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Received this in a chain email today: bucketlist


We are getting old and our tickers aren’t what they used to be…so here is

Our Special Bucket List for 2013,14,15,16….


1. Obama: Gone!

2.Put “GOD” back in America !!!

3. Borders: Closed!

4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else.

5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

6. Language: English only!

7. Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

9. NO freebies to Non-Citizens!

10. Balance the budget.

11. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! Charge them for our help! We need it here.

12. Fix the TAX CODE!

And most of all.


We the people are coming!

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  1. Bucket list – amended.


    1. Obama: Gone! – In his place, no one. I will be as glad when he is gone as I was when W was gone – and every other prez at least as far back as Buchanan.

    2.Put “GOD” back in America !!! Too late, He’s been gone since the Constitution was ratified. Many of the colonies/states were specifically Christian. But the nation? Never.

    3. Borders: At the discretion of private property owners – no one comes w/o an invitation.

    4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else.
    That is, whatever they want and can afford – no gunvermin programs for anyone.

    5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW! – No, obey the Constitution now, and always.

    6. Language: English only! Unless you prefer another. But don’t expect me to cater to your choice unless you are my customer and can make it worth my while.

    7. Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! (this one they may have gotten right, but there are doubts about that as well)

    8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!
    No – eliminate welfare. And the Drug War. Private companies may institute drug screening for employees if they wish.

    9. NO freebies to Non-Citizens! or to citizens either. And that includes schools.

    10. Balance the budget, by reducing spending until it can be supported by voluntary contributions.

    11. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! Charge them for our help! We need it here. – Well, the first sentence is right, anyway.

    12. Fix the TAX CODE! – by eliminating it!

    And most of all.

    13. “RESPECT OUR MILITARY AND OUR FLAG!!” – as much as they deserve, anyway. Since every military inductee takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, and has blatantly failed, guess how much that is.

  2. I don’t know – the list sounds good.

    Implementation is always where we f*ck it up, though. (So often we know it’s BY INTENT.)

    By itself? I’d be willing to give those first 12, and #14 by ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N, a good run. But implemented LITERALLY. Best example, #7 – TEACH the Constitution – and the framework that built it, so it’s in context.
    Instead, we teach the Constitution is a “living document” with “umbras and penumbras” that only a “wise Latino pig” (err, female) can’ comprehend. And that if you don’t like it, you just ignore it, and the court will rubber-stamp it later.

    That’s the part I find odious: obvious traitors to anyone with a brain are running the government. And no one will deal with the problem (all the way to the top, mind. SS could easily manage a revolution by removing the domestic enemies, but they won’t do it. Why? Paychecks?)

    As to why a national language of English? Because making a single method of communication the de facto standard is no longer viable. It needs to be mandated.
    Reason is simple: When my grandparents emigrated, and the immigrant groups around that time (let alone all those prior), the objective was to BE AN AMERICAN. That included speaking English, and leaving behind the ways of the “old country.” Thus, “Melting pot.” Poles came in, Irish came in, Spanish, Ukranians, Russians, Chinese, French, Czechs, Slovakians, British, Jews, Italians… But Americans came OUT. Sure, Jews stayed a bit separate, as did those of African decent, and Chinese (Oriental) decent. In that same way, there were Polish ghettos, Irish ghettos, German ghettos, Italian ghettos, Scandinavian ghettos, etc. People grew up, got out of the ghettos. They all spoke English, and by second gen, if not first, they were Americans.
    As noted, my grandparents emigrated here – two Irish, one Italian, one of an austro-hungarian background, but via Canada. (My grandmother didn’t want anyone to know her age or background, and she’d been orphaned at a young age and lived with an aunt in Canada. But her parents were running the railroads somewhere in Eastern European lands.)

    Now, should the language be Spanish, I don’t like it – but I could live with it. Disloyal to the founding of the country, makes it more difficult to understand the documents our country is founded upon, but – hey, common language is more important.

    OTOH, I can see how it would all be “enforced” – and it’s nightmarish, as it would mostly be done through blunt force trauma (against us) and no action whatsoever (those on the outside). Modern day Roach Motel. The borders would be “closed”, sure – and the INS funds for patrolling slashed, enforcement of immigration laws would be “discrimination,” etc. But speak of GOD? You’d have to do it while facing Mecca, with your @$$ in the air, and kissing the ground so hard no one can hear you. Otherwise, it’s “offensive,” and off to the gulag you go for re-education…

    • Hmmm….. Didn’t think it through, but already posted.
      Ok – I see the issue, didn’t think it through (I was harassing someone earlier today about that, wasn’t I?)

