Mittens Comes to Town

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Yesterday, I needed to get some new Heli-Coil inserts to fix some damaged threads, so I hopped on one of my bikes and headed into town – “town” being Roanoke-Salem in southwest Virginia. On the way home, I encountered a traffic jam. This is a rare – almost nonexistent – occurrence down here. Almost always, there’s an accident and that’s what’s holding things up.

This time, Mittens was holding things up.

Mittens had come to town – along with his Praetorians, a motorized consort of black SUVs with black tinted windows and what appeared to be every cop in town (and perhaps the surrounding towns, too). “Keeping us safe,” apparently, takes a a back seat to keeping Mittens safe from us.

Mittens’ time is also valuable – while ours of course is not. A Praetorian had closed down the intersection I  – and dozens of other motorists – were hoping to pass through. The intersection we paid for, mind. But which Mittens and his kind may exert exclusive ownership over at any time.

For a long time, nothing happened.

No Mittens.

Nonetheless, we were required – at gunpoint – to wait for the royal procession of the GOP dauphin. Any of us mere Mundanes who dared to perform a U-turn or do anything other than freeze in place risked the ire – and the gunfire – of the Praetorians. And so, we sat – and stewed. It was easily 90 degrees outside. But no doubt, Mittens’ chariot is air conditioned.

At least fifteen minutes went by; the cars were now stacked up for a good half mile – as far back as I could see, at any rate. I shut off the bike. Unlike Mittens, I pay for my own fuel and so try not to waste it. I suppose when you are the elected king and have unlimited access to the public exchequer then such things are not much bother. Only the “little people” pay for their own gas, after all.

Then, in the distance, a sound – and a flash! He was coming.

To the accompaniment of his Praetorians – blue lights flashing, surrounded by his protective begleitkommando – Mittens’ gigantic tour bus arrived. As it approached, emotion welled up within me and boiled over. I could not help myself. stood up and gave Mittens the universally understood “up yours” salute and jeered at the black-windowed bus as it passed by. It is my fervent hope that Mittens saw at least one proletarian who will not remove his cap and bend his knee when in The Presence. Who knows the emperor has no clothes. That he is just some guy – a guy who wields tremendous power, it’s true. But that’s just the point. Nothing makes Mittens – or any of them – worthy of deferential treatment. It’s just some guy.  Some guy – who wants to control your life.

Screw him! If you met such a character on the street – and he didn’t have Praetorians backing him – you’d probably tell him precisely that. The fact that most of us are afraid to do it when it’s Mittens – and his Praetorians – speaks volumes about the nature of our relationship to the government.

So, the experience was cathartic. I felt good for the rest of the day.

I wish more Americans would do the same – or similar. In fact, I regard it as essential that more of us do the same. That more and more of us refuse to be respectful. After all, what is there to respect?

It would be a healthy thing for liberty if creatures such as Mittens – and Barry and Newtie and the whole stinking gaggle of them – dared not venture outside their fortified compounds lest they see and hear and feel the utter, withering contempt in which they are held by those they imagine themselves born to rule. By people who cherish liberty – and so, despise them.

Caesar Augustus was more in touch with the average Roman than these latter day Elagubali  – and in defense of the imperator, Augustus had some admirable qualities.He was not a poltroon. And he did exhibit a degree of civic virtue.

But these people? Glad-handers and tools. Front men for money men – not the honest kind who produce wealth. Rather, the kind that manipulate money. Other people’s money. Street corner shysters in $3,000 suits – paid for with money stolen from the citizenry. Disposers and redistributors of  other people’s life’s work. Mass murderers, who glibly throw away other people’s lives.

The pomp and circumstances accorded these cretins is literally sickening. Even more so the way most people deferentially oblige. The  expressions of reverence whispered by the average American toward the presumptive Imperious Leader – the would-be auctioneer of other people’s liberties. These beady-eyed hustlers and power-lusters. These dissemblers and demagogues.

It is a bleak thing indeed that so many people no longer reverence their rights – and instead instinctively defer to any manifestation of power that intends to deprive them of their rights.

They are in awe of power.

Which renders them very small.

Whatever happened to the America – to the Americans – who didn’t like being told what to do? Who respected authority only when it respected them? When did this nation become a collection of servile, scraping submissives? Of eyes-lowered authority lovers?

It is sad – and tragic.

I view the likes of Mittens as unworthy of the respect I owe any honest laborer – including the humblest ditch digger. Because that ditch digger is doing an honest job – and isn’t putting a gun to my head and telling me to like it as he smiles through his set of $5,000 capped white piano-peg teeth. He has earned the right to be respected. But Mittens? Or The Chimp? Or Barry? Or any of them (excepting of course Ron Paul)… ? They are less deserving of respect than a common street thug. Because at least one has a sporting chance against the thug – and no common thug would have the audacity to insist that he was “helping” you by victimizing you – and expect you to thank him for doing so. We’d kick him in the balls the moment we had the opportunity – and would feel great if we succeeded.

Americans need to get off their knees – and give creatures such as Mittens, et al, a healthy rebel yell. Or maybe the “up yours” salute.

They have earned it.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. Llewellyeus: The American Matrix is a giant fascist game. That game is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people you are trying to save. But until you do, these people are still playing a part of a bloody game and that makes them your enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to stop playing. And many of them are so hopelessly dependent on the game, that they will betray you to maintain their role in it.

    Llewellyeus: Look. Your financial planner in the red dress is now playing Agent Smith, pointing a gun at your head.

    Call Trans Opt: received 14:55:02 American Matrix REC:Log>

    Warning: carrier anomaly

    IP Addr Unk: I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

    Trace program: running


  2. I like good wholesome vengeance. I want to be instrumental in dealing with those who have created and used bad law to hurt innocents.

  3. Unless you have deep roots in Virginia, go West, Eric.
    Wyoming for example has a population of some 570,000 in an area twice as large, compared to Virginia’s 8+ million population. Plus the West is more libertarian leaning as a whole.

    As far as politics, I can’t believe it when I still see people rabidly pushing either the Democrat or Republican views – two wings of the same bird, both ending in the same place.

    • yes, but a much larger portion of hte land has been claimed by the govt out west, I remember seeing a map with the federally owned land highlighted and that changed my mind about the west. plus naturla resources are more abundant there, which will be like a bullseye in the future methihks.
      there is no galt’s gulch…
      Anyone looking at real estate in the artic?

      • I’m beginning to look around (online) at Argentina. It’s a huge country and there are vast tracts that are largely free of people (reducing the Clover Quotient)… my stumbling block remains that I do not like the idea of abandoning everything I’ve worked for in order to escape. But it may be the only option. This ruling (Obamacare) my prove to be the second Dred Scott ruling in that it has set the stage for a violent counter-reaction. There are many people who just won’t take it – me among them. Like the Southerners who tried to peacefully leave the union-at-gunpoint, the federal assholes will just not leave us be.

        • Forget Argentina, Eric. It’s going Venezuela in a hurry–Kirchner is the ne plus ultra of fembot socialists. Look at Chile, Uruguay, or if you’re in a third-world mood, Ecuador–though it has awful gun laws. Chile and Uruguay are fairly gun-friendly, as is Panama.

          One of the best SHTF specialists I’ve read is “FerFAL” Aguirre; his book “The Modern Survival Manual” is excellent, and convinced me that some of my preconceptions about “bugging out” were incorrect. He has subsequently expatriated; his choice is a little weird but understandable–Ireland, go figure. I understand it because after what he’s been through, a little socialism with a lot of safety and peace must be a treat. Here’s his blog: The Modern Survivalist. To quote, he says he’d “…go to Uruguay first if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to go back to South America.”

          BTW he has a recipe for cheap gun cleaner that works like a charm! It’s acetone, ATF, and synthetic motor oil. I can swear by it and it’s dirt-cheap; I’ll make a big jar and soak an entire AR upper or Glock in it before cleaning.

          • which means they might be further along the trajectory and might be closer to liberty, assuming the only way for things to truly change is for the current paradigm to fail on a historic level and not jsut retract, but truly collapse.
            I am not sold on argentina yet either

        • Argentina looks appealing but I don’t want to be a pauper either. I have not traveled there so anything i have to offer is only hearsay, but I do think central and south america will be the least bad place to be. Maybe if gold/silver makes a jump like they did a year ago I can take enough out to buy a piece of bug-out-land.

          I have a problem with leaving what I have worked for and I have ties to the northeast but my wife and son are more important than anything else. And having people in harms way is what these monsters will use as leverage.
          Which is better, to be a free pauper, or a middle-class slave?
          A day doesn’t go by when I don’t ponder this and days like yesterday make me think about it more than I’d like to.
          I keep coming back to the BF quote: “Where liberty is, there is my country.”

          • If my kids were adolescents, I’d go down with my trigger pulled. Scene from “Red Dawn” with the father behind a fence in the makeshift prison camp: “Avenge me, son!”

            But they’re not. They’re 1 and 6, prime fodder for the CPS rape-rings. I can’t jeopardize them. My wife’s fully capable–but if I go down shooting, they’ll sure as hell take the kids.

