that “pollute” less. These are little white lies the government uses to get you to go along. To get you to not object. They are psychological tools – exactly like the ones used during “the pandemic.”

Wearing is caring. 

Of course, it wasn’t anything of the sort. People who actually did care refused to wear because they divined the truth about “masking,” which was (as hopefully all except the hopelessly lost) now understand purely authoritarian theater; a sick display of compliance with a degrading ritual that only served to spread and perpetuate what Hunter Thompson called fear and loathing.

“Masking” worked extremely well in that respect.

It works similarly with regard to “safety” and “efficiency” and “emissions.” Not only do many people nod their heads enthusiastically – supportively – they shake their heads (derisively) at those who do not nod their heads enthusiastically. Never mind that the average new compact-sized car with a four cylinder engine now weighs nearly as much as a full-sized car with a V8 used to – and so isn’t very “efficient” relative to the economical cars made 40 years ago. Never mind that electric vehicles are even heavier – and even less efficient. As well as terrible for “the environment.”

None of that really matters.

If it did, the government would insist that electric vehicles be light and thus efficient – as opposed to grotesquely heavy and thus gratuitously energy-consumptive. How quickly they can get to 60 would not be the chief desideratum. It would be how efficiently they can get to 60 – and never mind going much faster.

But electric vehicles are ideal for controlling people’s free movement, in part because they are electronic and connected cars that can be “updated” anytime the government likes and monitored whenever the government likes. Which is all the time, of course. This is equally true of not-yet-electric cars that are nonetheless also electronic and connected cars. This “kill switch” business you’ve been reading and hearing about is exactly that, though it is being marketed (like “the pandemic”) as something it isn’t. People are being told not to worry; it’s just a safety measure that will greatly ameliorate “impaired” driving. People are not told that “impairment” – as far as the government is concerned – will be defined as any driving behavior the government doesn’t like.

Just as people who weren’t sick and refused to “mask” were styled – and shamed – as “asymptomatic spreaders,” who were indifferent to the health of others, so also will people who drive faster than the government says they may (and so on) will be styled “impaired.”

Cue the control.

But electric cars have the singularly handy additional attributes of being inherently limited in how far they can go and tethered to a cord that realistically does not extend much farther than the city limits. Most people still have no idea just how long it takes to recharge one of these devices at a private home. If one does not live within close distance of a high-voltage “fast” charger (where “fast” is defined as five times as long as it takes to fill up a gas car) it is not realistically feasible to drive an EV every day more than short distances.

In between waiting all day (or might) for charges.

And the power to charge at home (or elsewhere) can be cut off anytime the government likes. Then you can’t drive. You also can’t pay cash – at a “fast” charger. Another way to control whether you’re allowed to drive.

The car – as we’ve known it – has given average people unprecedented control over their own lives. This freedom has become almost unconscious, which is why so many have forgotten how important it is. That without it, we cannot be free – for the same reason that a dog within the boundaries of an electric fence is not free.

Ah, well.

Cue the old song about not knowing what you’ve missed, ’till it’s gone.

. . .

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  1. Disregarding all the other reasons why cars matter, I have never understood why we fail to make the obvious correlation between cars in the modern era and horses in the age before automobiles. It used to be that you were hanged if you were a horse thief because taking a man’s horse was the same as taking his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property). I still believe all of those things are true and manifest in the internal combustion automobile. Any effort to compromise that relationship between man and machine is fundamentally unconstitutional and essentially anti-human.

    • That’s well-said, BlurRirdgeJo –

      You cannot have freedom without the freedom of movement and freedom of movement without the means to move freely is meaningless.

  2. Maybe the slaves need a basic inexpensive car to drive….there used to be cars like that…

    The original Fiat 500 from 1957 to 1975 was great basic transportation..

    light weight ..1100 lb….500 lb lighter then the 1st Mini….it had a rear mounted 2 cylinder air cooled engine….up to 50 mpg….3.8 million were sold….

