Porsche Problems

Porsche to Replace Engines of Current 911 GT3 Models Sports car manufacturer Porsche will be replacing the engines of all 2014 model year 911 GT3 vehicles. This is the corrective action derived...

Tubby U.S. Toddlers Too Fat For Booster Seats

At least one out of every six children ages 1 to 6 are too beefy to fit into their child safety seats - and need extra-large "husky" seats designed for proto-Elvii....

Reader Question: Dead Town & Country?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Matt asks: I thought you for sure would be the guy to ask a simple car question.  I'm not as car savvy as my...

2014 Toyota Corolla Walk-Around

Here's a video walk-around of the new Corolla. It is heavily updated cosmetically, especially the interior - which is both much roomier and also much nicer - than the previous generation...

Reader Question: Extend the Nav’s Certification?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Bryan asks: I enjoy your site and currently have a 2016 Navigator L with 108,000. I have it certified to 2027 and 140,000....

Under Water . . . Again

The more expensive new cars become, the less financially rational it is to buy one. But not so much for the obvious reason. The up-front expense of buying a new car is...

A Case of the Flats – and Why

Have you had the problem of a tire that won't hold air? It doesn't go flat outright, just slowly - as the air bleeds out over time. You may not even...

Some Car Buying Advice for the Young

Lots of advice online and everywhere else for teens and young people about buying a car. Here's mine, which might be worth something: Only buy a car if you can afford to...
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