We’re Almost There Now

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Now we can’t lawfully speak or peaceably assemble. Not within earshot or sight of those who rule us, at any rate.

HR347 – the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act is now “the law.” (More accurately, an updated version of the Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich. The phraseology and cadences are becoming so familiar, aren’t they?)

It codifies the federal government’s practice – ever since the days of The Chimp – to shunt protestors into what Judge Andrew Napolitano rightly calls No Speech Zones and more,  expands on it – criminalizing mere speech, mere peaceful assembly, if it “impedes or disrupts the orderly conduct of government business or official functions” – as defined by the agents of the federal government. The language is so sweepingly vague it amounts to carte blanche suspension of the First Amendment whenever and wherever the government so decides.

Heckling – or even standing silent with a protest sign could and will be construed as “impeding” and/or “disrupting” the “orderly conduct of government.”

And the punishments for transgressing the new befehl are severe: As much as ten years in prison and an unspecified fine. The minimum sentence is up to one year in prison and an unspecified fine. No more plastic handcuffs, temporarily fitted – a short ride to the pokey and a misdemeanor fine (even that is an outrage, of course). Henceforth, “offenders” will be facing life-changing hard time. Even a month or two in the clink is enough to result in the loss of one’s job – and with that, the cavalcade into destitution begins. A year in jail and it’s over for most people. Ten years? For “impeding or disrupting the orderly conduct of government business or official functions”? In other words, for heckling a pompous politician? For denouncing ObamaCare? For causing Obama (or Romney or any of the other front men) to see or hear  dissatisfaction with their rule?

Yes, indeed.

Rapists are treated more gently. Of course, rapists – and murderers – do not offend against the state. It is a key thing to grasp. They merely trample upon the rights of other people. And they – the people – don’t matter.  As George Orwell’s Winston Smith explained in 1984, the real crime is political crime; i.e., dissent. In his dystopia, ordinary criminals were likewise treated almost kindly – relative to the consequences that awaited Thought Criminals such as Winston Smith.

And soon – and now – us.

The chilling effect this will have on (formerly) free speech will be extreme. How many will dare to say anything – to even stand on a street corner – in the face of this? Which is precisely the object of those behind the new law.

This is a history lesson in process.

People often ask, couldn’t the Germans see it coming? Why didn’t they do anything?

Well, why don’t we?

We’ve already surrendered our (former) Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights. We are subject to random – and thus, utterly unreasonable – searches. Exactly the same as was done to Germans in the ’30s and the Soviets for most of the 20th century. And we’ve accepted it on the same grounds – “safety.” We must Do Something about dangerous drunk drivers. And what we did was give up our former right to be searched only after we’d given cause to suspect a crime had been committed (or was about to be committed) by us; i.e., by a specific individual – not just anyone or a member of some vaguely defined group (e.g., “motorists” or “air travelers”) based upon specific probable cause, usually supported by a judge-issued warrant. Now that’s all out the window. And thus, we may be searched whenever, wherever – without even the pretext of probable cause. Now 80-year-olds and five-year-olds must submit to having their crotches palpated. Armed goons are at liberty to detain us and demand “our papers” literally anywhere. We are not even safe and secure inside our homes. The armed goons can bust right on in – and if we do anything other than go immediately limp, we are guilty of “resisting” and can expect to be Tazered or shot, then charged and prosecuted. All in the name of “officer safety,” of course. The officers can’t be too safe. Check Vons Ad and Jewel-Osco Ad. We expect no less of these heroes. (Notice here again the verbiage that echoes through the ages: Deification of the goons with guns, in blue and black suits – and cammo, too. And the iconography – the wearing of the symbol of the partei on every official lapel. )

We are now required under penalty of law to provide evidence that will be used against us in a court of law. Not merely information, either. Our physical bodies may be thrown across the hood of a cruiser and our bodily fluids extracted as evidence.

Because some people bought into the argument that this sort of thing would make us “safe.”

Well, how safe do you feel when you see a cruiser in your rearview – or a “safety” checkpoint up ahead?  When your most intimate areas are being fondled in public by a complete stranger? When you are forced to throw your arms up in the humiliating “I surrender” pose?

How safe do you feel knowing that you are subject to being stopped at any time, having done nothing to warrant it – and if you resist in any way, you will be thrown face-first to the pavement, hog-tied and charged with a “crime”? That even your own home is no longer inviolate?

And now, you cannot even complain about it without risking a year (or ten) in the slam.

Where did we think this would end up? That is, where did those among you who endorsed all these things expect it would end up?

Well, we’re almost there.

Throw it in the Woods?

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  1. In this brave new Social Justice World, everyone is beautiful.

    Women and men can both work. Turn your children over to strangers or let them be latch key kids. There’s no negative consequences. Everybody wins. We are in a post-sexual utopia. Women are exactly equivalent to men. There is no difference. Men need not take any responsibility for this. Just call women feminist commies and don’t address anything or change your ways one bit. It will all be fine. No child is ever left behind. We are still the greatest nation ever to have existed. It couldn’t be that we are just as delusional as any North Korean but why dwell on the negative. Just think happy thoughts and rationalize your dangerous apathy by calling yourself a helpless victim.

      • I think you’re right. That’s evolution for ya, though. Kids born with that condition will adapt and find a niche in the world. Or die out and not pass on their genes.

        Part of being Red Pilled is going there. Especially on the internet. That’s a real person somewhere. They deserve every chance everyone else does to be sure. But this whole false reality that’s built around “handicapped” and them being special and brave. It doesn’t help anyone if its forced and fake. You can’t cheat reality, you can only cheat yourself and others.

        That’s why I take the mantle of the Deplorable, and go all the way with memes and “outrageous arguments.” It’s a tool to get people to processing reality. And stop concentrating on the holographic spectacles.

        The oppressed can have friendship, which is one thing a tyrant cannot have, while friendship between mundanes is what unites them in struggle against tyranny. The tyrant can only have sycophants and enemies, no friends since they must be equals.

        A voluntary society based on friendship between mundanes is not based on coercion and the privilege of one, or a few, who control the state.

        Friendship itself contains the idea of a good that benefits at least two people, so undermining the idea that we can only have a form of power seeking individualism unconcerned with the common good of our friends. It is impossible to live a good life while violating common goods and natural rights.

        Dobby is a free elf

        • Amen, Tor.

          I have great sympathy for the handicapped. But they are just that – handicapped. To ignore their handicap, to pretend it doesn’t exist (or impose problems on them and others) is a species of fatuity that rankles my nose hairs. Reality is. It often bites. But to pretend it’s not in no way lessens the bite.

  2. Oppression is tested on the powerless and then executed on the masses.

    Goodbye Uncle Tom. Italian film about colonial powers using the United States to breed various mixes of subservient races. In a given batch of slaves an alpha was selected and the other men castrated. Just how they do today with corn.

    The key though is never to identify as a victim. Merely ranting about the police state without building a philosophical and objective defense is embracing your servitude. No one is helpless or hopeless.

    Global Warming hysteria is a kind of welfare mentality. It is claiming that those who produce all the things we consume also have an obligation to minimize their effects on the environment. Instead of dignified reasoning of quid pro quo. There is only the wailing of “gibs me a healthy environment.” It’s truly disgusting and pathetic to witness the SJW hordes demanding a better world be provided to them for freeeeeeee.

  3. Just came back to this because of the links on the side of the page.

    Anyone else notice this isn’t used against NWA, I mean, BLM? They block roadways and riot and beat people….
    But we protest fiscal mismanagement, and WE are the ones on a watchlist?

    “The Town Needs an Enema!”
    And we should get off our @$$es and give it to them, good and hard…

      • eric, I think it’s begun to affect my dreams. For some reason, I’ve had some bad dreams lately, last night being the most recent. They all have a feeling of gloom and doom…..and death. Last night was another one of those I awoke from and couldn’t really say what the dream was about but I was really upset with this pervasive feeling of death. I picked up a book and read for an hour to finally lose that feeling. If it wouldn’t have interrupted my sleep later I would have drunk a beer, really thought hard about it.

        So, if it’s something I et, I guess I’d best be off burgers. I say that in jest but a burger is probably one of the worst things I eat since beef is chock full of a plethora of things. Lettuce is one of the most poisoned veggies you can get. I suppose onions are fairly benign in that respect but tomatoes probably aren’t. No telling what’s in Whip but I love the stuff and it’s a pain to make. Buns probably have lots of bad things due to what is sprayed on wheat. We lived Paleo for a year and lost weight and felt better but the wife insisted on flour products and then said I grew up on bread while she didn’t but I’m not the one who has to have bread…..or tortillas……or cornbread although our black-eye peas and cornbread with homemade green sauce is a complete meal for us.

      • eric, even though you hate Johnson, many people including myself see him as one hell of a lot better alternative to what the two party system delivers. To that end the two party system has their private way of depriving would-be presidential candidates of the right to debate even though most private polls show a huge amount of people would vote for the Libertarian party, myself being one. There is no magic to fixing our system but less bad is a good thing. Everything wrong has escalated over time and here’s a brief word from the Libertarian party:

        The Commission on Presidential Debates, a private organization controlled by the Democratic and Republican Parties, relied on rigged polls in its decision to exclude Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson from the second presidential debate, being held on October 9. This comes in spite of the fact that polls consistently show he draws broad support from independents, military personnel, and millennials.

        “By excluding the candidate most popular with independent voters, young voters, and military voters, the CPD is silencing their voices in the political process and showing that they have no interest in educating and informing the electorate,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian Party.

        Johnson is ahead of Trump among millennials and ahead of Clinton among military personnel.

        To justify excluding Johnson, the decision-makers at the CPD — Janet Brown, Frank Fahrenkopf, and Mike McCurry — relied on five fraudulent polls that showed Johnson falling short of their required 15-percent average.

        The CPD claims selection of the polls was based on their “soundness of the survey methodology.”

        But according to Fair Debates, each of the five polls contains at least one serious flaw. For example:

        They start with a survey question asking whether survey respondents would vote for Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.
        They include numerous questions about Trump and Clinton, and only one that mentions Johnson.
        They ask outright whether respondents believe Trump or Clinton will win the election.

        All of these methodologies send the false message: “Only the Democrat and the Republican are really in this race.”

        “It is highly probable that, had the CPD used sound polls, as their own criteria require, Johnson would be polling well over 15 percent, and they’d have no excuse to exclude him from the debates,” said Sarwark. “But clearly, fairness is not their intent. Maintaining their two-party duopoly is.”

        “The CPD calls itself a ‘nonprofit’ organization,” he continued. “But big money is at the heart of what drives the two old parties, which control the CPD and which are bought and sold by special interests. No wonder they want to keep out Johnson, whose two terms as governor of New Mexico proved he’s as impervious to special-interest peddling as a candidate can be.”

        The Libertarian, Republican, and Democratic presidential tickets are the only ones on the ballot in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, this November.

        Johnson has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune (hometown newspaper of Democrat Hillary Clinton), the Detroit News, the New Hampshire Union-Leader, the Richmond Times-Dispatch (hometown newspaper of Democrat Tim Kaine), and the Winston-Salem Journal.

        • Hi Eight,

          If Johnson were at least articulate and intelligent and could explain and defend a principled position, I’d support him. But he’s just another “what works” (as he sees it) Republican and I am done with those.

          I’d rather have Il Duce at this point.

          I even have my fez ready…

          • eric, I just sent you a gritsforbreakfast.com e. It’s about educating the general public in Tx.(28 Million people)vs educating the cops(60,000)say it real fast and it won’t make you puke…..maybe.

            It’s a very good article and the comments are very telling of who is commenting under “anonymous”. Cops don’t want to let that power of life and death and being the upper predatory class escape them.

            They’re all still lined up waiting their turn to give Bush his BJ for making them “god”.

            • Hi Eight,

              I think the wheel is turning.

              The only person I know who still reveres cops is (god help me) my own mother. But everyone else I know – and, for the most part, these are all “solid” middle-class, employed, level-headed people – agrees with me when I talk derisively about the Cult of the Hero and the police state coming into being.

              This is quiet outrage. But it’s outrage nonetheless. They submit and obey, but do not like it and have contempt for the buzzcut dicks hut! hut! hutting! around out there.

              There are of course millions of others – Clovers – who do worship at the shrine of the Hero cop. These people are a problem. They will always be a problem.

              My own short-take opinion is that America is – again – at the point of “divorce” based upon irreconcilable differences. How this shakes out, I have no idea. But it is going to shake out, of that I am certain.

  4. Surveillance States Need to be Opposed wherever there are
    as they are a Threat to Liberty World Wide like the New
    World Order in General

    Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Protest Forever

  5. No wonder I am a genius. Back in late 1968 or early 1969, after informing me that Skilling was going to be including a demolition system with the actual building construction by a different contractor,my fasther told me to get out there and don’t come home until I found something. He mentioned Construction Quarterly and architects’ Digest and a cement/concrete journal. the cement of the WTCs was a new composite with some sort of resins that should still be a hot topic. These journals are found in libraries which would keep old materials in archives.That is all I went on and had a report fit for someone who dealt face to face with the Rockefeller’s WTC teasm.I gave Dad the best I could find daily until things started showing up, including vigorous insider protest and ALLEGED cessation of the procedure. I, thus, got to eat supper daily until I succeeded.Either the Engineering library or the Science stacks library was where I had the most success.You can bet many archives have been stripped for different reasons.

    Many top 9-11 researchers have come in contact with people who have copies of these in scrapbooks or entire copies but they are not coming forward. If you have ever made a living at building homes or larger structures, anything but a preset demolition system is out of the questionsystem is out of the question. The Toronto conference, featuring Dr. Harrit, noted nanothermate as well as the older patented thermite(pat. 1995, Ger.). This is proof that the WTCs I and II were retriggered, since the original system was installed 1968-1972 and nanothermate was not (supposedly) available until 1999.

    As I said before, it took about a week of part time until I came across the above material.This was about a week after I found out from one of the small group that sat down to get the WTCs I and II built. The only one that I know of who quit after finding out about the preset.

  6. Scott, I called Bev Harris a few months ago but she did not remember me. I had confirmed a person who I knew as Bev long ago on the J.Carter for president as being Bev Harris through Pat Taylor, who was congressman Jim McDermott’s office manager in Seattle for years. I am curious as to Bev and Laura. Who are they? I knew a Bev Odion in high school. What and who are Bev and Laura?

  7. Scott,Bev Harris is a wonderful lady who has put vote fraud into an understandable problem with her video ‘Hacking Democracy’. The first Laura that comes to mind is laura Croft, Tomb Raider who wears a Skull and Bones emblem belt buckle and jumps around the room.

  8. BrentP, magazines and books are easier to erase. Other people of substantial military rank and social status know what I say is true. I will get over you, though you probably won’t. Plenty of complaints about why you can’t and other rubbish. Nothing here for me to see. I was there, bobo.

    • You haven’t been to library in over 30 years. This is your argument. You cite it.

      I’ve come across a fair number of people like you online. Those who want other people to do the research for their arguments for them. Sorry no. It is your duty to support your arguments.

      And frankly, I don’t need to have whatever mysterious information is at the end of your vague treasure map of riddles. I already know what I need to know. I saw it when I first looked at the illustrations of the floor trusses. The government’s story should set off the BS detector of every engineer who has ever studied beams, bolts, etc.

      • BrentP–agreed. We can keep going down the rabbit hole; not that that’s a bad thing, I invite everyone to do so.

        But the key to winning the argument with someone who’s not convinced of the inside job is still WTC 7, compared with 4, 5, 6–which were struck much worse than 7. 7, a cantilevered building, came down in its own footprint.

        Segue to towers 1 and 2 coming down symmetrically, in their own footprints.

        Cite the molten steel pouring out before the collapse, and critically, the color of that molten steel–yellow-orange, indicating temperatures far, far in excess of what’s produced by open-air hydrocarbon fires.

        Cite the pools of molten metal still flowing weeks after the collapse.

        Cite the near-free-fall speed of collapse of both towers.

        Etc, etc. There’s PLENTY to go on before you have to start into the specifics.

  9. If human negligence allows the perps of 9-11, Fukushima and the Halliburton/BP alliance that did the DH oil well blow out to continue, we are doomed. It is the same cabal.I am out of here.

  10. Eric, with regard to submitted work, I just added a few suggestions for successful research. your point is taken. i have been called names over this since the late 1960s. Being a researcher myself with the privilege of having a huge library system on a single campus(UW)I perhaps lost sight of the fact that someone else would consider their limited accessibility to such facilities paramount to their endeavor. Lucky me. I will be traveling to the mainland in a few months and will pick up where i left off 43 years ago. The State of Washington issues library cards which enable access at the University of Washington.It is realistic to expect that agents of the Rockefellers purged germaine materials to 911 research from archives. Actual journals are critical. Going through 2 or three years of journals did not used to be a big ordeal. The titles I mention is the best of my recollection going back to 9-11-2001. There are probably six titles listed on the librarians’ reference print out.

  11. The passport for the person who supposedly flew one jet into the WTCs was found on the ground outside the building. He was glad to find out about this later. General Stubblebine’s latest report on the pentagon hit features Hassalblad photos of A-3 Skywarrior parts and Global Hawk cruise missile parts in the pentagon and out on the lawn. Rivet pattern and AA logo placement on skin parts found outside do not match 767 or 757. Two jet engines, one in pieces are found. Both are from an A-3 Skywarrior or Boeing 737 produced from 1969-1970. the two hit moments apart, traveling at very high speed.

    • My questions to this evolving theory of ‘not a plane’ is what happened to the actual flight and the people on board? Was it a complete fiction, including putting people on TV saying their relatives died on the flight?

  12. A Set of Good Questions will be to Ask Candidates where they
    Stand upon the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 and also upon Outrages like Degrading
    Airport Searches and Violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights .

    Candidates that Do Not Listen to the Need For Change in this
    Situation for the Better the Public should Not Support

  13. The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 is Fundamentally Flawed and in Need of Improvement for Clarity of Definition and Human Rights.

    The Definition of what is ” To Impede or Disrupt the Orderly Conduct of Government Business or Official Functions ” can be Defined as

    1) For Someone who is Not a Government Official or Member of Staff to Commit Malicious Damage to Computers , Telephones and Filecases Not Accidental.

    2) For Someone who is Not a Government Official or Member of Staff to Physically Assault without Prior Provocation and Not in Self Defence a Member of Staff or Government Official.

    3) For Someone who is Not a Government Official or Member of Staff to Graffitti or Commit other Act of Vandalism including Urination or Defecation upon Federal Restricted Buildings where such Conduct is Avoidable.

    4) For Someone who is Not a Government Official or Member of Staff to Intimidate Staff and Government Officials.

    It is Not Peaceful Protest Silent Protest Holding a Peaceful Vigil Protest or Shouting Slogans ( Non Violent ) Nor Questioning Police or the Conduct of the Administration or Official Opposition .

    It is Not Asking to Speak to an Government Official about a Matter of Government Policy or Express a Concern by the Respective Enquirer about Political Matters particularly
    Government Policy.

    It is Not handing in a Petition or Letter to the President of the United States The Vice President of the United States of America other cabinet members Senators or Congressmen .

    1) ” Knowingly Enters or Remains in any Restricted Building or Grounds without Lawful Authority to do so ” is defined as Climbing the Fence of the White House or Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America and remaining without Prior Permission or without a Prior Invitation in Writing to Enter from the President of the United States of America Vice President of the United States of America or Senior White House Official.

    This would Not Apply to the Grounds of the United States Congress which is Open to the Public or going to Congress Public Enquiry Areas.

    ” Knowingly , And with the Intent to Impede or Disrupt the Orderly Conduct of Government Business or Official Functions , Obstructs or Impedes Ingress or Egress to or from any
    Restricted Building of Grounds ” Shall be defined any Member of the Public Not a Police Officer Member of Staff or Government Official who

    1) Blocks the Movement of Vehicle Traffic to and from the White House and Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America as well as Individuals walking into the Grounds and Leaving the Grounds.

    2) Behaves in an Unruly Manner such as Throwing anything at Vehicles and People going to and from the White House and Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America including Paint and Food.

    ” Proximity ” is Defined as Immediately outside the White House and Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America to the Pavement Only but Allows the Right to Peaceful Non Violent Political Protest.

    The Burning of Flags and Placards and Throwing anything at the Presidents Residence and Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America is Prohibited as Contrary to Good Conduct.

    1) For Bad Behaviour With A Weapon or Firearm carried and any Body being Intentionally Injured as a Result the Penalty shall be 3 Years with Time Off for Good Conduct through if anyone dies because of Assault then of course it will be Regarded as Murder or Manslaughter .

    2) For Bad Behaviour With No Weapon or Firearm carried and No Body being Intentionally Injured as a Result the Penalty shall be a Choice between 20 Days in Jail or 100 Hours Community Service a Fine of 20 Dollars and a Police Caution.

    ” Knowingly ” only allows the Defence of Ignorance of the Law to those who are Genuinely Ignorant or Suffer Mental Health Problems but a False Claim of Ignorance of the Law will be Regarded as Perjury.

    1 The Term ” Restricted Building or Grounds ” means any Posted, Cordoned Off, Or clearly marked Restricted

    C ) ” Of a Building or Grounds so Restricted in conjunction with an Event Designated as a Special Event of National Significance ” Shall only Apply to the In Auguration of the President of the United States of America at the Congress Grounds and Buildings
    on that Particular Day otherwise the Right of People to Demonstrate in the Grounds of Congress shall be Upheld as 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech

    ) The Term ” Restricted Buildings or Grounds ” means any Posted, Cordoned Off, or Clearly Marked Restricted Area Section ( B ) Of a Building or Grounds where the President or other Person Protected by the Secret Service is or will be Temporarily Visiting ” is Repealed thus Allowing for the Right of Responsible Public Protest Through ( A ) Of the White House or its Grounds , Or the Vice President’s Official Residence or its Ground will Remain for the Security of Both The President of the United States of America and Vice President of the United States of America taking into Account the Right to Public Protest on the Pavement outside both the White House and the Official Residence of the Vice President .

    2) The Term ” Other Person Protected by the Secret Service ” shall be taken to mean Only the Members of Cabinet whose Names shall be Posted for Public Inspection outside the White House and this shall be there for their Protection Not to Interfere
    with the Right to Civil Public Protest.

