Submitting and Obeying

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Watch this slavish performance on an empty stomach:

Kid apparently just walking along; gets hassled by cops (that they were polite changes nothing; they interrogated him, detained him, intimidated the shit out of him).


  1. 250 Minneapolis Kids in a High School Prison Fight

    Incredibly, this high school lunch room has surveillance from “several different angles. Just like adult prisoner, kid prisoners are under surveillance while eating lunch. Police are examining the tapes in order to press charges.

    • Cellphone Footage of Food Fight Within An Obama Youth Bunker

      “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride…”

      -Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

  2. Watching this video, I can see the look in the pig’s eyes that says. “That’s right you little bitch! You keep giving me respect but I swear to god all I’m looking for is one easy excuse to take your ass down”. Dammit, I hate cops, and that most certainly includes the boot licking “oath keepers” that are just fine with enforcing unjust laws until it starts to personally effect their gun collection.

  3. Man I feel so embarrassed for that kid but that’s exactly how I’ve acted when I’ve been pulled over in my work truck. Act like a super sheep and hope they’ll only bully you a little bit…I’m 24 and on top of the pharmaceutical drug epidemic that is plaguing my generation, we’ve got boot lickers expressing the caged in “power trips” to easy targets like myself or other people at or younger the age of the “just got back from my tour killing towelheads” cops. Makes me sick. I think I will now go rewatch the youtube video “Why cops fear SHTF” as a self reminder to how the tables will be turned once the collapse happens.

    • Hi Jacob,

      I’ve done both (kissing ass and not). I’m now at the point in my life that I won’t kiss any more ass, even if it means I get a ticket (or worse). I’m just barely civil – and do my best to let them feel my hate (cue Emperor from Star Wars speech). Basic yes/no answers – or no answer at all. And I never, ever refer to them as “sir” or even “officer.”

      • “never refer to them as sir or officer” I’m right with you on that one. They are not gifted humans deserving of such lofty titles. In fact, most I dealt with are room temp I.Q’s. True members of the parasite class. If they only were getting actual harmful,bad people off the streets that would be way cheaper and the populace would be way happier.

  4. The white glove treatment is a nice change from the heavy boot to the back routine.

    The 19yr old was fortunate he did not meet a worse fate. The cops did seem civil, but sometimes it does not take much for a situation to get out of hand. He could have been the wrong man. (actually based on a true story)

    It is something when one would have more faith in a stranger than in one sworn “to serve” the public. I guess the 19yr old was familiar with George Carlin about servicing the public.

  5. Here’s another costumed Minnesota monkey Drew caught on videotape. Like all base animals, she is unable to comprehend property rights, and takes Drew’s camera with no explanation.

    Jacqueline Muellner–Veck03Zdkw/UO3O8uieTZI/AAAAAAAAFSc/PbabE3W4c2Y/s1600/Ramsey-County-Sheriff-Deputy-Jackie-Muellner.jpg

    In reprobate America, violent apes have taken control. The she-ape Jacqueline Muellner forces peaceful residents to pay her to drive around in a squad car. She kidnaps people at random and holds them for ransom in the local “ape city” cage, unaccountable to anyone for her simian aggression.

    “If I End Up On Youtube, I’m Going To Be Upset”, Jacqueline grunts in her gruff orangutang-accented English.

    Darwin’s theory awaits an amendment. Some animals not only fail to evolve, they acquire sufficient force and coercive numbers to enforce mass devolution on a planet-wide scale.


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