The Psychology of Devolution

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We are living in what might be styled the Era of Disbelief.

At first read, that may sound good, skepticism of serial liars being a good thing. The danger lies in disbelieving everything – and believing in hopeful absurdities. For instance, that Trump is at the center of an intricate operation that has been in process since before the 2020 selection – and even before the “pandemic” that was the predicate for the 2020 selection.

This is what those who believe it call “Devolution.”

According to the Devolutionists, Trump foresaw what was coming in 2020 and so issued “laws and orders” to combat election interference. These “laws and orders” became the legal foundation for Trump’s continued presidency, after the 2020 selection. Everything since then has been part of the operation, including the recent arrest and conviction of Trump.

“Three years ago,I provided the DROPS indicating that Trump would be arrested and revealed the military WIRES showing Italy, Russia and the EU sharing the same information. This pointed to Trump’s imminent arrest and the military’s plan to save him. It was all a set-up, with the military charter aware of these events as part of a placed plan.”

There are lots of people who actually believe this stuff – probably because they need to believe it. Because the reality of it cannot be borne. The fact that Trump chumped during the final year of his presidency, wearing a “mask” and doing nothing to prevent the various state-level gesundheitsfuhrers from imposing “mask” mandates on the people of those states. The fact that he signed off on the “state of emergency” that he never rescinded – which perpetuated the “emergency” for years and excused the pharmaceutical cartels from the usual annoyance of having to establish that the drugs they push are “safe and effective.”

There are, of course, endless excuses, rationalizations and Kafkaesque justifications for everything Trump did – and didn’t – do. All part of the operation. It had to be done. Or it could not be done.

No matter what he did – or didn’t do.

The apologetics are religious. The facts as you see them are not what they actually are. Or aren’t. Everything is subject to a kind of Talmudic parsing. And it has a frightening persuasive power – not so much because there are people who believe it but because there is a degree of plausibility that makes it possible for anyone to entertain the belief that it just might be so.

For example:

The “Blueprint” – as Devolutionists style it – encompasses the fact that on “September 12, 2018,” Trump “signed Executive Order 13848 declaring a National Emergency for Election Interference.”

And it is true that such an EO was signed.


I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, find that the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

This is the foundation stone of Devolution. Of the operation that elaborated after Biden was allowed to steal the 2020 election. A Devolutionist asks:

“How did President Trump know to sign and declare a National Emergency in an Executive Order TWO MONTHS before any Election under his visual Presidency?”

Italics added.

Yes. His “visual” presidency. Meanwhile, his actual presidency has actually continued since then, you see (and never mind that the other day, the day after his conviction on 34 felony counts, Trump admitted he’s a former president).

The Devolutionist continues:

“Why would ‘Biden’ extend that EO 3 years in a row, one past the automatic termination clause of an EO with a NE found on Title 50 (War and National Defense) Chapter 34 Section §1601, for ELECTION INTERFERENCE?”

Note that “Biden” is bracketed (in the original) in air fingers quotes, to imply he’s not the actual president.

It gets worse – if you can believe it:

“January 2021 President Trump went to ALAMO, Texas, named after the famous Alamo, where LTC William B. Travis wrote the famous letter, Victory or Death, in which he said: I shall NEVER SURRENDER. Why does the tweet on Aug. 24, 2023, spell: END?”

Why, because it will all “end” this November – when the world (or at least, our part of it) is turned right-side-up again after four years, almost, of the world turned upside down. The operation will reach its apotheosis – with Trump returning in glorious ascendance, smiting the enemies of the republic.

“It had to happen this way,” the Devolutionists say. Everything you think you see is unreal. “Except (sic) a JudicialBranch cleanout and the finale to Executive Order 13848 when ALL the evidence is shown for Election Interference at ALL Levels of government All around the world.”

Does it not come across like Christ is coming! And maybe he is. No man knows the day or hour. There is just enough there to hope – and believe. Because just maybe.

Any day now.

. . .