    MSRP 465,000 lire… $744 U.S. in 1957……about $7440 in 2024 dollars

    A nice simple, fun car for the slaves to drive around for only $7440

    Here is it’s brother the Fiat 600…built as a hillclimb car….
    14.000Rpm FIAT 600/Zastava 750 Abarth || 200Hp/620Kg GSX-R Swapped Monster – Buzet 2018

    Watch this…a quick commuter car….


  3. 54 years of attacking ice cars…ruining/bastardizing them through regulations…compromised since 1970…..now they are close to banning them….soon they will be gone and missed….

  4. The slaves most loved thing is their cars….

    The cruel slave owner control group is going to take them away….after ruining/bastardizing them since about the 1970’s….

    Slaves can only suffer…no fun for slaves…only work and tax paying…. fun is reserved for the nobility rulers….

    • Good morning, OL!

      Yup. This Hockenos guy is an archetypical Leftist; fey yet totalitarian in mindset. See my earlier comment about leaky barges and what comes next.

  5. “Drunk” driving laws in general are control guised as safety.

    Yes, there are some people who drive while too impaired to do so. BAC has changed over the years.

    1930s, .15% was the limit, down the the near ubiquitous .08% of today.
    Is that drunk or not?
    Depends on the person, as we all know.

    What it does is allow the government to handcuff you, take you to court, fine you, place you on probation or jail (control).

    If it happens again, your penalty is more severe. Then you might also end up driving without a license or insurance. Gotcha again.

    With no criminal offenses against another person, you are now a criminal, and can be treated as such. Your rights are reduced.

    You can live the rest of your life respecting the rights of others, never causing damage or injury with your driving, but you have now been brought under the state’s thumb.

    All because your “could” have injured someone. Well, you “could” have robbed a bank to but didn’t.

    I do support being penalized if you cause injury, proportional to the injury you cause; but not just so you can be brought into the criminal justice complex for breaking a rule.

    • Indeed, Dan –

      When this topic comes up, I always point to the fact – it’s inarguable – that there are many people whose skill/judgement behind the wheel are so poor as to constitute impairment by any reasonable definition. Yet there is little social opprobrium and very scant sanction for being a poor driver – no matter how sober. Does it matter to the victim of a poor driver’s carelessness, ineptitude and lack of skill that the person who ran the light they didn’t “see” – and ran into them – was not “drunk”? Why is a such a person less bothersome than a competent/skilled driver whose driving – his control over his car – cannot be faulted in terms of harm caused no harm to anyone?

      It makes no sense – and I think that’s the bottom line.

  6. Bring back the simple Lada for the poor slaves….

    1970 lada….a rebadged Fiat 124… msrp $1054 in 1970 U.S. dollars… $8432 U.S. dollars in 2024 dollars…

    Americans got a worse car at twice the price of a Lada….

    1970 Ford Pinto msrp about $2000 … $16,000 U.S. dollars in 2024…

    1970 Chevy Vega msrp about $2000 …. $16,000 U.S. dollars in 2024…

    1970 VW Beetle msrp about $1800 ….. $14,400 U.S. dollars in 2024…the best car…..

    The Pinto…
    If it gets rear ended it catches fire…the 1st EV…lol

    The Vega…….had many problems….
    Rear axle shafts could separate from the housing…wheels fell off… two-barrel engine could backfire violently enough to split the muffler, blowing hot exhaust on the fuel tank and causing it to expand, rupture, and ignite…..

    its infamous melting engine. if it got too hot the cylinders would distort, wearing the coating on the walls and forcing coolant past the head gaskets.

    The Lada…..
    Ladas were designed to be easily maintained by their owners…..Early models included a crank, in case the battery went flat and an auxiliary fuel pump….

    Bring these back and sell them today at $8432 U.S…..you sell a million of them….cheap transportation for slaves…..totally analog and simple…very cool….

  7. “…and so isn’t very “efficient” relative to the economical cars made 40 years ago.”

    Back in the 80s my dead-simple CRX got more than 50 mpg. It was a lot of freedom for very little money. And it never broke.

    We have definitely gone backwards.

  8. I live in an area completely filled with Kool-Aid drinking Democrats. The all think Joe Biden is a great president, one of the greatest ever, and that we are fast approaching a climate apocalypse. I’m viewed as that strange guy who lives in a different world.