            My choices are constrained.

            Better to wait out the crash in (relative) safety.

            I think the psychopathic control freaks of the New World Order are going to break themselves on Amerika; as bad as it is, it will fight back hard enough to destroy the one world government plan.

            I’ll be back to rebuild; sorry I won’t be sharing lead in person, it will have to be words over wires from where I sit.

        • Forget Argentina. The politicians there are even more incompetent than ours, hard as that may be to believe. I have a friend who left here, moved there, then moved back because they were so wacky. That said, he live in Buenos Aires – I think if he’d moved to a more rural area he’d have been all right. Go for Uruguay if you go, I hear nothing but good things about it and it’s right next to Argentina – you can even live in Uruguay and take the ferry to Buenos Aires for the nightlife, shopping…

          Obamacare passed, but it has no enforcement funding. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it would take between 5 – 10 billion to create an enforcement arm but no such funds have been allocated. Also the Joint Committee on Taxation notes that a person who does not buy health coverage is not subject to civil or criminal penalties under the IRS code. What they can and will do, is that if you normally get money back due to tax credits and/or federal refunds, they can keep that money, but no jail. So far it’s a toothless mandate, relying on fear to get you to buy in, although I’ve seen some supporters of this bill claim that it doesn’t matter that there’s no enforcement ability – they way they see it, the reason people don’t have health coverage is that they can’t afford it; now they can, and they’ll flock willingly to sign up.

          Willy P: the fact that the federal government owns a lot of the land out West is true, but one can make it work. Buy an acre or two fairly close to federal land, and you have a big back yard to hunt/fish/gather firewood. I know they’ve been trying to close off federal lands all across the country, but that’s not flying well out here. Road blocks are being broken up or ignored and bypassed. In case of a true balls up situation people would make use of that land without asking for permission, hat in hand.

          • Government’s favorite laws are the ones widely violated that would take too much manpower to enforce on everyone.

            Ultimately it is these laws which offer government the greatest power.

          • Alex,

            Thanks for the info in re Argentina and Uruguay. I doubt I’ll pick up sticks, even if it gets very bad, but rather stand my ground – even if it means finis for me. I’ve written before – this is my country. I’m prepared to defend it against the government – and Clovers.

            I believe the more rural – and low density – the better. Where we are is pretty good, East Coast-wise. About 35 miles from a small city (Roanoke) and 240 miles from the big one (DC). Very rural, one-stoplight county. Idaho or Montana or Wyoming would have been ideal, I suppose. But this is not bad. We have enough land to stay put/live on in a SHTF scenario – and stand a decent chance, I think, of making it through. At least relative to being in DC, say.

            In a way, I look forward to the opportunity to rebuild a post-Clover society. It may take a mass die-off of Clovers to set the groundwork. But if that’s what it takes, so be it.

            They drew first blood.

          • I just read that Paraguay has no income tax.
            I think the key will be finding a few places that are favorable for banking and parking money there, the finding othe places favorable for living and parking ur butt there. The key is to not have those places be one in the same. Tourists/guests tend to be treated better than citizens when it is apparent they have money to spend.

        • I’m planning a road trip next “winter” from Buenos Aires to Valpariaso just to see the interior of Argentina and also spend a few weeks in the wine producing regions of Chile. If you can wait that long I’ll report back 🙂

          I’m an old cattle rancher from Wyoming so I’m interested in rumors Argentina is a cattleman’s paradise. The truth is I’m too old for that shit but I have a large investment in hats and boots so I figure I should at least look.

          • I’ll be all ears, Scott!

            I’ve been researching a bit. Chile has fairly reasonable gun laws; I hate them still, but at least I can have my weapons…SOME of them. Assault rifles are verboten, and that disgusts me; because the assault rifle is the tool Afghani goat herders have used to fight off two empires just in the last 30 years. Of course governments hate and fear them!

            I’m not sure I can live with that restriction, and I’m not certain I want to risk smuggling them in to a place I could never use them.

            Panama and Uruguay are similarly gun-friendly–handguns, shotguns, single-shot long guns OK…assault rifles, no.

            Mexico is a paradox; super-strict no-gun policy except…and I can’t figure out the “excepts”.

            Belize I’m still figuring out.

            Still–do I want to suffer through the DHS checkpoints everywhere with steroid goons bugging their eyes out, searching and frisking me, my wife, and my kids; keeping my head low to avoid the re-education camps–or shouting loudly and risking them anyway? And if the Elites go really bat-shit crazy (or are they already?) and release bioweapons–even if it’s an “oopsie” from the 300+ labs handling them–do I want to be around, even in the ‘boonies?

            If ya’ll read FerFAL’s book, you’ll hear some horror stories about the boonies, too.

            One could join like-minded folk in “The Redoubt”–Kalispell, MT in the Flathead Valley is a real hotspot thanks to Chuck Baldwin.

            Guess where the next Waco will be? Yeah. Flathead Valley. They’ll call their farms “compounds” and the Clovers will clap their soft puffy little hands as the terrists are slaughtered.

            So, so much for mutual defense; if you group together, you get Waco’ed.

            Sorry to be so glum on the staying, or staying in the boonies, plans.

            And Yet: I’m still tempted to do the same; buy some place in Idaho or even East Texas and try to ride it out. Keep my head down, interact as little as possible…that is, until a Nuisance Abatement Team comes knocking, and game on!, the trusty 7.62 evil black rifle must be used.

            The options are narrowing for all of us who know the truth.

          • My wife’s family is from the Kalispell area so I used to spend time there. It’s a difficult place to make a living, I’d advise caution. I wouldn’t advise trying to grow tomatoes. Kale might work.

            I’d also avoid groups of people who’ve declared some sort of grievance; I’m not a joiner to begin with and if you want to be left alone the best way to start is by moving somewhere far from more civilized society, then only going to town once a month for supplies. Avoid churches and town hall meetings.

            As far as the AR’s go, I could point out they’re illegal in several US States too so Chile doesn’t look any worse than, for example, California in that regard. While I appreciate the so called “assault rifles” I see the main advantages to them (as opposed to “any other gun”) being that its easy to find parts for them, they’re pretty easy to work on and ammunition is cheap. These are good logistic reasons but by and large they don’t shoot any better than sport rifles in the same caliber and some shoot much worse.

          • @Scott re assault rifles:

            I hear you–some “sporting” rifles will destroy an AR when it comes to MOA rankings etc.

            OTOH a good AR–like an H&K G3–shoots a fine MOA and it’s got the other AR virtue–brutal durability.

            They’re simply the most effective anti-tyranny weapon, after the mind, there is today. And it takes a mind to operate one.

            Still–I’d be foolish to stay just to hold on to the AR’s, thereby putting myself in a situation where I’d *have* to use them!

    • The Chimp is responsible for “standing on the gas pedal” – accelerating this country’s slide into an outright, full-flower police state.

      He and his entire family are cretins of the lowest order. From his Nazi collaborator grandfather to his NWO-peddling father. A brood of entitled sociopaths worth less than used toilet tissue. Yet they wield almost unimaginable power.

    • BINGO!!!

      Watch the Dickheads Oooh and Ahh at the fireworks displays next week. Not one in ten thousand has an inkling of what the Principles underpinning the Unanimous Declaration are all about. Not one in thousands understands what Liberty and Justice for All really means.

      • From the dissent:

        “What is absolutely clear, affirmed by the text of the 1789 Constitution, by the Tenth Amendment ratified in 1791, and by innumerable cases of ours in the 220 years since, is that there are structural limits upon federal power—upon what it can prescribe with respect to private conduct, and upon what it can impose upon the sovereign States. Whatever may be the conceptual limits upon the Commerce Clause and upon the power to tax and spend, they cannot be such as will enable the Federal Government to regulate all private conduct and to compel the States to function as administrators of federal programs.

        That clear principle carries the day here. The striking case of Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U. S. 111 (1942), which held that the economic activity of growing wheat, even for one’s own consumption, affected commerce sufficiently that it could be regulated, always has been regarded as the ne plus ultra of expansive Commerce Clause jurisprudence. To go beyond that, and to say the failure to grow wheat (which is not an economic activity, or any activity at all) nonetheless affects commerce and therefore can be federally regulated, is to make mere breathing in and out the basis for federal prescription and to extend federal power to virtually all human activity.”

      • Quite right Tinsley! The elitist banksters and gun-varmint politi-whores, as Celente points out, are not interested in Justice. Their main concern is “just us”, screw the rest of the populace (and they do so every chance they get).

  4. I’m not convinced that the attitude of the general population towards liberty has changed much over time or that the ordinary person has ever paid more than lip-service to it.

    ’98 Camaro SS427

  5. Brother, I swear you’ve been crawling around in my head or reading my mind by dint of sorcery of some sort.

    Right freaking on, both on cars and “politics”.

    And O’ Joy, Rapture: I happen to live near one of the towns where this asshat has many of his multiple mansions.

    This will be daily life for me if the powers that be anoint him instead of O-Bomb-ya.