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  1. Trump’s book of faults is as thick as the 1000 page legislation needed for the Patriot Act or whatever act it is now. Gov documents by the millions of pages, baffles, doesn’t dazzle.

    He is guilty of being tricked into doing what he was told to do, didn’t bother his conscience, now he is on trial for 34 counts of mishandling business accounts or something. When they’re out to get you and can, they will.

    Never mind the vaccines that he supported, got paid some money, no matter who the big guy is at the time, it’s the money. Trump could have resigned and told those nutty neocons to pound sand. Used his superego, but no.

    Now the trail of dead bodies is plenty of evidence decisions were made not by Trump, Trump is obviously a bozo on the bus.

    Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli of the century, is responsible for the deaths of 43,000 Palestinians and 70,000 wounded. Congress invited Bibi for lunch and a special talk. Mass murder is the right thing to do if you want an audience to berate and belittle. Bibi will rant and rave if Bibi doesn’t get what he wants, the big baby.

    When you are running the show, you get what you want.

    Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

  2. The way I understand the Devolution theory is the applicable EO’s and PEAD’s establish the Continuity-of-Government (COG) procedures to be implemented in the ABSENCE of a President. If the country is now in a Devolution COG period, there is no President (not Trump or Biden) and the country is currently being governed by the COG protocols.

  3. Trump mishandled c-19, he can’t stop the economic disaster around the corner, he can’t stop the societal slide into the abyss, he can’t get the 30 million illegal military aged men out of the country, he can’t fix the academic/corporate/bureaucratic/military rot that the communists have inflicted on the country’s institutions for the last 50 years, but maybe, just maybe, he can stop the war mongering, humanity hating communists insane rush toward WW3 with Russia and their goal of world depopulation. That would be enough.

  4. Either he’s in on it, or he got rolled.

    I’m willing to entertain the possibility that he got rolled. If so, however, I don’t want to hear about how great it was from 2017-2021. I want to hear about what’s going to be different this time, to make sure there aren’t any repeats. I want to hear about what he learned from his mistakes. I want to know what’s going to make him better than he was before.

    I realize that he’s not Mr. Humble or Mr. Contrite. But I’d like at least a backhanded acknowledgement of a few mistakes. I’d like to see (figuratively, of course) heads on pikes in the White House lawn. I’d like to see the neoconservatives tarred, feathered, and ridden out of D.C. on a rail (again, figuratively speaking). I’d like to see 99% of Democrats and 97% of Republicans too ashamed and/or scared to run for reelection.

    I’m just not hearing anything like that. And I also remember how as soon as he took office, he refused to lock up anyone.

    • RE: “I want to hear about what he learned from his mistakes. I want to know what’s going to make him better than he was before.”

      Dang, man. You expect far far too much.
      Lotsa that going round these days.

      And, you said it, ” I also remember how as soon as he took office, he refused to lock up anyone.”

      Talk is cheap. …Same as it ever was.

      ‘Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)’

    • Amen, Publius –

      Running on his first three years – a long time ago, now – isn’t enough to efface what happened during his last year. Like you, I want to hear from him that he understands the “pandemic” was a gross (and vicious) fraud perpetrated by evil bastards; that “masks” do not “work” – and forcing anyone to wear one was despicable. That no one should ever be pressured to take drugs or be denied the right to take whatever drugs they believe may be helpful.

      Until he does, I’ll know he’s either in on what happened or willing to let it happen again.

  5. I would like to remind everyone that Fauci has been outed as a liar and fraud. MTG wants him in prison. (a good idea – since that scumbag caused millions of people to die).

    Yet Trump still shills the vaxx and refuses to admit he was wrong, and has yet to condemn Fauci.

    So why on god’s green earth would you vote for him?

    The situation in Amerika went from bad to worse under Trump. DJT did not save Amerika, nor is he able to save himself. He was not an effective national leader, and to expect any difference if elected again is a false hope IMO.

    What is need is a strong nationalist leader who routes out the Jewish snakes infesting our national politics. Until that happens Amerika will continue in it’s death spiral. This loyalty to Israel is completely insane.

