The Short-Lived Replacement for Displacement?

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You can’t get a V8 in a new (2025) Ram truck anymore because the government doesn’t want Stellantis – parent company of the Ram, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler brands – to sell V8s anymore. Not because they use too much gas but because they generate too much gas (CO2) by burning gas.

That’s why the 2025 Ram is available with Stellantis’ new 3.0 liter inline twin-turbo six, which Stellantis hopes will serve as the replacement for displacement for the 5.7 liter Hemi V8 that’s been “retired” in the Blade Runner sense.

The six makes more horsepower (420) and torque (469 ft.-lbs.) than the no-longer-available 5.7 liter V8 you used to be able to get, which made 395 horsepower and 410 ft.-lbs. of torque – and that’s the standard-output version of this engine.

The High Output version produces 540 horsepower and 521 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Interestingly, neither engine burns appreciably less gas than the no-longer-available 5.7 liter Hemi, which – in the final-run of 2024 model year Ram 1500s equipped with this engine – rated 18 city and 23 on the highway. The ’25 with the 420 horsepower version of the six rates the same 18 city and a negligibly higher 25 on the highway.

So it’s not about gas mileage.

It’s about gaseous “emissions,” as the emanations of carbon dioxide from wherever – including the rear ends of cows – are now styled. These “emissions,” as everyone not living under a rock already knows, are claimed to be causing the “climate” to “change,” a wonderfully vague assertion that defies definition and for that reason is most useful, in terms of providing a justification-without-limit for demanding never-ending reductions in CO2 “emissions.”

The point being, if it is accepted that the “climate” is “changing” because CO2 is being “emitted,” then it has been accepted that these “emissions” must be reduced – as much as they say it is necessary to reduce them.

And less will never be enough.

Think “zero COVID” and you will understand what they intend – and what is happening on account of it. (And never mind that as regards COVID, at least a whole number percentage of the human population – about 1 percent – was threatened. Atmospheric CO2 constitutes about 0.04 percent of atmospheric gasses and the CO2 emanating from the exhaust pipes of vehicles amounts to a fractional percent of that; this fractional increases is supposedly causing the “climate” to “change.” It is never exactly specified how; but it is asserted it’ll be catastrophic. Not unlike the cases! the cases!)

One way to reduce these “emissions” – from vehicles – is to reduce the size of their engines. Smaller (and fewer) cylinders suck in less gas (air) and burn less fuel. Voila! Lower “emissions” of CO2! Of course, people who buy vehicles like big trucks won’t buy them if they’re lacking power. That’s why turbos – plural, in the case of the ’25 Ram’s new twin-turbo “Hurricane” six – are bolted to the smaller engine. They force more air into the smaller (and fewer) cylinders when power is wanted, equaling or (as in this case) surpassing the output of the V8 that’s no longer available.

That’s why there’s no meaningful gas mileage gain even though the new 3.0 liter six has two fewer cylinders and is only a little more than half the displacement of the no-longer-available 5.7 liter V8.

The increase in power – under boost – is a plus (for buyers of the new Ram) and may help them forget about the V8 they can no longer get. But what matters – in terms of compliance – is that when the new 3.0 six is not under boost, it “emits” less CO2 because it has fewer cylinders and less cylinder volume.

And that is how Stellantis expects to be able to continue selling Rams (and other vehicles) with engines. Toyota and some of the other Japanese manufacturers are thinking along similar lines; i.e., if they just comply harder then they’ll be allowed to continue selling vehicles with engines.

They do not understand that the object of this exercise is to eliminate engines via a process of gradual diminishment – and that by making smaller-and-smaller engines, the manufacturers have already agreed to their eventual elimination because they have already agreed that it is necessary to make smaller engines, to reduce CO2 “emissions.”

One thing follows another once the first thing has been accepted. Think of it in terms of sexual advances. If the first one is accepted, the second (and third) inevitably follow.

The only way to stop the advance is to say NO!

But the car manufacturers have said yes  . . . just do it more slowly. They seem to think that by saying yes they will stop what is happening. This is exactly like a woman being pawed believing he’ll stop if she lets him get to second base without saying NO!

Having agreed that V8s must be “retired,” has not Stellantis already agreed that – inevitably – the new six must also be “retired”? What will Stellantis – what will the industry – do when the government says these smaller-sized engines “emit” too much CO2?

Having already agreed that it is bad to “emit” CO2?

