Monday, February 6, 2023
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Can You Read a Sidewall?

What do all those numbers (and letters) really mean? Here's a short primer on tire-related terminology  that should help you get to know your four friends a bit better: * Contact Patch -  As...

New Cop Cars Blend Into The Crowd

For decades, it has been pretty easy to visually pick out cop cars from the crowd. Even without a radar detector, alert drivers knew to slow down when they saw a Ford...

Which Matters More: Reputation or Warranty Coverage?

Two of the factors most people consider when shopping for a new car are its overall reputation for quality and reliability (as well as that of the company which built it)...

How Technology Killed Toyota

Toyota's troubles with run-amok cars is apparently related somehow to the drive-by-wire throttle control used in models like the Prius hybrid. With drive-by-wire, there is no physical connection between the gas pedal...

Roll-up windows work just fine for me!

I have two "modern" vehicles - a '98 and a 2002 Nissan Frontier pick-up. Both basically identical except one is 4WD (manual control, part-time) and one (the '02) has intermittent wipers. The...

The Extinction of Affordable Tires

Have you noticed how expensive tires - even basic tires - have become? Your run-of-the-mill radial now runs close to $100 (less mounting, tire stems and all that). It's easy to drop...

How to Bleed Brakes

“Bleeding” the brakes just means purging air from inside the lines, master cylinder and wheel cylinders. If the brake pedal feels spongy - especially after you’ve done brake work that involved...

Pros and Cons of Alternative Fuels

At the dawn of the automobile age, gasoline was the up and coming "alternative fuel" - vying with electric batteries and steam power. Gas ultimately won out, of course. But now...

Car Buying Tips You May Not Have Heard About

Search around the Net and you'll find page after page of car-buying tips; many are good - some you may already know. Here are a few that you might not have...

A Better Way To Save Gas … ?

There's an easy, uncomplicated - and entirely voluntary - way we could cut our gas consumption by a third our more, without federal fuel efficiency dictates or pocket-picking gas tax hikes. All...
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