  6. Please, throw Mittens in the woods! Back in 2008, Obama impeded my travel home from work as he passed through Orlando while campaigning. I had the rare oportunity to shake a fist of anger at his blacked out Suburban and scream – which drew looks of disdain and urgency from those praetorians driving the vehicles. Your line about how the American public is scared of their government was 100% correct.

  7. Historically, nothing has more clearly exposed the Nine Robed Swine for what they really are than their split decisions.

  8. Eric,

    What happened to the Americans? They sent their children off to government schools. Now their children are well behaved, worshippers of the state.

    Johann Fichte, the spiritual founder of neo-nazism, heavily influencer on the Prussian school, upon which American public schools are founded, is quoted as saying..

    “Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished … The social psychologist of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

    Welcome to the future Fichte imagined.

    • Hi Mike,


      Some of us slipped through the cracks, somehow. It’s like being one of a handful of people who can see and hear trying to warn the blind and deaf that a truck is about to run them over.

    • True, or metamixaphorically the 3rd Korean holocaust, or the 4th Vietnamese holocaust, or the Belgians killing 10 million in the Congo; and We didn’t start the fire, It was always burning Since the world was turning… holy shit, we just hit a tree, who let Billy Joel drive the national car;; we should have just used our own 2 feet instead of thinking there was a free ride;;; we’re like Flounder in Animal House now who got told:::: “Face it, flounder, you fucked up, you trusted us.”….hopeless Children of Thalidomide.

      • I don’t know why the Belgians get the blame for that. They didn’t do it, they stopped it. What happened was, their king (a German) had set up an independent state for himself in the Congo, where he could rule without the constraints of the Belgian parliament – and that meant massacres. He used mercenaries to do this; some were Belgian, but they were from all over, with many Germans and at least one Canadian. Eventually the scandal led to Belgium nationalising the place to stop the killing – it didn’t start again until they pulled out at independence.

        Belgians mostly didn’t do that.

    • There was no first holocaust. All lies. Yes probably 8 million germans died -after WW2 including a few million soldiers in Eisenhowers death camps.

  9. Good work, Eric.

    Last month I was at the DMV and mixed it up with the little lanyard-wearing hipster punk hitler youth. I need to expand my repetoire.

    I tried to nonverbally impart my disgust for his chosen work. I ignored him telling me to check the new license for accuracy of a new address. My wife then grabbed it and said it was still the old one and it won’t get to us. Then he says “I Told You To Check It!” I responded that I filled out the new address part on the form, and his only responsibility is to take a moment to see if this portion is completed, or else why am I being robbed to pay for his fake ass job.

    Later, I pretended to be unaware I wasn’t looking directly in the photo camera. The fake-nice little Cloverette must have taken a dozen photos before she gave up.

    Finally I “accidentally” spilled a full quart of flavored water in their entry way on my way out. I should have done a lot more, in a less subtle way, I’m still just getting started being mad as hell and not taking anymore.
    – – –

    In 2008 Mittens MA Health Care tax started at $4000 a year and went up from there. Now this local zombie economic monster will start eating the few remaining brains and corpses of the entire nation.

    • Finally I “accidentally” spilled a full quart of flavored water in their entry way on my way out. I should have done a lot more, in a less subtle way, I’m still just getting started being mad as hell and not taking anymore.

      In my younger and less mature days, I expressed my disgust with the public “educational” [sic] prison in which I was incarcerated by flushing a pair of Levi’s shorts down a toilet in the “boys” room. The resulting backup flooded the whole second story of prison’s east wing, resulting in the school shutting down for an entire afternoon. The warden, er, sorry, principal threatened us boys with mass suspension if someone didn’t confess, but neither I or anyone else ever did. No one was ever suspended either, proving that the school administration consisted of loudmouth chickenshits.

      I was tempted to repeat this act a few years ago at a federal bureaucracy, but decided against it for one reason: the building in which the bureaucracy was located was privately owned and home to several legitimate (i.e., private sector) businesses in addition to the bureaucracy. Since I had no reason to believe that the building owners or their other tenants were the same breed of reprehensible assholes as the federal bureaucracy, I didn’t want to destroy their property or disrupt their operations.

  10. Watch the financial news from your owner’s MSM tonight….

    “Stocks roar back after your owners pour money into…err…after the supreme court decision”

  11. Also note today that these statist maggots pumped a ton of counterfeit money into the equity markets today just to make the little people think the markets cheer for this slavery…You Know…The good kind of slavery…By Gunnerment.

    • The maggots are eating their last meal. It’s just good ol’ Gresham’s law. Bad money drives out the good money. Bad government drives out the good government. Bad people drive out the good people.

      Then all the other people on the sidelines team up because they’re fed up and they drive both the indistinguishable good and bad Gresham-heimers into refugee diaspora, a mass grave, or a final-solution-gathering-of-useless-driftwood for an international bonfire.

  12. “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem [good justice is broad jurisdiction], and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.” –Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820. ME 15:277

    • Brad,

      Article III allows for any legislation enacted by the will of the people (congress) to be removed from any original court jurisdiction.

      If we had a real congress of representatives instead of the present Parliment of Whores, SCOTUS would be mostly at home, tending daisys.

      • SCOTUSES are worth at least 2 mil these days.

        I think house members’ average net worth is above $5 million. Since senators are more elite, they’re likely even more.

        Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney, Bloomberg, Emanuel, Christie, Pelosi, etc. will all cash out with additional 10s or even 100s of millions when they leave office.

        They are lower than whores, men and women who freely trade value for value in an honest manner.

        Anyone in politics, the major media, and other monopolies are all part of a long-standing aristocracy, which allows only token new entrants to keep the proles from realizing don’t really live the lives they see on the TeeVee.

  13. You would be even more frustrated if you were a pilot. We have to deal with TFRs – Temporary Flight Restrictions. When Obama and some of these other jokers travel around, the standard procedure is to close a 30-mile ring around a major airport. Hundreds of square miles of airspace become unusable whenever the emperor is in town.

    • Thanx Kevin. I never would have considered that but from now on it will be part of my critical thinking about the self-styled American Aristocracy.

  14. Sounds a lot like Obama’s Black Shirts taking over a big percentage of Hawaii during Christmas vacation.

    I have an acquaintance who lives near Obama’s Hawaiian vacation house. She has learned to leave for the duration of his stay.

    Coming and going are impossible.

    Some animals are more equal than others…

    • Look at this happy singing traitor to his Island Nation Oahu Mayor wearing the butler/custodial garb of his Western oppressors.

      If Hawaii is a US state, then why not every island in the world where we’d like to put some battleships!

      It just blatant military takeover with no shred of legitimacy.

      The US / UK / Israel Axis is in no way superior to the Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary Axis powergrab that ended in World War MMDDCCII that ended in 1945.

      The rising Middle East/China/Russia/India axis of superior productivity will soon put us in our place, if we don’t stop our aggressions now, and start getting to work supplying them the goods and services they desire.

    • A lawsuit might not succeed but it would sure be an eye-opener. I don’t think the media could ignore it and it just might help stamp out some of the silly reverence that many feel toward scum in high places.

  15. Eric and Dom are like Andy Dufresnes. Somehow the warden lets them keep this site

    Shawshank Redemption

    “These walls” (of collective makebelive) “are funny.”
    “First you hate ’em. Then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get to depend on them. That’s institutionalized.”

    “Shit, I could never get like that!”

    “Oh yeah, say that when you’ve been here as long as Brooks has.”

    Welcome to Hotel Shawshank, where they can check you in anytime they like, and you can never leave.

    A poorly written Stephen King hack job of a life, where nothing’s real scary, or even real at all.

    Its Groundhogs Day again, and the scripts and cues for family men taxpayers have no meaningful change.

    Just a few of the Freemen Remnant standing around passing time in the Big House. Avoiding the |social security|government pension| welfare|healthcare|, dole-dependent shriveled & deranged Clovers like Brooks.

    Almost too full of altruistic humanity to stop Brooks as he feebly holds a shiv to our throats. Unable to bring ourselves to take the easy action necessary to stop him. And then begin the difficult action to stop the guards and the wardens from denying what little that remains of our incarcerated freedom.

      • I reminded a few Republiclovers of that fact today. Every last one of them changed the subject and refused to discuss the matter.

    • I really wonder what threats were made against Roberts and his family in order for him to come to such a bizarre conclusion. (Yes, threats…remember, we are talking about the Chicago political machine here). The conclusion that the penalty is actually a tax, despite the plain language of the statute and the statements of the president and the congress, is astounding.

      Even worse was the totally ridiculous assertion that the “tax” is an indirect tax. This is totally absurd. An indirect tax is imposed on transactions, not people. The “tax” here is imposed directly on people who do not do what the government tells them to do. It is clearly and palpably a direct tax. As such, the Constitution requires it to be apportioned among the states in relation to their population.