    So, these people, a few years ago, went all-in on EV’s, particularly Tesla, and they absolutely believed marketing that these cars are cheaper to own, nearly free per-mile. This was more than 10 years ago. Since then, the EV rate plans from the power company have been gutted, no more subsidized electricity. Our marginal electric rates are now going up to $0.88/kWh and there’s talk of $1.10/kWh by next summer, in addition to some kind of equity fee based on income.

    What’s happening today? These same people are replacing the Teslas, slowly, with gasoline powered SUV’s, and all the two-Tesla households I know went down to 1 EV (Rivian is the rage now). Supercharging one of these things costs $40-70 now 250ish miles of range, that’s basically gasoline prices. Still, they believe the marketing that a cheap EV is around the corner, and that if we pass more green energy mandates, power will be much cheaper.

    These are educated people, with years of experience in the real world, some have master’s degrees, some have PHd’s, and I simply can not comprehend how they can be this stupid. Their ideology biases their senses and kills any common sense. They’re always explaining to me that things aren’t as simple as I make them.

    • I have worked with plenty of people who have Bachelors and Masters degree that have zero common sense, and zero street smarts. Sometimes, I think they never had it in the first place, or they lost it in the process of getting “smart” enough to get a degree in something.

    • I love how the PTB get (most) everyone to drink the all-electric kool aid, while the cost goes up and the reliability goes down. I remember the kids story of not putting all your eggs in one basket; applies today more than ever. Better stock up on candles for when the lights go out.

    • Hi OL,

      Kunstler had something trenchant to say about this the other day. The people you describe? They’re insane. Lunatics. Literally. Smart in the IQ /credential sense does not in any way immunize a person from becoming deranged. That is exactly what these people have become. They’d “mask up” tomorrow if it were so ordered – and would be virulent about it, too.

      • Kunstler would probably disagree with the idea that cars are important, though, because he hates cars with a passion.

        • Kunstler is a very smart guy but for some reason believes in peak oil. Which, just like climate change and premature ejaculation is always coming soon…

  9. This touches on a much broader issue that’s IMO a huge problem with the average person in this country these days. Ignorance! So many people go thru life like animals, having no clue (nor having the inclination to investigate) as to what the future might hold for them. Of course, animals simply lack this ability and can only react to that which is right in front of them at the moment. A steer on a farm has no clue that tomorrow it will be herded into a cattle carrier and trucked to a slaughterhouse. Which of course is a good thing for the steer, as it won’t know what’s to come until it happens. But it is a very bad thing for a species that has the power to consider the future and try to change it if possible.

    Here in Maryland not too long ago the governor signed a bill into law that will suck up to California and ban ICE cars in 2035. The effect on the public (and on car dealerships) was like tossing a tiny hand-held rock into a mighty river. In other words, nary a ripple….When in reality that law is like a small asteroid on a collision course with the state of Maryland. If not dislodged from its course, it will smack down hard with a huge shockwave and lots of damage. People think the Key Bridge accident is bad for transportation….just wait!

    But yet the people of Maryland, including so many blacks in Baltimore and other urban areas who haven’t the money to buy an EV, let alone a place to charge it, are like the steers in the farmer’s field.

    There has to be a solution to counter this vast ignorance. I wonder if urban college educated women would be so quick to vote for the pro-abortion candidate if they knew he/she is supporting legislation that would eventually put them on foot for most of their travel needs? You can have your abortions but you must eat the bugs and can’t travel beyond a very small area….I can’t imagine many would vote for that, even if ardently pro-abortion. Or people who hate guns – do they want to be trapped in a 15 minute city?
    The sad thing is so many candidates who don’t support that sort of left wing nuttiness don’t seem to want to run on those issues. IDK…it’s just depressing that so many are so utterly ignorant of the coming storms and disasters (and no, they won’t be the kind that fools think come from climate change).

  10. The elites will still fly in Gulfstreams and be chauffeured in Bentleys.

    The connected will still drive from A to B without issues.

    The war machine will steal, kill, and destroy using petroleum.