    There is no rational reason why the USA should even care about some religious apartheid state run by lunatic psychopaths like Netanyahu. Since Israel did 911, we should be bombing Israel off the map.

    • “DJT did not save Amerika, nor is he able to save himself”

      I’m still waiting for “Affirmative Action” to be declared racist and be rescinded. Affirmative action discriminates against White people. I’ll still vote for Trump. Hopefully Ivanka and Jared do not bend his ear. At least he doesn’t call White people “the greatest terrorist threat to democracy and America”.
      It could always get worse here in the USSofA. The worse is far off as I can tell. Everywhere I look I see contented fat, overly entertained people watching their sportzball. Soon we will devolve into the people aboard the spaceship in the Wall-E movies. Or maybe we will devolve into the Eloi type people who are preyed upon by the Morlocks.
      I think I’ll do an extra set of benches and curls and leg raises and hit the range to pop off a few rounds. Itz up to us to save ourselves. Trump may be selfish, ill advised and buffoonish but he’s our buffoon.

  6. So let me get this straight. The US economy’s in the crapper, inflation is everywhere, and excess deaths and decreased births still plague as a sick hangover of that thing that shall not be named. The US appears to be losing every war it agitates its way into lately and the powers that be seem to think confronting a nuclear power and possibly risking global annihilation is a real good idea to do in response to some other country’s hypothetical border, while ours is a free for all. Other countries are abandoning the dollar standard in rapidly expanding fashion and the bank’s unrealized losses indicate another crisis could be in the cards.
    Yet in some strange unreality Donald Trump WANTS to take credit for all of that?

  7. Never heard of devolutionism or a devonlutionist before this article. Do I care? Not one iota. I am on my own as no political figurehead is going to save anyone from anything. I don’t care about democrats, Marxists, repubs, RINOs or libertarians either. It’s all the same “we gotta have government but just a different kind” at every election which always leads to and always will give us the master-slave relationship. Guess who the salves will always be?

    • Amen, Tom –

      It is up to each of us to save ourselves and to protect those who depend on us. If each of us did that, then government would become obviously unnecessary and “whither away,” as the Communists say.

  8. I’ve never understood the obsession with some grand, over-arching conspiracy, rather than a the outcome of random acts of nitwittery.

    • Really?!? That’s more than a bit naive. Read Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket or the Rhodes Trust documents regarding its goal to restore the British Empire.

  9. I always get a laugh out of these bozos who insist Orange Fail is playing “4d chess” when he probably can’t even play checkers.

    • Yep. I often go to the Q sites for a laugh and to show that I’m not the craziest person out there. My favorite one is “You’re watching a movie!” God, I hate that. Tell that to all the J6 people rotting in prison, the thousands who lost their jobs because they wouldn’t take Trump’s vaxxes.

    • Cary,

      Former presidents have lifetime SS protection and do travel in motorcades. Do you think Trump is still president? That there is an “operation” going on? That Biden is not president?

      PS: I deleted the ad hominem portion of your post because it adds nothing to the discussion.

      • Former Presidents aren’t also hounded by the administration that succeeds them. While I can commiserate with some of your complaints against OM, what’s been happening to him is utter bullshit, and not merely for his sake, but for the integrity of our Government. We’ve descended to the level of a banana republic, where at least we get bananas, i.e., USEFUL produce.

        • “but for the integrity of our Government”
          Governments don’t have any integrity, by definition. “If you don’t obey we will kill you” is their very foundation.

        • Indeed, Douglas –

          No argument from me on those points. At all. The kangaroo-courting of the Orange Man is what the Left does – and it’s dangerous and execrable. But will OM do anything about the Left, if he manages to get selected? That is the question, I think.

          I am sick unto death of talk.