    These Improvements to The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act are there to Provide Specific Clarity to Uphold the Dignity of the White House and Official Residence of the Vice President of the United States of America and to Balance this Need with the Right of Ordinary People to Exercise their Human Right to Political Protest in a Manner and to present Petitions and Letters to The President of the United States of America The Vice President of the United States of America Members of Cabinet Senators and Congressmen.

  14. Scott, no it hasn’t. Your comment is silly. Lay down and eat from the spoon or get invited to places. Call up Jimi hendrix’ brother, Leon and ask him if he knows me. Look up Ollie Mitchell and see how many references he has for being the best session horn player in Hollywood or anywhere else. Ask him who his house painter has been from time to time for 18 years. Turn off your God damned CFRtv and live.

    Get in line, you say? I have more military people walking up to me than the guy who runs this site, and the news is good on the domestic front. Get down to the library and don’t argue with old people. Did you guys flunk out of high school? If you want to make the grade, get of your butt and get busy. The Net does not have everything copied and much has been edited or replaced. Archives. Do you know that word? Look it up on your Net and Dump Wikipedia for things with integrity or critical truth. Call up construction companies for advice. You need it. I’m tired of dodging attacks by shaved chimps who just want a reason to fling poop.

    • Howard,

      Please nix the personal attacks. This is a place for intelligent discussion, not “your comment is silly” and “turn off the god-damned CFRtV.”

      How is Scott supposed to call up Jimi Hendrix’ brother? Why is that his obligation, even if he has the number?

      You keep demanding that others “research” the materials to back up your statements – then insult them for not doing so. Some, nonetheless, have taken the time to look for the materials you allege exist and have not found them. So, again, it’s up to you to support the claims you’ve made.

      Consider: If I write an article asserting that my Trans-Am gets 100 MPG and then urge you to “look for the documents” – how much credibility would you give my statement?

      Most of us here do not accept the official story of 911. But that doesn’t mean we accept any story. Facts, Howard – not assertions.

      And no more insults.

      • Good. Responses. Contracts were purged. When I was in college, construction journals with their range of publishing dates were in a folder on the librarian’s counter. They still are. Unfortunately the University of Chicago is a domain of the Rockefellers and Chicago’s Port Authority which is a beachhead for the Rothschilds because of Maritime Law’s influence.
        Go by SUBJECT INDEX and dates from 1968 to 1972 in construction journals from this period. I am sorry you never did senior or graduate level research yet. The view is much better up here. Stick with it you shall be rewarded.
        I use Leon’s name because he and Ollie Mitchell are famous people. I bought an amp from Leon in 1972. I talked to Ollie Mitchill’s wife last week. I will not tell you who the amp belonged to if you do not take the pill that enables you to transcend the CFRtv and Bush criminal cabal propaganda being dumped on America by the Rothschilds and the Council on Foreign Relations, a traitorous organization. Look up Leon’s phone number on your computer. Mountlake Terrace, Washington, or his Leon Hendrix.com website, where he happily entertains questions about his brother and sells his own work, which is pretty good. Ask him who he sold his amp to in 1972.
        Construction Quarterly and maybe Architect’s Digest. One magazine discussing the preset demolition was a journal from the cement trade. I have NO time to be lying to anybody about this. The most prominent researchers should be consulted. I do not need to anymore, though I enjoy filling in what little I do not know. Judging from the total lack of info from discovery of sources published during construction, purges have occurred. Judging from the amount of money, scrip, and gold and evidence in criminal cases stolen, putting records on erasable medium was part of the getaway plan, even with computerized journal archives. Word is out and acknowledged about the preset that was retriggered. Original journal copies are scarce. Going straight to the publishers with the potential of meeting a paid accomplice after or before the fact may be the most fruitful course. Investigate as if the punk down the street sneaked into your house and stole a chess piece from the box on a shelf in your house just to make you mad. Now go get it back. A publisher would not be hostile, but he may have received an FBI order to keep his mouth shut, or else. That is why any structural engineer who is also a packrat is a better bet. Or used book store. Collectors may be a source.

        At libraries, use a SUBJECT index in various journals, starting at 1968 and go through 1972. Subject: World Trade Center I and II. Then look up the SUBJECT: “Table of Contents”. Pretend you are in ‘The Pelican Brief’ or ‘I Like Trouble’ and Julia Roberts is making eyes at you. Or stay at home and pretend Lady Gaga is going to call you up. The bad guys have had eleven years to purge all records, and they are paid good money to do it. Every deletion leaves a scar. The WTCs were the largest buildings in the world and big news. Silverstein should be boiled in a forge.The reason why he is not has to do with the bigger picture of the US being economically destroyed by soldiers to the Britannia alliance of the British royal family and The City of London. Israel is the Rothschild’s Jonestown, which serves as a source for mercenaries and a strategic beach head to procure the oil fields of the middle east. The Suez canal, also is a good money maker.
        Again, see jeff Prager’s e-books on why they dropped the WTCs. I say they built them, and Fukushima and the Deepwater Horizon self-destructing oil well, to destroy the food production capability of the U.S..

        If the bad guys purge before we document, we lose, but not all.

        • I have done graduate research. In research sources are cited, readers are not chastised and ridiculed for not knowing them or being too ‘lazy’ to dig them up.

          Whatever method you are referring to, it sounds like the method I used in grade school,it is 30 years obsolete. Now maybe a library in a city that has strong at that time but has fallen on hard times since might still have the periodical index books. Card catalogs and other such methods were abandoned over 20 years ago.

          But you have made up my mind with regards to what sort of article this is. An article on the concept of prewired demolition for building to be used at end of life. It does not strike me as odd that such a concept was considered and even covered in a trade publication. The gap is with regards to application, and that is what is going to be missing from the article.

          In other words the typical thing I find at the end of the rainbow of such things.

          At best, a 1960s version of this article: http://www.design4deconstruction.org/pdf/DesigningStructuralSystemsforDeconstruction.pdf

          Complete with ideas like atomic demolition. Other articles in the same publication would likely include how to incorporate the use of flying cars into the buildings.

          When I was an undergrad I found a corner of the library that was open stacks with periodicals from about 1890 to 1950. Hard copies. Originals. I would pull them down and read them. One of my favorite finds was an article on the future zeppelin railways. Lots of ideas are published. It doesn’t mean they are used.

          BTW, your doubling down on conspiracy doesn’t help the original claims.

  15. Witnesses are being murdered or dying of old age. You guys really need to get out more. Look for the references. It is the only way to extract confessions in interviews or street confrontations.All experts using data for logical conclusions agree on at least one thing. it would have been too big a job to wire the WTCs in secret without anybody knowing it was going on.I agree. You should too. So the vaporization of the WTCs leaving sublimated steel and aluminum, thermite chips, nanothermate chips, and atomic isotopes found only where a nuclear fission has recently occurred prove it was not Captain Kirk and his phazer pistol. That leaves a preset system, which I documented from the above listed sources 43 years ago. While the world slept, the cabal murdered thousands of Americans and our military has been abused in the process and they are very angry about it. Millions of middle easterners have died because of lazy no count Americans. What goes around comes around. The military supports Dr. Ron Paul over all others by far. Dr. Paul did not get that support by lying around and sticking his tongue out, nor will you.

  16. Scott, no it hasn’t. Your comment is silly. Lay down and eat from the spoon or get invited to places. Call up Jimi hendrix’ brother, Leon and ask him if he knows me. Look up Ollie Mitchell and see how many references he has for being the best session horn player in Hollywood or anywhere else. Ask him who his house painter has been from time to time for 18 years. Turn off your God damned CFRtv and live.Get in line, you say? I have more military people walking up to me than the guy who runs this site, and the news is good on the domestic front. Get down to the library and don’t argue with old people. Did you guys flunk out of high school? If you want to make the grade, get of your butt and get busy. The Net does not have everything copied and much has been edited or replaced. Archives. Do you know that word?

    • “The Net does not have everything copied and much has been edited or replaced. Archives. Do you know that word?”

      Here’s a word for you Howard; sarcasm. It’s considered both a form of humor and may occasionally be used as a rebuke.

      My Father’s favorite version, when faced with a tirade similar to the one you advance, was “Unclench your feet from the fencepost”.

    • This might seem like a strange question but I’ve only known one other person named Howard Lewis the Third. Is there any chance at all that you once were close friends with a couple of girls named Bev and Laura?

  17. If you were in my class and refused to go to the library with the direction I have provided, I would flunk you. Your own research lacks the depth necessary to question anything. If you had ever built one single panelled wall, you would know the folly in believing over 280 stories of office space ws torn apart, loaded, and repaired in the night with out leaving a trace. each one of these stories is close to the size of a football field. Put on a little muscle with real work if you are weak and get down to the library.I don’t think you are tough enough to leave home for that long on your own. Better yet, take friends to split up the work. HUNT FOR REMOVED PAGES. Search through the tables of contents. That is much faster. It should take one ‘C’ student two hours. You will find articles about building the WTC. Just after those, you will find the articles about the preset. Use the periodicals I supplied titles for.

    • Second warning, Howard – no more personal attacks.

      If the materials you allege exist, then they ought to be available online. Someone ought to have them, have put them into electronic form and made them available, If not – then it’s not the obligation of people here to venture out on some paper chase for materials to back up assertions made by you. They are your assertions. It’s therefore your obligation to back them up. Insulting people for declining to accept your assertions absent more than your X Files-esque assertion that “the truth is out there” only undermines the arguments you’re trying to make. If you have facts, please, present them. Otherwise, all this is just conjecture – which is fine – provided you accept that it’s just conjecture.

    • It’s pretty clear sir that you have never had to research a topic using engineering journals in the last 25 years.

      The UIC library is considered small and the number of journals there would take a person a life time to go through hunting for the vagueness you describe.

      20 years ago I did not need a password to get into the journal article databases. Practically everyone on the internet in 1992 was doing so through a university system. Today, I need a valid student ID and login to do so. I don’t. The system has changed twice for the school I went to since graduation. I have no access to the databases. This means manual searching by title. Fine. you gave two titles. I ran those titles through the collection database. This search is still open. There are no journals of those titles available in any uni library in Illinois. There are a couple close matches, one stops in the 1920s, the other either only existed in the early 1960s or that’s all the libraries have.

      I am not asking for the moon, I am asking for a simple cite as one would put in a research paper. If you were my student you would flunk for being unable to footnote your paper.

      Here, http://library.uic.edu/home/collections/journals see for yourself.

  18. Eh Josh, how can you say the buildings were probably wired after the 1993 attacks. I, personally knew of the preset minutes after Skilling and Associates, the savants who ACTUALLY DID THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WTCS I and II, decided to go ahead, knowing this demolition was going to be added.How many times do I have to say this to you people. Are you glued to your computer? Is your computer your God? You MUST find the same numerous documents I did 43 years ago to know for yourselves. IT WAS PUBLISHED. IT STILL IS. TOO bad everybody wants to be the leader in the computer parade. You succeed in finding the old stuff, they will probably put you on Letterman. Believe me, it is there. Do you know what published means? Archived construction journals. HINT HINT.Move before they all are purged.

    • “Eh Josh, how can you say the buildings were probably wired after the 1993 attacks[?]”

      It isn’t hard. You just put down one finger after another and eventually it appears on the screen in front of you. Then you select the “Post Comment” button and Viola! It gets posted.

      You may want to pull in your landing gear a bit on this one Howard, I was backing you up. As Brent has said several times, if you want to be taken seriously based on references rather than conjecture, name names. For my part, I employ logic and a basic understanding of physics.

      I hope we’re OK?

    • Morning, Howard,

      I’m sympathetic in that I believe there is good reason to be suspicious of the Official Story – however, you’re just asserting things based on your claimed personal knowledge, then urging people to “find the documents” on their own. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof – or at least, proof. No offense intended, but your just saying something’s so isn’t enough. As others have noted, if supporting evidence exists in hard copy form then it surely exists in electronic form. Where? And remember: It’s not up to the people being told UFOs exist to confirm their existence. It’s up to the people making the claim to prove it. Otherwise, it’s just an interesting debate topic.

      PS: Please refrain from the ALL CAPS.It’s juvenile and so detracts from the quality of your posts.

      • I wrote responses to your questions. it is grammatically correct to print a word in capitols to stress a point. My experience with the engineers and preliminary contracts as a 17 year old extended to the knowledge I relate to your readers. I confirmed everything I say to this column. I am on a tropical island where I belong. I have served my country and put several people in prison. At least one for the restr of his life.If you want to carry weight, stop name calling and pretending you are scholar. get to the library and research the times and periodicals. Otherwise you flunk and can continue to pretend you have reached an understanding of pertinent FACTS concerning 9-11 and the preset demolition system that thousands, including Harrit and other chemical engineers are convinced of. The main difference between them and I is, I was there. The actual builders and government could be held liable for massive lawsuits that the New York zionists would be settling. As for as my maturity, I can take it or leave it and I don’t like mama’s boys who call me a liar to make themselves look good. That’s a coward’s cheap-shot. There was no internet, at all when the WTCs were built. Libraries and journals. If you want to get on the dean’s list with 21 credits, you used to have to out work the rest of the class to earn it. Been there. Have you? Get down to the library and look as advised. Be a tiger. Get an ‘A’.

        • Howard,

          I’ve worked as a professional editor – I am a professional writer. It is not acceptable to capitalize (note, not “capitolize”) entire words for emphasis. One capitalizes acronyms in text, that’s all. And in any event, it’s not tolerated here – because it comes across as hysterical emoting. Online “shouting,” if you like.

          Don’t do it, please. I have my finger over the Clover button… .

          “My experience with the engineers and preliminary contracts as a 17 year old extended to the knowledge I relate to your readers. I confirmed everything I say to this column.”

          Your personal anecdotes and mere say-so do not qualify as confirmation of anything more than your saying it’s so. If you can’t appreciate the difference between an assertion and a fact, then this discussion is pointless.

          “If you want to carry weight, stop name calling and pretending you are scholar.”

          Who’s been calling people names, Howard? Not I. You, on the other hand, riddle your posts with personal attacks. See the above quote, for example.

          “…get to the library and research the times and periodicals.”

          Sigh. Once more: It is not my obligation to support your assertions. I am not calling you a liar – that’s your assertion (again). I merely asked that you provide supporting facts. To decline to agree with your assertions, to accept them as factual, absent facts, does not make the people you’re addressing cowardly or foolish or whatever else you imagine them to be.

          I hope you’ll continue posting – provided you are civil. And I’d like for you to try to back up what you’ve said with more than “read the periodicals,” “do your homework” and “stop watching TV.”

    • You do realize that journals are indexed and searched via computer and have been for at least 20 years now.

      Since you apparently know what it is you should be able to find a proper cite very quickly.

      I have done a search at school with a well know architecture program and got no matches for either journal title you gave. Not being a current student I cannot do a more detailed search in larger commerical databases.

      I checked what seems to be the current version of the database I used in the 1990s. Your titles find no exact matches in Illinois university libraries. The close matches seem to have stopped publication well before these buildings were constructed.

      Searching the stacks manually for it will require more time than I have even if I can find a way into them. I doubt students are even allowed these days, but I was way back when and there was no finding something with such vague terms. I had to use computer searches to tell me even where the particular journals were on the shelves.

  19. For the third time, the preset demolition systems installed in the WTCs I,II, and 7 and the Chicago Willis tower were based on a computerized detonation system which measured compression loads on the four corners of each building. THIS IS NOT(I REPEAT, NOT) theory. I was 16 years old and learned this on the same day that Skilling and Associates Engineering had a meeting at our house and decided to go through with the project. THIS IS NOT THEORY. I WAS ASSIGNED by my father to get to the University of Washington library and the Seattle downtown central branch and consult construction trade journals until I found something for proof but not to say to anyone where I found out. I was told not to come home until I found something. That meant a detailed report and spending at least an hour a day until I had built the case to completion. This is a FACT. It took about a week for articles to show up in trade journals, and Seattle and New York City newspapers. NOBODY on the internet has bothered to check and republish relevant periodicals from this time period. This is NOT THEORY. Buck up. We need people strong of wit who have been in tough places to document this stuff instead of turning and running like chickens. Extensive phone calls to our house during WTC I and II construction told of extremely shoddy construction with government inspectors looking the other way. A recent video shows missing bolts in snapped column joints. THIS IS NOT THEORY. I also picked up progress packages every few months from the WTCs I and II as they were being built and was free to review them as the construction progressed. I had been able to read blueprints since early childhood. I still can. THIS IS NOT THEORY. I so hoped someone else was not so lardass stuck to their seat in front of their computer to do the obvious and check whether information was published that these buildings were preset during construction. This is a simple deduction even if you have never built anything. I KNEW ABOUT THE PRESET SINCE THE DAY SKILLING AND ASSOCIATES DECIDED TO PROCEED ONCE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND NY STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INDIVIDUALS MANDATED IT. THE WHOLE OPERATION WAS A CON that enabled the laundering of a reported 200 billion in counterfeit government securities and theft of billions in gold and get a war to steal middle eastern oil going. This was a white collar insider racist genocidal circlejerk, with naive conscientious builders the chumps. The painters did not know what the primer paint was that they were spraying on. THIS ALSO IS NOT THEORY.

    I have published all this stuff in MANY other comments columns but it is too much for other mortals to handle. Meanwhile the slimebags who set the whole thing up(like Fukushima and the DH oil well disaster, both intentional) go waltzing down the street with congress mewling and prancing like the TOTAL POLTROONS THAT THEY ARE, SUCKING AND POUTING FOR MORE TOTALLY UNEARNED CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS FROM CRIMINALS AND WEASELS!!! THIS ALSO IS NOT THEORY. Cut the cord on your CFRtv, vote Dr. Roon Paul for president and dump the Fed and call the British royals and tell them to start MAJOR yard sales and stop the carnage. They are shaved monkeys, vicious and guilty.

  20. This evening I’m watching Ingrid Bergman dancing with some wannaybee in the 1950’s production of “Notorious”, while Cary Grant waits in the wings.

    We were almost there? 50 years later we still don’t get it. Honestly, from the perspective of an educator this doesn’t supercharge a person to perform unnatural acts. It’s like, “Dude! We’ve been saying this shit for a very long time! Were you like at lunch?!”

    It doesn’t really make us feel like throwing ourselves in front of a train. None of us seem to possess the Jesus spirit.

    Go Figure.

  21. Thanx for clarification help, everybody. Just because sometimes I have had to reach into a clogged sewer pipe to pull out rocks wearing a rubber glove DOES NOT MEAN I would drink or go swimming in it. The pipes must be unplugged again.

  22. If you have specific questions for me, state my first name, Howard, before the question. I am real, and there are no embellishments in my presentation. I am very pissed off at momma’s boy America. WE do not want war, but we must clean house and get the monkeys out of the laboratory. Someone let them loose, and they think they are invisible. Please do your homework.

  23. Eric,

    I just want to say one more thing, and then I’m done here for good.

    I started posting comments on this site because I had read your Automotive Atrocities, and I love that book. It’s sitting on the third shelf from the top in my Number Four bookcase right now.

    I like the turns-of-phrase such as the Geo Storm having “as much power as a gut-shot muskrat struggling to escape from a dumpster,” or the AMC Concord sporting its landau roof like “a low-rung mob soldier with a bad toupee.” Good stuff.

    I agree with you that The State is inherently a predator that must be held in check, and your writing HAS helped to convince me to identify as a Libertarian rather than a Conservative, so thanks for that. You showed me I was wrong about a few things.

    But though I read a great deal of history, I have no respect for conspiracists, and I don’t subscribe to rants about Rothschilds or Zionists or international bankers.

    To say that such supposedly ancient organizations exist without leaving any trace of their evil machinations is irrational. It gives human beings too much credit.

    And frankly, some of the comments people have posted on this site are shit-sculpting, shoelace-eating insane.

    I’ve been a pessimist for years, but I think I’m on the verge of growing out of that, God willing. I no longer think the world is a horrible, dark place filled with evil monsters trying to enslave me. I believe my attitude shapes my reality, and that attitude is ever more optimistic.

    Prayer works, man.

    The evil that does exist in the United States is largely the result of incompetence, selfishness and personal ambition on the part of legislators and not a vast, deliberate conspiracy.

    With all of its problems, America is still the last, best hope for mankind, at least until some brilliant nut build and FTL starship and we can get the hell off this rock. I’m here to stay, because no other place comes close.

    I’m not saying YOU PERSONALLY subscribe to these ideas; from what I’ve read you seem to be pretty reasonable. But some of these commenters…oh my God.

    Anyway, I can’t really contribute anything more to these conversations. They’re increasingly depressing, and life is thankfully evolving away from depressing.

    Thanks for letting me be part of the conversation. It really was a lot of fun.

    Chris, signing off.

    • And that “Plop!” sound? That’s the head, going back in the sand.

      Sorry Chris; history is littered with conspiracies, and the banksters’ is the best and possibly longest-running.

      It’s not even a conspiracy. It’s right out in the open, if you care to study it. It’s even been celebrated in the dinosaur media, when you hear them prattle on about the delights of a “technocracy” (a phrase straight from Wells’ book) taking over Europe in the form of banksters from Government Sacks.

      It’s not even a conspiracy. It’s gangsterism, right out in the open. The only occult facet is who runs it, and that’s easy enough to trace through an analysis of ownership.

      Who do you think OWNS all the world’s 150+ central banks? How many countries even had a central bank 100 years ago?

      Cui bono–navigate the capillaries, to the arterioles, the arteries, and you find the Aorta–central banking, which is simply private banking cartels owned by a few dozen unfathomably rich families, acting in their own interest, usurping power by deceit.

      9/11? Sure, there are a dozen competing theories. But for god’s sake, at least admit the official narrative was very badly written fiction.

      Zionism? Meh, take it or leave it. But the overall theme of directed history, and the obvious usefulness of certain groups to a larger narrative, is undeniable.

      That is–if you pull your head out of the sand.