  11. Someone posted this on Mastodon yesterday:

    “In a couple years, Tesla will be mass producing a next generation EV that:

    1. Costs $25,000

    2. Is full self driving

    3. Might or might not have a steering wheel.

    You may not want this car, but it will sell like crazy.

    I responded:

    “And still have limited range, take 45 minutes to charge and have a 5 year lifespan. There’s not enough lithium on the planet for $25K EVs.”

    His (assuming gender) was “Wrong, Teslas take 15 minutes to charge at a supercharger”

    Where’s this coming from? Maybe if you’re topping off after a hundred miles or so, but even the best fanbois make excuses for the 30-45 minute charging times. I left it, because I don’t bother engaging with trolls, but assuming there’s enough supply available from the power grid, charging the battery that quickly will degrade and quickly reduce the overall life of the pack.

    But let’s break down the first post. He’s assuming Moore’s law and production scale will drive prices down. But that’s the thing, Moore’s law only applies to cutting edge silicon, not commodity chips like MOSFETS and industrial computers. Maybe the “full self driving” means a few new Nvidia chips but even that isn’t about silicon it’s a software and liability problem. Lithium batteries and traction motors aren’t ever going to benefit from Moore’s law, aside from getting a little more efficient computing power, which isn’t the primary drain.

    I’m reminded of that proto-meme that was going around in the 1990s about how if cars followed the same path as silicon a BMW would cost $100 and have a top speed of 500 MPH. True, but that just reinforces the difference between etching semiconductors on some substrate and bending metal. One seems hard but becomes very easy, the other seems easy but is quite hard and won’t get much easier no matter what you do. Pretending EVs have more in common with semiconductors is at best dishonest, and delusional when let loose on fools.

    • Hi RK,

      I’m at the point of just despising these people – the people such as the one you describe interacting with on Mastadon. The kind of person who – in the first place – would find a steering-wheel-less device such as described appealing (irrespective of price) and who smugly asserts lies such as “Wrong, Teslas take 15 minutes to charge at a supercharger” – which are objectively lies and these assholes know it.

      It may take “only” 15 minutes to recover a partial charge. But a full charge? Utterly false. The best possible – if I’m wrong, anyone who can show me please correct me – is 80 percent in about 30 minutes.

      I sometimes just wish I could load all these people in a leaky barge and you know the rest…

      • I am sure that would be loads of fun in the dead of Winter at sub zero temperatures. Trying to charge a worthless EV just enough to get home, but maybe not be able to keep warm in the cab while waiting-or even getting it home? Yeah, no thanks. People like their auto starts up here, and being able to get into a warm vehicle that will actually get them someplace without getting stranded, and without freezing in the process.

      • 20 to 80 percent is very fast… IF!!

        It isn’t cold out. IF!! The supercharger isn’t under load (i.e. more than 1/3rd of the stalls are being used), etc. etc.

        So yes, under those ideal conditions you can get from 20 to 80 in about 20 minutes actually, sometimes a bit less. Change ONE factor to throw off this careful balancing act and that 20 min is now 30-45 min or God forbid its freezing outside and every stall is in use. Now you are an hour plus for your wait.

        It reminds me a lot of early cable modems where everyone in the neighborhood shared bandwidth so you were only getting ideal speeds under ideal conditions. And as ReadyKilowatt can probably explain far better than I, getting from 80 to 100 percent charge takes about as long as getting from 20 to 80. It REALLY slows down in the last 20 percent and especially the last 10 percent as you are trying so hard to push electrons under greater and greater resistance basically.

        These EV fanboys are midwits and scientifically illiterate so there is very little point in attempting a good faith argument, which is essentially the case with any leftist you interact with.

        • 20 to 80 percent is very fast… IF!!

          No, it’s never fast, there are no ifs and buts. A charging time of 20 minutes for a partial charge, as in your example, is excruciatingly slow.

          • It is horrible compared to ICE cars, but -relative- to 0 to 100 EV charging it is ‘fast’ but yes, no EV charging is done fast, I cannot disagree w/ that position. They like to use that word to gaslight people, you are 100% on point w/ that assessment.