Thus, it is not unlikely the new six will not be around for long. Stellantis was able to recoup its investment in the Hemi V8 because it was able to sell the Hemi V8 for decades. But how long will Stellantis be allowed to sell the new Hurricane six?

Probably not much longer than after the next (s)election, if the Biden thing is (s)elected again and the regulatory regime that the industry has been saying yes to for the past four years gets another four – which will be all the time it needs to get to home base.

Paradise by the dashboard lights.

. . .

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  1. In Europe, Audi sells its little bitty A1 wagon/suv looking thing. Tiny. They also offer it with a diesel engine. Can you imagine the mileage that thing must get per gallon? Gotta be easily over 50 mpg. I mean, two men could turn one of those over on the street with their bare hands practically… or nearly anyway. Maybe 3 men.

    But Audi doesn’t offer the A1 in USA. Or the diesel. But, if they did, that would surely offset their CAFE rating, wouldn’t it? For that matter, being the lowest end of their lineup, would be an affordable little city car for people that want such a thing and with a diesel engine would run forever on a tank!

    But no, no. Not here in the USA because we are being bullshitted by the entire green scam artists and, more specifically, we’re being bullshitted in ways dramatically worse than the entirety of Europe. It’s all a lie. It’s a complete scam.

  2. “Interestingly, neither engine burns appreciably less gas than the no-longer-available 5.7 liter Hemi…”

    Well, that must mean both kinds engines produce the same amount of CO_2. So this thing is not about emissions.

    • Hi Raymond,

      Yes – and no!

      Here’s the way the end-run works: The smaller engine inhales/exhales less gas when not under boost. Thus “reduces” the “emissions” of “greenhouse gasses.” Of course, when the engine is under boost, those gasses are increased to probably as much or more than they were with the larger-displacement engine. It’s idiotic, I recognize. But it helps the automaker “comply.”

  3. The beauty of a non turbo 8 cyl. Hemi Chrysler engine is, eight cylinders sharing the work and 5.7 liter displacement means enough volume for decent power. My ‘05 Grand Cherokee would climb the westbound I90 Vantange WA grade at 75 in top gear with the torque converter locked, loafing it’s way around peasant cars screaming their lungs out trying to maintain 65 to 70. The ‘18 GC with the V6 downshifts from 8th to 6th and will only do that same run at 75 with the throttle stuffed at around 3000+RPM.

    • Agree, but sadly those days are gone with our current state of Gov disaster(s).
      We too had a GC V8 that was awesome.
      We will buy another GC if they put the Hurricane in it.

  4. I can’t help but ask a hopelessly obvious question: since the intent of supercharging or turbocharging is to squeeze a more dense fuel/air charge into the cylinder, won’t the overall emissions of all gases be the same? How is anything gained here? Since this is the case, why don’t the automakers tell FedGov to F*CK OFF?

    • Hi Mark,

      When these smaller-displacement engines are not under boost, there is less air/fuel being burned in the cylinders. That’s how they achieve “compliance” while also maintaining on-demand power.

      • But because they’re smaller engines being asked to do what heretofore bigger engines used to do, won’t they normally be operating under boost, hence operating with increased gas output? At the end of the day, won’t that effectively nullify any nominal gas reduction?

        • Hi Mark,

          Yes, indeed!

          Except while the vehicle is idling and during coasting/deceleration. It’s all a stupid game that’s also an evil game.

          • As the computer, Joshua, said during “Wargames”, “Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

            • Hi Rich,

              I think the problem is that while the cylinders deactivated aren’t firing, they are still pumping and so air (which includes CO2) is being moved in – and out. So the “emissions” at the tailpipe are still “too high.”

    • Welllll…
      Speaking as an outsider who is not privy to the thought processes of the engine designers, nor has ever designed any type of IC engine myself, but who does know some basic thermodynamics…

      Higher compression produces higher thermal efficiency, meaning more of heat of combustion gets converted to useful work, and less into waste heat. If you follow the link I posted below, you will note that the largest gains in thermal efficiency come from raising the compression ratio STARTING AT A LOW VALUE. The curve flattens out at higher CR, meaning you enter a regime of diminishing returns strictly based on thermodynamics, in addition to, at some point, bringing into play the need for a stronger container and stronger moving parts.

      But the curve is *NOT* asymptotic, so theoretically, additional thermal efficiency can be had by continuing to raise the CR, provided the container is strong enough. Increased thermal efficiency means using less fuel to produce the same desired power output, other things being equal.