    • Eric, let Chris go. I have been an ASE certified mechanic for 17 years and began as a mechanic while working a large farm in central Idaho in summer 1968. Too bad for Chris in that he has very little idea about the complexities of day to day life in the realm of international affairs. Chess is ot a simple game for a good reason and Machiavelli is bedside table reading for generals and national leaders worldwide. When our mothers told us that we were perfect, safe, handsome(or pretty), and smart, they were lying. I learned this on the football field against guys bigger, older, and a bit smarter. You either learn the game or get smashed or go back home to mom and a disappointed father.i don’t relay conspiracy crap, although conspiracy is demonstrated every time you accept a diet Pepsi as a nutrient. It is poisonous and bad for you, but you were talked into buying it.
      It is your sight, but don’t listen to ANYBODY who tells you that university world and military history does not exist. And do not let anybody tell you that I have not known of the preset demolition systems in the WTCs I,II, and 7 and the Sears(Willis) tower since they were being installed. It would be good for as many people as possible to verify this info and forget pompous candyasses. Every day, many innocent people are killed and wounded in the middle east because of momma’s boy attitudes of Americans. Methylamine sounds like he has seen the tunnel at the end of the light as well. Take the Red Pill and man up and help save the nation or take the Blue Pill and go home and ask your mother to open her blouse.

      • Morning, Howard –

        I have full faith in the notion that the government and those who run it are capable of anything – because I know what they’ve already done. From Operation Northwoods through MK-Ultra, through the USS Liberty through the Rex 84 and Iran Contra (just a small sampling).

        I also know we’ve been lied to as regards what really happened on 9/11 (even the name is very suspicious; did a column about that a few years back). The collapse of WT7 (which for years most people were completely unaware of) for me was clear evidence of something other than “it just happened.” Also the symmetric freefall collapse of WTC I and II.

        But I’d never encountered the theory that these buildings had been “pre-wired” for demolition – in particular, the idea that large (possibly nuclear) charges were placed underneath their foundations in order to create a massive hole into which they’d collapse. I’m not an architect or an engineer, but I have a decent layman’s grasp of technical subjects and enjoy learning as much about such topics as I can.

        No question, something’s rotten in Denmark….

        • Eric, I would very much like to read that column as I have always believed that the “911” — a number that conjures up sirens, EMS vans, and ER visitations in all their frightening connotations — could not possibly have occurred by mere chance!

          Below is an excerpted the slightly massaged text of a post left on SOTT as part of an exchange with a troll…

          Within mere minutes of my being informed of the impact of Flight 11 into the North WTC tower — that is to say well prior to the intrusion of a second airliner into Lower Manhattan airspace — I knew that the Pentagon was intimately and inextricably interwoven into the emerging tapestry of terror. And how did I know? In part, because as a youngster, by the luck of the draw as it were, I resided for 10 years on a military base wherein an important component of NORAD was headquartered. That experience, when combined with my 13 years involvement in the aerospace industry as a vendor of air traffic control avionics, permits me to address with authority that particular aspect of the days’ events.

          It should be remembered that all of the flights allegedly highjacked on Sept. 11 were routine commercial flights, and as such were required, pursuant to FAA protocols, to submit flight plans to that agency in advance. The FAA, in its turn, shares all flight plans with NORAD, again as per requirement. These data contained within these plans include, inter alia, average airspeed, assigned altitude, route coordinates, and ETA.

          Even momentary deviations from any of the criteria will be detected in real time by the FAA’s and NORAD’s terrestrial antenna arrays and by space-based communication, imaging, eavesdropping, and GPS platforms maintained by the Air Force, and the NRO and the NSA, and by our latest spooky satrapy, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Any sustained anomalies will set off alarm bells even if, especially if, the aircraft in question were suddenly to observe RF silence, i.e., disable its transponder. Otherwise the USAF, tasked with securing American airspace, would find itself unable to distinguish its friends — or to extinguish its foes — were the continental US to be suddenly subjected to aerial attack! This surveillance matrix, immane with regard to its scope and its dimensions, has been in place for some decades now. The catchphrase for this omnivorous capability back in the day was “universal air surveillance.”

          (Universal air surveillance, as defined to me by more than one participating scientist, on more than one occasion some four-plus decades ago meant that the velocity and trajectory of any aerial vehicle, aloft at altitudes ranging from a few hundred feet above sea level to several hundred miles above planet Earth itself was subjected to real-time, 24/7 scrutiny! So acute was the network’s sensitivity, that even items as miniscule as the dislodged nuts, bolts, wires, and washers that comprised the flotsam and jetsam of American and Russian endeavors in outer space were precisely pinpointed at all times. The system, as configured in the mid-1960s, could track hundreds of air/spacecraft simultaneously and was, by virtue of its redundancy, considered to be fail-safe. This formidable achievement, attained as it was years before the NSA’s fishnet of spy satellites was established, and decades prior to the deployment of DoD’s GPS array was, not unjustifiably, a point of pride to both its designers and its overseers.)

          Bottom line? At no point were the whereabouts of any of the four errant aircraft left to chance and thus the failure to interdict these airplanes could only have occurred pursuant to orders.

          I well remember laughing to myself when, in the aftermath of the tragedy, a mainstream media organ was queried as to why the wildly deviant flight path of one or another of the doomed planes had proceeded apace — without detection, without interception. The news organ in question, forwarded that query to a gentleman it deemed certified to expostulate on such weighty matters. The Expert replied that the aircraft tracking antenna (as though there was only one tasked with the tracking of the plane in question) was at that auspicious moment unable to detect the deviation because it had — Are you ready for this? — been “facing the wrong way!”

          Say what?!

          What his response implied, but dared not state, was that the lone antenna though fully functional, maintained a fixed position, 180 degrees opposite to that of the aircraft its was assigned to track, and, for that reason, had been derelict in its duties. Of course, as any layman who has ever driven by the vicinity of a large airport has doubtlessly observed, air traffic control antennas are in a state of constant rotation, because the accurate management of air traffic requires the pinpoint positioning of all aircraft in its vicinity at all times, a degree of accuracy, only the ongoing triangulation capability afforded by a rotating antenna can provide. Oh well, at least our Expert didn’t claim that a non-functional transponder was the culprit!

          A Real World Example

          For a “real world” example of the tracking matrix at work, one need only to revisit the sad saga of PGA icon Payne Stuart. When the golfer’s Learjet, which had lost cabin air pressure somewhere over the Middle West and subsequently veered off piste, that deviation was quickly detected and his aircraft accurately located, promptly interdicted, and subsequently shepherded by a brace of F-16s. The fighter pilots were prepared to incinerate the zombie aerodyne were it to assume a downward trajectory that would culminate with its impact into a populated area once its fuel reserve had been exhausted. Suffice it to say that NORAD’s minions weren’t asleep at their CRTs that
          An Ominous Postscript

          On the evening of September 14th, I was visiting a relation in Northern Virginia. Naturally, the events only three days earlier were the cynosure of conversation. A neighbor who was present let it be known that his closest friend worked at the Pentagon, his employer of record being the Office of Naval Intelligence. He further elaborated that on the evening of the 11th his friend, rendered distraught by the tragedy, informed him that on the previous afternoon, his supervisor had taken him aside and suggested that spend the next day with his family as it would be a “slow day at the office.” The employee expressed his thanks for the offer, but seeing as how his wife couldn’t take a day off on such short notice, he might just as well come in himself. Then, almost instantly, his superior’s entire demeanor underwent a startling transformation — at once his posture stiffened, his gaze intensified, and his voice acquired a stern sonority — at which point he was then ordered not to attend work on the following day! The junior employee complied with his instructions and, come the morning, joined the millions of Americans who were glued to their televisions, transfixed by the unfolding events; the awkward exchange of the previous afternoon was forgotten — for the moment. His shock was amplified, in extremis, when it was reported that a third wayward plane had impacted the Pentagon, and that the collision point had occurred precisely where his office had been located!

          Are we to suppose that the ONI official was only coincidentally clairvoyant?

          (I learned, only much later, that the area impacted by the plane had only recently been structurally beefed-up! Way would a low-rise building and none the worse for wear to boot, require structural reinforcement?)

        • You never heard the “pre-wired” theory? In almost 12 years? So much for the usefulness of the Internet as a means of communication.

          It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize buildings of tat size do not naturally collapse in their own footprint. Consider that the tops of the buildings were moving just about 1/4 of a mile faster than the foundations; this is basic physics. Recall the buildings were very tall? Think of the Earth as the hub of a wheel, spinning. The closer you are to the hub, the slower the rotation. Verstehen Sie?

          The twin towers had to be demolished very carefully in order to avoid damaging some of the most valuable real estate in the world when they came down. Yes, they were pre-wired. Most likely this happened on the order of the insurance underwriters that carried the liability policy for the structures, and this probably happened shortly after the 1993 attack on those same buildings.

          Of course they were pre-wired for demolition. No insurance company in its right mind would have done business with the owners unless that was the case. As an exercise left to the Student, why would neither the owners of the buildings, not the insurance company, make this information public?

          • !/4 mile per hour. You meant to say “per hour”. It’s a rate. The first derivative of something called motion.

            Verstehen Sie 🙂

          • Hey Josh,

            I’d heard of the pre-wired theory; the thing I had not heard about was pre-wiring during construction in order to satisfy building requirements (in re future planned demolition).

            The trouble with the demolition theories generally in circulation is – how? How did they get the necessary access? How did they perform this work without people noticing? In “normal” building demolitions, it takes weeks of careful work to place the charges. Etc.

            One point Howard makes that’s interesting is that – so far – no modern skyscraper has been demo’d. And: Would it not be necessary to have plans for doing that? Would conventional methods even work? Or would they just disassemble the building piece by piece?

          • “The trouble with the demolition theories generally in circulation is – how? How did they get the necessary access?’

            It’s a good question, but it isn’t really an important one to answer. There are stories about maintenance crews that visited the site weeks or months, perhaps even years before the event. We can investigate those stories in an attempt to understand who demolished the buildings and maybe even why, but neither answer bears on the fact that the buildings absolutely must have been taken down by controlled demolition. That’s the story being denied and it’s kind of silly since the physics really do tell us, on the very face, that the buildings were demolished using controlled charges. They did not spontaneously collapse in their own footprint; that is physically impossible.

            They should have just come out at the beginning and admitted that yes, the buildings were wired for demolition in the event they posed a threat to the surrounding area. It makes perfect sense, in fact when you think about it, it would be criminally stupid to *not* wire the buildings for demolition. It was prudent, wise, demonstrated foresight, all kinds of positive adjectives. A Very Good Idea.

            Why they deny it escapes me. Someone flew a plane into a big building, threatened its structural integrity and potentially cost the insured owners very large amounts of money. They pulled the buildings. ‘Nuff said. Smart move in my opinion.

    • Hey Chris? You have any idea how boring things would be without you stirring up the mud every now and then? Do you have any appreciation at all pf how valuable your dissenting opinion is?

      Buck up. We may not agree with you but I for one consider your contributions thought provoking even if they do irritate the crap out of me.

      That’s the closest I’m likely to get in any attempt to plead for your continued participation in this lame excuse for political debate.

      • Sorry Eric. This is not a “lame excuse” for political debate. When I read Chris’ resignation letter I became a little upset.

  24. People MUST hit the library archives and scan for traces of article removal or the articles themselves. THEY exist. I hoped researchers would zip up and step away from their computers long enougfh to find this stuff again. I have watched videos of top echelon builders lying andf prancing around the truth and I got disguste. I am surprised at others’ inability to nail liars. NOBODY on the net has bothered to dig up and distribute the original exposure of this irresponsible procedure. Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and other extremely conscientious people have not been able to reach the libraries where this information manifests itself in old trade journals. Rivero is in Hawaii, so he is off the hook. Alex Jones, on the other hand, has some explaining to do, and he is one of the best.
    The criminals who did 9-11 have confronted me with three different shady people with thick Yiddish accents and one even told me they were Mossad. I know Israel did not lead this destruction. It is obvious there were some Israeli mercenaries and explosives experts hired to do some work, but the backing and access was a pure Bush/City of London hybrid. The US gives too much money to Israel for Israel to risk such stupidity. The sworn objective of the European Thule society is the destruction of all Semitic people, jews and arabs and sunnis and muslims alike. All of them. Therein lies the truth of the motive for 9-11. Read Chris Bollyn’s ebook ‘911 Solved’. They don’t like catholic Irish much either and there was a shit load of gold and money to steal. Hundreds of billions of dollars of gold and scrip. See Jeff Prager’s ebooks. These buildings were thrown up to bring down on cue, like Fukushima. Cui bono? What we do know is that blowing up the Fukushima plant is the most STUPID thing any biped has ever done. EVER. Second place stupid was actually building the things. See Jim Stone’s interviews at projectcamelot.com and elsewhere. See the hundreds of videos where NO DAMAGE IS MANIFESTED BEFORE THE WATER HIT. USGS and Japanese earthquake sensors pinpoint the 6.76 epicenter about 60 miles inland and nukes set off shore.
    HAARP and the rest must be understood by the slower among us or history will proceed like ‘Jurassic Park’ where we watch large dinosaurs drag down smaller ones.

  25. The first thing to do is get off the computer and find a large university or city library with construction journals archived from 1969 to 1970. the preset demolition system was also mentioned in The New York Times, the Seattle Times, and The Seattle Post Intelligencer. You will either find articles describing the presets and the radical short-lived behind the scenes campaign to get the practice of pre-loading demolition systems into 50 story buildings stopped, or cut out pages and Table of Contents. All concerned parties are keeping this quiet and torn out or razor cut out pages may be all that is left of many documents. The Sears (Willis)tower was the last skyscraper built in the US for this reason. Larry Silverstein bought it in 2004 with other investors who sold it shortly thereafter as The Willis tower. He knew of the preset at the Sears(Willis)Tower also. He was around for the installation at the WTCs I,II, and 7 back during construction. Whether Silvertein was there for the presets during construction at the Sears(Willis) Tower, I believe he knew. WTC7 was delayed for a number of behind the scenes (including the demolition preset) reasons.

    TV Guides ran the scheduling of documentary called ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ about pedophilia and the Bush cabal. The show was cancelled the previous day and many TV guides in libraries were replaced with a new edition of the TV Guide. They also pulled unsold copies off store shelves and replaced them with the new edition. They did NOT get all of them and the video is still viral, though Yahoo and Google knock the numbers back regularly, like they do with me but not Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, and the Bush cabal. At one time, I actually had more ‘Search results than Bush43 and I was within a couple thousand of Bush41, and I did it without cheating or employees. Keep looking and I swear you will find documentation of the demolition system preset during construction, which was retriggered just before 9-11-2001 to go by nanothermate. It was a fucking stupid and arrogant thing to do.

    • “The first thing to do is get off the computer and find a large university or city library with construction journals archived from 1969 to 1970.”

      Look Howard, first things first. It goes without saying that the entire compendium of Human Knowledge has been completely and accurately transferred to the Internet. Any suggestion to the contrary is downright heresy and should be, in MY opinion, be punishable by death.

      Care to step in line?

  26. When the Praetorian Says: Tax slaves you are, and tax slaves you will remain, what will you say?
    – I’m Spartacus? –

      • “There was a dream that was Rome. It shall be realized.”

        “He was a soldier of Rome. Who will honor him?”

        “Help me carry him!”

        “Now, we are free.”

  27. Very little of what I say will be theory. I documented the Goddmamned preset in trade journals and newspapers back in 1969-1970. Building6 at the WTC was loaded that morning. Find and read the affidavits. I hoped net savants would break with the magic screen long enough to seek out actual builders and trade journals in library archives. Instead,the builders who set this mass murder get a free walk and now are pushing lies that no one was hurt. How is that for looking to get one’s head chopped off? We are supposed to feel sorry for the old EE on A&E for 9-11 Truth because he almost sobs. So does fucking Michael Bolton and I do not believe that schmuck either. Neither did his wife. And don’t give me any crap about ‘healing’. Prisons are there for a reason and Alexander the Great, Pol Pot, Hitler, Julius Caeser, and a bunch of them got too big. New York City and state have both broken away in corruption and fealty to a foreign entity. They cover for the perps of 9-11. Wise up. Congress has mewled and pranced its way into a poltroonistic state of no talent, misguidance, and degeneration.
    The nation is not dead. You have never been knocked on your ass and gotten back up and affected justice in the form of marshall discipline and success. It is fun.

    • All you need to do then is refer to the publication with a proper cite and people will be all over it. However the ‘it’s in the library of congress you go find it’ method doesn’t usually win people over.

      • What do you mean “the publication”. I am half way around the world. Start with the mentioned news papers and ‘Architects digest’ and ‘Construction Quarterly” ‘The New York Times’, Seattle PI, and Seattle times. You lazy slugs have had eleven years to zip up and hit the libraries to confirm this. Hurry up before you get drafted to kill your parents and siblings by Mittens Romney and the New World Order. Be a tiger. cut the cord on your CFRtv, dump the Fed and vote Dr. Ron Paul for president.

        • You are making the library of congress argument. It is not a cite to say ‘go to the library and search microfilm of every building/construction publication from the late 1960s through the early 1970s and find it’.

          Present a real cite. To me you’re some guy on the internet with a wild story. I am not going to waste hours upon hours upon hours of my time and then turn up some popular mechanics fantasy article. And I doubt anyone else would.

          Calling me a lazy slug just reinforces my opinion that you are just some guy on the internet with a crazy unsupportable story.

  28. I have been convinced for 20-plus years now that, so surely as the night awaits the day, a second civil war awaits the American nation. For truth be told, the U.S. has been a de facto military despotism since the late 1930s, and as history informs us — over and over and over again — once the authoritarian impulse takes root in the minds of men placed in positions of great power, it is only a matter of when — not if — the predatory urges vitiate any capacity for restraint. But it is only now, in the aftermath of 911 — the perpetrator of which could only have been the Pentagon — that the Beast so boldly dares to bare its teeth — to stand revealed for what it is: A brute force drama bringing blunt force trauma.

    Prior to the advent of the 1930s, America, for all its flaws, could still claim to be in possession of the infrastructure and the architecture of a republic. The difference between a republic, on the one hand, and a despotism on the other is stark, for it is a distinction of kind; the pair are as dissimilar to the detached observer as, say, a leash and a noose. Those who preside over the reins of republic are expected and will be required to lead by consensus; theirs is not the despotic diktat or the unctuous ukase.

    It is an unfortunate byproduct of the human condition that those quotidian vicissitudes that populate and animate our daily lives too often serve to preempt our capacity to detect and to ponder the implications of exigent political events, the real-time perception of which would more fully inform our social perspectives, and thereby safeguard our future well-being.

    And therein lies the rub — perhaps the difference between the leash and the noose isn’t so easily perceived, as the separation is solely one of degree; that is to say, it makes itself manifest only incrementally and moves to a slower, more generational, tempo besides.

    This sad and sickening state of affairs that today engulfs us did not install itself overnight, but assumed its place and acquired its authorities only in small steps; its beginnings can be traced to the Spanish-American War over a century ago, and over the course of that century, the leash morphed into the noose.

    In his 1950s masterpiece “The Power Elite,” the late C. Wright Mills waxed eloquently about the emerging kultur of soldier worship in the chapter entitled “The Military Ascendency.”

    In 1967, Jim Garrison, also a man of genius, set forth a similarly insightful critique regarding incipient American fascism, a snippet of which is excerpted below:

    “What worries me deeply, and I have seen it exemplified in this case [meaning the JFK murder] is that we in America are in great danger of slowly evolving into a proto-fascist state. It will be a different kind of fascist state from the one of the Germans evolved; theirs grew out of depression and promised bread and work, while ours, curiously enough, seems to be emerging from prosperity. But in the final analysis, it’s based on power and on the inability to put human goals and human conscience above the dictates of the state. Its origins can be traced in the tremendous war machine we’ve built since 1945, the “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower vainly warned us about, which now dominates every aspect of our life. The power of the states and Congress has gradually been abandoned to the Executive Department, because of war conditions; and we’ve seen the creation of an arrogant, swollen bureaucratic complex totally unfettered by the checks and balances of the Constitution.

    I’ve learned enough about the machinations of the CIA in the past year to know that this is no longer the dreamworld America I once believed in. The imperatives of the population explosion, which almost inevitably will lessen our belief in the sanctity of the individual human life, combined with the awesome power of the CIA and the defense establishment, seem destined to seal the fate of the America I knew as a child and bring us into a new Orwellian world where the citizen exists for the state and where raw power justifies any and every immoral act. I’ve always had a kind of knee-jerk trust in my Government’s basic integrity, whatever political blunders it may make. But I’ve come to realize that in Washington, deceiving and manipulating the public are viewed by some as the natural prerogatives of office. Huey Long once said, “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.” I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”

    The Military’s Manic Repressives — Ooh Rah! — Semper Fi!

    In the here and now of 2012, the “dark” and “speculative” ruminations put to page by Mills and Garrison have proven prescient, no?

    For over the course of three generations, the Pentagon’s malevolent militarism has: 1) encrypted our history; 2) enfeebled our ethics; 3) commandeered our manufacturing capacity; and, worst of all, 4) conscripted our intellects; any one of which encroachments bestows the kiss of death on any nation that permits their persistence.

    Venite Adoramus

    How many Brownshirt Christophiles might we suppose have pondered the phenomenon of the Mercenary Intellectual — that servant/savant of meurtre en masse? And how many flag-monkey patriots really care to know that eight of every ten physicists outgassed yearly by our universities will draw a bloated paycheck from the Department of Death only mere minutes after chucking their mortarboards? Or, that the bulk of them, having pledged allegiance to the Force Majeure, will incur no emotional levy, endure no crisis of conscience, once having done so; but, au contraire mon frere, will be pleased as punch with themselves, having attained that sublime status reserved exclusively for those High Priests of the Beast?

    The DeathStar’s Lumiere Morte

    The litany of inquisitions imposed here in the Homeland, incidents of which accrue daily, persists and proliferates because of, and in concert with, those impositions — no lesser in their numbers, or in their magnitude — that the DeathStar so blithely dispenses beyond our shores. Here again, the late Jim Garrison nailed it when he wrote that: “Violence abroad begets violence at home.”

    Thus, the cancer that is American militarism constitutes a galloping malignancy not only beyond our borders, but within our boundaries! The Department of Homeland Security — our ginned-up Gestapo — is nothing more than than a tentacle of the National Security Agency; don’t take my word for it, examine for yourselves the curriculums vitae of its Grandees.

    For now anyway, our globalized goon squads — whose very presence in foreign lands make pure mockery of the sovereignty of any nation that willingly accepts them — experience only minor repercussions — the periodic suicide bomber; the occasional crashed Chinook.

    To be immane is to be immune!

    For now. But the present, though persistent, never proves everlasting and, as the atrocities accumulate, so too will the boiling anger. And the roiling resentment. And from their preordained coalescence will emerge an emotional admixture that is volatile indeed — a tinderbox in search of a spark.