          • I agree, Stufo –

            The shuck and jive here is that it’s faster to charge (partially) at a high voltage public outlet than at home. But it is not fast – relative to the less than five minutes it takes to fully fuel a conventional car’s gas tank.

      • Many of those dimwits who claim that “Teslas take 15 minutes to charge at a supercharger” (which is obviously only a partial charge as you mention) also tend to claim that they mostly charge at home where they “don’t have to wait at all” for their EV to charge, or at best they only need to wait a few seconds (that’s for plugging in and unplugging the charger). Heck, I’ve even seen commenters here on EPautos.com make that outlandish claim, which obviously makes no sense, since home chargers are even slower than the ones found at charging stations and the charging time therefore necessarily increases.

        It seems there is something about the propaganda related to EVs that makes a significant share of the population simply lose their minds and ability to think clearly. Exactly what it is, I don’t know, but I believe Edward Bernays would have been very impressed…

        • No way in hell would I want to charge at home, especially in a garage. I would not dare have my whole house burn down because of one malfunctioning. The stupid, smart metres are bad enough, but at least mine is on a power pole far away from the house if something goes wrong.

  12. The Lügenpresse emits a fresh blast of toxic gaslighting:

    ‘Global temperatures are now expected to rise as much as 4 °C, or more than 7 °F, by the end of the century. That has given new weight to geoengineering, though that term has become so contentious its proponents now prefer the term “climate interventions.” [These] might buy some time when energy consumption is on the rise, and the world isn’t quitting fossil fuels fast enough.

    ‘Scientists say an urgent transition away from fossil fuels is necessary to avoid extreme global temperature increases. Last year, nearly 200 countries agreed to begin phasing out oil, coal and gas.

    “This [government-subsidized direct air capture] is a new wave of denial, deception and delay,” said Lili Fuhr, director of the fossil economy program at the Center for International Environmental Law. “You have the fossil fuel industry trying to say we can engineer our way out of this without any major changes to business as usual.” — New York Slimes


    The War on Fossil Fuels is not a debate among reasonable people about policy alternatives. It is a naked attempt to kill off the majority of the world’s population. First we have to stop the global warming agitprop.

    Death to the Lügenpresse.

    • Here’s the thing about sociopaths that’s so hard for normal people to understand. Sociopaths, even after they’re caught lying over and over again, will continue to lie until their dying day. It will never stop.

      • Vox Day wrote a couple of books about it: Social Justice Warriors Always Lie and Social Justice Warriors Always Double Down. They aren’t a bad read.

    • “Scientists say”

      Immediate disengagement when I see or hear these words. What scientists? Be specific so I can research them, see what kind of other fraud they are involved in and where their funding comes from.

      Death to the Lügenpresse.

      • Ditto that, Philo –

        There was a time when “scientists say” would never have passed the copy desk. “Scientists say”? Which ones, exactly? What are their credentials? Are there other scientists who take a different position?

        The greasy (dishonest) politicization of journalism appalls me.

        • Computer modelling is fake science….

          From another site…..
          Just to put a spike in the witch doctor-ery Climate stuff from yesterday, one comment said a researcher got a Nobel Prize for making a computer model the “accurately made climate predictions”. This is so silly. How can someone know that future predictions are accurate?? This makes zero sense.

          The Nobel Prize committee handed out a political award, no different than Al Gore’s and Barak Obama’s. It was dressed up to fool scientific illiterates, and apparently, it worked.

          Real science is testable and falsifiable. Computer models predicting the future are neither, so they are not science. Nobel prizes arising from that work are scientifically meaningless.

          In layman’s terms, I could produce a computer model saying that 30 years from now space aliens will invade. Scientifically, my model is as scientific as the Nobel Prize winners Climate model. Both are untestable and not falsifiable. Because of that, neither are science.

          His was infinitely more profitable though. It pays to please the elite.

          Considering CO2 is only 0.038% of the atmosphere, with a molecular weight of 44 when regular air is 29, it falls to the ground so plants can gobble it up. It’s called the carbon cycle; we need it to survive and feed humanity.

