Heroes Inspect Vaginas

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Laura Schaur Ives, Legal Director for the New Mexico Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, is representing a New Mexico woman who wishes to remain unnamed because she says she is a victim of sexual assault.glovepic

The incident happened when the woman crossed the border at a Port of Entry from Juarez, Mexico into El Paso.

“A dog alerted to the woman, and Schaur Ives said federal agents stripped searched her at the facility, asked her to undress, to spread her genitalia and to cough. Female agents also allegedly pressed their fingers into her vagina looking for drugs,” reports KOB 4.

No drugs were found and police did not obtain a warrant for the intrusive search, according to the ACLU. Medical records show that the woman did not consent to the strip search or having her private parts sexually molested.

Border Patrol agents then took the woman to the University Medical Center of El Paso.

“First, medical staff observed her making a bowl movement and no drugs were found at that point,” Schaur Ives said. “They then took an X-ray, but it did not reveal any contraband. They then did a cavity search and they probed her vagina and her anus, they described in the medical records as bi-manual–two handed. Finally, they did a cat scan. Again, they found nothing.”

The Customs and Border Patrol issued a statement which said that they could not verify the incident, adding, “We do not tolerate corruption or abuse within our ranks, and we fully cooperate with any criminal or administrative investigations of alleged misconduct by any of our personnel, on or off-duty.”

This is the third example to emerge over the course of the last few days of a New Mexico resident being a victim of anal probing and other sexual molestation at the hands of law enforcement authorities.

Earlier this week we covered the story of David Eckert, an innocent New Mexico man who was forced to endure 14 hours of enforced anal probing at the hands of doctors, on the orders of cops looking for narcotics, and was then billed by the medical center. Eckert was singled out after police claimed he “appeared to be clenching his buttocks” while stepping out of his vehicle at a traffic stop.

Eckert was subjected to manual probing of his anus, an enema, x-rays, as well as a colonoscopy – all against his will – by doctors on orders of New Mexico police. No drugs were found.

Two days later, a similar story emerged involving a man named Timothy Young, who was pulled over by New Mexico police in October for not using his blinker. Young was singled out by a drug sniffing dog and subsequently subjected to anal exams and x-rays of his stomach, without giving his consent.

As in the Eckert case, the search warrant used by police to justify the molestation was illegal because it had been issued in a different county to where the medical examination took place. The drug sniffing dog, which was used in both cases, did not have a valid certification. The law states that drug dogs must be re-certified every year. Evidence also suggests that the dog was involved in a series of previous false positives.

Eckert is filing a substantial lawsuit against officers involved in his case. Officers involved in Young’s case will face a law enforcement disciplinary board.

Doctors involved in both cases will face the state licensing board, which will likely revoke their right to practice medicine. The medical centers involved in the cases face hefty fines.

The cases have shone fresh spotlight onto how in some cases Americans are being treated worse than prisoners would be in maximum security detention facilities, with total disregard for the 4th amendment, which is supposed to protect against unreasonable searches and seizures.

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  1. The right of the people to be secure in their vaginas and anal cavities, against unreasonable searches and medical procedures, shall not be violated.

    Why Aren’t Americans Fighting Back?

    “Your country is occupied by CIA-Mossad and the finance mafia that runs it,” he said. “They killed the Kennedies. They killed Martin Luther King, Jr. They killed Wellstone. They killed Gary Webb. They kill everyone that gets in their way. They start wars that kill millions.”

    “They rig your elections. They listen to your telephone conversations, read your emails, and use your cell phone as a roving microphone. They blackmail everyone of note, and if they can’t blackmail them, they frame them or neutralize them or kill them. Every American President since Reagan has been a CIA agent. Your Constitution is a dead letter. It was dead long before 9/11.”

    I admitted that this was all true.

    “Your country is under occupation. In Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and other places, when people are occupied, they fight back. Why won’t Americans fight back?”

    I explained that a lot of us are fighting back. It’s called the infowar.

    “Infowar is great,” he said. “But it doesn’t cost them enough to change their way of doing business. If you want a bad man to change his behavior, you have to give him some incentive for change. You have to raise the cost of the bad behavior until it becomes intolerable. A lot of grumbling on the internet doesn’t really cost them very much.”