    And Americans will then find ourselves confronted with two, and only two, possible scenarios.

    The first of which, though admittedly fraught with hazard, stipulates that we rediscover within ourselves the reservoirs of fortitude required to do the right thing — to hale a drumhead tribunal and remand the whole loutish lot of them to trial — Nuremberg style.

    For which, humanity at large would surely convey to us its gratitude and confer upon us its good will; and, by which, we Americans would recapture a sliver of our self-respect. But for that outcome, I harbor only scant optimism.

    If only this were 2,000 years ago — If only We were Spartans and They were Romans — at least under those circumstances, there would prevail a rough technological parity between opposing sides. But today — no way. The highly centralized — and supremely specialized — materials, techniques, and facilities germane to the production of drones, tanks, tasers, and lasers are Theirs. And Theirs alone. We get the CB radios and the FEMA camps; They get the Cray computers and the subterranean Redoubts.

    And don’t even think that a government so ruthless, so relentless, and so remorseless as “Ours” will hesitate — even for a nanosecond — to deploy the full panoply of its murderous machinery come the first whiff of insurrection. Control freaks aren’t about sharing. Or caring.

    So the more likely, and far more lethal, conclusion goes a little something like this: An ad hoc alliance of nations, having grown weary of the Fourth Reich’s endless rampaging on the one hand and, on the other, grappling with their own survival amid the outpourings of riotous rage by their citizenry, unjustly compelled to bear the brunt of repressive “austerity measures” enacted to enable the American Empire to maintain its primacy, reluctantly decrees : “Enough is enough.” At which point America is placed under economic siege, i.e., the Dollar — its vitality already sapped by the serial debasements of the Federal Reserve — is swiftly shorn of its status as the world’s reserve currency.

    The ensuing reaction from the DeathStar will be redolent of that traditionally attributed to the proverbial cornered, rabid, rodent — that is to say more barbaric militarism abroad and, concomitantly, more debasements of dignity here in the Homeland.

    Much more of both in fact.

    Now, finally, Americans sprout spines, some Americans anyway, as domestic discontent rears its Hydra-head, and the Police State begins to fray about the edges as pockets of insurrection crop up like morning mushrooms. Alas, here in the Homeland, it was too little; too late. And so it’s off to the Camps we go…

    Beyond our shores, things really get dicey as legions amass, and the DeathStar soon finds itself, not merely economically, but physically quarantined — in the manner of a rogue bacillus; or a rambunctious isotope. And those foreign forces will then do what must be done. First will come the invasion, then the occupation, then the partitioning, and finally the tribunals. And the means by which DeathStar America rained ruin upon innocent millions for so many years will then be eternally eviscerated.

    At last.

    Are you mad yet?

    • No. Nor am I ready to start pulling a trigger or run off to northern Idaho and live like a barbarian because the world doesn’t match my personal vision of utopia.

      Trust me, the government doesn’t care about Elmer Fudd up in Montana with his Soldier of Fortune back issue collection, his three AKs, his 20,000 rounds of ammunition buried in the backyard and his five-year supply of creamed corn and bottled water.

      Essentially, as long as you don’t go around causing trouble, nobody cares what you do or who you don’t like.

      Yeah, I hate many aspects of how the world works. That’s why I’m working on getting myself right with The Man Upstairs. You know, to give myself something to move toward, rather than move away from, as with the modern world.

      For example, I find the very CONCEPT of income tax offensive almost beyond measure, but I don’t have the ability to make The State leave my paychecks alone. Do you?

      Because if you do, and it doesn’t involve violence or the courts, please share it with me and the rest of us.

      And for God’s sake, stop looking for things to be upset about!

      • Ah, comforting words, thanks Chris.

        Or not.

        Look at history. Parvenu’s eloquent breakdown pretty much sums up a half-dozen prior empires’ trajectories. Why should I suffer the apathy and stupidity of my countrymen?

        I’m not upset. I’m angry, and I’m doing something about it; I’m politically active, spreading the news in every way I can, and at the same time making preparations to keep my family safe when the time comes.

        And yes, me too–I despise my slavery (income tax being just a part of it). As yet, I haven’t escaped it; but I’m working on it.

        I won’t bury my head in the sand. I will keep coming to sites like this, where I can have elevated conversations with bright like minds, where we can all sharpen each other, inform each other, and gain strength knowing we’re not alone.

        Rather than engendering bitterness or despair, it’s a quickening process and I enjoy it.

        It’s fully possible to enjoy life itself and simultaneously be angry at those, and their ideas, who would destroy that life.

        In fact it’s invigorating; I enjoy what I have even more knowing we might not have it tomorrow.

      • Why should he or anyone else stop looking for things to be upset about, especially in regards to government? Isn’t that our job in a country in which government is supposed to be by consent of the governed? Chris, maybe people in the 1770’s should have followed your advice also? The kind of attitude you advocate served Germany’s jews really well along with the millions of Russian and Chinese peasants who were murdered by their governments. The only way to protect liberty is to stand up for it and be prepared to guard it with the same kind of zeal one would expect from a Wolverine guarding a food cache in the middle of winter. If this means having a bad attitude, especially towards governments and politicians, then so be it. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to god.

          • Hello Eric, I have the article ready and it has been much improved. But when I went to submit it, the title was off-centered, and the accompanying quotation was well away from its assigned placement. And on top of that, I couldn’t see the text itself. I am barely computer-literate and a bit of a perfectionist besides. Would it be possible to email it to you? If so, you have my email address. Let me know if that is cool and I’ll have it out right away. I commend you for your courage, as this critter may not be universally admired.

            Cheers, JQP

            • Hi JQ,

              Don’t sweat that – I’ll format and edit it (not for content). The way the system works, only administrators can format articles. I used to get paid to edit, so have confidence. I won’t alter the substance of anything you’ve written. I’ll only make sure punctuation and grammar are ok, indents and so on.

              Will take a look right now.

          • Hello Eric, I made a mistake in the opening paragraph of my article! If you get this anytime soon, please alter the phrase “those predatory impulses and urges,,,” to read “those predatory instincts and urges…as the word “impulse” appears earlier in the text.

            I will send this through the “got a question” portal as well.

            Thanks much, JQP

    • A 2nd Civil War?

      The Terrorists have killing power that would make your head spin off…literally…from 12K miles away…within minutes…without you even getting an inkling of its coming. The Terrorists can kill billions of people on earth in a matter of hours and you talk of a civil war? This ain’t 1860 anymore. The terrorists are all powerful and they are getting prepared to claim greater ownership of every human on earth. They know we have no way to stop them. We can’t take a knife to a nuke/satellite/drone/laser/ICBM fight. They literally own us all and if we object – they will kill us. The great genius and productivity of Amerika has made everyone on earth their slaves (thanks to their 1913 FED-Bankster takeover and their fiat counterfeit money racket combined with the political-military-industrial complex)…How cool is that?

      The only thing the terrorists are afraid of is sniper rifles.

  29. I always feel like I’m almost there. I get this epiphany where I finally figure out the thing that’s holding me back, and how I can finally be productive and creative and turn my life back around.
    But nothing ever really changes, these cycles of mediocrity and decline aren’t due to some obstacle, it’s who I am. The thing standing in the way of my dreams isn’t the government, or the millions of other people, the reason my dreams never come true is the fact that the person having them is me.

    Star Wars – A New Hope – Almost There

  30. The system is working exactly as designed. Progressives of the Left and Progressives of the Right substituted their need for the exaltation of ‘helping people’ for our Founding Father’s best-yet design of a government system. The fact that a minority of them have understood the game and how to make themselves wealthy from it doesn’t change that most Progressives have been merely useful idiots to the people who got really wealthy in the last 100 years. The people who own the system.

    You can’t mess with complex systems if you can’t write the equations. Because socio-politico-economic reality is way more complex than human minds can manage, the Constitution carefully prohibited the government from writing laws where it could not understand the consequences.

    There were early expressions of the Precautionary Principle in those discussions.

    We should take that a lot more seriously, in our next Constitution. Also, stronger push-back from citizens on any individual in government : QA indicates that stopping problems as soon as they are detected keeps processes of all kinds from going off the rails.

    Also, never, never, never allow any government to borrow money. It is like giving a drug addict his own pharmacy.

    • “Socio-Politico-Economic reality is simple enough for a child to understand. The child just must grow up and realize another truth. The jesuits, catholics, zionists, and a few more ‘christian’ sects are dedicated chronic liars and cheats. Throw in a bit of pedophilia and murder with treason and it is relatively simple to trace why heads of state and churches often have skeletons and feather boas and Cured hides from runaway children in their closets. This is why it is critical for them to have a following to deflect infamy. These people never do wrong, just ask them. Satan does not share his toys. That comes later.

      • Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, is credited with saying: “Give me a child for the first ten years and he will be mine for life.”

        And most are.

  31. Mr. Eric, two points to greatly help in understanding two things. #1, the 6,000,000 figure is one of antique, not ancient significance in embellishing the true number of jews involved in a certain historical event, usually connected to a contrived persecution. #2, Israel is like a huge Jonestown, based on a group of people preconditioned by the theft of all their assets and personal property and enslavement before being lied to and dumped into hostile territory with propaganda based on racism and criminality within the ruling party’s ‘code of behavior’. Israel provides indoctrinated mercenaries who believe in what the Rothschilds and British royals want them to do. Start back with the Balfour declaration and consider the fact that Galveston, Texas(LBJ land), and Patagonia in South Argentina were also considered as ‘The Promised Land’ for these unfortunate believers led amok.

    • Right on Howard!

      The great deception is that it’s the Jew’s fault. It’s not, they’re simply scapegoats. The real evil is in the “zionist” masters behind some of their movements; and Zionist is not Jewish.

      The Jews’ fate was cleverly created in WWII to create the persecution complex they operate under today. Symmetrically, it’s also used as a clever cover for any Zionist’s operations, because you dare not oppose them–or be labeled “anti-Semitic”.

      Voila, a ready cover for Rothschild efforts.

  32. FDR was like Obummer today in only one sense. Both got into office courtesy the highest budget propaganda machine available. FDR had polio, which devoured him and I have $10.00 that says Obama was given a lobotomy(unbeknownst to him) back in 1979. Obama says everything with a rehearsed conviction. He has betrayed across the board, and NEVER expresses an understanding of anyone’s objection.True, he and Hillary are products of the Chicago mob. We must etch the correlation between the Chicago mob and the zionist controlled media. It goes through The City of London via the Rothschild owned Associated Press and Reuters. The zionist Council of Foreign Relations is also dominated by the Rothschild empire. The American Bar Association controls the legislature of Illinois and California, and is the American branch of the commercial London Lawyers Guild, which services the City of London. Put this collections of facts with the economic and other militancy of The Skull and Bones Society, freemasonry, Rhodes scholars,the Knights of Malta, Opus dei, and you have the bunch which has done 9-11, Fukushima, the DH oil well blow out,the ongoing HAARP weather attacks and accompanying carpetbagging of distressed farmland and gaming of the weather futures market, and you have collected the CEOs who are agents for the British crown who are coordinating these attacks to destroy the US. The US is NOT being defended and most of the nation is dumb to it. they can not think in the abstract, given data. They need uniforms to detect difference because they refuse to spend the time to COMPREHEND. They never got their ass BEAT for giving the wrong answer and blowing off the truth. Now the rest of the world suffers for it. UNFAIR. U.S.A. FAIL.
    The U.S. is a corporation only so far as it is allowed to be. We have been jailhouse poisoned and sucker punched as Americans by the above foreign based domestic entities since before WWI.

      • $10.00 says he has had a lobotomy. I think Connecticut in 1979. I studied them at a university med school library for a few weekends way back when to get points at beer party day. Lobotomies are very specific limited operations which create a psychopathic total passivity and eliminate moral thinking with some short term memory loss, which is what caused an angry patient to shoot Dr. Munoz of Portugal dead for cutting his short term memory out(Obama’s reader machine?) Dr. Munoz invented the procedure after noticing violent angry biting Rhesus monkeys became docile, tame and friendly after lobotomies.

        • It’s an amusing way to look at it, but I suspect Obama’s just another example of the amoral opportunist/narcissist politician. He and his wife have become wealthy and powerful by whoring themselves and our country to the highest bidder. People such as they are not like normal people. Normal people are made happy by having meaningful lives, friends and families that love and respect them. Money, as such, is just a means to an end – not an end in itself. And they – normal people – don’t crave power. In fact the idea of lording it over others repels them. But creatures such as Obama – and The Chimp – and Clintigula – live to be adulated, and to control. Henry Kissinger – an archetype – once said something very revealing: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Ted Bundy, Hitler, Stalin – etc. – would all understand that.

          • I suspect the same thing except that I believe that he and members of congress are selling the country to the first bidder, not necessarily the highest.

    • Good stuff, Howard!

      It’s critical to the globalist banksters–the Rothschilds at their head–that America be brought down, HARD. As it was (once) a light to the world, and a hope for universal freedom, now it must be shattered, destroyed, and despised.

      From its destruction, they hope to raise a one world government as the new shining city on a hill.

      Not to mention, the Rothschilds have a long memory; they’re still pissed at Jackson for killing their bank back in (if memory serves) 1836.

    • Oh man, not the Zionists again…

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this. I hope it’s parody.

      This post reminds me of that scene in American History X where the fat skinhead is driving the van and singing, “…we’re takin’ down the ZOG machine, Jew by Jew by Jew…,” and it’s got That’s What They Want You To Believe written all over it.

      Why don’t you try EMPIRICISM instead of CONSPIRACISM for a change?

      Complex conspiracies are difficult to pull off, and so many people want their quarter hour of fame that even the Men in Black couldn’t keep the squealers from spilling the beans.

      So there’s a good chance that the more elaborate a conspiracy theory is, and the more people that would need to be involved, the less likely it is true.

      • It’s not conspiracy when it’s right out in the open; the trick is, to make it so monstrous that normal people simply can’t, or won’t, or refuse to believe it.

        Go read some of the original Club of Rome documents on eugenics, using environmentalism as a wedge, depopulation agendas, and the like. Normal people simply can’t computer that there are monsters among us who’d gladly see 90% of us dead, and the remaining 10% rendered drooling lobotomized man-servants.

        But to them, it’s crack.

        Watch the Alex Jones Bohemian Grove videos, as a bunch of geriatrics grind their teeth in ecstasy as a play child sacrifice takes place.

        You have no idea Chris, because normal, good people–you among them–haven’t fathomed the depth of depravity in the sociopath mind. **I** can’t comprehend it, I can only see it as an intellectual abstraction; but I CAN see what it’s done, historically.

        History as a narrative should be re-written as the battle between us humans, and the 2-4% among us who are sociopaths–predatory, deceitful, scheming, and most dangerously, domineering.

  33. Looking at the Articles of the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 the Word ” Knowingly “throws up the Question of wherever someone that was Un Aware of this Act could plead Ignorance of the Law and wherever anyone that was Mentally ILL would be Judged to be ” Knowingly ”

    ” Or within such proximity to, any restricted building or
    grounds when, or so, that , such conduct , in fact, impedes or disrupts the orderly conduct of Government business or official
    functions ” throws up the Question of what is meant by Proximity
    is it just Outside ? or Further ?
    ( C ) ” Of a Building or grounds so restricted in conjunction with
    an event designated as a special event of national significance ”
    throws up the Question of who Decides what is ” an special event
    of national significance ” and wherever this would just be for
    Events like the Presidential Inauguration or any Event that the
    Federal Government Decides which in that Case would be at Odds with the 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech .

    Of Course Mindless Vandalism and Violence at Federal Buildings would be Bad Behaviour but a Peaceful Protestor Holding a Placard outside the White House or Congress Building behaving like a Civilised Adult is Not

  34. The Right to Peaceful Protest is a Basic Human Right

    This Legislation is too Severe in it’s Punishment and should
    be Repealed where it Conflicts with the Right to 1st Amendment
    Freedom of Speech

    As Long as Political Protest is Peaceful it should be Allowed

    No Political Censorship or Suppression of Responsible Protest

  35. I just wanted to say Thank You to Eric and all the great comments here. As a follower of the non-aggression principle, I would go crazy if I couldn’t connect with like minded freedom lovers. It warms my heart. Peace and Blessings to you one and all.

    • Thanks, Mike!

      This site is here for just that reason – to give people who still believe in non-aggression (and so, human liberty) a place to get together – and to know they’re not the only ones left on the planet who don’t want a society based on violence and reciprocal parasitism at gunpoint.

  36. Vital for every American to read and understand. The guy who does the Ministry of Homeland Security posters has done another masterpiece

  37. Chicago Cop explains to NBC Reporters their first amendment rights can be terminated, and then arrests them.

  38. I totally agree with the philosophical gist of the article but as an old Jew I’m getting weary of the holocaust nonsense being misused once again. 90% of what you all have read on the subject is simply rubbish. Shirer’s book is a Communist inspired compendium of lies from start to finish and as the great revisionist historian, Harry Elmer Barnes, noted it would take a work of equal length just to expose all the lies in Shirer’s book.
    Read Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. He started out as a believer and ended up as a revisionist.
    The six million figure, the gas chambers, the human lampshades
    and bars of soap,the Babi Yar myth and at least half of Frank’s Diary are all big lies. By the way, Hitler, as bad as he was, didn’t advocate telling lies, it’s what he accused his opponents
    of doing, Social Democrats & Communists.
    It was bad and maybe 500,000 to one million Jews died in Europe during the war, mostly through disease in the last 18 months.
    Compared with Mao’s 110 million dead or the Soviets’ 80 million dead or the US & the Communists in Indochina, it was quite small.
    Get some new analogies.
    The Germans have an authoritarian culture but the reason they ‘didn’t know’ about the ‘holocaust’ is because it never happened
    as conventionally described.

    • If I have learned one thing it is that nothing happened as conventionally described.

      The problem is finding the truth.

    • Indeed.

      In this vein, I posted earlier that one can wear, say, a T-shirt with Stalin’s picture on it (or the Soviet flag) and not risk one’s life. Try doing that with a Hitler T-Shirt.

      Now, for all the Clovers: No, I am not defending Hitler. I am pointing out the political/philosophical hypocrisy (and ignorance) of “what most people know” (and believe).

      By any measure, Soviet Communism was more brutal than National Socialism – if only because it lasted for appx. 70 years vs. appx. 12 for NS. Stalin is “credited” with the violent deaths of at least 30 million people. Hitler was a softie in comparison. He typically dismissed his generals; Stalin had their teeth pulled with pliers, had them beaten for days on end, before he had Beria shoot them.

      So, why the different treatment?

      Simple: The people Stalin slaughtered were (mostly) benighted peasants. Hitler went after the Jews – who are disproportionately educated/affluent (and thus, influential) relative to most other peoples. Not many Kulaks in the US media or Hollywood. So, they are forgotten (ditto the victims of the Khmer Rouge, the Somali warlords – etc.)

      Meanwhile, others are remembered. As they ought to be. But not exclusively. No one has a monopoly on suffering. The Holocaust was not the most horrible event in human history.

      But of course, I have just rendered myself unemployable (again) for daring to express such truths!

    • One murder is one too many. However, I have long questioned the 6,000,000 murders claimed by the Holocaust and I do know that Jews have used the Holocaust for political and financial advantage. Even the gentlest logical questioning can quickly bring loud accusations of antiSemitism (A thing that, in my opinion, has done them more harm than good).

      Having worked with Jews, it struck me as strange that they never discussed or even mentioned the Holocaust in the presence of their non-Jewish coworkers. Nor did they ever seem to be passionate or incensed by the subject in the event that someone else brought it up.

      As far as I can recall, Ayn Rand never discussed the Holocaust or anti-Semitism. That too strikes me as rather strange because she was a Russian born Jew.

      Another thing that I’ve wondered about is their Identity. What exactly is a Jew? They’re certainly not a race and the Jews I’ve been acquainted with seemed to be atheists. (Since I am an atheist myself that was no cause for enmity.)

      I do visit the jewishworldreview often and find that Jewish contributors are often biased against Muslims. But what the hell, so am I. I see the Muslims’ religion as a charter for murder and enormous Crimes Against Humanity. It often seems to me that much of the area West and South of the Mediterranean is simply infested with Muslim savages.

      America’s relationship with Israel is often severely criticized but I see no logic in abandoning the Jewish State. And until the Muslims clean up their act by abandoning hideously medieval conduct that’s the way it will continue to be with me.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Don’t fall for the propaganda, Tinsley.
        People are the same around the world; the average Iraqi doesn’t hate you, he hates the American government for wrecking his country, burning his children to death with white phosphorus, and poisoning his land with DU.

        Wouldn’t you?

        The ones we haven’t pissed off directly (yet) could care less. They share the same desires and needs as you; they want to be left alone, raise their children, run their shop, grow old and have grandchildren.

        We’ve whitewashed it, but given the right editing I could make the exact same case for bloodthirst in the Bible that people today make for the Koran.

        It’s all bullshit. And setting us up against the Muslims is just the latest iteration of a trick that worked wonderfully for the PTB a thousand years ago.

  39. I’m under the impression that once the acceptable people in Nazi-controlled Europe had been pacified, they had little to fear from the authorities if they went along with the program and voiced no opposition. Then the roundup of the unacceptable people began. And some of the acceptable people were heroes in their efforts to protect the unacceptable.

    What I’m not sure of now is whether or not that same dynamic will be in play here. That is, we, the people, having been sufficiently pacified, may have little reason to fear the authorities so long as we don’t give them cause for offense. But will the U.S. police state then single out various groups for roundup and persecution based simply on their identity?

    Visibly identifiable Muslims come to mind but maybe not. There are still residual feelings of guilt surrounding the internment of the Japanese Americans, and African-Americans, on the whole, are less subject to official discrimination than in the past. Latinos? Probably not. The gauleiters of the American Reich may not feel the same urge to make the nation Juden- or any particular group-rein. There may be no targeted genocide here.

    On the other hand, in the American Reich, when the people have been silenced and pacified and the thought criminal and objectors rounded up and disposed of, it may be the poor and those considered useless who’ll suffer what the Jews and other targeted groups suffered in Nazi-controlled Europe. Or, perhaps, what the kulaks and other “enemies of the people” suffered in the old Soviet Union.

    How far will the Lords of America go in persecuting selected groups, especially when the people begin to demand scapegoats for the hard times that lie ahead? I don’t yet have a sense of that.