          This is a Fabian Socialist cult agenda to cull the masses into indentured servitude.

      • Go right in their face….that is fake science….

        Like 100% of the va xx bs is 100% fake science going right back to day one….but idiots believe every word of this lie….but…they are starting to have 2nd thoughts now?…..too many falling over dead?……

        Like 100% of the EV bs is 100% fake science……..but idiots believe every word of this lie….but…they are starting to have 2nd thoughts now…..for many reasons that are becoming common knowledge…..they had a small window to get EV’s accepted…it is closed now….force is needed for compliance now….

      • Hi Philo,

        “Scientists” also said that the COVID jabs were “Safe and Effective!”, and the only people getting the dreaded ‘Rona were the unvaxxed and people who didn’t “Trust the science”, which itself turned out to be bullshit. They also claimed that the vaxxed who were getting COVID got it from the unvaxxed, but that was also bullshit.

        There were also actual scientists such as Geert Vanden Bossche who looked at REAL SCIENCE and warned that mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic was a TERRIBLE idea, but he was ignored as governments around the world obsessively pushed having ALL their citizens vaxxed.

        • All the ones I work with who got the ‘Rona-and repeatedly-have been vaxxed. One gal mentioned decreased lung capacity when running now. I did not bother to tell her it was the COVID jab, she would have never heard me. I have not had one jab, and have not had the ‘Rona once. Lost one friend after her 1st booster (3 months after), and after she had her initial two dose series. So much for helping her. I knew good and well the REAL information was going to come out one way or the other, BS statistics and “safe and effective” brainwashing not withstanding. But not before wondering if I was going to be homeless and living out of my old car in the process with all the mandates running around. But, it was a decision I have never regretted, either.

        • Author exposes David Fisman’s data fabrication and ‘hate science’ to justify vaccine mandates

          Liars like….. infectious disease epidemiologist and physician David Fisman, emerged as influential in shaping pandemic response strategies with flawed computer modeling predictions….computer modeling….enabling liars…..

          Fake computer modelling….pure lies/misinformation/disinformation/fiction ….the whole hoax was powered by this……fake science…hate science….

          Fisman’s study on population mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations garnered global attention, despite its numerous conflicts of interest and questionable methodology.

          His findings were relayed as fact, instead of the fiction that they were, and in direct conflict with what the real world data at the time was showing.

          from alternate media….not MSM…

          • Re: David Fisman fake computer modelling….he was paid a huge amount of $$$$$$$$$ for this study……lying is very profitable…..

            now you know how to fill up an offshore bank account….

      Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons are “abiotic” and are not “created” from “fossils”.
      Hydrocarbon products are constantly being created deep within the earth by yet-unknown processes well below the layers that contain fossils. Keep in mind that hydrocarbons migrate upward and pass through “fossil layers” picking up remnants of “fossil” material; hence, the present-day scientists’ stupid mistaken assumption that hydrocarbons are derived from “fossils”.
      Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits well below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
      As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
      “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited dishonest concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
      Follow the money.
      Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons have done more to advance civilization than any other influence. It is the discovery, creation and utilization of ENERGY that propels civilizations upward and onward.
      We have more oil underneath our feet than the rest of the world. In fact, we became energy independent under Trump. That trend was reversed with the Biden regime.
      For a good treatise on abiotic oil, please google L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a scientist who gives a good explanation of “abiotic oil”.

      • If they did come from ex plants and animals, then wouldn’t we just be returning them to the environment from which they were stolen?

      • Don’t be too hasty, all fuels are natural. There are some fuels which do come from old organic matter. But in general, hydrocarbon fuels are plentiful and naturally occurring.

      • This is true. Also, it always is useful to mildly and meekly agree that climate change has to be stopped, but to ask where it should be stopped at? The last ice age? The Pleistocene? The Jurassic? The beginning of time?

  13. New census data shows counties that are growing or shrinking in population since 2020:


    Florida, southern Appalachia, the Ozarks, east and central Texas, and the intermountain West are growing like weeds.