      This decision is a travesty, and Judge (I refuse to call any member of SCOTUS “Justice”) Roberts knows it. He was either threatened or bribed or blackmailed. Take your pick. In any event, I only hope that I can get the hell out of this totalitarian police state. I only need 3 years until my kids don’t need me to be here, and I will be gone.

      • They may indeed have “the negatives” … pictures of Roberts in a compromising situation. Or maybe they just told him “or else.” I would not be surprised. As you say, the decision was bizarre – and outrageous – even by today’s warped standards. There is no explanation – other than:

        Roberts is an idiot.

        Roberts is a totalitarian.

        Roberts was forced to vote as he did.

  16. I found the ruling today on the mandate unbelievable. They didn’t use the commerce claws. They stated that the Penalty was actually a Tax. It’s nice to see that they finally admit that their penalties are nothing but revenue schemes. So now that they admit this I wonder if I can use them as a tax deduction? If I get a speeding ticket can I say thanks for the tax deduction? somehow I don’t think it would work, but according their logic it should. Most taxes can be used as deductions.

    It’s truly comical how the two party jackals are taking the news. The Democrats are all celebrating because they call it a win for Obama even though Obama was against the mandate. The Republicans are mad because Obama is calling it a win even though they have supported the mandate for decades. Bizzaro World 2.0!

    One other thing that was funny was quoting Obama.

    “Well, if things were that easy, I could mandate everybody to buy a house, and that would solve the problem of homelessness. It doesn’t.”

    Of course I left out the fact that it was actually Obama who said this. Then when the libbies all jumped me for being ignorant and not understanding anything etc etc etc. I had the pleasure of informing them that it was their herogod’s own words and not mine.

    • I wasn’t the least bit surprised by the ruling; I never doubted these robed shills would do otherwise than sanctify yet another power grab by the government-corporate cartel that owns this country.

      • I was surprised about what they used to keep it. Admitting that fines or penalties are actually part of their tax/revenue scam is what I found interesting. It opens up an entirely new line of argument.

        • They had to come up with something more palatable for the repug masses. Roberts is a specialist at this. Truly an evil man. The drug and insurance companies wrote the bill. They own the healthcare system of this country. It was 100 percent guaranteed to pass.

          • Some idiot at work today said he’s glad it passed, that it’s time America had health care like other countries.

            I asked him if he’s ever needed “health care” in the UK or Canada; of course he hasn’t. I spent six weeks before medical school touring the UK’s “health care” system–most of which is geared to making expensive patients wait until they’re dead. Thousands of old people with arthritic hips and knees limping around; tens of thousands of curable cancer patients–over age 60 mind you–waiting for a year or two while they go from curable to terminal.

            His reply? “People go bankrupt here paying for health care.”

            I knew I couldn’t continue in a calm vein so I dropped it before asking him why the fuck it’s so expensive, you sniveling socialist idiot, could it possibly be because government has MADE it that way?

            It’s pointless to argue with 95% of the sheeple. They’re so far gone you’re better off just avoiding them.

            I feel despair setting in today.

            I’m investigating the optimal bug-out; lowest taxes, decent infrastructure, possibility of finding work, whether I can (legally) bring my guns (I will; I’d just rather do it above-board) etc.

            Do ya’ll realize the consequences of this decision? It’s not just InsuraCare; even if it’s overturned, the precedent established today renders us total slaves.

            If it does stand, here’s what’s going to happen:

            * total penury for anyone not buying their crappy insurance
            * complete and final takeover of allopathic medicine–cut, burn, and poison the only approved methods
            * probable outlawing or “prescription-only”‘ing of supplements. I never get sick any more, ever; because of the supplements I take. Bye-bye.
            * hypergrowth of the Nanny State; because now it’s everyone’s business what you do with your body. Will they outlaw my high-fat, low-carb diet and force-feed me the USDA Food Pyramid Big Agra/Pharma Enrichment Diet?

            • This is, indeed, The Moment.

              With the affirmation of this law, nothing is off the table. Nothing. There is now no line the government may not, in principle – and so, inevitably, in practice – cross.

              Just off the top of my head:

              Mandatory life insurance – or else.

              Why not? Does anyone imagine the life insurance industry will not seize the opportunity created by what the health insurance industry has just achieved? If the government can force us to buy health insurance – to hand over money to private, for-profit businesses on the basis of the idea that “everyone must be insured against risk because of the risk that some people might transfer their costs onto ‘society’ – well, why not? Is there any argument you can think of to deflect the idea of forcing people to buy life insurance on the same basis as they will now be forced to buy health insurance – or pay a huge tax to the government?

              Mandatory homeowner’s insurance – or else.

              A second example. Right now, some people elect to skip paying a huge annual fee for homeowner’s insurance, having weighed the (small) risk of a total loss against the benefit of having money in the bank for the much more likely small things (like a tree falling against the house) which they can then just pay out of pocket. This is exactly the same as people who are fit and healthy, lead a healthy life – and so decide to skip paying through the nose for health insurance they will probably never need, preferring to pay for the occasional incidentals out of pocket – and put the rest of the money they’d otherwise throw down the hole of “insurance” into their savings. ObamaCare has outlawed this. Does anyone believe the law will continue to allow anyone to avoid going “uninsured” for anything? What will the opposing argument be – given the fact of the legal precedent now established?

              Some may say this won’t happen. But the fact is it can happen – because the essential principle is now enshrined in law. Anyone who does not grasp this does not comprehend how the law works – how the system works. Precedent becomes practice. Case law sets the bar for future laws.

              This is just for openers.

          • We’re just screwed Methyl. Just plain screwed.

            If you’re over 50 you need to leave this country before they kill you for your medicare/ss insurance. Get out now while you can. And don’t think you have a few years to work it out because you don’t.

            • I think you’re right – but I’m staying anyhow. And will fight, if it becomes impossible to avoid it. Even if that means just me – and that it’s utterly hopeless and I lose everything. In order to leave I’d have to give up just about everything I’ve worked a lifetime for – and start over in some new country where my rights are no more secure than they are here. It’s a Hobson’s Choice.

              So, let them come.

          • Mandatory flood insurance. Probably hurricane and others as well.

            They will find a way to force us to subsidize the people who live next to rivers. Then the people who live next to the ocean. After all, help for the hapless. Nobody should bare the downside risk of their decisions so the prudent must suffer. Then we are supposed to wonder why people aren’t prudent so then the government has to threaten people so they behave in a prudent manner…

          • @Scott–I forgot if it was you or someone else on the board…have you already expatriated or are you planning, like me?
            I’m hoping to have my cake and eat it too. Right now, all the old forms are still in place; it’s that creepy Twilight Zone where the facade of normality appears in visible wavelengths, but wave around a Woods lamp and the demons are wrapped around the pillars, offal flows the streets, and zombies stumble about searching for brains.

            Nevertheless we live with great neighbors in a weird 50’s throwback where we get home at 5:30, the kids go outside and play in the yards, I chat to my neighbors who’ve become good friends, and trim my fruit trees. Idyllic. But extremely fragile.

            I want to keep enjoying it as long as I can; so, I’m going to buy a cheap property or condo in C or S America.

            @Eric: I honor your choice. I would absolutely do the same if I didn’t have two young kids; if they were near adolescence, even, I’d take the same stand. But they’re 6 and 1; if I go down, it puts them and my wife in a very precarious situation. If we both go down, my family will take them; but they’re not awake enough to GTFO, and my kids will suffer.

    • “I found the ruling today on the mandate unbelievable.”

      Dear Comrade Brad – really!?

      Did anyone else really think there was a chance of it being thrown out?

      Carry on Comrades – Heil!

      • I was not surprised that it would be upheld. I was surprised how they ruled. I thought they would use the commerce claws.

      • I was a little surprised, actually.
        This is just pure in-your-face terrorism…These fucking animals have just claimed to OWN YOU!
        I doubt that 1 in a 1000 get that.

  17. Guys- elections at the national and state level are so rigged as to be worthy of not voting. Vote anyway- despair is a sin.

    But rather than bitching and whining, or withdrawing, why not participate in the local level. The proper order of things in american States (capitalization intentional!) is the Sovereign Citizen at the top, then local elected gov, then county, then state, and then, finally at the lowest and most restricted level, federal.

    Until this natural heirarchy reasserts its power, things will get worse. Now that the USSC has upheld socialized medicine, do you understand that while what needs doing isn’t easy or cheap, you individually must resist- break the tyrants laws, refuse to pay his mulcts, and forcibly resist his henchmen?

    I became mayor of my town, and since then, the local government hasn’t done a lot. I’m proud of that- there is very little that needs to be addressed even at the local level. What all decent people want is the right to be left alone- even the clovers and busybodies convince themselves that they are keeping themselves from paying for someone else’s behavior- they’re simply wrong.

    • Sure Ernie, there were a 100,000 Jews in the Nazi Bureacracy, some as high as Field Marschall. I’m sure Erhard thought he was a good guy too, and undeserving of his eventual three years in Landsberg Prison for war crimes.

      I’ll wager you’re trying to project your despair and sins on to us. You’re fooling yourself if you think you have in any way countered the inverted pyramid of power. I hope you can prove me wrong, but I’m am not hopeful.