      So, Philip thought mroe before responding. I tend to think English SHOULD be the official language, but as noted abioove, as long as the community’s culture has a common language, all is good.
      Just that we’ve been de facto English-speaking (Well, American, anyway.) we shuold have a common language for talking to each other. Might as well use the de facto standard.

      (That doesn’t mean you don’t lear other languages too, though.)

      But it’s a good reminder to me to think more, shout less…. I just have too many things I ASSUME as inherent in the meaning.
      EX: I HAVE read the Constitution, and I think the gov’t should have to follow it.
      What other law would apply? Congress should be following the law, means, follow the Constitution.
      If I have to concede the point, then they should at least be subject to every effing law we are, at the very least – at least let it be an equal-opportunity misery.
      Of course, that will never happen…
      So I should’ve read more and thought more first.

      We live and learn, and sometimes pick our teeth back up, or regurgitate the foot we swallowed… 😉

  3. I’m not a citizen, but I pay more in taxes than most citizens. Why should I be discriminated against? Why citizenship is relevant here? It’s not.

    Also, why English language only? I don’t want central planners to regulate what language people speak.

    • I agree, Vejas.

      My only issue with immigration (and so on) is the existence of the entitlement state. It’s bad enough having to support 100 million tax feeders and suffer their voting for more and more Gibs Muh Dat. I cannot see the upside to encouraging more such to come here.

      The analogy is free trade. In principle, it’s my ideal. But the system of international labor arbitrage that Team Red styles “free trade” is anything but.

      • and why aren’t you a citizen?
        You live here, obviously work here.
        Our family came over in steerage. They learned the
        language, went to citizenship classes and became citizens
        I am SICK of people living here, working here and
        living in communities as though they were still
        in their former countries…They also fail to learn the language
        save for many cases where is barely literate.
        They expect citizens to pay for bilingual due to laziness
        to learn ENGLISH
        It is failure to become any better than what they left
        Even Frontline did a story on it.
        If they don’t want to become a citizen of the United States
        then they can pack up and return to wherever they came

        • What is the point of becoming a citizen? So you can vote? That doesn’t make a flying fig of difference, so why bother?
          You obviously wanted to be a citizen, so you did. Good for you. But epautos is about people having choices, not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all, life.

    • Vejas, this list was compiled for dimwitted asshats who vote republican. They get 99% of their information from TV and their online activity is limited to reading forwarded emails like this one or Foxnews web offerings.

      These are people who have no critical thinking skills and have always been too lazy and trifling to want to learn anything. Their counterparts are as bad, incurious group thinkers who have the same information sources but who vote democrat. Imagine their list, which would probably have cosmetic differences, but would draw the same conclusion, which is that government can fix everything and only their favored politicians should be the ones who do the fixing.

      Don’t take it personally. The official language supporters are too trifling to learn their own native language, and are terrified of anyone who speaks more than one language. What’s disturbing is that the ones I’m describing are in the majority. That’s what makes democracy such a horrible deal for anyone outside of government.

      • Ed, if they didn’t pick out a specific politician you’d have no idea which party they’re from. I was hoping 10 years ago this stuff would die off since it was obviously made by below room temperature IQ people. Not sure if this is the most sickening or the Yeah, this party’s people are great” are, the ones that go on to list the “accomplishments” of particular evildoers and then wrap themselves in the flag. This was like you say, almost exclusively mouth-breathing Republicans whose expertise ends when Fox news takes a break.

        • I know it, 8. Fucking politicians should be required to wear team uniforms so you can tell which side they’re supposed to be on. Dom said once that they should have to wear jackets with patches from all their sponsors, which is a great idea as well.

          Democrats suck, but I have a particular hatred for republicans. Scalawag Southern republicans are as scummy as their ancestors were during the military occupation, but at least back then they didn’t try to pretend to be “conservative Christians”.

          Here’s my take on the difference between the “two” parties: A democrat will openly suck a dick, while a republican pretends that he’s just gonna hold it in his mouth until it stops throbbin.

          • “A democrat will openly suck a dick, while a republican pretends that he’s just gonna hold it in his mouth until it stops throbbin.”