      However, most people are aware that the Second Law of Thermodynamics (do your own research, here) guarantees that it is not possible to convert the heat source, in this case heat of combustion of the fuel, entirely into useful work. There will always be waste heat.

      There is also the question of volumetric efficiency, as well as fuel metering, but those are separate topics, which I do not propose to discuss, except to say that auto racers of all kinds are very much interested in them.

      The video by Simon Whisler which Ready Kilowatt linked to, below, makes the point that in today’s world, one or more catalytic converters will scavenge any unburned hydrocarbons and completely combust them, as well as chemically reduce oxides of nitrogen generated by high pressure (compression) to N2.

      In other words, and as our host never tires of pointing out, there are essentially zero emissions of toxic substances. The only “emissions” are water vapor and carbon dioxide, the latter being also known as “plant food,” which is essential for the continuation of life on Earth.

      I don’t know if this answers your question, but perhaps it sheds a bit of light on it..

  5. I found the Wikipedia article on Chrysler Hemi engines to be interesting.
    Note the rated power output of today’s engines is SAE net, whereas that for the 1960s era engines & earlier is SAE gross.
    De-bastardizing the units:
    16.387 cc = 1 ci, or IOW,
    1638 cc = 100 ci
    1.638 liters = 100 cubic inches
    5.7 liters = 348 cubic inches
    3.0 liters = 183 cubic inches
    Specific power output:
    (395 hp) / (348 ci) = 1.14 hp/ci SAE net
    (420 hp) / (183 ci) = 2.30 hp/ci SAE net
    (540 hp) / (183 ci) = 2.95 hp/ci SAE net
    By comparison, the 1960s “Street Hemi”:
    (425 hp) / (426 ci) = 1.00 hp/ci SAE gross

    • Another famous hemi was the Lampredi DOHC 4 banger used by FIAT and Lancia:
      My 1978 FIAT 131 used a 1.8 liter version of this design, with a single 2bbl Weber carburetor, coupled to a 5 speed trans, 5th gear being overdriven. Gilmer belt drove the camshafts.

      As with the Chrysler Hemis the engine is oversquare.
      Not sure the engine code in my ’78, but it was probably one of the 86 or 87 hp specs.
      (86 hp) / (1756)*(1638)*100 ci = 0.8 hp/ci
      Of course, the race/rally engines had higher output.
      Engine code 132AC4.000 is rated 128 hp for the same 1756 cc displacement.
      (128)/(86)*0.8 = 1.19 hp/ci

      The Fiat Twin Cam engine has been widely used in motorsport and has been the most successful engine in the history of the World Rally Championship. The World Rally Championship for Manufacturers has been won by Fiat and Lancia, using engines based on the Lampredi Twin Cam engine, for a total of 10 years.

      • If I had unlimited money I would look for a Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Group 5 sports car….it is sort of like a track version of the famous Lancia 037 world rally championship winning car….

        The Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Group 5 sports car weighed 1700 lb and had from….. 400 HP…1.5 liter Turbo…. to 525 HP..1.8 liter twin Turbo…. from their Lampredi 4 cylinder twin cam hemi engine…

        Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Group 5 sports car….525 HP and 1700 lb….3.2 lb to HP…the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS has about 4.5 lb to HP…..935 K3 weighed 2300 lb and had 800 HP….2.87 lb to HP….

        The Lancia 037 WRC winner…the last RWD car to win the championship….had a supercharged 325 HP 2 liter Lampredi hemi engine….

        The Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Group 5 sports car sometimes beat the famous, dominant, Porsche 935 K3 race car…the 935 K3 weighed 2300 lb and had 800 HP….

        The famous Lampredi 4 cyl twin cam hemi (there was also a single cam version)

        Ferrari engine designer designed engine in your Fiat/Lancia, etc

        Fiat (Stellantis) still owns 90% of Ferrari.

        Lampredi (the famous Ferrari engine designer) who later worked for Fiat Lancia designed the twin overhead cam 8 valve hemi (later on 16 valve) 4 cylinder, which powered Fiat, Lancia, Lotus 7, Morgan, Alfa Romeo, etc., He ran Abarth.
        NOTE….it powered more World Rally championship winners then any other engine.

        One of the best race car engines in history.

        One of the best 4 cyl engines in history.

        The Lampredi engine was in the Lancia 037, Lancia Delta S4 and Lancia Delta Integrale, with turbo and super charger…in the S4….. the engine put out up to 1000 hp, in race trim 600 hp.

