Today’s Thoughts . . .Nov. 4, 2013

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Submission Training outside the airport:

How long, oh Lord?

Will der tag ever kommt?

Soon, I expect, we’ll have to empty our pockets – and spread our legs – whenever we leave the house. After all, any one of us could be a “terrorist” – and better to catch them in the driveway, so to speak… right?

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  1. wenzel had a short article yesterday that summed it up well, assuming the story being pushed is in fact accurate, a single loan gunmen went throughout the airport with relative ease with a firearm that is verboten in that state. all this anti-terrorism stuff is nothing but kabuki theater. we cattle need to stay unarmed and not question authority

    Understanding the Attack on the TSA
    By Robert Wenzel
    Economic Policy Journal
    November 4, 2013

    This was bound to happen. After groping hundreds of millions of men, some loosely hinged passenger was sure to start shooting up the groping unarmed TSA agents. And such a nut job revealed himself to us in the name of Paul A. Ciancia on Friday November 1 at terminal 3 at LAX Airpot.
    He fits the profile. Seeming unhappy, without good job prospects in the Bernanke distorted economy, he lashed out at the gropers. As more and more regulations suffocate the economy, there will be more lone nuts going off on other parts of the government. Push hundreds of millions and eventually someone at the edge of society will push back.
    But there is another part of the TSA attack that I want to comment on. Keep in mind that this was one single lone nut job shooter.
    He started shooting at the lower level below the TSA “security” area and easily made his way into the “security” area and beyond into the middle of terminal 3, where all the planes arrive and depart. I repeat. This was one lone nut job who was able to advance that far before being taken down.
    My point being that suppose instead of this being one lone nut job, it was a dozen or two trained terrorists. We can now see how easy it would be for them to takeover terminal 3. They could have secured a perimeter with 4 to 6 terrorists at the security entrance to terminal 3, while others could have attempted to board planes that were at terminal 3 gates. Serious terrorist mayhem could ensue. The TSA does nothing to protect against such a massive terrorist assault. Fortunately, it appears there just aren’t that many terrorists within the borders of the US, since we don’t see such attacks, but Ciancia shows us how it could be done.
    Bottom line: TSA security theater is no defense against a terrorist attack. It provides false security. It should be shut down, with each airline developing its own security measures.

  2. Most cows will willingly pay money for their serf training and not think twice about it. I personally stay away from all those forced defenseless-victim training zones.


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