      The best thing you could do is abolish the mayor’s office and other municipals offices at well before being forced out. Revert the territory to a township, and refuse to hold any kind of meetings where central planning can occur.

      Even then, there is always a county as a back up tyrant for any city that so much as loosens one shackle. Then also the regional health district and other districts, and all the binding governmental agreements and plans that are impossible to get out of.

      Why just today, my petty warden, we all got prison healthcare, with no way out. Mittens or Obie are coming to town, to stay-ay!

      • Spoken like one who’s been there and done that.

        Would you prefer to face off with the tyrant’s police some dark night by yourself? Do you actually believe a small town mayor has the power to abolish his government?

        Or do you actually believe local government is illegitimate? If so, tell me this again after someone puts a nuclear waste dump or rendering plant next to your property line.

        There is such a thing as legitimate government- it is small, and closely supervised and does nothing until compelled to. And if it is near you, you can most easily change, subvert, or ignore it.

        We’d all rather have NO government, but the fact is that governments are a fact of nature like any other predator- to be avoided if possible, and gotten rid of when necessary, but always recognizing that another will come along.

        Also, could you please cite where the 100k jews in the National Socialist bureaucracy figure came from? 99% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

        • I am of course attacking a straw man of you as a “mayor”, but I still contend you are not as exceptional as you would hope.

          Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers numbered “perhaps as many as 150,000 men, including decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals.”

          That’s just counting soldiers, never mind the other probably more numbersou bureaucrats.

          I would hope you can concede my main point, governments are “not” a fact of nature, and actually a rather unique to humans and relatively new since mesopotamia agricultural phenomenon.

          Government gangs should be discarded. There is no such thing as a benevolent gang, and never will be.

          Men who can construct Nuclear plants or Meat processing facilities would have a much more legitimate claim to rule, should the rule over men continue.

          There is no more learning curve, special knowledge, or worth, to being a judge. a mayor, or a Nazi; than there is to having a role to play in the grade school playground games of any common band of 3rd graders.

        • I’d never heard the 100k figure, however, it’s a fact that several high-placed Nazis were Jews, or partial Jews. Among them, Erhard Milch and Emil Maurice (Hitler’s close friend).

          Herman Goring infamously said: I decide who is a Jew.

          • Herman Gore, Al Gore, same difference. They count the jews or global temperature different as it suits them. They base their acts on their own will and info they know to be suspect or wrong, with no checks and balances from reality. They appeal only to faith and never to anything of substance.

            They are evil ship captains of a giant stolen ark.

            They put us all on an unseaworthy rickety boat for the promised land, with insufficient provisions and a exconvict crew who may slit our throats or sell us into bondage at any moment.

            What you ate for breakfast is a matter of fact. It would involve a kitchen, food, and reality.

            If you claim to have had a vision, prepared, and then eaten the ideal future breakfast in a dream, we can only accept or deny based on faith of your reputation.

            It would be evil for us to permit you to hold a gun to others head and force them to eat your visionary meal, even if it was in fact healthy, its wrong in principle.

            You can’t stake mens lives on matters of a political fantasy world, without fact or reality.

            Of course you can pay scientists millions to research your new meal of ground yak horns and space-raised soybean milk, but its never going to have an iota of legitimacy or connection to reality. Besides, the money is stolen from someone, it doesn’t come from your own capital.

            It is commonly accepted, yet completely unethical to base any actions on the words of our modern day Herman Gore or Al Gore. Their platforms have is no basis in reality, or even the attempt for an honest guess.

            In Vilnius, Lithuania, Mayor Arturas Zuokas uses a tank to crush a car parked illegally in a cycling lane.

        • Modern communication is increasingly available to all, 3 billion people now have sail fawns.

          Why can’t we indicate our preference for new power plant location via a cut and dried procedure directly via electronic voting?

          Proxies and middlemen provide no value, but rather are a cesspool that breeds even more parasites and more oppressors.

  18. I remember how in my former hometown the “first lady” came to visit her mom and how the SS (appropriate abbreviation) with the help of googly eyed local cops and a gushing press, made much ado for her highness and their arrival. All I could do was curse them under my breath as I’m not one to care whether they live or die. They’re goings to and fro were a very visible sign of how the imperial presidency was sucking money out of my wallet. And I always had to remind myself that if GW paid a visit there BEFORE going to DC, and then upon leaving office made it a point to immediately come BACK, then there were some serious debts to be paid. All on our dime mind you.

  19. Ha, good one Eric. Now imagine you lived in Los Angeles like I do and have the Dear Leader coming to town on the taxpayer’s financed fundraising trip every month. They shut down part of LAX, shut down Santa Monica airport, then close some of the busiest corridors in Los Angeles… the 405, Wilshire Blvd, I-10 for hours effectively making several million people shelter in place until the Dear Leader has eaten his $10,000 a plate dinner and gotten the ‘f’ out of town. I do have to say though that there were thousands of people giving him the bird the last few times, but what a nightmare…

  20. The 9 terrorists in black robes just voted every Amerikan into slavery today. This violent medical system terrorism was mostly Mitten’s idea.

    • I’m not completely surprised. I thought this might happen.

      After this, the floodgates are completely open; the commerce clause has become the undoing of ALL federal restraint, whatever was left of that.

      Combined with the destruction of the Bill of Rights, the country’s essentially lost at this point.

      As the wealth is drained–much of it already has been–we’ll descend into a third world banana republic in all but name.

      I now definitely think it’s time to GTFO, pronto, before the gates start closing.

      • I had to laugh when I heard that the Republicans are going to use this to double down on their efforts to get Romney into the White House along with a clear Congressional majority, as if the true father of this ungainly monster is going to kill it.

      • Give serious thought to split decisions. If the nine robed parasites are honest and all-wise how can that be?

        I smell political posturing.

        • Every 5-4 decision proves that SCOTUS is a joke. It’s not hard to understand what the framers intended — just review the historical record of their notes and thoughts. (There are several good books on the subject.) The idea of SCOTUS reading their minds and “interpreting” what the constitution means 200+ years later is absurd. It’s almost ***intuitively obvious*** that the framers did NOT intend that the federal government can force you to buy anything. Can you imagine anyone in the colonial era being FORCED to buy, say, insurance against a bad growing season? Ridiculous.

  21. Dear Eric,

    This speaks to that sinister pathos, Fuhrerprinzip, the handmaiden to nationalists throughout history.

    The present vile and corrupt institution of the US presidency was not always so; likewise, we once thought of ourselves NOT as Americans, rather we were Marylanders, Virginians, New Yorkers, and so on. Time was we cared little about the man who sat in the white house, he was a mere figurehead, an emissary, a statesman in matters foreign, and in time of war, leader of our defensive armed forces.

    The man who loomed largest sat in Annapolis, Richmond, Albany, etc.. And the men who constrained the avarice and ambition of an imperial presidency were local representatives and state house appointed senators.

    Perhaps every well conceived polity ultimately succumbs to the cult of the leader; in thrall to temporal power, we all have the soul of a serf.

    • Dear Thomas,

      I read somewhere that in the early years after America was founded, a citizen could stroll into the White House from Pennsylvania Avenue, saunter into the Oval Office and talk to the POTUS, just as if he were actually your public servant. As if he were your local alderman.

      Imagine that!

      Now of course things are a little different.

      • Things are VERY different. There are now 310,000,000 people in the USA and there is no serious discussion of overpopulation and its present and eventual consequences.

        Why not?

        • Tinsley,

          Indeed the subject seems taboo to many.

          But let’s check our premise…..310 million occupying 50 sovereign states. Delaware and Wyoming are not New York or California.

          Perhaps a serious discussion of population matters might begin with the notion of restoring this land to being one of several sovereign states…..forget the aggregate population total!

          Let’s start by thinking about nationhood: I am a citizen of the nation of Maryland, Eric is a citizen of the nation of Virginia, you are a citizen of another nation.

          We nations throw our lot together for a very narrowly defined, limited purpose. Frankly….I don’t care what the nations of New York or California do….As long as our united purpose is limited to mail delivery, money coinage, and coastal defense.

          Once we shed this concept of national government/national unity/national ANYTHING….we’ll be a lot closer to the federated republic envisioned by the founders.


      Does Tom Woods mention Fully Informed GRAND Juries and PRESENTMENT Power?

      Does he call for an across the board repeal of de facto Drug Prohibition?

  22. I am glad you gave him the “up yours” salute. He should be saluted thus every day.

    BTW: why call this scumbag Mittens? It is too much of an endearing term. Romney or Romney-Shyster suffices for me. I would never call a pet of mine Romney. When I see this guys face with his open mouth I think of a greedy proletarian , not a praetorian.

    • I prefer Willard, his real first name. It has the appropriately dweeby ring to it that perfectly describes the candidate himself.

      • Willard also calls to mind the 1971 movie where the character of that name uses rats to torment people he doesn’t like.