        I own a Lotus Super 7 clone with a 2 liter twin cam hemi Lampredi engine….with a Weber 40 DFI 5 carburetor from a Ferrari 365….

      • Always one of the most spectacular HillClimb events of the year, Buzetski Dani in Croatia featured once again a tremendous entrylist, filled with an incredible amount of proper Monsters, making for a incredible selection of machines for the final Top 10 list.

        With 3 Lancer Evolution models, all over 600Hp…. 500 hp GT3 from Porsche and 570 hp Ferrari GT3…. 740Hp Seat Léon R32 Turbo….. Renault RS01 600 hp….. BMW M3 540 hp…. 450 hp V8 Lotus Elise,

        at the very Top we saw 2 of absolute fastest Monsters in Europe: Dan Michl´s famous 450 hp Lotus Elise V8 and Manuel Dondi in his frantic 320 hp FIAT X1/9 Lampredi 9000 rpm twin cam hemi 2.0 lt 4 cylinder….

        Fiat X1/9 hillclimb car with a 2 litre 320 hp na 9000 rpm Lampredi twin cam hemi engine …670 kg/1500 lb…has best time of the day… 4:51:108…quicker then all the other cars…..lightest car…..lightness matters…ask Colin Chapman…

        Lampredi 4 cylinder twin cam hemi, best 4 cylinder engine in the world…..designed by Ferrari engine designer Aurelio Lampredi….a Ferrari designer designed engine in your X1/9….

        see at 9:30 in video….

        Fiat X1/9 hillclimb car with a 2 litre 320 hp na 9000 rpm Lampredi twin cam hemi engine …670 kg/1500 lb…….

        670 kg/1500 lb….that is what a sports car should weigh… they are 3000 lb…and need 600 HP….

        ….320 HP is very high output for a 2 liter na engine….a great engine…..

        I want to make a copy of this car…..

          • The Lotus Elise is the most impressive car of the lot, in my opinion.
            Extremely light, like all Lotuses. Wide stance, low to the ground, with small frontal area, looks to be very slippery. 450 hp out of 2.8 l @ 10,000 rpm. Wow!

            • The Lotus Elise….very cool car….
              1650 lb…450 HP…a V8 made from 2 bike engines…

              This is not a new Monster in European HillClimb Racing by any means, being the product of over 10 years of development and racing by Michl Motorsport. Using the Elise/Speedster chassis at its core, it is from that point on, a highly modified beast, with the most notable feature being the unique engine used. Powered by a Hartley V8 unit in Naturally Aspirated form it is capable of 450Hp/10.000Rpm.

              For those unaware, this V8 is built using as a base 2 Hayabusa Engine units and “fusing” them into a single engine.

              Of course it is way more complicated than that but in rough terms that is how this Dry-Sumped engine is built. And here it finds the perfect counterpart, in this mid-engined, 750Kg, carbon fiber bodied Monster


            • Great sounding hillclimb car….

              12.000Rpm BMW 134 Judd V8 w/ F1 Sound || GEORG PLASA HillClimb Legend

              The BMW 134 Judd V8 of Georg Plasa might go down on History as the most Iconic Hillclimb Monster of All Time. Loved immensely by fans, this 570Hp/780Kg ..1700 lb…

              this spaceframed Monster was powered by a Judd V8 engine capable of reaching upwards of 12.000Rpm…these are very light engines… 240 lb…a great engine swap….an LS is around 500 lb…

              and sounding like a Naturally Aspirated Era Formula 1…the Judd V8 was an F1 engine…


      • Hey let’s not forget my Alfa Romeo 4 banger hemi engines! And dual overhead cams.
        ‘63 coupe, 1600 cc hemi with a 5 speed trans, 2 bbl Solex carb

        ‘69 spyder, 1750 cc hemi fuel injected again with the 5 speed, that was a sweet runner. Interesting my 2018 Harley displaces 1750 cc.

  6. Unfortunately, I will likely own one of the new Hurricane engines within a year.
    My ’20 hemi’s warranty is up this winter, and I will buy new. I will not own a late model vehicle without a factory warranty.
    I will not be getting more mpg, cause the way I drive, I will be in the ‘boost’ all the time.
    As I age, I care less and less about vehicles. Probably won’t even open the hood.
    Maybe their winning Eric, I just don’t care anymore. Or it’s age? IDK.
    I do care about living every day, and having a truck take my family/friends to places/events to enjoy.
    my current big ass truck did just that yesterday. my daughter was a little sick and wanted to lie down and sleep on our 4hr journey yesterday, so my wife little car couldn’t do it. My big ass trucks back seat is like a bed. was great. and we had a hell of a wonderful day, laughing and playing without a care in the world.
    funny: was following by brother for a little bit leaving our event, and at a light, he lit up the rear tires on his stupid little 4cy turbo truck (only engine avail). and smoked out the intersection. fun. his hope is to give the truck back to X on a flatbed, get another one and do it again. One way to skin the cat.

