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fat cops

Copfuks stun and detain a father when he tried to go into his burning house to save his son while waiting for firemen and not going in themselves.  They didn’t want the donuts to go stale.

I am sure these terrorist cowards were following protocol when they tasered the father trying to prevent his 3yo son from being burnt to death helplessly handcuffed in the back of a sqaud car.

Fuck these pigfuks, fuck them to hell.

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  1. Yet….another….disgusting story….of obvious police corruption in this country………….

    I am going to be an asshole here in the sense I’m about to try to put myself in the sheeple public’s shoes while watching this video: Because the mother was not hysterically crying the cops must have seen something this “fear mongering” reporter is not telling us! I’m staying asleep! Hmph!

    • jacob, it was a sister, not the mother.

      it isn’t so much corruption as it is cowardice. the father wanted to go back in and was willing to die in the hopes of saving his son (i empathize with his position, my son is 2 -1/2 and would do the exact same thing). if the cops didn’t stop him they were afraid they could be held liable if he died as well and his wife or family member wanted to sue.
      it is another example of how we don’t own our own lives.

      my statement above in no way absolves these pigs, they are cowardly pieces of shit, if they were truly “heroes”, they would have helped the dad go back in knowing that a child’s life was in danger.
      they always say “if it could save one life” when trying to justify their actions. well this time their actions contributed to the loss of life. I wonder what justification they will dug up this time, beyond the fact that they are cowardly fucks…
      if that had happened to me, they had better kill me before they took the handcuffs off.


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