  2. Drugs are the ultimate prize for “heroes.” Because of the attention they get. And probably because a lot of them get to keep what they find. Ironic, isn’t it, that the cops act more like junkies than junkies do when they’re on the trail of drugs. It’s hard to imagine a drug king-pin ordering this kind of dehumanizing abuse to get back his “product.” But it’s routine for the pigs these days.

    • Robert – If you were a crooked cop (I’m not sure there’s any other kind these days) and you found a substantial stash in someone’s car, took 90% of it (or all of it) and let the dude go or arrested him for simple possession, who’s going to rat you out? What’s he gonna do? Go in front of the magistrate and say “You’re honor I had three kilos of coke in my trunk and this asshole only has an eightball in evidence. What’s up with that?” I don’t think so. I’ve known cops in the past that never bought pot or coke, but they sure as hell used it. So how did they get their fix? Why the official way of course. They stole it. Taxation, confiscation, civil forfeiture are just euphemisms for theft and once you start stealing…

      But even if the badged and uniformed predator in on film and or has to share the kill with other members of the thug-scrum, he may not be able to keep the dope, but the dept. will still get to keep the car, a portion of any money they find and the individual swine get good marks on their record toward promotion. Now let’s say you’ve got a guy that dares assert his rights at a traffice stop or legally embarasses Officer Dipstick by handing him his ass in court. If that guy lives in or frequents Officer Dipstick’s beat, he’d better watch his back from then on. Officer Dipstick will be gunning for him. I’ve had it happen to me and my family. Not only was the trooper in question a racist (he had enough complaints against him by white people for flagrant discrimination that the Communistwealth of Virginia moved him), he owned too many businesses and too much land for his income range. But since he was the head of the local FOP chapter, had a “clean record” (i.e. never got caught) and was considered a “pillar of the community” he was essentially untouchable.

      He wrote me two different reckless driving tickets that were so obviously B.S. that I had them both thrown out in court without even hiring a shyster. The judge wasn’t kind to him about it either. I can assure you that he would have gladly subjected me to body cavity searches, colonoscopies, beatings, waterboarding and anything else he thought he could get away with, he was so pissed at me. Nowadays he probably could get away with it. When he couldn’t catch me doing anything he went after my sister. Fortunately for all of us he was mowed down by an octogenarian while he was standing on the side of the road during a traffic stop. What a shame (gag). Sometimes, what comes around really does go around.

      • Fortunately for all of us he was mowed down by an octogenarian while he was standing on the side of the road during a traffic stop.

        LMAO, Boothe! That’s what I call justice. He probably had dreams of going out in a blaze of glory, but instead his ticket gets punched by some geezer who can’t see over the dashboard. Sweet.

        As for the “evidence” disappearing in drug busts, I suspect you’re right. The pigs are probably all thinking “Freebies!” when the haul is brought in.

        • “As for the “evidence” disappearing in drug busts, I suspect you’re right. The pigs are probably all thinking “Freebies!” when the haul is brought in.”

          Bingo. The movie Training Day showed that very well.

          Also, here’s a story:
          A friend of mine in high school was sitting in his car, in his suburban neighborhood, smoking weed when a cop rolled up behind him. This friend had just bought an ounce of super-duper stuff (for those who don’t know, an ounce of good weed will get you high on a daily basis for about a month). Anyways, this cop grabbed the ounce, inspected it, told the friend to “not do that again” and walked off with the weed and didn’t do jack shit to the friend. The friend was happy to not get busted, but now he just witnessed police corruption.

          That same friend, former friend I should say, ended up turning into a pill head and is currently serving 10 years for a pill deal gone bad. I would chalk him up to an example of someone who couldn’t handle “waking up” so they turned to drugs to numb the pain.

          Congratulations government, you are a bunch of pieces of shit that are not only stealing/robbing from honest people, but you’re turning the children into drug addicts because they’re too scared to stand up against you. Hope you feel real big about that…. *pukes*

      • Ach, Boothe, that is freaking hilarious! I mean totally, wonderfully poetic, could not imagine a better ending.

