Fuuuuuuuuhhhhhtball Heroes

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Go team.


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  1. I love reading through the “comments”. Here’s an excellent one that I feel is worth reposting:

    “David Axelrod posted a comment in Mstarz ยท 15 hours ago

    Questions: Why do so many black Americans revert to violence and crime?

    Answer: When misguided liberal politicians treat human beings like they treat animals in a zoo…by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them and taking care of their medical needs…then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal-like behavior?”

    • “Excellence” is relative. That seemed to be the only one with complete sentences, so compared to the other (blatantly racist, likely just trollish) comments it reads like Shakespeare.

      • There are serious issues going on in society. Everyone has their knee jerk reaction to such issues but I think your knee jerk reaction is to “hate anything you feel is racist” versus actually reading into the message that is trying to be conveyed. I’m not going to read through this article’s comments again just to bring up other examples of what I’m sure are “complete sentences” but you need to keep your mind open to the viewpoints of others. I respect the viewpoint of Malcom X, who one could say was a racist against whites, but perhaps the bigger issue is people who try to knock down differing opinions just because they might *gasp* be offensive.


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