      (US Holocaust?)

      I don’t believe there is enough solidarity among Whites for the same dynamic to play out in the US.

      Even with the growing number of Copperheads wishing them success Southerners will never rise again. (The Fratricidal Slaughter of the 1860s is one of history’s greatest tragedys. Six-hundred thousand White boys and men slaughtered for something that the Industrial Revolution had already doomed.)

      The US seems hellbent on becoming the Brazil of the North. If what I see whenever I go to Walmart and other places is any window to the future, the White Race is rapidly headed for extinction. The Great Race will disappear with scarely a whimper.

      Instead of Racism, Google: Colorism.

      Extinction is FOREVER.


  40. I might add folks. That all who post on blogs like this that are any way subversive, anti government, or merely disagree with anything the government say’s, then you are flagged.

    Funny how Newt the Grinch cussed and called Romney a liar, now that Newt has been exposed and has dropped from the race. Well now he say
    s Romney is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    All of Washington is so damn phoney it makes me want to puke.

    • Systematically violating the Bill of Rights is worse than “phony”, it’s downright criminal.

      Remember Nuremberg


  41. I spent from 1982 to 2001 overseas in the proverbial cave in Mongolia. Though the DARE program may have started earlier than 1992, when we were home for a year, that was when I first noticed the signs for it. I asked people if they were disturbed by the idea of armed men going into tax-funded schools with compulsory attendance laws specifically to tell kids what to *think* (and back that up with the implied threat of lethal force), and was greeted with guffaws. Well, now they’re getting what they deserve. Unfortunately, we’re getting what they deserve, too.

    • “Unfortunately, we’e getting what they deserve, too.”

      BINGO!!! Simplicity at its eloquent best.

      The fatal flaw in a so-called democracy.

      Unfortunately, feeble efforts to adhere to a Republican Form of Government are’t working either.

      I suggest a Lawful Government firmly rooted in a ruthless respect for Unalienable Rights.

      Were my old Redneck Grandpappy alive today he would hit one of the napping cats with a gob of chewing tobacco and saliva spat through his drooping white moustache, scratch his bib overalls covered butt, ponder a moment, and then drawl matter of factly: A good statist is a dead statist.

      With every new law, policy, judgment and rule I’m becoming more inclined to agree.

      Remember Nuremberg, where evil men were convicted and hanged for Crimes Against Humanity (Stalin was never indicted since his Soviet Union was one of the victor nations. (Can’t really blame the Poles for being pissed off about the systematic murder of 15,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest which was initially blamed on the Germans.))

      Tinsley Grey Sammons

    • DARE

      People can tell me what they’ve done. Maybe some things. Maybe none. But people can’t tell me what to do. I will choose the way that’s true for me. Don’t want to fall into the trap. Don’t want to be somebody’s sap. I’m better than that. I’ll go to the mat to prove I can be drug free! Yeah, yeah!

      D! I won’t do drugs!
      A! Won’t have An attitude!
      R! I will respect myself!
      E! I will educate me!

      Zach Sings His D.A.R.E. Graduation Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQcagrmuQek

  42. Drunk Marines on the USS Denver

    What mental malfunction is there, that deludes these rabid animals into believing they are heroes? It is obvious fighting dogs who kill other dogs for sport are of no value in the way that a sled dog, a companion animal, or a guard dog is. The most humane and rational thing to do would be to break up these tax funded dog fighting clubs, and put these animals out to pasture away from us normal productive folk for their own and everyone else’s greater good.

    If you admire these men, than you should find gangbangers even more admirable. Unlike a taxparasite troop, a kid in a gang knows what he is. He has the sort of honor that comes from stealing his daily bread from the weak as a man, with his own hand on his own gun shoved in the face of his victims.

    These hypocritical prepubescent liars prance and march about pretending that they are nobling offering a service to their country. What a load of BS. They are mere babyfaced gentlemen mobsters, too delicate and refined to put a gun to their own neighbors face and say give me my protection payments, tax slave.

    No, the peacetime troops need their drill sergeant mommies to dress them in their gang colors and drive them around in their mom’s station wagon battleships and tanks, where they can safely look out the windows at their cowering taxpayer herds, imagining their toy badges and crackerjack medals really make them into fearless real life gangsters.

    • Have you ever heard boasting crewcut steroid bloated cops in their favorite alcohol serving hangout boasting about “bravely” busting some frightened wretch?

      I have, and it wasn’t being overdosed on beer that made me feel like puking.


    • Testosterone mixed with ethyl alcohol is a major cause of unsanity in young American males.


      • Yep, TGS I roomed with a Marine when I went back to Keesler AFB for training on a new system we received. We were shootin’ the shit over a beer and I noticed these two strange looking wide nasty scars on his right forearm just above the elbow. I had to ask and he reponded “Those are stupid scars.” So being an airman and relatively naive to the Marine Corps “mentality”, I asked how you get a “stupid scar.” He explained: You place your forarm against the forearm of another jarhead on the bar. Then you lay a lit cigarette in the crack formed by your arms and see who pulls away first. He had one scar that was probably 3/4 of an inch long and another over an inch. In his words he “won” both times. I would have to agree, that (a) acquiring a scar doesn’t get much more stupid than that, and (b) testosterone and alcohol undoubtedly had a lot to do with it.

  43. Since my first traffic ticket I’ve felt I live in an abusive society. Since my first ticket on my bicycle – yep my bicycle – I’ve felt it was out of control. Since my second ticket on my bicycle I bought a gun, gold and have been slowly removing myself from the grid.

    Until “We the People” find the courage to defend our rights at checkpoints and other random traffic stops, then what incentive does the regime have to change anything? Every new law, every new abuse of our rights goes completely undefended which is passive consent.

  44. The Terrorists are getting ready for monetary default in US and Europe and transition to NWO and a new global fiat counterfeit money racket…If you don’t like it, they will kill you (Of course you all can figure that out…Clover can’t). All those FEMA coffins are not for Iranians, btw.

  45. I would like to see a list of everyone who vote yes for this bill. They are suppose to represent us and defened the Constitution. If their skin is that thin they shouldn’t be in office.

  46. Eric, thought you might be interested in what some people think about you.

    Here’s a few things:

    He is borderline crazy.

    Dude is clearly off of his rocker.

    He is taking facts and stretching them a mile.

    He’s overreacting.

    He simply rips the system.

    He doesn’t offer a solution.

    A hater of anything American.

    He Prefers a mad max type environment.

    WTF is he talking about?

    Dude needs to go to a third world country and see how it is really like.

    Totally out of touch with reality.

    He rips the government which defends this country.

    He actually sounds like a crazy person.

    When was the last time this dude was out of the mountains?

    • “doesn.t offer a solution” has to be my favorite of the standards.

      It is as if these people want everything done for them. Someone has to fix it for them. Someone to ‘take control’ No there is no one-size-fits-all solution. People need to be responsible for themselves. No solution is offered because none can be. The solution is for people to make their own decisions and stay out of other people’s business.

      At some point I may just turn to the darkside and start taking advantage of the clover majority for my own benefit, they want it so bad, they should get it. The way I’ll snap is to probably to do an Alan Greenspan…. 🙂

    • “Dude needs to go to a third world country and see how it is really like”

      He’s there. It’s called the USSA. I lived in Romania – a third world country – and the people there have all the same sorts of bullshit laws as here but nobody pays much attention to them, including the cops. It’s mostly a live and let live society.

      People farm their own land, make their own wine and schnapps, make their own bread and even mayonaise! Who here knows how to do that? They are much more free than we are. You can setup a new business in Romania in a day for about $100.

      These people criticizing Eric surely haven’t been to or ever lived in a “third world” country themselves. Just parroting the popular rhetoric. And they say Eric is out of touch. Pft.

    • Well, let’s see.

      I am called “borderline crazy” – for presenting facts and drawing logical conclusions based on those facts. For example, the fact that arbitrary and random searches are now common and legal – and thus we have normalized the abnormal – the un-American – and set the legal precedent for more such abuse (which has in fact happened). Which makes me “borderline crazy.”

      I am “clearly off my rocker.” More ad hominem in lieu of any rebuttal of the facts I present. Who is the crazier? The man who presents facts – or the man who calls me crazy for having done so?

      “He is taking facts and stretching them a mile.”

      “He’s overreacting.”

      Well, I am glad you concede I have referenced facts. That is a good start! But please, how am I “stretching” said facts? Is it “over-reacting” to be concerned about a government that asserts the authority to jail people without presentation of evidence? To literally kill them on the street? To stop them at random, search their persons and belongings? To fondle their crotches? I am “over-reacting”

      “He simply rips the system.”

      Well, yeah. Should I praise it?

      “He doesn’t offer a solution.”

      I have, several times: Reject the idea that “safety” justifies a police state; reject the idea that it’s cool to use violence against people who have caused no harm to others. Live – and let live. Oh yeah. I forgot. I am “off my rocker” and “borderline crazy.”

      “A hater of anything American”

      Here we go. To criticize un-American policies and actions means I “hate America.” This guy is channeling The Chimp!

      “I prefer a Mad Max type environment.”

      No, I prefer a live – and let live – environment in which only people who commit crimes (that is, something that creates a victim) need worry about the police.

      “Dude needs to go to a Third World country”

      We’re nearly that – and will be, shortly. Gangster rule; arbitrary enforcement of tyrannical laws; predatory taxes; no respect for the right to free speech, the right to be free from unreasonable searches, the right to not be compelled to provide evidence against oneself… well, maybe you get the idea. Probably not.

      “Totally out of touch with reality.”

      More name-calling. I suppose that’s the best this guy can come up with.

    • I suspect Eric, like myself, could give a rosey red rats behind WHAT other people think of him. People who worry about the opinion of others are indeed lost sheep, Clover in Erics terms. They are unable to think clearly and intelligently. Independly I, like Eric and others, connected the dots. And the sign clearly reads The Police State is here!

      In the late sixties I boarded a plane with a 12 guage shotgun. The stew simply asked to make sure it was unloaded. I responded “Yes, it’s unloaded, I have the shells right here in my jacket pocket.” Boy, we’ve come a long way since then baby.

  47. Ignorance is like head lice: It’s not a disgrace to GET them; but it’s sure as hell a disgrace to KEEP them. So many in America CHOOSE to remain ignorant and that is shameful, and yes, I think a disproportionate number are older people. (I’m 64) Maybe someone with better persuasive talents could change their paradigm. I fail at every endeavor. I think if TPTB slip up and have an event that turns up the heat all at once and some froggies jump out they won’t have a clue where to land safely and I guarantee that TPTB will blame freedom minded folks like us for the event and they will be believed. Most people will cast about relentlessly trying to find a rationale for siding with a bully if they are within the bully’s sphere of influence. The wounds dealt to Americana by the goddamned socialists/progressives/communists are mostly superficial. The coup-de-gras is coming at the hands of pseudo Christians, conservatives, government worshipping, badge kissing, Murderers for Jesus.

    • A Geezer is aware that the end of his life is near and most simply want to be comfortable while they await the inevitable. Occasionally a Geezer will be motivated by something beyond personal comfort but I’m convinced that such Individuals are rare. Not many are driven by an intense hatred for no good sons-of-bitches who plunder by law.

      As for those who plunder by law, I would rather see them all dead than to see a single Individual arrested for violating a sumptuary prohibition. In fact, I’d like to see those who knowingly violate the Bill of Rights beaten to death since they are responsible for ruining and even ending the lives of so many harmless Human Beings.

      I have a more honest way of looking at things than most folks. For example: When a misfortune such as a plane crash kills a hundred or more Individuals I don’t merely express sorrow for the good persons who died but I also try to feel good knowing that out of that many Individuals there were surely some who deserved to die.

      Never look at a white haired old granny and think: How sweet.
      Hell, she might be my first wife and you would be dreadfully mistaken.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

  48. I want you guys to focus on this: I believe strongly that ELDERLY people are so racked with fear, Mostly From what is shown on TV, that they vote in all these law-and-order, zip-tie, tazing, billy-stick, throw-you-in-the-slammer law enforcement goons and their zillions of laws.

    And OLD PEOPLE DO MOST OF THE VOTING. I have dealt with some old people lately and THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH. Anecdote: I am a nice person, prominent job in community and well-known. Bought a truck from a very old man, who was being helped by his grown child, and he was even afraid the down pmt CASH I gave him was fraudulent. He was scared to death the cashiers check would be stolen that night before he could get to the bank. He held onto the title for a long time before he released it, he was so fearful my pmt methods were fraudulent.

    I FIRMLY believe these people are why we are turning into a police state. They are SCARED TO DEATH and they VOTE in large numbers!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi John,

      Interesting observation – and, I think you’re on to something. Also, old people (generally) may have a more favorable attitude toward government because they are the “FDR” generation. The obvious example being their tenacious support of Social Security, even when it’s made plain to them how it works and in particular, what the nature of the “benefits” is.

      • Beware of generalizations. I’m 70. I’m not afraid of ‘terrorism’. I despise social security. I don’t use medicare. I have about as unfavorable an attitude toward government as you can imagine. :^)

        I am, however, old enough to remember when nearly every high school had a rifle club, and you could buy guns and ammo at any hardware store. You didn’t need permission to do much of anything. Speed ‘limits’ were generally ‘reasonable and proper’, not prima facie like today…

        There remains a glimmer of hope. Romney still doesn’t have the magic number of delegates, and it looks increasingly unlikely that he will prior to the GOP convention in August.

        There are but two choices: Ron Paul and the Constitution or Obamney and the status quo megastate.

      • Nah, you guys are wrong. Either that, or I’m not part of the “old people” crowd. I’m 66 years old. I fear little EXCEPT my own gunvernment. When traveling I carry my UNPERMITTED M1911A1 45cal. My wife refers to it as my “American Expess” (Never leave home without it.) Oh yeah, someday they will try to take it away from me as I am a lawbreaker who is foolish to read the plain English of the Second Amendment. My wife, who was married to a cop before we met suggested to NOT get a concealed carry. When, not if, they confiscate guns, the permit simplifies the process. Don’t think it can happen here? It already has. California had everyone register assault rifles, but promised to never attempt to confiscate. A few years later they made the weapons illegal. Thus owners became criminals. Cool huh? No, they are scumbags!

        FDR was Americas First Fascist and Americas Greatest Generation were the suckers PT Barnam spoke of, as one being born every minute. They did not have the internet, thus were more easily duped. Those who are duped today get their news, AKA propaganda, from the MSM and spend the balance of their days eating pizza and watching football (modern bread and circus).

        I also think, and hope, some of those millions of rounds of ammunition will be used against those who think they can attack the public. I hope and pray these nitwits who claim they are in charge realize how thin the ice is that they are skating on and it could easily be fatal for them as well.

        Show contempt! Not fear!

        • Hey Al. I appreciate your service as a well armed American circa 1921, but I personally don’t have any respect at all for your admonition to “Show contempt! Not fear!”.

          It isn’t necessary to show contempt (or fear for that matter). I hope you’ll understand everyone, all of us, are pretty much in the same boat. Spitting on the local cop, sneering at the DMV clerk, farting while you’re talking to the county tax lady, isn’t going to advance the agenda. Not at all.

          My dad used to say you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It’s worth thinking about.

      • I think John is right generally speaking. Jim, Tinsley and Al represent exceptions to the rule. My grandparents are all between 70 and 80 years old and all four of them are convinced that the single gravest threat facing us today is the Iranian bomb that even now is surely being fastened to the top of a rocket pointed straight at their homes. They think Ron Paul is insane and at best a coward, at worst a traitor.

        What I know they, and likely the folks John speaks of, have in common is a near-continuous devotion to the shouting heads on the Fair and Balanced news network. That’s the demographic that makes up the lion’s share of their viewers. My dad eats it up too. You can tell who’s watching this stuff because they all make the same glazed-eyed statements every time you debate them. You can almost hear Bill O’Reilly’s theme music playing in their heads when they talk.

        Jim, Tinsley, and Al are here posting on this site though, while my grandparents are lucky to be successful attaching a file to an e-mail. I assume you guys already held the sentiments you do before you came online, but there’s a definite correlation there. People in your demographic who are “aware” are far more likely to be tech-savvy and therefore exposed to alternative points of view. Someone should do a study on this, it would be interesting to see what comes out…

        • I’m sorry to express such a grossly collectivist thought…but:
          I largely blame that generation for the shitstorm we’re about to endure.
          It was they–the 55 to 75 crowd–who stood silent while:
          * income taxes were ratcheted up
          * property taxes were first levied; they didn’t exist until 50/60 years ago
          * Vietnam happened, and instead of embracing the protesters they shot them
          * we lost the gold standard (August 1971)
          * driver’s licensing established
          * medicare/medicaid
          * JFK was obviously, transparently murdered by a criminal cabal inside the State

          And a host of other small and large increments of tyranny grew and metastasized.

          A majority of those now-gray heads, all clamoring for the ‘entitlements’ they ‘paid into’, sat around on their apathetic asses watching their country being stolen…and now, instead of remorse and repentance, sit around muttering “gibs muh”.

          A conversation I had with one of their ilk demonstrated it perfectly. He was rabidly pro-Perry, then when Perry dropped off, pro-Gingrich, and now of course pro-Romney. Dr. Paul? Never, because “Iran has the bomb and they’ll use it! Paul’s crazy!”

          Needless to say he’s rabidly pro-drug-war because “I’ve seen what those drugs do to kids in my emergency room!” Social Security? “I paid my share; I deserve to get it.”

          Etc etc ad nauseam. I simply cannot speak to him any more because almost nothing he says is amenable to any kind of logic I can parse. The non-sequiturs, the muddy thinking, the cliches, the neverending string of fallacies make it impossible to debate–and his peers are mostly the same.

          I did have the pleasure of talking to an 80-year-old woman recently who was completely aware and awake. But she shared the same sentiment–her friends are useless at best, and perpetuating the system at worst.

          • I tend to agree – for pretty much all the reasons you’ve laid out.

            The younger crowd – us – inherited the bag of shit and now it’s up to us to find a way to get rid of it.

          • A neighbor of mine… older guy and his wife… they must around 80 were complaining about the price of gas. I told them to blame Ben Bernake. They didn’t get it. Then he started talking about what gas used to cost. then I explained 90% silver coin and that it actually buys a little more gasoline than it did then. I don’t think they quite got it, but I’m not getting the push back from older people I used to. I am beginning to see wheels turn. They might get it, might not.

            Another thing to understand is that those born while Wilson was in office and later have all been subjected to government schools. One of my grandmothers would talk about how she was convinced of FDR’s goodness in school. She still believed it. The programming of the government schools is so evident. It was that generation the Rockefellers and the rest got the governments schools and hence what we see today.

          • Interesting. Not saying I disagree completely, but I think it’s appropriate to share that about ten years ago I was convinced that my 82-year old grandmother was completely losing it because she didn’t agree with me that we needed to invade Iraq. Of course, now, I look back and reflect on what a fool I was.

          • @Paul:

            Which is why I hate collectivist arguments, painting with a broad brush, stereotyping etc.

            There are a few “oldies” who get it.

            Surprisingly, my own parents (now both 70), who awakened me WAY back in the early 80’s, are on the “Muslims will establish a Caliphate and ruin the world” bandwagon. It’s simply amazing how powerful the propaganda is!

            But we shouldn’t be that surprised.

            As someone above pointed out, the publik screwls are masters of mis-education. And just think of the hundreds of billions spent on advertising; that money helps fund research at places like the Tavistock Institute.

            The connections are astonishing; Freud was resident at Tavistock. Edward Bernays, founder of modern advertising and author of the book “Propaganda” was Freud’s nephew and also associated with Tavistock. Bernays, in case you haven’t read, is quite a piece of work: Bernays’ Wikipedia entry.

            His work hews closely to the paternalistic bullshit espoused by the neocons’ guru, Leo Strauss–another piece of something, work?

            “PR” is the nice term for propaganda. And, like the psychopaths taking over today, these people felt that ordinary people were too stupid to look after themselves and had to be guided.

            I think the difference between that generation of oligarchs and today’s is that the older generation had some real accomplishment, and (sometimes) actually believed they were interested in the betterment of man; perhaps they even had a modicum of morals.

            Today’s Elite, however, have devolved to the lowest sociopathic scum–as do all Elites in history. Look at ancient cultures, such as the Mayans; they descend to human sacrifice and every variant of baseness. It happened to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans too.

            Our Elite today? Watch “Eyes Wide Shut” some time for a small window into the insanity there. Read up on Bohemian Grove.

            In summary: they’re sick fucks.

            • “Our Elite today? Watch “Eyes Wide Shut” some time for a small window into the insanity there. Read up on Bohemian Grove.

              In summary: they’re sick fucks.”

              I felt like the only man on the planet back in the early 2000s, watching my “fellow Americans” cheer The Chimp. I saw a snickering sociopath; a vicious little bastard who clearly delighted in the prospect of raining death and destruction on innocent people who stood in his way. Everyone else seemed to see a “great leader,” and roared their approval of his puerile but bloody pontifications. It scared the shit out of me, because I saw the true face of America.

              I plan to write about this at length, soon.

          • Meth, you “largely blame that generation for the shitstorm we’re about to endure”? The generation that allowed for and didn’t even notice the bombing of Kosovo? Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya? I had the unique opportunity to drive by a building in Belgrade a few years back that at least *some* people thought was the remains of building bombed by the USA using a sea launched cruise missile. By our very own military. Belgrade. Now there’s a case for self-defense.

            Are we discussing the same folks who’ve just sat by for the PATRIOT Act, or this recent travesty they call the NDAA (or whatever)? It goes on and on.

            Here’s one for you; How many people reading this know that in a week or so the local Zoning Authority is going to implement a whole new tax, or some other egregious action, on a small group of homeowners in a town near you, and if you don’t vote against it, your neighbors may go to jail for saying “fuck off!” to the local hoods? I’ll bet very few.

            Pay no attention to the man in the soundproof booth, he has the consent of the governed; those who couldn’t seem to manage getting off the couch to do anything important.

    • Aggressive war = war crime under the Nuremburg standard, which was used to find Herr Goring, et al., guilty of capital crimes and sentenced to death. How is it that The Chimp, et al, can hurl troops, missiles and bombs at a country that neither attacked us, nor threatened to, killing hundreds of thousands of people – and walk way from it without even a misdemeanor conviction and a $50 fine?

      Answer: Herr Goring, et al., lost their war.