        And make no mistake there IS karma in this universe. You can’t have a universe that’s so fastidious about balancing all its numbers to have it ignore metaphysical balance as well.

        • I truly believe in karma. “What goes around, comes around”. It’s just that it’s not as swift to others as it seems to be to me… but I suppose that is sort of a blessing in and of itself. Learn my mistakes quickly, so I don’t have the chance to dig myself into too deep of a hole.

  3. Dear Eric,

    Is this a bad dream?

    Are we still in the USA?

    Stories of these unconstitutional “probes” are shocking to my sensibilities.

    I have a dreadful feeling that these will become more commonplace in the near future.

    It appears by the conduct of police officers and their superiors, that perhaps they are all part of a scheme to induce retaliation by the “mundanes”, and then there would be an all-out war on civilians.

    I no longer fly because of sexual assault at the airport. So now it seems we are being discouraged from even traveling by automobile as well.

    Go figure.

    • Hi Linda,

      I wish it were a dream. Unfortunately, the nightmare is all too real. And we have people like Mike from Wichita to thank.

        • ..and because of Mike from Wichita, et al.

          “Someone” might be “on drugs.”

          Therefore, everyone must be assumed to be “on drugs” – until proved to our satisfaction they aren’t.

          Moreover, your body is not your body. It is the property of the Great Collective. Therefore (per the logic of Mike, et al) “we” (that is, the duly appointed agents of “we”) have the right to inspect your body, which is really our body.

          “We” cannot allow you to risk damaging it. Or that you might – might! – cause damage to others. Therefore, you will be inspected – and forced to comply – and treated as if you had actually caused damage, even if you have not.

          Safety first!

          • Well, someone IS on drugs….
            Right, Mikey?

            Jokes (and insults) aside, it’s NOT a joke – our drinking water is known to be contaminated with antibiotics, mood altering substances (Prozac), and toxins…

            When faced with a rabid dog, you put it down.

          • Eric, last night I refused – yes REFUSED to stop for a breatho (breath test). I just sailed right through on the bike shaking my head at the orificer. They responded by panicking that I might be pissed as a fart and got 2 patrol cars out after me.

            That’s the last I saw of them. Kicked it down 2 gears, opened the throttle and I was home, a few corners and about a mile later.

            Nobody was killed, harmed or even threatened. Shit – I mean, these feckers still don’t know where I live, thanks to fast reaction times and an unknown number plate.

            Sure they’ll be looking for me, but they have the onus of proof. Without that they’re screwed. Last time I did a quick u-turn but just got a bit angry at them last night. Strange thing is, I somewhat agree with breatho stops.

            Regarding the above story, just about everyone is on drugs and controlled substances thanks to overprescribing doctors. People that mess with their radio cause accidents too.

            • Rev!

              Excellent! Outstanding! I am sitting here at 5:20 in the morning – and reading your post made my morning!


              If only more people would simply refuse to Submit & Obey….

          • Eric, reading your post made me think about the hypocrisy of leftists that bash the Bible and try to disprove it because of the Old Testament laws being “Oppressive” or what have you. Now, I am not suggesting that the Old Testament law was perfectly libertarian or that it should be used today (As an agnostic you would probably say these unlibertarian elements were “wrong” while as a Christian I would say that God was holding his chosen nation, which was the visible church at that time, to a higher standard, but that’s not the point of my post.) What I find amazing is that these very same people support not only support far, far more legally enforced regulations on our lives than you can find in the Old Testament, they also have this bizarre notion of “Pre-crime” that simply did not exist in the OT law. If you read through Exodus-Deuteronomy you will not find a SINGLE CASE of someone being punished because of what they “might” do. I’ll have to look up the specific text later, but there’s a case in the OT where a bull is known for goring and yet a man refuses to pen it up. If the man knowingly does this and the bull kills someone the man is executed. But there is absolutely no “Well, it MIGHT do this so we have to arrest you in advance” or any of that other crap.

            Now again, I’m not saying Old Testament law should be applied in America today, but I just find it interesting how hypocritical liberals are, and how much WORSE liberals make things in the name of “Progress.” I’d take the OT system over what we have now in a heartbeat.