          • Unfortunately, it’s so much worse than what’s being done to the OM right now. Ask yourself, has any other former president been subject to the buffoonery and persecution OM has??? Endlessly charged on fake/made up criminal charges in multiple jurisdictions, twice on trial by CONgress & acquitted. (((FedGov))) is simply doing to OM what it wants to do to every single US citizen who disagrees with it, and is using OM as the trial balloon, to gauge public reaction as to what it can get away with doing. What the future brings, I don’t know, but I’m certain it will be much worse than what’s going on now, so I advise everyone to have a plan B, C and D, plus an exit of the US strategy…if you want the optimum chance of survival. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, but hope is not a good planning stool, and it can get even worse than you can imagine!!! But they and get ready anyway…. Good Luck!!!

  10. It’s hilarious! That they somehow see the former-Democrat NY real-estate developer rent-seeker who was always content to be cozy with the liberal NY-NJ libtard political machine as some patriot-savior of baseball and apple pie…

    It literally boggles my mind that anyone could have their head so far up their rectum so as to be able to ignore the most glaringly obvious reality that is plainly before their eyes, as if illuminated by spotlights and neon signs.

    This is nothing new though. Look at how so many idolize JFK.

  11. I am very happy Eric is bringing this “pie in the sky” baseless hope in Trump to the conscious forefront. IMO Trump is going to prison, and I will explain in detail why. See the posted link to my latest unz comment.

    quote: “The danger lies in disbelieving everything – and believing in hopeful absurdities. For instance, that Trump is at the center of an intricate operation that has been in process since before the 2020 selection”

    Trump allowed Fauci to roll his presidency, and did not fire him. He did not anticipate his opponents next moves and allowed vote tampering – that resulted in his defeat. He praises Israel while being rolled by the deep state Zionists. What a damn fool, unless Trump is role-playing – acting out a script, a clown in political Kabuki theater – he was a greatly ineffective president. He pissed (((them))) off and now he is being railroaded in prison. I read his sentencing date is just days before the Republican National Convention.

    The fix is in. Trump is being eliminated by a well oiled Leftist Zionazi regime. My latest comment on Unz detailing what I consider to be the real politik:

    IMO it is way worse than you can even imagine. The Neo-Bolsheviks have taken control of the asylum.

    I believe the David Knight show to be on the Alex Jones network? Anyways, be careful Eric, AJ is on their target list:

    New York comPost – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones sobs and screams while claiming feds are trying to shut down Infowars

    “Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones let out a bizarre war cry and sobbed uncontrollably as he claimed the feds were trying to shutter his Infowars platform.

    The 50-year-old host let the bellowing, 10-second scream rip after alleging — without evidence — that his site was under attack by federal authorities planning to raid his Austin, Texas, studio.”

    The first thing I thought was publicity stunt. Who knows? AJ was sued for a bizillion magic shekels for question the Sandy Hook hoax – which it certainly was – a FEMA drill – the children walking out the door then paraded back in in a photo op, in a school that was shut down. Jim Fetzer (now RBN host) wrote a big thick book on Sandy Hoax – got sued also.

    These Bolshevik style trials are meant to squash dissent to the official MSM narrative. You will believe the lies of the state while your nation is rolled and gutted by the tribe. Our Clowngress has invited the Butcher of Gaza Satanyahu to speak, so far gone is our government they celebrate the very man who swears on destroying us, and is the brains behind 911. Israel did 911 (no Muslims were involved except as patsies) and the Kingpin is Netanyahu.

    quote Netanyahu from Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem:

    “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    Netanyahu holds the record of 34 standing ovations before a joint session of Congress – more than any other sitting president. I am quite sure our elected whores will be clapping like penguins high on crack when he comes to D.C. – the District of Criminals. Trump will be put away. Nikki Haley – the lovely warhead signer will no doubt be elevated as Rep. Candidate.

    You just wait and see folks, they own us, and you think you live in a free country and your vote counts. Ha!

    • How do we know that Trump isn’t part of the big overhauling of the US government? He is the King of Reality TV, is he not?

    • Hi Jack,

      David Knight and AJ had a parting of the ways several years ago over David’s refusal to shill for the Orange Man. I have been a guest on InfoWars a couple of times – although not with AJ himself.