      Nuremburg was not a lesson in morality. It was an example of Victor’s Justice.

      Lookee here for the latest:


      It’s good to be king.

      • How is it that an adult American can be arrested for possession of a recreational alternative to toxic ethyl alcohol? (Delirium tremens experienced during withdrawal from ethyl alcohol is a horror much worse than withdrawal from an opioid.)

        How is it that an adult American can be arrested, impoverished, and even imprisoned for possessing the means to treat his own suffering without permission from a de facto agent of the state called, Doctor?

        Forcibly interfering with an Individual’s effort to relieve his own suffering is morally equivalent to inflicting the suffering. Therefore, it is intrinsically criminal.

        I am permitted an inadequate amount of Hydrocodone that is unnecessarily contaminated with toxic acetaminophen. Should my pittance of a prescription be stolen or lost I would be condemned to severe flu-like symptoms for more than 72 hours. I cannot simply go to the nearest pharmacy and replenish my supply. Acquiring permission to relieve my suffering, now exacerbated by withdrawal symptoms, could take several days.

        The LEGAL SYSTEM that has supplanted the genuine LAW OF THE LAND is a de facto criminal enterprise. America is now ruled by juris doctors and career office holders (many of whom ARE juris doctors)for the benefit of corporations…and of course, themselves.

        “A judge is a lawyer with a stipend.” –unknown

        WE hold these Truths…

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • http://dagseoul.blogspot.com/2010/02/bad-koreans-john-yoo.html

        F Yoo. This shitbag, born in Korea, along with Viet Dinh, a shitbag born in Vietnam, are the lawyer-psycopaths who created the Patriot Act.

        Yoo refers to his legal opinions that helped the Bush Administration justify using torture as “a gift to the Obama Presidency”. Apparently, he thinks he’s an American Hero.

        Maybe Neo-Conservatives and torture-loving scum will agree with his self-evaluation, but most Americans, legal professionals, and scholars think he’s perverted Law and American conceptions of Justice, Humanity, and The Constitution.

        The fact is that Yoo’s a loyal sycophant, willing to defend his right to have helped the Bush Administration find a legal means to torture suspects for whatever reasons the Bush Administration deemed necessary.

        Post Hoc, Yoo has claimed that it would be permissible for the President to permit an interrogator to crush a suspect’s child’s testicles in front of the suspect in order to get info. The point is, John Yoo has principles and he’s willing to crush your gonads to protect them. He’ll stick to his guns, even if it means helping a renegade President bomb a city of hundreds of thousands because he or she thinks it might help save American lives, he’s willing to find a way to get ‘er done. Here is an American Conservative valuing life and cultivating A Culture of Life.

        John Yoo is a bad American, a bad Korean, a bad human. Yoo barely survived disbarment. His colleagues at UC Berkeley want him fired. He’s widely hated in professional and scholarly legal circles. He is a joke, like most public Conservatives he has had to resort to standing on principle because the reality of his discourse is not pretty: principles that most people fear because they are based in isolationism, hate, pain, immobility, ideology, and death.

        • ohn Yoo is a bad American, a bad Korean, a bad human

          Very true. You know, despite the occasional nonsensical claim I hear from Amerikan jingoists that “foreign-born, naturalized Americans have a greater appreciation for our history and heritage than most of today’s young native-born Americans,” I think that in the majority of cases, at least in my experience, THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE. I have found that most foreign-born Americans, especially those who are from countries without the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Common Law and the Rights of Englishmen and that have a LONG history bloody violence and tyranny, have NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER for the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the BoR.

          Recurring themes that have run through conversations I’ve had with naturalized immigrants, especially those from Eastern or Central Europe, the Middle East, or East Asia, include:

          1. That trials should be conducted in camera without the accused having the benefit of a trial by a jury of his/her peers, that “professional jurists” should adjudicate all cases.

          2. That only the prosecution in a trial should be able to dictate rules of evidence.

          3. That “Napoleonic Law: should be the rule: that is, the accused is “guilty until proven innocent” rather than the other way around.

          4. That “asset forfeiture” and other extra-judicial violations of the rights of person and property are perfectly OK as long as they’re done under color of authority.

          These are just a few of the horrors that these people who import to Amerika, apparently not having gotten enough of them back home.

          Bottom line: Most of these people came to America for ECONOMIC REASONS, NOT for “freedom” or “liberty.” What most of them don’t realize is that the “Great American Dream” that they so narrowly pursue is IMPOSSIBLE TO SUSTAIN without the freedoms toward which they are so apathetic or hostile. (By the way, I’ve told more than a few of them that they need to go back to whatever shit hole of country they came from if they can’t respect or assimilate into the traditions based on the principles of liberty upon which this country is founded. We already have enough native-born clovers without needing to import any more.)

    • First major use of this act may be later this month in Chicago with the NATO summit. Selective enforcement, just AN says.

      Radio reports they want to use the closed prison in Joliet to hold arrested protestors. The saving grace is distance and the condition of the facility. Because of that, it might not happen.

      • WATCH for a false-flag operation in Chicago.
        Larry Silverstein–erstwhile owner of the massively over-insured World Trade Center–now owns the Sears Tower.

        I wonder if they’ve had heavy “renovation” activity there like they had at the twin towers months before that false flag?

        I wonder if Marvin Bush has the security contract for the Sears tower, as he did for the WTC?

        It’s getting seriously heavy, guys. The millions of mass-grave plastic coffins, the FEMA camps, the drones, the 450 million .40 hollow-points to DHS, the bulletproof roadside pill boxes. They don’t do this without a plan.

        If there’s an attack in Chicago, run, don’t walk, TOWARD the problem. This time, we might get the evidence to nail the bastards…like the unexploded ordinance at the Murray building in Oklahoma. If only people had been more vigilant about the “renovation” at the WTC…

        • The Chicago Sears tower was loaded with a demolition system to be triggered by load differentials in the event of enough trauma to tip over the tower. Silverstein knew of this system and the ones at the WTC as they were installed, as did I. I documented it in 1969-1970 for my father who did not like being called crazy. He helped get preliminary contracts going between the Rockefellers and Skilling engineering of Seattle, which at the time was a collection of engineers from Seattle and elsewhere for the WTC project. Dad bailed out when he found out a demolition system was going in. He continued to have hours long communications with Skilling’s people that he knew about shoddy construction going on, including code violations usually glossed over by the Port Authority and insurance companies. Serious violations.
          A demolition system in the middle of New York City? There are half a million psychopaths in that population who would do it. The same as Chicago. Silverstein knew all this and bought the Sears tower in 2004, and sold it after a name change to the Willis tower. It is loaded like the WTCs I,II, and 7 but maybe they removed the nukes. WE KNOW the WTCs I and II were retriggered because of the presence of nanothermate throughout the dust, as well as nuked by the measured radioisotopes collected at ground zero of the WTCs. The demolition systems installed in WTC5 and WTC6 just before detonation prove recent explosive placements by agents associated with the WTC5 and WTC6 security company AND the occupants. ie., this is part of today’s ongoing coup, with a lobotomized Obama and somehow disabled Attorney General standing there witless with a mewling, prancing poltroon congress and citizen population too busy sucking and turning away to react AT ALL. It’s hard to be humble. A good viking goes down swinging and MY military contacts tell me that there is NO WAY I am going to be held in a lizard/pedophile/molester/agent of the British royal family rest home called a FEMA camp. The Poltroon American public is the weakest link, and their chicken shittedness has been exploited by the CFRtv/Rothschild media 100%.

          • Overly complex fantasy helps nothing.

            People should refrain from creating alternative theories and instead concentrate on showing that the government’s story is a lie. That’s the most important thing. To demonstrate we were lied to. This can and has been done with facts. Sticking with facts is the way to convince people. Theories will just keep them believing the government because most lack the background knowledge to understand them when they aren’t complete fantasy and dismissed out of hand.

            Present facts to people. Let them come up with their own ideas what those facts mean.

            WTC 3,4,and 6 survived the day. Their battered structures serve as proof that the official story of WTC 7 is a lie. These buildings were hit with more debris and burned with more fire longer and at the end of the day they were standing. WTC 7 was a stronger building because it was over an electrical substation and designed to have floors removed inside. It was designed to be capable of remodeling on a massive scale.

            Also no cantilevered structure naturally falls straight down. They tip over.

            Who, what, why? That comes after people understand they’ve been lied to.

            As to the sears tower… simply this: too obvious. It would take a lot of arrogance to go that route.

          • Howard,

            Very interesting stuff; though I’ve read extensively about 9/11 I’d never heard about tall buildings such as the Sears tower and WTC I and II being rigged with demolition charges as a “preventative” measure to avoid their toppling over in the event of some sort of structural failure or fire. But it strikes me as plausible…

            If this can be substantiated – that is, if it can be shown that Sears or WTC were fitted with such a system as part of the design, during construction, or sometime long before the events of 9/11 – then we have a smoking gun. Or the Missing Link, if you like. It would answer many important questions/objections – chiefly, the argument (which is hard to dismiss) that it would have been damn hard to rig the towers with demolition charges without people noticing. But if the charges were already in place and had been there, unbeknownst to the public, for possibly years prior, and this fact has been suppressed, then the controlled demolition theory becomes infinitely more credible.

            Is there any way to substantiate what you’ve written?

        • “If there’s an attack in Chicago, run, don’t walk, TOWARD the problem. This time, we might get the evidence to nail the bastards…”

          Meth, this is perhaps the best real-world “what can we do?” advice I have come across. I am going to do all I can to publicize and promote it. I encourage everyone reading this blog to do the same.

          • Thanks Eric.

            It’s not original–I think I heard Alex Jones say it first.

            I liked it so I’m adopting it.

            The keys will be:
            * video evidence
            * video eye-witness interviews, immediately, with questions like “when did you hear explosions? Where were they? Were they inside? Who did you see around before it happened?” etc.
            * rapid dispersal of the evidence. Get it on LiveLeak, YouTube, Google video, and some off-shore providers like Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Megavideo.

            Get them viral, quick–both to save yourself (no point killing you once it’s out) and save the evidence.

            People died sitting on the evidence from Murray in Oklahoma; that was a test run, and Americans failed the test–just as they did Waco before it.

            I groan when people say that conspiracies are too hard to maintain. No, they’re not–not if they’re right out in the open, but so monstrous most people refuse to believe them.

            The Elites have been conditioning us a long time; through predictive programming in movies and TV, with test runs, and with masterful propaganda. This is probably our last chance to wake up, before the world is engulfed in tyranny so smothering the Soviet Duma would recoil in horror.

            • “The Elites have been conditioning us a long time; through predictive programming in movies and TV, with test runs, and with masterful propaganda..”

              I used to wonder whether I was the only one who noticed this, too. Example: The hugely popular TV series, 24. Black president. Then what do you know? Obama!

          • The evidence is right out in the open. And people argue that the secret is kept. Tell them it hasn’t and they do like Clover does.

            This is why I say the details don’t matter. The first step is for people to realize they are being lied to. Truth is the second step. It is impossible to get to the truth without first detecting lie and accepting the fact one has been lied to.

            The main focus has been trying to bring people who believe the government to truth in one step. That can’t happen. The problem is that the masses don’t understand science and engineering. They believe in authority. They have been conditioned to since they were 4 or 5 years old.

            So before they can figure out they have been lied to, they must be taught science and engineering principles.

            It’s an uphill battle all the way.

    • The judge in the second video is wrong: There is nothing SLOW about this.

      In the House, only three people voted against the bill. Where were the tea-party libertarians and the liberals?

      This law, combined with the Patriot’s Act and court decisions such as Florence, have put US citizen’s in the clutch of anyone on top or down the power ladder when-ever the desire comes. It certainly looks like not only that it CAN happen in America but it IS happening. The point made by one of the earlier posters and the judge in the second video that laws can be enforced selectively, effectively quashing dissidents while lulling the public is unfortunately true.

      The first video’s content is mind-blowing. How do we get this sent to the First Lady?

      I have been living outside of the US for a long time. What are the references to safety checks? Do traffic police in the US now set up road-blocks to stop every motor vehicle? What is checked?

      It is time to stand up against this spreading tyranny. Maybe the “obey all laws” as suggested above is the first step.

      • Yeah, it’s road blocks. I’ve been through a few. If there is a miss on our car, registration, or any other crap they find it and you’ll be held up for a bit while they process you.

        • I am just old enough to remember an America without “checkpoints,” when you were free to travel. When the cops had to have a reason to stop you – and if they didn’t, the law was on your side. That got pissed away in the ’80s when the crusade against drunk drivers – really, the crusade against the Fourth Amendment – got going. Once the courts approved “sobriety” checkpoints, the rest – everything we’re dealing with today and much more to come – was inevitable.

          • Thanks to MADD. I don’t advocate someone who’s had too much to drink, getting behind the wheel of a car anymore than I advocate someone who’s too tired, or too old – my 84-year-old father couldn’t check his blind spot if his life depended on it, and it does.

            But deaths due to automobile accidents, including those that are alcohol related, aren’t even in the top 10 causes of death. It’s number 16 behind diarreah! You have a better chance of shitting yourself to death than being killed by a drunk driver. Where are the Mothers Against Deadly Diarreah? Or the common flu that kills 50,000 every year?

            Political bullshit. All you have to do is get enough people together to form a strong political lobby and you can make your “issue” the most important thing and get the gov’t to pass laws that do what you “feel” is right and violates the rights of everyone else.

          • “Strict Scrutiny – It is part of the hierarchy of standards that courts use to weigh the government’s interest against a constitutional right or principle”

            Doesn’t the gov’t get its authority from the constitution? So can’t the gov’t’s “interests” be found in the constitution? So as with the supreme court’s judicial review of the constitution, this is another example of a branch of gov’t interpreting it’s own scope of power. Nice. Good work if you can get it I guess.

      • Hi Night,

        In the USSA, the courts have upheld the legality (despite the obvious violation of the Fourth Amendment) of random “checkpoints” at which every vehicle/driver is stopped and inspected. Such probable cause-free random stops of people who have given no reason to suspect them of having committed some offense are the very essence of unreasonable searches – prohibited by the Fourth Amendment and the plain meaning of language. But the robed tyrants negate this by citing something you’ll never find in the Constitution – ostensibly the law of the land: The doctrine of “compelling state interest.” Thus, the Fourth’s prohibitions – and many other such prohibitions – can be and have been breezily set aside.

        Be glad you escaped.

    • they need the same thing done to them in a public park, with their kids and national tv watching. Its a discrace, they are pigs.

  49. All of the overactive Amygdala politicians are busy trying to
    protect their corporate citizenship buddies in our failed
    Democracy. Can you really blame them for protecting their crony
    Capitalism from the 99%, after all there are so many criminal
    government practices going, especially in medicine, that there
    could be real liability problems if attitudes should change!
    For example, they have dozens of natural cancer cures that just
    do not make money in an FDA crony capitalist world. The Europeans
    do use some natural cures for cancer, and get 80-90% and better cure rates with ozone therapies, among others! Steve Jobs would
    likely still be alive if he were to have gone to a good alternative doctor.

  50. I read the comments on the article, The TSA’s Mission Creep Is Making the US a Police State by Jennifer Abel. Many of the posters there made the argument, “you still have free speech, so it’s not a police state.”

    Like many People, most seemed to think All protestors had to be doing *something* wrong to get arrested and they weren’t arrested *just* for speaking.

    eric’s article here seems to refute that idea. Think they notice?

    Jennifer Abel kept asking People, what *would* be the line to make you think it’s a police state?

    As I recall, no one answered.

    When the majority of the People experience what that point is, then there will be change? [If the great Default doesn’t come sooner?]
    The Powers-that-shouldn’t-be will do everything to toe that line for as long as they can? … Or to make that line seem like a fine thing to cross? It shouldn’t be too hard to convince People who use only emotion to think, a.k.a. the majority of People?

    Yes, BrentP, it feels like I am the only one who remembers the cold war and all the reasons the soviet union was to be feared, …except when I visit places like this blog. That’s one good thing. Will SOPA/PIPA or something like it crush the blogs?

    • You ask the question “If the great Default doesn’t come sooner?” Clark and I think perhaps it’s rhetorical?

      Some of us wonder when it will be “a bridge too far”, when will Americans wake up and smell the coffee? My answer is when the phones stop working, the power goes out, there’s nothing to buy at the local grocery store and your credit cards don’t work. At that point, you will have the undivided attention of the American populace.

      It’s what happened in Russia just recently. It’s going to happen here soon. When it does there will be a (hopefully) peaceful “revolution” as in the former USSR. Until those things happen, no one will pay attention. Look at history!? Even recent history tells us this is absolutely true. If you want front row seats to the next major social disaster, move to the US.

    • It galls me to the marrow that I authored exceptionally good material twenty years ago that is still ignored by those who could use it free of charge for GOOD. Editors today are just beginning to find the guts to publish what some of the paid opinionists have finally awakened to. But even then most will stop short of calling for the repeal of de facto Drug Prohibition*. They’ll continue to bitch about money while ignoring Thoreau’s incomparably precise admonition:

      “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

      Will they ever “strike the root”?

      I doubt it.

      Will a significant number of the so-called People ever understand PRICIPLES and their importance to Liberty and Justice FOR ALL?

      I doubt it.

      Will there ever be a “Philosophical Renaissance”?

      Not likely.

      So then, what do I think will actually happen? Well, a few minor libertarian supported changes will eventually be made along with some financial adjustments and after the dust settles there will be a return to business as usual.

      Why not employ the Nuremberg Precedent since the U.S. and other Governments systematically commit Crimes Against Humanity. Crimes made legal in America by legislators, chief executives, and judges.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 —

      *Only one US Congressman has had the guts to declare that the Drug War is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Well, then isn’t it both intrinsically and lawfully criminal to continue systematically enforcing it? Congressman Paul might just as well have farted directly into a gale.


    Unalienable rights are not a product of comparisons. They stand
    alone, lawfully inviolate and independent of the fortune or misfortune of the citizens of other nations.

    My personal suffering has never been diminished by being reminded that someone else might be suffering even more than I.

    Has yours?

    When I was little tyke it was not unusual for ungrateful children to be told by a grownup at mealtime to “Think of the starving children in India.”

    The truth is, I didn’t give a shit about the hungry children in India then, and I still don’t.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    Tinsley Grey Sammons
    Tinsley Grey Sammons

    • China. Think of the starving children in China.

      Thanks to the Chairman, there were starving children in China, as I recall about 35 million died of starvation during the “Great Leap Forward”. I expect Chairman Soetoro will consider that acceptable collateral damage while he brings the Great Socialist Spring to America.

      “There he goes, one of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, too rare to die.”

      – Hunter S. Thompson

      • Gotta respect ol’ Thompson. He knew when the game was up and he’d had enough. He had the Balls to take matters into his own hands where they belong. Screw both Gawd and Government.


    • (My personal suffering has never been diminished by being reminded that someone else might be suffering even more than I.) You are right about that. Frankly I DONT CARE ABOUT THE STARVEING PEOPLE IN CHINA, OR ANY THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, FOR THAT MATTER…………..

  52. Well, how safe do you feel when you see a cruiser in your rearview – or a “safety” checkpoint up ahead?

    Usually I hope that they do not pick on me. I want to be left alone to go about my business.

    I usually wonder what will they do to rob me of my cash and/or rights. Since there are so many laws on the books, there is a good chance that I am violating one or more laws at any given moment.

    • Ah yes, but comrade Rubashov Mithradir. You are obviously doing something that is going to compromise the safety of the people, and, therefore you must be searched. Be an obedient worm and submit.

      Your ever so truly,

      Comrade Gletkin (;

    • (I usually wonder what will they do to rob me of my cash and/or rights. Since there are so many laws on the books, there is a good chance that I am violating one or more laws at any given moment.) I agree I want to be left alone. It sucks that so many people think we need to be watched by (BIG BROTHER.I will never understand why there are so many people who cant see the truth, about our constitional rights have been thrown out the3 window..

  53. Usually, the overlords go for incremental destruction of liberty. They are masters at slowly increasing the water temperature, so froggy doesn’t decide to jump out of the pot. They have taken too big a step this time.

    When our economy soon starts to implode like Greece and Spain, there will be lots of middle class Americans in the streets protesting their stolen pensions, rampant inflation and increased taxes. When the feds start throwing them in the pen, there will be a huge backlash. Suddenly, a lot of previously oblivious froggies are going to notice the first bubbles of boiling. And they will jump en masse.

    It is a sign of how bad things are getting. Last thing the feds want to do is to freak the froggies and stampede the sheep. But they seem to feel that this will soon be their only option.

    • “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” — Gerald Celente

      Not only will the froggies jump, they will shoot. Americans have been re-arming themselves for the last 4 years, a fact which gives our overseers very sleepless nights. When the SHTF, I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for the life of any federal LEO who doesn’t quickly flush his badge down the toilet and hand in his resignation.

      • I wish that were true. Unfortunately, as “heavily” armed as increasing numbers of us peon are, our overlords have the HEAVY stuff with which to fight back. Until we mere mundanes can start acquiring armored vehicles, grenades, flamethrowers, armor-piercing artillery, surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) of the Stinger variety, and advanced electronics warfare equipment, we’re outmatched and outgunned. Our only hope is that some conscientious folk on active duty in the armed forces or the various state “national guard” [sic] forces refuse to comply with the order to implement martial law and open up the armories to Us The People when TSHTF.

        • Yes, they do and they’ll be the rulers of burnt out cities when they raze everything to the ground looking for “the enemy”.

        • I dont think the service and police will shoot their own family. I think they are fed up also. There are more of us tham them, I say its time to stand up for rights, PLEASEEEEEEE

        • @liberranter – “our overlords have the HEAVY stuff with which to fight back.” Do you mean that same heavy hardware they’re doing soooo well with against a bunch of Afghani mountain tribesmen? (We call ‘em hillbillies over heah, ya’ll.) As Eric Margolis recently pointed out in his podcast with Lew Rockwell, the USSA ain’t winning in “The Graveyard of Empires” against guerillas with Kalashnikovs. And if you ain’t winnin’, as Margolis puts it “you’re probably losing.” You can’t win a guerilla war or even have an effective long term occupation with a modern mechanized army. Trying to convince people that resistance is futile, is merely a propaganda ploy; misinformation weaponised to demoralize and conquer. I don’t buy it. To occupy you have to put boots on the ground. You can’t stay in an armored Hummer or APC all the time. Sooner or later you have to come out to shit, shower or shoot. When you do, sometimes the other side shoots first and more accurately. As someone else recently posted, the Imperial Japanese military was very much aware of the individual firepower that awaited them if they came ashore in North America. We’re not just talking about rimfire squirrel rifles and single barrel shotguns (my heart goes out to all you Australians), but even remaining within the confines of federal infringements, some pretty serious anti-personnel weapons are in civilian hands here in Amerika, right now, today.