    • My criminal defense lawyer friend has a blog post about this; you can read it here.

      We emailed each other about it; he reckons the chances of the cops having their “qualified immunity” pierced and being held personally liable are slim to none…and Slim’s out of town.

      I’m really starting to think the Elites have set up the system in a way that pushes, and pushes, and pushes and pushes until people snap–a few dead cops, and they escalate, and it spirals rapidly.

      They they trot out the State Media and blame “patriots” and “tea baggers” and “constitutionalists”.

      It gets worse. They round a few up. The resistance exponentiates.

      Now you’ve got your mass Emmanuel Goldstein, those awful cop-killing patriots and gun owners.

      Trigger the economic collapse; already the goodies are being withdrawn, Obamacare was never MEANT to work, the dollar’s on the edge. You have your demonized group ready to trot out; it’s not Al CIAduh anymore, it’s Patriots.

      Enter their oldest and favorite gambit–the False Flag. Bomb a bunch of stuff blaming those awful Patriots again.

      Martial law. Red Terror takeover.

      I think they think they’ve laid sufficient groundwork to make it happen. I think they’ve massively overestimated and live in a bubble of their own blown-back propaganda.

      But I know it’s going to be a living hell while it all plays out.

      And I’m wondering yet again if I shouldn’t just sit it out somewhere else; because it will make FerFal’s account of Argentina and the Bosnia story seem absolutely idyllic in comparison. I want to help win it–and we WILL win–but do I have to dangle my kids in front of the lion’s den just to prove the point?

      • Methylamine – I think your analysis is spot on. The “elite” have to do something to take the onus off themselves when the inevitable occurs. They blamed acts of terror in Mother Russia back in ’99 on Chechen rebels to save Yeltsin’s corrupt butt from jail time or worse and put his handpicked Chekist golden boy Vladimir Putin in power. For those of us to young to actually remember the Cheka, they were more or less to the KGB/FSB what the OSS was to the CIA. And practically the first thing Putin did was grant Yeltsin immunity and let him keep everything he’d stolen from the Russian people under the guise of “privatization.” The bombings were false flags and actually turned out to be the work FSB operatives who were literally caught in the act of planting hexogen explosives in an apartment building. They tried to claim it was a training exercise and the explosives were just sugar. But independent forensic analysis put the lie to that. How soon we forget.

        Now we fast forward to the good ol’ USA and we have the Tsarnev brothers, allegedly radicalized Chechen Jihadists, setting off primitive explosive devices at the Boston Marathon. After their big militarized police dog and pony show (mainly to see how the good sheeple of Bahhh-ston would respond to community lockdown) we see B.O. shaking hands with master spook Putin and setting up an international cooperative effort to battle terrorism. Yeah, right. How about this scenario: Comrade Putin calls Comrade Soetoro and says “Hey look bro. Boris had a 2% approval rating and the Russian serfs were outside the gates with torches and pitchforks. I had the FSB blow up a couple of apartment buildings, the serfs freaked out, went running around in circles and I slipped in and took the reins. Hell, even a few of our guys got caught, the serfs are so damned stupid they never noticed. So anyway, I know your looking pretty bad these days. I just want to let you know that the FSB has a couple of young Chechen operatives we can lend you for a training exercise. Ahem, they are expendable…”

        The PTB are getting more desperate by the day. I’d say we’re witnessing firsthand the merging of the CIA/NSA with the FSB/GRU. And when the excrement enters the rotary air moving device, the head weasel of the USSA will be able to count on the full military support of the head viper of the former USSR. Spetznaz troops aren’t going to give a rodent’s rosy red rectum about our “rights” nor will they hesitate to shoot us ‘Murikans. I expect the Chinese (who refer to our head weasel as “monkey man” and acknowledge that he is a traitor to his own country) will also probably offer to assist in quelling any civilian insurrection that might occur, since they have major financial interests here. Meanwhile the Roman Legions will remain stranded in whichever third world latrine opening they’re currently running roughshod over. By the time the survivors return home there really will be a “new sheriff” in town. Or at least that’s what I believe the PTB have in mind.