  7. There is this thing called critical thinking that most Americans seldom use. The PTA (Powers that are) are poisoning us with fluoride. The poison makes it difficult to concentrate and we become much more malleable.

    Add the 40+ vaxxes we get before we reach age 6 which has many poisons like aluminum, mercury, etc.
    Then what farmers spray on crops,,, and feed stock is added to the concoction. This is the time parents should say no! But they’re so drugged up they do not have the ability to see the wrong.

    The children continue their indoctrination in what our Masters call schools. Here is where the child’s cogent thought processes are short circuited for 12 to 18 years. If they are children of color they will be taught they will never succeed due to racist Whites that create the curriculum. To make it easier for everyone schools have stopped teaching cursive writing,,, stopped teaching literature,,, Stopped teaching math,,, stopped teaching true history as it is deemed racist. So now teachers don’t have to worry their class is doing poorly. It’s all blamed on racism of the White demographic. After 3-4 generations you end up with today’s America.

    Completely indoctrinated they’ll accept anything as gospel if coming from an authoritah. If authoritah claims the climate is changing,,, a new disease is running amuck,,, a new definition of vaccine, CO2 bad,,, Russia, Iran, China bad as it is coming from the ‘highest’ authority’ —- government.

    This is unfixable as it would require the awakening of three or more generations so don’t expect any miracles.
    America is toast,,, the idea of freedum and limited government is toast. IMO these new indoctrinated generation are lost and will never fight for freedom. In fact they’ll think it’s stupid to fight for freedom. Where will they get their next check?

  8. Randal Carlson has vid out on how the Mount Tambora eruption in 1815 cause the year without summer and a lot of crop failure and starvation. He say attributing climate change to man is foolish.

    • 1000 CE, Christian Era, Eric the Red was living in Greenland, the weather was good. Along comes some climate change, Little Ice Age, Eric’s son Eric Erickson found Newfoundland. Too cold, got to move on. Viking warehouses exist in Newfoundland.

      Thorvald Thorvaldson was sentenced to Iceland for killing a neighboring farmer in Norway.

      Erik the Red was his son, had to sail to Greenland, he killed a neighbor who wouldn’t give him back his shovel. Time to move on.

      We all have our reasons. There is more.

      <a href=""The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes is in Alaska, it erupted on June 6, 1912. It changed the climate in the northern hemisphere. With the weather changes during the 1930’s, the heat from Ten Thousand Smokes could have changed the climate in North America, i.e. the Dust Bowl.

      The earth’s molten core allows for life to exist beyond the earth’s carrying capacity, heat is the answer. The sun does all of the work, so take it easy.

      Go for another 100 mile drive, no problem with an ICE vehicle.

  9. This BS is why my next new truck will be a 3/4 ton or larger. Gets rid of most of the “safety” features and you can get a non-turbo V8.


  10. Anytime Fed Gov says it’s doing such and such for “your own good”, rest assured they are lying. They know “climate change” isn’t a grave threat, or any threat at all. Hell, they are preparing to blow up the world to cover up their destruction of the US economy.

    • “Hell, they are preparing to blow up the world to cover up their destruction of the US economy.”

      Mexico is doing their part…they just elected Claudia Sheinbaum. I love having a radical feminist liberal living right next door (sarc). I am sure the border crossings will slow down now. Lord help us.

      • Today in the wake of Sheinbaum’s victory, the Mexican peso got whacked. This is a general trading rule: when leftists win, sell the shit out of the currency.

        ‘François Mitterrand was elected President of the French Republic in 1981. He began to implement a left-wing economic policy that was completely different from that being followed by France’s main trading partners at the time.

        ‘The franc was devalued three times between 1981 and March 1983.’

        And now, the franc don’t even exist no more. Fiat currency: easy come, easy go.

        I won’t even bother to point out how leftist administrations invariably coincide with a surge in crime, as you can see in any Democrat-run US large city (nearly all of them).

        If ‘Joe Biden’ don’t bonk your butt in the shower, he’ll give you a fatal shot of fentanyl to ease your way on your cosmic journey.