          There are a whole bunch of folks out there in TeeVee land with 50 BMG rifles in various flavors, .338 Lapua Magnums and to a lesser extent the .416 Barrett which is claimed to outperform the venerable 50 BMG out past 1000 yds with a 400 gr. bullet. That’s a solid brass bullet, btw, which should make short work of anyone’s body armor including Ironman. This is what keeps the trailer park royalty like Princess Pelosi and the Queen Bitch Hillary up at night (my apologies to anyone living in a real trailer park). Like many of the other denizens of EPAutos, I read a fair amount about expatriation. Hence I’ve skimmed over the implications of retaining personal firearms after exiting stage left. Apparently you can own firearms (with a permission slip from big bro) in various South American countries. Shotguns and even handguns seem to be okay in some places. But what they really seem to frown on are high powered rifles (i.e. “deer rifles”). Hmmm. Why’s that?

          A competent “lone wolf” marksman, with a good “deer rifle” can effect major political changes in <500 milliseconds from a sufficient distance to get away with it scot free most of the time…even without a suppressor. That fact is not lost on those that would have us bow down to them as (gag) kings, queens, lords and ladies. This fact is also not lost on a lot of rank and file Americans either; hence 4 million members of the NRA alone. Maybe not so much as we once were, but we yet remain a nation of riflemen. The “black rifle” or AR-15 if you prefer is as ubiquitous as the Chevy 350 ever was. Even politically correct Wal-Mart sells AR-15’s and they offer the Sig Sauer with MOE furniture to boot around these parts!

          There are conservatively 100 million gun owners in this nation and if 1% get sufficiently pissed you can bet your ass some (maybe even half or more) of our military (who happen to support Ron Paul over every other candidate) will side with the American people, not our overlord wannabe’s. Things could get totally out of hand for the elite in short order. They are painfully aware of this variable and will work overtime for no pay if that’s what it takes to disarm us. Note to Pelosi and Big O: This ain’t Deutschland. This is still America. We are a gun culture. Just the rise in open carry initiatives alone should prove this to even the densest of the beltway bandits.

          Check into Project Appleseed (http://www.appleseedinfo.org/) and even better, if you’re new to high power rifle marksmanship (or even if you’re experienced) consider participating. I have no desire to see a popular revolt in this country (actually most of the populace is already pretty revolting, but I digress) since the last two were really messy and the results was less than desirable for all participants. But if it is inevitable, then it will be those with the most and more importantly, the most effective, individual riflemen that decide the outcome. You can’t occupy a country with cruise missiles, tanks and aircraft; you can only destroy it. If you love your country and want to hang on to what’s left of it, learn how to accurately, safely and competently shoot a high power rifle. The knowledge that our nation is still populated with more than a few riflemen is the only thing still keeping the wolves even nominally at bay.

          • Boothe, beautifully said. I wish I could muster that eloquence when I argued with my condescending friends from college a few years ago; they laughed when I gave a similar line of argument. In their minds, the military would occupy and own the country in a matter of days.

            At least I had the wherewithal to ask them “How’s that working for us in Afghanistan against a bunch of starving goat herders with ancient Kalashnikovs?”

            I really, truly, dearly hope it doesn’t come to that…because as you say, it doesn’t turn out so well mostly.

            But I agree with both points:
            a) the Elites are shitting themselves because we’re waking up quickly, and we’re extremely well armed
            b) they’re doing everything they can to disarm us…but it’s not working

            Operation Fast and Furious blew up in their faces. The Trayvon case isn’t gaining much traction gun-control-wise. And the Giffords shooting…well, rather than igniting an anti-gun furor, I suspect there was a furtive moment of beard-stroking among those philosophically minded. And a stark moment of realization for the “trailer-park royalty” that they, too, are lead-permeable.

          • Thanks for the kudos methylamine. I didn’t think anyone even noticed the post. I’ve heard similar specious arguments from numerous quarters as those made by your college “peers” (based on what I’ve seen that you’ve written vs. the Cloverian thought patterns you attribute to them, maybe “contemporaries” would be a better descriptor than “peers”). One Clover I worked with in particular, who also happened to be a card carrying member of Handgun Control Inc. as well as a Captain in the Army National Guard described to me in great detail how a modern well trained infantry would make short work of a bunch of “redneck farmers” with “deer rifles.” I explained to him what a bunch of farmers, tradesmen and merchants did to the largest, best trained and most modern army of their day starting, oh, along about April 19, 1775 when that army attempted to round up all of their weapons for safe keeping (for the safety of the British army that is).

            I then followed up (this was back in the early ‘90’s) with what a rousing good time the “modern” British military and particularly the Royal Ulster Constabulary was having with the IRA in Northern Ireland. It seemed that the Brits only trusted the RUC with their weapons while they were on duty. When the RUC clocked out for the day, they checked their weapons at the armory. This left them “soft targets” (a cute British euphemism if ever there was one). So all the IRA had to do was find out who these men were and where they lived, stop by their apartments in the evening while they were watching the “telly” and pop a few caps into them, their wives and their kids right on their own living room sofas. Incidentally this bonehead had given me his HCI business card with his home address on it. Now realizing just how ardent (and at times, even strident) a supporter of the “embarrassing” Second Amendment I am, Captain Clover immediately asked for his business card back. I said no. He went home nervous.

          • Essentially “Red Dawn”. That’s why they are going to keep reinforcing the con, keep the fear of the other going, keep getting people to fight each other and so on. They will disappear individuals. They might even open the camps. But the outright occupation will not happen unless they can properly con enough people into believing it is required. For safety.

            I will restate my argument their technology is flawed and fragile. The stuff that was designed with less politics where engineers could still go around and subvert to get the job done is now old and being mothballed. The airframes and other critical components are at or beyond end of useful life. The new stuff appears to be crap. Plain and simple politically driven crap. Oxygen systems that don’t work? WTF? Wasn’t that sorted out in the 1960s? If the political contamination has reached that deep into the design of the F-22 what else is lurking in that thing? The next plane, still in development, appears even worse.

            As soon as the occupied americans stop the support system for this technology the playing field will be leveled considerably. Troops refusing orders and unit defections will follow.

            Their solution appears to be drones and AI. Machines controlled by a relatively few loyal lackies. Of course they could always just destroy everything in a fit by pressing the button.

            • And to quote Stalin: Quantity has a quality all its own.

              Consider the achievements of a determined group of bedouins with AKs against the paid poltroons of the US Army…

          • @BrentP – “Their solution appears to be drones and AI.” Now I realize that the FedGov drones are allegedly superior to what’s available on the open market, but…http://www.takepart.com/blog-series/paw-and-order/2012/02/15/surveillance-not-violence-animal-rights-group-uses-drone-planes I’d say a few well placed beads of politically correct steel shot will probably play hell with any small drone doing surveillance duty in your back yard or over your back forty.

            Of course in town, that might be a bit of an issue with the neighbors. So a small broadband noise jammer tuned to the same frequency range as the RC signal to the drone should send it off to who knows where. Depending on how narrow the bandwidth and how clean the signal, the neighbors probably wouldn’t even notice that. Somebody at big gov might, and triangulate on a fixed station too, so… If someone were to build a big nasty one, the way they build huge RF amps for CB radio “key down” competitions, just for the fun of it; and if that someone were riding around the countryside (or cityside) in a big SmooVee wiff twennies and kicking out 5 – 10 second bursts of 10KW Omni-directional white noise at XX.X Mhz, drone collisions might become more common than the common cold. Of course that would be in violation of federal law, but so are those big CB amps. Never underestimate the ingenuity of mischievous Americans with access to Mouser and Newark Electronics.

            It seems like the Persians (a.k.a. the Iranians) have already figured out how to not only jam the CIA’s little RC toys, but were able to take control and land one. Of course “US Intelligence” (is that an oxymoron these days or what!?) denies that the last remaining major country without ties to the central banking mob has that much technological capability. The drone simply “malfunctioned” and landed itself without any signs of a crash. Besides there wasn’t any really good technology that the enemy might find useful in that drone anyway. Yeah, right. With respect to “our” key intelligence agency I would observe that “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

            If Iran hasn’t already, it will only be a matter of time before they release the control frequencies for all the world to see. Of course this little cock up will require major infusions of cash to Raytheon, Lockheed – Martin, et al, for upgrades, engineering changes and reprogramming, so hold on to your wallets. But as you point out Brent, their technology is so “advanced” it’s very fragile and something as simple as 19th century Tesla coil technology might even play hell with a drone if it’s close enough.

            Then there’s the issue of the “relatively few loyal lackies” operating these things. Young servicemen plied with ethanol and testosterone in the company of an attractive young woman will run their mouths faster than Wyle E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. It would most likely only take a few hundred bucks greasing the palm of some young harlot to find out the who’s who of drone operators. It might not even take that, if you show up at the right beer joint with a “high and tight” hair do and are able to sound knowledgeable while engaging in a little “shop talk.” I refer you back to the RUC / IRA scenario mentioned above.

            The bill coming due for what they’ve done to us and our country can go wrong for the elite in so many ways. I’m just sitting back waiting for the curtain to rise and the show to start. We do indeed live in interesting times.

          • @Boothe–

            kicking out 5 – 10 second bursts of 10KW Omni-directional white noise at XX.X Mhz, drone collisions might become more common than the common cold

            Indeed, good sir, indeed! That kind of talk really gets my juices flowing.

            The real vulnerability is their GPS receivers; those signals are unbelievably faint, and there’s a plethora of GPS jammers available right now starting at about 25 FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes–not to be confused with real money).

            Delicious. The thought of Keystone Cop-like capers as drones bounce off the nearest highrise and plummet to their pitiful electronic deaths on the street below warms my heart.

            • Maybe a CME would not be altogether bad…. it’d take out all the GPS satellites and throw a huge wrench in the machinery of the state. Of course, it’d also return the world to circa 1875, technology-wise. At least, for a while…

    • Really? You think middle class Americans will be in the streets protesting? You might be right, but they will be fighting with each other; half of them blaming the vile Republicans and the other half blaming the evil Democrats. The politicians on both sides will feed on this by proposing legislation that will do nothing to solve our problems, but the vast majority of Americans blinded by partisanship will line up behind their side and most will be convinced that better days are coming.

  54. The Nuremberg Precedent is lawfully applicable.

    From an ethical point of view, the administration of justice should begin at the top and descend an office following each conviction.

    Never mind the street agents at first. Begin with the Executive who signed the unlawful power into law. Then review the Legislative Record and deal with the responsible culprits accordingly. The badged rottweilers suspected of TestiLYING should be next.

    Last but not least, as in Nuremberg the judges can be tried accordingly after they have had an opportunity to savor the fate of the other Establishment criminals.

    I see three degrees of statist’s guilt:

    1. Malice

    2. Bill of Rights Incompetence

    3. A combination of the two

    Never mind all the other names that refer to about the same thing. The American Ideal can become a reality only by dealing with the Statists infesting America’s governments. I would rather see them all in hell rather than see a single Individual arrested for a noncrime.


  55. This is the logical outcome when principle takes a backseat to pragmatism. Once principles have been abandoned, anything and everything can be justified. Arbitrariness and capriciousness become the norm. The result is that we all become potential fodder to tossed in the meat grinder.

    It is sad to say, but there is no long term hope. Only mere pockets of peace and prosperity intermittently seen amongst the mass graves and genocides. Human freedom is nothing more than a statistical aberration within the violence of human ignorance and moral bankruptcy.

  56. One of the things I find interesting is how people will continue to make excuses for these kinds of laws. I constantly hear the line that we should stop complaining becuase it’s so much worse in other nations. As if that is some reason to take one more step towards complete totalitarianism. Furthermore thanks to our broken two party system people will still support Obama.(because of course Mitt will be even worse) Frankly I believe we only have a one party system and that if anything Obama is simply a more efective neo-conservative simply because the left will make these kind of excuses for him. Very few on the left would make an excuse like this for McCain if he had been elected.

    • Comparisons cannot justify even the slightest statutory injustice.

      If I deliberated and with malice break one of your arms are you going to thank me for not breaking both?


      • Or, to use another metaphor, if I am diagnosed with cancer, would it be logical for someone else to tell me not to complain about my condition because someone with AIDS dies a slower, more painful death?

  57. I think the cause of this problem has been discussed before on this blog and will hopefully
    continue: Most of us, for various reasons, believe we cannot live without the state, that we cannot be civil and prosperous unless we have a group of political elites ruling over us. We thought democracy was the answer to the oppression of monarchy and feudal laws, and look where its gotten us. We thought oh! if we could just elect the “right” bosses (me! and anyone who thinks like me!) they would set things straight. It is in the nature of the state and the people who run it to expand and control more and more land and people; to destroy those who refuse to submit. It’s MO is violence, destruction. And as we watch, it destroys itself. Ironically, the destruction of the Twin Towers is a time-lapse metaphor for what’s happening to this country.

    We cannot change people and make them more autonomous. They must do it for themselves. And we know from experience that the best of rational arguments will never influence many people. But we can live among our friends, family, neighbors and other people of good will as though we lived in a free society. We can treat them with respect for their life and liberty and property, our MO being voluntary exchange. And there are people out there who are hungry for good ideas.

    • It seems like a lot of people get it, but are too content to speak out, vote for “radical” candidates, perform any kind of civil disobedience. I myself only do two out of those three things.

      I don’t yet have the stomach for civil disobedience beyond driving solo in the carpool lane and running red arrow traffic signals because to me the calculus still comes out in favor of me being more useful to my family outside of a cage than inside one. But I know it only means a better position for my family for one more day, because who knows what tomorrow will bring? A “why didn’t I act sooner” moment will likely come for me one day.

      The mentality of people seems to be “the devil I know is better than the one I don’t know.” I admit that at time I’m guilty of this myself.

      • I believe that total obedience would be an effective tactic. There are so many laws, so many absurd laws, the functioning of US economy and society REQUIRES law breaking.

        If everyone obeyed every detail of the law and abstained from activities that could not be done legally because of conflicting laws and regulation this country would grind to a full halt.

        Crippling 24/7 traffic jams. Economic activity slowing. tax revenues falling.

        The selective enforcement of laws is what keeps things going.

        Mass disobedence is effective, I don’t disagree. But mass obedence would also be. Disobedence will get clovers calling for more government. Obeying will make them call for less.

        • So, if I get your drift here I could make a political statement by, for example, giving up drinking raw milk and abstaining from anal sex? Just a thought…

          • Ok, Every detail of acts done in public.

            Private acts that have no effect on anyone else don’t do a thing either way because rarely does a third party even know of them. Jury nullification when caught is where they will they matter.

            The idea is to make the law clear to clovers who can’t grasp anything unless they experience. The ten over clover is always going to support the low speed limits because he doesn’t have to obey them. Other people do. But if he was faced with a pack of people driving the speed limit that in turn make him feel the impact of the stupid laws he supports then maybe he would finally grasp the situation correctly. Furthermore by damaging the revenue streams of government it would be encouraged to back off as well.

          • OK, I admit I was snickering when I wrote that. What we’re considering is mass civil obedience. The idea being to point out exactly how stupid our existing codex is.

            I really like this idea.

          • You know Brent? This could take off. The more I think about it the more I like it.

            We could publish a list of really silly laws that we all agree to obey and then pick a day to do it. I think it would make a real statement. I’ll bet some of the MSM might even pick it up. It could work! We could even escalate it to a National Obey Every Law Week.

          • If only 1,000 people refused to pay their income taxes, the Federal Courts would clog up and the Federal Prison system would implode. Imagine if 10,000 refused!

          • 10,000 people not paying income taxes when the government says the must? Not a problem. It’s like saying what if nobody follows the 55mph speed limit? Government simply uses its resources selectively. The NMSL went on for years with reports that showed people obeyed it when in reality hardly anyone did. False reality is something government creates to survive.

            There are probably millions of people not filing right now that technically must under the law. But it doesn’t matter because the illusion is intact. Most of them are either lazy or tax cheats or owe too little for the IRS to bother. The IRS knows they can get to them when they get to them.

            Ever wonder why the IRS concentrates its enforcement on people who believe the income tax is illegal, doesn’t apply to ordinary people, etc and so on? Because those people threaten the system. The millions of others aren’t a big concern. The IRS goes after them as it has time and resources. It doesn’t make a criminal case out of most of them either.

            It is like how camera enforcement has never won when put on the ballot. It doesn’t select. It nails everyone. Ten over clover gets speeding tickets and red light tickets as he rolls right on reds or conga-line’s through an intersection. First time in 30 years he gets a ticket. He’s pissed. Those sort of tickets are for bad people, not him.

            Selective enforcement is a very powerful tool. It maintains an illusion. 10 over clover can disobey the law while at the same time demand cops nail those speeders for safety.

            You would need 10,000 people who not only refused to pay federal income tax but also preach the details that reveal the federal income tax to be the fraud they believe it to be. Then the IRS has a problem. Because now the illusions their paychecks are based upon are threatened. The con starts to fail.

            Bernie Maddoff was fine until the illusion he created failed.

          • I think the latter is just asking too much, Scott. I may have principles but dammit man, how far must they go???


          • Wow, have we really come full circle here? Basically, you are suggesting using the Liberal’s own tactic against them – this is nothing more than the Cloward-Piven Plan. Still I like the idea of publishing really stupid laws and obeying them – BUT, only for a day, any longer and I think you might need to put me in a padded room…

        • BrentP, in the military, on construction projects and at big industrial facilities what you describe is called “destructive compliance”. Say a supervisor tells you to go start a pump or replace a fuse and you know taking that action will do even more damage, how do you proceed? If the guy’s a true blue Clover you might (if you’re feeling generous) ask “Are you sure?” If he says “Yes, now go do what I told you”, one might just go let the magic smoke out of the wiring / motor for him. Then one might go back to Mr. Clover, tell him what happened and ask “What do you want me to do now?” It can sometimes turn into a domino effect if you’re working for a real idiot. But I’ve only seen it actually happen on very rare occasions.

          The problem with a “destructive compliance” approach to the bureaucratic quagmire we now find ourselves in is exactly as you stated; everything would come to grinding halt. Americans for the most part are at least nominally productive. We tend to figure out how to shortcut, circumnavigate and work-around most barriers. I believe it’s our very nature. This is what we tend to do about bullshit laws. We count on safety in numbers while running over the speed limit on freeways. It’s like we’re a school of fish and Officer Friendly is an osprey; he can’t get all of us. Can’t burn old tires anymore? We might bury them under a brush pile, wait until dark and let the tires start the brush burning. But burn those damned tires we will, one way or the other. Put a law in place like catalytic converters and Americans will work around that too. I’ve bought more than one vehicle with the guts knocked out of the cat. I realize that one couldn’t get away with that in the big cities, but it probably works in 95% of the rest of the country (California aside).

          I think basically ignoring “the law” was the reason Wisconsin took so long to get a concealed carry law passed (not that I agree with the concept, it’s an infringement of our rights of course). From what little I know about Wisconsin, middle class folks of Northern European extraction apparently carried guns (if they felt the need), knowing that the cops would (usually) give them a pass. The urban “weed people” were more likely to get stopped and searched. This provided the cops with the opportunity to “run in” a targeted member of the underclass for the non-crime of “possessing a weapon” when it was convenient. No need for a “shall issue” CCW permit law under “a wink & a nod” circumstances like that.

          Then the honky spanking incident occurred at the Wisconsin State Fair and all of sudden the impetus was there for a CCW law. Wow. Imagine that. You wouldn’t want a felony charge for possessing the means to defend yourself. This also puts the underclass on notice that an attempt to drag a “cracker” out of his Buick could result in new upper body ventilation ports. I see a nexus with the Obama / Holder gun-haters’ agenda, the Trayvon Martin racialist sideshow and the increased state level imperatives to arm the “law abiding” here. The pragmatic work-around in this case (i.e. the regime’s blatant denial of the Second Amendment’s guarantee) is to enact victim armament laws at the state level.

          The nut of the matter is this: Most Americans will still do whatever it takes to get the job done. That may be changing with this latest generation. It would be nice if you could, but I doubt you’ll get too many folks over 30 (that are currently employed anyway) to put sand in the machine’s gears through destructive compliance.

          • The other problem with destructive compliance is that the boss blames the person he ordered to do it. I have argued with bosses over design and then had to do it their way. When it failed exactly as I said it would, they blamed me for the failure.

            Pretty much every institution in the US runs on this subversion you describe. But in each institution the PTB try to stop it. They select people that they think are a threat to them and punish them for nominal non-compliance with the rules. I have suffered it myself many times. The faster and better I worked the stronger the enforcement. When I finally learned to throttle my output the harrassment went away. And there’s where this country is today. People have been learning not only that they can be parasites, the nominally productive, the ones that can’t think of not being productive are learning to keep themselves in the hassle free zone. How many lumps on the head, how many downsizings, rightsizing, and just plain layoffs do productive people have to endure before they just don’t fight the system to get the job done anymore?

            The system is grinding productive people into soviet style of work. This slow grind could go on decades more. But if it were to happen all at once… but you are correct, getting the mass to do so is probably impossible.

            Most people here, despite their views, and perhaps a few experiences here and there, are still nominally indentified at least on the surface as “good people”. It’s very different when one is indentified as “bad people” as I have often gotten a taste of. I can pass for “good people” if I throttle myself and hide my individuality, which I largely do, but some things I’ve not been willing to give up and is where I have my experiences. The USA is “free” for those who can and choose to conform. They can nominally work around the system. Be different, especially in the heavily populated areas like where I am and the system’s selectivity will come out.

  58. It really is tragic, everyone should read Sinclair Lewis’, It Can’t Happen Here for perspective. This along with Strauss and Howe’s Fourth Turning really point to this result repeating (or according to Twain rhyming) and not turning out well.
    One of the most disheartening things is that people of a freedom/libertarian mindset don’t bode well in those times (these times).

    • Can you elaborate on “people of a freedom/libertarian mindset don’t bode well in…. (these times).’