      • Thanks. AJ was certainly a good platform to get the word out or launch a career. David Knight and you are two brilliant minds – a breath of fresh air on what you normally see on the tube.

        You might find the last paragraph of my latest post on Unz of interest:

        “Back when I was in high school, my dad told me the FBI briefed the executives of the Fortune 500 company he worked for that Jimmy Carter was going to win the election, this happened months before the 1976 election. Jimmy Carter went door to door announcing he was going to be the next president – because he was told he would be. That is how it really works in Fascist CIA controlled Amerika. Elections are a big farce – entertainment for the plebs – and only fools participate. I have never voted because I was told as a teenager it was rigged.”

        My life decision not to vote has been vindicated. We are always told the urgency to vote – to get our guy in – because things are on the precipice. Have you noticed the situation is always on the precipice?

        Trump did get in and things went from bad to worse. I dare say getting your guy in changes nothing. How can a nation 35 trillion in debt, and deficit spending another trillion every 100 days get better? The situation is spiraling out of control, so the idea that you can effect positive change by your one vote, seems to me, at least, ludicrous. Voting is akin to choosing which lunatic gets to run the asylum.

  12. I wonder what the Venn diagram of Devolutionists and Dispensationalists looks like.

    Neither here nor there, but I saw Living Color open up for the Stones many years ago. They were terrific.

    • Dispensationalists are like Devolutionists. The need to believe. Humans, IMO, are an artificially created sentient domesticated slave specie. Humans were created as thinking talking slaves of the gods. Bible Elohim = Anunnaki. The gods were off world humans – we look like them – they created us with their DNA. We are the damned, we should not exist but we do, so we have an innate need to believe in either being the chosen ones or being saved. It is utter lunacy for sure, and what drives the Apocalypse.

      Anyways, humans, being aware they are alive, do not want to die and not exist. Facing a meaningless life of wage slavery, they need to believe this life is a test, to suffer and then get eternal life, in the next life (which is an intellectual fantasy). This belief in the end times and Jesus coming again is the core reason why Christians support Israel. Note that the Christian Trump supporters are also believers in the myth, that you can live forever, if you only believe in the one true Jewish carpenter. Believers got to believe, and it is a potent force. IMO belief could resurrect Trump. No shit. Belief is the most potent force in the Universe. And it does not matter if it is true or not.

      The Zionist Christians, like Zionist Trump, will not turn against Israel, even while Israel is bleeding us for their genocidal wars, and defaming us on the world stage. Amerika gets nothing from Israel except a black eye and more debt. When was the last time you bought some thing made in Israel?

      Israel floats on a sea of belief. The Holy Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time, fiction from cover to cover, yet Israel exists and is being supported and animated by billions of believers. This belief in Israel is a serious collective mental illness and is causing the horror show. Never forget that belief is causal to all this horrific death and destruction.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I fired one of those got-damned Desert Eagle .50s once. Jesus Christ! You need the grip strength of a Titan to keep that thing on target!

  13. Devolutionists, is that what they are calling themselves now? They were Q-Tards before because “Q” was the one doing the “drops” of intel. He was an intel community ‘insider’, very close to the levers of power and was the one getting everyone riled up about this X-Files level stupidity.

    I guess be associated with “Q” had a bad taste so they rebranded as Devolutionists. Same retards, different name…

    • Indeed, I think most of these people are controlled opposition. I’ve never met anyone IRL who thinks Trump is the real secret president running things.

      • Hi Brandon,

        I know one. He’s my oldest friend of almost 40 years; we’ve known each other since we were kids. He’s a great guy – and not an idiot, unless idiots can run their own successful contracting businesses. And yet, he thinks Devolution is real. Sigh.

        • That’s very sad Eric, I know what you mean though. I have met people who are experts in their craft, can hold a conversation, but have this huge blind spot when it comes to politics. And this system generally. I can tell when talking to them that they’re simply repeating what their news source has told them (I’ve been guilty of this, but I like to think that I can think for myself now).