          • Yes, including the feeling I get from Willard Romney. If he was running unopposed, I would write in Daffy Duck. And that’s only because Speedy Gonzalez might not be a natural born American, so he couldn’t be president anyway. lol

  23. When do we stop paying taxes? That will de=legitimize them pretty fast. Then we can Nuremberg them… along with the bankers.

  24. Good for you,Eric…,and thank your lucky stars the ‘Praetorians’ or any one of their underlings in government costumes didn’t race over, Taser, beat the crap out of you on the spot (not necessarily in that order)haul you away to jail and charge you with ‘Domestic Terrorism.’ Read any of Will Grigg’s articles and you’ll know why I just called you the ‘Luckiest Man on the Planet’ that day.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks – and, I know!

      I suppose eventually it’s going to happen – because I won’t just Submit and Obey. It’s why I stopped flying. I know I’d at least say something.

      I do my best to practice avoidance but even that is becoming difficult.

  25. I bet your owners just thought you were a Dumobrat instead of a Repulsican…If they found out you are a liberty-minded adult human being (or Ron Paul supporter) they would have kidnapped you and tossed you into Club FEMA camp for the crime of being disrespectful toward your owners.

      • Ahh, Hogan’s Heroes. But somehow I’ve never found the German stereotypes amusing. The Bluecollar Krauts I worked with would occasionally refer to someone they disliked as a Prussian. When one of them would say, “Who is that Prussian?” It was the equivalent of an American Bluecollar saying, “Who is that Asshole?”

        Anglo Saxon profanity is hard to beat. The Germans I worked with were often grossed out by some of my literal translations.

        • I respect the courage and audacity of German commanders and soldiers such as Skorzeny, Wittman, Student, Rudel, Rall and so on… but am and have always been creeped out by the authority-reverence and conformity instinct that typified Germans of that era – and now, Americans of this era.

          • I admit to feeling a wry satisfaction in the growing evidence that Americans who somehow thought that “they were not as other men” are increasingly confronted with the unpleasant truth that by nature Americans, as a people, do not inherently have some moral superiority over Germans as a people.

            Truth that I dared to speak more than fifty years ago is being irrefutably proven today. Schindler’s List was a long time coming. And what of the 19,000 Germans and others Guillotined by the Nazis? I never heard of those murders until a few years ago.

            Admiral Canaris received early recognition but his rank surely made it unavoidable. This unfortunate man was exposed and executed near the end of the war.

  26. The Terrorists want you to think of them as your authority…which is way they terrorize us in such ways. Disgusting that the mentally retarded/public schooled Democracy Mob allows these terrorist to even exist.

  27. Eric I thought many of the same thoughts when Barry came ot town here in Minneapolis last month.
    Courts have decided that no citizen is entitled to police protection before the fact, why not let our “public servants” labor under the same risk as the rest of us? “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!”

  28. Dear jay, I respect your opinion, however I simply can’t agree. You do things your way and I will do things my way. The tax feeders all act dignified and all that fun stuff. I couldn’t care less for their dignity. In fact I think hitting them in the face with a pie would be the way to go. My personal choice of protest will never bring me down to their level. It’s practically impossible for me to ever do the damage to society that they do.

    I get your point and I think I understand where you are coming from. It’s just that my generation and younger doesn’t respond much to dignified protests. It’s simply that if you are not willing to be a bit “radical” then you come off as wishy washy and rather lame. It might work for an older generation, but it will do nothing to spark an interest in the younger generation.

    This is actually one of my few problems with Ron Paul. He is asking people to be polite and work within the rules. Screw that, rip it up, make some news and let them know how pissed off you are!

    • 100% agreed. It’s time to get LOUD.
      Besides, the audience for our protests is so inured to shock it takes a verbal assault to shake them from their trance.

    • Brad, I am grateful for your respect and for your insight. So long as we all focus on the same worthy goals, there is ample room on the chess board for many different tactics to achieve them.

      • Dear Jay, methylamine,

        Also, diversity in the way we protest the corrupt status quo is a positive message in and of itself.

        The clovers require uniformity. We do not. Our lack of uniformity is not a minus, it’s a plus. It’s probably good PR. It shows we have no problem with dissent. It shows we don’t suppress “deviationism.”

        We need a united front on basic issues such as the non-aggression axiom. But we don’t need it at the tactical level.

        The New Left and the ecofreaks adopted a wide range of tactics, and they got most of what they wanted.

        We can do the same.

    • Dear Brad Smith,

      I tend to agree. Too much background noise. Polite doesn’t cut it in that kind of environment.

      You have to get the mule’s attention with the two by four first.

      • @ Bevin & Meth

        We may disagree on the “vote” issue – but YES it is most definitely time for a 2×4 upside the head in as LOUD a way as possible…of course that will make you/us a “terrorist” and a target, so walk softly and disappear quickly…

  29. Eric, You “excepted” Ron Paul from your litany of sellout politicos who are unworthy of respect. I think RP no longer merits being excepted from that list. He captured the heart of the freedom movement, and accepted massive amounts of donations via those “money bombs.” But he has backed down….refusing to fight in the states where delegates obviously were stolen from him, or to strenuously object when he was short changed in the debates. And it appears he is going to slink away from the Republican Convention without any strategic use of the delegates he has.

    It would be better if he had not entered the race. The Freedom Movement might have rallied behind a candidate with the integrity and courage to actually take a Stand.

    If I see RP, I may greet him the same way you did Mittens.

    • Don’t. He’s still the good guy, and we don’t know what kind of threats he and his family are under. I’m not sure how I’d react to the idea of having my family killed.

      Reserve your disdain for Rand Paul, the prodigal son.

      • Dear methylamine,

        I second that.

        The guy is almost 80. He’s been at it for over 30 years. He’s done so much already for just one man. Far more than any of us have a right to expect of a lone individual. It’s unfair to put everything on him.

        He’s to the “Ron Paul Revolution” what Benjamin Franklin was to the American Revolution. Franklin was significantly older than the other Founders. Franklin was born in 1706. James Madison was born in 1751. Huge gap.

        It’s up to us young whippersnappers now.

    • I agree with methylamine.

      RP is a man who was educated directly by Murray Rothbard, he is a man who has spent 30+ years fighting for freedom in an environment where it would have been immensely profitable and easier for him to simply join the criminal canal and enrich himself.

      The fact he stepped aside from this fight tells me that something is wrong, maybe he or Carol have health problems, but more likely one or more of the members of RP’s large family were threatened towards the end of his run.

      Reserve your scorn for Rand, a failed son who not only has let down the liberty movement, but continually goes to deliberately extreme, albeit subtle lengths to do so (such as writing in the neocon magazines with rubbished his father and voting for the Iran sanctions despite the fuss he kicked up over them).

      • Well-said, Mike.

        RP deserves our thanks for toiling in the vineyards for decades – long before the ideas he espouses were even being discussed outside of “crazy” circles.

        Rand, I have no use for.

      • Maybe RP is just tired, and tired of it all. I’m 76 and I can certainly relate.

        Ron Paul is a better man than I. I might simply have quoted H.G. Wells allegedly considered tombstone epitaph on national television and walked away in obvious disgust:

        “God Damn You All, I Told You So!”

    • I understand not giving RP a complete pass for not more enthusiastically fighting but what would have been enough? He is approaching 80 yrs old. The man has fought the good fight (many times alone) for decades, his votes and proposed legistlation made little to no actual impact but he awoke a great deal of people along the way(including myself). Today people criticize the FED in a way that would make Warburg, Morgan and Aldrich extremely uncomfortable, that alone gives me hope that the FED could soon be gone.

      He is a truly honest man, he is a politician the likes of which I will probably not see again in my life. It’s time for others to pick up the torch.
      His campaigns were not about “winning” the election, but about giving liberty a bigger megaphone so it can free more minds. I contributed to his campaign and don’t regret a cent, at least it was 100% my choice.
      To me it ties into my reasons for not voting, it’s the system itself that is evil. Don’t kid yourself, even if RP was president, it wouldn’t suddenly “fix” things. freedom was pryed slowly from us and we have to pry it back in what I hope becomes a freedom reclamation.

    • Ron Paul was very clear that he is running to educate people and raise libertarian issues. He never had a chance to win. If he did they would have him killed anyways. Ron Paul gave up a successful medical practice to enter politics because Nixon broke the gold standard and he knew the power that gave to DC and the wars and destruction of the economy that would follow. Ron Paul has written books, given speeches, taken interviews, and lowered himself to work with the slime in DC. He did it because he wanted to keep the message of liberty alive. What have you done? What do you have beside taking pathetic whiny pot shots at a guy who changed career paths because of his firm beliefs? Quit your sniveling and do better if you are pure and wonderful.

  30. Believe me, I fully endorse the sentiment behind the mid-unidigital salute.

    However, let me propose the following as a more eloquent and, perhaps, more disrespectful gesture: 1) Stand as close to the roadside (or rope line) as you safely can, 2) watch carefully for the object of your scorn to pass by, then 3) stand up straight, turn 180 degrees and present your back, with arms akimbo.