      • it can be overt or covert but the typical libertarian either voices their disapproval of the elimination of their liberties or just doesn’t follow the rest of the pack and thus stands out as a dissentor.
        It would be insanely optimistic of me to say that 10% of the population embrace true freedom.
        People are convinced that the state needs more power to protect them and libertarians will be deemed “radical” or “extremists” and then considered enemies.
        At this point people like RP are only labeled a “nutcase” but in the near future they will considered “dangerous”

        • Police forces are already profiling Paul supporters in some areas. DHS have identified people displaying RP bumper stickers as radicals and potential homegrown terrorists.

          • I have heard that RP supporters were and are surveyed. I guess since I campaigned for him, I have a dossier with the DHS goons.

    • Libertarians are their own worst enemy. They have rejected traditional morality because they think it hinders their “freedoms.” They think they have found a new paradigm because they are for low taxes, small government and “personal freedoms.” What they fail to see, is that it’s the lack of personal morals of the masses that brings about the cancerous growth of of Government and their loss of freedom.

      So now we are an enemy of the state. However, the real enemies of the state are those in authority and who work for it. Without an overriding matrix of Judeo-Christian morals, we have an evil population and from the evil population rise those who rule us.

      So you see we have met the enemy and the enemy is us

      Or to put it another way, “we are all screwed” and we have no one else to blame but ourselves

      • Come on Ed, that’s the weakest straw man I’ve ever seen, and a collectivist bit of drivel to boot!

        In computer programming terms, “libertarian != libertine”; just because I’m a libertarian (anarchist, actually) does NOT mean I don’t have morals. Quite the opposite, I’d put my morals over 90% of supposedly moral church-goers.

        You paint us all with the libertine brush, and imply it’s our lack of morals that’s caused the masses to regress to their animal state–that’s absurd!

        The libertarians I know are often of the strictest moral fiber; indeed, the very precepts of a true libertarian demand the highest morals.

        We’re a light to the world. If there were more libertarians we’d be in a much better situation.

        Do you really believe what you wrote? It’s so obviously false, generalized, and superficial it begs the title “sarcasm”.

        • Libertarian != Libertine

          Many of us anarchists are anarchists *BECAUSE* of our strong religious beliefs. You know we think stealing, murder, and lying are wrong if if you are wearing state-issued costumes.

          As St. Augustinge spoke of in the City of God: The difference be a band of robbers and a kingdom is not their methods or character, but the attainment of impunity which a kingdom enjoys from the victims.

          • The exact quote is:

            Justice being taken away, then, what are kingdoms but great robberies? For what are robberies themselves, but little kingdoms?

            The band itself is made up of men; it is ruled by the authority of a prince, it is knit together by the pact of the confederacy; the booty is divided by the law agreed on. If, by the admittance of abandoned men, this evil increases to such a degree that it holds places, fixes abodes, takes possession of cities, and subdues peoples, it assumes the more plainly the name of a kingdom, because the reality is now manifestly conferred on it, not by the removal of covetousness, but by the addition of impunity.

            Indeed, that was an apt and true reply which was given to Alexander the Great by a pirate who had been seized. For when that king had asked the man what he meant by keeping hostile possession of the sea, he answered with bold pride, “What thou meanest by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, whilst thou who dost it with a great fleet art styled emperor.”

      • Personal morals are what I find among libertarians far more frequently than with the mainstream. Morality of the mainstream boils down to pointing a gun at other people and demanding they live the way they are told to live. There’s nothing moral about that.

        I once read that the fault with libertarianism is that it requires intelligent and moral people. We are always told libertarianism won’t work because of the ‘bad people’. However occasionally I see something like your post Ed, where the typical premise is turned on its head.

        This turn around is usually based upon a confusion with being moral and obeying what some control freak or government or organized church composing of such people say.

        So what if some people don’t want to operate their personal lives the way some political or religious leader or even the majority says? So long as they don’t interfere with other people, don’t harm other people, what’s the point? So what if some people prefer pot over alcohol? A moral person is one who doesn’t have to control his neighbor’s personal life. Who can be comfortable with the fact that people are different.

        I refuse to believe that man in inherently evil without being made afraid of some punishment in life or after death. If this were the case we would have a vastly larger real criminal population. But as such we are back to the idea that libertarianism can’t work because “bad people” exist. But what is the solution of churches and government over the centuries? To treat everyone has “bad people”, as criminals. Where does that lead over and over again? In the 20th century it lead to mass murder by government. But besides that the lawlessness, the lack of morality of those in government seems through the population.

        You want to know why the people are less moral? It’s certainly not because we’ve gotten more libertarianism. Here’s where we’ve gained liberty in the last 80 years or so: We can own gold again and we can brew our own beer for personal consumption. I can think of nothing else. I love home brew and gold makes a good hedge against the bankers fraudulent ways so they are important things, but that’s about all we’ve gotten. Everywhere else we have less liberty. But not only do we have less liberty those who demand we obey them are less and less moral. Stealing more and more. More and more laws they are exempt from or selective enforcement never bothers them about. People see this.

        When those with power don’t have to be moral, why should anyone else? What we get is rule by the gun and you can’t make moral people that way.

        Morality is undermined not by letting people make personal choices in their lives but being ruled over with force. Morality requires good examples to follow, a firm understanding of right and wrong both in concept and practice, not fear of punishment.

        When the difference between a murderer and a president is having government office… why should we expect morality to thrive?

        • Historically, Christianity has not been a bastion of morality. For a recent example, check out England under Cromwell. According to the Bible, Jesus advocated “brotherly love” which does not seem to have been limited to one’s own religion or sect, but the early Christians had a 3-point approach to those who would belong to a new sect: convert them if you can: if you can’t, drive them out, and if you can’t drive them out, kill them.
          The continent of Asia from the Mediterranean to Korea and Africa have the descendants of heretics who were driven out of Europe during those early years. One of the bloodiest was the war against the Cathars of southern France who were mercilessly killed during the 12th and early 13th
          centuries. These were the most civilized people in Europe who tried to start the Renaissance 300 years before the Italians.
          Nowadays, they are declaring war against science and individual liberty.

          • Yep. Organized religion of many forms is very guilty of ‘our way or else’ just as nationalism often is.

            Running other people’s lives by pointing a gun at them (or any other threat of force) is never moral.

        • The problem is morality is, at root, subjective. It must be defined. So must concepts such as ‘evil.’ Both are, in the end, nothing but structural concepts that *must* exist for x, y, or z hypothetical society to exist.

          This is why ‘morality’ is presented by philosophers-it defines the boundaries for the conjectural society to exist.

          In nature, animal societies-herds and predator packs-maintain homogeneity through a balance of force, just as ‘ungoverned’ human societies obviously do.

          No actual society can ever fit the mold of the philosophers, of course. So the utopia dream fails, and we live lives governed by force, just as animals and tribal humans.

          Only, we are so very fortunate that, thanks to ‘morality’ and the dreams of philosophers, there is no balance of force-instead it has been-quite morally-concentrated within one segment of society.

          Great deal.

          • I think you can make a solid case for the objectivity of the Libertarian moral premise: No violence or coercion except in response to violence or coercion. It’s a pretty clear cut either/or.

            Either you reject the idea of using violence/coercion to get things, or get people to do what you think they should – or you do not.

            If you do, you’re moral – in that you have rejected a life (and a society) based on violence. If you live by this ideal, then you cause no harm to others – an objective “good” – and have a right to expect that others cause you no harm in turn (another objective “good”).

            If not then you you have endorsed violence/coercion – maltreatment of others, objectively a “bad” thing – and should expect to be treated violently by someone larger/stronger than you are (or a group of them ) – and not complain when you are.

          • I think the question is are we more than animals?

            The subjective morality are just things that some people have included into morality because they think it’s best or as a fraud to control. The basic morality of live and let live, of self ownership is not subjective if we are more than animals.

            If we are just animals then well there is just force and morality just becomes fancy window dressing on the use of force. That is people who use force construct a morality based on what they were going to do anyway. It is just one big fraud to make people easier to control.

      • What of the morality of those who see no objection to their endless assaults on others?

        This is similar to having religious folks rant about atheists and their lack of morality – as if the Inquisition were the high point of human moral development.
        Or the Bible, for that matter.

        Anyway, though, you’re right that it does need to be explained why this tendency exists, and why it has accelerated. I would say it is not a loss of morality, but a loss of faith and trust. We do not trust ourselves, and we do not trust others. We have lost the idea that the average person we come across can figure out his life, or that he’s more likely to be nice than assault us. We’ve developed these fears of each other, and ourselves, against all evidence.

        So, in response, we come up with this form of systematiziation. The cause of statism is thinking in terms of systems, of procedures, of bureacracy. This leads us to accept all manner of things – the rule of better men, organized religion, corporate state, the warfare state…

      • Traditional morality defined by whom, a group of elite govt beauracrats? Or a league of child molesting elites drinking from gold chalices and dressed in the finest gowns?
        The problems we have are not because people don’t follow what someone else defines as traditional values/morals but because people have relinquished the responsibility of creating/understanding their own moral paradigm and respecting others.
        And many libertarians are not for “low taxes”, they are for no taxes.
        My moral code stands against violence and respects property rights. Whether that is violence against innocent people or the use of deadly force other than in self defense. But that also includes coercive force. When money (or any property of the individual) is taken by force or the threat of force or imprisonment without the consent of the person, it is theft. Just because a group of people proclaim they are representing the majority does not give them the right to commit evil acts against the minority. Govt is the monopolized use of violent force and taxes are theft.
        There will always be people who don’t align their morals with yours but that’s why we should always be packing heat so we can protect our property. I don’t need the ten commandments or some “book” to tell me what to do not to do. The problem isn’t that they aren’t following judeo-christian rules but because they are weak-minded and need to be told how to live. Today they follow the bible, tomorrow they follow Mein Kampf, the issue is they are followers and not individuals. One of the biggest mistakes is that people think there needs to be “an order” or rulers at all. Each person should be their own ruler and always deal with all others voluntarily. We need less followers, less leaders and more individuals. Thinking that makes someone their own worst enemy?

      • Hey Ed, A Revolutionary war saying was “No King but Jesus”. This was very libertarian and very Christian at the same time. The concept of free will, where one can either accept Christ or not is a very libertarian concept. Jesus during his time on earth or since never forced anyone to accept his message. This is Libertarianism and it’s at the heart of Christianity. The purpose of the state is to protect the right of the individual to exercise his free will, it has no other legitimate purpose.

        • Right on, Joe!

          Compelling belief in anything is worthless in addition to being tyrannical. Free choice, exercised by free people. Too bad only a small minority of humanity appears to be capable of appreciating – and respecting – this concept.

    • Some other good reads that are very relevant to this discussion: “America Was”, an essay written by Garet Garrett in the late 1930s, arguing that the New Deal had already killed the concept that was America; “As We Go Marching”, written by John T. Flynn in 1944, exploring how the US was marching down the road to fascism, just as our enemies in Germany and Italy had done; and “They Thought They Were Free”, by Milton Mayer, based on extensive interviews of 10 ordinary Germans who lived through the Third Reich and detailing their thoughts and reactions as it was happening.

      There is another essay by Garet Garrett, the name of which I don’t remember, written in the early 1950s that argued that the US could still have returned to a republic after WWII, but had chosen the path of empire. With that choice, the concept that was America had irrevocably been destroyed.

    • I particularly relish the following quote attributed to Lewis:

      “When fascism comes to America, it will be in the form of a cross wrapped in a flag.”

      We’re already there, and have been there for a long time.

  59. “Well, how safe do you feel when you see…a “safety” checkpoint up ahead?”

    I feel pissed. And then I feel like turning around and twisting the right hand grip. Which is exactly what I did, once, when I opted out of facetime with the State constabulary. It’s the only time I “ran”, so to speak. I got away, but I later felt physically ill (yes) that it had come to that.

      • That could only be a result of doing something wrong. Because if you weren’t doing anything wrong, you guys wouldn’t have anything to fear. Only the bad people have something to fear. Good people should feel warm and cozy wrapped in a blanket of safety. Just make sure you remember to say “yes maste…I mean sir.”

        • Are you fucking kidding me?
          You’re seriously going to sit here and say “The good people don’t have anything to worry about…” Hey, what about the Jews in 1930’s & 40’s Germany? They were “good citizens” and see how that turned out for them…

          You brainwashed shepole… God forbid you open your eyes and open a fucking history book…

          • If you read the accounts from those who survived the Holocaust, a common theme was that most of them could not fathom one human being doing that to another. They all thought if they just remained quiet things would just pass and they would be okay (as they were led to the “showers”). I am sick that all this can be forgotten in a mere 70 years! Someone asked Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl if he viewed himself and a “good man” after surviving, his reply was “No – all the good men died in the concentration camps”. Because they were not willing to trade away their humanity for the mere price of their lives. Something EVERYONE should remember when it comes this time.

          • Reading this article and the comments leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Has no one read “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?” If this is not a “history-repeating-itself” moment I do not know what would qualify.

          • While I get and agree with what your saying, and yes this country is and wants to be asleep, because people see things but they fear, and think it won’t happen to them. Fantacy world is where people seek shelter, and we are sheep led to a slaughter, just like Germany. Soon I fear the heads of the country will cause something bad to happen and as usual blame someone else, and the sheep will listen. When antichrist shows up to solve all our problems we are 100% dead, cause
            people are eager to believe in anything if it sounds good! And he will sound good, look how bama had people eating out of his hand, and he bit everyone, cause he is god in his eyes. Sad we left GOD for the government. What a tradeoff…

        • I realize that this is sarcasm, but I’ve heard this too often to find any humor in it … >sigh<

        • That One guy,

          Since you don’t value liberty or freedom, from this point forward, we shall now post an armed FBI agent in your bedroom when you sleep at night every night to record the goings on that may occur there. And you should not mind, after all, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear from the feds snooping in your private bedroom and recording anything and everything that you do there…………

        • Wow…I can’t believe some of you didn’t recognize That One Guy’s comment as sarcasm.

          If you want to read something really scary, try “As We Go Marching”, by John T. Flynn. It was written in 1944 and the accuracy of its description on where the US was headed if it didn’t change course will make your head spin. We are on exactly the same course that took Italy and Germany to totalitarianism, and for exactly the same reasons.

    • Now that I know what to look for I can usually take the last turn and go around a checkpoint. However the last one I encountered I was exiting the expressway. There was no last turn. Thankfully I wasn’t chosen to have my papers inspected.

      I started feeling like I was the only person with long term memory in the early 1990s. A discussion on a BBS regarding penalties for crack and cocaine. I was the only person who remembered the crack hysteria of the 1980s.

      Now it feels like I am the only one who remembers the cold war and all the reasons the soviet union was to be feared…. because we didn’t want to live being searched, our papers checked, checkpoints, government permission for everything, and so on. I don’t get it. Am I (and most everyone here) simply immune to some sort of memory erasing / distorting device?

      Capt. Vasili Borodin: I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a “recreational vehicle.” And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?
      Captain Ramius: I suppose.
      Capt. Vasili Borodin: No papers?
      Captain Ramius: No papers, state to state.
      Capt. Vasili Borodin: Well then, in winter I will live in… Arizona. Actually, I think I will need two wives.
      Captain Ramius: Oh, at least.

      • Another poignant moment Brent. My father was the architect of the Trident D5 system, the one that eventually broke the back of the USSR’s MIC and caused the economic collapse of that regime. Before that he worked on Polaris and Poseidon. I assure you he’s rolling in his grave.

        If we had only folded up our tent and gone home for a cold one when the Berlin Wall fell, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        • which is exactly what we should have done, but the military/industrial/congressional complex was having fits that peace would reign. So instead of dismantling NATO which no longer had a reason to exist our masters expanded it with dreams of running the world. That’s worked out real well; I hope we go broke sooner rather than later, it’s the only way to end the empire.

          • Exactly Mike, The sooner the better for this country’s total economic collapse as in the great 2nd depression. Then and only then will this tyrannical Governmental empire collapse and no longer will your life be ruled by a government under the disguise of safety and protection.
            Are not the radical rag heads winning??

          • I cannot help but notice that those “radical ragheads” for what ever their faults may include; are the only people in the world, USA included, that stand up to the feds.

        • Remember after the USSR broke up how they were talking about a “peace dividend?” Haha. The war profiteers had to nip that one in the bud! So after the phony baloney Cold War ended they came up with the even more phoney baloney War on Terror. And the sheeple fell for it again!

          • I remember when the press asked George H.W.Bush about the “peace dividend’…he had a sh1t-eating grin on his face that said…you fools…

      • “Am I … simply immune to some sort of memory erasing / distorting device?”

        You know Brent, the more I ponder this the more it intrigues me. There is something going on but I can’t put my finger on it. Here’s a theory for you– somehow Americans have been duped into transferring their despair over losing their future and the wealth they believed they’d accumulated during the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s to some amorphous group known only as “terrorists”, and into believing that to recover that lost wealth, they need to give up their liberty.

        You have to admit Americans had it pretty good by the end of the 90’s. The 70’s had been bad, the 80’s pretty tough, then all the sudden everyone had a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage. On top of that, they “owned” the garage. Most folks were paper millionaires, then it all went away. A year later we had 9/11.

        My thinking is the blame for that loss was transferred. On top of that, people wanted a return to the good times at any cost. Once having had that feeling of security, they became willing to do anything to get it back. Pointing out that they never really had it doesn’t do any good, they *thought* they had it.

        What I’m getting at is a man who has nothing but his liberty values it highly. A person who’s possessed material wealth and had it taken will sacrifice his liberty to get it back. That was the big con. That’s how it happened. At least it’s one explanation.

        • That’s extremely perceptive Scott–I think you have something there.

          I often wonder too why people work so hard to maintain the illusions; it takes real effort these days to blind yourself to the obvious encroachments of tyranny. They run around like grade-schoolers with their fingers stuck in their ears yelling “LA -LA -LA -LA I can’t hear you!” idiotically.

          It’s as if denying it, wishing really hard for the good old days, and “doing what you’re told” will just make it all better again.

          Really it’s an incredibly infantile response.

          Did you expect anything better?

        • Nah, I don’t buy it. Americans are not sitting around willingly trading their liberty for a mess of pottage. They are simply living their lives, however their environment permits them to do so.

          The government is indulging in a fantasy. They think that passing all these Nazi style laws is going to keep them in control when the dollar dies and the empire crashes. It won’t. When people see what was done to them, the rulers will be hanging from lamp posts. You can tyrannize a disarmed population; America is not that.

    • @James – “It’s the only time I “ran”, so to speak. I got away, but I later felt physically ill”. I’m really sorry to hear that, it was your Cloverian brainwashing kicking in. I’ve “run” (on a bike) a number of times. The feeling has always been a rush, pure exhilaration, probably the most intense feeling of being alive I’ve ever experienced (next to really good sex). After the chase concluded (always in my favor BTW), the feeling went to relief and satisfaction that I had thwarted the rent seeking parasites. I’ve outrun / outsmarted / outmaneuvered them on an RD350 Yamaha, a TS-400 Suzuki and even (Eric probably won’t believe this, but I swear it’s true) a stone stock ’83 KZ400 loaded down with a Vetter fairing, a stereo and my lunch cooler. That was actually the last time I outran the tax feeders on a bike and the funniest part is I didn’t even know the county-mountie was chasing me. Kenny Roberts was my “hero” back in the day and I used to practice “high speed chase” the way kids these days play video games. A friend of mine approached me the next day to ask me how much the ticket was going to cost and I asked “What ticket?” He told me by name which deputy sheriff came after me. I told him I was “practicing” and never saw him. From where he said Deputy Donut pulled out, I was probably home (9 miles away) by the time he passed the county court house. I had acouple of intensely scary near-misses (hardware failures) and pretty much quit riding shortly after that.

      Now, with my little Yamaha 2-stroke crotch rocket, all I needed were a few sharp curves and the donut-fed-tax-collectors would fall so far behind I could simply go home, park my bike in the shed and have a cold one in my hand before they even realized the game was over. On that venerable old open class Suzuki Enduro I would find the nearest game trail or sand road (this was in northwest Florida circa 1979 – 80) and leave the denizens of the doughnut shop sitting (thoroughly pissed off I’m sure) at the trail head. Sometimes I would have to travel more than a few miles off-road, out of my way, to avoid interception when I hit the asphalt, but that’s the price you pay to avoid the beat down that would have been inevitable (even back in the ‘80’s) if the officious pricks caught you. The really cool part is there are 900 square miles of USAF reservation there, mostly wooded and sandy so I managed to outrun every class of tax-feeder: federal, state, county and city.

      Various folks have always mouthed the anecdote “you can’t outrun a radio.” Maybe not; but if you’re a skillful rider, you’re careful and smart you can damn sure outrun the car that jackass on the radio is sitting in. And you know he’s a jackass, because you haven’t done anything other than exceed an arbitrary velocity set by some other jackass behind a desk. Furthermore, I’ve had cops tell me point blank they are under no obligation to intervene in a “crime in progress” if they don’t feel “comfortable.” Therefore they were under no obligation to chase me for the non-crime of “speeding”, so I don’t buy the bullshit that I was endangering “officer safety.” Pursuit was a purely voluntary action taken of their own free will. In all the high speed chases I engaged in, no one was ever harmed (if you don’t count the bullies-with-badges’ pride).

      All this being said; I don’t advise anyone to ever try “running.” It is extremely dangerous…to the rider. There is the obvious possibility that a hard equipment failure (tire blows out, engine seizes) or road conditions (granny pulls out in front of you with her Crown Vic) will put you on the pavement or wrap you around a light pole. If you have a soft failure (the engine quits), there’s probably a >90% chance you will “resist arrest” with the dash camera mysteriously turned off and have the living shit beat, tazed and kicked out of you. If you live, that’s what could happen before the judge shoves ten inches of “justice” up your nethermost regions. Just something to think about before you roll that throttle to WFO.

  60. This almost reminds me of the lyrics from the Tool song Ticks and Leeches. It ends with this phrase: “Is this what you wanted, Is this what you had in mind? Is this what you wanted, cause this is what your getting. I hope, I hope, I hope you choke.”

    • Their Annihilation as well as Counting bodies like sheep song also remind me of what we are facing today. I love Tool, easily one of the best bands of all time, in my opinion anyway. If you listen to their lyrics I think it has been as obvious to them for some time as it has been to the rest of us.


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