  11. Hi Eric:

    As best I can tell, you’re the only journalist pointing out the fact that agreeing to “comply” in the first place is what enables this incremental ICE ban to occur. As I and many here have pointed out repeatedly, “NO” is a very powerful and effective word that gets used far too little. These craven auto execs have complied their way for their entire careers (i.e. they’ve gotten accustomed to selling their souls). They think its a winning strategy. They’re dead wrong.

  12. I read elsewhere that Bill Gates and other billionaire psychopaths want to make “vaccines for climate”. The stated aim is to give them to cows to cut methane emissions, but they would undoubtedly LOVE to make such “vaccines” for humans as well and make them MANDATORY for humans, making all sorts of bull $#!+ narratives about them. After all, they tried to FORCE billions of people around the world to take the mRNA COVID “vaccines”, claiming MANDATES were necessary “For the greater good”, “To protect Public Health”, etc.

  13. ‘Remember, the time to think of having a “V-8” is before you’ve had something else.’ — ad quoted by Eric

    Wow, that’s really vintage, including the hokey quotes around “V-8.” Probably it was before italics were invented.

    Were they slyly hinting that ‘something else’ might’ve been a shot of vodka? Then suddenly you’ve got yourself some booze in the blender and whole pitcher full of that tomato concoction that helps you hang on (a little smoked paprika is the secret seasoning).

    Then in the heat of mid-morning you eased into your Electra 225 land yacht with its 401 cubic-inch (6.6 liter) Nailhead V8, put the 2-speed Dynaflow in Drive, and cruised gimlet-eyed down the middle of the road at a stately pace, as befitted the occasion.

    The middle of the road is no private cul-de-sac
    I can’t get from the cab to the curb
    Without some little jerk on my back
    Don’t harass me, can’t you tell
    I’m going home, I’m tired as hell
    I’m not the cat I used to be
    I got a kid, I’m 33, baby

    — The Pretenders, Middle of the Road

  14. Living now in a banana republic which the laws mean nothing but retribution to those who are undesirable, why; be honest with your tax return, work diligently for your woke employer, register your vehicle, etc. The 75MM whom voted for the Orangeman are the working glue that holds this country together. Let the DIE employees have their turn at taking the load. See of the woke companies make their deadlines or even stay open. Sorry auto-industry, go woke go broke.

  15. The increased low-end torque would be nice for towing a trailer but not at the expense of a twin turbo six cratering.

  16. Then there’s this poll:

    The paper is a quick read, I encourage everyone to check it out. However one big caveat is that the Committee to Unleash Prosperity is a think tank set up by Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, and Steve Moore. So pretty sure they’re politically motivated too. There’s a section about rolling back cars and appliances, no surprise that the elites are in favor of banning ICEs, private air conditioning and “non-essential” air travel. What’s a little surprising to me is that 25% of voters share those bans. Shows that you really can fool some of the people all of the time.

    I propose everyone cut off one of their legs to combat climate change. The material saved and cost of shipping, storage and production of trousers would cut CO2 emissions from Levis by 50%!

    • 25% of the voters are delusional idiot children, who believe reality can be denied just by voting for magic. The problem is such are led by evil elitists, equally deluded in their own way, and in a system where the majority won’t vote because the system is so corrupt, 25% delusional idiot children plus 8% evil elitists can and usually do make enough votes to seize power, and once they do they take steps to consolidate and maintain it. And so, here we are. Weakened completely by internal traitors and vulnerable to external powers.

    • >I propose everyone cut off one of their legs to combat climate change.
      Nah, if that were decreed, you would need a government agency to decide who would be left-legged and who would be right-legged, a “protected characteristic” which would be “assigned at birth,” by a “doctor,” of course.

      Dexters, those possessing the “right” leg, would be inclined, by virtue of their “assignment,” to walk around hills anti-clockwise, as viewed from above, whereas sinisters, those possessing the “left” leg, would necessarily negotiate hills clockwise. Pervasive “anti-Sinisterism” might become a Serious Problem, with the resultant formation of a group known as the Sinister Liberation Front, or SLF.

      Need I go on? 🙂

      Much better for “society” that everyone be “assigned” “ambo,” with each leg cut off just below the knee. We’re all Little People, now…

  17. With the economy the way it is how many new cars will they sell anyway? My guess based on seeing YouTube footage of dealer lots that still have 2022’s on them is less than they are hoping for. It’s hard to justify spending $60,000 plus on a new truck when you can still keep your old one running.


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