Latest Radio: Freedom Hub 06/09/2024

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Here’s the audio and video of yesterday’s get-together with the hosts of the Freedom Hub! We talked about how cars are being turned from freedom mobiles into cages designed to restrict our freedom – and some other stuff, too!

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  1. France, like California, is at the front of elite agenda shock wave. Macron is a Rothschild cutout, a selected whore to sell this agenda of electric cars under the climate change false narrative. Just before the election, Macron says Europe is at war with Russia. I am sure that went over like a Lead Zepellin.

    In France, votes still count, and Macron just suffered a humiliating defeat. Immediately the Left organize protests against the winner – the “far right” Nationalists – who are resisting the insane agenda shutting down farms and war with Russia. Never does anyone say the insane agenda is why voters went with the nationalists – against the globo homo agenda.

    The French news says Russian bots turned the election to the right – the neo Nazis. But Russia is against Nazis. Putin says Russia does not interfere in foreign elections and I believe him. Russia does not want “far right” nazi parties on its border. Russia fought the invading Nazis in WW2. Stalingrad. Claiming Russia is fomenting nazi parties is coocoo for cocoa puffs.

    Macron viewed himself as a god, untouchable, so the loss is hard for him – and no one picked up on the OMEN he would lose when on D-Day celebrations, standing next to him, pres poopy pants crapped his pants live on stage to the horror of his handler wife Jill.

    Macron married his mother – and older women, his grade school teacher. I said he married his mother many times blogging, but then I find out Le Monde does this 3 year investigation and Bridgette is really a tranny, a man, and no less than his bioiogical father.

    You may find that hard to believe, but Michelle Obama was also a tranny, Big Mike, born Michael Lavaugn Robinson – a homosexual who dated Barak Obama in high school, and friends with a young Bill Gates no less. Michelle was not outed until Obongos 2nd term by Joan Rivers, who died 2 weeks later. Just a coincidence like Vince Foster.

    Then we have pop star goddess Taylor Swift, another male, who in her latest concert showed her fake baby bump (a prostetic trannies wear to make it look like it they are pregnant). TS can not get pregnant, neither can Michelle Obama or Bridgette Macron. Any kids are fake. But we live in a world full of fakes and gays. Fake women who are really gay males.

    Today in a public setting I crossed paths with a man pretending to be a woman. I asked “her” in a short conversation if “she” liked Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs better (feigning a conversation about breakfast cereals, lol). I thought I was quite clever.

    I pity poor Trump. Won the last election, would win this one too, but I believe they are putting him away. Just 3 days before the Rep Nat Convention he will be marched off to prison, then Nimrata elevated to the R nominee. That could cause the nation to explode – which is why the White House now has an unscalable fence.

    You all just wait and see – nothing you think, say, vote, do matters, you are owned, property of the state. They will blow up the world before they ever give up power. It is way way worse than you think. Amerika is a bad place where bad people do bad things – like genocide.

    And you all remember I said Biden’s pier was a trojan horse, well Navy Seals inside Food Aid trucks attacked Gaza killing over 200 to free some Jew hostages. YJ right again. I always assume the worse therefore I am always right. The people in charge are worse than Satanists, they are literally demons.

  2. Another great interview! What I find frustrating is that all of this nonsense is happening SOLELY due to peoples false belief in the mind-virus known as ‘authority’.

    I’ve no right to tell you how to live your life, nor do you have a right to tell me; but somehow when people ‘vote’ they’re able to grant magical powers to bureaucrats that then enable the government workers to rule over us? Am I missing something?

    • One of the many reasons I don’t vote. I will not be a party to my own enslavement. I honestly believe this is the product of public education. The longest running and by far most successful psiop.

    • quote: “I’ve no right to tell you how to live your life, nor do you have a right to tell me; but somehow when people ‘vote’ they’re able to grant magical powers to bureaucrats that then enable the government workers to rule over us? Am I missing something?”


      What you are missing is the idea you have the right to transfer your personal authority to a third party, the government. Voting may be the most evil thing you can do, so says Larken Rose in this infamous video:

      If you vote, you give your authority to a criminal enterprise to use force. Most people will not murder, but they vote for murderers. Most people who voted for Biden would not murder anyone, but criminal Biden has used his authority in a huge government complex to send money and weapons to Israel used to murder tens of thousands woman and children.

      Voting makes that possible. Voting makes government murder legal. Voting is making the Gaza Holocaust a reality. You wouldn’t drop bombs on innocent people, but government workers will.

      As far as the government push for electric cars. The government wants to force you out of a car, why? Because they believe the climate change psyop. Governments attract criminal minds who are willing to use force to change things.

      Innovative people and the free market gave us personal automobiles. Governments using false narratives about global warming want to take your cars away. Voting makes that possible, and indeed the Left will use the climate narrative to attack any Libertarian or Right winger who wants to keep their car.

      Trump is a popular candidate who is not onboard with the climate narrative – you may want to vote for him to save your car – but it is unlikely (((they))) would allow such a candidate to even be allowed to win, or even on the ballot. Thus IMO Trump is probably going to prison for life. Once again, you will find out that your vote doesn’t matter.

      The only thing the government respects is force. The only way to save your car to is force the government and it’s agenda to stand down – and voting has been negated. Thus your choice now is to submit or fight for your freedom – but people are wealthy fat and happy and will not bring arms against the state – thus we are in for hundreds of years of repression – many generations of serfdom.

      • Let’s break down the term government. Govern-Ment is derived from the Latin verb gubernare (control) and Latin noun mente (mind); it literally means control-mind, or mind-control.

        Voting constitutes no legally binding agreement; you can’t file a complaint against an elected official and expect to win a lawsuit because they violated their campaign promises…you wouldn’t be able to prove they legally represent anyone. Voting LITERALLY doesn’t mean shit. Like George Carlin said, ‘The only different between you going to the polls and voting; and me staying home and jerking off is at least I have something to show for it.’

        The whole difference between ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ is another conversation. You can legally do anything; but the question is…is it moral?


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