        With the “best laid plans of mice and men” in mind, there are a couple of big problems for the banksters and other transnational thieves to overcome. One is ever increasing revelation of what “our” public servants and fascist corporate leaders have been up to. And I also sense increasing independent thought amongst the military ranks and the civilian populace. More and more folks seem to be waking up to the reality of this present dystopia and they ain’t happy about it. The other nasty little issue is that there are 80 million + armed ‘Muricans. If just 1% becomes “disobedient” the elite may find that the underground facilities they bought with our money will turn out to be well appointed tombs once all the exits are sealed. We can only wait and see…

        • @Boothe:

          “…elite may find that the underground facilities they bought with our money will turn out to be well appointed tombs once all the exits are sealed.

          What a delicious thought…let me savor it for a moment…ah yes, and when they’re opened the expensively-done nails of demon-possessed harridans like Feinstein and Pelosi embedded in the woodwork around the doors where they tried to scrabble their way out.

          Thanks for that, Boothe; an image to look forward to.

          I forgot about the Russian false flags; god they were even more gaudily blatant than Boston or Oklahoma City (remember the “gray sticks of butter” an eyewitness saw them placing?).

          You make a great point–they’ll put all the loyal troops in one of the places we’re currently trying to subjugate unsuccessfully, and keep the ones who’ve passed Obama’s recent litmus tests (will you fire on Americans? Will you confiscate guns?) right here in Murrika…to assist the foreign troops.

          The only way they’ll get mass compliance is exactly what they did in the Ukraine–lay siege and starve us out. This is why I agree so heartedly with Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers); he advises patriots that if you have the means, plan to feed your whole neighborhood or at least your close neighbors. If we can maintain resilience during the siege, we’ll surprise the hell out of them.

          Foreign mercenaries have a really poor record, too. It’s the old cheetah/impala problem–cheetah’s just hunting for dinner, impala’s running for its life. There’s an asymmetry in motivation–and the cheetah will give up a lot easier.

          Nonetheless if we get to that stage it will be a living hell. What are your thoughts on timeline? I’ve been so far off on my timing I hate to venture a guess; I thought we’d have massive inflation already, not accounting for the fact that they just parked the money in the big banks to backstop the derivatives.

          But it sure smells imminent; they’re armed to the teeth domestically, they’re purging the military, Obama’s in absolute freefall, the wolves are circling, the rest of the world is making funny noises about dropping the dollar…

          Totally agree on the guns issue. I believe it’s more than 100 million, and the estimates range as high as 400 million total guns. For me they’re like potato chips, I always seem to need more 🙂

          It will not be like the Bolshevik revolution, where you had a populace that was used to being slaves. They think they’ve dumbed-down and gelded Americans sufficiently; they’ve misjudged.

          • Meth, on the timeline thing, that’s the million dollar question. I too would have thought everything would be crashing down around us by now. I can’t frickin’ believe silver went from almost 50 bucks an ounce, to now in the low 20’s… I lost my ass buying a ton of silver last year :'(…but hey, at least I have it…Anyways, I really have no idea. With my luck, the next housing crash will happen just before I’m able to sell my house, so sometime in the fall of 2014? But like I said before, I would’ve thought it all would’ve all happened by now.

          • “keep the ones who’ve passed Obama’s recent litmus tests (will you fire on Americans? Will you confiscate guns?)”

            That explains the recent rash of senseless killings by local cops. Many new hire cops are combat maddened nutjobs who were kept in combat until they snapped. Soon enough, all the cops on local forces will be the young skinheads home from wars of choice abroad. The “veteran deputy” who murdered the kid carrying a plastic AK replica was just that sort of cop, a NG/Reservist who had been deployed until he was mad as a fuckin hatter.

            There’s no good ending in the cards for this kind of hairball situation we’re in.

      • @meth – As Orwell said “endless war” is what the state creates to enslave the prols. Prols owning guns will not be tolerated either. Witness the middle east unwinnable no-end-war against a ghost enemy that is the excuse for feeling us up at the airport and soon at the shopping mall.

        If you want to live in comfort and can stomach being a corporate middle party worker there is always decent pay for career military, cops, public school indoctrination teachers, and the millions of bureaucrats. Everyone else is just a milch cow.

        • Exactly.