    Whereas northern Appalachia, Illinois, the southern Mississippi valley, the Great Plains from North Dakota to west Texas, and Commiefornia are bleeding people.

    In general, the population gainers are suburban and exurban areas where you need a car to get around. Even in fast-growing Texas, the central-city counties of Dallas, Harris (Houston), Travis (Austin) and Bexar (San Antonio) are a lighter shade, indicating slower growth than the suburbs and exurbs surrounding them.

    • Jim H:

      Quite a few relatives move after retirement, Phoenix works for them. Some move back, don’t mind the cold and want to feel at home, not trapped in some small dwelling where it’s warm, but maybe not that hospitable. To each his own. Some ended up in Seattle and in eastern seaboard states. Out-migration is the norm, higher paying jobs and better weather are deciding factors.

      North Dakota lost 70,000 people during the Great Depression, some moved to Lodi, stuck there too. In the mid-60’s there were 46,000 farmers, down from more than 80,000 up to the 1930’s. The Dust Bowl weaned about 30,000 farmers then. The land can produce, you can still get something, if the yields are poor to nothing, there is no money. “Nobody had any money.” – words of an old railroad worker who grew up during the 1930’s.

      The population dropped from 689,000 to 616,000 by the mid-50’s.

      In the 1970’s farmers were reduced to about 35,000 and now the number stands at 29,000. Mechanization replaced horses and mules. There is footage of 20 mule teams pulling implements.

      The Bakken Formation proved to be a winner after 60 years of drilling without much success. Hydraulic fracturing changed the game. Production increased from more than 100,000 bpd to 1.4 million bpd. That is how you do it.

      The population is now over 700,000, highest ever, people from all over the world are here working oil fields, oil makes life better. When you can make 800 dollars per day, people tend to go to work doing most anything. Have to be qualified, though. Continuous Motion Rigs (CMR) do all of the work, you watch a screen.

      Job losses do occur and are usually seasonal.

      I see that 3M lost 17 dollars per share today in trading.

      I have to see the sunrise and the sunset on the horizon everyday, you can do it living on the prairie.

      • Wikipedia dates the Bakken Shale oil boom to 2006 (Parshall Field discovery), with a peak in 2012 and a slowing after 2015. As many recall, the oil boom resulted in North Dakota having the lowest unemployment rate in the US from 2008 to 2014. Good times!

        The latest county level data posted above is from 2020 to 2023, including “Biden’s” anti-drilling, anti-pipeline policies from 2021 on. ‘Biden’ is no friend of the oil industry … or North Dakota.

        • There are hundreds of oil companies in North Dakota, some go broke, some sell to other interests. Stat Oil from Norway skedaddled a few years back. Slawson Exploration has been here since the 1980’s.

          Cumulative Formation Statistics

          The Bakken will be worked for another 100 years and more.

          Biden isn’t a friend to anybody. He can fend for himself. Bibi wouldn’t lift a finger for him.

          • Apparently, the Netanyahu entity just bombed the Iranian embassy annex in Damascus — sovereign territory under intl. law — killing a senior military officer and others.

            As they say on Wall Street, ‘Buy the mushroom cloud.’ America’s little outlaw pit bull has slipped its leash.

  14. As one who has lost the ability to drive, by physical incapacity, let me tell you, you WILL miss it when it’s gone.
    It’s tiresome to make an appointment with my son or daughter in law to go to the grocery. Leaving aside the guilt of imposing on them.

  15. You get a great window into the minds and motivations of our Overlords by closely watching TeeVee advertising. Yesterday in the span of about 15 minutes two ads really laid it all out. The first was for car “insurance” that told of the wonderful thing that their “app” would do for you. Now you will not be penalized by others’ that drive poorly, you will be charged for your “good” driving. Oh, joy.

    The second was for the EVF-150 that proudly proclaimed that with this vehicle you can do 0-60 in 4 seconds! WOW! and YIPPEE!!!

    Only, if you get the app from the insurance company what will your charges be if you are constantly ripping 4 second 0-60 times in your pick ’em up?

    If you hammer it they will hammer you.