            Quote of the year. 😉
            I guess tha’ts the definition of a campaign “contribution”?

    • Language reflects culture, so it’s a tough spot here.
      I believe we SHOULD have a single, common language. Now, I’d be ok with it being Latin, for example, instead of Englsih – I have some issue with it being Spanish, but that’s because of associated politics, not a problem with the language itself.

      But the language bears on the culture.
      Shall we speak Arabic, and embrace the Muslim way of life? I’d rather not – and this is my home, dammit, if those kaffirs want to come here and ignore the realities of OUR culture, we have a right to persuade them NOT to change it to what they just LEFT.

      You come to an English-speaking location – learn English.
      You go to Germany? Learn German!
      You go to Portugal? Learn Portuguese!
      Italy? Italian!
      Russia? RUSSIAN! Etc

      And you don’t go there and try to change their politics. Their political system and legal system is THEIR business.
      Our systems are OUR business.

      Now, I agree the US should keep its nose out of other country’s business. I don’t have a problem with admitting that – nor in admitting that we’re a stupid, ego-drive bunch of slugs, overall. Those imbeciles, idiots, slugs, clovers, whatever term you wish to use – we’d like to GET RID OF THEM TOO! (Mostly because they won’t leave us alone – they’re too busy “fixing” us “for your own good…” )
      But most of us aren’t willing to kill the SOBs yet – still Human here.
      Pity… Excising cancer is much faster and easier.

        • Correction, the USSR was (past tense) a prison of nations. Russia is not. But while many in the USSR held on to their own language, they also learned Russian as well.
          Actually German came close to being the predominant language in the US. And not, as those glorifying the ‘greatest generation’ mean as a result of losing WW II. Hitler could not even mount a successful invasion across the Channel of England, how was he going to cross the Atlantic and do it here?

  4. Yet another “fantasy” mailing list with a long train of whiny complaints about things having disappeared that never stopped and more than likely helped precipate the very problems they whine about. Things of this sort always fall into my “definition of insanity” file. Number 7 is a howler while 10, 12 and 13 make my ass uncomfortably twitch. The rest are just pathetic.

    • You got it, MOT. I have a few family members who do this idiotic mailing list thing. They hit me with forwards of this kind of shit, but will not answer an email from me.

      This is from the GOP side of the room, but I wonder if the dim’s circulate their versions of this kind of nonsense. After all, they use the same ratfuckers who buy another mailing list for registered democrats.

  5. What a misguided list! If Obama goes look what lousy alternatives we get: McCain? Romney!? They are no better, likely worse.

    Closed borders – something Lyndon Johnson introduced. Until then America was pretty open to everyone, except orientals. It’s a big gov dream.

    People in military are plainly war criminals deserving Nuremberg 2. In Nuremberg they hanged people for starting wars.

    Citizens and non-citizens pay the same taxes. Why should they be treated differently?

    Etc, etc.

    • Hi Vegas,

      “People in military are plainly war criminals deserving Nuremberg 2. In Nuremberg they hanged people for starting wars.”


      Of course, Nuremburg was a kangaroo court – with two Soviet judges on the bench.

      Arguably (Then vs. Now) both The Chimp and Obomber have more blood on their hands than, say, Julius Streicher did. Yes, he was an odious race-baiter. But – to my knowledge – he never actually killed anyone. He published an obnoxious, inflammatory newspaper. They hanged him for that.

      The Chimp launched an aggressive war against a country that had not attacked this one, nor was even capable of doing so. At least 100,000 dead and a decade-long occupation, with the country still in chaos. Not even a small fine for that. Nor any real sanction for the current jefe who lobs bombs and has throats cut with glib insouciance.

      And what of the media talking heads – especially over at Faux News – who constantly bang the war kettles and (per Streicher) bait the country to hate “radical Muslims”?

      American cognitive dissonance – and the arrogance that flows from it – is quite something to behold.

  6. One more – Claw-back and delete any pensions and free healthcare for all elected representatives. They should have to live on their paychecks too.

    • Not happening as THEY have to approve much like term limits for them
      Founding fathers never intended people to serve till they were carried out
      feet first……were suppose to be citizens who left their profession, went to
      Washington and served and then went home to former life.
      I also want term limits for SCOTUS…nobody should serve for life
      Power corrupts no matter.


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