          What I have personally realized, is that if you don’t live on a farm, or directly do business with a farm that you confidently know will keep farming if there is WW3 and/or a dollar crash, you are fucked. Period, end of story.

          Human beings require a few things in the “rule of 3’s”:
          -3 minutes without oxygen…. you’re either dead or have serious brain damage
          -3 days without water, same thing (ditto that for ‘3 days without sleep’)
          -3 weeks without food, same thing
          I could go on, but it would be pointless. It’s all about the basics, but thanks to the propaganda from the system, people don’t appreciate the basics and desperately rely on all the extra things the system “gives” them, like pop culture, a controlled media, a fake currency, et cetera

          • @Jacob – I don’t think there will be a Wiemar dollar crash as some predict. At least not until the very end of a multi-year slow grinding down of the population through price inflation without wage inflation to compensate. We and our money are still too profitable to the bankers to crash it just yet. Everyone needs to eat, travel and sleep and there is still profits to be made, even if the prols are living in their cars or FEMA camps.

            Because the soulless fucks that run the money show don’t give a shit. They keep us busy with politicians to argue over, cheap daily “indoctrination upgrading” mass entertainment and drugs of all sorts.

            All the while they are busy buying up the world on sale for pennies. And there is a lot of world to buy. It is a planned work in progress, and going along pretty damn well for them.

            The end will be a global “reset” to the new worldwide fully traceable money from the IMF and BIS. That is when the word dollar will be written into the history books like an old confederate note.

          • Hey Jacob,


            It’s one of the reasons we moved out here. I have a well, and even if I lose grid electricity, there are back-ups available.

            But the big one is livestock. We raise chickens. I am working on more, but chickens are pretty damn easy and inexpensive to get into. Even for people who live in the ‘burbs (assuming the local Nazis allow it) and assuming you have at least a small backyard. If you have a flock of 5-6 birds, you’ll have a steady supply of fresh eggs – high protein/very nutritious. And if you have a rooster (harder in suburbia) you can build up a self-sustaining flock that will provide meat as well as eggs.

          • Garysco – I think you’re right about hyperinflation. One key indicator is that we aren’t allowed to have anything larger than a $100 bill and can’t move ten grand or more (or even less if you do it more than once, “structuring” you know) without gun-venrment scrutiny. There won’t be throngs of Murrikans wandering around with stacks of 50 trillion dollar notes wearing rags like they were in Zimbabwe. No, they’ll be walking around with much smaller stacks of much smaller notes, wearing similar rags and have the same purchasing power as Zim dollars. No sir, we won’t have destitute trillionaires here, but that’ll be the only key difference once this comes to a head.

            By the way, I took a cue from Methylamine a couple of years ago. I carry $160 trillion in pristine 2008 Zim notes around in my EDC bag to show my fellow Murrikans. They cost me $3.64 on Amazon. I explain what the corrupt Zimbabwe gun-vernment did to their people and their currency literally wearing out their printing presses. Along with those three notes, I also let them hold an 1898 Morgan dollar for comparison, tell them what its melt value is and explain what the Fed has done to us in under 100 years. The looks of astonishment and understanding are often priceless. Once you learn the truth there’s no going back.

          • Cool Boothe!

            Yup, that’s one of the best party tricks. For people who have >100 IQ and a semi-open mind it really hits hard.

            One idea that gives me some hope–we make the same mistake as the economic illiterates in the District of Criminals. We sometimes fail to recognize system dynamics; Le Chatelier’s applied to the real world.

            In this case economic collapse…people won’t sit still, they’ll adapt, and the best outcome would be whole states telling the FedGov to perform anatomically unlikely erotic acts and issue their own currencies preferably backed by gold/silver. I’d even settle short-term for debt-free fiat money, scrip–as long as there are no legal tender laws. It is vital that currencies compete freely.

            Given the healthy secessionist vibes sweeping the country I don’t think it’s a big stretch that if it really Hits The Fan those movements will accelerate rapidly.

          • @Boothe – I carry around a shiney but beat up 1922 silver Liberty Dollar with my pocket change. The young ones hear the ring when I plop it down, think it is cool and ask what it is. The converstaion starts there.


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