  16. Even maintenance of modern cars requires a critical mass of people in the population with innate cognitive ability and a decent education, the kind of individuals who are dangerous to the agenda because they tend think for themselves and question things like mask mandates and jabs.

    Here in the Austin suburbs over the weekend, I noticed that the neighbors we rarely see were out doing yardwork, running their EV lawn mower and fully masked all afternoon.

    I went out with my 7.25 HP Craftsman mower spewing “emissions”, and the look on the husband’s diapered face was one of fear.

    Geesh. Really?

    • Yes, I heard Tim Allen grunting noises in my head while mowing the yard.

      Unfortunately, even Tim Allen sold out to the agenda to get more “Santa Clause” movies from Disney.

      • Who’s Tim Allen? I must have missed him. Some sitcom TV star, I guess. I haven’t watched prime time sitcoms TV since Archie Bunker went off the air.

  17. ‘the power to charge at home (or elsewhere) can be cut off anytime the government likes.’ — eric

    It goes beyond this. As the electric grid is progressively [sic] crippled by renewable energy mandates, it requires new sources of storage. What better than to make consumers pay for it?

    ‘Vehicle-to-grid, or V2G for short, is a technology that enables energy to be pushed back to the power grid from the battery of an electric vehicle (EV). With V2G technology, an EV battery can be discharged based on different signals — such as energy production or consumption nearby.

    ‘Long story short, V2G helps mitigate climate change by allowing our energy system to balance more and more renewable energy.’


    This is a perfectly plain declaration of malevolent intent by ‘green’ Europeans — Finns, in this case — who are hell-bent on dismantling their advanced economy and returning to a pastoral, yurt-dwelling way of life. It means the government can immobilize us at any time by declaring an emergency, and draining EeeVee batteries in the dark of night while the people sleep. Bastards!

    As the world’s largest hydrocarbon energy producer, it is long since time for the US to pull the plug on leftist Europe and its global warming scam. Americans can survive and prosper, as these virtue-signaling madmen across the water freeze in the dark — provided that our own internal saboteurs of the DemonRat and RINO parties are put out of business for good.

    EeeVees are our enemy: a Trojan horse designed to destroy us. My wish: all fedgov subsidies to EeeVees repealed in early 2025, as the first order of business in the new administration.

    You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
    With tombstones in their eyes
    But EeeVee pushers don’t care
    Ah, if you live or if you die

    God damn, the pusher
    God damn, I say the pusher
    I said God damn, God damn the pusher man

    — Steppenwolf, The Pusher

  18. I genuinely hate cars. Mostly because of goverment and modern forced complexity. I love working on machines but cars dont want you to work on them. My old neighbor has a lathe and he used to make parts for his Citroën 2CV. If cars were still like this I would love them. Or like. Model T where you could adjust the timing of the spark plugs next to your steering well. Those were the cars that gave you freedom. Modern cars dont do it.

    • I agree with you. I won’t touch a car that was made after 2014. Probably even before that.

      The simpler the better.

      • Im would legit like to drive model T. All things done by pumps in modern cars are done by gravity. Its a wonder of simplicity. It would be great to have it as a first car for everyone. And then later on advance on more complex cars.

        • Hi Pupet,

          I’ll take a Model A – which is actually a practical car. The T isn’t really; too slow for modern roads except secondary roads. But a V8 Model A? No problem! Also, there’s the originaL VW Beetle – which is thematically very much like the T in terms simplicity and serviceability. And – here I speak from experiences – a Beetle can absolutely be driven on any road – any highway – in America.

          • Hi Eric,
            Yes you are right those cars are way more practical for modern roads. Some places have big enough trafic jams even slower ones could be driven. Sadly these cars are all old timers by now. And You are not allowed to make similar new cars.
            Wasnt there one US state Oklahoma I think that allowed anything with lights breaks and steering to be driven? That sounds great. I also know about this. Sounds like a great idea too bad it didnt survive.

    • Cars were great up until the 1970’s…then regulations started to ruin/bastardize them..by 2024 they are un buyable, horrible garbage, they don’t even look like cars now…because of regulations….I would rather walk…..buy pre 70’s….


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