          Remember how election 2016 started in summer of 2015? And the ENERGY in the air? And now, for 2024, we’re 5 months out, and it’s like, who the hell cares? If Biden wins 2024, elections are assuredly fake. If Trump wins 2024, then elections are REALLY fake. Same as 2020 election, no changes, but different outcome? Fake and gay, as you say today.

      • It works both ways. I personally know a raging leftist Democrat who thinks Trump is secretly running the country through his proxies and which, according to her, is why the country is in such a mess right now.

    • Q was either a couple of geeks in their mom’s basement, pranking the MAGA folks, or, more likely, a Deep State psyops to string the same bunch along without taking any action.

        • Unfortunately, the reality is that brandonjin is probably the closest to the truth, regarding the ongoing slow motion train wreck in the (((FedGov))) today.
          But, like the Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times, ” we certainly are in those right now, for better or worse and we will find out it’s like a double edged blade, on that we’re going to get cut, coming and going

  14. Said it before; the human mind needs something bigger than itself to believe in.

    If not God it will substitute:

    Belief in Government as a savior. Devolution seems to me to just be a sub-set of this belief. White hats vs black hats, spy vs spy, etc.

    Atheism / satanism / agnosticism or other types of “anti-religions”

    Climate Change

    Transgenderism / Feminism / sexual identity

    Social justice / DIE / Civil Rights

    Cult of personality / worship of celebrity

    More often than not it latches onto a couple of these in order to give life purpose.

    • I agree with you that most people need something to believe in that is bigger than themselves. They also need hope. Hope really is the beacon of light that keeps mankind moving forward. I think without it we would have perished long ago. It is the feeling that allows us to rise the next day and deal with life’s challenges.

      We all suffer from it. The daydreams, wishes, and potential rewards that make our existence bearable. Sometimes we receive them. Sometimes we don’t.

      The Devolutionists refuse to accept reality. They have created an entire alternative universe to vicariously live through because they will not accept that hope is a feeling based on optimism not realism. Unfortunately, even if one was to show the truth to this group they will rebuff it. Kind of like the GOP’s continued thinking that 2024 is the year of The Red Wave. It didn’t happen in 2018, 2020, or 2022, but the 18th time is the charm, right? I won’t even discuss the delusions shared by liberals…we would be here all day.

    • This seems to be correct. Many have noticed this.

      It seems to be quite strong with the Orange one. He seems to have solidified himself into a messiah for many, unwilling to see the flawed reality in front of their noses.

  15. It’s not the Psychology of Devolution, it’s the Psychosis of Devolution. They simply cannot accept reality, so they make up one of their own. They’re nuts.

    • Interesting that the right has their delusional, reality denying mentally ill, same as the left. Lefty transvestites think they are real women and righty Trump worshippers think he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

      We just have to keep some perspective and know that these are just small (loud) fringe minority groups.

  16. When I was a young man my girlfriend and I would get together on Friday night and watch X-Files. She’d usually cook up a pizza from scratch, we’d have a few beers and miss the ending of the show. Good times.

    When more geeks started getting online I started to see a lot of them posting plots from old X-Files episodes as fact. When called on it (not by me, I had better things to do than play with a bunch of level 6 nerds in their own little hell), they’d double down and say that the producers of the X-Files were in on it.

    As the threads continued the trolls would start posting stuff about “Jews” to get a rise out of everyone. Unfortunately the latest dust-up in the Middle East has brought the trolls out from the shadows, even here.

    There’s always been an inner sanctum and by definition, everyone else. Oh everyone else can speculate, but really no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Until you actually see something with your own eyes, anything is speculation. And every idea is given equal voice online. Even the extremely unlikely scenario is up for consideration. Some people are so caught up in the extreme edge they’ll believe anything. And others egg them on for LULZ. And still others get angry and try to stop them from espousing their views. Unfortunately that’s when they begin to double down, under the false belief that when they’re over the target is when they see the most flak.

    My thoughts on the whole thing is that we live in a very divided world. Not rich/poor or left/right or even urban/rural. No, we have devolved into the basic plot of Animal House. The snobs vs the slobs. The people who own suits vs people who own ONE suit that doesn’t fit anymore. People who travel vs people who own a bass boat.

