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Reader Question: Two at Once?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Phillip writes: I managed to curb scrub the right rear tire of my 2013 Honda Accord, putting a small tear into the sidewall....

Reader Question: Intermittent Starting Issue?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply!  Derrick asks: I know you're into classic Pontiacs so I figured you'd be the guy to ask about a problem I'm having with...

Gas Saving Reality Check

Everyone's jumping on the "how to save gas" bandwagon - understandably. It's on everyone's mind. But that doesn't mean you ought to believe everything you read. For instance, there's the bogus: *...

Five Winter Car Essentials

What's the best car for winter driving? It's one of those questions with no one size-fits-all answer. But I'll tell you what I think makes for a good winter car: * It's older...

What The Car Salesman Won’t Tell You

Car salesmen are... salesmen. Their job is to sell you stuff. Whether you need it or not. Here are some things you don't need - and some things you need to know...

Making it Last . . . So as to not Have to Spend

A great way to save money is to not spend it - contrary to the usual advertising mantra. And a great way to not have to spend money is by doing...

A Tale of Two Idles

Before there were computers in cars, all it took to adjust the engine idle speed was a screwdriver and five minutes or so. You turned in - or out - a screw...

“Gas Hogs”?

It's taken as gospel that pre-modern cars, especially those made in America, and particularly those with big V8s, were "gas hogs." But were they, really? And are new cars as fuel-efficient as advertised? The answer...

Easy to Do . . . But Easy to Forget to Do

Most people - not just car people - know about air and oil filters - and that both need to be changed every so often. But how many people even think about...

Tata vs. Uncle

We may soon have access to affordable new cars once more - if Uncle will allow it. Tata Motors - a major automaker in India - recently announced plans to bring...
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