Mayor Bloomberg with an Idea I can get behind.

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This is no joke, this is the first time i agree with mayor bloomberg 100%, I hope it does happen and no one gives up their guns.


  1. Reminds me of a phrase (paraphrasing): What would happen if a war was declared, but no one showed up to fight?

    I would guess that most people would be fine in the short term. I still believe that most people would respect other people and there property.

    Eventually the FSA might realize that they could go on a shopping spree of the 5-finger discount variety.

    • Dear mith,


      I left a comment at the YT vid.

      Bevin Chu
      1 second ago

      Wow. For the first time ever I agree with Bloomberg. Every cop should go on strike and remain on strike until everyone in America has given up their inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

      Ordinary people would soon discover that they are safer defending themselves using their own guns, than they were when trigger happy cops were running around murdering civilians, then claiming “sovereign immunity.”

      Also, a counter offer. We mere mundanes will give up our guns and leave ourselves utterly defenseless against armed aggressors, if cops are willing to do the same, and are willing to go first.

      How about it? Are the cops willing to give up their guns and leave themselves utterly defenseless against armed aggressors?

      No? Then why the f**k should we???


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