    And the snobs don’t really care where they live, only that it is easy to get away. So they take jobs that suck, in cities that suck, so that they can hop on a plane and go away from both for a few weeks a year. The slobs, the ones who often live in the places those people visit, they don’t understand why anyone would want to live like that. They hate flying anywhere, don’t generally use all their vacation time, and spend their weekends and holidays at home, complaining about all the traffic and how the fish are down because of all the boats on the lake. If they were lucky they bought a place near the lake decades ago, because now the prices are bid up so much they’re sitting on a million dollars. They’re upset that the same size house down the road can’t be bought by their kids. They’re upset that the new McMansion is a huge ugly mess and screwed up the drainage. They’re mad that the town is empty 50 weeks a year and the old restaurant can’t make a profit anymore.

    As for the snobs, well, they need a lot of money and credit to run their lifestyle. And they’re completely dependent on other people for their survival. Business “reward” their loyalty with points and upgrades. And that loyalty means they are very sensitive to brands and familiarity in retail. Starbucks vs taking a chance with the local roaster. Because at least they can get their card punched for a free laté next month. Access to the lounge for “free” junk food at the airport. Bigger rooms and free nights. Concierge service. They get used to Uber and Yelp recommendations and checking in. They’re easy to market to, because the marketers are their people. They get suckered into overspending on weddings and events because that’s what they’re used to. So more credit, more spending, climb the corporate ladder. Oh don’t get me wrong, the lifestyle is pretty nice if you can keep up. But then they go home to their one bedroom apartment with the busted stove and noisy neighbors.

    Anyway that took a turn…

  17. The only devolutionist I remember was from the 80’s with the rock band DEVO wearing planting pots for hats. *Crack that whip*

    Trump is a deeply flawed man, and he got his ego rolled by Fauci and the pharma cartels to create one of mankind’s worst human experiments ever implemented. That said…

    There is something about Trump that drives the left absolutely mad. In that process, Trump has caused the left to completely reveal whom they are. The left use to portray themselves and helpers of the poor and working class, your average guy’s pol. And…if we didn’t have Trump, we got another Romny or some other RINO to lose gratuitously and take the envelope backstage, this scharde would have continued. However, there is something that Trump has gotten under their skin so bad they have revealed what the Marxist-Democrats are capable of: flush the constitution into a banana republic and willing to commit murder as a means to justify their ends. Those peace-loving anti-Vietnam war hippies blew up an oil pipeline to another country releasing an environmental disaster and have launched drones into Russia because….well Putin helped Trump get elected. We’re on the verge of WW3 over a guy like Trump upsetting their Hillary apple cart in 2016. Now, we are forced with a Hobson’s choice of re-electing a flawed man or allow to continue with these evil Marxist-Democrats.

    If he is elected would just (1) man have the capacity to fix this mess? He had an opportunity before and blew it. However, this time he knows they are *all* out for him and maybe he might make some kind of difference. In the Movie; “The Untouchables” Sean Connery told Elioit Ness that the town stunk like a whorehouse at low tide, and no one wanted him there. To get help they better not go to the barrel but pick it off the tree. I hope Trump lays off 50,000 or more from DC area. Let them have a taste of reality and that’s what they are scared of.

    • The Democrats seem to have been taken over by the Bernie Bros and Occupy Wall Street. They really have no idea how to run a normal campaign, but they do know how to run a guerrilla campaign, with dubious tactics. The delegates and mainstream Democratic party doesn’t seem to care because they like the results. They remember all too well how the Republicans behaved in 2000 and figured that’s the new normal.

    • It’s a recession when your neighbors lose their jobs.
      It’s a depression when you lose yours.
      It’s a recovery when a lot of politicians and bureaucrats lose theirs.

    • That was Trump’s only saving grace, and to be fair, it was a massive one: he forced the Deep State to remove it’s mask. His election in 2016 and Brexit were cataclysmic shocks for the evil bastards who want to rule the world. Trump forced them to go into overdrive. To beat the globalists and neocons, the first thing we have to do is to recognize that they hate us. We should thank Trump for making that happen.