    This is to show utter rejection in a way that no one can take irrelevant offense at.

        • To each there own. As a member of Veterans for Peace we have turned our backs on them. However, I see no reason why they deserve a dignified response. Perhaps because I’m not particularly dignified myself.

          • It’s not that they deserve a dignified response, Brad. It’s that, despite your personal disclaimer, all of us who oppose them deserve to been treated with dignity. Thus, I think it helps if we ourselves can be perceived as dignified. Which clearly puts us head and shoulders above them.

    • Turning my back is my personal favorite. It demonstrates my contempt unmistakeably and can’t be misconstrued as mere troublemaking.

  31. I would like to see one of these overprotected caravans pass take a ghost route. A ghost route being a route that every Mundane had simply abandoned because they knew in advance what was coming. Not a soul along the street, every door closed and the curtains and blinds in every window closed . . . a scene worthy of The Twilight Zone.

    I cannot imagine a more powerful statement.

  32. I’ve given the finger to many swine who thought that it was OK to make ME wait. The only wait caused by their ilk that I might enjoy would be waiting to watch the hearse carrying their worthless remains to be buried. It would be even more pleasant to wait as the wagon passed taking them to the gallows* to be hanged on national TV


    Being a gentle soul, I suggested the gallows and hanging rather than the ghastly and messy guillotine.

  33. I don’t understand the horribly short memories of most americans. People just accept this crap as if this is the way it always was. I remember when our rulers coming to down did not shut down anything. At least anything we would notice.

    But now everything has to be shutdown anywhere near their presence.

    Either they are doing it as ‘fuck you’ to the public at large or they damn well know that they have hurt so many people they are now afraid some mundane might act out.

    Mittens appears to please his masters well, so he does not have to fear being RFK’d.

  34. Good on you for flashing Romney his IQ. Since we’re on the verge of having to doff your cap and bend your knee, or get kneecapped, might as well have some something to keep you satisfied while you’re under the jail.

    You know, if I were a burglar I’d follow the presidential candidates around across the country. One could really clean up with every cop in town focused on keeping the unwashed masses out of Romney and Obama’s slime trails.

  35. Wow, now here’s a brave man who wouldn’t bend over for the praetorians (note the lowercase p that they deserve).

    Editor’s note: Video has been removed from youtube. “Law Student Puts Cop In His…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by boyscout399.

  36. As an Independent – my sincere hope is that everyone votes in November and pulls the lever for ANY 3rd Party candidate. While I doubt a 3rd Party will win – and even if it means that the Obam-ination is re-elected – at least a message will be sent to the thugs in these parties.
    The sad fact of the matter is that both parties are corrupt and equally to blame for the mess we are in. It is ironic in the “land of the free”, but I would say that the Communist Party is more truthful about their motives than are either the Democrats or the Republicans (not that I support them either). Fuck them all.

    • PS – I am really looking forward to the RePug Convention here is Tampa – NOT!

      I might just plaster my truck with appropriate slogans and park somewhere downtown so these shitheads have no choice but to see it!

        • Actually – plans have already been made to cordon off about half of downtown just so the RePug’s can be protected from the masses. They even tried to have all CC Permits revoked (downtown) for the duration of the Circus. Luckily Governor Scott said no to that (for now anyway).

          • Haha well of course they did. Because anyone aspiring to pop a cap in one of the high priests of the civic religion is sure to take pains to make sure all his firearms are properly registered, and he has all the requisite permission slips. So just taking these away will remove the danger in one fell swoop.

            If only they’d thought of this with the Beltway snipers, they probably would have just laid down the Bushmaster and parked the Caprice, right?

          • Dear GW,

            “They even tried to have all CC Permits revoked (downtown) for the duration of the Circus.”

            Wow. So much the Repuglicans’ self-proclaimed reverence for the Bill of Rights.

            Also, since they insist on putting on these circuses, can’t we insist that they ride in clown cars?

            Maybe Nash Metropolitans?

            Long black Caddy or Lincoln limos are definitely out.

          • Bevins,

            While I admit to having an un-healthy fear of clowns as a young lad (and Mimes, they are just plain weird), I have a very healthy fear and hatred of roughly 99.99% of politicians and their puppet masters behind the scenes.

            Maybe Stephen King based the clown in “IT” on politicians.

          • Dear Rob,

            Don’t get me started on mimes.

            I believe that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

            Except mimes.

            Mimes should be shot on sight.

    • If enough people did just vote 3rd party it would send a good message and someone like garry johnson would be an improvement but he is also far from ideal.

      I actually am subscribing to the idea that I am voting by not voting at all, I am submitting a vote of “no confidence” for the whole rigamoroll. I am voting against the continuation and compliance of a system that affords people to vote for the name of their masters.
      It makes me wish for a day when results come out and only 30% of eligible voters voted, that would also send a message about the jig being up.

      • I would strongly urge you to pull that lever for a third party. Here is the reason – By not voting you are decreasing the voter participation rate – this allows the “winner” to say that they got a higher percentage of the vote (no vote doesn’t count in this).

        If we all pull the lever for a 3rd party – then the winner cannot say that they won 75% (or whatever)of the vote – best they can say is they got maybe 40% (if a 3 or 4 way split)- this greatly reduces their legitimacy.

        Independents or non-affliated voters make up a greater percentage (about 40%) of registered voters than do the 2 major Parties (about 30 % each).

        WE CAN CHANGE THIS – people just have to realize the choice is not (just) Red or Blue as the MSM would have you believe.

        • I totally understand your point and if I follow thru with my vote of “no confidence” it will actually be the first time (4 yrs ago I wrote in RP). Just like most things, once I have sat down, thought things out and rationalized them the answer is clear to me.
          Everyone who will be on the ticket is looking to run our lives on some level and I cannot morally vote in favor and give my compliance to any of them to commit violent acts against my fellow man who has not aggressed against anyone else.

          I equate it to when I was a kid, we set up a pickup game of basketball but the older kids would end up on teh same team, cheat, call phantom fouls, etc… So do you keep playing against them, plead with them when to stop cheating
          do you just walk away and end their game and start your own?

          “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”

          • Been there on the B-ball scenario you mention – and guess what – one day we beat those “big” kids and next thing you know they were bickering among themselves and losing on a regular basis…

            If a 3rd party makes an impact – maybe, just maybe a few of the unwashed will take notice and start asking questions – only a small critical mass is needed to gain momentum.

            We Americans have all been asleep at the wheel for too long – we are as responsible for the current state of affairs as are the R’s and D’s.

            Please reconsider and VOTE – even if it seems futile…

        • In Florida ’08 elections I wrote in Ron Paul. The state however does not count these. Every vote counts! Yeah right. I will no longer spend my valuable time doing something as meaningless as “voting”. But am considering holding a protest sign at the polls to warn others of this nonsense endeavor.

          • Agreed. I cast my last meaningless vote for Ron Paul in the primary, with whom I mostly agree, but disagree vehemently on the trade issue. I won’t ever vote again. I refuse to consent to anything like this charade again.

            Even if everyone voted third party, the vote counters will disregard the votes. Of course, the last free and fair election we had was in 2000 when we could have put Buchanan in there. Instead, Amurica chose Coke or Pepsi.

      • I have an alternative solution which I have done several time. I do my non-voting by “voting” a blank ballot. That dilutes the “they must love me” symbolism to a small degree.

        It used to be easier with the big machines with curtains. You just walked in, closed the curtains and then opened the curtains. Now, some of the automated systems will reject a blank ballot. I look for any spending authorizations in the ever-present referrenda and vote no on those. Then the machine is happy.

        I still think someone should put forth the effort to resurect the “None of the Above” movement, but it seems to have died somewhere in 2007. Is that ominous, or what?

    • GW with all respect; I must disagree:


      Every vote merely legitimizes the whole stinking system, while making absolutely zero difference in the outcome.

      Turn your back on it. National politics are a lost cause, and you’ll only dilute your libertarian message in the eyes of your fellows by condoning the disgusting theatre-play.

      • Dear methylamine,

        I’m inclined to agree with you.

        When the Ron Paul rally got going I was inspired to vote again. But his recent drop out pretty much extinguished that spark of enthusiasm.

        No, absent any unforeseen developments, I’m going to vote against the system per se, by not voting at all.

        It’s not an indictment of Ron Paul. It’s an indictment of the rigged game, of the long con that is “democracy.”

        • In RP’s defense – he is an old man. He is probably not physically up to the rigors of a full-time political crusade. That said, he ought to have brought in a younger, more vital man to help – or take over.

          I thought it would be a great idea to have Jesse Ventura on the Libertarian ticket as RP’s VP. Now, I don’t agree with everything Jesse apparently favors, but the guy has charisma (RP does not) and seems to be a basically very decent dude who is outraged,like us, by police state USSA. At the very least, Jesse would have given a big boost to the ideas of Libertarianism merely by forcing the MSM to deal with the reality of a RP/JV ticket.

          • Honesty is charisma for me. Real-ness is charisma for me. A 30 year record of fighting for liberty is charisma for me.

