Japanese Tōrō Lantern

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Oh mang it’s hot outside! Woke up this morning and chugged two cups of coffee and a Red Bull while cussing at the computer. I ended up changing some settings on the site and the server, talked to tech support via email for a bit, and then said fuck this I’m going outside. I just made the coolest cast yet. It was a bitch getting the base and the bird house out of the mold. The vibrating table I purchased really came in handy to knock the bond between the concrete and aluminum mold loose.

Japanese Tōrō Lantern

Japanese Lantern

Shenandoah Castings


Bird House

Lantern Top

Lantern Top

Toro Lantern

vibrating table

vibrating table belt

counter balance

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  1. Do you guys ever take a test run with candle lighting?
    I have done several such test runs, and I’ve found many flaws.
    I thought it would be easy, but it really isn’t.

    It is possible that a candle stick holder is not wide enough to catch all the wax and it goes everywhere.
    Is that a fire hazard if you’re not nearby? Idk.

    Think, W-I-D-E saucer.

    A candle stick holder I went to gouge out with a screwdriver to remove the old stuff sliced my finger open when I carelessly slipped. I didn’t notice the knife sharp edge on it beforehand. The damn thing’s getting filed off this week, and made into ugly.

    Those glass candle shield thingys are thin glass, they don’t twist off when they get stuck in candle wax without breaking, f.y.i. …Pardon me, I didn’t know.

    Just because it says it’s an eight hour candle on the box, does not mean it is.

    Some of the candles fuck with my sinuses, and I have the window open. Dang, I think it might be a problem in the Winter. … And I’m not the sinus delicate kind of guy.

    Surprisingly, the better-half got really irritated having to read by candlelight. I’m not sure what the fix is for that except MEGA-candles. …That’s the next test.

    Should I have bought the old time oil lamp lantern I saw at a sale this week? Do those even work worth a shit?

    Ah well, I’m off to read,:

    Pat Buchanan on the breakup of the US leviathan.


    …Won’t you friggin’ join me? Neighbor.

  2. I noticed a person who lives on a Very busy street in my city got one of those Toro lanterns.
    I’m jealous.
    It’s Wayy cool.
    I notice it Every time I drive by it. [I wonder if they are EPA people and got it from dom?]

    I knew a guy who shipped Toyota 4×4 transfer cases and other parts to Africa and made a profit. If he could do that, I imagine you could do the same with the lanterns in the unitedstate.

    I’d buy one, ..but I’ve run out of money.

    One other note: mang, candles burn fast.

    I think I’m gonna need more boxes of them.

    Also, if your ole lady doesn’t come to you in the middle of the night complaining of chest pains,… count yourself in the lucky half of life.

    If you’re in the lucky half,… enjoy. …And may Chemtrails and geo-engenerring Never change things for you.

    • No really, the only reason I got online tonight was to say: it’s really hard to get around the house using Only a candle for a light. Fucking wax goes everywhere if you’re not paying attention. The bastard candles burn out. Don’t they know they’re supposed to last until i don’t need them?
      Some burn fast, some burn slow. Some throw wax a mile away, some just dribble nicely.
      A test run has been interesting, I’ll tell ya that. YMMV, for sure.
      If SHTF lasts for more than a month,… oh boy.

      [At the same time, that seems worse than it is, imho. In the old days of the 1960’s and 1970’s, when it got dark, people went to bed. … Ha. Second shift is really gonna suffer.]

  3. Dom, I just looked up the history of those. Learn something every day. How heavy (shipping weight)?

    P.S. I wouldn’t throw that one in the weeds if I were you.

  4. Sorry for clogging up the whole comment block.
    But I have to ask, what do you use to stain that material?
    The shit looks wickedly cool.

    Do you sell them?
    If so, I wonder how much?
    Mang, I’d like to have one in my backyard.
    [That model you use to showcase them is nice too, BTW. Lucky you.]

    What is the significance of the final three photos?
    The third to last photo, is that a cupcake hot plate?
    The second to last photo shows a very nice looking motor, but what do you use that cam looking thing for? It looks important.

    It looks like you’re painting them. If so, what kind of paint do you use? (Or are you just glazing/clearcoating them?) I thought you were acid staining them, and didn’t need to paint them?

    Do you burn a regular wax candle in them, or something else?

    Now if I can just shake this craving for a freaking non-Primal cupcake. TYVM. … You put vanilla frosting on those, right? Or maybe blueberry?

    • Yes, I sell them. I have two styles of this one. The one you see in these pictures, then another with a completely open styled cage. I have one of the other styles curing right now. When I pull it out on Monday I’ll add a picture. I sell these for $400. I sell all my stuff for half price to friends (you included, so $200). If you find them elsewhere they’ll be double or more. I got lucky with this first lantern because the lady came with it. Lost the receipt, so I can’t return it though! -shit

      The final three photos are my bad-to-the-fucking-bone vibrating table. It is the cat’s ass when it comes to casting. The top is separated from the base via rubber bushings. The motor is attached to the base and then connected via the belt to a weighted shaft (that cam looking thing). When the whole thing spins it vibrates the top of the table like mofo. I set my molds on top of the table, fill them with concrete, and make earthquakes and liquefaction. It settles the concrete down and makes a sweet ass surface on all my casts. Also makes a damn solid/strong product.

      That is just water sealer you see on there. The casts are still very dark in the photos because they’re only two days old. They take a couple weeks to fully cure.

      I do acid staining as well.

      You can burn whatever you want in them. I’m about to start making a lawn jockey too!


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