  18. Greek media reports that a flight officer of the Greek Air Force has become the first foreign flight instructor deployed to Ukraine, as part of preparations to receive F-16s from Western allies. Denmark and The Netherlands have approved Ukraine using its F-16s to strike Russia.

    Since F-16s are capable of carrying tactical nukes, Russia already said that it will regard any F-16 over its territory as a potential nuclear attack.

    One can see the analogy to WW I, where the weapons-bearing Lusitania was dispatched as bait to be torpedoed, creating a cause célèbre to escalate the war and suck in the United States.

    NATO is a malicious doom loop. Trump’s objection to NATO was budgetary — euro-weenies not ponying up enough — rather than existential. As usual the big oaf missed the bigger picture. ‘Joe Biden’ spends most of his day watching cartoons as drool runs down his chin. The sinister MICIMATT cabal that actually runs the US fedgov is doing everything possible to launch WW III before any election can be held to stop them.

    A nuclear exchange between NATO and Russia could ruin your whole day.

  19. A few days after the banana republic’s kangaroo court convicted Trump, the inner circle stopped Scott Ritter from going to a conference in Russia by confiscating his passport. Ritter is not a practitioner of the states’ goodthink.

    Guessing the potato took his marching order from the midget empower of you-crane.

    • ‘Because of a previous conviction, Ritter is required to give 21 days notice to authorities about foreign travel plans. And yet they waited until he was literally sitting in that plane before sending in security to pull him off and seize his passport. That is where the spite come in. And apparently Ritter overheard how his luggage was loaded aboard last because luggage handlers got the word and put it where it could be pulled out straight away. I think that Ritter himself called it an ambush and I would agree with this assessment.’ — The Rev Kev, in a comment posted at naked capitalism

      So it was ‘all legal.’ 🙂

  20. My money says this is nothing more than a psy-op by the Effa-uh-Beeuh-Eye and other nefarious SOB’s. How many “informants” are in on this little charade? And, how much money is changing hands?

    Something this convoluted could only be dreamed up by GovCo. It’s then rolled out to some rather clueless boobs that “want to believe”. How many times have we seen this? Oklahoma City, Charlottesville, Michigan Kidnappers, “terrorists” that are going to attack a military base with RC planes you can buy at a hobby store and the list goes on and and on and on.

    When to the guys in the blue windbreakers swoop in and “save the day”?

    If this isn’t a plot orchestrated by GovCo they’re sure doing a good job imitating one.

      • No, no, no, Jimmer. The See Aye Eh is only involved in overseas operations, they never do anything domestically. It’s in their charter. They’d never go beyond their stated mission.

        “Stick around for more comedy after these propagandistic messages…”

  21. ‘This is what those who believe it call “Devolution.”’ — eric

    Jack Straw comes across as a deluded goofball, claiming vast knowledge he doesn’t possess. Such flakes are a colossal waste of time. The stuff they make up is not coherent even as fiction. Ol’ Philip K Dick, in VALIS (1981) makes Jack Straw look like a retarded third grader, laboriously printing block letters in his composition book.

    But I do believe that the world is becoming less stable:

    ‘Israeli airstrikes near Aleppo, Syria, in the early hours of Monday killed a general in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps who had been deployed to the country as an adviser, according to Iranian media reports.

    ‘The Iranian was identified as Gen. Saeed Abyar by Tasnim News agency, a media outlet affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards. He was believed to be the first Iranian to be killed by Israel since the two countries nearly went to war in April, after Israel bombed Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus, killing several commanders.

    ‘Iran retaliated, attacking Israel with a barrage of 300 drones and ballistic missiles, after which Israel attacked an Iranian military base with a missile.’ — NYT

    State terror. Assassinations. States and sub-national groups lobbing missiles at each other. This is low-intensity war, with an excellent chance of flaring up to high intensity. And ‘we’ helped! 🙂


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