            • I agree – but RP seems tired, or maybe he’s just had enough (or maybe he’s been threatened, like Perot apparently was).

              Having a guy like Ventura alongside might have helped.

          • Dear Eric,

            Jesse Ventura should definitely be on the libertarian short list. Probably at the top of the short list.

            Not all his positions are 100% libertarian. But if I had to guess, he’s probably not fully aware of his minor inconsistencies, and would correct himself if he realized it.

            Next to Ron Paul, he’s the closest thing we have to a pure libertarian candidate. He’s not even afraid to declare that he’s a 9/11 Truther.

            He’s waaay better than fellow celebrity turned politician Ah-nuld. Ah-nuld is Peter Keating on steroids.

      • This is my view, also.

        The only way to shatter the illusion of consent is by making it obvious to nearly everyone that the Fuhrer (oops, “president”) has been “elected” by, at most, a minority of the voting population. Of course, that’s in fact already the case. Only about 50-something percent of the people eligible to vote to do vote – with the “winner” being the one who gets appx. 26 percent or so of the 50 percent. So, right now, the Fuhrer (oops, “president”) is “elected” by about one-fourth of the eligible electorate.

        More to come…

        • Eric, being stuck with a Fuhrer (dictator of a one-party dictatorship) is one thing. Electing one Fuhrer for a 4 year term in a multi-party democratic system and then giving the same Fuhrer another 4 years to give the people more of the same b.s. = sheepish?

          Maybe it’s the chemical fluoride they keep bleeding into the tap water? It’s a brain numbing I.Q. reducing mass medication and it does not even prevent cavities!

          • Wernber, you don’t really think any of the Presidents of the past 50 years were actually elected by a popular majority do you?

            America is in the clutches of a two party system that has all but precluded a popular vote. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a “democratically” elected president in the US, though apparently statistics have only been kept since 1960 so that might not be practically true, however there wouldn’t be any hard data to prove otherwise.

            America is a Republic and as such is not subject to the whims of Democracy, rather it is controlled by an elite of largely self selected “representatives” who suffer the criticisms of the great unwashed.

            Please don’t blame the electorate, they literally don’t have a clue about what’s happening to them or why. They wave flags if their team wins. They have a penchant for trying to pick the winning team before they “vote”, then crowing or moaning depending on how lucky they were.

        • I can’t wait to read it, I came to the “vote of no confidence” rationale in the last few months and have caught a great deal of slack for it amongst inquiring minds.
          People get annoyed when you don’t like their candidate, but they get fanatically upset when you proclaim the game is fraudulent and you are no longer going to play.

          • I had that exact conversation with two of my closest friends and long time neighbors just last night. They both backed Obama in 2008 and bitterly renounced over dinner, but claimed they would never vote for Mittens. They both looked at me as if expecting an argument and when I said I just wasn’t going to vote at all this year they were shocked. My wife jumped in and declared she was jut going to write in Ron Paul and then she got upset with me when I said I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

            I’m still conflicted about that. I’m tempted to follow her lead and write in Dr. Paul.

      • While I understand your point and do agree to some extent with the sentiments behind it – the fact of the matter is that the system cannot / will not be changed by those who do not participate to at least some degree.

        • I used to feel that way. But got tired of giving their shitty system legitimacy my voting. Figure if enough of us stay away it might make some kinda point. They hate to be ignored. Why else do they have all those Public Service Announcements encouraging everyone to vote? They need to seem legitimate.
          I’m OK with people sticking with it and voting if they choose to. I haven’t voted in a national election since ’92. I did vote in 2011 in a local election for a friend who was running locally….But even that felt like selling-out, so she’s on her own in 3 years.

          • Eric – just make sure the rant is tied to automobiles – “just in case” – otherwise non-drivers might choose to participate or should that be “not participate” – damn now I am confused….lol

          • Dear GW,

            I’ve waffled on this issue a lot, but more recently I tend to feel the same as Rob. Deny them any recognition whatsoever.

            Don’t underestimate the symbolic significance of boycotting the electoral process.

            Democratic dictatorships the world over still covet the phony legitimacy conferred upon them by “free and fair elections.”

            That’s why Australia makes voting compulsory. One doesn’t even have the freedom to register a protest by boycotting the election.

            The Kafkaesque irony of a “compulsory right of franchise” and “compulsory free elections” is probably lost on Ozzie clovers though.

          • jeez i didn’t know that about Australia. Crossing them off my list of potential places to move.

            How do they enforce that? Fine you if you don’t “participate” in their charade?

            And you are totally right, I bet most people don’t see the irony in making voting compulsory

          • Bevin – My last vote (as will be my next one) was for MICKEY MOUSE (for real)- But I did vote.
            We all protest in our own way!

          • GW, it seems a Micky Mouse candidate wins every time.
            I once wrote in my wife. I was only at the polls to vote against some referendum issue and decided to write her in for Prez.

          • Dear Rob, GW,

            No matter which way we libertarians come down on the vote/not vote issue, the grim reality is that the noose keeps getting tighter and tighter.

            The only ray of hope for me has been the gun rights issue. Every time I think about how our side actually rolled back so many gun control measures I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

            Long live Suzanna Gratia Hupp, a true American heroine.

          • Remember, even the Soviets had elections.

            And you’re right, Bevin–they crave the adulation of “their people”.

            It returns always to the nature of the tyrant; he’s a sociopath, and very few of our psychological rules-of-thumb apply to him…leading to our confusion, bafflement, or outright deception. We just don’t calculate the same way he does and it leads to erroneous assumptions–unless you understand the sociopath’s mindset.

            The fake grief forced out of the North Koreans when their syphilitic Dear Leader kicked the bucket is another example. They need the affirmation.

            Deprive them of it.

            Eric: huge, huge kudos on your coup de Mittens!

          • Some of my more clever friends and family who know my own personal conservative leanings try to goad me into voting for Mittens with the old Supreme Court justice fear. They say that even though I don’t care for the candidate I should cast an “anybody but Obama” vote in order to get more “conservative” justices in the court.

            In light of the recent vote by GW Bush’s appointed Chief Justice to uphold the individual mandate on a basis of Congress’ power to tax, I can’t wait for the next family function.

        • GW
          The system cannot be changed by people willing to work within it the system because to gain access to teh system you need to sell your soul. THe approach to change the system from within has not worked IMO.
          Ignore and mock the system until it ceases to exist is atleast worth a shot.

          • It would only take a small but dedicated group to effect this sort of change.

            TSA would come down easily this way.

            Same with the IRS if some business owners decided to stop complying.

            People aren’t positioned to survive though. It’s hard to function outside the banking system and most people are far too comfortable with their cable channels, think food comes from Safeway, not to mention half-eaten by the debt monster.

            I fear that the only way to efect change is for the dam holding back decades of arrested creative destruction to burst and let it all flow across the land. The lumps must always be taken. There’s no way around it.

          • Willy & Guy

            THIS. I think it is much more effective to make something taboo than to make it illegal.

            I’ve been thinking lately that if people treated politicians and police as if they were pedaphiles, most of our problems would solve themselves quickly.

            Can you imagine if before running for office or joining “the force” you had to understand that people would be staring at you in the grocery store? That your own family would recoil at the idea of giving you a hug? That you would have to live in fear that some neighbor might blow your head off some night?

            Forget voting.

            • That’s become my attitude, Matt –

              When I see a politician or a cop, I see a person who has openly declared himself my enemy – because he has openly declared his intent to assault me, deprive me of my liberty and subject me to his whims. Such a person is a thug. A person who hasn’t even got the balls to do this man-to-man (without an army of officialdom and greasy slogans supporting him) is not worth spitting on.

          • The us vs. them mentality that cops are programmed with already capitalizes on the fact that cops are often socially left with just other other cops.

          • Spot on, Willy. This goes for EVERY rotten, corrupt, hopelessly broken institution. To “work within” such a system means being co-opted by it. This is why the loudest voices insisting on “working from within” are usually voices that themselves are “within the system.”

  37. Eric, so how did the rest of the townsfolk react to Mittens? Were they groveling and servile?

    Glad to hear you stuck it to him.

  38. What’s even more fun is when the king goes on vacation. A few years back we had a visit to our humble ski town by one of the Executive branch’s best and brightest, an inner-circle cabinet member. The whole mountain was dotted with SS agents on skis and with parkas, no doubt with concealed weapons you and I would be arrested for and Agent Smith style comms systems. Of course, no one ever saw the VIP who all this was set up for, since even viewing such a person would constitute a violation of wartime laws.

    Besides, I’m sure while he’s quite the walker (he claims his pedometer logs 10,000 steps/day) we won’t see him out on the double-black diamond slopes, even though his SS agents were ready in case he tried.

    David Burne is right. It’s all just a circus anyway:

  39. Well put, Eric! When I lived in Atlanta years ago, V.P. Quayle came to town for a campaign stop and they shut the major freeways down. Can’t tell you how that made my blood boil! An obscene salute is just the start of what these jerks deserve. But a very good start!


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